【Translation】 Kare no Plus Minus Jijou 3 +Hetare na Ojisan -Nikushoku na Kare Stellaworth Tokuten


Thank You to Anon for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Katou Masayuki (加藤将之)

Track 1: Mimosa Yellow


I’m here. At the back, in front of the water fountain.


Oh, thank you for coming. Sorry for calling on you so suddenly, you were surprised, weren’t you?

Well…I was actually supposed to be scheduled for a business trip all the way until tomorrow. But there was an abrupt change in circumstances for the other party, so the facility inspection was canceled.

After the academic conference was over, I returned here on foot.

I could’ve returned home for the moment but it was precisely around the time your part-time shift was over so I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to meet each other outside over so often.


Hey hey, is it something to be that happy about?

Though it is true that’s rare for us to meet each other outside on our way home from work. You only ever see me in casual clothing at home so to meet you outside in a suit is somehow a bit refreshing.

That’s right, since this is a rare opportunity, how about we do something different from the usual today?

Yup, let’s do something special at places that we generally don’t visit. An irregular date once in a while is nice is it not?

If that’s decided upon, then we ought to start making preparations.


Hmm, jeans?

There’s still 20 minutes until 8 p.m. so we can still make it in time. The theory is to apply magic on a special night no?


This girl will have a Mimosa. And I…that’s right, I’ll have Old Pulteney on the rock.

Is it really okay for me to decide? It’s made with orange juice and champagne so I thought it’d be easy for you to drink.

Hehe, I guess so. The cocktail selection is so vast so it’s hard to know what to choose and I’m not that knowledgeable either.

Yup, I exclusively drink whiskey. Oh they’re here. Thank you.



Looks like you’ve taken a liking to it, that’s a relief.

Mimosa’s a pretty name isn’t it? In the place I used to live in the past, it was called Buck’s Fizz, but Mimosa’s got a better ring to it.

Eh? Mimosa’s the name of a flower?

Speaking of which, that one-piece has a lovely color just like this cocktail.

Mimosa yellow? …It suits you really well.

It’s fine, I’ve already received plenty of thanks from you. To visit this type of place, you need to dress-up to some extent no? Personally, the mere act of seeing your happy face is worth casting the magic.

Yup yup, that’s the smile I’m referring to.


Looks like the tension has finally been relieved. Certainly, it’s nerve-wracking to be drinking at a bar for the first time in your life, especially in such a beautiful hotel bar.

Huh? Me?

I guess so. I don’t often come here myself but occasionally I’d visit with my acquaintances from work. Oh that reminds me, I had some drinks here with Miwatari last month.

You know them too right? The older of the Miwatari brothers? If I remember correctly, his younger brother studied at the same university as you.

Hmm? Asking me why am I talking about this now, that’s hard to answer. I met Miwatari through a project so I feel like it’s mostly discussions about work.

Of course there were normal conversations, about alcohol, our company or about you.


That’s just because he’s a mutual acquaintance, I never imagined that you two had known each other for that long.

He was shocked when I told him that I was your step-uncle.

You seem happy, are you that curious about Miwatari? You’re close in age so you two are childhood friends no? Well?

Master, thank you for the drinks. I’d like to request the bill.

Let’s go.

……I’ll teach you just who exactly is your lover.


Sweet, it tastes of orange. I don’t drink sweet cocktails but tasting it like this seems nice.

Whoa there! There’s no time for you to rest.

Don’t run, come on, open your mouth some more.


Your lips have turned red from being kissed too much. And your cheeks and your neck have become this heated.

Were you turned on from the intensity?

Oh? Because you’re drunk? Then don’t you think it’s better to take off your clothes? Don’t refrain yourself, it’s hot no? I’ll give you a hand.

Did you know? The reason a man gives clothes as a present is to season something most delicious to their own preferences and to savor it in its most delicious state.


How beautiful, your pale skin is stained with red.

As expected, you look extremely tasty.


Even though I haven’t touched them, your nipples are already stiff.

It’s not a lie. Look, they’ve got bigger again.

Were you imagining it while we were kissing? Imagining how I would touch your breasts or how I would tease the place below, they swelled up from the anticipation no?

That’s not it? I see, then I guess I won’t touch you.

Because you weren’t hoping for it so it’s fine is it not? I wouldn’t want to force anything on you.

Oh? So you want to be touched eh. In what way?

I’m sorry for not meeting those expectations. Come on, tell me how you want it.


Got it, as you wish.

It’s steadily becoming harder. I know, I’ll give this side some love as well.


It appears that you’re feeling it more than usual. Drinking at the hotel bar, and being brought to the hotel room in that state, were you excited from the atypical situation?

Mean? Me? How upsetting, I merely wish to do what my cute little lover wants.

Say, what do you want me to do next? And how would you like me to do it? Well?

I can’t tell if all you tell me is that you want it. What is it that you want me to do?

Mhm, you’ve said it loud and clear.

Can you wait until I take off my own clothes? Good girl.


It’s extremely wet. …So your body wanted me that badly.

I’ll be inserting my fingers okay?

No, not yet. No matter how wet it is, if I don’t get it accustomed to it, it’ll be painful, no? You’re a good girl, so please wait a little longer.


Ah…your insides are already a mess. It swallowed it up all the way so easily, you were really feeling it weren’t you?

There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, it makes me happy.

With this, it looks like I can increase it by one more.

Does it feel good? Well?

I see, go ahead and feel pleasure from my fingers. Remember the shape and movements of my fingers, feel it to the extent that no matter how you tease yourself, it wouldn’t be enough.

Become a body that can’t come without me.

Hmm? Why are you grabbing my arm? It’ll be rough if I stop now, it’s best you cum at least once…


I see, so you want to climax with me.

I want you as well. I want to devour all of the delicious looking you.

It’s the usual confirmation, but did you take your pills properl-hehe, let me finish what I was saying.

Though to be frank, I don’t have any composure left. I’m putting it in okay?


It feels good.

Your insides are so hot that I’m about to melt.

Hehe, your insides are really wrapping around me. As though to scream that you love me, it’s extremely……

Hmm? Not just with your insides, you’re planning to say it with your mouth too?

I’m happy. I love you too, I love you.

I love you, I love you.

Love you.


Come on, look me in the eyes.

The one who’s embracing you right now is me. The one who loves you more than anyone else is one. The one who’s your lover is…

Haha, you got to it before me. That’s right, it’s me.

You belong to me, I won’t hand you over to anyone else.


Huh? You’re happy? You…if you squeeze down hard, I’ll cum.

I’m about to cum. Listen, I’ll fill these insides completely and taint both the insides and outside with me.


Amazing. I’m cumming!


Ah, I let out quite a lot didn’t I?

Let’s adhere to each other like this for the time being. I don’t want to leave your insides yet.


Did it feel good?

Me too, it felt so good and I was happy.


Sorry for teasing you.

Hmm? It was because you looked so happy when you asked me about Miwatari……and I became jealous.

Eh? Was I mistaken? Certainly, I was the one who brought up Miwatari, but then why were you so into it?

I see, so you were happy that I talked to him about you.


I’m sorry, I’ll do anything to compensate you for this. Something you like or a place you’d want to visit, go ahead and request anything.

Are you fine with just that?

Good grief, having another date after work, that doesn’t count as much of a request though?

I understand, if that’s what you want then let’s set a day where we go outside for a date each week.


Whoa, the one who should be happy is me, is it not?

Thank you.


Hmm? My lover is so cute that I simply couldn’t help myself anymore. How about we go one more round?

……This time, I’ll be gentle.

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