【Translation】 Kannou Shousetsuka no Juuai ~Kimi to Tsudzuru Saigo no Kotoba~


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

官能小説家の柔愛 ~君と綴る最後の言葉~

CV: Nakazawa Masatomo (中澤まさとも)

Track 1


“And so, she put on a bewitching smile in a way so that the man could see”

So that the man could see…


No, this isn’t it.

Aah, why won’t this sense of discomfort disappear?

What am I even doing? It’s almost the deadline for my new book and I’ve barely made any progress.

!? Oh, sorry, you came.

I was so concentrated on writing that I didn’t notice. It’s cold, right? I’ll close the windows so wait just a sec.


There we go.

Oh, don’t move just yet.

Yes, stay right there.

Look, there was a beautiful petal stuck on your hair.

Why are you so red? Ah, did you think I was gonna kiss you?

Haha, I won’t apologize, but it’s your fault for turning red after I poked fun at you and for making such a cute expression. I really will kiss you, you know?


But even so, it’s nostalgic. Aren’t these the same flowers that blossomed when we first met?

That’s right, you had been reading a book by the window of the library I collect materials from.

Blown in by the wind, a flower petal fluttered and fell right on top of that book, and as you took that into your hand, you smiled beautifully. And in seeing that gentle smile, I thought, “Ah…spring has come.”


It was the spring season when we first started dating after I fell in love with you at first sight, but to me, that was undoubtedly the arrival of spring.

Even now I would think back to it from time to time.


Oh, that reminds me, stories of the past aside, would you like a drink of coffee? I just happened to have bought some new beans for you-

Eh? Uh, my novel seems to be going alright…

Don’t glare at me with that expression on your face.

I get it, I’ll confess. To tell you the truth, I’ve hardly gotten anywhere.

I suppose so, I’m in a pretty long slump this time.


Hmm, well…there’s something that comes to mind.


Ah, no, it’s not particularly a secret, you’d just be disgusted if you heard.

I’m sorry, this is no different from keeping it a secret right? In that case, I’ll tell you the truth but please don’t hate me for it, okay?

Thank you.

I’m probably overlapping you, the first woman I’ve ever loved, with the heroine of my novel.

Why are you puzzled? Just think about it carefully, I write erotic novels so you know, how should I say it, there’re sex scenes, no?

But I hated how it’s almost like I’m disgracing you by writing those scenes with your image in mind as the heroine without permission.

Mhm, that’s why for the time being, I…


Heh? Eh, sorry, what did you just say? I was so shocked that I wasn’t able to comprehend it but…

“Then just make me your model,” don’t tell me you’re serious?

Of course I can’t, that would be disrespectful to you-

No, wait, would it then be okay if I have your consent? Mmm, but…


I understand, if you’re going as far as to say that, I’ll take you at your word and make you my model.

Uh-huh, any tale’s fine, please tell me of a love that was profoundly memorable to you.

Oh, is that so?

A gentle boyfriend huh, I’m a bit envious at the way they seem to fit you. And so, what was your outlook on him?

Eh, I see. So what time was it?

I see, it was during the night.


Track 2


“She was beautiful as she leaked out an indecent moan amidst the light of the sun and I grew to love her even more. Forgetting to pull out, I came inside her…”


Oh, you’ve brewed some tea.

No, it’s not a nuisance, I was just about to take a break so you’re of great help.


Huh? The color of this tea is different from usual.

Oh, you bought it?

As expected, you have great tastes, it has a refreshing spring-esque scent so I love this tea too.

Thanks to you, words are readily flowing to my head-

……It’d be great it did though.

Mhm, I’m at a bit of a loss. A little more and I would’ve formed a complete image, but to no surprise, it was a bad idea to have shut myself inside the house for the past while because I’m having a hard time grasping the outside image.


Eh? Go out into the garden? But my work’s not done though?

That’s true, your brain will stop working if you don’t move around every so often. Besides, in order to capture the image of your sound love, I can’t be living a life where I’m secluded in my room.

Well then, let’s try heading over to the garden for the time being, it’s just around the time for the flowers that you love to bloom.

Oh, there’re sandals over there so you can put those on.


Haa…although it’s spring, the sun rays are strong. I don’t know if it’s because of how long it’s been, I feel a little healed-

Whoa! Uwah, I’m so pathetic. For me to stagger simply from going outside, it’s almost as if I’m a vampire.

Haha, with my unhealthy pale skin that’s practically the case.

Oh, it’s heavy keeping me propped up isn’t it? So let’s sit down over on that porch for now.


No, not there, my lap is where you belong.

Come on, come here.


Aah…it’s warm, it’s soothing when we’re like this.

What a nice breeze, it carries the various scents of spring.

It may sound pompous but the smell of the wind is different depending on the season. Like right now, it has the aroma of your favorite flower.

I guess so, it’s only natural when there’s so many of them blooming in front of you.

At first, I was worried about whether they’d grow properly but I’m glad it turned into a lovely flower bed.


Hmm? Oh, what an unusual butterfly, I wonder if they were attracted to the flowers in the flower bed?

On that note, this butterfly looks like it’s about to land on you right now…

It really landed?!!

Wow, there really are people that have butterflies land on them.


No, I don’t mean that it’s impossible, but I’m just surprised at seeing it firsthand for the first time.

As expected, the butterflies also know where to land to be healed.

How cute.

Heh? That’s not it, I’m saying you whom the butterfly landed on is cute. Because you smile each time the wings flap, I couldn’t help but to grin.

But even so, this butterfly……

Hmm, it doesn’t seem like it wants to leave.

Good grief, why do you draw in everything? I’m uneasy because of it.


Oh, sorry, my movements startled it and it flew off. Or was it perhaps scared of a person like me?

Why are you making such a puzzled expression?

I’m a frightening person, I’m not a kind human being like the ex-boyfriend that I’m using as a model for my current novel.

If only I had a vast heart like he did so that I could wrap you around in it.


I’m happy that you’d call me kind, but in my case, different from him, I sense that I seek something in return. In essence, I’m kind in the hopes that you’d return my love.

Hmm, I wonder if that’s a matter of course. There are people who say that love is not without compensation, but I don’t think that’s the case. I believe there exists love where you genuinely wish for the happiness of the other person regardless of your own desires.

I’m greedy so I can’t quite get into that state of mind though.

Even now, I’m so jealous over that butterfly that I’m driven to touch you.


Oh? So this was the underwear you had on today? It looks like it’ll be see-through the moment it gets wets.

There’s no way that I was aiming for this, I really was dizzy earlier.

M-m, because my head’s still spinning, that’s why my hand slipped into a place like this.

Sorry, I accidentally touched your pleasurable spot by mistake.

Huh? Then perhaps I was correct? It overflows each time I rub against this place.


Like I thought, it’s easy to see through the fabric of your panties. I can tell that your cute bulb has puffed up even with it on.

Oh, it’s unpleasant to wear something wet so let’s take that off.

Don’t worry, there’s a fence so you can’t be seen from the outside and our neighbor’s curtains are closed. So feel at ease and move your hands aside, I’ll remove it for you.


When you’re dripping this much nectar, I guess it can’t be helped that a butterfly approached you. And the inside’s hot and sticky.

This is bad, you’re making so cute of an expression that I can’t control myself either.

Come on, turn my way and put this inside you.


Are you unable? But you said that you had outdoors sex with your ex-boyfriend right?

Ah, no, it’s not like I’m trying to compete with him, I was asking for the sake of data.

I correct myself, I am trying to rival him. I want to erase all the remaining memories that you have of your ex-boyfriend and fill it with me instead.

So please, please let me enter inside you.

Thank you.


Having granted my wish, I’ll make you feel real good.


That was half of it just now. Are you okay? Does it not hurt?

Thank god, then let me push it in a little further.

What’s the matter? You’re making a somewhat impatient face.

That’s…I can’t shove it in all at once, wouldn’t it be bad if you end up in pain? So let me insert it to the point where it wouldn’t hurt for you.

Sure, just savor the parts you want.


It’s in all the way, so that’s how badly you wanted it.

Wait, I’ll pull out a little okay?

Is it about time? It seems like you’re ready so I’ll penetrate your deep spots to your heart’s content.


It’s nice to do it while bathing in the light of the sun every so often, I can clearly see that your cheeks are stained red.

And how about here?

I knew it, even though your nipples are normally unassuming, right now they’re red and pointed in a way that makes me want to suck on them.

This is a new discovery, isn’t it? You seem more appetizing under the sun than usual.


You don’t like it when I move as I suck on this place?

Liar. Come on, be honest and say that it feels good. But well, even if you don’t say it, I can tell.

I can tell because your insides have been squeezing down really tightly since earlier.

I wonder if you can tell, we’re joined more deeply than usual because of our position, and my tip and your womb are grinding up against each other.


You mustn’t, if you let out such a large voice, the neighbors might peep in on us.

You’re cute when you try your best to hold back your voice…and it drives to me to make you leak out more.

Sorry, it’s hard to suppress your voice when I ram you this strongly, right? I’ll seal it with my kisses so go ahead and get a good feel of it.


Isn’t it bad for you to be this wet? If the obscenely wet sounds resonant, they’ll find out even if you don’t let out your voice.

It’s true, it’s making the sounds each time I pull in and out.


When I rub against it, the part of you that’s twitching sucks me in and it feels really good.


Did you say something?

You’re about to cum right? Your insides clenched down suddenly.

I’m at my limits too, if I just let go just a little, everything will come apart.

Why are you shaking your head in refusal?

I see, you’re against it because you can no longer hold back your voice. In that case…

I’ll stop.


Eh? But you were against it, no?

It’s so painful that I feel like I’m about to die but don’t worry, I’ll control myself.

Hehe, it’s nice being called an idiot when it’s you. But I really am an idiot, even though the outside world is filled with such fun thrills, I never got to enjoy them until now.

In other words, I ought to go outside more.


You’ve got a bad feeling about this?

No no, that’s a good feeling, all I’m thinking about is having fun together. And that’s why the two of us should visit the park. We ought to walk and exercise more, don’t we?

Oh, underwear?

There’s no need for you to wear dirty underwear, there’s a convenience store on-route to the park so we can just buy one there.

Now that’s decided, let’s hurry.

I’ll look after these panties until we buy new ones, okay?


It’s been so long since we last went on a stroll together so I’m looking forward to it.


Track 3


My, my, for the convenience store to not have underwear in stock, such luck is-I mean, such unfortunate events do happen.

Even if you don’t stress over it, it’ll be fine, especially when there aren’t that many people around right now. Besides, this place is hidden behind trees so no one will know what we’re doing unless they go out of their way to spy on us.

And that’s why people won’t notice at all even if I were to kiss you.


Shh, we’ll be discovered if you yell. Or do you want the fact that you aren’t wearing any underwear under your skirt to be seen?

Thanks to you, I think I’ve grown to understand his feelings.

The protagonist of my novel, your ex-boyfriend.

Right now my writing is an expansion of the contents that you told me of, but I didn’t quite understand the feeling of wanting to do indecent acts outside.

I’m easily jealous and overly possessive so I didn’t want anyone to catch a glimpse of your body.

Yes, that is until yesterday.


I was shocked too, it was surprisingly thrilling when I did this.

He probably wanted to see your flushed cheeks and your embarrassed side. By purposely making you show your lewd expression in open spaces, he attained a greater sense that you were him.

After all, the only person who could do such perverse things was him, your lover.

Also, there’s probably an aspect of testing how much you actually loved him.

Most likely, he wanted to test just how far you’d let him go despite being embarrassed.


These aren’t my feelings, they’re his.

No, that’s not quite it, it might be my feelings.

I guess so, these murky feelings belong to no one else. So how did it feel when you did it outside with your ex-boyfriend?

Hmm…it was during the night, huh.

Then this the first time you’re being made to do this during the day.

Mhm, naturally I intend to touch you directly.


So you’re this soaked, at this rate, it’ll be hard for you to walk no? Besides, because I stopped right before you came either, you’re extremely sensitive. Your entrance’s so soft that it looks like it’ll immediately swallow me up.

Look, my fingers easily went in.

One doesn’t seem to be enough, two, no three can probably fit.

I was thinking that I wasn’t hearing your cute voice, but it turns out you silenced it with your hand.

That’s true, it’s embarrassing to have someone else hear it.

In that case, keep it down just like that because I’ll rub against a place that’ll feel even better.


Are you about to cum? Your whole body’s trembling and it’s cute.

Go ahead and cum, no one else is looking so feel it fully.


You’re wetter than usual, it’s dripping down all the way to your thighs.

I’m really turned on from seeing you cum.

Hey, I want to feel good as well.

If you’d let me, err…could you do it with your mouth?

It’s fine if it’s too much, I got a little bit too taken away. How should I say it, I thought that I might be able to overwrite your experiences with your ex-boyfriend by doing something more amazing.

It’s not that I hate the fact that you were with other men in the past but there’s this vexing feeling that I can’t quite explain.


I-In any case, you don’t have to worry about it, I’m sorry that not only am I a pervert, but I’m also deeply jealous.

Hey, wait-

You’d actually do it?

Ah, no, it’s true that it’s for my work but you don’t have to forceーー


If you shove it inside your mouth so suddenly…

Stop, I stopped just before so I won’t be able to hold back if you stimulate so intensely.

You’re mean, you know that’s my weak spot.

Incredible, the insides of your mouth is warm and it feels good.

No, stop, if you suck on it so strongly I’ll cum. I really will cum so please let go of your mouth.


I can’t, I’m cumming!


Could it be that you swallowed it?

I’m sorry, I didn’t intend for you to go that far. It might be too late now, but have you come to hate me…?

But, I made you, who’s normally shy do this, and on top of that, made you swallow-


That kiss just now was cheating.

Ah, what should I do? You’re so cute and I love you so much that my mind’s a mess. Why is it that you always direct such straightforward love towards me?

Even though I’m greedy, and constantly asking things of you-

You just want me to be happy?

That reply is very much like you.


Me too. I want for you to be happy.

I love everything about you, but I love your smile the most.


I’ve come to understand one more emotion. Different from possessiveness, it’s the feeling of genuinely loving the other person.

From now on, I want to repay you with love that wouldn’t lose to yours.

As expected, I want to pleasure you at a place where you can be completely calm.

Mhm, regardless of the novel, I want to embrace you. So will you let me hold you?

Thank you.


Well then, err…let’s go home.

It’s a bit strange to say this but it’s a little embarrassing when I say that has no relation to my work. I’m sort of nervous because it’s the first time I’ve had such feelings.


Track 4


Oh, it’s from the publisher.

Thank you for your support. Yes, I apologize for the lateness, right now I’m almost finished writing so I’ll send the data after this.

Thank you.

No, no, this time, rather than my strength, it’s more due in part to the strength of my girlfriend who’s been supporting me.

Yes, until next time.


Okay. I’m finally done!!!

There’s a greater sense of freedom than usual.

Oh, I don’t mind those sounds at all so it’s fine. If I did, I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to bring my laptop here in order to write in the first place.

Yes, you worry too much.

Besides…if we’re going through the trouble of making a celebratory cake, it’s sad not to make it together. So let me help out.


This novel was the result of both our efforts so I want to make the celebratory cake for its completion together.

I’ll whip the fresh cream and you can cut those strawberries.

Come on, don’t be hesitant, it’s more fun for us to make it together than it is for you to do it alone.

……Applies everything really.

Hehe, your ears immediately turned red, you truly are easy to read.

Sorry, I’ll be serious in making it so give me a pass.


Hmm? What is it?

Oh, how I made use of our experience at the park the other day for my work?

I can’t tell you, you’ll have to look forward to the book’s release~

Hey, if you stick so closely to me, I won’t be able to whip the cream properly.

Nope and nope, no matter how much you try and coax me, if I talk about what happened at the park now, we won’t be able to finish the cake.


Haa…good grief, you don’t seem to get it.

If I remember the events of that day, I’ll get so excited that I won’t be able to make the cake no?

We ought to punish the naughty girl who wouldn’t listen to what they’re told don’t we?

Because the nape of your neck’s beautiful, it looks even more delicious than cake with fresh cream on it.

I wonder if it’s my imagination but despite adding very little sugar, it tastes sweet. I feel like I’m about to melt from licking it.


If I apply this onto the tips of your breasts, wouldn’t they taste sweeter?

Say, is it okay if we test that out?

Oh, sorry, I applied it before I finished asking.

Don’t be angry, I’ll clean it up thoroughly at once.


When you say no while your body’s trembling this much, it has no effect you know?

This other tip’s been dirtied too.

Don’t worry, I’ll lick it off right away.

I knew it, like I thought, it’s sweet and delicious…to the point that I want to spread it onto your entire body and just lick it off of you.

I can’t?

But if I apply it down bottom, it’ll be much, much more delicious. Like on here.


Oh, were you wet before I even touched you?

Something that isn’t cream is making my fingers slide easily though.

Hey, you can tell by just the sound, no?

If you can’t then how about we knead it some more?

Now that they’re mixed, you can’t tell what you’re wet with anymore. Look, my fingers are completely sticky.


The taste after combining with yours is delicious too and it makes me want to taste someplace deeper.

Did you cum simply from me inserting my fingers?

I licked your breast a lot earlier so was this place throbbing?

What is it? I won’t know if you don’t say it properly. I want to give you what you want so I want to hear it directly from your mouth.

So, what is it that you want?


Sure, it’s a request none other from you whom I love, after all.

I’ll give you so much to the point that it overflows.


Wow, even though it entered so easily, it’s cramp and sticky.

I’m sorry, it feels so good that I won’t be able to last for long today. But on the second round, I’ll make such a mess out of these insides that your voice goes hoarse.

So right now, you don’t have to hold back.


Thank you, in that case, I have the permission to do so.

Let me go a little rough, okay?


I wonder if it’s because of the cream, but I feel like your insides are wrapping around me more than usual.

Look, if I pull it out all at once, sucks me in as if it’s licking me.

It’s extremely tasty and it feels good.


Idiot, if you tell me that you love me now, I won’t be able to control myself.

I…love you too.

It’s true, it’s not an exaggeration when I say that I’d offer up this life to you. I truly believe that I don’t need anything else as long as I have you.

I’m hopelessly happy just by having you by my side.

And if possible, I’d like not to lose this happiness, so could you please m-


Ah, no, I’ll continue this tomorrow.

For now, I want to sink my teeth onto this current happiness.


You got tighter again. Are you about to cum?

Then, let’s cum together.


I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


Thank you for the meal, it was the most delicious dessert in the world.

Thanks to you, I can sleep with a sense of satisfaction.

Eh? You won’t be able to sleep…?

Why’s that?

You’re still concerned about that?

As I’ve said earlier, I won’t tell you about the park scene because what I’ll say tomorrow is written there. Except, the one thing I can say is that I was saved by your words and I hope you remember that.

Everything else is still a secret, though.


Sorry for keeping so many secrets. In exchange, what is that you want me to tell you?

Oh, the final scene’s fine.


In the end, it was brought to a close like this.

“She who drowned in lust after offering up her body; in becoming more indecent, she appeared conversely more chaste. And the man, once again, wallowed in her.”

“Rather than taking, like her, he wanted to return with a love that’s filled with giving.”

“And if that could come true, then it’ll be a gentle love that’s strong like wings that could carry you far far away.”

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