【Translation】 Hyouhen Kareshi ~Oshiego ga Hiza kara Oroshite kuremasen~


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豹変彼氏 ~教え子が膝から降ろしてくれません~

CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke (立花慎之介)

Track 1: Mysterious Racket


So annoying.

Ngh? It’s already morning? …But I don’t want to go to school though.

I don’t want to see my teacher.


I first met Teacher when I entered second year. I remember that during morning homeroom, she introduced herself, saying that “This is my first time as a classroom teacher, so please take care of me” with a nervous expression on her face.

Although I merely thought of her as an unreliable female teacher in the beginning, because Teacher ended up seeing that, I became strange.

Moreover, unlike the others, Teacher was the only one who’s attitude was different.

Ever since I entered my current high school, not just the head of the year and the heads of each department, even the vice principal was constantly taking interest in the merit of my grades. They tell me, “You’re the pride of our school, however, considering that it’s you, you should aim for greater heights, and you should be capable of even more. Please try to shoot even higher next time.”


The cliche words of praise and excessive expectations were piled onto me like some heavy sludge, but Teacher alone was different.

It was the first time ever, she was worried about me and told me not to work too hard. But what is it about that?

I haven’t been understanding myself lately. When I think of Teacher, there’s this racket in the corner of my heart and my body would become hot.

Seriously, what’s the deal with this?


During this period, my grades fell, and my parents’ mood became extremely terrible due to it, and all the other teachers would pester me, asking me for the cause behind it.


There’s no way I could say it. That I can’t focus on my studies because I’m too conscious of a classroom teacher. And that whenever I see math equations, a naked image of my math teacher would come to mind.

Just what exactly happened, how did I become like this…???

I don’t understand the meaning of this!


Track 2: Teacher’s Summon


It’s Aoi, please forgive my intrusion.

Hey Teacher, I’m not someone with a bunch of free time so if you have business with me, keep it brief because it’ll diminish the amount of time I could spend studying.

Huh? You’re going to head over to me?

Jeez, why do I have to be on the receiving end of being summoned?


Umm, I said this earlier but if you have business with me, please keep it brief. Besides, I don’t believe I’ve done anything wrong to merit being summoned.

Is it about my marks…?

I knew it, you’re no different from the other teachers. I thought that Teacher alone was different, and yet…

Yes, it’s true that my grades have fallen on the mock exam but that was simply by chance.

Like I said, there’s NO CAUSE FOR IT!!!

It really was just a rare occurrence so there’s nothing behind it. I’ll work harder okay, I’ll get excellent results on the next set of exams so that should satisfy you would it not?

Now please excuse me.


Teacher, please let go of my hand.

Like I said, I told you that there’s no cause for it, didn’t I? Why won’t you understand?

Rest assured, I’ll immediately return home and study. By chatting with a student with dissatisfactory grades, their marks will return to normal as a result, that way, the school will have a peace of mind too, no?

Look, your job’s already finished, at any rate, please let go of my hand.


I’m not trying to dodge the question.

I’m avoiding you, Teacher?

Isn’t that you being overly self-conscious? As a student and teacher, there’s no way I could avoid you.

On that note, why are you that frantic? Were you spoken to by the vice principal​? That a student with a promising future appears to be troubled so you should discuss it with them? Were you also asked about what should be done to make me eligible to attend a good university?

Oh, I get it now.

If I get into a good university, would Teacher get a promotion? Are you using me as a pretense for that?


Please stop with that expression that makes you seem hurt by that, it’ll look like I’m bulling you wouldn’t it, Teacher?

Seriously, enough with the meddling.

When it comes to the reason my marks fell, I myself understand that best.

If it was a matter I could reveal, I would’ve told you already. I’m troubled precisely because I can’t say it. My mind is a mess and I, although it’s filled with it…

Just forget it, Teacher, please let go of my hand.

There’s nothing you’re able to do for me Teacher, this is my problem. As long as I don’t pay attention to you, in doing so, this incomprehensible emotion should disappear.



Why, why are you looking at me with that type of expression?

You mustn’t, I, I, despite enduring it this whole time……

Teacher, I, towards you-


I…umm, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.

It’s not Teacher’s fault but it is because of you, Teacher.


Track 3: Rampaging from Lust


Teacher, do you have business with me?

As you can see, my health is in a poor state. I’m not feigning illness, I really wasn’t feeling well so I’m lying down for now.

Oh, thank you for going out of your way to enquire about me.

It’s true that I’m taking a break from your lessons Teacher, but there’re no problems as I’ve already long since finished with the study content.

On the next mock exams, my grades won’t fall any lower than this so-no, I’ll have an even higher score than before.

Well then, I’ll be leaving now.


Please don’t grab onto my clothes, it’ll get wrinkled.

You’re fussy about every last thing. Projects aside, homeroom has no influence on my grades, my exam scores won’t go up simply from attending such a thing.

Could it be that my parents have said something?

They’re worried that the values on my transcript have fallen, you know? But Teacher can manipulate that however you choose can’t you?

The school wants me to advance onto an extremely elite university and make an exhibition out of it.

In that case, what you should do should be obvious don’t you think?


I’ll be leaving.

Well then Teacher, farewell.


My wrists are hurting so please let go.

Hey Teacher, suppose there’s a reason for my grades to fall, regardless of what it is, what exactly do you plan to do?

You want to become my strength?

I’ve heard those empty words countless times. All the teachers would tell me, “We’re cheering for you, try your best, it’s possible if it’s you, and if there’s anything, please discuss it with me.” I’ve heard it so many times that it doesn’t help me in the slightest.

How can you say that I’m wrong? There’s no proof that you’re any different from the others is there, Teacher?


You’ll do anything? Are you serious?

It’s because you’re ignorant to it Teacher…if you heard the cause for my worries then you’ll give up Teacher, I’m sure of it.

Why are you putting all your effort into this?

The serious one is you, Teacher. It’s precisely because you’re like that that I…



Hey Teacher, as long as it’s feasible, you’ll do anything right?

In that case Teacher, please let me do it.

Why are you looking surprised? Teacher’s the one who said that you’d like to become my strength and that you’d do anything to achieve that.

And so, Teacher, let’s do it.


Don’t you think it’s cruel when you say that you can’t? Were the words from earlier mere lies?

For my sake, as long as it’s feasible, you’d do anything right?

I’ll undo your buttons okay?


The look of you in your undergarment is far more beautiful than I had imagined, Teacher, it’s amazing.

Teacher’s breasts, this is Teacher’s…

Teacher, your nipples are erect, it’s hard and stiff like it’s been stuffed.

Hey, how’s this? Does it feel good when I bite them?

In that case, I’ll flick them with my fingers like this.

Did that hurt a little? I’m sorry, as an apology, I’ll lick them properly.


Huh? You want me to suck the other one as well?

Hey Teacher, does it feel good?

Hey Teacher, I’ve always imagined this in my mind. I wanted to touch you, Teacher, and have sex with you 24/7, Teacher.

During class, whenever I’d catch a glimpse of your figure, I’d forget about everything else completely Teacher. Even when I’m studying at home, you popped up in my mind Teacher.

It’s hopeless now, I can’t concentrate on studying at all.

And that’s why, despite avoiding you the whole time Teacher, because you’re still kind to me regardless, I can no longer…


I’ve imagined the act of lifting Teacher’s skirt like this and stripping you of your panties countless times.

But your stockings…

Will it be fine if I pull them down together with your panties?

Oh, sorry, I tore your stockings. I’ll compensate you for it so please let me continue taking the rest off okay?


Show me your pussy Teacher.

It’s what I’ve always imagined, this is the real thing.

Wow, there’s this naughty scent to it. It’s Teacher’s scent. Say, it’s okay for me to lick your pussy, right Teacher?


So this is what it tastes like, it’s a little salty,

What should I do to make you feel good Teacher? Here, is it okay for me to suck on your clitoris?

It seems pleasurable to have it sucked. Next up, I’ll lick it lots okay?


Your body would tremble even when I lick it, as expected, the clitoris is a sensitive spot.

The places around the folds are soft too.

Is it okay if I insert my tongue a little further inside? It won’t hurt if it’s my tongue right?


Teacher, are you holding back your voice?

It’s incredibly cute, this is the first time I’ve seen such a face. You feel it when I lick it and suck on it like this right?

I’m so happy.

Hey Teacher, look, Teacher’s juices have made a mess of my mouth.

Sorry for leaving your breasts alone, Teacher’s nipples are pointing so straight that they look delicious, it’s almost as if they’re saying “Please bite me.”


I’m not wrong, am I? Because look, you’ll let out an extremely wonderful moan when I bite it like this.

Does Teacher enjoy it when it’s forceful?

Am I wrong again? Since you’re a teacher, you mustn’t lie, you know?

Isn’t that right, Teacher?


Are you going to cum from your breasts? Or would you like to cum from me messily licking your cunt?

To have such a red face, how lewd.

I understand, I’ll include your clit too.


Your legs are shaking.

Hmm? Could it be that you’re cumming? Are you about to cum, Teacher?

Your clit’s all stiff so I’ll bite it okay?


You came. Teacher, you came from being licked and bitten by me.

Teacher, Teacher……

Teacher, I’m already-


Teacher, you’re crying…?

I’m sorry. What am I doing-no wait, I’m sorry. Then, uh, umm…I’m sorry Teacher. I’m really sorry!!!


Track 4: Confession and Unrivaled SEX


It’s Aoi, please forgive my intrusion.

I understand why I’ve been summoned.

I sincerely apologize, I’m prepared whether it’s suspension or expulsion. And even if I get handed over to police, I’ll think of it as inevitable.

Please punish me until you’re satisfied, Teacher.


Eh? Are you referring to the reason…?

About yesterday, that was…

You’re such a liar Teacher, there’s no way you’d want to talk to me after I did such terrible things.

Look, Teacher, your hands are shaking.

You’re afraid of me, right? And worried that I might assault you again.

But you see, I won’t do anything Teacher hates anymore.


Trembling this much and with tears welling up in your eyes, even during times like these, you’re still kind to me Teacher.

I’m sorry, to do something that’d make Teacher cry, I’m really sorry.

I’m…sorry for liking you, Teacher.

In truth, I had always taken an interest in you, Teacher. When you first became my class teacher, to be honest, I thought of you as an unreliable and nosy person.

But before I knew it, I came to like-no, I came to love you.


Teacher, you’re always concerned about me and you became someone who I could talk to since I had no friend because of my focus on studying.

Do you remember the Teacher? About the time where I had a fever right before the mock exams?

Even though I had endured it and not even my parents had noticed, Teacher realized it immediately and scolded me while I was on the verge of collapse.

“Rather than the exams, your own health is most important.”

And when I said that I was feeling unwell from my anxiety prior to the exam, Teacher, you clumsy drew a round character on my notebook no?

You said that “This is an angel that’ll calm Aoi’s nerves.”

To be frank, at that time, I was wondering what kind of ploy you were up to though……


It’s all tattered but I’ve always been carrying the angel Teacher drew in my notes inside my breast pocket because it’s calming to have it around.

And then slowly, over time, I became unable to take my mind off of you, Teacher.

I love Teacher so much that I couldn’t think of anything besides you.

Besides, I don’t simply like you Teacher…

I knew it, I think I should stop here.


Then I’ll go ahead and say this but I lose sight of everything else when I see you, Teacher.

Ever since I was young, I was always single-mindedly focused on studying. I was extremely curious about sex so I had an abundance of knowledge, but I wasn’t interested in women.

I thought about romance as a waste of time, and masturbation is just to remove what’s been accumulated so I never thought about anyone in particular.

But Teacher alone was different.

Soon after becoming a class teacher, Teacher, there was a time where you fell down in the hallway wasn’t there?

During that time, err, Teacher, your skirt was flipped and I caught a glimpse of your underwear-your panties. And at that moment, I-I became painfully hard.

It was unbearable so I ended up masturbating in the school toilets.


It was the first time I’ve ever experienced such a thing.

I jacked off countless times to the wild idea of you being grateful for it, Teacher. And then I gradually became unable to take you off my mind, Teacher.

This is strange right…?

Simply by seeing the textbook for the math subject that Teacher’s in charge of, I get reminded of you, Teacher. Even during exams, I’d get an erection whenever I’d see a mathematic expression, whether I’m at school or at an exam center.

I would forget which part I was at with the problem…and that’s why my grades fell.


That’s right……

Even now, I want to touch Teacher so badly that I can’t help myself.

Yes, I know. I broke Teacher’s trust, forced my selfish desires onto you, and made you cry. I ended up doing something that can never be undone.

That’s, Teacher has done nothing wrong!!! It’s because I wasn’t able to suppress my feelings that…

I don’t hate you, I love Teacher so much-ah, just that, I don’t know what I should’ve done. I thought that it’ll be a nuisance if I were to reveal my feelings and that it’ll only trouble you, Teacher.


You were…happy?

No, but I did such terrible things to you, Teacher, and even hurt you, Teacher.


It might be a bother but please say that one more time. I love you, Teacher, I love Teacher as a woman so much that my mind’s turning to mush, that’s just how much I love you.

You cherish me more than just a mere student? That does mean you’ve accepted my confession?


You’re not a failure of a teacher. Teacher, you’re my number 1 teacher.

B-But, uh, are you really fine with me?

Huh? W-what are you-


A kiss from Teacher…?

If you do something like that, I can no longer…hold back anymore.

I mustn’t do this right? I know, I’m sorry but I can’t, my dick’s so hard that it hurts. Teacher, please help me.

We mustn’t do it at school?

I know that, but I can’t stop myself any more. Teacher…


Eh? It’ll just hurt?

Teacher, could it be that you’re a virgin?

I see. I get it, you don’t have much experience so please leave it to me then.

It’ll be fine, probably. Because I have an abundance of knowledge, a woman’s body structure and erogenous zone are all entirely inside of my head. Besides, I learned all of Teacher’s good spots from yesterday’s events.


I didn’t cause a run in your stockings today.

You’re still not wet yet huh. Even though I want to put it inside so badly that I can’t help myself…

I’ll lick it, okay Teacher?

This place feels good, right Teacher? I’ll suck your clit like this then, and I’ll make sure to lick the folds as well.


You’re wet now and there’s Teacher’s scent to it too.

Do you want me to lick further inside?


As expected, Teacher, you like it when I suck on your clit don’t you?

Cute, you’re extremely cute.


You jolted a little just now, did you have a mild orgasm?

Go on, no matter how many times you cum, please show me your cute orgasm face Teacher.

I’m at my limit, I’m putting in okay Teacher?


Oh, I’m sorry Teacher I didn’t prepare a condom. But I can’t control myself anymore, I want to stick it inside.

Hey Teacher, is it okay if I put it in?

I’m begging you, please say that it’s okay, I don’t want to see you cry anymore.


Teacher…I’ll do it slowly so please let me clearly see the place where my dick’s entering.

I’ll be spreading your legs okay?

Wow, it’s wet and it’s twitching, it’s really lewd. Your pussy juice is just dripping down.

I’m fine inserting it here right?

Huh? Hmm? To think Teacher would spread it that widely…

I’m putting it in then.


What is this…it feels good. Teacher, it feels incredibly good, your insides are hot.

What is this, it’s completely different compared to when I jack myself off. Teacher’s insides are so wet that my dick feels like it’s about to melt.

Come on, what do you think? I’ll rub your hard clit so does it feel good when I penetrate the inside of your drenched pussy?

Teacher, you’re twisting your hips.

Your juices are dripping non-stop, you’re feeling it aren’t you? I’ll tease your clit more okay?


I’ve always imagined sex with you Teacher, but it ended up being completely different, reality is far better.

I’m at my limit. Teacher, Teacher…

I’m going to cum, where should I cum?

Are you fine with me cumming inside as is? I’ll actually cum you know? The thought of releasing my semen inside you, Teacher, is giving me the shivers.

Teacher, Teacher…!!!


I came so much, this is the first time I’ve ever cum this much.


It’s not over yet, even though I just came, I’m erect again.

You realize it too, right Teacher? You’re no longer able to hold back your voice, it’s leaking out you know?

I can’t get enough of it, moan more and let me hear your voice.

Teacher, you like it deep don’t you? My dick is banging right up against this place.

Hey Teacher, is it okay if I come inside one more time? I want to fill Teacher’s womb with my sperm. Because I’ve always wanted to do it with you, Teacher, so for my dick to be inside you, Teacher…it’s like a dream.


Teacher, I like you, I love you.

Teacher, your insides squeezed down just now.

Stop, if you do that then…I can’t, I’m gonna cum.

Teacher, Tea-Teacher!!!


It f-felt…rea-really good.

There’s the sound of my semen spilling out from your pussy Teacher. It’s really lewd.

Ah, I’m hard again.

I want to continue. Come on Teacher, stand up, turn your butt towards me and place your hands on the desk.


I’m still ecstatic.

Hey Teacher, I’m shoving it in.

The liquid that’s overflowing from inside you belongs to me, right? Since it’s so wet, it’s easy to jam in it all in one go.


Teacher, your pussy’s clenching down on me again. How cute.

I’m about to cum again too so let’s climax together.


It won’t subside at all Teacher, I want to put it inside one more time.

Huh? I can’t?

In that case, I’ll pull out for now.


My semen’s spilled onto the floor too.

It’s true that Teacher’s insides are probably filled to the brim. Oh, then…Teacher, I want to cum inside this hole.

Don’t worry, I’ll loosen it up properly.

If I lube it up like this, look, my finger can enter inside.

I’ll do it slowly okay?


It’s already swallowing up my fingers, can you tell? And does it not hurt?

A second one’s in now.

Oh, I’ll try spreading it with my fingers okay?

Teacher, are you okay? Did that hurt?

Hmm? Am I mistaken? Your butt’s squirming around and it’s cute.


Say, it’s okay for me to insert more fingers right?

Wow Teacher, it’s already swallowing up four of my fingers.

Teacher’s asshole is gaping open and shut, and I’m at my limit now too.

I’m putting it in.


Tight…it’s completely different from your cunt.

Teacher, Teacher, please take a breath and loosen up more.


Half of it is in.

Amazing, it’s coiling around me tightly. It’s tight, it’s hot, and it feels good, Teacher. And it makes me want to shove it in deeper.

Don’t worry, I’ll tease the clit that Teacher loves so all you have to do is think about feeling good, Teacher.

Look, each time I tease this place, your ass would swallow up my dick.


Teacher, this is incredible.

See, my member has entered inside all the way. Your clit and pussy are a mess and you’re being fucked right up the ass.

Come on my frisky Teacher, cum. Cum from my dick.


Teacher, did that feel good?

Mhm, I felt really good too.

Hey Teacher, I love you, let’s have lots more sex okay?


Track 5: Full-course of Punishment


Aah…I feel refreshed.

Thank you, compared to the shampoo-er at the beauty salon, Teacher’s far better.

I’m serious, the way your hands reach all the itchy placesーyou’re good. Oh, I get it, it’s because Teacher knows all my pleasurable spots, isn’t it?

Are you feeling shy? How cute.

It’s a relief that my grades have returned to normal but that aside, you becoming my lover is like a dream Teacher. To be able to touch you like this, I’m incredibly happy right now.


Hey, do you realize how hard it is for me to endure it at school?

During class, I end up wanting you to hurry up and stroke this place of mine if you look even slightly in my direction Teacher, so it’s quite a handful. How about you take responsibility for that?

Then let’s move the stool in front of the mirror.

Teacher, could you please sit in-between my legs?

Turn your back to me, and while facing the mirror, could you please spread your legs in an M-shaped fashion? And then, lower your hips as is.


This is a position known as the “Dishevelled Peony”. I told you that I had an abundance of knowledge did I not?

Say, is today okay? Can I insert it like this?


Teacher, your insides are twitching and completely devouring my entire dick.

I can tell, my tip is banging up against Teacher’s depths.

Hey Teacher, how about we try making you cum using the deep spots? Let’s try having the sex that you see in porn videos.

Hehe, Teacher’s pussy squeezed down just now, were you imagining it?

Ah. Come on, this place, can you tell that I’m grinding up against this deep area?


Hey, Teacher, make sure to look into the mirror.

Come on, the place where I’m entering in and out and also the place where such naughty juices are dripping out of; they’re all in plain sight.

Teacher trying to move and pleasure me.

Turn this way.

I like you, I really like you, I want to remain forever inside you, Teacher.


Hey Teacher, which place is my hand teasing?

That’s right, your clitoris, the place that Teacher loves and would cum immediately from.

I’ll tease your nipples too okay?

Teacher, your voice is loud.

Eh? Something about to come out…? What is?

Teacher, look into the mirror properly, let’s both look and see what’s going to come out.


Come on, come on.

Teacher, your insides are twitching and convulsing.


Teacher, it looks like you’ve wet yourself.

Don’t cry Teacher, was it embarrassing?

Don’t worry, it was cute.

I love you.



But you know, Teacher, you went ahead and came on your own, and then wet yourself so you’re in need of punishment, aren’t you?

I haven’t cum yet but I’ll pull it out for now.


How about we head over to the other room, I’ll do things that’ll delight you, okay Teacher?


The inside of Teacher’s mouth is really hot, but I want it deeper… The back of your throat feels good, Teacher, I want to shove in deeper.

Teacher, look this way.

That’s right, open up your throat more as you look at me.

It’s in all the way, Teacher’s throat is now crammed full of my dick.


I’m already about to cum, Teacher. I’ll release it deep inside your throat so will you swallow it?

Teacher, please drink it all…!!!


Thank you, Teacher, that felt really good.

As thanks, how about we have you do something that would please me too?

Oh, it’s arrived, it has arrived. This is perfect timing.

I’ll be tying your hands for a bit, okay Teacher?

Don’t worry, I won’t do anything painful. Spread your legs nice and wide, and lie down like that. And I’ll go get prepared, okay?


Sorry to keep you waiting, Teacher.

I blew all my allowance in order to rent this fellow. These types of rental items for play are expensive, aren’t they?

Worry not, this dog has been properly trained and inspected so it’ll make you feel good, Teacher.

Here, now open your legs wider.

And I’ll spread your pussy a little okay?


Hmm? Spread it nice and wide, and Teacher’s favorite clitoris as well…

Oh, rest assured, I’m merely applying butter.

Make sure to make Teacher feel good, okay?

Okay, go!!!


Wow, it’s actually licking you. Good boy.

How does the dog’s tongue feel? Is it different from when I’d lick you?

Hey Teacher, which one feels better?

You don’t want the dog…? You prefer me?

That makes me happy but you know what Teacher, your hips are moving from being licked by the dog.


Ah, you mustn’t shut your legs, let me have a good look at the clit that has gone stiff from being licked by a dog’s tongue.

Nope, I won’t touch it just yet, this is punishment after all. Teacher, you’re the one who went ahead and cum all on your own no?

Wow, Teacher, you’re leaking so much lewd moans.

My dick is now so erect that it hurts.

Okay, you can leave now. House!


Teacher, I want to shove it in right now.

Teacher, turn this way this time and straddle my legs. And then slowly lower your hips while keeping your legs spread.

I can clearly see your drenched pussy as well as the place where my dick plunges into you.

I’ll shove it in, all in one go.


You’re squeezing too tightly, it feels like my dick is about to be torn off.

Teacher, try shaking your hips yourself and rub against the spots that feel good.

Teacher, your voice is loud. Is it embarrassing?

How cute.



I’ve been wanting to try silencing your moans by kissing.

I’ll lick your breasts too.

Your nipples are hard and they taste good, they have Teacher’s taste to them.

Teacher, your insides clamped down just now.

Don’t tell me that Teacher was looking at me during class with thoughts of wanting to have sex with me and got wet from it?

If so, I’m happy.


Making Teacher actually feel good, anal sex, and deep throating, I was your first wasn’t I?

I’m really happy, from now on, forever and always, it’ll be me alone.

Teacher, I like you, I love you, I want to stay like forever. Teacher, all of you, belongs to me after all, right?

Hey Teacher, let’s cum together, let’s feel good together.


Wow, I came so much.

I can’t get enough of this.

I want to remain forever inside you, Teacher. …Adhering to each other so perfectly to the point that the gaps between our bodies disappear.


Hey Teacher, please continue to show it to me time and time again. Show your intoxicated, discomposed appearance as you’re embraced by me and me alone.

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