【Translation】 4-Shoku no Shihai-sha to Hangyaku no Gouka vol.3 Shiro no Ou


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

4色の支配者と反逆の業火 第三章 白の王

CV: Suzuki Chihiro (鈴木千尋)

Track 1: Contact


Do you feel like confessing your profound sin now?

Why are you silent? Your lips aren’t sealed and your ears aren’t shut, all that’s restrained is your two arms.

Now then, lift your face and show penitence in front of me, the king of this nation.

Repent, cry, and be crushed by the weight of your sins.

Now lift your face.


What’s the matter? Speak of your crimes to me.

If you obediently follow my orders and repent your sins, your punishment might be lighter.

Now hurry, the beautiful eyes that stared at men, those indecent lips that tempted men, those vulgar acts, confess your crime of running that side-business that’s nothing but filthy.

Are you going to repent?

No way you’re planning to tell me that it’s a false charge right? You were witnessed receiving money from men no?

Repent the sin of committing the dubious act of prostitution from the bottom of your heart.


It doesn’t appear as though you’ve grasped the magnitude of the situation.

If you wish for mine and god’s forgiveness, rather than those eyes, you must look at me with eyes more, far more crushed by remorse.

Is that not so? You cannot be gazing at me with those beautiful eyes.

Not only that, you possess transparent colored eyes, it’s a color that I’ve never seen.

Are you…a witch?


I’ve never once met a person in this kingdom who possesses such eyes. That strange color pains and pains me.

Witch, I must exterminate the witch.

Ah, the dreadful witch has already been tortured.

Your clothes have been yanked and torn so it’s all tattered, and there’re welts on your body.

Who is it that gave such crude corporal punishment?


Oh well, in any case, I’ll be taking this thing, the handling of a witch is an extremely dangerous task.

This woman will be tortured at my castle.

I’ll have her confess and hand down punishment.


Don’t look at me, those filthy eyes that seduced men must not be directed at me.


Track 2: Sign of a Witch


Now then, are you finally in the mood to talk?

I’ve received reports that you infringed on god’s will and committed obscenely filthy acts. If you aren’t going to reply, then it’s back into the water you go.

What a noisy woman, if it’s that painful, don’t you think you should hurry up and confess?

If you struggle, you’ll get my clothes soaked as well.


You committed a sin, didn’t you?

Defying god’s teaching and committing lewd acts, that is the first thing you should acknowledge.

It’s painful to be submerged in water is it not? In which case, it should be about time you confessed and acknowledged your sins.

If you don’t, you’ll drown to death as I bury your face in water.



I won’t let you actually die, that would be boring.

What’s the matter? Was it distressing?

I see, hmm, so you were suffering despite being a witch, a lowly sinful witch. If you won’t open your mouth, you’re back into the water again.

To say nothing in spite of the pain, you’re a messed-up woman, if you don’t confess now, I’ll have no choice but to give you crueler punishment. Are you still okay with that regardless?

Oh right, your mouth can’t speak because you’re submerged in water.


Look, I pulled you out.

Suck up plenty of the stagnant torture chamber air and repent.

Hmm? What are you staggering around for?

Your eyes are already vacant huh, and your entire body is soaking wet. Hey, I told you that I was willing to kindly listen to you repent, and yet, why are you this stubborn?

Do you…enjoy the water? You enjoy being dunked in water, don’t you?


Do you feel like talking now?



Hmm, look, you were close to wilfully fainting so I had no choice but to beat you with an instrument like this.

You realize it right? This is due to you being disobedient.

But how’s that? Thanks to the pain, your senses are clear, aren’t they?

That said, how long do you plan to stay collapsed? You’re already completely wet.


Ahem, you truly are an indecent woman. Your clothes are wet and clinging onto you and exposing the shameful curves of your body, and yet, you do nothing to conceal it.

You’re discourteous and horribly salacious.

I’ve never before seen such a filthy woman, and I’ve never before seen such an obscene witch.

I must test whether you’re a witch.


Bring out your legs.

I told you to bring forward your legs. Right now, I am going to stab your leg with this needle to determine whether you’re a witch.

If you’re stabbed and you don’t feel pain and don’t bleed, you’re a witch.

Now come on, bring out your legs.

It’d be beautiful if bright red blood blooms upon your white thighs though.

I guess I’ll stab here, I’ll force the needle into the inner thigh where you’d feel the most pain.


Your soft, pale thighs are trembling.

If you’re that frightened, then you shouldn’t have committed a sin, you should’ve obediently worshipped god and me, you immoral witch.

You make a beautiful expression while suffering huh, it’s a bewitching expression that you wouldn’t think exists in the world.

Yes, that’s right, who cares if you’re bleeding, who cares if you say it hurts, so what if you’re not a witch, it won’t let it end with just you not being a witch.

Demon. Yes, you’re a demon, you’re a demon.


Hahaha!!! This is the first time I’ve met a demon, but I can tell.

I’ve read the scripture countless times, you see, so I know you’re a demon. Demons are terribly beautiful and are dreadful insolent beings that would mesmerize humans.

They say that demons are beautiful and everyone would be drawn to them.

A demon, you’re a demon.

I shall announce your punishment at a later date.


Track 3: King’s Verdict


It’s been decided. Get up, I came to announce your punishment.

Not just for committing an immoral act. In addition to not acknowledging and not repenting, you’ve sold your soul to the devil. As a devil incarnate, you’ll be burnt at the stake.

However, it won’t end with just a mere burning at the stake. Before that, we ought to pull out all your fingernails and toenails and shave your filthy genitals so that you’ll never again commit evil deeds in the next world. After which, you’ll be burnt at the stake.

Once your clothes have burned away, we’ll expose your naked body to determine whether you’ve lived or died in 7 days time.


You’ll be alive until the very end won’t you? After all, you’re a demon.

I hear that demons are beautiful and tenacious beings. Your hands and feet, your shaven genitals and finally your burnt skin will torment you, then all you have to do is accept the humiliation of being shown bare in 7 days time, such is the judgment I’ve handed down onto you.

That said, if you acknowledge your sins right now and beg for mine and god’s forgiveness, your sentence might be lighter.

So, what do you plan to do?


What are you saying…? Your soul can’t be rewarded simply from meeting me nor can I purify you, quickly abandon such foolish thoughts and think of ways to atone for the sins you’ve committed instead.

Do you not wish to die?

Enough, that’s enough!!! That’s displeasing to me, I’m no god, I’m not a being that could cleanse you of your sins simply by standing in front of you…!!!

I’m no god, I’m nothing more than a king.

Well then, as planned, you’ll be burnt at the stake in a week.


It’s only going to be a week so give that woman a bed.


Track 4: Penitence​


Follow me, woman.

We’re heading to the on-site chapel. There’s still 5 days left before your execution, so I’ve arranged some time every day so that you could show penitence.

Now hurry up and move.


But even so, when I look at you closely, you’re terribly dirty. To stand in the face of god at the sacred church with such an unkempt appearance is…

Before we head to the chapel, cleanse this woman’s body, prepare some hot water, and prepare her some clothes.


You can all step back, I’ll be the one to cleanse this sinful woman’s body.

A frail woman whose bond isn’t capable of anything, now leave me alone with this woman. And in the first place, it’s always just me and the sinner when entering the chapel and its confession room.

And so once again, right now, this is a sacred place where I cleanse the body of someone tainted by sin. Is that understood?


I’ll be taking off your clothes.

Though I can’t just take that off since your hands are tied.

Don’t worry about the clothes, I’ve had a change of clothing prepared for you. I ought to get rid of such filthy clothes…

Now enter the bath.


It’s fine, I told you that I’d wash you, didn’t I? And so, you just have to accept it.

Regardless of how lowly your birth is, God will cleanse those feet. And so I do so for the sake of this kingdom.

Sin is sin, but there’s no sin that can’t be atoned for and there’s no sin that can’t be forgiven as long as the person in question repents.

Why are you thanking me?

I’m a merciless king who hands severe punishment upon sinners so your sins haven’t been forgiven.

Sinners must be punished, witches must be hunted, and demons must be exterminated.

I’m this nation’s king, and such are the rules, and I have no choice but to act in accordance with that.

I am the strong king that governs this country.


Your skin is mellow and absorbs the palms of my hands.

Does it not get stained no matter how many men have touched it? Because somehow, it’s strange.

It’s so gentle it sucks you in, it’s soft, and it’s warm, is this how women’s bodies are?

Everyone’s different. Body, mind, and skin are different for everyone.

I listen to the confessions and penitence of many citizens, although I understand an aspect of their heart, everyone, everyone’s different.

Everyone’s gone mad over their nerves, everyone’s wicked under their masks, and it’ll corrode my heart.


I’m still a normal human, my heart will decay.

I guess so, everyone says that I’m a very splendid king and give worship to me, a mere human, as though I’m God.

However, yes, this kingdom’s entire structure is messed up.

I, who have no connection nor link to God, is held up high upon a pedestal.


Did you not know? I thought all the citizens of this country knew.

When selecting a new king, a prophecy will be left behind regarding the next Pope.

The place and region of where the next Pope will be born along with a particular trait they’d have. Such is the prophecy and they’d search for all the children that meet that criteria.

The children that were found live their lives believing that they’re an incarnation of the previous Pope and are worshipped as the next Pope. And was continued throughout the ages.


I was a child who was found in that manner, I was torn from my parents when I was young and brought to this cold castle to fulfill the duty of King. And was told of my fortune.

There were lots of things I didn’t understand, and there were plenty of things I couldn’t do, however, everyone says I’m capable and that I had such power. Even though in truth…I was nothing, I was hollow.

Hmm? Eh? You wish to cleanse my feet?

You can’t, that’s something you can’t do because your hands ought to be tied.

Stop, it isn’t allowed even if you beg me like that.


Is it truly okay for me to believe you? Is it truly okay for me to believe you despite you being a sinner?

What is under that mask of a criminal…?


Why are your hands cold? Even though you were washed with hot water, you’re still cold.

It’s ticklish, you’re touching them too gently so it’s ticklish.

Stop, stop, between the toes is…it tickles.

How far are you planning to take it?

You can’t, you can’t, you mustn’t touch me. You mustn’t go higher. Stop, stop, to touch that place is-

It’s filthy, you mustn’t commit such acts, please don’t touch my “thing”.


To become this hard, I, I…what is this? Your hands feel so good.

Stop, you mustn’t, God wouldn’t forgive such acts. Such filthy, lust-filled-

Don’t stroke it like that, it’s painful, it’s painful, if you stroke it like that, I’ll feel too good. Even though this isn’t allowed, even though this isn’t allowed it feels good.

Hot, it’s hot and painful.

I can’t, why is it this painful-

It feels good but it’s painful. I can’t, it’s no use, I’m already at my limit. Stop, stop, it hurts.



Stop, stop, I, such a filthy act is…

I…I’ve been humiliated by you!!! It’s the worst, this act is immoral, I knew it, you’re a prostitute, a DEMON!!!

What? You love me?

What are you saying…? What on earth are you saying!? If you call that your love then it’s deranged and disgraceful.

Your love, your very existence is tainted…!!!


Today’s schedule is canceled, I’ll send someone to grab you.


Track 5: God’s Love


Get out, it’s time for you to repent, today we’re going straight to the chapel.


Kneel, repent, and pray. You shall reflect on your since in the 4 days before your execution.

Do you believe in God?

Do you know of God’s love?

God is a magnificent, uncorrupted, omnipotent being. And God’s love is boundlessly deep, beautiful and pure. If you wish to speak of love, then could you not speak of that beautiful love?

Could you not speak of that brilliant dazzling love?

I have no need for something filthy, I wish for what wraps me around warmly much akin to the love of God that’s been taught to me up until now.


If you won’t speak of it then I……


Track 6: Immoral Act


This is the second time I’m washing your body like this.

Your execution is in 3 days, and I’ll have to say farewell to you before long.

What are you saying…?

Stop, I can’t, I can’t undo your restraints. You mustn’t touch me any further, I cannot allow myself to be tainted, I will be forgiven for committing an immoral act.

Don’t look at me with those eyes, no matter much you touch me or show penitence​ in front of me, you still can’t be sent to heaven. And nor can the demon be expelled from your body.


I’m simply a person.

I told you didn’t I? I’m merely a human.

Let’s go, what you should be touching isn’t me, it’s God. So pray for that at the chapel.


Track 7: A Sinful Love


There are 2 days before your execution, and the town’s excited over the public execution of a peerless beauty.

What’s wrong? It’s fine to be more frightened, it’s fine to fear death as a frightening proposition because either way, you’ll soon die.

And so…

And so, in these final days, I’ll undo your restraints. Go ahead and read holy scriptures as much as you’d like before your execution.

With this knot gone, you can move your hands freely and eat or whatever else however you’d like because you’re being sent to hell no matter what.


I don’t need your thanks, you’re a pitiful woman, a pitiful woman who doesn’t know of true love and in not knowing, you committed a sin.

You’re a very pitiful woman……

Hey, why won’t you say anything even during your final days? Even I taught you that if you acknowledged your crimes and repented, your sins would become lighter as well.

Why? Even until the very end, why?

You are truly a sinner…?

What? If there’s something you wish to say then just say it because you don’t have much time left in the world.


Wha-what are you saying!?

To say that you’ve fallen in love with me as a man at a time like this, that’s precisely why you’re a sinful woman and why you’re being severely punished.

I was taught that God loves any and all.

A noble and pure love.

However, your love is horribly tainted with desire. Your love is very much corrupt, and my love extremely marred and filled with the desire to touch you and touch you.

But why do I have such feelings…?


Both you and me have no place to go but hell.


Track 8: Love and Death


Tomorrow’s execution day, huh.

Feel free to pray all you’d like in the chapel today, and I’ll do it along with you because God’s always an ally to those that repent.


What are you saying all of a sudden? It’s not a capital crime to love me.

What…!? You something foolish like pretending to commit a crime just so that you could meet me?

No way, it’s impossible, there’s no person who would do such a thing.

No, no, I can’t believe it, why would you go so far for that? Why did you do that for just this?


Love, your love is distorted.

Even though it’s tainted, even though it’s tainted and wrong…..

Yes, that’s right, it’s a capital crime, such filthy love merits death. For such a filthy thing to have been pushed and imposed on me, my heart’s become disturbed.

You’re a sinner through and through.

But why? Why do I love you? Why did this happen? Why, why did I get engulfed by that love?


Doing this in the eyes of God…

Always, I’ve always wanted to touch you like this.

The strange color of your eyes that appears to suck one in, drew me toward you. And as I washed your soft and silky skin, I had hoped to touch you more greedily like this.

When you said that you wanted to touch me, this chest was pained as though it was being squeezed.

I thought I was going to go mad in hearing you say that you love me.


You appeared to drag me down to hell along with you. You came into existence for the sake of pushing me to insanity.

Ah…as expected, your body feels extremely nice.

Simply by sliding my hand across your skin and stroking these plump breasts…

You mustn’t touch it, it’s painful. I’m in so much pain, I want you, I want you so badly. I want to lose all senses inside of you.

This wet place of yours, I want to enter your hot insides.

I’m putting it, I’m putting it in.

No, it hurts, it’s agony.


It’s hot and tight, I wonder why I stuck it inside.

Hey, I’ve always, always, wanted to do this with you. I had thought of embracing you amidst desire.

Even though I’m clergy, I’m committing such sinful acts like this in front of God despite that.

This is love, right? This is, this is love, right?


It feels good.

What? Why are you tying me?

STOP!!! Why are you doing something like this? Why are you…? No, you can’t bound me and move on top of me, if you move like that I-

What are you-wait, stop, don’t move…!!!

The genocide of the colorless was a sin? Are you attacking me? Are you attacking me for what happened that day?

Stop, stop, I can’t talk like this!!!


Why are you weeping so sorrowfully? You…don’t tell me, don’t tell me that you’re a survivor of the colorless!?

That’s, that’s…

You’re wrong, blasphemy against God is unforgivable and the colorless was a clan insulted our God. The reason the colorless had turned us into their enemy is due to their own filthiness is it not?

What’s mistaken, how am I mistaken…? The one who was first sacrilegious towards our kingdom was the colorless.


No, stop, don’t move!!! Stop, stop!!!

I’m not wrong, the decisions I’ve made aren’t wrong, I simply set ablaze the hated race that showed contempt towards us. I did the right thing.

No, no, then that isn’t love. If that’s the case and you’re taking revenge on me, then what’s in your heart isn’t love but rather hatred.

And yet, why…?

Lies, lies, I don’t want to hear you say that you’ve fallen in love with me after our meeting. Don’t say that you truly fell in love with me, if you hate me then just hate me.

Don’t say that you love me despite expressing such hatred.


Please, please don’t say that you love me, it’s painful.

I feel like I’m about to die, I’ll end up with the death penalty, I’ll end up being the one dying instead.

Die? We’ll die together…? Why?

There’s a curse placed upon your body……

No, no, no, then that means you came to murder me. With a curse upon your body, you’d kill me, you’d kill me stealing my heart.



Why must I be sent to hell?!! I…I work so desperately hard until now, the matter regarding the colorless was because the close aides of the previous Pope advised me to head route and that’s why I tried to desperately answer to that.

And yet, I remain a puppet to this state with my free will and love stripped from me.

No, no, no, NO, NO, NO!!!!



This isn’t me, I wanted to live a normal life.

No, no, I don’t want to die yet…!!!

No, stop saying that you love me. I don’t, I don’t want to die-

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