【Translation】 Hyouhen Kareshi ~Oshiego ga Hiza kara Oroshite kuremasen~ Official Tokuten


Thank You to Anon for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke (立花慎之介)

Track 1: Together with Teacher even at Lunch Break



How was it like to have an egg vibrator inside you during class? Did you cum while explaining the formula? You were staggering a lot, you know?

Hmm? You never came?

In that case, there must be something you’d like to ask of me right?

Sure, I’ll let you cum many times as you’d want until you’re satisfied, Teacher.


Come this way.


This multipurpose washroom is far from the classrooms so not many people use it, that said, it looks as though there’re plenty of users after school but I’m referring to situations like us.

As expected, at this distance, you can hear the sound of the vibrator.

Now then Teacher, I have a question.

What is it that Teacher ought to be doing right now?

Mhm, that’s right, you ought to beg me to let you cum. But as my reward for remaining earnest during class, this isn’t enough don’t you think?


Okay Teacher, please sit on top here and show me your embarrassing place properly.

To do something like this in the school toilets, you’re a failure of a teacher, aren’t you? Now spread your legs wider.

Wow, even your panties are soaked.

You don’t need to be in such a rush to take them off. Could it be that you can’t wait?

For there to be only the cord sticking out of your wet pussy, it’s really indecent.

Sure, if you do a good job at begging, I’ll lick you.


Teacher, how does it feel to be licked with the vibrator still snugly inside?

Look, I’ll coax it with my tongue.

So it feels good. This will be inside you until we leave school, okay?

When I stick my tongue into your cunt, it clenches down tightly.

It feels good when I tease both the inside and the outside eh. That said, it’s a little frustrating, it seems like you’re feeling it more from the toy than me.


Eh? I’m wrong?

But it’s overflowing so much you know? I guess I ought to punish a liar.

Teacher, you were hoping for this, weren’t you?

Look, your clit has swelled and stiffened.

As you wish, I’ll bite it.


What do you think? Does it feel good?

But I’m at my limit, I’m inserting it okay? I’ll take a seat so you can lower your hips onto me as is, Teacher.

Come on Teacher, make sure to hold onto it and shove it inside yourself properly, you’re so wet that not all of it can get in.

That’s right, grasp it tightly and then lower your hips.


Ah, I hit the end of the egg vibator…this is bad, it feels so good, the vibration is amazing.

T-Teacher, I’ll start moving, okay?

Teacher, your insides are convulsing more than usual and your body is twitching. Does your pussy feel good right now? Is the vibrator hitting your deep spots?

What an incredible voice, do your deep spots really feel that good?

If you squeeze me that tightly, I’ll cum right away.


Your insides are twitching, are you about to cum?

Then I’ll penetrate you deeper so cum from your deep spots.


No more, I can’t, Teacher’s, Teacher’s insides are twitching so much. Teacher…


That felt good. Teacher, can we go for one more round?

Oh, it’s already time.

I don’t have to attend class, with my grades, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I’ll attend, I’ll make sure to attend.


Teacher, my sperm is spilling out.

Okay, it’s clean.

That’s right, so that Teacher won’t get bored, let’s set it to the strongest vibration. Also, you mustn’t cum without permission okay?

Here, make sure to wear your panties and stockings.


Mmm, you look the way you normally are Teacher.

Endure it, and do your best in class while your pussy juice is slowly dripping down okay? Because from here on out, Teacher belongs forever to me.

I love you, Teacher.


Well then, let’s go, you have a lesson with my class next, no?

I’m really looking forward to a class where I can stare at Teacher’s cute expressions. Make sure to show me lots of adorable faces, okay?

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