【Translation】 Kyoubou no Yoru ~Sakura~


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共謀の夜 ~桜~

CV: Mitsuhashi Wataru (三橋渡)

Track 1: The Scent of Cherry Blossom while Sleeping


Yo, oi, you’ll catch a cold if you doze off under the kotatsu like that.

Aren’t you being a little too careless?

Hey. Oh, whoa, what are you being all surprised for? Oh, I got it, the reason you’re finally alert is that you saw me inside your dream, didn’t you?

Eh? Was I wrong? …I’m disappointed.

You know, isn’t it about time you acknowledged me?


……So you won’t, eh.

Haa…good grief, even though we’re age-old childhood friends who grew up together, why aren’t I allowed to make good use of such a nice setting?

We’re already fine adults, we’ve learned the bitterness and sweetness of life, plus we’re at that age already. I set up this hot pot party for you, and it’s been so long since you last came over to my house.

Yes I had expectations regarding that, I did, indeed I did. You’re always like that despite coming over so casually.

And so, what do you think of my kotatsu?

It feels nice? Just that? But do you not have any recollections of this?


Why’s your face all red?

You’re a strange one, but that part of you is cute too.

Are you being shy now?

Yup yup, I received this kotatsu from my grandma, but I revamped it last week since it was old.

I did it D.I.Y., completely D.I.Y.

Look, I even painted some new colors on this part here.

Yeah, I mean, that’s true. I certainly do like old antiques, for the legs to be this sturdily and the tabletop this firm, you don’t see that anymore these days.

Since the wood used for it was good, I thought it’d be a good idea to give this a new life.



In introducing it as a new kotatsu… How’s the comfort? How about you enter inside and see? And have you finally acknowledged me?

In other words, that was my secret yet obvious plan. And that’s why you’re at my house, no?

Haha, I’m being serious, that’s the selling point.

Just that? What do you mean by “just that”?

Come on, we had this around since we were young, so to you, this should be the only way to go about it.

“Yeah, yeah”?

Haa…so this year’s ending off on that same note too, I can’t even fool around with you.


Now then, I guess I should prepare the food and brew some coffee.

No, it’s fine, you can just sit.

Oh, by the way, I made the legs for the kotatsu longer.

No, it’s not out of the realms of possibility, it makes it easy to play reckless games and even if you lay down, your back won’t hit the heated section.

Why don’t you give it a try?

See? I’m right, aren’t I? Now stay here and wait for a moment, you want something to drink too don’t you?

Got it, I’ll put in plenty of milk for the cute, cute you.


Huh? Why are you making a racket? What’s wrong?

You, what are you trying to do?

You’re entangled…? There’s no way that’s possible, now hurry up and come on out, you can’t drink coffee in that position, right?

You’re not playing?

Not that again. Did you get entangled by the cord? Hmm, well, well, I guess I’ll place it here.

Now, let me see.

Hmm? Oh? Sorry sorry.

I see, you’re finally…

Is that so?


No, no, I was thinking that you finally wanted to be like that with me. Since you don’t have an honest personality, through some minor unexpected incident, your great plan of bonding closer with me has begun, no?

Tsk tsk. What? Ah, don’t finish what you’re saying, don’t worry, I’ll get you out.

You’re so cute, I guess it can’t be helped then. Cute, how cute.

There we go.

What? I’m just laying down beside you.

I never thought that you’d invite me like this. Ah..I’m so happy.


What is it? Oh, you’re completely entangled?

I see, I see, it’s that again. You’ve been stubborn since before but that aspect of you makes it a thrill.

What exactly am I referring to…? I’m getting a lot of fun out of this situation you know?

Ah, I’m so happy.

First off, umm-no wait, what is it?

Is it okay if I answer your hopes and give you a kiss?


Jeez, what is it, do you not want to?

Hmm…but your legs are tangled no? Can you get out? You can’t, can you? Then do you want me to help you?

Yes, you want me to help right? So how should I go about it?

Come on, tell me how you want me to save you.

Okay, okay, then I’ll go stare at your entangled state the whole time.

Yup, I’ll be here the whole time.

How cute, are you angry? Even so, is it okay if I give you a kiss?

No, it’s just that I’ve never had a chance like this before, or rather, you should be more aware that I’m a man.


No, I’m sure it’s that, the Kotatsu God found me pitiful and made it go extremely well. That’s right, to me, this is my big chance.

Sorry, but you don’t have the right to interfere. Don’t get in the way of my love.

Annoying. It doesn’t matter if you’re the person in question, it doesn’t, it absolutely doesn’t.

Now, now, it’ll be fine, it’ll be fine.


Don’t ask me what, I asked you earlier, didn’t I? “Is it okay if I kiss you?”

But you want me to get you out of there, don’t you?

I’m right aren’t I? You know, we often did it as kids. …You don’t remember? Jeez, you always forget the most important parts immediately after. Do you realize how long I’ve been-

I mean, no, forget it. It’ll be over in an instant, okay?


I’ve done it.

Oh, you’re stiffening up, you’re stiffening up.

This is like what I’ve imagined, exactly like what I’ve imagined. How should I say it, we’ve been like this since we were children.

Ah this is bad.

Hmm? Once I’ve done it once, a second or third makes no difference.

You got seriously tangled up in it. How lucky, there truly must be a god out there.

No, no, I guess this isn’t the time to be talking about that.


Hmm? Oh, the cord?

Just wait, I’ll help you out of there later. Hmm? Oh are you curious about what I mean by later?

I’m saying that I’m putting off saving you till later of course, I want to enjoy this situation with you for a little bit longer.

It’s suffocating…? But you know, I don’t want to part from these lips. Also, I’ve always wanted to touch these breasts. Just, 5 more, just 5 more minutes, okay?

I get it, just tell me to stop once we get to a good point.


Somehow this is really nice, and your neck is seriously erotic and I like it.

Hmm? Ah wait, these breasts, right here, is this where your nipples are? If I scratch against them, they’ll rise to the surface, huh. That’s really lewd.

Huh? What did you just say?

Oh, did you tell me to stop?

I mean, not even a minute has passed and you’re already up in arms, how cute.


I’ve thought of a nice idea.

A way to save you? What are you saying? I’m referring to the lights. The lights, let’s turn off the lights, okay?

Yup yup, got it?

Heh? I’m trying to set up the mood obviously.

Huh, but I thought you knew my personality. Fufufu. There, I’ve turned them off.


Track 2: Nostalgic Switch


Okay, with this, the only light there is is the tiny glow from the kotatsu; it’s calming, isn’t it?

Now now, err, what was it again? Were you pretending to be entangled? Oh, was I mistaken?

…I wonder whether that’s actually true.

No it’s fine, we’ve finally started going out so you should be more open about your feelings.

Eh? But we’re now dating, no? I just kissed you a moment ago, didn’t I?

No, no, no, right now we’re mutually in love, no?

Due to an accident, two childhood friends who finally became adults, get umm, bound together. That’s the major scene this is, isn’t it?



This ain’t non-con, if anything, you’re the one who enticed me.

Hey, this isn’t a joke.

You had that weird switch since before, you get confident all of a sudden when the room goes dark.

Anyhow, regardless if it’s a request from you whom I love, I won’t be listening to it today.


Look, see? We’ve done it and done it countless times. And it seems like you’re in a situation where you can’t move so I have an absolute advantage over you, plus god’s on my side.

Oh, am I showing my bad side?

What? I’m used to you constantly making that claim so it has absolutely no effect on me. I want to take this opportunity to go a bit further.

How should I say it, I guess you could say that I’m following my male instincts.

Say, how about I do it from the back? At any rate, I’ll stay behind you like this forever until you approve of my confession.


I’m going to have these ears listen to me properly this time.


Do you actually hate it? Could you not relax a little?

Hmm? I see. No, just a little longer.

But this is a rare chance where you can’t move, besides, how many times do you think I’ve confessed to you already? You should seriously stop pretending not to know.

Well yeah, it doesn’t matter, I’ve decided not to help you. Instead, I’m gonna touch you.


What is it?

It’s hot? Well of course it is, you’re under the kotatsu after all.

Oh, I got it. You’re hot right? Since you’re hot, it must be a sign that it’s okay to take off your clothes. No, it must be that, sorry for not noticing.

I can’t?

I knew you would say that, but I’ll do it anyways.

Wait? But I don’t have the patience to wait, my decades-long feelings for you feels like it’s about to explode.

Your clothes…


Eh? They’re hard to get off.

Wait, I’m trying to take them off. Come on.

Though, I can at least slip my hands in. Huh? Why are you all tense? Oh, are your hands tangled up too this time?

Wow, how could you say you’re not trying to seduce me when you’re like that?

So where did you learn that method of seduction?

Oh? You’re like that because of the kotatsu? So should I take a look at how you’re entangled?

What should I look at first? Hands? Feet?

What do you mean by either one? Then, I’ll go for your legs first then.

Let me see, I guess I’ll lift up the futon.



Ah, your skirt is completely disheveled.

Huh? Why are you closing your legs together? I won’t be able to help you out then. Do you not want me to untie them? Because I need to look at them in detail.

I’ll go ahead with it then.

Oh, right on the mark.

How should I say it, with the glow from the light, it’s got a nice yet indecent feel to it too. It was a truly great sight.


That’s right, I’m mean spirited after all.

But you know, it might be dangerous for you to be moving around, it’s probably best that you can’t move. It’ll definitely be risky for you to move.

Yes, yes, however, I can move, though.


Eh? Ah, I guess so, I never really listened to you even in the past. But today, that’s impossible, completely impossible.

I never thought I’d have the chance to touch you like this.

Huh? Against your will?

That’s not it, we’re mutually in love, no?

Hmm? Then were you not conscious of me as a man at all? Are you saying that you don’t feel anything when I touch you like this?

I love you……


Does it not feel good? Then are you closing legs as a form of resistance?

Come on…

But it’s dangerous for you to sigh like that in front of me though. I’m different from how I was in the past, I’m now an adult. Besides, you’re the one being unfair, you knew about my feeling for you the whole time and you’d always dodge it.

You probably won’t become aware of me if I don’t do this, and I thought you would’ve remembered it by seeing this kotatsu.


Track 3: Forbidden Misconduct


You’re sweating, but of course you are, it’s hot after all.

Say, do you not remember? …You let me touch you far more when we were little.

I understand that during those days I didn’t touch you in this sense but I placed my hands on top of your chest to feel it.

Eh? You still can’t remember?

It was when we were elementary school students when our family stayed together during winter break. Oh, and we were at my grandma’s house.

The adults were all watching some boring T.V. show so I pretended to go off to sleep first and entered the nursery.

What was it again…

I forgot what was said but you let me touch you as a favor. I was curious about the things I didn’t know, plus, I wanted to learn about you. Though somehow, midway, I noticed that I might’ve been doing something wrong by touching you in that way.


Yes, I’m aware that I’m doing something wrong right now. But like that time, I just can’t stop.

Do you remember now?

That’s right, we did this under the kotatsu. You see, I’m unable to forget those events because it felt really good.

You didn’t stop me that time. If anything, even though we were kids, your tongue became really feverish, your eyes became dazed.

I’ll ask it once more but, are you willing to be my girlfriend?

So will you?


Ah, so you won’t answer.

You’re always like that, and that’s why I have no choice but to do this.

You know, you let touch this more easily in the past, didn’t you? So it’s strange that you’re against me touching your thighs now.

What are you trying to put up with?

Below, the place that has grown mature.

Your slit is so soft. What’s this? Are you sweating here too? Because it’s really wet. But I guess your insides would be more so.


Does it feel good when I trace around it?

How nostalgic, that aspect of you holding back just your voice has never changed. Well then, this place that’ll accept the fingers I put in like this…

You can’t be putting in strength now you know? Or are you perhaps doing it because you don’t want me to pull out my fingers? If so, that’s way too irresistible.

Hey, you could say that you’re sucking me up and squeezing down on me, can’t you?

Look, see?

So you’re being embarrassed, how cute.


Then that means you yourself are aware that you’re now a grown woman. So can you be cognizant of me as well?

Also, could you be more conscious about the fact that I’m churning up your insides?

Amazing, it’s really turning me on. Look, it’s making these sounds.

Could you touch me as well?

You won’t? But your hands are right up against it so you can tell, can’t you? I’m really aroused and it’s become erect.


It’s your fault.

That’s right, moreover, I’m now an adult so I can now do a lot more things than I could in the past.

Or should I say, I will be.

You can’t wiggle your way out so give up.

Come on, look at my member.

What’s with that response? Did you get turned on from seeing my state as an adult? …Because I’ll be putting this inside you now.


Hey, don’t bend backwards, it’ll make it difficult for me to insert it.

But if I rub up against this slippery area, I feel like it’ll probably enter inside on its own.

It’s in.


I want to hit someplace deeper.

Huh? Pull out? So pull out to this point?

Now then, what’s next?

You won’t answer? In that case, I guess I’ll go all the way then.

You’re saying stop again, then I’ll pull out back to that point again.

So what’s next? Yes, then I’ll go deep again.

How cute, then I guess I’ll pull out one more time.


Ah, it’s no use, it seems like you’re really waiting on it. Look, your insides are wondering what’s the matter and spreading open. This place is more honest than you are, ain’t it?

Good girl, good girl. Your body’s a good girl.

Look, I’ll be putting it in then.


Your insides are clenching down on me. Now, loosen up your legs and make it so it’s easy for me to move.

Jeez, hurry up and just give up already.

You can’t move the way you want to so it’ll be easier and feel better if you listen to what I say right? You’re a good girl so you know what’s best, don’t you?


You’re finally mine.

Just kidding, I’ve always, always, wanted to do this.

Am I hitting all the way? It’s not good if you don’t answer, you know? Because you see, I know you’re lewd so I always knew that you’d be turned on.

I held back all this time, but I don’t have to anymore, right?

I’m not wrong. “I like it,” “I’m turned on,” is the type of expression you’re making.

Look, you squeezed down just now didn’t you? Were you not self-aware?


It’s quite the amazing noise, this is the sound your juices are making, you know?


You’re fine with the way things are going, right?

Eh? But it’s fine, right? It’ll be alright, it’ll be alright, because these are things that have already been decided upon.

Will you become my girlfriend? If you do, I might just forgive you.

Huh? You’ll be my girlfriend? Are you sure about that?


I’ve done it!

Then to commemorate that…

I don’t know whether it counts as commemoration but-

Huh? Don’t worry, I’ll take responsibility.

I love you.


I’ll be cumming inside, okay?

Come on, rejoice.


I’m winded.

Oh, it’s okay for you to sleep as is.


Track 4: The Heat has Settled, so I Guess I’ll Confess


That felt great, ah, Kotaro? Kotaro? The God of Kotatsu, Kotaro, that means that my confession was a success, right?

Huh? That was just a dream you showed me?

Eh!? But my beloved girlfriend is sleeping there so erotically.

Practice? Are you serious? But my body’s throbbing as though I came buckets.


I see, so it’s just that……

But it was a good dream nonetheless. No, it was the best, THE best.

To be frank, it’s like virtual reality, like that V.R. It feels as though you assumed a special point of view because my body’s acting as if I’ve actually done with her, like I’ve thrust into her time again and time again.

It was lewd, so lewd.


Hey Kotaro, I want to do it one more time. Can’t you make something happen with your power as a god?

I want to keep doing it until I’m exposed.

More than anything, I want to see her lewd state, it’s so thrilling. You know, her body might love me so much that it can’t get enough of me.

That reminds me, she still hasn’t given me the OK in regards to my confession.

…..Somehow, I’ve lost all confidence.


But that doesn’t matter, I want to do it anyways. Because she’s cute and I can’t get tired of her, what should I do?

Oh, you’re going to lend me your power again? As expected of my best friend.

So what’re the conditions? I’ll listen.

Let’s do it until she finally finds out, though I mean, even if she does notice, I’ll take responsibility. I’m sure the reaction she’d have when she finds out will be absolutely adorable.

Look at this smile, she’s barely changed since the times when we were kids.


Hurry up and notice, okay? Else, I’ll be doing plenty of other things without your knowledge.

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