【Translation】 W Face Majime Kareshi ≒ Hinekure Kuzu Stellaworth Tokuten


Thank You to Anon for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

アフターストーリー 二重人格のイチとセイと3P

CV: Hirakawa Daisuke (平川大輔)

Another Story: 3P with the Dual Personalities Ichi and Sei


I: Oh you’ve arrived, I’ve been waiting for you. Are you properly finished with your job?

I: I see, you stay up all night, no? Thank you for all your hard work.

I: If showing appreciation makes you lively then I’ll thank you as much as you’d like. Come on, enter, and I’ll brew you some coffee as well.


I: I’ll go brew some coffee right away so could you sit down and wait for me?


I: Sorry for keeping you waiting. Wait, huh? Did you by any chance fall asleep?

I: As expected, you’re pretty exhausted, aren’t you? And yet, you came to see me, and that makes me extremely happy.

S: I guess it can’t be helped. There’s no need to worry about me, take your time and rest.

S: Huh? You woke up? …I’m sorry for disturbing you.

S: What’s wrong? Why are you staring at me so intently?


S: You can’t tell whether I’m Ichi or Sei? Hehe, I won’t say that I’m Sei.

S: That aside, since you’re awake, let’s have sex. It’s been a while since we last saw each other, so I’m a bit wound up.

S: It’s fine, right?


S: Oh? You’re planning to say that I’m Sei until the bitter end? Don’t you think I’d be hurt if I were Ichi?

S: It hurts? But your nipples are really erect, you know?

S: So you enjoy pain too don’t you? In that case, I’ll pull your nipples really hard.

S: So you’re calling me Sei even during a time like this, somehow, it makes me want to shove it in immediately.


S: Come on, lick it. If you don’t get it wet, you’re the one who’ll be hurting when I jam it in you know?

S: Mmm, this is good. There are things you’ve been trained for by Sei. Come on, make it more shiny with your saliva.

S: Oh, you don’t have to pleasure me, I’ll be shoving it inside you immediately once you get it wet.

S: Then as a reward, I’ll thrust it in, alright?


S: Ahh…I’m too impatient to remove your underwear, I guess I’ll leave them on.

S: Does it hurt? Come on, relax, and I’ll insert it slowly.

S: That’s right, I’m Sei. Although these are my own words, I tried to imitate Ichi, and yet despite that, you clearly knew it was me. I was Ichi up just before you dozed off to sleep, you see.

S: I see, you can tell.


S: Sorry sorry, but because you said such cute things, I came out. To say that you can tell us apart is the best pick-up line.

S: Come on, a bit more and it’ll reach the deep inside you.

S: It’s in.

S: How is it? Does it hurt…? In that case, I’ll slowly start moving. If I churn up your pleasurable spots, you’d feel good no?


S: You can hear these lewd sounds can’t you? Even if you’re embarrassed, it’ll only stir up a man even more.

S: I’ll stop holding back and penetrate your deepest spots.

S: Call my name more. Call out Sei.

S: Good girl, I love you. I won’t say that a second time.


I: Did it feel good?

I: Hmm? What’s wrong? Why do you believe I’m Ichi, the one who was having sex with you was Sei, no?

I: I wonder why you’re able to distinguish the differences between me and Sei?

I: Hehe, I see. I love you too.


I: Because you said such cute things, I became all energetic again.

I: Here I go then.

I: What a cute voice, does it place feel good?

I: You can’t? Why…? It’s fine, become wasted, not just Sei, feel me too.


I: Look, this place feels good right? It’s irresistible.

I: How does it compare with the experience with Sei? Does it feel like you are being embraced by Sei? Or can you properly sense that you’re being loved by me?


S: You can’t tell? It feels much better with me than with Ichi, doesn’t it?

I: Jeez…even though it’s supposed to be my turn, why did Sei come out I wonder?

S: It’s fine, no? Let the 3 of us enjoy it together.

S: The one who’s fucking you right now…

I: Which one of us is it?


I: Good grief, how mean. But I guess so, even if I try to imitate the way Sei talks, you can properly tell that it’s me.

I: I know, right? You’re moaning so pleasurably from being thrusted into.

S: Of course not, you feel it more from being hit with my semen, right? Look, your insides have been squeezing me tightly since earlier as though it’s trying to squeeze me dry.

I: I feel extremely good too. Or rather, I am about to cum soon.

I: Is it okay if I cum?

S: I want to cum too.

I: You too? You have a body that’s quite weak to pleasure, don’t you? But I love that lewd you.

S: I too feel like I can cum countless times if it’s you. I’ll cum then, okay?


I: I’m cumming, it feels incredibly good. But, but-


I: It felt really good.

I: I love you.

S: Same, it felt so good that my brain was about to melt.

S: I love you.

I: From now on, please accept the share of love from both of us, okay?

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