【Translation】 Hyouhen Kareshi ~Oshiego ga Hiza kara Oroshite kuremasen~ Stellaworth Tokuten


Thank You to Anon for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke (立花慎之介)

Track 1: Princess Carry


Hmm? Oh, this looks pretty useful.

Hey hey Teacher, could you take a quick look at this?

I thought that the 48 basic sexual positions were mostly a gag but it has this to it as well. Don’t you think that the name “Rainbow Suspension-Bridge” is a bit cute?

I’m always reading lewd books…? But I’m studying like this so that I can please you, Teacher, aren’t I?


Ow!!! Wait, Teacher, why are you hitting me-

Ow, ow, it hurts. I’m against violence.

With this, we’ll be able to kiss while we’re doing it, plus it’s a position that puts the girl at ease is what’s written here.

I wanted to try doing it with you Teacher, whilst holding you in my arms. Is that a no?

Thank you, Teacher. Then without delay…

I’ll make sure to carry you over to the bedroom, my dear Princess. Though when I say it out loud, it is a little bit embarrassing.


Let’s take off our clothes okay?

It’s a position where it’s more exciting when our skin can brush up directly against each other no?

And Teacher, you can be the one to take off my clothes.

Well then Teacher, please get on top my lap, wrap your arms behind my neck and hold on tight. That’s right, keep your legs closed and lie down slowly on your side on top of me.


Your entrance is squeezing me tighter than usual and it feels good.

Teacher, are you feeling good as well?

Eh? It feels bigger than usual…?

It makes me happy but, you quite naughty aren’t you, Teacher?

We can’t move much in this position, can we? So Teacher, if you sway your body this way…

What do you think? Does it feel good?


Does it feel like you’re being teased because it can’t enter all the way?

Oh, it feels good because it’s hitting a different spot?

What a relief. Teacher, hold onto me tight, I’ll be sucking on your breasts okay?


The way you squeeze me tight is cute.

Teacher, your pussy clenches down each time I lick your nipples. It must feel good, doesn’t it?

Then…let’s do something different today.

I’ll make more love to Teacher’s nipples. Like this!


Did that hurt?

But you let out such a wonderful voice though and I love that voice of yours, Teacher. And your pussy’s squeezing me painfully tight too.

Come on Teacher, look, your nipples are hard and erect and the color has become darker.

I’ll play with your other nipple too okay?

Should I put in more strength?

You jolted again, you’re so cute, Teacher. Hey Teacher, how does it feel to have me tease your nipples?

You’re rattling and tense. Say, is there not more things you’d like to ask of me? I’m willing to do anything you know?



Sure, I wanted to kiss you too.


Teacher’s tongue is soft and sweet, and it feels good.

Teacher, please suck on my tongue too.

That’s right.

Teacher, you’ve gotten good at kissing.

I’ll make the inside of your mouth feel good too. Open your mouth Teacher, I’ll stroke your palate.


You like this place don’t you? When you give me fellatio, it hits this spot too right? It feels good, doesn’t it?

……Because you’d make such an intoxicated expression.


Teacher, I want to cum too.

Teacher, suck on my tongue and make a mess out of my mouth too.

I’m cumming Teacher!!!


Teacher, your insides are twitching, are you still cumming?

You’re so lewd Teacher, how cute.

It’s fun to do it while we’re making out like this, isn’t it?

I love you, Teacher. Please stay by my side, now and forever, okay?

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  1. mikucchan

    Although the yankee-childhood friend volume is my favorite out of the series, I find this volume a little unique from all other drama cds I’ve listened so far.

    This character is sadistic and yet in a very gentle manner, and he’s very clingy, I can’t help but go uwu every time. The way he says Sensei is very endearing as well. I think the only thing that destroyed this for me was that track with the dog T_T

    Anyway, thank you always for translating!


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