【Translation】 W Face Majime Kareshi ≒ Hinekure Kuzu Official Tokuten


Thank You to Anon for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

IFストーリー 分裂したイチとセイと3P

CV: Hirakawa Daisuke (平川大輔)

IF Story: 3P with the Split Ichi and Sei


S: Ngh. Where are you going? Come on, sleep more, you’re thoroughly exhausted from last night’s sex, no?

I: Hmm? Why did you separate from me? Come on, come closer this way.

S: Hey, don’t take another person’s woman, Ichi.

I: Another person’s woman? What’s that supposed to be? She’s my girlfriend too, you know?

S: Like I said, I’m not handing her over to you.

I: That is my line. And in the first place, she was the girlfriend to only me.


S: What is it? Don’t scream, it’s annoying.

I: Is something the matter?

S: What are you saying? It’s only natural that both me and Ichi are here.

I: That’s right, you already know me and Sei are dual personalities.


I: Huh?

S: Huh? What? Was there supposed to be a mirror here…?

Both: There’s one more of me.

S: Don’t tell me Ichi is-

I: In other words, the one over there is Sei?

S: Why did we split into two???

I: How would I know that? There’s no way this could be real.

S: If so, is this a dream?


I: Hey, Sei don’t start sighing, let’s seriously think about how we got into this situation.

S: Whether I think about it seriously or not, it can’t be helped that we wound up splitting.

I: Can’t be helped? That’s…way too irresponsible.

S: Then aren’t you seeing a dream? A dream that feels extremely real.

I: Is that so…?

S: But well, I’m fine with either. If me and Ichi split, then there’s only one thing I ought to be doing.


S: I’ve always thought about making plenty of love with you with just me alone since before.

I: Hey, what you are doing in this state of emergency???

S: Did you not have the thought of wanting to have sex with her with your own body too?

I: T-that’s, no, that’s not it!!! Finding out the cause of this situation should come first.

S: In that case, you can go sit over there and think about how we got into this situation no? And the two of us will have some fun.


S: Don’t tell me to wait. Your face is bright red, and if I kiss and massage your breasts, your breathing becomes labored no? Let’s show that to Ichi.

I: Hey, stop it Sei…!!!

S: Look, whilst you say that, Ichi can’t take his eyes off of us. It seems like you surprisingly enjoy being watched.


S: See? Your nipples are erect. Even if I pinch them, and they swell and puff up enough to force back the tips of my fingers. How lewd,

I: Sei, don’t do it so roughly!

S: In this state, isn’t the place down below already wet?

S: Oi, spread your legs so that Ichi can clearly see the hole down below that’s dripping liquid.


S: Are you that happy to be seen by Ichi? And those insides are twitching, and seem to want it.

S: I guess it can’t be helped, I’ll churn your insides into a mess with my fingers.

S: You suddenly swallowed up two fingers, haven’t you? Do you want more?


S: Huh? Ichi, could it be that you got hard from watching us do naughty things?

I: T-that’s…

S: What with that? Don’t try to fool me, if you don’t have an erection then show it to us. Oh, you’re curious too, right?

I: You low-life.

S: It’s too late now no? Since you’re all prepared, come join us as well.

I: Hah!? Don’t tell me you’re planning to have the 3 of us mingle? That’s way too loose.

S: In that case, watch us have sex from over there.

I: That’s…there’s no way I could sit by and watch, you know? Rather than Sei, look at me.


S: What do you think? How does it feel to be caressed by both me and Ichi?

I: Sei, pull out your fingers from inside her, I want to churn it up too.

S: Then just insert them inside as well. Don’t worry since it’s loosened up this much, it can easily swallow up four fingers.

I: You’re asking the unreasonable again.

S: Whilst you were complaining, you shoved them in too, did you not?

I: I don’t want her to moan from just your touch.


I: Hey, my fingers feel better, right?

S: Hmm? You can’t tell? Even though you’re swallowing up both mine and Ichi’s fingers so deliciously? Aren’t you no longer satisfied with mere fingers?

I: Do you want me to put it in? If so…

S: Put it in, I’ll give the first turn to you.

I: That surprised me, I thought Sei would surely insert it first.

S: Today, I’m handing that over to you. In exchange, I’ll take the back hole.


I: You’re inserting it into her butt!?

S: A place that Ichi still hasn’t violated yet, I’m inserting it into a place where she still has her virginity.

S: Look, I’ll loosen up the back hole with my fingers that are wet with the slippery love juices that spilled out from that hole.

S: How tight, however, it’s squeezing tightly around my fingers. Hehe, were you expecting something? I’ll train you so that you can properly feel pleasure from your ass.


I: I’m shocked, I can’t believe you’re doing her butt.

S: Well you definitely won’t do it after all. Besides, since you’re doing her first, there’s no way you could understand how I feel.

S: Though if you let me do it first, that’s a different story.

I: I won’t surrender that to you.


I: I’m putting it in then. Relax, okay?

I: It feels good, your insides are all wet.

S: Aah…you’re making such a pleasurable expression. But well, since you’ve swallowed up three fingers, it’ll be fine no?

S: I’ll be putting it in, don’t worry, I’ll do it slowly.


S: How is it? Is it not hard on you?

S: Tight!

I: Your insides are squeezing down so hard.

S: It’s painfully tight. Hey, are you alright?

I: Is your butt okay? You’re tearing up, does it not hurt? You must’ve been startled from your butt being used so suddenly right?

I: Come here, I’ll kiss you.

S: Tch, you’re taking all the tasty bits. But I’ve already entered all the way.


S: It’s in, I’ll start moving then.

S: This is bad, I won’t be able to last with this.

S: Are you already about to cum too? And Ichi’s making a face like he’s about to cum as well. Jeez, that part feels too good.

I: Sei too right?

S: If she clenches down on me like that, of course I’ll cum.

I: To squeeze me this tightly, are you feeling it even from your butt?


S: The figure of you feeling complete pleasure from being penetrated from both the front and back is incredibly lewd.

S: To feel it to this extent even though it’s your first time, don’t you think you have talent?

I: Are you feeling good from even your butt? …I might just be a little jealous of Sei.

S: Then about how you try it next Ichi?

S: But right now, let all 3 of us climax together.


I: Let’s do it again.

I: That was too sudden wasn’t it? But did it feel good?

I: Me too.

S: Same.

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