【Translation】 Bloody Endings Futago no Ouji Hen


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Bloody Endings 双子の王子編

CV: Katou Masayuki (加藤将之)

Track 1: A Virtuous Prince and A Viceful Prince


A: Princess!

A: So you were in the garden just like I thought. It’s been a while.

A: It seems like my princess has an adorable smile today too.

A: Today I’ve brought my younger brother along as well as an occasional type of thing because it’ll be impolite to not meet for long periods of time.

A: You’re formal even towards the Princess, you were much more easy-going when we were kids.

C: Brother, I’m no longer a child.

A: But the three of us, us twins and the princess, often spent time together ever since we were young. Would you not call ourselves trusted friends?


C: Please don’t make it too difficult on me. Brother, you’re our kingdom’s future king and the princess is to become your consort, therefore, I believe maintaining proper conduct is crucial.

A: Princess, that isn’t what we desire, right? Because to me, you and my brother are equally important existences in my life.

A: See? Princess agrees.

C: That aside, the snow’s becoming heavier, we’ll freeze if we don’t get inside soon.

A: Oh I guess so. Now then, Princess, your hand.


A: I had misinterpreted the appointed time with the King so it was just the two of you right Princess?

A: So what do you plan to do?

C: I’m merely an escort so I’ll be admiring the snowy landscape.

C: Yes Princess, until a later date.


C: Snow huh. It’s true that the Princess enjoyed being in the snow in the past, I guess that’s what you’d expect from the Princess of the Kingdom of Snow.

C: Oh, Queen, you had been present? Greetings.

C: Yes, I met with the Princess of the Kingdom of Snow and our country is excited over the marriage of my Brother and the Princess. As planned, we’ll hold a grand party for the wedding announcement at a month’s time.

C: Queen?


C: The act of probing each other is poor of us. I give my heartfelt blessing to their marriage.

C: Uh…

C: Even if I had loved the Princess as you have said, Queen, what about it? It’s meaningless. She’s fated to become my brother’s consort so you’re playing the joke too far.

C: Queen, I’m not good with slander, besides, you were suspicious of me since some time ago. They said that I have a corrupted heart but it’s something that is completely unbeknownst to me. And so, please feel at ease.

C: I…I would never hurt the Princess.

C: Yes, never.


C: Please excuse me.

C: Huh? Flowers? What about the flowers blooming inside the garden?

C: There’s poison within the base of that beautiful flower? But why would you tell me something like that? What is it that you are trying to imply?

C: Poison that could kill a man has nothing to do with me.


C: At the bottom of that crimson flower is a poison that puts one to sleep……


Track 2: Period Prior to the Wedding Ceremony


C: Oh, Princess.

C: Are you alone? Where’s my brother?

C: I see, he’s still speaking with the King. Speaking of which, the snow has stopped. Is that a shame?

C: Ah, no, I felt like you once said that you enjoyed the snow when it begins to fall.

C: I guess so, I remembered. In this country that’s always blanketed in snow, new snow would rain down incessantly and you’d smile at how beautiful you found the piling silver.


C: Ah! Please forget that.

C: Please forget it, I’ll excuse myself.


C: One more month and they’ll belong entirely to my brother……


C: The poisonous flower that possesses the power to kill. I wonder, I wonder what’ll happen if this country’s king were to fall.

C: Amidst the mourning, my brother’s wedding will be delayed.

C: No, that’s impossible. But if, if that’s possible thenーー


Track 3: With Prince Abel


A: Princess!

A: Ah princess, you poor thing, something grave has happened hasn’t it? For the king to have been assassinated…

A: Mhm, you were frightened, weren’t you?

A: Were you crying your eyes out? Your eyes are a little red.


A: Despite just losing the previous King, my father, years prior, to think that even this country’s founding king would…

A: It’s your precious father, it’s only natural for you to be sad.

A: Princess, I’m lucky, I’m glad it happened while I was staying in this Kingdom of Snow because I could hug you like this.

A: Yes Princess, let’s stay together the whole time from today till tomorrow morning.


A: My brother was horribly worried too. Although he was against it, the one who should snuggle up next to you during difficult times like these is me, your fiance.

A: Lift your face.

A: My beloved Princess, I’ll protect you with my life so that no further grief would befall you, so that no tears of sadness would wet these beautiful eyes and so that no cries of sorrow would escape those beautiful lips.

A: And that’s why, right now, look at only me and think of only me. Please rise from the depths of your sorrow.


A: Princess?

A: What’s on your mind? Were my kisses not to your liking?

A: Then I’d like you to respond the way you always do.

A: Good girl, don’t hide your body.


A: Princess, you’re incredibly beautiful again today.

A: You don’t have to be scared anymore, it’s okay for you to forget everything while you’re with me. All you have to think of is being embraced by me.

A: I’ll protect you no matter what, my Princess.


A: Say, did you know? The princesses of the Kingdom of Snow normally have chilly, nice to the touch skin, but if I caress it like this, it’ll steadily become hotter.

A: Hehe, it’s naturally embarrassing since I’m poking fun so that I can embarrass you.

A: Yes, I’m mean, because you see, I love that reaction of yours.

A: Come on, don’t hide your face.

A: I’ll give plenty of love to that wet place tonight.


A: Today you can just let yourself go, if you do, you can forget everything.

A: Does this spot feel good?

A: Come on, wrap your arms around my neck. I’ll make you feel even better.


A: Say, you’re particularly wet today.

A: I’ll start moving, okay?


A: Princess…

A: You’re extremely wonderful, it feels really good.

A: Princess. Princess, I’ll protect you so please feel at ease.


A: It feels good, doesn’t it?

A: I can tell, your insides are molding into my shape. And I feel incredibly good when you feel good as well.

A: More, fawn on me more, let’s climax as we embrace each other.

A: Princess, princess…


A: I’m about to cum. Is it okay if I cum?

A: My cute princess, my time with you is the best.

A: Princess, princess!


A: Come here Princess, let me hug you.

A: I love you, my beloved princess. To the point that no matter how times I’ve embraced you, I haven’t embraced you enough.


A: Who is it?!!

A: You…what are you trying to do to the Princess!?

A: You bastard, are you a magician? Are you trying to kidnap my Princess?!!

A: I won’t allow that!!!


A: Eh? What? Princess?

A: Princess. Princess, Princess, PRINCESS…!!!


Track 4: The Man who yearned to become a Hero


A: How could this be!? For the Princess to have been kidnapped while she was with me, this is the worst possible situation!!!

C: Please calm down, Brother.

A: No, there’s no way I can be calm, I must save her immediately.

C: Then you do have an idea as to where to search for the Princess? We have no other information other than the fact that the culprit was a magician.

A: That’s…


A: Queen!

A: Queen, I apologize deeply for this, while I was with her, the Princess was-

A: Magician of Ice?

C: Queen, is that certain? If the one who kidnapped the Princess is the Magician of Ice then…

C: No, I would never question the things you say, Queen. To penetrate this castle’s defenses, strong magic is required, therefore, the Magician of Ice is the only one that fits that description.

C: Just that, the door to the ice fortress where the Magician of Ice resides is blocked behind a massive block of ice so it can never be opened.


A: Is that true!? We can create a passageway enough for one person to enter the ice fortress?

A: Please let me retrieve her immediately!

C: Brother, Brother you’re the next king of our country so we cannot allow you to be placed in such danger.

A: But…!!!

C: Please, please leave it to me. I vow to save the Princess without fail.

C: Brother, please have faith in me, I’m your identical twin who was raised together with you.


A: I suppose so. Then, please bring my beloved princess back here!

C: Yes.


Track 5: Wine and Dark Desires


A: Princess!!!

A: Princess! Princess, it really is you. I’m so, I’m so relieved. It was a frightening experience, wasn’t it? For you to have been placed in such danger while I was with you…

A: Princess, I won’t allow this to happen again. I’ll definitely protect you, without fail.


A: I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You gallantly stood against the Magician of Ice alone and saved my Princess, and I’m truly grateful for that.

C: Not a problem.

A: Let’s go, Princess. It’s best if you rest for a bit, and I’ll always be by your side.


C: Yes?

C: Princess? For you to visit in the small hours of the morning, is something the matter? In any case, please come inside.


C: I just happened to be drinking wine, would you like a drink as well, Princess?

C: Go ahead, Princess.

C: That said, what business did you have with me?

C: As for your show of gratitude regarding today, I simply did what was expected, as long as you’re safe, Princess, that’s enough for me. Besides, you’ll worry my brother if you leave your room at this hour.


C: I see, that’s been conveyed then Brother wouldn’t be anxious.

C: The moment the news that you had been kidnapped reached my ears, I thought my heart was about to stop. I wanted to save you no matter what, and that I had to save you.

C: Ah, no, I haven’t done anything to be thanked for. I simply wanted to save you, Princess, that’s really all that is.

C: No, thank you for going out of your way for this. Good night.


C: Princess! Why, why do you love my brother?

C: Even though we have exactly the same appearance, why did you fall in love with my brother instead me? I understand that you’re marrying my brother based on the orders of your deceased father, but that’s not all there is to it.

C: ……You love my brother.


C: It’s not like I’ve changed, I’m merely asking a question.

C: Even though I was the one who saved you today, all you had in your eyes was my brother. And you thanking me now is just a formality.

C: Excuses.

C: Then, could you remain here? If you truly wish to thank me then be my partner for this evening and don’t you dare return to the bed where my brother’s waiting.


C: I took the joke too far.

C: I might’ve drunken too much so please forgive me.


C: Oh that reminds me, Princess, do you like crimson flowers?

C: You like them?

C: Sweet dreams, Princess.


Track 6: With Prince Cain


C: Oh, Princess, you came back to my side right away.

C: Ehehehe! Yes, I’m sad, I’m very sad, I’m heartfeltly sad that my one brother has died.

C: What’s wrong, Princess? Why are you moving away from me? You can cry into my chest anytime, you know?

C: …Because you just lost your precious fiance.


C: Why are you rejecting me? I’m the only one who can comfort you in place of my brother, I’m the only one who can replace my brother. I’m the only person who loves you from the bottom of their heart.

C: It doesn’t look like you fully understand so I’ll say it once more.

C: Now that my brother’s gone, the only person who loves you is me and the only one you can love…is me.


C: If that’s the case, if I’m the one who murdered my brother… What is that you’re trying to imply? Even if so, this reality won’t change. The reality that all those obstacles are eternally gone that is.

C: Whoa! You poor thing, was it that much of a shock?

C: ……Even though I have the same appearance, figure, and voice as my brother.


C: Now then, let’s lie down on the bed since you’re able to stand due to the shock.

C: Don’t struggle, my Princess.

C: Don’t be frightened, you’re the one who said that you liked crimson flowers last night. You clearly told me that “Yes, I like them,” and that’s why I gave my brother the crimson flower’s poison. There’s nothing wrong with that right?

C: Worry not, I won’t poison you, you’re my everything so I’ll never let you die.


C: You want an answer as to whether I killed your father, the King?

C: That doesn’t matter anymore, after delaying my brother’s wedding, my brother died.

C: Princess, I’ve always yearned for you ever since I was young, and those feelings never changed even after you became my brother’s, if anything, they grew.

C: I’ve always wanted to touch your cheeks like this.

C: I was confident that my love was deeper than my brother’s so I couldn’t understand why you fell in love with my brother rather than me. However, now that my brother’s gone, the one you love is me, right?


C: I see, you’re confused because you still can’t accept this reality right? It can’t be helped since my brother occupied your heart.

C: But you’ll forget soon enough, you should realize before long that I’m more suited for you.

C: Why are you against it? Even though I love you more, even though I’m more worthy of you…!!! Princess, ever since you were young, who was the one who gave you all that you wanted? Who was the one constantly protecting you?

C: It was me. I was always the one heading to your side before my brother did, all I ever looked at was you.

C: And yet, why did you turn to my brother? Why did you love my brother?


C: That person had always been unfair, they would obtain everything I’ve ever wanted, they would steal anything I’ve ever yearned for, our mother’s love, our father’s hopes, and finally, you.

C: No matter how much effort I put into it, no matter how much better I am at it, that person would rob that from me.

C: He’s the light and I’m the shadow. I had always…hated my brother.

C: It would’ve been better if he were gone. I had always hoped that he would leave this world in a horribly cruel manner.


C: However, I have you alone within my grasp. I have the one thing I desired most fully within my grasp.

C: That hurt! Why are you rejecting me?!!

C: Oh, you poor thing, I ended up hitting you because you resisted in an odd manner. Could you swear that you won’t strike back at me ever again?

C: Swear properly, got it?


C: Oh well, either way, I’m the only one you have. Your dreadful stepmother will become this country’s Queen regnant and you, as a nuisance, will be thrown to my side.

C: The father who had protected you is gone and so is my gentle brother, all you have now is me.


C: What an annoying voice, why are you calling for help?

C: Why are you rejecting me? Why are you trying to escape from me? Do I have no choice but to squeeze your throat and crush it?

C: Please don’t force my hand, okay?

C: Shut up! What should I say to make you understand that you now belong to me?


C: Princess, with this, you’re completely mine.

C: Don’t look at me with such eyes. Your insides, your voice, your body, all of it, all of it belongs to me.

C: From now on, spread your legs only for me, look at only me, because I alone am your world.


C: Princess, Princess…why are you making me do this? I merely longed for you, I merely loved you, so why? Why, Princess?

C: I love you, I love you more deeply than anyone.


C: Princess. Princess, I’m cumming!


C: Princess, I don’t mind if you hate me, but even so, I want you to love me Princess.

C: Princess, Princess. Princess, Princess.

C: Oh, Princess, Princess…

C: Who are you seeing? Princess, who are you seeing!?


C: Princess, I’m not my brother. Why are those eyes reflecting my brother?!!

C: Princess, Princess, please don’t see my brother, the one embracing you is me!!! I’m not my brother, not my brother, not…my brother.

C: Brother is gone, and I’m not my brother.



C: This happened because those eyes reflected my brother.

“A: The princess has been kidnapped.”

“A: My beloved princess…”


Track 7: Bloody Endings -With Prince Abel-


C: Princess, it has begun to snow. Shall I bring you over to the balcony?

C: I see…

C: Princess, you must resent me, don’t you?

C: I don’t mind, I was the one who stole the light from you and caused you to lose your voice.

C: However, I’ve never regretted it for even a single moment because, with this, you belong entirely to me now. I now have everything within my grasp.

C: I love you, Princess.


C: Princess, I’ll grant you one singular request. I don’t care what it is, because as before, I’ll give you wherever it is that you want.

C: Write the thing you desire onto the palm of my hand with your fingers.

C: What’s the matter? It doesn’t matter what it is.


C: I see…

C: Don’t be scared, I’m simply preparing the thing you desire. My brother’s body that is.


C: It’s here.

C: What’s the matter? What you wanted has been arranged inside this room so step on in.


C: It’s at the end of this room.

C: Princess, your hand.

C: What’s the matter? You wanted my brother, did you not, Princess?

C: And that’s why I went out of my way to dig up my brother’s dead body from his grave with these hands and even had magic cast onto it so that you could savor his corpse. So what more do you want?

C: Princess, do you have any complaints?


C: Princess, what are you doing!? Why are you caressing the corpse’s cheeks?!!

C: Princess!

C: Princess, are you crying…? Despite loving you to this extent, you still love my brother.


C: Oh, oh I see. Do as you like, do whatever you want with that decomposing corpse!!! Kiss those rotten lips, entwine around that tongue, go ahead and ACCEPT THAT CORPSE INSIDE YOU IF YOU SO DESIRE!!!

C: Aah, ah…how could this be, Princess, Princess, please stop!

C: Please, please love me. Please-

C: Ah, ah, AHH!!!


C: Princess, just how far, just how far do you love my brother!?

C: No, no! Princess, princess…

C: ARGHHHーー!!!!!

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