【Translation】 4-Shoku no Shihai-sha to Hangyaku no Gouka vol.1 Ao no Ou Official Rendou Tokuten


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

復讐失敗 ~青の王~

CV: Abe Atsushi (阿部敦)

Alternative Track 8: Failed Vengeance ~Blue King~


Come on, what’s the matter? How exactly do you plan to kill me? What exactly is the power that you colorless possess?

Why are you crying…?

What’s this about sex? Why must I never embrace you?


Hmph, what a pathetic woman you are.

You’re wretched, no? While neglecting that dripping, shamefully wet place of yours, you’re refusing a man despite displaying such an adorable expression. If you wanted to entice me, there should be more splendid ways of doing so.

Young girl of the Colorless, you’re hopelessly wet from simply desiring my member. Did you think you could fool a man by crying?

Did you think a man would be delighted as long as you emit an obscene scent?

If so, spread your legs and give me a clear look of that soaking wet place.

Regardless of the extent, I’ll bring you shame.


Come on, spread your legs on top of that pedestal.

What a wonderful sight. Although I’m used to seeing you nude, if I have you spread your legs like this and place you into an unbecoming state, I get a slightly different view.

Are you embarrassed?

Why are you…crying again?

I don’t know if you think of me as pitiful, but you aren’t by chance, thinking that I love you, right?


I have no “heart”, that worthless thing called love doesn’t exist within me.

You came for the sake of revenge, but as you can see, this was the result. You might’ve planned to steal my heart and take revenge that way though.

You realize it, don’t you? This is your end.


You’re in need of some punishment, aren’t you?

Punishment for deceiving me, and punishment for having this spot be wet even during times like these.

The lewd body that’s wet even during times like these, you’re able to lay it bare like this without shame huh. I’ll churn it up for you then.


What’s wrong? Your legs are trembling, aren’t they?

Are you happy? Are you sad? Are you suffering? Or are you feeling pleasure?

Even at a time like this…

The humans that think of themselves as possessing a “heart” are quite inconvenienced, aren’t they? I feel nothing even if I shame you like this and I feel nothing no matter how much you cry.

It’s simple for me to stop your breathing like this you know? And it’s easy for me to turn you into a mannequin right here and now.


Don’t close your legs, my fingers are inside of you right now so I won’t allow you to move in spite of that.

Spread your legs wider.

Lift your hips, and make it so that it’s easier for me to access.

That’s right, so that I can see every nook and cranny just like that.


What’s the matter? Your legs are trembling more than before, you know?

More importantly, this.

Despite being clean, they’re muddy, my fingers have been dirtied by you.

Filthy, how filthy. Your entire body is filthy.

That reminds me, the colorless cried out with an extremely filthy voice, didn’t they?

That time, when we annihilated the colorless, the people screamed with an extremely filthy and unsightly voice. Babies, children, women, even men, they all wailed with an ear-deafening cry..


You don’t have a “heart” either, right?

Despite what I’ve said, your place here is soaking wet and sucking in my fingers. So that’s how good it feels huh.

My fingers that are rubbing around inside you feel unbearably good, don’t they?

Lewd woman, who ran from pleasure, you have nowhere to go, right?

Come on, cry out more. More, cry out more. Go ahead and cry out a sweet vulgar voice.

More, more, more.

You ought to cry out loud enough so that that coquettish voice will reverberate throughout the entire castle.


My fingers feel as if they’re about to melt. Your insides are hot and sticky and are close to melting my fingers you know? I wonder why you’re this indecent?

Why are you running away amidst the pleasure, I wonder?

More, run more, if you want to run then run. I’ll make a mess of your insides as many times as you want, and I’ll shatter your reason as much as you want.

Hahaha, does this place feel good?

Pushing forward your hips and sucking on my fingers so indecently, does this place really feel that good?

You’re already about cum, aren’t you? Quivering, your insides are quivering and tightening, and your folds are very much wrapping around my fingers.


Come on, I’ll let you cum. Look, I’ll grind intensely up against your sensitive spot like this and rub it.

Hey, become more and more disarrayed.

Shake your hips however you like, shake them like the day you rode on top of me.


I’m granting you shame this time around, aren’t I?

For the king you despise to have their way with your body and make you cum, such humiliation causes you disgrace does it not?

Come on, hurry up and cum.


Hmph, fufu, you really do let me have my way with you no matter how far it goes.

Interesting, very interesting.

The sight of you having fallen into my hands without being able to bring your revenge to fruition is extremely amusing.

Come here Girl of the Colorless Kingdom, I’ll buy you. You’re a girl who pleased me greatly so I wish to kill you and turn you into a mannequin.

So please come over to my room, and I’ll be particularlyーーaffectionate with you.


No matter how many times you cry and tell me to stop, I won’t stop because you already belong to me.

From the moment I sweep you away that day, you’ve belonged to me. You’re my top favorite so far so come on, stand.

Wrap the blanket around your body and follow me.

I’ll have to prepare clothes for you since you’ll be in my room, but you’ll have to bear with that for now.


Are you afraid? I’m frightening, aren’t I?

That’s fine, that’s good.

I am the king of the Blue Kingdom, after all. At the end of the day, I am the hated king who destroyed your country……

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