【Translation】 Hyouhen Kareshi ~Oshiego ga Hiza kara Oroshite kuremasen~ Animate Tokuten


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CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke (立花慎之介)

Track 1: First Date


This is the first time that I’ve had a date like this with you, Teacher, isn’t it?

Once we get to this point, the chances of meeting an acquaintance are practically non-existent so I guess it was worth coming this far away. Besides, this amusement park is pretty deserted so it’s nice that there’re no lines at any of the attractions.

Hey Teacher, which one would you like to ride?

A roller coaster!?

Uh, if I remember correctly that’s Japan’s oldest wooden coaster……

Oh Teacher, how about we head over to the coffee cups over there? You know, they’re a staple for dates, right?


Do you want to ride that roller coaster…that badly?

Umm, Teacher, I’m taking this occasion to tell you this but don’t you think a roller coaster is a vehicle that you can’t understand the point of? To purposefully spend money to have a frightening experience riding a high-speed ride where, in the end, no distance was traveled, personally, I think it’s meaningless-

No, hey. Teacher?

Please wait! A-Are you seriously planning to ride it!?

No, it’s n-n-not like I’m scared or anything b-but……

I understand, it seems sad for Teacher to ride alone, so I’ll ride along with you.


Okay, I’ll be fine, I’ll be fine. Let’s enjoy the roller coaster okay?

Hey Teacher, umm, if you’re afraid, you can grab onto me.


Thank you, Teacher……

M-m, I’m just a little tired. No surprise that it’s due in part to the wooden roller coaster, the sound of creaking wood was awfully bad for my heart.

Oh but, if I hold hands with you, Teacher, I might start feeling better.

Considering where we are, we don’t have to worry about acquaintances right? After all that trouble, how about we do something date-like?

When your parasympathetic nervous system takes over, this is what they mean increasing your chance of survival.

No…uh, in other words, it means that if I hold hands with you, Teacher, it’ll relieve the tension and this unpleasant feeling will disappear.


Hey Teacher, they’re selling corn dogs stuffed with cheese over there so how about we split one to eat?

Afterwards, we can have some soft serve ice cream too.

Come on, hurry up.


Of course, I’m having fun, isn’t that obvious?

Let’s do everything that’s considered standard for dates. Today I’m not Teacher’s student, instead, I am simply your boyfriend.

Excuse me, I’d like to order one corn dog stuffed with cheese and one cone of soft-serve ice cream.


Thank you.

Let’s go eat these over at that bench.


Here, Teacher, say “Ah”. The cheese inside is hot so be careful okay?

Wow, the cheese’s stretching. What do you think? It was frequently called delicious on the net so you were curious right?

Is it tasty?

I’m so glad. And here, help yourself to the soft-serve ice cream.

I can try it after, the figure of Teacher eating is cute and I love it. Please eat more.


Hey, to get ice cream onto the corners of your mouth like that, was it on purpose?

There’s a milky flavor to it, this ice cream is delicious.

Wait, Teacher, please don’t eat it all yourself!!!

But Teacher, your face is beet red.

Ow, ow, please don’t hit me.

Aah…I feel so happy. After we finish eating, let’s go ride the Ferris wheel and then kiss once we reach the summit.

It’s fine to be cliche no?

Let’s enjoy a full day’s worth of a high school student’s corny date plan, okay Teacher?


No more games for today. Teacher, you’re so good at that gorilla ball hitting that I thought I’d die laughing.

Oh, err, the station’s this way right?

Huh? Teacher, what’s wrong?

Hmm? There’s a small building…? Oh, is that a hot spring?

There seems to be a restaurant, plus we’ve sweated a lot. Since this is a rare chance, let’s take a dip in the hot springs before returning home.


Ah, I’ve never been to a place like this so I’m a little nervous.

Umm…excuse me, I’d like to request a bath and meal for two, is there still room available?

Oh yes, I’ll take that then.

Teacher, it’s fine, it’s this way.


Eh? This is…

Err, umm, oh right, that’s what they said.

This is a lodging room, isn’t it? The hostess must’ve had a misunderstanding, I’ll go correct them because we aren’t planning to stay.


Eh? It’s fine as is…? Wait, are you saying that you don’t mind staying the night?

Of course, I’m not against it, I’m obviously happy about it. To stay at a hotel during my first date with you, Teacher, that’s way too much solicitation.


Wow, amazing!!! This room has a bath, it’s an open-air bath and it’s pretty big too.

Of course I’d frolic around, I’m…still a child, after all. Besides, this is the first I’ve stayed over at a lodge together with you, Teacher.

No, I’m not pouting.

Oh but, if I take a bath together with you, Teacher, it’ll fix my mood I think.

The hostess said that the meal will be ready in 2 hours so let’s go enter the bath together.

I love you, Teacher.


Let’s get in quick, your body will get cold.

Over there is…it’s pomelo!!! And it has a really nice scent.

Aah, it feels good.

Teacher, why are you there by the edge?


Caught you.

Hey Teacher, let’s go on a trip like this again. I want to travel to all sorts of places and create a whole bunch of memories with you, Teacher.

And Teacher, please allow me to love you in all those places.

And so that we don’t go crazy, let’s do just a bit…

Teacher, I love you.

Now and forever, you’re the only one for me Teacher.

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