【Translation】 Omiai Renai no Susume case.1 Shiroyama Reiji


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お見合い恋愛のスゝメ case.1 城山玲司

CV: Nojima Hirofumi (野島裕史)

Track 1: Surprise Marriage Partner


Uncle: I know that you’re nervous, but since we’ve already come this far we can’t just leave.

Uncle: Well…don’t be so stiff, I don’t mind if you change your mindset to “let’s just try meeting them for the time being.”

Uncle: Err, the next turn is that way right?


Uncle: Oh it’s been a long time hasn’t it Shiroyama!

Yes, it’s been a while.

Uncle: You’ve been amazing lately, haven’t you? Your father had been praising you as well.

No, I’m still nowhere close.

Uncle: Look at you being all modest. We’ll be in your care today.

I’ll be in your care as well. And so the person you wanted me to meet is…hah!? Y-You’re-

Uncle: Do you two know each other?


Hey, are you finished with the in-house monitor aggregation?

Thank you.

You…did you check it properly before letting me see it? Take a good look.

This part is entirely last year’s data, and here, the format is completely disorganized to the point that I can’t read the proceedings. Plus there’s a simple calculation mistake here.

So how much can you fix?

It shouldn’t take that much time right? Okay, I give you 1 hour. Finish it with that 1 hour.

Originally it was supposed to be done by now, so it’s not unreasonable, is it? Things have turned out this way because you’re not properly considering the kind of duties your job actually entitles at all in your mind.

If that’s not completed, I can’t continue on with my own work you know?


I know you’re sorry, but it’ll be of greater help if you can just quickly pull up the data.

…I wonder if I should alter it?


Hmm…we made it just in time.

Uh-huh, data’s now of the current year and the formatting looks fine.

I’ll say this, but this is only natural. Please be more careful next time and please make several copies of this.


Uncle: Oh it’s quite the surprise that you two were acquainted after working on the same project together.

Indeed, that’s the case……what is the meaning of this-

Uncle: Why isn’t that wonderful! Besides, that makes for a quick talk if both of you already know each other. And so, I’ll now leave. Go ahead and take your time okay?

W-w-wait a minute!!!


Why are we in this situation……

In any case, let’s sit.


Hmm? Then, you came today without knowing I was your marriage interview partner either.

Yeah, I heard it was someone from the company but I didn’t think it’d be you. My mother has continuously set me up with potential partners since she wants me to hurry up and get married.

I was planning to refuse again in kind this time so I didn’t do a full check on who the other party was.

What about you? Do you often come to these things?


I see. You’re still young, after all. But based on the look, it appears that your uncle wants to quickly see you married as well.

Good grief, even though the people involved don’t have that sentiment at all…it’s troubling.

I guess so. I thought it’ll happen someday, but right now, I’m in the position of project leader, so focusing my efforts on that is the natural answer.

You were participating in an in-house recruitment a while earlier, right? Was it the bridal sector?

It’s good that you have a goal. That zeal is especially important in becoming the rookie-of-the-year. Though before the company itself, you might have to convince your parents first.


You’ll be busy so isn’t marriage impossible right now, no?

Pfft. Is that so? Seems like we have mutual interests. So how about you live together with me from now on?

I’m not yet considering the marriage between us but if I were to decline today, I’d simply be set up with a new partner either way. Since we know each other to some extent, don’t you think it’ll be a clever idea for us to mutually join hands?

Of course, us dating is only for outwards appearances.

I apologize for the inconvenience on your part, but the house that my fiancee and I are meant to live in has already prepared.


There’s no need to worry, although it’s not some large mansion, there’s more than enough space and rooms for two people.

We’ll sleep in separate bedrooms plus it’s close to the company.

Well…I won’t force you if you’re against it no matter what. So what do you think?

Oh? Okay, I got it.


Uncle: How was it? Did it go well?

Yes, she’s such a wonderful lady that I feel like she’s a waste on me. We’ve talked about it together and I’d like to seriously consider our future.

Uncle: Oh, that’s wonderful!

It’s a bit abrupt, but I’d like to move her into my house tomorrow.

Uncle: I was planning to discuss that, to begin with. I have no issues with it.

Uncle: Yup, tomorrow. Your parents have also agreed to it. I thought you’d become more nervous and tilt your head down after saying this, but there doesn’t seem to be a need for concern.


Anyhow, I’ll be in your care from now on.


Track 2: An Odd Life Living Together


Phew. Leave your luggage there for now, I’ll carry them to your room after.

Because it was on short notice, there’s nothing more than your basic necessities but you can gradually add onto it later.


How long do you plan to stand there? Hurry up, get inside, and take a seat. After all, starting today, this is also your home.

Haa…have you still not grasped this situation yet?

If so, you should’ve blatantly refused on the spot. I wasn’t trying to force you into it, you know?

I have no idea about that. In any case, since you’ve already come this far, you can’t just apply to resign. Like I said yesterday, it’s not all bad news for you, no? Think about the merits and quickly learn to accept it, otherwise, it’ll only tire you out.

No matter how you think about it, it’s your own selfishness. You’ll be living here for at least 3 months, after all.


What are you surprised for? It can’t be helped right? We can’t abolish our cohabitation that early on, you know?

Besides, our current project will take precisely 3 months to complete. I’d like to concentrate on work and not be forced into marriage meetings thank you very much.


Hmph. Have you finally understood?

Well, knowing when to give up is also important.

Don’t hang your head down like that, I won’t do anything you’d consider bad. Even if we’re eating dinner together, you have complete privacy outside of that. Let’s take care as to not match our bath and sleep timings as much as possible since you are in fact a woman.

Though if there’s something you desireーーthat’s a different story.


You know, you should at least tell when it’s a joke. I told you that us dating is for outwards appearances, did I not?

My bad then. In any case, we are merely roommates. Rest assured, as long as we don’t meddle with each other more than necessary, I have no intention of acting as I do in the company.

Afterwards, hmm…that’s right, we ought to decide on the basic rules for living together.

For cleaning, since it’s my house, I’ll do it. You just have to tidy your own room. Speaking of which, can you cook?

I see, then how about we split the meal preparations equally?

Hmph, was that unexpected? I can’t make anything too amazing, but I’m more or less capable of preparing regular home-cooking because although I look this way, I’ve been living alone for a long time.


Yup. Now then, although it’s abrupt, which one of us will be preparing tonight’s dinner?

Is that so? I don’t mind cooking in order to prove it to you after this discussion.

That’s a woman’s pride? I don’t quite understand it, but if you’re going as far as to say that then I’ll leave today to you.

Go ahead and use all the ingredients freely, I’ll be looking forward to it.


So the main dish is nikujaga, how nice and homey.

Hmm? Certainly, with this being your strong point, it looks delicious. Now then, let’s quickly dig in.

Thank you for the meal.

Kuh hack-hack! So salty…!!! What the hell is this?!! You confused the sugar and salt didn’t you!? Not only that, just how much did you add???

See? It’s extremely salty.

You’re careless even when it comes to this, weren’t you supposed to be good at cooking? You should at least be able to ascertain which one’s salt and which one’s sugar based on appearance, no?


If you understand then enough with the apologies, please be careful about it next time.

More importantly, what shall we do about dinner?

No, it feels like a waste to throw it away. To completely remove the salt that has soaked into the ingredients is frankly difficult, but we can just change it into something that’s supposed to be salty, to begin with, no?

I’ll lend you a hand.


That’s right, if I remember correctly, there were panko bread crumbs in the kitchen.

Thank goodness, I think we can make something fried then. I’m not confident that we’ll be able to succeed, but how about we try it?


It was more delicious than you had imagined right?

I was dubious whether it’d work, but it’s well seasoned and the flavor’s in the rice as well so the result’s alright, isn’t it?

What? Were you doubting my ability to cook?

It has nothing to do with my father being a company president. Although I look like this, I practically never go out to eat. I have no interest in living a flashy lifestyle.

With that in mind, sorry about before. When you entered the company, I was rambling on and on about being cautious.


No, even after telling you all that, I didn’t lose confidence in you.

From the observations I made next to you, I can tell there were merits in your skill in regards to cooking. You made some accidental mistakes because it was a kitchen you’ve never used, right?

Because that’s what I actually believe.

And so, although it’s strange to say this, could you let me eat your cooking again tomorrow?


Good answer, I’ll be anticipating it.


Track 3: A Side You Never Knew


You’re still awake? I just happened to be brewing some coffee to keep myself awake.

I don’t mind it but are you fine with coffee as well?

About this much is enough, too much of it and you won’t be able to sleep.

I’m fine, I can’t afford to sleep just yet.

Yes, the necessary documents for tomorrow’s business negotiations were untouched so I plan to at least complete them.

No, I appreciate your sentiments but the contents are deep so it’ll be difficult to explain. Plus it isn’t a never-ending amount so I can settle it myself.

Uh-huh, you have work tomorrow as well. Try not to sleep too late, okay?


Huh? The lights are still…why’s she up this late?

Hey, you’ve got work tomorrow so keep things in moderation.

…What am I? Her dad?

Hey, are you there? I’m coming in.


What? She dozed off?

Good grief, just how worrying of a person, are you? Though, it’s partially my fault for being so swayed by it.

Haa…falling asleep while working, but was she that engaged with work?

This is, I see, this is the in-house recruitment passage. This was this girl’s dream, wasn’t it? To summarise this finely, just when is she sleeping?


I guess I should go to sleep now.

I’ll fall asleep soon enough even if I drink coffee.


Okay, this works. She’s sleeping so soundly even though it’s on a desk. I wonder if I should pinch her nose?

What an innocent sleeping face, it’s almost like a child’s.

Though when I look at it this way, it’s not pretty or anything.


Jeez, falling asleep your door unlocked despite living together with a man, I wonder exactly what kind of dream you’re carelessly seeing?

You can’t complain no matter what I do, got it?

Take your time to rest, and have a good dream.


I guess with that expression, there’s no need for me to worry.

See you tomorrow at the company, then.


Track 4: Heading towards a Dream


You…although you’re done with your shift, don’t run inside the company.

Good grief, so what’s wrong? Weren’t you seemingly in a rush?

Oh, about that matter? How was it?

I see. Isn’t that wonderful? With this, you can truly do what is it you wanted. After all is said and done, it’s roughly finalized, right?

Because I know you’re hard-working, I’m happy as though it were me.


You seem quite happy, don’t you? …Just that your workplace will be further away so you might be able to commute there from our current house.

No, it’s nothing. I’m in charge of tonight’s dinner, right? I’ll make whatever you want.


Can you drink?

Then let’s celebrate when we get home.

What alcoholic beverages do you prefer? I’ll drink anything so we’ll go based on your preferences…


You, yourself, said that you could tolerate alcohol, did you not?

Listen, being able to drink isn’t referring to the physical act of drinking. It means being able to drink in a way that doesn’t trouble other people and I certainly can’t say that about you who’s drunk from only this amount.

All drunkards say that, you know?

Don’t go “Eh?”

Haa…you’ve done well to remain a working adult despite being this way.

Huh? You don’t become like this during drinking parties? What do you usually do then?


Oh, the taste disappears along the way…then what about today? Did you taste it properly?

I see, so the people around you switched it to water. What a wise decision, it’ll be bad to have an impolite person around even if it is a drinking party.

Nope, it’s nothing. Don’t mind it.

Look, I’ll refill it so drink some more.

Surely the drunkness has gotten around to you, hasn’t it? It’s a shame not to taste it after you finally got the chance to drink. You can still continue, no?

Come on, drink more.


You drank quite a lot, didn’t you? …But it was water though. How do you feel? Though even if I didn’t ask, you still seem drunk.

Are you still planning to say that despite it being this late into the game?

What is it? Are you going to say that you’re sleepy this time? If you’re going to sleep, go back to your room and do it there.

I can tell, your eyelids are shutting.

……I guess when I have a serious conversation with her, I ought to make alcohol a taboo.


Did you hear what I just said? It wouldn’t be much of a discussion, however, I was thinking about ending this cohabitation situation.

There’s no particular reason behind it. It isn’t a distance that you can travel from here, you know? Do you intend to commute by bullet train every day? Could be that you haven’t noticed?


I guess so, it hasn’t sunken in as reality for me either. It’s surprising since we’ve only been together for 2 months, but I honestly cannot imagine this house without you.

I didn’t say I was lonely, don’t jump to the wrong conclusion, okay?

Go say that to the person you’re dating, it’s not something you should recklessly say to a man you have no relations with.

Good grief, do you really understand? You seem pretty tired as well.

Hey, can you stand? I’ll support you by the shoulder to your room, okay?

Crap, that was dangerous. I guess it can’t be helped, wrap your arms around my neck and hold on tight. I’ll carry you there.


What? How are you heavy? In fact, you should eat a bit more.


No, I don’t mind. Most importantly, you’re suddenly meek. Have you sobered up?

Yes, all sorts of blunders, but you were drunk. Rest assured, I don’t mind it at all. However, now that you’re sober, I’ll say just this…you’re better off never drinking in front of men, of course that includes company get-together as well.

Rather than horrible, you’re far too defenseless. You’re dense to begin with so you should already be fairly vigilant.

It’s a fact, no? If you have too many chinks in your armor, you can’t complain when a guy with ulterior motives does something to you.

For exampleーー

It wouldn’t be strange for this to happen.


It’s a joke, I have no intention of laying hands on a drunkard. But with this you understand right? You can never be too cautious.

Sorry for being firm. I’ll excuse myself now, it’ll be bad if you actually get the wrong idea.

Sleep properly with futon on okay?

That reminds me, I forgot one more thing.


It’s compensation for letting you have your way. I’m just receiving the reward for carrying you all the way here.

You don’t have to struggle so much, it’s not like it’s your first time.

Hmph. Then be bothered by it all you want because I was thoroughly manipulated by you earlier.


Track 5: Feelings that couldn’t be Spoken


Come on, it’s only a bit further so walk properly. Good grief, I’m watching over you since you’re the star today, but now you’re this mess.

Like I said, that’s what everyone says when they’re drunk. Even though I warned you that even with that amount, it’s too much to be drinking…

Look, we’ve arrived.


What’s wrong? You’re suddenly quiet. Are you perhaps feeling unwell?

Aah…that’s right. When you move away the day after tomorrow, at the same time, this life of living together will end.

Speaking of which, how far has your preparation progressed? When I took a glance at it, it wasn’t quite-no, it doesn’t look like it’s near completion. I’ll take the entire day off tomorrow as well.

It can’t be helped, I’ll help you out.


That’s unexpected, you were thoroughly against it at the start so, to be frank, I thought that you’d be feeling relieved.

I suppose so. There were many shocking things in the beginning, but at some point, being together felt only natural, plus I’ve come to believe that being swayed by your unpredictable behavior wasn’t too bad either. Good grief, what has become of me.

Ah no, it’s nothing. Please forget what I just said, I drank a lot today as well, so I’m not totally sound, alright?

Sorry for saying something akin to dowsing water onto the first step towards your dream.

Your recent growth was remarkable, your mistakes decreased and your work efficiency has improved to a point where it’s incomparable to before.

I wish to honestly compliment you as your boss.

You worked hard, didn’t you?


Huh? Despite offering praise, you don’t look awfully happy. Me praising someone is a rare event so have more confidence in yourself.

Hmm? What is it? Y-you, are you crying?

Why are you…even though your dream’s been granted, what’s there to be so sad about?

Good grief, like I said, that’s not something to cry over. Aren’t things just returning to how they were?

Even if our hierarchical relationship and our relationships as roommates disappear, it’s as if we’re saying our farewells. If we both wish to see each other, then we’d be able to meet again no?

Obviously. What? Would you not come and see me?


Then, in that case, we can meet anytime.

If you understand then don’t cry. Look, if you rub them too hard, you’ll hurt your eyes, you know?

No, you don’t have to force yourself to stop. Take your time, I don’t mind if you take your time.

Yes, that’s good.


How about it? Have you calmed down a little?

It’s already late into the night, so I’ll return to my room as well. You drank a lot today, hurry up and sleep.

What is it with you? Are you playing the silen-what are you…


Don’t think I’ll let you be the one doing it.


I mustn’t do this…

Sorry, it appears that I lost my sense of reason just now. However, I have no intention of going any further with someone who’s drunk.

I apologize for the indiscretion towards you because of the alcohol.


Hurry up and good to sleep, okay?


Track 6: As expected, you’re……


Good morning, sorry for being late.

Wow, you disposed of a lot.

That’s how it is I suppose. But well…it was already kept clean, to begin with, so I guess it’s only natural that the clean-up was fast.

But it’s a rare chance, so like I said yesterday evening, I’ll help you out somehow. If there’s something you wish for me not to touch, please tell me beforehand.

Oh, this? I got it, there you go. Okay.


Haa…I was wondering how long exactly it would take. We’ve finished unexpectedly fast, haven’t we?

No, you had completed a lot prior to me helping. You started really early in the morning, didn’t you? …Could it be that you didn’t sleep?

That is true, after what happened last night, there’s no way you could sleep soundly.

To be frank, the same applied to me. I fell asleep near dawn and when I woke up, it was already that late.


That isn’t entirely your fault, because I…umm, did that as well. Although I was under the influence of alcohol, I did something inexcusable.

I thought about it constantly so could we talk for a bit?

It sounds irresponsible to say this but, what happened last night honestly shocked me. Being unable to suppress my emotional impulses has never once happened before in my life. Although I don’t know what you think of me, I held positive feelings toward you as my subordinate.


Was it surprising? Well…to be honest, at the beginning I thought you couldn’t manage your time, made mountains of mistakes and was useless.

But in working on the project together, my perception of you changed immediately. You have a strong sense of responsibility towards others and with your stance of working harder than everyone else, I felt that working together with you was fun.

And in living together, I’ve been used by you plenty of times. The salty nikujaga, oversleeping, blunders caused by alcohol…it’s almost countless.

It’s not that I want you to apologize, right now to me, they’re good memories. I had fun too.


When your employee code passed, I was happy as though it were me. However, lately, you stopped being genuinely joyous while you were here.

I was terribly shaken by the realization that I felt affection towards you who used their utmost effort towards everything and attempted to deny these feelings countless times.

More than anything, I didn’t wish to become a burden on you as you head towards your dreams. However, as you approached closer, my feelings started growing stronger day by day, and yesterday evening, I was finally engulfed by my emotions.

I don’t want to let you go. Will you be willing to start a relationship in the true sense with your eyes set onto a future together with me?


Haa…as someone who’s been called coldhearted, jeez, it’s almost laughable.

Ah! It’s dangerous to do that so suddenly, isn’t it?

I see, so you had the same feelings as me. In other words, we hid our feelings from each other.

It’s a really strange tale considering the fact that we’re together like this every single day.

My personality was originally this way. I apologize for being overwhelmed by you all the time, so be quiet already. If you aren’t against it, would you mind if we continue from where we left off last night?


I’m taking it off, okay?

How beautiful. The texture is fine and very supple, almost if it’s trying to suck me in.

It’s in the way, there’s no use in concealing it with your hands. What’s wrong? Do you hate it? By simply teasing it with my fingers like this, your body would jolt so how are you against it?

…I’ll silent the mouth that speaks those words.


Looks like you’ve quieted down a little. I don’t mind if you entrust your body to me like that.

Here too. It’s pointed and is so lewd that it’s almost as if it’s trying to invite me.

Even if you have your underwear on, I can tell that you’re wet. Even you, yourself, can tell that it’s gotten heated, no?

Can you lift your hips a little?

That’s right.


Why are you sullen? Well? Oh, are you displeased with the fact that I haven’t taken anything off yet?

Understood. With this, you won’t complain, right?

Hey, why are you averting your eyes? This is what you, yourself, wanted, no? Good grief, is it that embarrassing?

I guess it can’t be helped then.

If I’m this close then you won’t be able to see it, right?


It’s overflowing even more than it did before, are you turned on from embarrassment?

Jeez, what a lewd body.

Don’t struggle too much, it’ll be a big deal if I accidentally injure this place. Sorry, it seems like I teased you a little too much since I was happy that you were feeling it.

I’m happy. When I think of the fact that you’re feeling pleasure because of me, I feel extremely satisfied.

Though I say that, I don’t intend to force you too much. …Are you truly against it?

Hearing that gives me a peace of mind. Then show me more of that appearance of you feeling it.


I guess it should be fine if you’re this wet. I’ll be inserting my fingers, okay?

It entered in smoothly, does it not hurt?

I see. That’s a relief. In that case, I’ll reach in a little deeper.


This place of yours is really amazing. Each time my finger goes in and out, look, it’ll wrap around me this intensely.

There’s some resistance to two, if it hurts tell me immediately.

Though I guess there’s no need for such worries. With such a melted expression, jeez you’re…


Does that spot really feel that good? Then I ought to rub some more.

Are you about to cum? I won’t mind so don’t hold back and just cum. Come on.

In any case, it looks like you came.

I’m glad that you felt good. In truth, I wanted to wait a bit longer but sorry, your appearance as you were feeling it was so unbearably wonderful that I’m at my wits ends. …I want to become one with you.

I’m putting it in, okay?


Is it not hard on you? At this rate, I’ll enter all the way in one breath.

Your insides are amazing, spilling out this much and squeezing tightly around me. I can’t get enough of it.

For you to get this tight… What’s wrong?

I see. You’re weak to the base of your ears. After all, look…if I were to attack it like this, this place would overflow even more and the sounds would become louder than before. You realize it too, no?

Though in saying that, it feels like I’m teasing you.


What was that? Did you cum again? I’m sorry, please endure for a bit longer, I no longer have control over myself.

To be able to embrace like this……I’m truly happy.

I see. I’m happy that you think that as well. Thank you.


I’m about to cum soon…


I’m sorry, I pushed you a little too much, didn’t I?

You…that’s right, is your body okay? Yes, I know, your voice is a bit hoarse, isn’t it? Would you like a drink of water?

There’s some leftover from what I bought earlier. Here.


But even so, I never imagined that I would end up having this type of relationship with you, I guess arranged marriages aren’t entirely a bad thing.

Hehe, that is true.

Hmm? Is there something wrong?

That’s right, me too. I’m 100% aware that we won’t be able to meet each other from time to time, so I’m sad to part from you as well. So…can we at the very least stay like this for a little longer?

Thank you.


I love you.

I’m glad that I now have this relationship with you.


Track 7: Morning of Departure


It’s great that it’s sunny, it’s a refreshing morning befitting today’s day. At the nick of time, right?

What’s this? You’re awfully lively.

No, be yourself because that way you’ll work hard at your dream job.

A good response per usual, plus you’ve got a nice expression. If it’s you, you’ll surely do well in any environment.

I’m saying this as someone who’s been watching you from the side, so have more confidence in yourself. We can no longer work together from now on but as always I’ll be there supporting you through your challenges as your former boss and as yourーーboyfriend.


A new region, a new group, a new job. I believe there’s as much uneasiness as there is excitement, so please depend on me whenever things have piled up and you’re stressed, okay?

Though I say that, wedding planning is frankly outside my field of expertise so I think I’d be mostly useless in that regard.

But I can at least listen to what you have to say so don’t bear things alone, okay?


I’m a little worried since there are times where you work too hard by yourself after all.

Who do you think was the one who said they didn’t want to become a burden?

I’m glad you say that. Thank you.

If you don’t leave soon you won’t make it in time for the bullet train. We’ll be completely separated, but listen, please contact me anytime whenever there’s something.


Sorry for holding you for so long. Go.


Hey, umm…could you contact me right after you arrive safely?

Mhm, I’ll be waiting.

……I wonder if I became this overprotective because she’s so careless?

No, I was thinking that you should be careful not to get onto the wrong bullet train.

Hehe, I was joking. Stay safe.


Secret Track


You were taking an extended bath per usual, weren’t you? You didn’t come and greet me at the door even when I rang the doorbell, so I let myself in.

I was on a sudden business trip so I took the opportunity to visit here. I was present at a factory pre-inspection, but it took longer than expected. Sorry that umm…things got pushed until evening.

I did try to contact you though, both through text and phone call.

I sensed that that was the case. But well…the one who’s abruptly visiting is me. It can’t be helped if you were away and I don’t particularly mind, however, it’s already this late. Not to mention, you were taking a bath. Also, don’t you think it’s a bit careless to leave the front door unlocked?


It has nothing to do with the fact that this is company housing or that it’s a high-rise, you know? The reason has to do with the fact that I was able to enter the flat despite not having the key.

First of all, this company housing isn’t exclusively women so you should have a greater sense of danger.

Looks like you still don’t understand. All the neighbors are acquainted with you, and it’s a well-known fact that this is where you live. Be more aware of this, can you?


Ah no, it’s not like I came here to lecture you. Even if the nature of our relationship changes, the way I speak hasn’t.

Sorry, be more careful next time.

If you do that, I’ll have a peace of mind, thanks. Also, this isn’t what I actually wanted to discuss, I came here to ask about your situation.


Yup, I wanted to say it sincerely when we get in touch.

Oh, in that case, there are sweets that I bought, they’re a good fit for this, right? I bought them because I thought you’d enjoy them so I’m glad that you’re delighted.

How about we talk as you eat? I’ll help out with the preparations.


And that’s the general gist of it, not much has changed on my end. How’s it been for you lately?

Oh, that’s wonderful! Are you setting plans up from scratch?

I see, it’s great that you’re doing well.

Hehe, I guess that aspect hasn’t changed, however, it just follows with me wherever I go. Is there no one around you in your current department that you can ask?

Hmm? What’s wrong? You’re silent.

W-w-why are you suddenly crying???


I also feel lonely from time to time because you’re no longer at the company, uh, but that’s not it. What’s with you all of a sudden? You were talking happily until just a moment earlier.


You’re slurring your speech a little……

Don’t tell me these sweets-it’s true that wine was written in the ingredients but to be able to get drunk off of something like this?

Looks like you’re completely drunk.

That was careless of me to do. Hey, I’ll grab you some water so could you get off of me for a moment?

There’s no way I can leave you behind in this type of situation and timing. I’m begging you, can you let go of me a little?


Hey! What are you doing all of a sudden…

Did you just say something?

That is true, I was incredibly lonely not being able to see you. I wanted to be in touch with you every day but I didn’t want to become a burden for you so I kept it to myself. I ended up making you feel lonely instead didn’t I?

For that, I’m sorry.

Aah…come on, don’t cry. Umm, I’ll be careful from now on okay?


Seems like your tears have stopped. Did you calm down a little?

Because you started crying so suddenly, I was honestly startled. To think you’d get drunk off of such minuscule amounts of alcohol.

Like I said, a drunkard would undoubtedly say that.

Though it might be nice for you to get drunk once in a while because your true thought will spill out when you’re drunk. I thought you’d be engrossed in your new job, but you were unexpectedly lonely.


I’d like to embrace you like this, is that okay?

Hmm? What’s wrong?

Heh!? You…what are you planning to do pushing me down like that? Sex? Do you understand the meaning of what you’re saying?

It’s not like I’m against it, but…

I thought you were recovering a little but you’re still pretty drunk, aren’t you? No, no matter how you think about it, you’re drunk, no? Crying and going on the offense, you’re a complete mess when you’re drunk.

But if you want to do it regardless, then do as you like. There are times where you don’t listen to what’s said after all.

No, even if you’re so high-spirited…


Oh, is it okay if I take this off? You don’t mind it if it’s like this, right?

Hmm? What is it this time?

No, on the contrary, it’d be surprising if I had a reaction like yours. They say that the senses of men and women were different to begin with.

Don’t take it so seriously. That place somehow feels a bit ticklish.

Hahaha, sorry. Huh? Why did you stop so suddenly? Are you already satisfied?


Calm? Does it really look like it?

No, simply because you think that, it’s unexpectedly the opposite. Doesn’t seem like you believe me, though.

Then I guess I have no choice but to make you understand.

This is what I mean.


How about it? You can tell that it’s gotten hot even with clothes on, right? I become this way merely touching you a little. You see, I have zero composure.

Do you understand now? …Then good.


Sorry, I’ve said it earlier, but I have no self-control left either.

Even though I haven’t touched them, the tips are already pointed. Are you aroused too? Well? How about here?

Looks like it’s sufficiently wet and your hips would bend to this extent by simply touching it a little. I really don’t have any self-control anymore.

Sorry, I’m putting it in now. Please tell me if it hurts.

Lift your hips, it’s going in.


Your insides are scraping against me.

Don’t tell me you came just from me putting it in. Good grief, feeling it so easily, it’s a cute body. I guess neither of us can remain calm.

It might be tough if you just came, but I’ll start moving, okay?


How is it? Does it not hurt?

I’m relieved, but even so, I wonder if it’s because of the alcohol but I feel like your reactions are more sensitive than last time.

Come on, don’t run. You dislike it right? If I do this your insides will tighten and the noises coming from this place will get louder than before. Can you tell?

It’s truly amazing. I feel good too. …To the point that I feel like I’m about to lose my mind.


Are you about to cum? Me too, since I was attacked by you, I have no more composure left.

Sorry, but I’ll be going a bit rough again.


Are you cumming? Me too, I’m cumming. I’m about to cum.



Looks like we came together.

Ah, hey!

Haa…she’s asleep. Jeez, while thoroughly manipulating others, it’s unbelievable.

Okay, there we go. I got to take care of her now.


Hmm? Sleeptalk?

Good grief, you’re so defenseless that it gives me a headache. I can’t be at ease even when you’re in places where my eyes can reach.


I want to hurry up and get together with you.

If I were to say that, would you be surprised? I wonder if you still think it’s good that marriage is ways ahead?

If you’re too defenseless I’ll run off with you, you know?

Hehe, just kidding.

Good night, I love you.

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