【Translation】 Ookami Buzoku no Seishoudou =Sanbou・Ai Hen=


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

狼部族の性衝動 =参謀・アイ編=

CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: Ai’s Invitation


Can I have a little moment with you?



I’m happy that you remember my name.

You…wait no, err, oh that’s right! Thanks to your research and teachings, we’re now able to have conversations with humans.

As a representative for the Lycans, I would like to give you our thanks.

Thank you.


In truth, I believe this should’ve been said by the head but considering their personality……

I’m delighted by your praise, I’ve been practicing.

Mhm, I wanted to convey my gratitude correctly with the words that you’ve taught me.

Human language is difficult, but if I learn it, I’ll be able to communicate my thoughts to you, so it’s fun.


Err, if I remember correctly, that means that I’m smart?

It makes me really happy that you’d say that. As you can see, physically I’m not that large so I’ve been training my head since I was a child so that I wouldn’t become a hindrance.


I was really surprised when I first saw humans.

We were similar in appearance but you were even smaller than me. Still, you came to this village.

And, uh, umm…

Yes, yes, when I first saw you, I was shocked that a lot of what you possessed far exceeded what we have.

It was like that with the knives and the lights too.

There were a bunch of things that I don’t know the use of but I’m sure they make life convenient right? And that’s why at the start, uh…I’m sorry if it leaves a bad impression, but I was really afraid of humans.

Being different despite resembling each other is scarier than if we were entirely different.

I can’t quite explain the reason for that, though…


But now I understand that you aren’t going to attack us seeing how well we get along in reality.

Going by the whispers of our ancestors is a Lycan tradition but I’m really glad that we followed our intuition instead.

I’m also happy that you humans were interested in research and hoped for co-existence after we acknowledged each other’s wisdom and conventions.

It’d be nice if us and humans can get along even better, and that’s why I want to have a proper discussion with you as a representative of the Lycans. I wish to take some time and plan out what we should do hereafter.


Ah, I think this should actually be said by the head, but us Lycans are, uh…

They aren’t bad fellows, but they’re a little eccentric. Plus, your leader seems to be busy as well.

M-m, having taught us your language and learned ours, I believe you’re the one who’d best understand my thoughts. So first off, I’d like to speak with you.


Thank you!!!

Let’s talk again at my residence tonight then, the location is…

Not at all, you remembered even though I only mentioned it when I guided you around the village.

I’ll go prepare dinner so leave room in your stomach for it.

Well then, I’ll be waiting.


Track 2: Suddenly in Heat…?


Welcome, I’ve been expecting you.

Courtesy as they call it, please come this way.

After taking advice from you humans, we created doors for the entryway to our houses. The inside of our houses wouldn’t get rekt even during high winds so it was extremely helpful.

Also, we’ve tried making tables and chairs. It might look a little misshaped to you, but it should be comfortable to sit on.

Try and take a seat.


You see, this is traditional Lycan cuisine. It might be a man’s home-cooking, but I’ll be overjoyed if it matches your taste.

Bon Appetit.


How is it?

Thank god, because you said you enjoyed Lycan food, I was anxious over whether you’d like it.

It’s okay to leave some leftovers if you can’t eat it all. I was so happy that you were coming over that I accidentally cooked too much. I have a small appetite compared to the other Lycans so I can’t even eat this much myself.

The real issue at hand comes after this, but…

It’s fine to listen as you eat.

I believe that everyone understands that you mean no harm and hold no hostility towards us because you’ve gained our trust.

Language is a given, but there were many times where you aided in hunts and treated children’s injuries. And I’m really thankful for that.


However, having your trust is one thing but to mingle with humans outside of your group is an entirely different story.

Even if you plan and move with us in mind, not all humans will think the same. And the assumptions one would have are not something I can personally deny. I may be talking about the extremes but if bad humans captured and killed one of us, I won’t be able to persuade everyone either.

Oh, I do more or less understand that you’re taking action so that that doesn’t happen. I realize that but…

Those that are anxious over future matters are in no small numbers, and it’s not something that could be stopped once you start thinking of the ‘what if’s.

Though personally, I believe that it would be a good idea for at least those who have taken an interest in human living to mingle with you humans. Case in point, it’ll be like how your group is blending in with us.


There’re actually children who say they’d like to head there, you know?

It’s true. If you think I’m lying, you can try asking during your next lesson, there are probably more people than you can count on your fingers who’d like to try living with humans.


What’s the matter? You look a little dazed.

Hey, are you okay?

Somehow you appear very sleepy, could be that you’re feeling unwell?

I’ll lend you my bed so take a rest before you leave.


You can sleep until morning if you want.

There’s no way I could let a guest sleep on the floor or on a chair, right? Besides, compared to falling asleep on the way home, a chair could be an excellent resting spot.

Don’t mind it, let’s slowly discuss things at a later date. You see, I was really happy that you came today.

Good night.


I’m sorry, it looks like I went into heat while you were sleeping……

I thought I could last until you left, but if a splendid female like you is nearby, I just wasn’t able to endure it.

When I think of doing it with you, I couldn’t stop myself.

I think it’ll subside if I just nut a little so could you please be my partner?


Can you tell that my member is pressing up against your butt? It’s so hard that it’s ready to go at any time.

I want to hurry up and shove it inside you, just imagining it is unbearable.

I’m begging you, you’re the only one I can turn to.

Please use your body to release the heat that is trapped inside me.


You’re really wet. So you were that turned on, with this, would a finger be able to fit?

You’re sweating…


I’ll churn your insides so please feel the pleasure, okay?


You probably don’t know since humans don’t regularly hunt, but when you capture an animal, it’ll taste better if you let it hang on.

In their panic, they prepare themselves to be delicious for us to eat.

You can tell whether they’ve become more appetizing by the taste of their blood and I’m sure your blood has turned extremely flavorful.


Oh sorry, since you’re a precious person to me, I won’t hurt you.

I scared you didn’t I? But don’t worry, I’ll make you feel good.

Even though you’re frightened, this place’s already soaking wet. It appears as though human females are weak to pleasure as well.

Every time I stir up your insides, a female scent wafts up from inside you.


Are you able to lift your hips?

It’s alright, I won’t put it in. It’ll be enough as long as you grip my member tightly between your thighs.


Let out your voice.

What a cute voice, I want to hear more of it.

Do you like it when I stroke your breasts as I rub against your lower half?

You cry out so nicely just from me touching your nipples. If you feel good from it then I ought to touch it more don’t I?

Preferably, you’d want to feel good together, right?


So you like it when I do this to the tips of your breasts with my fingers.

You’re making a pleased expression too, and it feels all slippery as if you’re wetter than before.

If I grind against this drenched spot that has your scent I’ll cum easily but I want to have a fuller taste of you.


I’m cumming, I’m cumming, so…


Sorry for dragging you into this.

Aah…I dirtied both your clothes and body.

Are you sleepy?

If so then please leave the cleaning up to me. It’s okay for you to sleep, don’t worry, my heat has subsided so I won’t attack you tonight.


Track 3: Marking


Oh, you’re awake.

I apologize for the events of last night, I did something horrible to an important guest. That said, I wish to take responsibility.

For Lycans, there’s a rule that if you mate even once, the male and female must become a pair.

Your body is already marked with my scent no? Even if you deny it, the Lycan will notice that you and I have had sexual relationships.

Oh, but they can also tell from the smell that I didn’t go all the way last night so there might be guys who’d assume you had deceived me.

In that case, everyone would probably be accepting of it if we became an actual pair.

And so, instead of going all the way, please allow me to mark you with more of my scent.


Give me your hand.

I’m sorry. Because I’m in heat, I immediately become like this.

I’m begging you, could you please quell my ‘thing’?

You will…?

Thank you.


Oh before that, could you take off your clothes? I want to see you naked.

You and I are like a couple so there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.


What a beautiful body. I didn’t get a clear look of it last night but it looks tasty.

That expression is cute too.

No hiding.


This feels really good, so humans do this with their mouths too. It’s incredible.


Do you feel good just from licking too? Because your hips are shaking.

So you’re feeling it too.

This part of your chest is hard to the point that I can see them through your clothes.

If possible, I’d prefer that we feel good together. It feels better when you’re touched, doesn’t it?


It feels good…I’m about to cum.

Wait! Let it go from your mouth. ……Because it’ll leave more of my scent if I get it all over your face.


Sorry if I startled you.

Thank you, but that expression of yours is pretty lewd. You mustn’t let anyone other than me see that appearance, okay?


Track 4: Real Heat


Who is it?

Oh, it’s you.

I’m sorry but I don’t want to see you right now.


Even though I told you that I didn’t want to see you, why did you enter on your own accord?

Not really, it’s nothing.

I’m just feeling a little unwell that’s all, it’ll sort itself out if I rest.

You can head back so…

And you shouldn’t be forcibly barging in uninvited in the first place. Even though I’m one of those that lack a large build among the Lycans, I can still kill and eat an unruly human. Do you understand that?



It’s really, really not anything.

I TOLD YOU THAT’S NOTHING…!!! I’m just in heat-


Even if you ask me “What’s the meaning of this?”, the answer is simple.

That’s right, I lied. What happened the other day was just an act and the reason you felt sleepy was that I added medicinal herbs into your portion of the meal.

I thought that I’d mingle with you, starting from your body.

But since you found out already, it was all for naught.

But I can’t think of a world where you’re made the mate of another guy. I’ll make this the last so please allow me to leave my scent deep inside you.


I really might’ve killed and eaten you…….

That’s because I want you obviously, there’s no way I could ignore such a smart, affectionate, and attractive female, right?


Human ears are sensitive too, huh. In that case…

It’s about time I move over to this spot.

It’s wet, did you get turned on from having your ears licked? Wet sounds are coming from the entrance simply from a mere caress.

Then I’ll lick the other one as well.


Wow, it’s overflowing from inside you non-stop as though you’re inviting me in.

I can’t hold it anymore.


I knew it. When it comes to humans, this place is a little tight. But it feels really good.

I want to taste it more.

It’s all in.

This tightness…


Your wet and softened insides are squeezing me.

I can’t, I can’t stop shaking my hips.

It feels good…

When I pinch your nipples, your insides would clench down even tighter.

I’ve just learned something nice, you really do teach me all sorts of things.


Even though it feels good, when I think about how this is the end, I should’ve just told you honestly that I wanted you at the very beginning so it wouldn’t have turned out this way.

I’m sorry, I’ll make this the last so please let me pour everything inside you.


I’m cumming!


I’m really sorry, but I just can’t stop, I wish for you to give birth to my child.

Since we’ve done it once, it entered right away.

Don’t struggle, I don’t want to treat you any worse than this. Since I’ve entered from the behind, I’m hitting the narrow spot deep inside.

It’d be nice if you could just get impregnated from this.

If you do then you wouldn’t be able to leave me.


If I pour in lots, on the off-chance…

You squeezed so tightly, am I hitting a good point?


Are you tearing up from the pleasure?

Then I’ll hit it some more.


I’m cumming again…!!!


This is strange, normally it would’ve subsided if I released this much.

I’m sorry, I think that in not wanting to let you go, I’m stuck in my rut.


Ah…it feels good.

I think it’ll subside if I release all the sperm stored inside me.

I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.


Track 5: I love you


Oh, uh, it’s been a while. …Not that it’s been that long.

Mhm, I was scared to see you but I wanted to see your face and I wanted to study your language as well.

Umm…there’s something I’d like to talk to you about so could you please come over to my house? My heat has already ended and I swear that I’ll never do anything you’re against.

Eh? Oh ah, in terms of what I’ve been doing, I’ve been doing all sorts of things.

I’ve been cleaning the village and helping with the hunts. Creating traps, harvesting medicinal herbs that can induce paralysis. Since they grow in a somewhat dangerous area, I went to transfer them over.

Also, I’ve been speaking a little with your leader like you told me previously.


I’ll head back first then.

Please once you’re done finishing up with your lessons, I’ll be waiting for you.


Thank you for coming, please take a seat over there.

I’ve been thinking about you constantly since that day, but I couldn’t figure out what you were thinking at all.

That night, you left without saying anything…and had placed a blanket on me. And despite the fact that I did such terrible things to you, you still talked to me today.

What is going on in your mind? I keep thinking and thinking, but I just can’t figure you out.


Are you serious about that?

I’m not doubting you. How should I say it, I’m happy if it’s true, but I just can’t imagine it as real. After all I-

You’ll forgive me…? But why?

I can’t deny it, we think of females as objects whose body’s can be obtained and that’s why I tried fooling you.

But humans aren’t like that, right?

Plus I made such a mess out of you that final night……

That isn’t all. While it’s true that I was highly strung because I was in heat, members of our tribe will become like that when there’s something they truly desire.


I want you.

I’m not lying, I don’t mind swearing to the great gods that I’m not.

If I were to put it into your wordsーーI love you.

“I love you,” huh. It feels a little embarrassing to have such a meaning attached to my name.

Please don’t laugh, I’m being serious.

But I believe I left you with frightening experiences, so…


Eh? What do you mean?

No, I understand the meaning of the word, I said it a bunch just now. Well at least that I think I understand.

Could it be that you, since before…?

I’m so happy.

Even though I forcibly copulated with you, are you still fine with having me?


No surprise that’s the case.

I’m sorry.

Say, how do human pairs mate?

I’m not fooling around, if we’re actually going to become a pair then it’s important no? I want to know about you and about humans.

……So that you’ll accept me and forgive me.



So human couples would do this?

I’ve put that to memory.

Huh? Tongue? Like this…?


This is the first time I’ve had my tongue sucked on but it’s slippery and feels good.

Is it okay if I try doing it this time?

Does it feel good?

I see, then I’ll do it some more.


I want to do this forever but let’s leave it at that.

Don’t worry, at the bare minimum, I’m able to carry you.

There we go.

Hey, is it okay I squeezed your hands?

Thank you.


Bring out your tongue.

Were you surprised? I assume that it’d make you feel better than before, but what do you think?

Teach me more about the ways you enjoy sex.


Hmm? Like this?

So you prefer being stroked by my hand rather than that.

Oh, it’s true, you’re looking a little dazed.

I knew it, the tips of your breasts are feeling good, aren’t they? Because they were sticking up erect like they wanted to be touched.

I’ll gently caress this place too, okay?

I’ll keep doing the same thing to your chest so is it okay if I touch other places?


Your body’s sensitive spots are your flank and…oh, that said, in terms of which it is, are you feeling ticklish?

Then is it your thighs?

You’re sweating, your skin’s moist, you know?

Though it might be because this place’s wet.

I don’t think the way we touch this spot is much different but I want you to tell me with your words.


Oh, is that so?

We have lots of differences but since we look similar, some parts remain the same. Interesting.

Is this shallow spot good?

I’ll remember it then. And as I tease this place, your chest, and also…


It seems like it feels really good when I kiss your lips.

Your lips are covered in saliva, aren’t they?


In humans, females are aggressive as well, huh. I wanted to make you feel good today, but…

I feel really turned on if you say it like that.


Does this work?

For a female to ride on top, that’s kind of new to me.

It’s okay if you squeeze it a little harder. Like about that much. And there’re wet sounds since you’re skilled.


This feels good. This way of doing it with your mouth, you were the first one to have ever done that to me so, to be honest, I was shocked that day.

It’s true, come on, look.

Our teeth are sharp so if we were to do the same thing, well, you know……

Don’t laugh, it’s not a joke. That said, since you’re a human, I can let you do it with ease.


The inside of your mouth is wet with drool and feels really good.

I feel like I’m about to cum from this.

I can still hold on for a little longer, but if I’m going to cum, I’d prefer to rather inside you rather than inside your mouth.


Is it okay if I insert it?

Eh? Eh??? You’re going to do it…!?


Has it loosened a little compared to when we did it before? I feel like it has molded into my shape.


This position is a first for me too.

Because females don’t have strength, plus, after all the trouble to try and conceive a child, the semen will all spill out no?

And to begin with, us Lycans don’t copulate unless we’re in heat.


That time I was desperate to obtain you so I had no other thoughts in my mind.

That’s right, you’re special.

This is good. No, it’s good as is. Seeing you move your tiny body to pleasure me is extremely thrilling.

Say, could you bring your face closer this way?


I don’t know what words I should say at times like this but I’m really happy right now.

I’m cumming, I’m cumming, okay?


Even though I just came, if you stimulate me like that, I think I can go for one more.

I see, it’ll feel even better if I move as well?

You seem to be feeling good from being thrusted from under you.

Say, could you please give birth to my child one day?

I’m second in power amongst the Lycans, and I’ll study more of the human language so that our lives would flourish. I won’t allow either you or our children to be destitute.


Thank you.

Your lips feel good.

Are you about to cum?

Me too, I’ll cum one more time so let’s experience the greatest pleasure together.


Say, is it okay if we go at it one more time? I want to be the one moving this time.

It’s a wonderful sight to see my cum dripping down from inside you.

Here I go then.


Since you were moving, it entered inside so easily.

It feels really good to do it while touching our lips.

Both the top and bottom are wet-


The reaction you have when your ears are licked is incredibly cute.

I like you, I love you.

But I ought to convey the feelings I have for you fully.


It feels good, I sense that I’m about to go wild, but it never feels like I’ve said it enough no matter how many times I say I love you.

Here too, I’ll pleasure this spot as well.

Does it feel good? The point that has stiffened is hitting the palm of my hands.

I ought to pleasure places besides your breasts.


I’m happy that you’re feeling good.

But I’m sorry, it’s no use, I wanted to take my time with it, but I can’t endure it any longer. Even though I’m not in heat…

It’s fine?

Then I’ll go all the way.


Your insides are clamping down and wrapping around me.

This is good, this feels incredibly good.

I wonder if I’ve conveyed the things that I feel?


Your insides twitched just now, didn’t they? So you like this spot?

I can tell by your reaction even if you don’t say anything, your face has a look of pleasure too. I’ll ram against your sensitive spots with all my strength so feel all that pleasure, okay?

No need to lie, if I tease this spot like this, you’ll let out an amazingly cute voice.

It’s entirely obvious, you know?


So it really does feel good, if almost as if you’re as discomposed as an animal, and that figure is extremely arousing.

This expression, this voice, no one besides me knows of it, right?

That makes me happy.


I’m sorry, I’m close to my limit so…

At the end, I want us to feel the peak of pleasure.


It has finally settled down.

Thank you, it felt really good. You felt good too…right?

I see, what a relief.

Somehow this feels like a dream, to spend time with you like this, and to be loved by you. But we’ll have to part, right?


I told you didn’t I? That I had spoken with your head.

All I heard was that you’ll be returning to your homeland in a little while though. I understand that you’re reporting back, but that VISA thing was important too.

I guess it can’t be helped if it’s necessary.

You’ll come back here, right?


Since you say that, I’ll believe in you.

To be frank I didn’t want to say it until we had kids but let’s live together until you return to your homeland.

Thank you.


Track 6: Precious Someone


I know that it’s for work but I feel lonely all the same, I want you to bring me along with you.

If I could go with you, I don’t mind being treated like luggage.

Eh? Is that seriously how it is?

Oh, there’re pretty troublesome rules there too.

No, it’s fine, I really can be carried along with your luggage.


Mhm, then I’ll refrain from tagging along and wait quietly for you.

I’ll confirm it one more time but you’ll come back again, right?

I understand. Even if you’re busy with work, make sure to eat and sleep properly. Also, careful not to get sick, and don’t get swayed when other males extend their arms to you.

I left plenty of my scent on your last night so I think you’ll be fine though.


Haha! What’s wrong? As expected, do you not want to return?

I wouldn’t mind that though.


I feel lonely but I like the way that you’re passionate about your job.

Oh, I forgot something important.

Bring out your hand.

Here, this is an amulet made from my fur. “So that you’ll return safely” and “so that you’ll quickly return to my side”, those are the wishes stored inside it.

There’s a saying passed down that the fur on your head possesses strange powers.

I’ll be waiting here, so please return as soon as possible, my one precious person.

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