【Translation】 Kannou Shousetsuka no Kyouki ~Kimi to Tsudzuru Saigo no Kotoba~


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

官能小説家の狂気 ~君と綴る最後の言葉~

CV: Nakazawa Masatomo (中澤まさとも)

Track 1


“And so, she put on a bewitching smile in a way so that the man could see”

So that the man could see…


No, this isn’t it!!!

Aah, why won’t this sense of discomfort disappear!?

What am I even doing? It’s almost the deadline for my new book, should I just ask for it to be postponed?

No, I have no worth if I don’t write, at this rate I’ll lose her love-

!? Oh, sorry, you came, I was so concentrated on writing that I didn’t notice.


I opened the windows earlier to clear my head, I’ll close them right now so wait just a sec.

There we go.

Oh, don’t move just yet, there’s a flower petal stuck onto your hair. Let me remove it for you.

Look, it’s a beautiful petal no?

But the lips in front of my eyes are so charming that it overshadows the flower petal’s existence.


I haven’t met you lately so I’m a little starved for you. Don’t you think that’s lame?

But even so, it’s nostalgic. Aren’t these the same flowers that blossomed when we first met?

That’s right, you had been reading a book by the window of the library I collect materials from.

Blown in by the wind, a flower petal fluttered and fell right on top of that book, and as you took that into your hand, you smiled beautifully. And in seeing that gentle smile, I thought, “Ah…spring has come.”


It was the spring season when we first started dating after I fell in love with you at first sight, but to me, that was undoubtedly the arrival of spring.

Even now I would think back to it from time to time.


Oh that reminds me, stories of the past aside, would you like a drink of coffee? I just happened to have bought some new beans for you-

Eh? Uh, my novel seems to be going well…

It’s true, there’s no way I would’ve fallen into a slump.

But a novelist who can’t write has no worth, and as your lover, I can’t let that happen.


That’s not, that’s not it! It’s not your fault that I think this way.

Yes, it’s not your fault, I’m just thinking this on my own.

I get it, I’ll confess.

To tell you the truth, I’ve barely made any progress.

Mhm, I know, I’ve never had a slump like this before.



There’s something that comes to mind.

No, it’s not particularly a secret, you’d just be disgusted if you heard.

I’m sorry, this is no different from keeping it a secret right? In that case, I’ll tell you the truth but please don’t hate me for it, okay?

Thank you.


I’m probably overlapping you, the first woman I’ve ever loved, with the heroine of my novel.

Why are you puzzled? Just think about it carefully, I write erotic novels so you know, how should I say it, there’re sex scenes, no?

But I hated how it’s almost like I’m disgracing you by writing those scenes with your image in mind as the heroine without permission.

Mhm, that’s why for the time being, I…


Heh? Eh, sorry, what did you just say? I was so shocked that I wasn’t able to comprehend it but…

“Then just make me your model,” don’t tell me you’re serious?

Of course I can’t, that would be disrespectful to you-

No, wait, would it then be okay if I have your consent? Mmm, but…


I understand, if you’re going as far as to say that, I’ll take you at your word and make you my model.

Uh-huh, any tale’s fine, please tell me of a love that was profoundly memorable to you.

Oh, is that so?

A very kinky boyfriend huh, how should I say it, in being so mature, I’m surprised that you had a lover like that. And so, what was your opinion of his requests?

Oh, I see, so you were bewildered at first.

So what happened after.

I see.


Track 2


“But his desires couldn’t be tamed with just that. Or rather, it could be said that he wanted her to be entirely submissive to him…”

Hmm, somehow this isn’t quite it.

Oh, you brewed some coffee. Thank you.

Certainly, I was stuck on the same part since earlier, so it’s about time I take a break.


Isn’t this the sound of your cell phone? As for mine…

Look, it’s not ringing.

Oh, it’s from your little brother? Then, don’t mind me and head out for a bit.


Welcome back.

Oh, you’re going shopping together this time? As always, you two siblings sure get along well.


I’m not as close as you siblings.

My older brother cares for me but I’m a bit mixed about it. Because my brother was extremely talented, both my parents and relatives were fixated on him.

It’s not like I wasn’t loved, but I remember always feeling lonely. I wanted people to stay by my side and look at me instead of my brother, but I never had the courage to say it out loud.

And that’s why the protagonist of the novel I’m currently writing…

I mean, the model’s your ex-boyfriend, but I grew envious of him.


Mhm, I’m envious.

Restricting the person they loved and asking all sorts of things of them, it means that they could be upfront about their desires.

Just kidding, this isn’t the time to be feeling jealous.

Yup, it’s not good in my case.

There are styles to writing. There are writers who insert themselves into the perspective of their protagonists, but on the other hand, there are writers that are completely objective about their writing as well. Moreover, there are also more balanced writers who’re in-between, so people are varied.

In my case, I’m the latter, I can’t write unless I can understand the feelings and emotions of my main character. Which means that the subject this time is a bit difficult.


No, I’m alright, a bit more and I’ll have my grasp on it.

Yes, just a bit more…

Hmm? You’ll cooperate?

Thank you for always being concerned about me. I’m happy for your sentiments but this is an issue of my feelings.

Oh, that reminds me, if you are going to collaborate with me then…could you please let me tie you up a little?


S-sorry, even if we’ve been dating, I can’t be doing that, right?

I just wanted to try saying it so don’t mind me. It might take some time but I’ll see to it that I get my grasp on the protagonist’s feelings.

And if I write something good, let’s go eat something delicious to celebrate.

We can finally visit the restaurant said you wanted to visit earlier-

It’s fine?

B-but, if possible I wanted to tie you up nude, at least that’s what I was thinking…


Thank you, I’m happy that you’re willing to go that far. It’s because you said that you loved my novels that I am still a novelist.

Well then, err, could you please get naked first?


Ah, sorry, I was just taken away at the usual change. Please don’t worry about my gaze, go ahead, and undress.

Hehe, why are you saying that now? I’m always captivated by you.

Your slightly flushed neck looks delicious to lick, and the soft curves of your figure look so slick that I want to sink my teeth into it.

And the soft bulge of your chest is so plump that it feels like they’ll melt when my tongue touches them.

When I see that, my mouth aches. Of course, that includes now.


How modest, there’s no part of you that doesn’t excite me. Even the tips of your fingernails can arouse me.

Eh? Is this odd?

I see, but it’s good that I find everything attractive, right?


Now then, in that case…

Well uh, please allow me to tie you.

Oh, this rope?

I brought it for reference after hearing your story the other day. If I remember correctly it was supposed to be done like this.

Next, I’ll pass this end under here.


Hehe, I’m not experienced. I simply researched it for the sake of my work.

Yup yup, it’s interesting how there’re many ways to bind a person. Making you bend backward with your arms out, having the rope pass in-between your legs, tying together both your wrists and ankles, so on and so forth.

Ah, you can sit down on that sofa now, it’s just the bottom part left.

Now then, this should probably be it. I thought I’d place you in a beautiful pose that’ll place the least amount of burden on your body…


I’m sorry, you’re cuter than I imagined when you’re tied up.

This is nice, it sends shivers just seeing this.

Say, is it okay if I kiss you?

I want to hear it directly from your mouth after having been tied up and unable to move. Either a “yes” or a “no”, that’s what I want to hear.

That’s a relief, with this, I can kiss you freely.


I understand now, there’s quite some fun to this visually. As rope rubs against you as your breathing grows rougher, your body appears lewder than usual, and it drives me to instinctively trace this flushed skin with my tongue.


You’re quick to sweat today, are you turned on by this situation as well?

Just embarrassed?

Then, how about we spread this place open to check?

Don’t close your legs, you aren’t capable of doing anything either way in this situation. Now entrust everything to me.


You’re trembling, is it really that embarrassing?

There’s nothing to be embarrassed about because the way this place of yours is twitching is cute. And if you’re that aroused from being seen it makes me eager to know what’ll happen if I were to touch it.

I want to kiss this place too, so can I?

Don’t worry, I won’t touch the deeper parts. I’ll merely be brushing my lips against this bright red swollen spot that looks like it wants to be touched.

It’s true, it’ll just be a little.


It’s twitching and overflowing again. Look, there’s so much nectar spilling out that I can’t lap it all up with my tongue.

No, it’s not like I’m breaking my promise, I was simply concerned that the sofa will get wet; that’s just how much is spilling out.

And so, please let me lick that up before it drips unto the sofa.


Thanks to you, I think I’ve come to understand it a little. What the story character felt was serenity.

Unable to be taken by anyone, there’s the peace of mind in being able to monopolize her soft body, her sweet voice, and this wet steamy place; an excitement that can cease your breath.

The more you struggle the more I can’t help, but to want it to spill.


No, these are his feelings and not mine. But thanks to you, I’ve come to understand them.

Surely that’s what he thought as he heard the sound of the rope squeaking. More to this spot-no, it would be nice if I could bind you to my existence.

Oh sorry, did I tie it too tightly? I’ll loosen it, so wait just a moment.


I’m really sorry, I got too carried away.

You’re probably exhausted from today so you can leave now, naturally, I want you to stay here though.

What’s the matter? You can undo it yourself now at this point.

Come on, try putting in some strength. Once you do, you can get out from here.

Oh? Even though I’m letting you escape, you’re not running away. It’s almost like the scene I’m currently writing.


The heroine was stuck between the choice of escaping or not escaping and ultimately she chose to remain by his side.

At that moment what opened up in his heart wasーー

I get it, it was probably the joy called madness. He was entranced by the delusion of having been chosen.

He was undoubtedly an arrogant, insatiable man who was only capable of a controlling love. And the moment she accepted that… His obsession began to be etched even further.


No, no, not shallow like earlier but deeper; a place that’ll grant you enough pleasure to stop you from breathing.

I’ve said this countless times no? These aren’t my emotions, they’re his.

Now then, it’s about time I head back to writing.

Oh, and can you stay as is? I feel incredible inspiration welling up when I see you tied up.

That’s right, stay tied up by me.


Track 3


Hmm, I want a more distinctive quality to it.

I got it, I’ll write that in this part…

Hmm? What’s wrong? There’s indoor heating so you shouldn’t be cold.

Oh, I see, to no surprise, it’s embarrassing to be tied up naked right? I’ll be finished with this passage in a bit, so put on this blanket until then.

Eh? That’s not it?

Oh, food.

You don’t have to cook anything today, I’ll have something delivered later.


Hmm? Cleaning?

If it’s cleaning, it was just wiped so there’s nothing for you to do.

You’ve been pretty desperate since earlier, could it be that you want me to free you?

Of course I won’t hate you if you refuse to cooperate. It’s true that it was of great help to have you cooperate with me, but at the end of the day, this is my problem.

Hmm, I guess so, if you leave I might be unable to write again. But worry not, it’s best if you’re candid with your feelings.

So, what do you prefer?


I see, staying is your honest decision.

I’m happy that you chose to remain, as long as I have you with me, I can write several times better than I normally do.

It’s true. I’m making the cutest person in the world, my model, so it’d be stranger if I couldn’t write.


Why do you think I’m lying? When I look at you, I love you to the point that brings me to tears.

Now then, since it’s been decided that you’ll be staying, could you please help me with the next scene?

It isn’t that difficult, I’ll bring the necessary items so wait just a moment.


Sorry to keep you waiting, could you please insert this toy as I watch?

Hmm? Oh, the appearance is indeed a little grotesque, but the thickness and length are a bit small compared to me.

It’s alright, it’s not scary. It’s embarrassing to do it yourself all of a sudden so I’ll help insert it with you at the start.

Come on, hold this part with the hand that’s free. If you don’t hold it tightly, you can’t put it in all the way.

Because I licked it a lot earlier, it’s really slippery. The tip is sliding around and just isn’t going in.


This is odd, it’s even wetter now. Are you perhaps turned on by this situation?

If you aren’t then why the entrance twitching? If it’s moving like it’s trying to entice it, it’ll go in.



Aah…the entrance is slowly spreading open. Even though it was cramped when I licked it with my tongue, it has stretched out this much and deliciously eating up the toy.

You mustn’t remove your hand, I’ll help you so grasp it tighter; because otherwise, it won’t reach the deep spots that you love.

Why are you refusing? You like this place, don’t you?

I stopped right before earlier, so your depths are aching, no? So tease this place as much as you want.

If you’re still embarrassed, how about we kiss?

If you imagine that you’re having sex with me then surely your hesitation will vanish.


Do you not want to be kissed? Because I really want to kiss you right now.

You’re putting in some force, and you have an expression like it feels so good that you can’t help yourself.

As expected, you like that spot. Even after I removed my hand, you’re moving the toy indecently with your hands.

Aah…this truly reference material. I never imagined that there could be such an obscene and arousing sight. No, wait, I’m probably excited because the other person is you.


Sorry, I teased you too much, didn’t I?

Well then, as thanks for lasting this long, I’ll let you cum.


Are you scared to cum from the toy?

It’s not scary. Come on, lift your face and look at me.

Yes, think of only me just like that.

Go ahead and cum, and I’ll watch your cute face the whole while as you cum.


You came, didn’t you? I’m drenched all the way down to my wrists.

Are you perhaps feeling sleepy?

You really are cute, it’s almost a waste on me.


…….In truth, it really is a waste.


Track 4


“As her hot breath brushed against his skin, he steadily lost self-control. He tore away the shirt covering her plump breasts…”

Are you awake?

Yes, the stimulus was too much and you lost consciousness for a bit, and during that period, I changed the way you were tied slightly.

You’re extremely cute when you’re bound this way too.

Both in reality and within the novel, I can’t help myself from wanting to taint you.


Oh that?

It’s the toy from earlier. It has a vibrator function so I can adjust the vibrations, and right now it’s set to level 1. And this is level 2.

It’s subtly different from the vibration before, no?

When I turned the switch on while you were sleeping, that place of yours happily squeezed down on the toy. Despite the fact that you were unconscious, there were tiny convulsions, and nectar would spill out each time it twitched.

It was troubling how I couldn’t take my eyes off of you and was close to involuntarily pulling it out and inserting my thing instead.


Your little entrance clenched down just now, didn’t it? Did you get turned on from the thought of me penetrating you?

Tell me. Because if that’s the case, I would be incredibly happy.

If you don’t tell me, I’ll steadily increase the level.

Hehe, I know, you’re sensitive since you just came, right?

Hmm? Do you want me to pull it out?

But are you sure about that? Because if I remove it now, the toy would rub against you and might not be able to endure it.


I knew it, you came merely from me removing it. In that case, I wonder what’ll happen if I insert my member now.

I can’t? But why?

Isn’t it fine to lose yourself? After all, I’m the only person here.

Besides, I…want to make you lose your mind.


Wow, your insides quivering, it’s squeezing me tightly just like when you cum. I can’t get enough of this.

Aah, what a magnificent sound.

Hey, can you hear it? This place of yours that’s been violated by me is drenched as if you’ve wet yourself.

Is it embarrassing? But look, it’s the truth.

Each time I move in and out, loads get churned up by me.


It’s not “No” right? You love it when I grind up against your deepest parts, don’t you?

You have an even better expression than before. It’s lewd and wonderful.


It’s not good to be drooling, it’s a waste, is it not?

……Because all of you belong to me.

That’s right, even your breath is mine. I want to just strangle you and stop you from breathing right now. And I want to confine you so that you can never again leave this place.

Is it painful?

Then let’s make it hurt even more.


I feel like my mind’s turning to mush, or rather, it probably already has.

You came again, huh. It clenched down tightly just now.

You mustn’t try to escape, I’ll grind up against this place so cum time and time again.

Come on.


Amazing, you’re cumming. It feels so good that it takes my breath away.

I’m about to cum too.

I’m cumming, I’m cumming inside.


What was that? I couldn’t hear that at all.

Cumming, I’m cumming!


Good morning, you slept for a long time this time around so I was worried that you wouldn’t wake up.

Oh, that’s right, what should we have for breakfast? I’m fine with anything you want-


I’m sorry, I know that it’s my fault and that stopping you like this is selfish, but without you I-



I’m sorry, I’m sorry I hurt you.


I knew you’d surely return.

No, it’s not that I’m confident in myself, just that, I know of your kindness so the outcome was what I predicted.

You were concerned whether I was able to write properly, no?

Despite being a man who did such horrible things to you, you were still worried about me.

Because you’re so good-natured, you were captured by a broken person like me.


Don’t approach me, if you come within contact distance, I won’t be able to stop myself this time.

You seriously mustn’t.

This is wrong and I wish I could be gentler with you, but my desire to restrain you is unbearable. I’m not the kind man you think I am.

No, I’m not referring to the act I put on for what I’m currently writing.


There are indeed times where the things I’m writing have an influence on my emotions but even then my thoughts and behaviors don’t change.

Things changed because I had the same desires as the protagonist in a corner of my mind.

Through the novel I realized the ugliness inside me, that’s all there is to it.


“I never should’ve been your model that day”?

You don’t have to feel responsible, either way, I was crazy…at least that’s what I want to say.

The reality is, your words broke me. It became the impetus because the other person was you.

No, right now I’m not being kind. No matter how sound I become, I’ll end up having those thoughts. I wish that all that’s reflected by your eyes, all that’s inside your mind was me.

I know that I have no right to date you being the way that I am, but it’s no use.




I love you, I yearn for only you, and I’m slowly falling apart, falling apart.

Hehe, why did you stretch your hand out to me, I wonder? Even though at this every moment I want you so badly that it’s unbearable.


I love you, and hopelessly so.


You can ignore the phone, regardless, it’s from the publisher in charge of me.


That’s right, I completed the novel thanks to you.

In the end, it concludes like this.


“And so, the man’s madness will one day rob her of her life.”

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