【Translation】 Yasashii Akuma to Koi wo suru


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀), Oono Ken (大野剣)

Track 1: Summons


S: Oi, wake up already. Oi, oi, you human.

M: Aah hey, don’t slap her like that. Please use a gentler way to wake her up, what you do plan to do if you injure her cute face?

S: Hah? How’s this human cute? Not only that, she’s got cracked spectacles on, what a dunce.

M: That’s because they were smashed by the claws of Griffon whom I was riding. But well, I’m glad, she would’ve lost her right eye without the glasses.

S: Oi, hurry up and wake up you woman. You shouldn’t be fainting when you’re the one who called us out. Oi, oi!!!

M: Hey, like I said, you’re hitting her way too much.

M: Oh, she’s awake.


M: Good morning, little lamb. Are you finally waking up?

S: Hah…!? Did you not know what you were doing when you called us out? So why must we give you our names?

M: Hey hey, don’t tease her too much, because it doesn’t seem like she’s ever summoned a demon before.

M: Err, I’m Murmus.

M: My rank may not be that high but I’m a demon who’s often praised for being reliable. And that boy over there is my vassal, Shishi, pleased to make your acquaintance.


S: What we are? Like I said, WE’RE DEMONS…!!!

S: You see, Lord Murmus is a Count in hell. He’s extremely remarkable, extremely cool, extremely smart and-

M: S-Shishi, that’s enough. T-T-That’s enough for now.


M: Could this perhaps be your first time summoning a demon?

M: Mhm, I see, you weren’t properly educated despite having that rare witch blood flowing through you.

M: Hmm?

M: Hehe, I can tell by your scent. A delicious partially awakened scent, the scent of a witch.

S: Since you can’t even summon anyone properly, you’re pretty much half a man​.

M: You’ve never formed an exclusive contract with a demon to begin with right? That’s why your power is half-baked, and also why you’re only partially awakened as a witch.

S: Hah? You don’t know about the exclusive contract either? Can you even call yourself a witch?


M: You see, in order to become a full witch, you must form an exclusive contract with a demon. For example, if you were to form a contract with me, I’d be the first one to come rushing over to you during times of need.

M: With an exclusive contract, you can easily summon us even without going out of your way to draw the magic circle like this every day. That said, my powers may not be of much use in your world.

S: Lord Murmus can call upon the souls of the dead you see. You can receive military advice from famous military commanders, and listen to unpublished theories from eminent figure​s from around the world.

S: If there’s something you wish to know, it’s a done deal with Lord Murmus around.

M: So little lamb, please think of my abilities as optional and form a contract for the time being.

M: You desire magic right?

M: If you form a contract with a demon, your magical abilities will shoot up all in one go. There must be things you’d like to try once you become a full-on witch right?


S: What, you’ve got things you wish to do with the power of a complete witch?

S: A man…? What? You want a boyfriend? Using magic? Just how useless are you?

M: Eh? But you have such a cute face though. Don’t tell me that you have an extremely terrible personality?

M: Oh you’re shy. At the age that you are, you must be working already right?

M: I see, at company huh.

M: Hmm, so you have trouble speaking with even your co-workers.

S: Yet you went off summoning demons without a hint of hesitation.

M: Enough Shishi, human emotions are surprisingly complicated. Demons, on the other hand, are constantly angry or always lying, and their personality tends to be pretty straightforward but the same doesn’t seem to apply to humans.

M: Inside oneself, as they coexistence, there’s a conflict between the side that can do anything and the side that can’t.

S: I can’t comprehend that at all though. But since that’s what Lord Murmus says, I’ll let it go.


M: Now then, without delay, let’s form an exclusive contract.

S: Hey, you, why are you suddenly trying to run away?!!

M: Huh? You aren’t prepared to die yet…? Umm, don’t you think you’ve got the wrong idea here?

S: Hahaha!!! A contract in exchange for your soul? Aren’t you mixing it up with something entirely different? Rather, you would cease to exist if we took your soul so how exactly would you even become a full-on witch then?

M: Come on Shishi, you’re laughing too much, it can’t be helped you know? There wasn’t anyone there to teach this girl.

M: You see little lamb, the soul isn’t taken in a contract between a demon and a witch. Instead, there’s a ritual of joining our bodies and I’ll penetrate you with my thing all night long.


S: Hey, stop trying to escape.

S: Hah? Why are you saying that now? Considering that Lord Murmus has gone all this way to be summoned, did you think you had the right to refuse?

M: Are you scared?

M: Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle. You desire magic after all don’t you? You wish to become a complete witch right?

S: I’ll go ahead and say this but Lord Murmus is exceptionally handsome and exceptionally gentlemen-like out of all the demons I know. To call him scary and then reject him, just who do you think you are? I might as well fuck you in Lord Murmus’ stead.

M: Hey hey, everyone has preferences when it comes to outside appearances, plus she’s a virgin so of course she’s scared, and that is to say nothing of her fear of the strangers.


M: Okay, I won’t ask it of you now but please take till evening to consider it.

S: Make sure to take it seriously, another 200 years of Lord Murmus’ life is riding on this.

M: Hey Shishi, please don’t place any weird pressures on her. Extending my life by another 200 years isn’t really an urgent matter right now so there’s no need to force her into a contract with me.

M: Take your time and think about until evening, and then give me your answer okay?


Track 2: Choice


M: Yes? Hmm? Have you made your decision?

M: Err, what’s this?

S: You, don’t tell me it’s what I think it is, don’t tell me that’s for us to eat.

M: Haha! A human’s supper, I see, so you’re treating us as guests. Thank you, you truly are one interesting fellow.

M: That said, we can’t accept such a meal.

S: To put it bluntly, your orgasm is Lord Murmus’ meal.

M: Don’t make that face, since you went through the great trouble of preparing it, I’ll go ahead and take a bite.

S: Stop Lord Murmus, if you eat something strange, it’ll be a disaster for you afterwards-


M: Mmm, delicious. On that note, what’s this?

M: A vegetable…? Oh, tomato stew-

S: Aah…that’s why I warned you, please spit it out quickly.

S: You, regardless of how amazing Lord Murmus is, you don’t go off feeding him human food. Even if he is a fallen angel, he hasn’t fallen to the level of eating the same foods as you.

M: No, I’m fine, I was just a little surprised that’s all.


M: Hmm? That’s right, I was originally from the heavens, but I’m a proper demon now so don’t worry, I’m capable of granting you magic.

S: You thought about it properly until night came? But well, even if you refuse, I’d simply fuck the living daylights out of you.

M: Shishi, you’re scaring her, think a little more about the words you use.

S: If you refuse, I’ll have some incredible sex with you.

M: That’s how it is, so what do you plan to do?


Track 3: Decision – Shishi


S: You, are you ready yet?

S: Hah? I’m referring to whether you’re ready to form a contract with Lord Murmus obviously.

S: Hmm, it looks like you made sure to take a bath. And you’ve got a decent face without your glasses on. Okay, now come, he’s waiting inside that room.

S: Hah? It’s too late to say that now, like I said, you have no right to refuse.

S: What? You don’t need it?

S: Even if you don’t need the magic, Lord Murmus requires the contract be formed.

S: I mean, that’s what Lord Murmus said but what’s important isn’t the 200 year life-extension, it’s the contract itself.


S: To be frank, it’s been around 400 years since we were last summoned to the human realm like this.

S: No matter how long our lives are, we’ll continue to slumber within the darkness unless we’re called upon, do you realize that? We spent the last 400 years living in boredom.

S: And that’s why we make frequent exchanges and form exclusive contracts with witches.

S: But well, if we still had plenty of lifespan left, there wouldn’t be the need to rush.

S: If we don’t form a contract with someone soon, the human would forget our names. And if that happens, we’ll end up in a downward spiral from there, to not be remembered is the same as not existing.

S: Even as a demon, it’s a pain to spend the rest of eternity in tedium all the same.

S: In other words, sleep. Go sleep with Lord Murmus right now. Obtain strong magic from there and then call us out with a bang okay?

S: In exchange for having spent the last 400 years in boredom, let’s finally enjoy ourselves.

S: Now let’s go.


S: Oi, I said come.

S: What? What are you dissatisfied with? I told you that I’d have sex with you instead if you refused y’know? Are you fine with that regardless?

S: Eh? Don’t just nod!!!

S: Why me? And what do you plan to do about Lord Murmus? He may seem that way but he’s really looking forward to it and waiting on the bed.

S: Prince-like…?

S: What’s so bad about that? All the human we’ve met until now gladly had sex with him after seeing that gentle smile.

S: I mean, I can sorta understand what you’re saying, certainly Lord Murmus has been raised well and his face is too well proportionated that his smile is conversely scary.


S: Hah? In other words, are you saying I’m too beastly and vulgar? I’m a mere vassal, so obviously, there’s no comparison when it comes to our dignity.

S: It’s more reassuring that way…?

S: Did you think it’d be more balanced if you were to sleep with me relative to Lord Murmus?

S: Even though you have no confidence, you’re pretty self-assured.


S: Sure, I’ll sleep with you.

S: I may certainly be a mere vassal but I think I have more value to society than a human with a twisted personality like you, so sleep with me and let’s form an exclusive contract. And in doing so, I’ll scold you every time you summon me.


S: What’s this? Your lower half’s already wet. Don’t tell me you were imagining lewd things whilst we were talking right?

S: Such deep desires, as expected, you have the witch’s blood flowing through you.

S: I ain’t polite and well-mannered like Lord Murmus. I only do what’s convenient and leave out the bothersome things.

S: Since you’re already wet, let’s make use of this hole.


Track 4: Contract – Shishi


S: Look, my dick is directly touching this entrance, this wet place of yours. Ah, how lewd.

S: Don’t put it in…? How the hell do I not shove it in when it’s this wet? What are you? A virgin? Oh right, you’ve never dated anyone, and you aren’t the type of character to play around with men.

S: Seriously? You’ve never done it with anyone? What a pain.

S: Listen, I wouldn’t normally do this so it’ll only be for this one time. Go it?

S: Haa…damn it, I don’t want to be putting in unnecessary effort.


S: This should work.

S: I don’t that much magic, so it’s pretty difficult for me to maintain this form in the human world. But well, I’ll be giving you some special service today, I’ve retraced my long claws that are my pride and joy for you after all.

S: A finger should fit wouldn’t it?

S: Hah? You’re wrong, I ain’t kind. I, umm, I’m returning the favor for that dinner earlier even though I didn’t eat it.

S: Come on, spread your legs.


S: Listen, I’ll first start with one.

S: Would you look at that, it entered so easily but I guess a single finger ain’t much.

S: Huh? Don’t start messing up your breathing over just that, I’m inserting one more. Hey, don’t hold your breath, breathe out.

S: Now there’s the second.

S: Hah? It’s painful? Jeez, you can’t endure anything, I’ll go remove them then.

S: Huh? Even if you tell me not to move, I can’t pull them out if I don’t move. Two is too hard on you no? So…

S: You, are you turned on?


S: I see, I see, so it feels too good when I move my fingers. I guess it can’t be helped, I’ll have you cum using my fingers first.

S: See?

S: How is it? It feels good right? My fingers are rubbing against your pleasurable spots as they move after all.

S: Look, can you hear the wet sounds? You let out this much juice when you feel good.

S: Aah, you’ve already loosened up, shall I add one more?

S: There’s plenty of room for three though? You’re already feeling this good from my finger despite being a virgin.

S: Come on, spread your legs wider.

S: And I’ll touch an even better place with my other fingers.


S: Can you tell? This is your clitoris, and it’s become incredibly hard, I’m sure you’ll feel extremely good if I were to tease it.

S: Look, I’ll pull my fingers in and out as I tease this place.

S: Come on, does it feel good?

S: Hmm? Something’s coming? What is?

S: Enough, just let it out, just let it all out. And I’ll scrape it out for you. Come on, cum, cum, just cum. Come on, cum, cum, cum, cum.


S: Did you cum? You came right? Your legs are seriously trembling, and my hand’s completely soaked.

S: Hey, don’t close your legs, it’s has loosened up enough no? The real part starts now y’know?

S: Ah, it’s tight but this much is…

S: What do you think? This time your insides are completely filled no? I wonder what if I moved this like I did with my fingers.

S: It’ll feel far better than what you can possibly imagine obviously.

S: My thing will rage around inside you, swell up, heat up, and grind up vigorously against the spot where you feel the most pleasure with the tip.

S: And then I’ll spread open your deepest hole, and I’ll thrust you plenty as I press up against your womb, I’ll thrust your womb to the point that I’d bore right into you.

S: Here I go.


S: It feels good.

S: Here, your place here feels good does it not?

S: What’s this? Are you already about to cum? Don’t screw with me, just endure it, I still haven’t sped up yet.

S: You, don’t squeeze down. I told you not to cum on your own.

S: Damn it, like hell if I know, I’ll just shove it all the way.


S: How’s that? I’ll drive right into your deepest spot here.

S: Ah yes, I’m hitting it.

S: I’m slamming the end into your slender hips. Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, open up that hole deep inside.

S: It might just open up from my pestering.

S: Come on, come on, come on, come on, are you about to cum again?

S: Cum as many times as you want because I’ll be keeping your legs spread open.


S: It feels good.

S: Ah, at this rate I might wreck your slender hips, and drive through you.

S: Hah? I already told you that you had no right to refuse. You’re going to form a contract with me and continue to be reprimanded by me.


S: Cumming, I’m cumming. I’m cumming, I’m cumming.

S: I’ll shot everything inside you, right inside your deepest part.


S: This is bad, I used too much of my strength, this is probably the limit of me keeping this human form.

S: No, that ain’t good, I’m sure you’ll faint when you see my true form.

S: No, you will. You will, you will……

S: Like I said, you will!!! And if I were to expose my true form here, Lord Murmus would find out.

S: Hah? Of course I’m scared. Did you think that was an earnest smile? Because his eyes are smiling too, plus he’d say extremely cruel things while smiling.


S: Like you imagined…?

S: I mean, I sensed that you more or less saw through that. Don’t worry, Lord Murmus would never get genuinely angry towards a human and he’s particularly partial towards women.

S: Well then, with this, my contract with you is formed. You’ll call on me whenever you troubled right?

S: I’m referring to that, about how you’re bad with interacting with others, or about how you desire a man. I wield the trumpet so I can control the emotions of others through timbre.

S: For example, if you were surrounded by dangerous men, I can overwhelm them with fear using the right tone colors. And if you have someone you want to make your lover, I can do the same and have them fall in love you with you.

S: It’s pretty amazing right?


S: Well, I mean, my bad, the trumpet isn’t exactly my power.

S: I’ll go ahead and say this but the reason my performance is good is because of my technique.

S: Huh? Hey, you laughed a little just now, didn’t you?

S: Dammit, you’re mocking me, you’re definitely mocking me.

S: You are, you are…!!!


S: Why are you patting my head? Even as a joke, are you going to treat a demon vassal like a child?

S: M-m, please continue.

S: You’re somewhat of a strange fellow, though I guess all witches are like that.

S: But you’re, how should say I say it, you’re an overwhelmingly strange person, there isn’t a single person out there that would pat my head.

S: But I guess it’s fine. In any case, I’m your contracted demon so you can call on me anytime when you’re in need-


M: Hey little lamb, are you still not resolved yet?


M: Shishi, what did you do with her while I was away?

S: Eh? Bring out the trumpet now? What you saying-no way, you’re making that an order?!! My body is moving on its own…!!!


M: Oh, well I guess I should sleep soon, you too, staying late is bad for your skin. Now, good night.


S: You…

S: I guess it’s fine, I’ll be in your care, Master.


Track 5: Decision – Murmus


M: Oh have you steeled your resolve?

M: Don’t worry, I’m gentle towards women, I won’t do anything cruel unless you wish for it.

M: Hmm, certainly the ones who call themselves kind are the most suspicious.

M: You’re pretty harsh, although Shishi uses abusive language towards humans, you’re pretty critical of demons yourself.


M: Mhm, that’s right, Shishi’s been my vassal for a long time.

M: He plays the trumpet and can control the emotions of others using timbre, isn’t that amazing? So whenever I’m summoned, I get Shishi to play the trumpet so that the person who summoned me would immediately show respect towards me.

M: However, in your case, I don’t think you heard the sound of the trumpet since you fainted right away.

M: But even so, is your right eye okay?

M: Although it was more or less shield by your glasses, Griffon’s claws are long so the glass scattered on impact. So did any shards hit your eye?

M: Come on, give me your glasses.

M: Hmm, so it was just narrowly smashed. I apologize.


M: That said, since you’re forming a contracting with me right now, you’ll obtain magic, in which case, you should just fix your own eyesight.

M: Of course.

M: Though rather than a spell to fix your vision, in truth, it’s magic to open your third eye.

M: With that, you can see far into the distance even if your eyesight’s poor.

M: Hmm? No, no, although it’s magic, it’s not omnipotent, there’re plenty of things that you can’t do with it. What’s important is determining what magic you should use in order to reach your goal and how.

M: For example, if you’re exhausted and would like to sleep right away but there’s no bed, you can use magic to spawn a bed but it’ll be faster to just use recovery magic to feel better.


M: This isn’t the time to be impressed, you ought to consider these types of things yourself once you obtain magic.

M: But well, it’s more important that you summon me often since it’s been 400 years since I was last called into the human realm.

M: In exchange for that tedium, please summon me lots okay?


Track 6: Contract – Murmus


M: Now then, without delay, please allow me to grant you magic.

M: Oh, this is your first time right? Since you told me that you had no lover, let’s proceed with this nice and slowly.

M: Are you nervous?

M: You really are cute. When you consider how you fainted from summoning us demons, you were still concerned enough about us to prepare us dinner. And even though you’re afraid, you made sure to take a bath and come over to me.

M: You’re so out of my exceptions that I can’t take my eyes off you.


M: Now come over here. Don’t worry, I won’t suddenly hurt that precious place of yours.

M: I guess so, in that case, let’s start with a little physical intimacy so that you can relax.

M: Do you want a kiss?

M: I won’t do it just yet if you’re looking that embarrassed.

M: Now bring your face closer and lets place our cheeks together.

M: How is it? Did you think that a demon’s body would feel colder? I made sure to imitate humans so it’s warm right?

M: And your cheeks feel nice and warm.


M: You’re fidgeting around, is it ticklish?

M: Then what about your ears?

M: Ah hey, don’t retract your neck.

M: Is my tongue hot?

M: It’s your ears that’s cold. Because, look, not much blood flows through here, besides, t doesn’t really hurt if I bite down on it lightly.

M: Does having your ears licked feel unexpectedly good? That ticklish feeling slowly becomes pleasure doesn’t it?


M: Say, could you turn a little this way?

M: Your lips are soft too, come on, open your mouth.

M: That’s right.


M: Hmm?

M: Hehe, I swallowed it. It loses out to orgasms, but I feast on your fluids so give me some more.


M: Delicious.

M: That’s right, your aroused soul is my dinner. And that’s why we’ll begin joining our bodies.

M: Once you climax from the pleasure, I’ll obtain another 200 years of life from the energy released and the contract will be formed between us. And at the same time, I’ll grant you magic.


M: Touch this place.

M: It’s hard and thick isn’t it? This is will enter all the way inside you and pour everything within it into you.

M: Semen…? Eh? I guess that’s what humans call it, but I don’t care what it’s called.

M: In that case, I’ll pour plenty of semen inside you.

M: Now then, please spread your legs. I’ll get it thoroughly wet first okay?


M: Aah, your precious place is already a little wet. Now please excuse me.

M: There’s a deliciously sweet scent, in that case, please remove your underwear and spread your legs a little wider.

M: I’ll spread your precious place from both sides okay?

M: Oh a pink color, it’s almost like it’s some sort of flower. With that, it’s almost like it’s collecting up inside so I could suck up the nectar. So before that, please allow me to help myself to it.


M: Does it feel good?

M: I ought to slowly taste with my tongue don’t I? My tongue will thoroughly taste the silhouette of your flower.

M: Oh, it’s fine for you to let out your voice. Your moans are like spice to me.

M: Well then, I won’t refrain when licking it okay?


M: Aah, your drool is dripping down the edge of your mouth. Is being gently licked not enough? Then I’ll shove my tongue into the center of your flower.

M: What do you think? You can tell that my tongue’s inside right?

M: Shall I try churning up your insides while my tongue is penetrating you this time?

M: More? Sure, I move it in and out faster.


M: Are you about to cum?

M: Go ahead and cum, if it feels good then cum. Come on, let yourself cum if it feels good, I want you to see convulse right in front of my eyes.

M: I’m looking, I’m watching from the front row seat. So let my tongue do it’s work, come on.


M: Did that feel good? Your legs are still trembling.

M: Hmm?

M: Haha, of course not, I still haven’t poured my semen inside you right? The crucial part starts now, but how about we take a short break? Because it seems like you’re panting.

M: Hmm? Me?

M: So you’re that concerned about me? You really are-but I guess it’s, fine.

M: Then touch it, you’ve gone through all this so I’ll gladly help myself to your favor.


M: Now then, please grab this place. Yes, now slowly move up and down ontop the clothing.

M: That’s good.

M: Hmm? I guess so, I made it to be more or less the same as a human’s so there probably isn’t much scent.

M: What? You want to see it?

M: That is true, this is your first time after all.

M: Are you curious about what’s going to enter inside you?


M: I understand, I’ll show it to you then. But it’s unexpectedly grotesque so you mustn’t be shocked.

M: Look, can you see it?

M: Yes this is going inside you. Are you intimidated?

M: It’ll be fine, I’ll be slow and gentle with it. But since you’re scared, I think it’s best if you stare at it for a little longer.

M: Come on, touch it directly.

M: Yes, it feels good.

M: Hot? Your hands are hot as well though.


M: Can you move a little faster?

M: Yes, that’s good.

M: It’s gotten wet? I guess so, I want to enter inside you so badly that I might’ve gotten a bit worked up too.


M: Now then, how about I pour some semen inside you?

M: Please spread your legs once more.

M: Are you scared? In that case, please wrap both your arms around my back and you can dig your nails into me if things get tough.

M: Now look into my eyes. Yes, now open your mouth.


M: I’m putting it in okay?


M: Are you alright?

M: Look, can you tell that part of it is inside? Half of it entered while we were kissing so does it not hurt?

M: I see, then let’s proceed a little further.

M: You’re completely soaked. Can you tell that my tip is hitting you?

M: Yes, here. It’s knocking up against it, can you tell? I’ve entered all the way you know?

M: Now then, I’ll slowly churn it up so that you’ll feel good.


M: Each time I move my hips like this, I’m wrapped around by your insides and it feels so good to the point that I’d like to be more rough.

M: We can’t, you’re still not used to it right? Because I don’t wish to hurt you, I’ll only move slowly.

M: I’ll slowly pull my hips back and then slowly push it all the way inside again.

M: One more time. I’ll slowly pull back, now then, I’ll enter all the way okay?

M: Do you not want me to tease you?

M: For your carnal desires to leak even though it’s your first time, as expected of you, you’ll become a fine witch.


M: I understand, as you wish, I’ll drive right into you with all my strength.


M: Come on, spread your legs out more.

M: Sure, I’ll hit your deeps spots more intensely.

M: Does it feel good? I’m knocking against your door so hard that I feel like I’m about to smash right through it.

M: More? You want me to hammer you more?

M: Stop, don’t be so greedy, I don’t want to break you.


M: Hey, don’t wrap so tightly.

M: Are you about to cum?

M: Of course, I’ll pour the semen you wished for right inside you. I stick my tip right up against your deepest spot and rub against it.

M: Here I go, I’ll release it inside you, I’ll pour my semen directly inside you.

M: Now feel it, I’ll pour lots, I’ll pour everything I have inside you.


M: It’s coming out, it’s coming out. Can you tell? Your insides are now filled with my mana.


M: Have you become dazed from the pleasure of the orgasm?

M: With this, the contract is complete.

M: Haa…I haven’t exhausted all your strength, but it is okay if I have a moment?

M: Mhm, I’m at my limit with it comes to maintaining this form so can I have a moment? It’s unsurprisingly hard to keep the wings on my back folded you see.


M: These pitch-black wings are grotesque don’t you think?

M: When I was an angel I had larger and pure white wings but…

M: Really? This is the first time I’ve been told that they’re beautiful. They’re the same color as your hair aren’t they? …No wait, my black is darker.

M: Hmm?

M: The reason I became a fallen angel is just that, I fell from heaven together with a person whom I held in esteem.

M: I wasn’t born a demon so I’m different from a true demon like Shishi so there’re aspects that I’m not accustomed to, but the demon life has its fun times.


M: Regret…?

M: I don’t.

M: It’s true, I’m telling the truth.


M: I’m stumped, even though you’re terrible with love, you have the eyes to see through a person.

M: ……No, it’s precisely because you have a discerning eye that you’re frightened of love.

M: I’m fine, thank you, there’s no need to be worried about me. Plus I have Shishi, and if you summon me often, I can say goodbye to the depressing boredom.

M: Now then, you’re tired right? So please sleep soundly.

M: I apologize that they aren’t pure white wings but I’ll wrap you in with these.


M: Is it warm?

M: Now close your eyes, I’ll wash your body once you wake up from your sleep.

M: And then let’s talk about all sorts of things, and we ought to call out the precious person you wish to meet too. And from there…

M: Tomato stew…?

M: Is it okay if I pass?

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