【Translation】 Dare ga Watashi wo Koroshita no ka ~Seiji no Baai~


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誰が私を殺したのか ~青慈の場合~

CV: Shingaki Tarusuke (新垣樽助)

Track 1: The Beginning of a Special Day


You’ve finally opened your eyes.

Do you know who I am? It’s me, Ichimatsu Seiji.

That’s right, I’m Seiji, one of your childhood friends. It’s only natural that you’re feeling hazy, either way, you’ve slept for 3 days straight already.

Shall I pour you some water and let you settle down first?


Here you go. Have you calmed down a little?

That’s a relief.

Oh, this place? This place’s one of my residences.

Yup, this isn’t the hospital. You were initially at the hospital, but since there wasn’t much external trauma and your condition was stable, I prepared the newest cutting-edge equipment and had you carried over to my mansion.

…And your parents said that they’d have a greater peace of mind that way.

That said, I couldn’t feel alive whilst you were asleep.


It’s not an exaggeration, I thought I was going to have a heart attack when I heard the news that you were found unconscious on the beach.

That said, you might’ve preferred to have died like that, but……

In seeing that reaction, you’ve finally remembered what the 4 of us have done to you, haven’t you?

I’m already used to that frightened look because you’ve been like that for over 2 months.

That’s right, we confined you on January 15th; over 2 months ago. To you, it might’ve been hell, but to me, it was the beginning of paradise. So, I vividly remember the events of that dayーー


What is it Kiichi?

Yes don’t worry, today’s the 15th of January. At this stage, it’s fine to go a little wild, I already went through that information beforehand.

Hmm? Are you still sulking Kouya? We decided on the shape of the bed based on a majority vote, no? Besides, she, herself, said that she preferred fancy canopy beds.

Wait, it seems like she’s awake.


So you’re already awake. I’m sorry that everything isn’t in place when you awoke, there were some preparations that needed to be made.

Speaking of which Kiichi, did you make sure to lock the front door?

Okay, Kouya did you bring that?

How many times do you intend to insist on not needing it?

Masayuki, do you think the side effects of the drug have worn off?

That’s a relief, then it’s fine now.

Well then, I’ll give you a formal introduction. Welcome to our house, now let’s all celebrate this day that’s worthy of commemoration.


Haha! Don’t tell me you forgot your own birthday?

That’s right, today’s your birthday, and an extremely wonderful day where you become everyone’s bride.

Hmm? Is everything still hazy?

Hey Masayuki, there’s still some lingering side effects it seems.

I apologize, for the sake of bringing you here, we had to use a slightly potent drug. Your memories are cloudy, likely due to that.

Don’t worry, we’ll go through everything together slowly. If you listen to my voice, your memories will gradually return, so come on, take a deep breath.


First off, I’ll start with the 4 of us.

Can you remember that us four, me, Kiichi, Kouya, and Masayuki are all childhood friends? Oh, but Masayuki is your adoptive little brother though.

I see, that’s a relief, I would’ve cried if you had forgotten that.

Well then, I’ll go over how we met.

No, we didn’t meet in kindergarten, we were adopted. It all began at the kindergarten you attended.

A tragic accident had occurred at the Mizuki Primary School, and in that accident, many kids died. Not only that, they were also all sons and daughters from prestigious families, so it was a major incident that shook many industries at that time.

And those that held influence even amongst such people were our families, the Ichimatsu family, the Housen family, the Tsuji family, and the Kouenji family.

Following the incident, they became chief members and created a victim’s group, is what I heard.

The families were close to begin with, so…


Oh, you’ve finally remembered.

That’s right, we are all adopted children. Besides you, who’s the sole survivor, everyone else were kids taken in from institutions.

The primary goal the family heads had when adopting us children was to comfort the hearts of their grief-stricken wives. Because it’ll probably create a new target for them to pour their love into.

The second goal was to create another group of childhood friends for you, the sole survivor.

Goodness gracious, to those unrelated, the reasons are laughable. So that the world of a single girl could be painted with color, they created names in accordance to that.

My name is written as blue with ‘Ji’ from affection (jiai), Seiji. The other’s are…

I guess there’s no need to explain.


Okay, it’ll probably be alright considering that you’ve recovered to this extent.

It’s about time we begin with the wedding ceremony.

What are you perplexed for? I stated quite clearly earlier, no? Starting from today, you’ve become the bride to all of us.

Why? Because you’ve made the wrong choice.

You still don’t know? You’re in an arranged marriage with a man who’s that much older than you., the final decision was left to you, wasn’t it?

And yet why did you say that was okay and accepted it?


No, that’s a big mistake. Since you were a child, when asked who you’d marry out of us four, you’d always answer with “I’d to be with everyone.” In other words, it meant that you wanted to marry all of us, right?

Thus, we’ve granted that wish of yours. Everyone loves you after all.

Don’t look so sad, you may be confused now, but soon you’ll understand that this is the righteous path. Rather than that geezer, you’ll realize that you’ll be far happier with us once you’ve personally​ experienced it with your body.


You should know what I’m about to do, don’t you? Henceforth, we’ll be joined in marriage in both body and soul.

Calm down, if you struggle like that, I won’t be able to take my time preparing you. If it’s not wet enough, it’ll hurt when I put it in.

Being this pale, you poor thing, you’re afraid because this is your first time, right?

But don’t worry, you’ll be used to it before long, and it’ll start feeling good. Plus, I’ve brought drugs to ensure that.

Masayuki, pass that to me.


Here, with this, it’ll feel good despite you being a virgin.

It’s aphrodisiac​ the Hikami family provides to their clientele. It appears that almost all the slaves brought from that prison were readied with this drug.

Oh sorry, I give you the wrong idea. I have absolutely no intention of grooming you.

You aren’t a slave, you’re my goddess. Ever since I was young, that’s what I’ve always believed, and it’s saddening to see your goddess take the wrong path, is it not?

Therefore, we ought to use all our strength to save you.


I’ll regret it? Why would I regret it?

In terms of things I ought to apologize for, it would be holding this level of desire towards a goddess.

Look, I’ve already gotten this hard.

Not just now. In truth, I’ve had thoughts of having sex with you each time I saw you. It was unbearable when you hugged me in a swimsuit not too long ago. If I just shifted your swimsuit a little, I could’ve inserted it.

I’m really glad that everyone else is here…


Eh? Return to normal?

Hahaha! Normal? Normal, eh. You really are too trusting of others. You simply didn’t notice that everybody here had already gone mad ages ago.

If anything, things had already gone amiss starting from the reason we were gathered, so it’s only natural that we’re messed up, no?

This is the fate that had been set out for us from the very start.


You’ll get hurt if you struggle like that.

I guess it can’t be helped, I’ll have to tie your arms. Kouya, bring me that cord.

Hey Kouya, how long do you plan to sulk? We decided on the order through rock-paper-scissors no? If you understand then watch until I’m finished as promised.

Oh, before you return, could you tie her right arm to the frame of the bed? And I’ll work on the left one.


You’re rather lively today. It’s somehow refreshing since you’re always so modest.

Well then, I’m done with that.

Don’t be scared, I’ll remove them once you can do nothing but moan.


What beautiful breasts, I’ve always had a hard time suppressing my desire to suck them.

No, it’s not a lie. Although I viewed you with lust, the reason I had a seemingly blank expression was because you trusted me.

It’s soft, the texture is fineーit’s delicious.

……And I’ve always wanted to lick these nipples too.


Are you frightened?

Speaking of which, I forgot to apply the drug. Please wait, I’ll cover your bottom half with the drug as I lick your nipples.

Sorry, I might’ve used too much, but oh well, it’s not like it’ll have side-effects.

To be able to touch this place of yours… It’s like a dream. It’s all wet and extremely lewd, and it’s cute how it twitches every time I touch this bud.

I’m glad that you seem to have taken a liking to this drug. We have plenty of it, so let’s use it again next time.

Don’t be modest, I’ll coat your insides with it as well.


Say, could you relax a little more? I’m only able to insert a single finger.

I’ll go ahead and say this but I won’t stop even if you cry.

Yes, just like that.

Your nipples are erect too, they’re stiffer than before. I’m not lying, they’ve gotten hard as though they wish to be sucked.


Amazing, they’ve become red as they fill with blood, it appears that you’re aroused too.

Don’t lie that you aren’t, your insides have been squeezing down on my fingers the past while. It’s now all a mess, and I can no longer distinguish what’s actually the drug and what’s actually your juices.


Hmm? Is it here? Does this place feel good?

I’ve found your pleasurable spot, this entrance clenches down tightly especially when I stroke this deep part up top. See?

I’ll rub this place lots so that I can remove you from your fear.


I won’t be able to hold back if you let out such a cute voice.

I’ll be putting it in so loosen up.

So you still have the strength left to resist. Good grief, I’m reluctant to do so, but I have no choice but to insert it all at once.

Don’t run, it’s not all in yet.

A bit more, just a bit more and it’ll be in all the way.


Wow, it’s in, I’m inside you.

I’m happy, we’ve finally consummated our marriage. Your insides feel far better than I imagined.

This is bad, despite thinking that I’d be more gentle, it feels so good that I can’t stop my hips.

I love you. I’ve loved you in a special sense all this time for ages.

Even when I had an indifferent expression, I thought of tainting you through and through like I am now and now that wish has finally been granted.


Huh? Did you say something?

What is it? If you don’t try harder, I won’t be able to hear it.

Even though I was your first love…? I see, so I was your first love too. But if so, why are you crying so much?

Eh? Because it’s talks of the past? So that’s not the case now?

You’ve prepared yourself to marry for the sake of your family, huh. You’ve cast aside everyone’s feelings precisely because you’re set on such a pointless resolution, it’s a terrible betrayal all the same.


How’s it not a betrayal?

You’ve abandoned us, who’ve been specially prepared for you and went off to marry into another family. More than anything, it’s horrible treatment toward us, our world consists of nothing but you.

I’m calm. That’s why I chose the most suitable method. Once you’ve been violated by us, you’ll understand that this is the righteous path.

It hurts? Don’t worry, it might be a bit hard on you today but in a few days, you won’t be able to live without this.

Since everyone seems to love your expression when you’re drowning pleasure, this sensitive spot will be grinded up against time and time again. Surely you’ll be made to cum countless times in a day.


How strange. I feel dizzy but somehow it feels pleasant.

I see. Because I’m doing it raw, I’ve been done in by the aphrodisiac as well.

Hahaha! Good, it feels good. I want to tease your deep spots even more.

You’ll lose your mind?

Go ahead, let’s lose our minds together. Though, I’m already messed up to begin with.


This is the first time I’ve felt such a wonderful feeling since I was born. I thought of forever being that honor student like you wanted, but I don’t care about that anymore.

You feel good too, right?

This place’s all drenched and swallowing me up deliciously, after all. So much flows out each time I pull out.

It feels so good that I can’t endure any longer. I’ll cum inside, okay?


Today’s not a risky day, right? I had Masayuki investigate, so we know.

Besides, if you do happen to get pregnant, we’ve decided that we’ll raise it as everyone’s child.

However, tomorrow’s off-limits. We’ve allowed everyone to cum inside since today’s a special day.


I’m cumming. I can finally unload it inside you.

I love you, I love you. I really love you.

Hey, let’s kiss, I want to climax together as we kiss.


Can you tell? Your insides are filled with my cum, it’d be nice if you could get impregnated from this.


Kouya you’re so restless, even if you don’t tell me I know, it’s your turn next.

Don’t look so anxious, since you’re everyone’s bride, we’ll all love and ravish to you down to the bone.

Happy Birthday, today’s the beginning of a special day.


Track 2: A Devil’s Child


Oh sorry, did I wake you up? Last night was Kouya’s turn, so you’re tired, right? So go ahead and continue sleeping.

Why are you apologizing? The ones who had you locked up for over a month are us, so it’s fine for you to bark at us some more.

Are you alright? You had quite the loud sneeze. Your voice’s hoarse and your face’s a little red. And fever-wise…

Come on, I’m just pressing our foreheads together to check if you’ve got a fever.


You don’t seem to be having a fever, but I’ll bring some medicine later just in case.

No need to be so vigilant, it’s just regular cold medicine.

Right now you’re my precious wife, and I won’t forcibly have sex with my wife when they’re sick from a cold.

It’s true. I’ve been worried since you’ve lost a lot of weight recently. I know these aren’t words that I, as someone who’s confined you, has the right to say but, I’m begging you, please eat some more otherwise I…


I’m sorry, it’s nothing.

In any case, I’ve brought a scale, so let’s check your weight every day from now on.

Hmm? You’ve gotten fat because you can’t move around?

Idiot, what are you saying? No matter how you look at it, you’ve gotten thinner than you were before. Besides, regardless of how fat you get, we wouldn’t mind it at all.

The way you’ll feel softer to the touch when you’re fatter will surely be adorable.

Anyhow, starting tomorrow, I’ll be bringing a bunch of your favorite foods, so gain as much weight as you’d like. And I won’t embrace you until you recover your health.


Are you still uncertain even with this?

I guess so. I was pretty terrible to you that first night, so you being on your guard is inevitable. That said, I was gentle with you following that, no?

Or is the reason you’re so cautious because you wanted to be held instead?


So you still get flustered over my words. I thought you’d eventually look at me with disgust but your force of will is stronger than I predicted.

You really are too kind.

ーーTo the point that it depresses me.

Had you been a more disagreeable person, the others might’ve given up on you, and then I’d have you all to myself.

Please keep what I just said a secret from the others. If they end up thinking that I’m trying to get a head start, I might have to receive punishment from them.


Hmm? Ah, no, when I say them, I meant everyone, so don’t mind it. More importantly, I’ve brought the sweets you enjoy.

You loved these, didn’t you?


Huh? Does your hand hurt by any chance? I feel like there’s no need to ask but did Kouya do it?

There’s no need to cover for him, the only person who’d injure you out of us four is Kouya. Jeez, there’s no knowing what he’d do when blood rushes to his head.

I’ll scold him tonight, and punish him if necessary-


I knew it, you’re way too good-natured. Normally, one wouldn’t care about what will become of a man that has hurt you.

Say, do you not hate us…? We kidnapped you before your marriage, locked you up, and rape you, you know?

It’s complicated? What’s complicated?

I see, certainly, it might be that we’ve known each other for such a long time I suppose, and that would be the main reason for not hating us.

It may be strange for me to say this seeing that I’ve taken advantage of those feelings and confined you here, but…


Ah, no, it’s not like I want to be hated. In spite of the situation, I’m more than happy with this calm feeling that we have whenever we’re together.

Just that… I don’t know why, but I get awfully anxious whenever you’re kind to me lately.

I don’t regret going down this path. I chose it while completely aware that I’d be hated and scorned. As long as you’d be happy in the end, I’ll endure it for as many years as it takes.

And yet, what am I depressed for?

…I understand so little of my own feelings.


So you’re patting my head at a time like this, huh. You occasionally have a more distorted response than I’d expect, and I’d always be soothed by your speech and conduct.

Also, right now, it’s very arousing.


Stick out your tongue a little.

Hmm? Don’t worry about passing your cold to me. I’ve said it countless times but I’m your abductor, you know? Instead, I’d gladly welcome your cold.


Sorry, I was acting a little rashly.

I’m sorry for being focused on healing myself, it wouldn’t count as much of an apology but I’ve brought something to draw on.

Before, you said that every mascot character I drew was comforting to you, right?

Oh, was I mistaken? Was the action of me sketching each mascot character what you soothed you then? But well, it works either way.

In any case, I’ve bought so I’ll start sketching.


Are you going to sit beside me? That way you can see it more clearly, right?

Well then, what kind of mascot character would you like today?

Oh, that? Got it.

Okay, it’s been a while since I’ve last put effort into drawing.

Hmm? What is it?

Is it good? I’ve practiced drawing this particular mascot character countless, after all. Besides, I’ve taken art lessons since I was young, so it’s only natural.

Ah! The angle’s a bit wrong, I think. I knew it, it’s supposed to be this way.


Hmm? My art teacher?

Rather than a teacher, the one who taught me was my mother.

No, not my current mother, the criminal umm, the one who’s in Hikami prisonーーmy real mother.

That person was quite skilled at drawing, you see.

Don’t make that face, I’ve already given up on that person.

Of course I can’t meet her, she’s a murderer who’s killed countless people. If anything, you’re the strange one for defending my mother like that. Do you realize how many times I’ve been told that I was a murderer’s son and given death threats?

Had I not been taken in by the Ichimatsu family and placed onto a new family registry, I really might’ve been killed.


Ah, you’re making that expression again.

It’s a look of pity, good grief, just how good-natured are you?

Here, the mascot character you love is complete.

It’s not like I was able to draw it this easily at the start, I got better at it because you told me that you liked it.

Not just with art, I thought of becoming strong because you said that “Seiji is strong.” I worked hard on my studies because you said that I’ve got a good head on my shoulders, and I improved on my swimming to the point that I wouldn’t lose to anyone because you were close to drowning once.

In seeing me like that, you called me your hero when you were young.

And those words brought me tears of joy.


As someone who was constantly called a devil’s child, a cursed child, through your words, I became a hero. Thus, I made a promise with you back then, did I not?

Eh? You don’t remember? But I promised to protect you as your hero until I die, didn’t I?

That’s right. Even though I swore it with such determination…

Just kidding, there’s no such thing as a hero who’d kidnap the heroine. If you think of it that way, I’m a devil’s child all the same, and what everyone else said was right.

I’m just a little mistaken in my path?

It isn’t just a little, you know? I’m completely off the straight and narrow.


No, I am not strong! Look at me, I’m this weak despite being supposedly strong.

The current me is empty. Despite living solely for your sake, I destroyed the role I had for myself.

I see. So that’s how it was.

Even though it was such a simple thing, I never noticed until you pointed it out. So that’s why I was depressed.


You’re wrong, it’s not like I have regrets, I won’t allow myself to regret it-

I genuinely don’t have any regrets, just that I’m sad that I wasn’t able to protect my promise with you, that’s all.

……Because I swore to myself that I’d protect my promises with you regardless of what happens.

As expected, it’s odd? What is?

What are you saying!? The one who incited everyone was me, the one who suggested kidnapping you was me…!!!


It’s true.

Since you’re tired as well today, I’ll be leaving now.

Tomorrow’s Kiichi’s turn so you should be alright, but if your cold gets worse, make sure to say it.

Good night.


Well then, I’ll see you again in another 3 days.


Track 3: Choice


What a relief, you were still here.

The police arrived at Kouya’s house, and rather than asking about his circumstances as those concerned, they’re questioning him as though he’s a suspect. So it might be a matter of time before they discover this place.

No, even if caught, I won’t leave your side until the very end. If we can no longer be together then I’ll kill you and then kill myself.

Yes, I’m serious.

I don’t need a world without you, as long as you’re there then I-


I won’t change my mind.

What? Did you still think that you could persuade me? I’m not the kind man you think I am, you know?

Look, can you tell? Even if driven into a corner, when I’m with you, my body will heat up just like that. You see, I’m no longer a decent human being, and you should’ve understood that when I raped you that first night, no?

Give up and wait for the end.

ーーBecause you’re eternally my bride.


Happy End: Respective Hero and Heroine



That’s not it, I heard it but I just couldn’t believe it. Because you love me in a special sense, you don’t want me to become a criminal? Is that what you said?

No, there’s no way that’s true. I’ve rape you and I made you everyone’s bride at my own convenience.

Yes, I know, I’ve long since realized that this is wrong!!!

In the beginning, I was genuinely trying to save you. I tried to create a future where you can remain with everyone like you wanted in the past and I truly believed that it was ultimately for your sake.

However, in making you partner to everyone and seeing you exhausted, I realized that this isn’t it.


What you wanted was a happy future where you can live alongside everyone, right? And I can’t count this scattered situation as us four remaining together.

And aside from that, you never wanted to have sexual relations with everyone, did you? But I continued telling myself that it was necessary so that you could be happy in the future.

All I wanted was to protect my past promise with you.

But this is, this is……

This present isn’t what you wished for. Wanting to fulfill my promise, wanting future happiness for you, it was all me being stuck in the pastーit was all my own egoism.


In a corner of my mind, I probably knew, but I didn’t want to acknowledge it. Because if I did, you’ll go off to a place where my hands can’t reach.

To me, as someone who’s lived solely for your sake, it meant the loss of my entire world.

I…I was desperately clinging onto a collapsing platform, I’m sorry for saying that I loved you because I have no rights to say such things.

It won’t be much of an apology, but I’ll turn myself in and profess that I alone am the culprit.


I guess so. This is also part of my ego. However, I must be punished for tainting your purity…!!!

You want me to stay with you?

That’s not possible you’re a far more beautiful existence-

I’ll repeat it time and time again, but I think of you as a kind and lovely human being for forgiving everyone, and not as an accomplice.

Besides, you’re locked up right now so your senses are skewed. Surely if you go outside, your feelings will change.


It’s fine, I won’t turn myself in just yet. I hate causing you misfortune, so I can’t leave you alone whilst you’re crying like that.

I’m a bit curious about the situation outside so I’m taking a look that’s all.


ーーSeems like you’ve remembered everything.

Yes, what you’ve remembered just now are all true. You were imprisoned by us for over 2 months and were made to have sex every day.

And yet, you lied, didn’t you?

I heard from a passing policeman while on my way here that this was a runaway case.

Although your memories hadn’t completely returned, in the end, you covered for us. I’m sorry for hurting you up until the very end.


Eh? I’m mistaken?

I felt like that was the one thing that mustn’t be said, as expected, you’re good-natured to a fault.

Speaking of which, there’s one thing I’m unaware about so is it okay if I ask?

I’m referring to what happened after I left the room.

When I returned to the room a while later, for some reason, there wasn’t anyone there. And then the next time I found you, you were in a state of cardiac arrest upon the beach.

Even now, I can’t erase the image of the pale face you had at that time from the back of my mind.

Do you realize how badly I wanted to die whilst I was giving you CPR?

……I’m really glad that you were able to be resuscitated.


Hey, what happened to you after? Who tried to kill you?!!

I see, so that’s the one thing you can’t remember.

Heh? You don’t mind forgetting…?

No, you should be bothered by it. If anything, you ought to be concerned. I mean, you do remember the most important aspects in regards to being kidnapped, but if we don’t know who’s that final culprit is-

Eh? What’s most important isn’t that?


What I treasure most is your feelings of love for me as well. And so as long as you remember that, you don’t need anything else?

Huh? One more?

Yeah, if you so wish, I’ll kiss you as many times as you’d like.

It’s a final confirmation but, are you really okay with forgiving me?


What’s this? So you were worried about that? About how I might commit suicide had you not forgiven me.

But when it comes to that…

Well, I certainly can’t deny it. I intended to die had you told me that you’d never forgive me. Because of your persuasion at that time made me realize that I was wrong in my path.

I know, I won’t talk about dying anymore so, umm, could you move a little farther?

If you touch me like this, I won’t be able to hold back, in more ways than one.


Kisses are fine but please wait a little longer before going beyond that, you’re sick right now.

Eh? Is that really true? Did you really think of being embraced by me in the end and dying? But you don’t know who exactly tried to kill you though?

I see, so those emotions are all that you remember.

Good grief, you really are alluring, there’s no man who can resist such cute temptation. If they realize I had sex with you here, I’d be in for a massive scolding from your parents. So, try to keep your voice as low as possible.

Your moans are cute, but I don’t want them heard by other men.


Is it okay if I lick the tips of your toes today? I want to make love to your whole body.

There’s no need to be embarrassed right? You’re clean no matter what, they’re so beautiful that I want to kiss each and every one of your toes like this.

Your skin’s smooth and nice to the touch, for it to be this soft even down to your toes, I can never get tired of licking them.


No more feet…? Then where should I lick next?

Thighs maybe? Or perhaps your sides?

I know, this part’s ticklis,  right? But did you know? If you exploit these ticklish places, it’ll start feeling good.


It’s so soft and delicious.

I’m not saying that you’re chubby, I’m saying that the way you’re soft is cute.

Is this embarrassing as well? It can’t be helped then, I’ll go with your sides next.

I told you that you aren’t dirty, didn’t I? Or rather, it’s even more irresistible when it has your scent, so please let me lick it some more.


Your place here is wet with my saliva, and the way it’s indecent is arousing.

Sorry, was I a bit perverted there? I’ll rub your most pleasurable spot so forgive me, okay?

Where exactly?

……I’m referring to this place that always takes me in.


Huh? You’re already wet.

While calling me a pervert, you were turned on from it, weren’t you?

I’m not lying, as proof, more spills out if I simply trace along it like this. If I tease it together with your nipples, you’ll probably cum even without me touching this stiff part.

For your nipples to get this hard, it’s delicious.


Hmm? Stop? But why?

Oh, you don’t like it when it’s only on one side, then I’ll knead this one with my fingers.


Your entrance is twitching, it seems like you really are close to cumming merely from this place and your nipples.

Look, it’s gotten extremely wet. Are you really about to cum?

Go ahead, cum whenever you’d like.

Are you that against cumming?

You unintentionally stir me up far too greatly, if you say something like this, I won’t be able to remain gentle.


I’m putting it in.

That reminds me, I didn’t bring any condoms with me today, so let me insert it raw.

Sorry for more or less telling you after the fact.

That’s not it, I wasn’t trying to hide it, to be frank, that wasn’t what I intended. But you can’t object when I’m having sex with you like this, right?

This is bad, it feels way too good. Why are your insides so tight today?

If you squeeze down like that, I feel like it’ll all end in a single moment.


Eh? Oh, it’s fine, since I’m making more allowances than usual, I’m sure it won’t be painful for you to go more than 2 rounds. Or is it already hard on you now?

I see, that’s a relief. If it feels good then there aren’t any issues, I feel like I can go 3 rounds before pulling out.

It’s clenching down on me tightly, does this place really feel that good?

Eh? Because it’s me…?

Just how long do you plan to seduce me like that unintentionally before you’re satisfied? Or rather, it isn’t just limited to me, you’re way too kind, too sweet to all of us.

At any rate, who knows whether your place here will be violated by some other man so I ought to teach it that it’s mine.


It feels good. Are you feeling good as well?

I see, I’m happy that you’re feeling that good because of me.

I’m sorry but, I’m already at my limit, so is it okay if I cum inside? I’ll happily take responsibility, or is that no good?

Come on, I’ll end up cumming during your moment of hesitation. Because your insides feel so good, I feel like I’ll release a lot today.

It’s fine right? Then I’ll go ahead and cum inside.


I love you, I love you to the point that I’d gladly die for your sake.


Somehow it feels like this the most I’ve ever released thus far, your insides are filled with my cum.

This sensation…

Could it be that you came from being creampie-ed? How cute.

In truth, I want to continue on like this but let’s have a short break first.


It can’t be helped that I’ve lost my strength, it’s the disposition I was born with. Just that I’m unable to suppress my excitement when it comes to you.

I ought to be careful not to break you from too much sex, I might lose my restraint like that first night.

Hmm? Oh, are you still concerned about who suggested it in the first place?

Like I said, the one who incited everyone was me.

Yes, it’s true.


The habit I have when I’m lying is showing itself? What do you mean?

I’m asking precisely because I don’t know.

Hey, even you were the one who mentioned it, why are you then saying it doesn’t matter? I’m left here hanging, you know?

I see, that is true, it’s fine as long as you and I are happy.

I’m a useless half-baked person who couldn’t become neither a villain nor a hero but I’ll devote myself to you for the rest of my life, so please remain by my side.


Oh, err, your reply?

The proof of your vow is so passionate, if you make such a cool oath, I’ll slowly lose my standing.

Oh, but if I think about it carefully, you might’ve been like that since before.

You’re my one hero, my one heroine in this world.


Bad End: Everyone’s Bride


I’m glad you’ve finally given up, with this, both you and us will be happy.


Who is it?

Oh, it’s you Masayuki, I’ll come open the door so wait just a moment.

What!? The police have gotten that far?!!

This is faster than predicted……

I got it, I’ll go check the surroundings so please watch after her.

I’ll be back soon enough, so until then, get yourself prepared as you wait for me.

Masayuki, there’s something I’d like to speak to her about, so could you leave for a moment? Yeah, it’ll be over quick.


Seems like you’ve remembered everything.

Yes, what you’ve remembered just now are all true. You were imprisoned by us for over 2 months and were made to have sex every day.

And then, you rejected the proposal of becoming my bride and jumped from the cliff into the ocean.

Don’t lie, I’ve heard it from the others. “I hate Seiji so badly that it makes me want to die each time he embraces me,” is what you said.


You still plan to lie?!!

It doesn’t matter who said it, the reality is, you jumped into the ocean and tried to escape.

Yup, yup, Masayuki lamented over it, because he forgot to lock the door. And he cried so hard that it made you sorry for him.

Since he can’t find a way to atone for his actions, we decided to put Masayuki through bridal training as well.

However, today, I’ll be disciplining you.


There’s no point in being flustered now, the police won’t come. I heard from a passing policeman while on my way here that this was a runaway case.

Even though your memories hadn’t completely returned when you were questioned by the police, but to protect us regardless, jeez, as expected, you’re a good wife. Thanks to that, things proceeded smoothly.

Don’t cry, it hurts to see my goddess cry.

However, there’re still times where a god might be wrong, right? Because I’m your number 1 husband, and servant, I ought to put my goddess back onto the right track.

……And I’ll make it so that you can never leave me again.


You have recollections of this no? It’s the drug from that day.

So that you’ll be fully satisfied, I’ll apply plenty of it all the way deep inside.

Looks like it’s taking effort, it’s twitching, both inside and outside. Do you want it inside already?

Oh? But your body’s saying the exact opposite.

You realize it too, don’t you? Look, your place here is painfully leaking juice as though to say that it wants to be ravaged by me right away.

If you beg me like that, there’s no way I’d ignore that request, right?


For you to cum from having it inserted, you’ve come to like it quite a lot, haven’t you?

I love this place of yours as well, it’s so lewd and cute.

Don’t turn away, look this way.

Wait, I’ve been holding back today, so I’ll be able to pour it inside you right now.


There’s no way you could escape in this situation right? Just give up like you did that one time.


It’s squeezing down, it’s really tight, it’s so hot that I feel like I’m about to melt.

My mind’s all giddy, I feel extremely good too.

Hereafter, I’ll fuck you morning, day, and night. Everyone will have sex with you on the daily to that point that you lose the will to die.


Are you about to cum again?

Go ahead, I’m about to cum too. I’ll release it deep inside you.


Hahaha! I’m so looking forward to it, I wonder who’s child you’ll become pregnant with.

I’d like it to be mine, but even if they aren’t, I’ll love them all the same.

From now on, you’re eternally my, no, everyone’sーーbride.

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