【Translation】 Inwaku no Hakoniwa Stellaworth Tokuten


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Takeuchi Ryouta (竹内良太)

Track 1: Queen and a Slave of Love


Leon: Haha, so you’re finally awake Silver Princess.

Leon: I’m the Emperor of Kinsis, Leon, and starting tonight, you’re my slave.

Leon: Hahaha! It’s pointless for you to struggle like that, those chains aren’t something that you can break with the strength of a Princess.

Leon: That’s right, I’ve finally got you inside my grasp so allow me to thoroughly enjoy that body.


Leon: Did you think I’d forgive you simply by crying? Sorry to say but I’m the barbaric and vulgar King of Kinsis, so there’s no way that I’d approach you with some elegant courtship. Or rather, I have no need for your heart, all you have to do is pleasure me daily with that body.

Leon: What nerves you’ve got to bite my tongue. However, try that again, and I’ll spread your legs and pour all my desire into you in front of the eyes of you people.

Leon: In seeing the Silver Princess be tainted, the people would surely fall in despair.

Leon: Stop? As a slave, did you think you had the permission to mouth off a request you damn pig?!!


Leon: Haha! Good, cry more. To me, your tears are the most…uh, what was the next line again?

Leon: Hey, pass me the paper over there.

Leon: Oh, it’s this.

Leon: Err, your tears stir me up the most-eh? Huh? What line did I miss?

Leon: Oi, if you don’t write it clearly in a way that’s easy to understand, I won’t be able to read it.


Leon: Okay I got it, it’s this part.

Leon: Your tears stir up my desires the most. Erm, next I’ll hit you. I’LL HIT YOU!!!


Leon: Aah, dammit, I can’t do this! If I have to hit you then I’d rather be punched instead.

Leon: I understand your idea of wanting to remember the day we first met for our 3rd year wedding anniversary but…what’s with this script??? Also, I have no recollection of ever calling you a pig.

Leon: No, I haven’t. Think back carefully, I might’ve embraced you somewhat roughly but, you had always been my goddess. Therefore, it’s impossible for me to have hit nor called my goddess a pig.

Leon: “I wonder about that”? No, that is what it is!

Leon: Good grief, what a terrible false impression.


Leon: I got it. If things aren’t fresh enough, how about we reverse roles?

Leon: In other words, you’re the dreadful queen and I’m the captive king.

Leon: Okay, then let’s start over from the beginning.


Leon: The Wicked Queen who’s imprisoned me, I’ve been waiting for you. To make the move of binding both my hands, you must’ve been rather fearful of me.

Leon: I see, from this evening onwards, I’m your slave.

Leon: To rob me of my dignity on top of my country and fortunes, you’re crueler of a queen than I have imagined. And so, now that I’m a slave, what is it that you desire from me?

Leon: Oh? Cling to you and live solely for your sake for as long as I live?

Leon: That’s wonderful…not! That’s a horrid order.


Leon: I’ve understood that now give me my next order.

Leon: Kiss your hand?

Leon: What’s with that half-baked order? How dull, at a time like this, to lick the soles of your shoes or to grovel and plead for forgiveness, you ought to be handing down a more humiliating command.

Leon: Look, I’ll listen to anything so just say it.


Leon: Oh? I am to lick your feet?

Leon: Good choice. For me to kneel and lick your feet with both of my hands bound, that’s a rather humiliating spectacle.

Leon: Okay I get it, I’ll lick it so bring out your feet.


Leon: As you would expect from the Wicked Queen, your pale skin’s reflecting the light as if they’re glowing.

Leon: Aah…how beautiful, it’s like a reward for me to kiss these feet.

Leon: No, this is so humiliating that I’m boiling with anger.


Leon: What’s the matter, Queen? Don’t tell me that you got turned on from having a lowly slave lick your feet?

Leon: Your skin damp and sweaty as if you’re delighted by my caresses.

Leon: Ah, so that’s how it is, Master can’t feel it from such trifling things so I must service you more.

Leon: Come on, roll up your dress higher and I’ll lick these fair and supple thighs to your heart’s content.


Leon: This is humiliating, oh so very humiliating.

Leon: I seem pleased? You fool, there’s no way that’s possible, I’m merely servicing you as a slave. A slave exists to please their master after all.

Leon: What’s wrong Master? Are you unable to hold back since I’ve only been licking suggestive places?

Leon: It’s fine no? I’ll service you as your slave.

Leon: Expose your lower half and turn your butt this way.


Leon: What are you bewildered for? This is an order to humiliate me further.

Leon: Ah…what a nice sight-no, a humiliating sight. It’s so humiliating that I want to service that hot soaking place with my ‘thing’ at once.

Leon: Haha, it’s seeping nectar you know? I never realized my Master was a pervert who got aroused from being seen by their slave.

Leon: You’re not a pervert? Then your depths aren’t twisting in the slightest then.

Leon: Very well, the humiliation is unavoidable, but I’ll use this to thoroughly confirm that.


Leon: Having the status of a slave was pretty fun.

Leon: What’s the matter? You seem rather weary.

Leon: Yes, sorry, the refreshing scenario of having you dominate me was so enjoyable that I accidentally went too far.

Leon: If you have a preference for this, we can try this out again.

Leon: Though, even if we put aside the acting, you are my Queen. Everything within the garden that I’ve created exists for you.

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