【Translation】 Kankinkon 2nd Anniversary Free Track


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

監禁婚 2周年記念祭 無料配信ドラマ

CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1


Ah, wait, please don’t…shake your hips so much.

Hey, let’s take our time with it, I don’t want to cum just yet.

This time…rather than cowgirl, let’s do it missionary-

Stop, wouldn’t it be a waste if I cum this quick? I know that you’re trying to make me cum as fast as possible and end things.

And that’s why I’m telling you that you mustn’t.


I can’t, I can’t endure it any longer.

Even though I don’t want to cum yet…


You’re turning your back to me already…?

Before that, let’s talk for a bit.


It felt good today too. It felt good but lately, you’re having very impersonal sex with me, as though you’re moving only for the sake of dealing with my sexual needs.

If you ask me whether that’s good or bad, I’d say that if this is the sex we’re going to have then I’d rather you resisted.

I-I can’t have that, if it’ll turn into once in 3 days then our current state is fine.

But, at the very least, could you please listen to my plan for tomorrow?


Why that is?

Tomorrow’s our 2nd year wedding anniversary, is it not? Regardless, I believe such a turning point is precious.

Say, if you let me take it slow tomorrow, I’ll stay quiet for the next while…

So…let’s make tomorrow, special.

There’s nothing special about your relationship with me, huh.

You really are a shy one, you’re just hiding your embarrassment, right? I know you’ll be delighted with my special plan for tomorrow.

Good night.


That reminds me… Before you sleep, there’s one thing I’d like you to take heed of.

There appear to be robbery incidents, where the wealthy are targeted, happening around this area. More than anything, women of the houses the burglar had broken into had their bodies horribly injured.

We have rigid security here so it shouldn’t happen even on an off-chance, but you should stay cautious.

Mhm, this time it’s an actual goodnight.


Fufu, hahaha! Did you think I came inside?


Look, I made sure to wear a condom.

Yes, it’s me, your beloved husband.

You’re so honest. After hearing my talk before bed, you were completely under the false idea that a burglar broke in right?

And thanks to that, I was finally able to have some non-businesslike sex.

My hip movements were different from usual so you couldn’t tell right away, right? There was also an element of fear so you were even more flustered, right?

M-m, I can tell. Your quivering insides really conveyed that terror.



Hahaha! Go ahead, hit me as many times as you’d like, that way I can feel your unsettled emotions through my skin.

Huh? Why are you weary?

……The night’s just started.

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