【Translation】 Koi no Michi Kiwami vol.2 Makuni Amao Animate Tokuten


Thank You to Firavelina for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Kumagai Kentarou (熊谷健太郎)

Track 1: Shape of Love




You leave work at the regular slated time today no? I was thinking that it was about time for you to come out so I came to retrieve you.

Go ahead, get on.


Although there wasn’t an appointment today, I came wearing a suit. I was thinking that this way, I’d be able to wait in front of your workplace.

I tidied my hair too. Don’t I look respectable?

This manner of speaking isn’t respectable, is it?

Ahem, err, the suit fits me, right? I needed this look to make the rounds with clients.

You’re laughing too hard.

Dammit, I thought the way home would turn out differently…….


I’ll start the car.


Hmm? Something normal…?

Then, this outfit doesn’t suit me then.

I mean, if that’s what you wish for, Miss. To tell you the truth, my sworn brothers got placed under protective custody after getting into a fight with those idiots.

Do you know the Ootori’s young master who’s the same age as you? We got into a quarrel with his followers.

My sworn brothers couldn’t make a move so I went there as a representative. It’s much easier to slip through with normal clothing after all, and that’s where the suits come in.

Since I went through all that trouble, it’ll be a waste if handling those idiots was the end of it.


Ah, I didn’t keep it on so that I could see you, got it! All I did was realize that I could use it as a pretense to see you while I was in the middle of changing so…

Let’s enter that parking lot for a bit.


With just a single word, isn’t that too simple…?

Take it off.

Do you find this look attractive?

This is the first time you’ve called me cool, you’d always said remarkable or amazing or cute like you were praising a dog.


Sorry but could move a little this way?

Yup, on top of my lap.

Why? I’m sure you have a vague idea, don’t you?

I want to do it here with you.

Can I?

I’ll adjust the seats so wait just a sec.

I guess this will work. Should I help you with that side?

Be careful not to hit the gear with your foot okay?


We can’t take everything off so let’s leave our clothes as is.

Why do I want to put that straight-laced look into disarray?

You’re turned on too, the tips of your breasts are already stiff.


Hmm? What is it?

Eh, you, lick me…?!! To say that is-

I’m not against it, plus I wanted to ask that of you someday but my heart’s not prepared-


I’m about to cum just from this spectacle.


I like it there…lick it more.

Is it okay if I go along with the mood?

Please touch me while you’re licking my rod.

Yes, just like that.


Miss, please release from your mouth already…

This bad, I’m about to cum.


I’m sorry, I came inside your mouth without saying anything.

Ahh! You swallowed myーー

Whoa, it’s dripping onto your thighs-no, that’s not it! It’s disgusting to have it in your mouth right?

In any case, drink this for now. I just bought it so I haven’t touched it with my mouth.


I like that aggressive side to you but it’s vexing when I’m the only feeling good.

Hmm? You’re already satisfied?

The tea’s good.


Even though you just took it out of your mouth, it’s ironically arousing.

……It looks like you’re the same as me.


Your place here is clenching my fingers really needily. Are you wet because you were imagining the thought of having it inside you while you were licking it?

Then I’d feel bad if I hurry up and give it to you.

Place your hands onto my shoulders.

Yes, now could you slowly lower your hips like that?


After, I’ll start moving so hold on tight.


Since I had to deal with those idiots, I didn’t have time to change. In reality, I was intending on using it to see off and to meet my Brothers during their return but I guess I was right to come as is.


Here, can you tell that my tip hits your deepest spot every time I move my hips? It squeezes me around tightly each time I do.

It feels really good.

Are you about to cum?

Go ahead, in that case, me too…


I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


Aah…this wasn’t my intention.

I wasn’t aiming for this, I was just a bit ecstatic that you called me cool. Even I couldn’t have imagined this would happen.

I was planning on having a meal at a fancy restaurant, but I guess we’ll have to leave for next time.


What do you plan to do after this?

Return home? Find the nearest love hotel? Or…shall we do it one more time here?

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