【Translation】 W Face Majime Kareshi ≒ Hinekure Kuzu Animate Tokuten


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IFストーリー 双子のイチとセイと3P

CV: Hirakawa Daisuke (平川大輔)

IF Story: 3P with Twins Ichi and Sei


S: Hey, hey wake up.

I: Sei she’s sleeping so let her sleep, she’s surely tired.

S: But we finished the manuscript no? I thought we’d be able to have lots of sex with her once we’re done, and even you were thinking the exact same thing no?

I: I mean, I guess so. I thought that well…we could take our time and do it slowly, after such a time.

S: I know right? And so, wake up.

I: Sei!


S: Oh, she’s awake.

I: I’m sorry, even though you were sleeping, you got woken up by Sei.

S: Huh? What’s wrong?

I: There is, after all this is my and Sei’s workplace.

S: Oi oi, are you half-asleep? There’s no way me and Sei are one person. Though certainly, we do resemble each other to the point that it’s like looking into a mirror.

I: We are a set of identical twins, even our parents lamented over the fact that they couldn’t distinguish us apart. You’re probably the only one who’s able to tell us apart.


S: Split personalities…? What are you talking about?

I: Is that err, both me and Sei are the same person and are two separate personalities?

S: Of course not. Were you not seeing a dream?

I: Could it be that there’s still feelings of guilt inside you?

S: Hah? Oh, you were worried about that weren’t you? About the fact that you couldn’t choose between me and Ichi. But having the 3 of us date felt insincere to you, though us two aren’t concerned at all about that.

I: Whether it’s okay or not, from our perspective, we prayed that we wanted to date you even if it were two of us at the same time. Rather than declining by saying that you wouldn’t date because you couldn’t choose between us, I’d be happy if you went out with either one of us.


S: But well, it will be a bit of an irregular relationship though. However, once we agree to it, no one will complain. Isn’t that right?

I: Mmm…don’t make that face. Like Sei said earlier, we don’t mind it. If you still feel guilty despite that, I’ll send those feelings flying.

S: I suppose so. Your heart might be wavering because our love wasn’t enough. In other words, I’ll make plenty of love with you.


S: You’re properly entwining your tongue with mine, good girl.

I: Next is this me.


I: Has our love been conveyed?

S: Hehe, this is still far from enough right? You want to feel our love with more of your entire body, don’t you?

I: This is true. Then, let’s go over to the bed.

S: I’ll make love to you intensely enough that you can’t say such things.

I: Come on, stick your tongue straight. Well done.


S: I’m finished getting ready too. After that, it’s just your underwear.

S: Look, your nipples are already erect, aren’t they? Did it feel good being kissed by us? Or…were you waiting to be caressed like this?


I: I’m a bit jealous that you’ve been brought to tears by Sei like that.

S: I’m just faster, no? Sorry but, I’ll be the one thoroughly caressing his girl’s breast first.

I: Jeez…making such a melted expression, does it feel good having your breasts played with by Sei?

S: Of course it feels good, right?

I: Then how about I make love to the spot below?


I: Come on, open your legs.

I: Hehe, your underwear is drenched with your love juices. If it’s this wet, it must be painfully throbbing no? You poor thing, I’ll comfort you right now okay?

I: It’s bright red. It’s inviting me to quickly suck it.


S: What’s this? Did you cum from being sucked by Ichi? As always, you have quite the sensitive body, don’t you?

S: However you want to feel enough pleasure to the point that you lose more of your mind right? You love feeling good from your nipples right? See?

S: What do you think? How does it feel to have your erogenous zone​s all teased at the same time?

S: I couldn’t quite hear that. Though with your mouth gaping open and shut, I guess there’s no way you aren’t feeling it.


S: Your hips are shaking, are your insides feeling lonely?

I: Hey, I want to feel good as well but umm…is it okay if I enter inside?

I: Thank you. Well then, I’ll be going ahead of you, Sei.

S: I get it, I’ll be putting it inside her as well after you.

I: I know, but right now, please continue caressing her breasts so that she could feel even better.

S: Yeah. Come on, you’re putting it in no? Let’s switch positions.

I: I’m putting it in then.


S: Both of you are making such pleasurable expressions.

I: It’s all in. Is it alright if I move?

I: I see. Then, I’ll gradually start moving, okay?


I: It feels good.

S: Making such a lewd face and letting out such a naughty voice. Say, could you make me feel good as well? …Using that mouth up top.

I: Sei…?

S: Come on, put your mouth around me. I thoroughly taught you how to perform fellatio, no?

I: Jeez, it can’t be helped.


S: The movements of your hips have gotten faster Ichi. You must be jealous of the fellatio, aren’t you?

I: Would it be a lie if I were to say that I weren’t jealous?

S: In that case, you can simply get her to give you fellatio when I’ll be thrusting her.

I: Even if you don’t tell me to do so, I was planning to anyways.

S: Haha, you’re unexpectedly dirty eh.

I: I’m from the same egg as Sei after all. Besides if it’s her, her mouth, her butt, or wherever else, I’d want to love them all.

S: I wonder about that?


S: You’ve gotten better at blowjobs haven’t you? Even though I had confidence in my stamina, at this rate, I’ll cum.

I: Me too. Her insides feel so good that I can’t last any longer.

I: I can’t, I’m cumming!

S: Same. Don’t spill, swallow it all.


I: It felt really good.

S: I felt good too.

I: In that case, could please you give me a blowjob next?

S: Say, it’s my turn to penetrate you isn’t it?


S: Aah…jeez, Ichi’s sperm is dripping down. I’ll overwrite it for you.

I: I’ll change the taste inside of your mouth to the taste of my semen, okay? Come on, swallow me up.

S: Not yet. I still haven’t made love to you enough.

I: Me neither, let’s thoroughly enjoy this until morning, okay?

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