【Translation】 Dare ga Watashi wo Koroshita no ka ~Masayuki no Baai~


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

誰が私を殺したのか ~真雪の場合~

CV: Fukushima Jun (福島潤)

Track 1: I’ll protect you


I knew it. I’ll pass, I can’t go through with it.

Like I thought, this is wrong. For the four of us to confine my sister and take turns with her like this…

Not only that, she’s constantly locked up in this mansion, in this one room. And then to make her bride to all four of us-



I know!!! This is the ceremony to make our bonds stronger, isn’t it? I get that but…I’M HER YOUNGER BROTHER!!!

Even though we aren’t related by blood, I was always the younger brother who protected my older sister, and I don’t want to make my sister suffer any more than this.

Even you, Kouya!?


I know, we can no longer return to the close childhood friends we once were.

Because I, I’ve always thought of you, Sister.

First it was Seiji, then it was Kiichi and then Sis was tainted by Kouya as well. And finally, it’ll be me. I-


Sis, you must hate it, right? Considering I was raised together with you ever since I was adopted from the institution by the Kouenji family..

It’s hard for me as well. But although it’s painful……

Your beautiful body is covered with the saliva and semen of those 3. This place is red and there’s also blood, but even then, it’s overflowing with their cum.

I’m sorry Sis, but I’ll be using this to make it easier for you.


This drug will put you at ease. Kouya used it too, didn’t he?

Thank you. You swallowed it, right?

I wonder if the aphrodisiac is taking effect because…I can’t take it anymore. I’ve always loved you, Sis, I’ve always loved you as a man.



I was threatened by Seiji. He said I’d be killed if I don’t have sex with you, Sis, so please bear me Sis. I know that this is wrong.

I’m always being protected by you, Sis, but from now on, I’ll be the one to protect you. I’m the only one who can, Sis…



I’ve always loved you, I’ve always had since the moment we first met. And yet, for me to hurt you, Sis; I’ve never imagined this would ever happen either.


So you feel it here. I can tell because Sis’ insides squeezed down.

You’re beautiful, Sis, it doesn’t matter how many people have violated you, you haven’t changed in the slightest, Sis.

Just like those days, you’re still pure and beautiful.


I can’t anymore.

Please cum too, Sis, please cum because of me.

I’m cumming.

I’m sorry, but I’ll be cumming inside.



So you came, didn’t you?

Yes, I can tell, I know everything about you, Sis.


Track 2: Sibling Bond


Sis, it’s been about 4 days, hasn’t it? I was worried because we’ve never been apart this long since the time I was adopted.

Though, it feels like I shouldn’t be one saying it.

But even so, for the sake of protecting you, Sis, I had no choice but to do it.

Mhm, we’ve set dates where we can take turns monopolizing you one day at a time.

If I were to break the rules that Seiji set, at worst, I’ll be murdered for my silence. And if that happens, I won’t be able to meet nor protect you Sis.


Ah! You don’t have to get up. You’re exhausted from being paired with everyone, right? Not to mention, you can’t even set a single foot outside of this room.

You don’t have to concern yourself with me at a time like this.

You really are kind, Sis.

Call for help…?

I think I’ve already heard it from Seiji that but help won’t come, he’s made preparations so that no one can approach this residence.

Also, on the ceiling where the lights are, there’s a surveillance camera installed there.


You didn’t hear it from Seiji?

Then I guess he might’ve wanted it to be kept a secret from you, Sis. But don’t worry, it doesn’t record audio.

That’s right, the purpose of the camera is to make sure that Sis doesn’t try to escape, and that none of us 4 would try to betray the rest. It was decided upon so that when our own turn comes, we would have to rape you without exception.

Because if one of us is especially kind to you, Sis won’t be impartial to everyone like you were until now.

So if I were to break this rule, I’d be killed.


Have you already heard that from someone?

You see Seiji, no, Kiichi and Kouya both fear the possibility that you might consider one of us being as particularly special to you. Thus, our bonds might collapse due to jealousy.

The 4 of us were adopted from orphanages by distinguished families for your sake because we were a group of 4 close friends. It was done in order to replace the original childhood friends you lost during the elementary school incident as well as…

ーーYour younger twin brother.


I never imagined that I would become your younger brother. But despite my real parents abandoning me for being sickly since I was beyond what they could manage, the Kouenji family treasured me.

Each time my health would falter they’d put their utmost effort into nursing me.

I’m sorry, the memories just came flowing back to me.

Thank you, Sis. As always, I’m still crybaby, aren’t I?

You worry too much per usual, also, you’re aware that I worked hard to improve my health too, right Sis?

And so I’m never confined to bed anymore.


Mhm, I’m doing well.

I was laying in bed because I racked with guilt until yesterday but rather than focusing on me, you’re more important Sis. Even though your body should’ve received a degree of damage Sis, you’re constantly worried about me.

It’s been like that since we were young, hasn’t it? Each time I collapsed, Sis would come nurse me even though you were still mentally and physically affected by that incident.


You got better sooner thanks to me…?

That’s no good, if you say something like that… If you got better from nursing me then there might’ve been some meaning in me being born frail.

Thank you, even though I’m like this, you’d still stroke my back to comfort me. Even though I don’t have such rights in failing to protect you, Sis.

I’m sorry, although I was threatened by Seiji, I…

I never wanted to do those things to you Sis, but I had no choice.


It’s the drug that’ll put you at ease, I’ll be using it too today.

Why are you resisting? This will make things easier on you, I want it to be comfortable for you Sis.

There being side-effects is a lie that Seiji made up.

Is that not so? I’d never use such a dangerous drug on you, right, Sis?

You see, Seiji doesn’t want this drug to be abused. Seiji isn’t the type of person to rely on drugs, he wants you to feel it through his own abilities, Sis. However, if everyone else uses it, Seiji won’t be able to make you feel good himself.

Whoever uses this drug most might become Sis’ favorite, and that’s why he made up such a lie.


Now, this should calm your anxiety, right?

In that case…

It’s alright, don’t worry, there are no side-effects no matter how much you swallow or is applied.

I’ve never once lied to you, right, Sis? Nor have I ever hurt you. If it’s a love that ought to be denied, then let’s forget about everything and enjoy this for a bit because I’ll try my best to make you feel good, Sis.

No need to be embarrassed, we’re siblings aren’t we?


It’s wet Sis. It’s all because of the aphrodisiac, isn’t it? Because I’m aroused too, Sis.

Sis’ taste is delicious, very much so.

Come on, come look too, Sis, this place is being pleasured by my tongue. And now, I’ll move over to here.

No one has done this to you before, right?

Sis’ pearl belongs only to me, please cum whilst looking at me.


I’ll lower your hips, okay?

The effects of that drug are amazing, Sis’ place here is still twitching. And you let out quite a lot of moans, hadn’t you?

Let’s become one Sis.


This is amazing Sis.

Do you remember Sis? When you were nursing me when we were young, you said this, “It’d be nice my body could be one and the same with yours, Masayuki.”

You were trying to share in the pain and suffering of my illness, right?

I was happy that you thought so much of me, and I was genuinely happy that Sis was kind like I imagined you to be.

Even now, you’re sharing in my suffering like this.


I love you, Sis.

We’ve truly become one. I’m so happy, Sis.

Let’s cum together Sis, please cum together with me. And let’s hold hands like when we were young.

I’m cumming, Sis!


I can’t stop myself, Sis, so could you please lie face-down?


Track 3: Rule


Were you sleeping, Sis?

It’s fine, you can stay where you are, your complexion looks poor.

I know the reason, it’s already 2 months since you were first locked up in here. And for your cheeks to be this cold…

This is all because I didn’t stop that deluded Seiji, it’s all my fault!!!

Although I don’t actually want to kiss you on the lips right now, if I don’t abide by the rule, I’ll be murdered by everyone.


You don’t have to get up. Here, this is the drug that’ll make you comfortable.

Did you swallow it?

…Good girl.

It’s unavoidable so you’ll bear with it again today, right? It’s okay for you to continue sleeping Sis.

Please forgive me for this, Sis.


Doesn’t seem like you’re fully ready, but the drug will surely start taking effect each time I stimulate this place.

I’ll cater you again today, I’ll touch this pearl that no one else has touched.

It’s all wet Sis, so much is flowing out.

Looks like you’ve started to feel good. I’m feeling unimaginably good too, but soon, this life will end. I’ll bring up my courage and see to it that I protect you this time, Sis.


Surely, Sis’ fiance will disappear as well. Regardless of how kind of a person they are, that’ll happen to them.

Now, Sis, please adhere closer to me.

I’m cumming, Sis, so feel my body with your entirety. This warmth that Sis gave to the sickly me, this time around, I’ll return it all back to you.

Look, I’ll grind up against Sis’ favorite place.


I love you Sis, and I always have since the moment we first met.

Even if you break me, and even if you yourself break, I alone will continue to love you, Sis.


You’re about to cum again, aren’t you?

I’ll cum once too.


……I want to hurry up and make Sis mine and mine only.


Track 4: Choice



Are you okay? It’s morning sickness, isn’t it? Calm down, there’s no need to be anxious over it.

Come on, let’s go over to the bed.


I noticed it earlier, plus I clearly know whose child that is.

Eh? Why are you that panicked?

Oh I see. I made it so that Sis wouldn’t realize. Because you see, I’ve always poked holes into my condoms.

Sorry for surprising you, but it couldn’t be helped, I wanted to become one with Sis no matter what. You’ve always spoken about wanting our bodies to be one and the same, didn’t you, Sis?

It made me really happy since it was you whom I love that said it.

And so we’ve truly become one.

ーーJust like your dead twin brother.


While inside Mother Kouenji’s belly, Sis and your little brother embraced each other, no? I’ve always been jealous of Sis’ brother, you know? Since he’s been with you since the womb.

Plus, it’s impossible for me and Sis to return back to the womb so that’s why I mixed our blood into one.

You’re happy, right, Sis?


You let…Kouya cum inside you?

Are you saying that the Kouya who’s always fussy about the bonds between us 4 betrayed us?

Hahaha! I’m an idiot, I believed that if I controlled Seiji, everybody else would fall in line.

Seiji, Kouya, and Kiichi are pretty set when it comes to the worthless bonds between us. I thought of pushing all the crimes onto Seiji because he’s the most sinful one out of all of us, but it seems like Kouya’s now the most problematic one.

I’ll push all the crimes onto Kouya, besides, he’s the one most suspected by the police to begin with and has already been marked by them, so it’s only a matter of time before he’s arrested.

After, as long as I do a good job tidying up Seiji and Kiichi…


You see, Sis, we ought to scoop out of that unpleasant spawn.

I know, Sis, Kouya came inside on his own accord, right? So Sis’ innocent, it’s all Kouya’s fault.

I’m so sorry, I should’ve made sure to install a listening device. By doing so, I could’ve prevented this beforehand.

Oh. you didn’t notice that at all either?

How cute, there was never a surveillance camera in the first place.


No, you’re mistaken, the one who planned everything and incited everyone was Seiji, all I did was plant the idea into his head.

Hahaha! It’s Seiji’s fault, because even if it were for a brief moment, he monopolized Sis’ heart.

It’s pointless to deny it, although we were still children, I realized that you briefly thought of Seiji as special because…

You were staring at him that whole time.

Yes, that’s right, I’ve always loved Sis as a man. The one who first fell in love with you is me, and the one who loves you most deeply is me.

And so I-


Stop, if you struggle like that, I’ll have to overdose you again.

Hehe, you swallowed it this time too. When I said that this aphrodisiac had no side-effects, that was a lie. In other words, what the other 3 said was true.

But well, it appears that neither Seiji nor Kiichi used it often.

They’re idiots, there’s no point if Sis isn’t drowning in pleasure. It ain’t love if they fear the act of breaking you, Sis.

Continuing to love you even if you’re broken, now that’s true love.

Isn’t that right, Sis?


You’ve started to feel good again.

You’re already broken, Sis. If I have you swallow that drug and make you climax time and time again then…

Hahaha! Now then Sis, take a look, it’s a wonderful sight, isn’t it?

This mansion sits on top of a vertical cliff, and there’re waves crashing against it today. Let’s have this undesirable child be washed away by the sea, okay?

Come on.


Oh? I wonder if Kouya’s been caught, he might’ve already escaped to someplace else, though. And then there’s Kiichi and Seiji, that said, the 3 of them will be arrested before long.


You see, I won’t be apprehended, I tried to halt the plan, plus I resisted until the very end when I raped you that first time, no?

Kiichi will attest to that because he’s kind, after all.

I’m sickly. Not only that, I’m also Sis’ younger brother, so no one would ever consider me as a suspect.

Now let’s quickly descend down onto the beach. Don’t worry, we’ll be able to abort it easily with some drugs.


You don’t want to…? But why?

Oh, I got it, Sis’ kind, so you don’t wish to kill the child regardless of how unpleasant they are.

It’s okay because I’ll kill it for you.



Sis! It’s me, Masayuki, do you recognize me?

Thank god.

This is the Kouenji estate, our house, and we’re in your room, Sis. We had a medical team assembled and had you promptly rushed to our own home for the sake of resuscitating you after you came close to death after falling into the ocean.


Oh! About that child, it’s dead.

Aah my kind sister, don’t be so sad, the one who murdered the child was me so there’s no need to be depressed over it.

It wasn’t me…? If it wasn’t me then who pushed you into the ocean and tried to murder you?


You yourself?

Hahaha! So you remember everything, don’t you?

Say, Sis, why did you reject my hand and had instead thrown yourself off the cliff? I told you that I would kill the child for you no problem, didn’t I?


Happy End: Secret


Because you don’t want me to become a murderer?

FufuhahaHAHAHAHAHA!!! I’ve been a murderer for ages.

Oh, this is a secret I’d only tell you, Sis. You see, that incident at the primary school, I was the one who caused it. Hahaha! Are you surprised?

While I was still at the institution I happened to cross paths with you by chance, Sis. And the moment we met, my world changed.


The blank white hospital room ceiling had been my world, and the person who first brought color into my world was you, Sis.

Sis, you had left a mark in me.

I knew about the Kouenji family and that primary school, and you seemed to play happily with the boys attending that school. There were 3 boys that appeared to have been raised well, and they were the boys that you had a liking to, Sis.

And I wanted to play with you, Sis, and only you, Sis.

I thought that if they were to disappear then Sis would play with only me, so I lit a match.


And then my wish was granted, the Kouenji family adopted me from the institution and I became Sis’ little brother.

However, I never imagined that those other guys from the institution would be made into replacements for Sis’ childhood friends. But I was fine with it at that time, I gained wealth, I recovered from my illness, plus I could always be by Sis’ side.

Only I was special. I was the only one who could always be with you, take a bath together with you, and even sleep together in the same bed as you.

And so, I believed that I’d always be special.

But the young me didn’t understand the most important part about how painful it is to be the younger brother.


That’s right, while playing the role of the younger brother, I could barely stop myself from doing this.

I wanted to kiss Sis’ swollen breasts, and touch this developed place. But I never knew that it’d make it difficult for us to make love with our bodies…!!!

But I tried my best, you know?

It would’ve been easy for me to just erase everyone like I did at the primary school and have Sis all to myself, it would’ve been easier to just destroy everyone Sis treasures so I’d be the only one left, but I did my best to endure it.

It’s strange, I wonder why I even held back in the first place because we would’ve become one a lot sooner if I hadn’t.

And that’s what Sis desired too.


You were always saying that you wanted to be one and the same with me, right?

Even if I hadn’t pushed Seiji and had you confined, even if I hadn’t let them have sex with you, Sis…

Oh, I got it Sis! We ought to break and be made to overcome hardship so that we could truly become one. So that we could melt and mix together like this.

Let’s be certain that you get pregnant with my child this time around.


You’re now the same color as me, Sis.

This feels far better than when I had you swallow that drug. Sis’ insides are twisting around me and sucking me in.

Let’s together cum together, Sis.

That’s right, call my name more.


I love you, Sis. And you must love me too, right, Sis?

Aah…I’ve finally heard it directly from Sis’ mouth.

Hahaha! I’ve cum deep inside you again, Sis, I’m sure you’ll be pregnant with my child soon enough.

HahahaHAHAHAHA!!! That’s right Sis, break even further, laugh even more, and continue to desire me. Because, we’ve finally become one, Sis!!!


Bad End: Criminal


Because you don’t want to make anyone the criminal?

To not allow anyone to be hurt, you really are kind, aren’t you, Sis? But that’s impossible you know?

But, is that not? If Sis commits suicide there, the crimes that the four of us committed for having confined you wouldn’t disappear.

Now I have no choice but to let you fall to the very bottom.

So let’s fall together, Sis.


What’s this, Sis? So you were the type that gets turned on from being treated cruelly because you’re really squeezing down on me even without the drug.

I’m not lying, look, your insides became wet so quickly.

I should’ve done this sooner. Thrusting you to the point that you’d break each time we had sex…


Oh, this? This is a mere knife, so don’t mind it and just drown in pleasure.

When I touch Sis’ carotid artery like this, the sense that I’ve obtained all of you is kind of soothing.

Don’t worry Sis, I’ve long since been a sinner.

This may be the first time I’ve murdered someone I love, but I’m skilled at it. With this, Sis’ will forever be mine.


Don’t try to run Sis, I’ll follow soon after once everything’s over.

Ah, oh. Hahaha!!! You’re magnificent when you’re soaked in red too, Sis.

It seems like your pulse is fading, but I’m really happy that your last partner was me and I find those eyes that are slowly dimming beautiful too.


Cumming, I’m cumming!


I’ll love you for eternity Sis.

Hahaha! Say, is it okay if I go on for a little longer? And don’t worry, Sis’ body will feel good even when it’s cold.


Sis, sis…!!!

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  1. Qmoybelle

    OMGD all the characters doesn’t deserve mc, mc should jump into the ocean
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    Thank you for translating this


    1. Criy

      Yup yup, he’s the true yan for this series.
      Kiichi, Kouya, Seiji, then Masayuki, the closer you get to the truth, the crazier the character becomes.


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