【Translation】 Yume Kare ver. Chihiro


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CV: Seuchi Ranmaru (瀬内蘭丸)

Track 1: Solo


Good morning, you slept quite soundly didn’t you? Are you still feeling a little dazed?

Where this is?

This is your house. That’s right, starting today, this will be our house.

Huh? Was this the first time you’ve ever been in this room? …This room is soundproof and that’s why I always practice my violin here.

Oh, have you taken a liking to those shackles?

What do you think? They suit you, don’t they?


It’s pointless, those handcuffs can’t be easily removed either.

Why did I do something like this…?

You should try asking yourself that. Don’t you think you’re the one at fault? Despite telling me that you loved me, you went off meeting other men.

Playing dumb, eh. I’m referring to that annoying man who circles around you like a fly.

I see, a mere friend, huh.

You may think of it that way, but what about him?

Either way, it’s all the same to me, even if he stands as your friend, trying to hog you is absolutely unforgivable. You just have to look at only me and laugh with me only, forever.


Don’t worry, I’ve already submitted a letter of resignation to your workplace for you.

Oh no, why are you so surprised? Since you’re going to be my wife so there’s no reason for you to visit a place like that right?

Oh and I’m sorry, this is your cell phone, I fiddled around with it a little and it looks like it broke.

That said, you don’t need that anymore, right? There’s no need for you to contact anyone besides me after all.

With this, I don’t have to worry about others getting in the way and we can finally be alone together. The place you should exist should only be here, the one who’s reflected in your eyes, the one who can hear your voice, and the one who can touch you is me and me only.

Only me.


What’s wrong? You’re looking all frightened, are you afraid of me? Even though I love you this much, I wonder why that hasn’t been conveyed to you.


You’re trembling, are you still afraid of me?

You’re hanging your head, how cute. If I think about it more closely, you’re like a doll.

My adorable doll, you now belong to me, the only one who should exist in your world is me. Because you see, my world consists of nothing but you.

Oh that’s right, that reminds me, you still haven’t eaten anything, right?

It might be because the drug was too effective, but you continued to sleep for one whole day, so you must be hungry, right?

Please wait, I’ll bring some over to you right now.


Sorry to keep you waiting.

It might be best if you have a drink first.

Don’t look so anxious, don’t worry, even if you don’t work yourself up over it, I’ll make sure you drink it.


Was that tasty?

Looks like a little spilled out, and it’s slowly dripping down your beautiful neck. It’s really touching.

To tremble like a little puppy, you really are cute.

If you stare at me like that, I might want to tease you more. But if you’re a good girl, I won’t do anything horrible to you.

Come on, let’s continue on with your meal.


Open your mouth.

You like this right? It’s sweet cereal with honey, and I’ve added plenty of milk.

What? You want to eat it by yourself?

You can’t, I’ve decided that I’ll be taking care of all your needs starting today so you don’t have to do anything. As long as you love me, that’s more than enough.

Come on, eat.

And make sure to drink it all up without leaving a single drop of milk left, okay?


Track 2: Rhapsody


What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?

You seem a little feverish, your eyes are teary and your breathing is a bit fast. I wonder if that’s already taking effect.

What I’m referring to? Who knows.

Don’t worry, you’ll be feeling a little more pleasure than usual, that’s all.

Don’t glare at me like that. Don’t you realize that you’ll stir up a man’s lust if you glare at them with those teary eyes?


You don’t want it?

But this place is extremely honest about it, even though I haven’t even touched you yet, you’re already feeling it from a mere kiss.

It’s dripping down onto the sheets, to soil them to that extent, what a naughty girl you are.

You don’t actually hate it, do you? Your place here is twitching and swallowing my fingers up so deliciously, you see.

Come on, what is it you want? Say it to me clearly, otherwise, I’ll only be pulling my fingers in and out very slowly the whole time. I don’t particularly mind either way, but it’ll be hard on you.

Hmm? I couldn’t hear that, please say it more clearly and beg me cutely.

You want me to let you cum, right? You want me to churn up your insides more intensely, no?

Come on, say it, “Please let me cum.”


Good girl. Okay, I’ll let you cum then.

Does it feel good?

Amazing, it’s shivering as though it’s convulsing and it’s all muddy with your love juices.

You mustn’t, don’t bite your lower lips, please let me hear your lewd timbre.

Come on, don’t hold back and just let yourself cum. Please show me all your embarrassing sides.

Come on, cum. Come on, come on.


Ah, you came, didn’t you? But I won’t stop just yet.

Wow, for you to tremble like that by a slight brush, it’s like your whole body is an erogenous zone.

How beautiful, I really love the outline of your feet. When I creep my tongue around it, it’s as though I’m your manservant.


Even though you just came, you’re about to cum again, aren’t you?

Does this place feel good?

The underside? The tip of your feet? Or along your toes?

Yes, it’s fine, I’ll lick it some more.


What a cute reaction.

Aah…but even so, it truly is beautiful. Oh that’s right, I should leave my mark here on your inner thigh.

Look, on your fair skin, only this place is stained red; it’s almost akin to a flower petal that has fallen on top of fresh snow.

Hey, please leave your mark on my body where you like. Come on, quick.

You can’t do it like that, if you don’t put in more strength you won’t be able to leave a mark.

Yes, good girl.


With this, we’re a matching pair, if it fades, I’ll leave a new one. Or should I leave a mark that could never disappear?

For example, I could bite down on your soft skin like this.

I wonder what taste your blood has. I’m sure it’ll be so sweet that it melts on top my tongue and oh so very delicious. And once I’ve tasted it once, I’d be possessed by it though it’s a drug and I might seek to drink it until your very last breath like a vampire.

Just kidding, it’s a joke. Did you think I was serious?

You’re beautiful precisely because you’re alive, so there’s no meaning to it if you’re dead.

Breathing, beating, and reacting when I touch you like this… I love you most when you’re like this. Let’s live happily here forever, okay?


Oh that’s right, I want to have children with you. If a girl’s born, I’m sure they’ll be incredibly cute like you.

Say, it’s wonderful, right? We’ll live here forever with our children.

For you to become this intoxicated from a mere kiss, you must want me so badly that you can’t help yourself, right?

You’re an obstinate one, if you had nodded obediently, you wouldn’t have stirred up my sadistic side.


What I’m doing? There’s only one way of using this, is there not?

Since you just came earlier, you’re probably extremely sensitive right now so I’ll loosen up your insides nicely.

Look, it’s slowly swallowing it up.

You’re a shameless bitch, to shake your hips like that, does it really feel that good? And this place has swelled up and stiffened too.


Between that and my tongue, which one feels better?


You’re about to cum, aren’t you?

Go ahead, forget about everything and lose your mind. Don’t worry, if I’ll cherish and play with you even if you’re broken.

You’re completely soaked, did you have a mild orgasm?

But it seems like that still wasn’t enough, a dirty bitch like you can’t be satisfied with such toys, right?

Come on, you want me to put it in, don’t you?


You want me?

I see, you’ve finally said it. If you want it that badly then insert it yourself. Come on, come here and ride on top of me.

It’s been filled up all the way so easily.

Your insides feel really good, it’s wet with your juices, and it’s like I have been eaten up.

Are you embarrassed from being seen from below?

How adorable, you’re cute, you’re my cute puppy. Come on, dance, and rub against your pleasure spots plenty.


I can’t get enough of this, it feels really good.

Does it feel good being penetrated by me from below?

It’s good, it feels really good. Hit deeper, cry out and yearn for me some more.


I can’t anymore, I’m at my limit.

I won’t be able to go easy on you any longer, it’s your fault for making that expression.


Is it good, does it feel good?

You mustn’t hide your face, bring your arms this way, and wrap them around my neck.

That’s right, now hold on tight.


I feel like I’m about to lose my mind too.

Is it okay? Is it okay if I cum?

Please lose your mind with me. I want you so badly that to the point that you can’t think of anything but me. I want you, I want so badly that I can’t help myself so please offer me your everything.


I won’t allow you to see anyone, and I won’t allow you to be touched by anyone else’s gaze.

This hair, this body, these nails, and these lips, they all belong to me. I’ll never hand them over to anyone.

I love you, always, I’ll love only you, forever and always.


Is it okay if I cum inside you? Please let me cum inside you.

Go ahead, you can cum too, let’s get messed up together. I feel good as well, I’m cumming so please accept all of it.


I’m cumming, I’m cumming…!!!


Track 3: Nocturne


Why are you crying?

What’s causing you sorrow? You should be happy that you’ve become like this with me, right?

You see, I’m really happy because living together with you has always been my dream.

And so, let’s be together forever, okay?

Let’s become happy together, and I’ll love you forever.

I…love you.


No, this isn’t what I wanted to do, I never wanted to hurt you and make you cry like this.

Even though I love you this much, why is it that I only ever cause you sadness? …Why did I even fall in love with you?

A deeply jealous, indecent man who loses all senses like me, has no right to love you.

Sorry, I’m sorry.


Why did you kiss me? Are you planning to forgive me?

You’re an idiot, you should just rebuke, scorn, and quickly discard such a man.

You really are a fool, I was taken by you precisely because you’re like that.

You’ve always been kind, haven’t you? Even when I injured my arm and became unable to play the violin the way I imagined, and fell into despair, you were constantly by my side supporting me.

The reason I’m still here is because of you.


When I first met you, the emotions I had when I first embraced you should’ve been pure, and yet, why did it warp become this unsightly?

The more I knew about you, the more I loved you, and as my heart grew darker, I arrived at a point of no return.

I love you and cherish you deeply, that’s all. All I wanted was to love you, who’s like a treasure to me.

Say, have I gone mad?

……I don’t know, I don’t know anymore.


This is the worst isn’t it? In the end, all I could do was to be spoiled by you. Rather, I wonder how better things would’ve been had a person like you been my mother.

My mother was a peculiar person. I guess you could say that she was overprotective.

I couldn’t go outside because it’s dangerous. I’ve been strictly controlled by my mother for as long as I can remember.

I wasn’t allowed to take a single foot outside the house. On that note, she never did a single thing that’s becoming of a mother.

I didn’t attend school nor did I have any siblings, nor friends.

Other than the set times where the home tutor and violin teacher would come, I played alone inside the house. And my father often had overseas assignments, so he was barely ever at home.


I’ve tried to go outside, but each time my mother would fly into a rage and raise her hand against me.

Whenever I did anything slightly out of line from what my mother wanted, she would reprimand me like mad. And then after giving me a serious scolding, my mother would always break down into tears, say that she’s sorry and apologize.

I was hopelessly afraid of such a mother, but I also despised her. I thought she was sad and miserable.

I was finally granted freedom when I began middle school, but because I was confined inside the house for far too long, I didn’t know how to interact with people so I felt out of place up until university.

The reason I met you was likely that, though.


I performed Méditation from Thaïs at the university music festival, and when the curtains came down you came to me carrying a large bouquet of flowers.

When I saw that, I thought a bouquet was walking.

I can’t forget the expression you had when you pushed the bouquet onto me and then ran off to this day. And I still treasure the card that accompanied that bouquet.

Not just that. That applied to everything I received from you.

But the blood ties are undeniable because ultimately, I ended up doing the same things as my mother.

But I no longer wish to follow down the same path as my mother.


Look, with this, you’re free. This way, you can escape from this nightmare of mine at any time and return to your everyday life.

But please, even if you don’t have the slightest shred of love towards me……

Just this one day, I want you to remain by my side for just this one night. I want to hug you like this until I fall asleep, or is that no good?

Thank you.

I love you, I’m happy to have met you.


Track 4: Reverie


Looks like I’ve been left by the wayside, I guess it’s only natural that I’m hated.

But I’m glad, I mustn’t be near her side, I no longer have that right after treating her that way. I’m sure she must’ve been disillusioned.

Even though I realize that the existence that I’ve lost was too big a part of me… It’s unbearable for me right now.



What? Why? Why are you still here…?

What, are you taking pity on me? Either way, I’m so pitiful that you just can’t leave me alone right? If so, I don’t need it, it’s needless help.

Or what? Are you not satisfied until you’ve punched me at least once?



You love me? What’s that supposed to mean?

Despite me giving you a rare opportunity for you to escape, you really are a fool.

To love such a man…

I might hurt you again. I might get lost in jealousy, rob everything from you, and lock you up once more, you know? Are you fine with that regardless?

It’ll be too late to regret it, do you realize that?


I don’t care what happens, I won’t let go of you anymore. I’ll never let you escape, ever.

Even if you hate it, I won’t allow it.

I love you, I’m in love with you. Stay forever by my side henceforth until the day you die.

……I love you.


Omake: Finale


Why are you crying?

What’s causing you sorrow? You should be happy that you’ve become like this with me, right?

You see, I’m really happy because living together with you has always been my dream.

And so, let’s be together forever, okay?

Let’s become happy together, and I’ll love you forever.

I love you.


Haha! So that’s how much you hate me, eh. Even though you’re the one who approached me first, you’re quite the handful.

But I don’t care anymore, I can’t care less about obtaining your heart. If I can’t obtain it either way then I don’t mind it’s broken. Plus, it’ll be more convenient that way.

Inside this crazed cage, I’ll cherish you forever because you don’t have any place to return to regardless.

Right? Is that not so?

Let’s play some fun games together with me.


I’m home. Did you watch the house like a good girl?

Hey, what’s wrong? For you to cling onto me so tightly, were you alone without me?

There, there.

Sorry, for being late. The orchestra I’m in is scheduling a worldwide tour so it might be busy for the next while. Also, it’s been decided that I’ll be having a solo album released so I won’t be able to have much time off.

But don’t worry, it’ll be alright, I’ll definitely return back here so feel at ease okay?


Come on, lift your face.

This is your reward for waiting like a good girl.

What is it? More? In that case, let’s continue on the bed.

It’s a shame that I can no longer hear your cute voice and you no longer call my name, but it can’t be helped right? Because I was the one who broke them.

Don’t look so sad, you’ve done nothing wrong.

That’s right, everything is my fault, they’re all things I myself desired.


I don’t regret it, I’ve finally obtained the one thing I’ve always yearned for after all.

Unable to betray, a doll that belongs only to me.

Say, will you play with me again today?

Hmm? What? Are you wanting this already?

What an impatient girl you are. Go ahead, taste it all you want.


You really are taking it happily into your mouth, do you really enjoy it that much?

That’s good, that’s really good.

I really love the sensation of your tongue and painted lips.

You can let go now, and now, could you please me with this place?

Come on, swallow it up.


Your insides truly are the best.

Hmm? What’s wrong? To look so happy…

What’s this, you’re acting awfully spoiled today. Were you that lonely?

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you alone and go off somewhere.

You haven’t changed at all since then. Even if you’ve lost your memories, your voice, and is now hollow, you’re still beautiful and pure like the day we first met.

Whenever I’m with you, I feel like I’m reminded of just how foolish and ugly of a person I am.


It’s nothing, I was just talking to myself.

I love you. I’ll forever love you, and only you, until the day I die.

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