【Translation】 Kyoubou no Yoru ~Mikan~


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共謀の夜 ~蜜柑~

CV: Mitsuhashi Wataru (三橋渡)

Track 1: The Scent of Mandarin Oranges while Sleeping


It’s your fault for dozing off whilst being ignorant to it all. Seriously, you’re way too careless.

I knew it, I just can’t get enough of this.


Huh? Eh, she’s awake…!? That was quick.

Well well, well, well.

What was I doing? I’m sure you know that already. While you were dozing off, I licked you oh so very deliciously that’s all.


I took them off obviously, they’d be in the way of me licking if they were on you.

What’s with that weak resistance that’s almost seemingly just for show? Are you in a daze from having just woken up?

In that case, please remain in that daze for a little longer because I want to touch these breasts.


Hey, don’t move, even though you’re violent when it comes to this, stop flapping around.

Oi, oi, are you saying that I’m wrong?

Your dishonest side is showing. I guess it can’t be helped so I’ll be the first to say it, this is a dream that you’re seeing.

That’s right, this is a dream.


Did I eat something strange?

Ho? I don’t care whether you believe me or not though so why don’t you look into my eyes?

They’re bloodshot…? That ain’t it you idiot. Listen, as you can see, this body has the appearance of your childhood friend, however, the soul inside it is me.

Oh I guess you don’t know what I mean when I say ‘me’.

My name’s Kotaro, and from your perspective, I’m classified as a god. So, well, err, I have some special circumstances, I was sealed inside that, but…

Oh, what I mean by ‘that’ is this kotatsu. This favorite kotatsu of yours.


Hey, you were giving me that look of doubt, weren’t you?

How rude, even I wanted to dwell in some famous object, have more intense sex with women, and just cut in line.

It’s that.

The other gods feared the past me, and then to seal me inside this dated out-of-fashion kotatsu of all things…

I’m jealous, I’m totally jealous, just thinking about it pisses me off.


Hmm? Oh, have you finally understood?

And then, that led into this, a turning point came to me after dwelling inside this kotatsu for the past while. And that would be the owner of this body.

That’s right, Oujiro went and successfully undid my seal.

And along the way, I made a bit of a request. In other words, right now, I’m borrowing your boyfriend’s, Oujiro’s body for a bit.


Hah? He isn’t your boyfriend?

So you’d retort it just like that. Ah yes, I get it, I feel sorry for him, he’s pitiful too.

But that doesn’t matter I suppose, so why won’t you say OK to Oujiro’s confession? Because it seems like he loves you so much that he just can’t help himself.

Why I’m asking?

Since I’m borrowing his body right now, I know at least that much. So your relationship with him shouldn’t altogether be bad.


What’s with that unpleasant expression on your face.

What a troublesome tsundere princess you are, that said, it’d go well if you just say it but you’re rather stubborn too, aren’t you?

And since it appears to be a difficult task, it’s now my time to take over.

Long story short, all you have to do is practice with me. Got it?

In what sense? …So that you could be honest and unleash your sexual desires of course.

I’ll go ahead and say it but this dream won’t end until you give your approval.

Are you sure about that? You’ll end up doing it forever with me inside this dream, you know? But well, that’s fine too, because I love risque things and I love how you’re sexy.


Hmm? You thought I wouldn’t notice?

You like it when it’s done against your will, don’t you? You had constant lewd thoughts ever since you were young, did you not?

I know it’s sudden but I’m merely showing you what you desire.

Time and time again, because this is your dream.

Did you know that I licked this favorite spot of yours earlier? Even though you let me do whatever I wanted, it seems like you felt it. I’ll continue from there then.

Don’t worry, I know your intentions, you’re just pretending to hate it.


Do you enjoy it when I fiddle around with it with my fingers?


Look, so much would come spilling out when I churn it with my fingers. This would mean you liked it, don’t you?


Don’t deny it, all I’m doing is granted your age-old desire of wanting it forced upon you.


Have you got the connection? …Then it is okay if I shove it in all at once?

Eh? Why are you saying “not yet”?

Not yet what? There’s no way you aren’t ready, is there?

Come on, rather than your mouth, your place here is the one saying that you’re ready. Say, with this, can you really still say that you’re against it?


You like it when I say such things, don’t you?

Like I said, I can tell, as a god, I can see through you.

I guess so, in that case, let’s turn off the lights so that it’ll be easier for you to confess it.

They’re off.

Mhm, the real part starts now.


Track 2: Reminiscent Switch


What do you think? You’ve calmed down a little now that the lights are off, right?

Well well, I guess I’ll tell you an old tale.

It was from when you were in elementary school and I was still moaning and groaning about being sealed inside a kotatsu.

During winter break, you and your childhood friend went under the kotatsu and played Trump as well as other games. However, while you were at it, rather than child’s play, you secretly went ahead with some provocative mature acts.


In terms of what that was, it was this…

Even since you were young, you knew that rubbing this precious place through your underwear somehow felt good. And then you would slowly spread open your legs and finally touch it directly like this.

You thought no one was looking, right? But I was watching the whole time, you know?

It’s a secret of yours that only I know.

Whoa, don’t pretend not to know, you scraped up against my legs countless times when I was a kotatsu.


Are your memories slowly coming back to you?

And when you got tired of those games, you purposefully nudged yourself so close to your childhood friend Oujiro so that his legs would hit you. And then, the two of you went ahead and fondled each other the whole time.

That was undeniably an invitation from you, is it not?

Ain’t that cute? It’s exciting to do it when your parents aren’t looking, right?

And so, having become an adult, it became a habit to touch yourself in a place like this where no one else can see.


Like I said, I told you, I know you’re lewd.

Of course that’s how I’d feel when forced to put up with that sight.

Inside where it’s lit brightly…

Here, it’s here right? You were stroking this place with your fingers like this the whole time. Though as expected, at that age, it didn’t seem like you really knew where your sensitive spots were.

So you’re staying silent, eh.

Oh, by the way, when are you planning to give the okay to the owner of this body?

What’s with that? You’re dodging the question again even though this is just a dream.


I can see through at least that much.

I feel sorry for him, seriously. Just give him a proper answer, it’s because you have such a standoffish personality that he, that’s right, my host Oujiro’s way too pitiful.

And in the first place, just how many times did you reject his confessions? Hurry up and be honest, he’s depressed over it, you know?

“For one reason or another”? What’s with that?

Him saying he loves you feels uncalled for, so something gets activated? Like a self-defense mechanism? An amanojaku?

Oh? Then some harsh punishment is needed for such a naughty girl?


What I’m doing?

……I thought I’d first teach your body to be honest of course.


You’re fighting back less than you were earlier, are you now in the mood to give up now that your own fetishes have been exposed?

You are, in truth, a naughty girl after all, in spite of you wanting this for ages.

I told you a story of the past that only you knew of so do you now believe me when I say that I’m a god?

This is the inside of a dream so you can go ahead and move however you’d like.

This sound is coming from you, right?

You’re the one making these wet noises. And even if neither your mouth nor your mind believes it, to be honest, your body’s completely aroused.

You love it when this is done to you. You wish to be fucked time and time again, don’t you?


Shall I remove the top as well? I can tell that it’s throbbing.

Look, your nipples are showing themselves. How nice, with this, we can do even more pleasurable things.


Goosebumps…? Are you cold? That said, before long, you’ll be feeling hot.



Are you weak against having them sucked? When you’re doing by yourself, all you can do is pinch them after all.

Sucking it and teasing the other one along with it is something only I can do.

Wow, both of your nipples are hard and stiff. If I bite down on them lightly like this……

For you to be moaning that much, it must be because of me, right?


Say, could you be honest at least for now?

That’s fine, it’ll only be for this one time, come on, try giving me a nod.

Yes, that’s good.

Come over here. Mhm, now sit on top tabletop.

I’ve always watched you inside that dark and cramped place so I’d like you to spread open your legs and let me get a real good look at it.

Yeah yeah.

Hmm? What? Are you still having a hard time spreading them yourself?

Jeez, and here I was thinking that you’re finally honest with me. In that case, how about I use my god-like powers? I’ll make it so that your legs can’t separate from the legs of the kotatsu, that way, we’ll be able to get this done easily.

Look, namely, it’ll feel like a second you is moving.


Hah? You don’t want this either because it’s embarrassing?

In other words, this is the type of situation you love, ain’t it? Wanting to escape and yet you can’t, you’re turned on by that aren’t you?

Hey, show me what you do when you masturbate after having become an adult.

Without concealing it with the futon, insert your fingers, churn it up, and spread it open for me to see.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep it a secret from Oujiro.

Ah that’s right, or rather, I’ll spill the beans if you don’t do it.

Yes, you’ll be troubled if it gets exposed. In other words, to you, this is an unavoidable predicament.


Shall I give you a hand?

Come on, this is where you normally place your fingers isn’t it? Try softening up this shielded slit like you usually do, okay?

You’ve noticed it too, right? That it’s been wet since earlier. …I’ve been teasing you this whole time after all.

Come on, do you need me to say it one more time?

……It’s just the usual.


You don’t just press down with only your hands, right? You used to do it so often in the past so there’s no way that’s enough.

And what exactly did you do with the juices that flowed out of you?

That’s right, you take it and mix it all together. Look, you got turned on from the sounds again.

Even though you used to touch yourself with your legs closed when you were young, now that you’re an adult, it appears that it feels more pleasurable to have your legs spread open.

You’re a filthy woman who gets aroused from the thrill of being potentially seen, aren’t you?


That’s it, just like that, the sounds have gotten louder.

How erotic, you’re looking like it can’t be helped but the movements of your fingers have gotten faster than before.

That’s right, I’ll do something nice so try spreading it open with both your hands and make sure to open and shut that hole below.

Yes, I don’t mind if you take your time.

Yes, that’s something you’re being forced to do after all.


Ah, you’ve done it.

I suppose so, then I guess I’ll do something nice.

How about I blow on that lewd hole? It’s a pain for it to be that wet, is it not?


It’s not drying up at all.

Your body’s bending backwards. For you to look at me with those eyes, I sense that you’re wishing for something to happen.

Come on, it’s okay for you to start moving your fingers again.

Amazing, you’re completely soaked. Say, do you prefer your own fingers? …Then what about mine?

You’ve gotten more honest, and you’re about to cum too.

You know, I wonder what he’d think if I show this state of yours to him.


Hehe, what’s with that reaction? Guilt? Excitement? …I wonder which that is?

But even so, it’s so cute how you can’t stop your own fingers. Don’t hesitate, go ahead and cum. And I’ll be right here watching.

That’s right, move your fingers around more and make yourself reach climax.

Come on, show it to me.


So you came, huh.


Track 3: Exposed Secrets


Now then, since you just finally came, we ought to continue from here, don’t we?

Eh? What are you saying? It feels better while you’re still sensitive, you know? …This time around, I’ll be doing something you can’t possibly do on your own.

Huh? My nose is hitting you?

Not wanting it is a lie…

Amazing, so much is spilling out.

Not yet, not yet. Look, I’ll thrust my tongue inside.


For your clit to have become red and swelled this much, you must’ve expected this, didn’t you?

You really are lewd. You’ve done well to fool him despite having such a sexy body.

I’ll suck on this one part then…

Huh? Did you have a mild orgasm again? Ah, regardless, don’t you think that’s a bit too quick?

I guess it can’t be helped, I’ll match that pace as well and put it in then.

Well then, without delay, I’ll-


Huh? What? You’d like to rest?

Then I’ll let you rest for 5 seconds. I’ll start counting, okay?

5, 4, 3, 2…

Oh sorry, it’s already in.

It’s really squeezing down on me, is it because you were surprised?

Wow, to actually experience it, it’s all sticky and the warmth is wrapping around me.

You don’t have to make such a pained expression. Since I’m kind, I’ll make sure to start moving.


Also, you enjoy your ears as well right?

Oh, I forgot to tell you, I made sure to insert it raw. Alright?

What are you all startled for? I’m simply playing out your desires inside this dream, that’s all.

Though I don’t know what Oujiro might think when he comes to know of this after.


I knew it, you like him, don’t you?

That said, I won’t ask for the meaning behind that reaction.

Do you like it when I grind up against you? Do you enjoy it when I screw you?

Apologize properly.

Come on, apologize for feeling it.

Huh? You can’t just not say it, you know? Then I’ll just keep thrusting it into you until you say it.


Come on, say it. Come on, come on.

Huh? What’s that? Say that to me one more time.

You’ve said it, then as a reward, I’ll cum lots, I’ll cum lots inside you.


Look, I came so much.

Right now your expression’s displaying your true nature, you really are a naughty girl, aren’t you?

I’ll clean both your body and clothes so sleep soundly, okay?


Track 4: The Heat has Settled, so I Guess I’ll Confess


Oujiro, with this, you understand how it feels to be in the point of view of a kotatsu, right? It’s pretty pitiful and vexing.

Hah? It was great…? You, what are you saying?

You, you’re amazing in a sense, aren’t you? Even as your best friend, I’m shocked.

To be blatant about it, if I adjust my view of you a little that makes you a pervert. Wouldn’t you normally be burning with jealousy seeing someone else have sex with your girlfriend?


It feels like virtual reality?

What’s that supposed to mean? But well, I mean, it was your body. But if I did it for real in your stead instead of in a dream, would you be okay with that?


I don’t hate that genuinely perverse side of you, though. No surprise there, as expected of my best friend.

You…it’s not like I can’t keep going, to be frank, I feel like I still can. So would you like to go one more round while she’s still sleeping?

You’ll be watching from the sidelines as the kotatsu, but you’re fine with that, right?


Oi, oi, Oujiro, first you ought to get her the okay in response to your confession.

What you should do…? Look at you, ah, I guess I’ll lend you my powers one more time. However, there’s one condition, it would only be until she realizes the truth.

Now let’s have fun.

Oh, we both said it, as expected of my best friend.

Okay, let’s fuck her until she finds out.


Yeah, her sleeping face truly hasn’t changed in the slightest.

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