【Translation】 PRISON ~Hikami Eiki no Baai~

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PRISON ~氷上影輝の場合~

CV: Kakihara Tetsuya (柿原徹也)

Track 1: Exploring with the Tip of the Tongue


I know. I won’t get you pregnant, so don’t worry.

I was simply being a little bit mean-spirited.

Hah. The only people who care about the rules and regulations in this prison are Yousuke and Fujita.

Shut up. You’re good at hiding so I ain’t gonna be only who’s caution.

Yeah yeah, until next time.


Heyyy, are you awake Prisoner #16?

Don’t “do you need something?” at me. I came in the dead of night because I had business with you dammit. Otherwise, why the hell would anyone visit such a cramp cell.

Hah? Are you still half-asleep? You got in my way during the day today no?

Yup yup, I went through great pains to find a fine target to torment, but since you protected them, it wound up being all for nothing.

Thanks to that, I couldn’t keep things down for the past while, so as compensation, you’ll become their replacement.


Hehe. Don’t look so anxious, you merely have to sit.

That’s right, a simple job where all you gotta do is let me lick and ejaculate onto you.

Huh? I’m a prison guard no matter how you look it at, does this uniform look like that of a prisoner?

Hahaha! Rules and regulations? You really don’t understand anything do you? This prison is recognized by the country as something akin to a lawless zone, y’know?

There is more or less a rule against it, but it ain’t like Imma be fired for sexually harassing an inmate. This place is almost entirely under supervision… Though people pretend not to see.

To be free, either you serve a decades-long sentence or you can end up being kept as a slave by a wealthy pig before that. Those are the only outcomes.

And that humiliation is also part of the punishment.


What do you think? This is a low-life place fitting of a criminal like you no?

It excites me to see that pale face of yours. Makes me wanna immediately taint you so wait.


Whoa there. Hey, hey, are you attempting to play tag in such a confined room?

HAHAhaha! How wonderful.

Run, run, I’ll catch you once your face is dyed with despair.

Huh? Are you fine with not trying to escape any further? Then I guess it’s about time to make you my partner.

Ah. No matter how many times I’ve done it, I can’t get enough of this instant. Driving a woman up into a corner as they shake in fear is the best.


You’ve got a nice smell despite being a prisoner. So what’s this scent?

Don’t lie, you have perfume on for the sake of enticing any one of the prison guards don’t you?

Hmm? If that’s true then that means you naturally have the odor to seduce men. An indecent woman befitting of this prison.

Come on, strip your clothes off like a whore, and invite me. Depending on your attitude, I might give you preferential treatment.


Oh? You’re quite the interesting one aren’t you? Despite trembling this much, you still can afford to glare at me.

How nice, you’re growing more and more to my liking. I’ve taken interest now, I’m itching to have you submit to me at once.

These clothes are rather easy to tear aren’t they?

Haha, I’ve made it a goal to do some lewd acts with you. Shh…don’t shout, if it’s a change of clothes, I’ll bring you one later.

……So let’s both enjoy ourselves right now.


Hmm, your body’s got a really nice taste, it’s the best out of all the people I’ve licked.

The texture is fine and is dangerously exciting. And the tips of these breasts got a nice color to them as well.

Hey, don’t cry, your precious skin will turn salty no? At this rate, I won’t be able to taste your raw flavor.

Rejoice at the fact I prefer it untouched, being praised by me is quite rare, y’know?


I’m a pervert? Then you’re the one who’s place has become like this from being licked by said pervert.

It’s already so hard that I can’t push it down with my tongue.

This ain’t just the fault of the cold no? Come on, try saying that you feel good being licked by a pervert. If you don’t, I’ll bite this place off.

Hahaha, that was a joke obviously. I don’t like pain either.


Yes, it’s true. I’m excited by the embarrassed look on people I’m interested in as I harass them.

Plus you have too good of a reaction, that I’m already about to cum.

Why are you looking dazed? You’re gonna be stroking this and I’ll be licking you.

Huh? Why exactly? Haha! You’re asking quite the funny question, it’s because it’s fun obviously. I could have you wrap your mouth around it, but then I won’t have a clear view of your face.

So today, we’ll make do with just your hands.


Don’t say you’re exhausted, if you don’t do it, I’ll continue licking you all night long.

Idiot, too much strength. Relax a bit more.

Yes, like that. Move up and down just like that, if you rub it all the way up to the tip, it’ll be even better.

You’re catching on quite quickly. As expected, did you do these things with other men?


First time, eh. You’re doing well for a woman who has murdered her own parents.

Innocent? You’re innocent? Hmm…then let’s test out whether that’s true.


Certainly, this taste implies it’s true.

I’m not poking fun at you, this my umm…special skill? I can clearly recognize the smell and taste of a liar. Yes, that’s why I’m a pain when it comes to flavor.

Hey, your hand has stopped. Work harder if you don’t want to be hit.

It’s poor of me to be the only one enjoying it so I’ll tease the tips of these breasts.


Say, how intensely would you like me to knead them? This much? Or perhaps this much?

Tch. Say it clearly, else I crush them.

I see, so about this much?

What a nice voice, it’s arousing. Come on, stick out your tongue, I want to have a taste of it as well.

Huh? You don’t want to? You know what’ll happen if you defy me, right?

Yup, yup, I won’t do anything painful as long as you do what I say.


The inside of your mouth is hot and wet, it’s the best.

What’s that? Looks like you’re capable of that expression.

What kind of face you ask? The look of a slut, an expression of wanting me inside. Don’t lie, this place here has been fidgety since before.

Huh? It hurts? But it’s only a single finger…?

Like I said, don’t lie. There’s no way such a wonderfully lewd woman could be a virgin. You don’t have put on the airs of innocence, just let me tease the insides as well.


Hey, don’t tell me you’re actually a virgin…

Hmm, then I’ll leave the inside part till next time. Today, I’ll tease this wet and puffed up place instead.

Oi, don’t forget to move your hands.

Turn this way.


I’m about to cum soon.

And you as well, no? This place has been twitching since earlier. Come on, cum. Climax from the hand of the man whom you berated as a pervert.




Aah…that was fun. I’ve taken quite the liking you so I’ll come around again sometime.

Oh speaking of which, what was your name? I’ve heard about your charges but I never had a look at your name.

Heh? You’ve got some nerve to remain silent. If you don’t say it…

I see, I see, that’s a nice name.

I’m Hikami Eiki, the third son of the Hikami family who manages this prison.


That’s exactly right, that’s why I have higher authority in my position than other prison guards.

So even if I sexually harass prisoners like this, it’s treated as if it never happened.

Even if you glare at me with those eyes, it’ll only excite me.

You’re stronger than you look, you’re a tough one. A normal woman would’ve already burst into tears at this point.

On top of being incarcerated over a false charge, you’ve even been forced into sexual acts. How pitiful.


Hmm? I shouldn’t be the one saying it?

If you’re demanding an apology, that ain’t happening. I believe your words but I feel no sympathy for you.

Huh? Why are you looking so surprised?

Oh, what I just said? I told you that I believed you earlier, no? Just that placing faith in my prison over trusting you might be the more correct answer though.

Hah? You’re a rather strange woman aren’t you? Who would actually be happy in a situation like this?

You realize it too, no? Your emotions show too easily on your face.


Hahaha, when I pinch your nose like this, you’re so ugly it’s cute.

Hah? Since when have I mocked you? You’re too good of a woman, so becoming a bit messier is just right.

In other words, I’ll be taking the chance to pinch your nose starting tomorrow.

No. Jeez, what a selfish woman. It’s inevitable so I’ll come every night to pinch it and take a look at that unattractive face.


Haha! I can’t get enough of that look of disdain. Detest me some more because it’s absurdly exciting.

See ya, I’ll be there to bully you tomorrow so be prepared.


Track 2: The Disgust and Joy Learned in Prison


Oi oi, you people are quite lively despite it being early morning. Are you picking on the new face during breakfast?

Go do that in a corner and not in the cafeteria.

Huh? Oh it’s you Prisoner #16. Don’t go off making an unsightly face before being bullied by me, the fun of teasing you will be gone no?

Haha, this is already grounds for sending you to the reflection room.

Hey, you fellows, does any one of you want to visit the reflection room together with her? In the same manner as this girl, I’ll torment you plenty.


Don’t go off bullying another person if you aren’t prepared for the consequences, you low-lives.

Hey, are you able to stand?

Even though you were acting bravely when I sexually harassed you yesterday, have your legs given out on you today?

You really are an interesting one. In any case, let’s move elsewhere.


What? You got an issue with this? This is the easiest way to carry you no?

How annoying, if you don’t want me to bully you some more then shut up.


Okay, we’ve arrived.

Don’t complain, ain’t it great that you’re standing out?

Hah? It’s fine because the other person was me. Just now, everyone in the prison has grasped that you’re my favorite. To lay hands on you would mean that they wish to be thrashed by me.

In other words, as long as they aren’t an extreme masochist, no one would dare touch you.

That said, are you able to move now?


Not yet? If you make me wait too long I’ll lick your whole body y’know? If you don’t want that then hurry up and get used to this prison.

If you don’t, someone weak as you will become a ghost.

Hah? Of course I’m worried. If the plaything I went through great pains of finding was broken so early on, I’d be in shock hmm…for like 3 minutes.

Hahaha! What are you offended about? You realize that this is the type of person that I am, no?

But well, it can’t be helped. You’re the young lady from a good background after all. You don’t know how to deal with dangerous fellows like me and them, right?


Huh? It’s more frustrating than yesterday? What exactly?

Aah…I took a close look at your file last night.  I didn’t imagine that you’d be the daughter of the largest erected industry group for precision equipment. For such a young lady to be placed into prison on a false charge, it’s evident that you simply can’t predict what’ll happen in life.

Oh? That again? Like I said, I’ve told you that my belief is that you’re innocent, no? You’re quite persistent, aren’t you?

Is it that happy of a thing to be believed by the lowest of the low bastard like me?

I guess it looks like your life’s over.


Hmm? So you still hate doing things similar to what was done yesterday despite it.

But well, I’ll still be doing it though.

Haha! Yes yes, that face full of disgust is good. It’s arousing. Continue hating me that way, don’t come to like me over the fact that I’m the only one who protected you.

Ah. Haha. You can’t trust lines like “I like you” or “I love you” in a place like this, no?


Suspicion is widespread?

No, that’s not it. A person’s perception is easily distorted when they’re forced into an abnormal situation. I sense that you’d come to like the man who touched you in order to escape that stress.

In other words, stop with that teary expression. I’m not on your side to begin with.

I can tell. You really show it easily on your face, and rather than that look, this pig-like one suits you better.

Haha, if you can’t breathe through your nose then just breathe through your mouth.

Yes just like that.


What I’m doing? You looked to be in pain so I gave you some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. You still need more, no?

Come on, don’t refrain.

I won’t stop even if you hate it. I love sexually harassing you so much that I simply can’t stop myself……to the point that you might be the first one I go all the way with.


There’s not particularly any deeper meaning to it. You’re simply the most fun to tease out of all the people I’ve seen until now.

Nah, it’s quite the relief that I’ve obtained a fine toy. We’ll be each other’s company for a long time from now on so I’ll be in your care.

Don’t make such a displeased face. I’ll be doing patrols after this, but at this rate, I’ll end up with an erection, no?

Until next time.


Oh I guess so. It’s already been a month since Prisoner #16 was incarcerated here. And so, what does it have to do with you?

Oi, it’s useless using those leery eyes on me. I have no interest in you.


Don’t cut yourself too loose just because you’ve got free time. It’ll only be a bother for me later so don’t interfere and head that way.

Hah? There’s no way I’d lick someone like you, I’m picky when it comes to taste.

Yeah yeah, enough with the playing favorites statement. You can’t do this type of job without having some level of favoritism.

Shut up, right now I’m busy feeding. If you interfere with me any further, I’ll call Fujita.

Shoo shoo, shoo shoo.


Now then, I’ve made you wait, haven’t I? Here’s today’s food.

What is it? Did you return agai-oh, it’s you. You’ve done well to find this little-known place. Though if I think about it carefully, almost a month has passed since you came here so I guess it’s possible.

Me? You can tell by just looking, no? I’m feeding Calico.

Huh? That’s not it, Calico is its name. I call it Calico because it’s a calico cat. Tch. Why are you laughing? What kind of other names would you call it by?

Hoho, what terrible sense. There’s no way such a sparkly name would suit such a plain cat right? Calico is more than enough.


You just don’t understand. Ain’t the plain part what makes it cute?

I’m kind?

Oh, that, you fluttered seeing me raise a poor cat at the back of the building no? After all, you’re a simple person.

I just want to adopt you as if you’re some dumb cat.

Don’t try to run now idiot.


Oh, Calico has finished their meal today. It’s doing well, ain’t it?

Y’see, when this fellow wanders its way here, its leg was injured. And because of that, it didn’t have much appetite. Seeing myself reflected, I instinctively reached my hand out to it.

Huh? Could it be that you haven’t noticed the situation with my legs?

No, it’s not twisted, that’s just how it originally is. My legs had been deformed since the moment I was born.

It’s not an issue in day-to-day life, but it’s burdensome when running for an extended period of time.

That’s why, I wasn’t able to escape due to these legs……so we were kidnapped.


Hah? What’s this? You haven’t it from the other prisoners? It’s become quite the rumor so I thought you knew.

Hahaha, I suppose so. I isolated you, didn’t I?

Yes, the fact that I had been kidnapped was true. I have an older twin brother named Yousuke and I was abducted together with him.

Why exactly? Hehe…if you wish to know no matter what, let’s make a bargain. I’ll tell you if you say that it’s okay for me to lick your whole body tonight.

Come on, say that you want to be licked all over by pervert.


Heh, you can’t say it can you? Then give up…

Wow, you actually said it. You exude a rather odd feel during times like these.

Yeah yeah, I understand so stop hounding me so much.


It was a simple kidnap for ransom. The one pulling the string was the woman who was the Hikami family wet nurse and also someone we were emotionally attached to.

There’s nothing unusual about it, due to the Hikami profession, there’s plenty of people who resent us.

However, be as it may be, I’m unaffected by women, but I believe it must’ve been tough on Yousuke. I’ve done something truly awful to him. With me having deformed legs, had he not protected me, he could’ve escaped and lived without experiencing such trauma.

Even though it would’ve been enough for only me to suffer……


Me? It’s fine for me. To the Hikami household, it’s all the same whether I’m there or I’m not.

I’ll say this once but this is not self-deprecation. This is merely fact.

My dead shitty old man called me a defective product for having malformed legs and only offered up Yousuke’s portion of the ransom.

Luckily we discovered, otherwise, I’d probably be sold to someplace overseas.

Though I don’t exactly know whether my luck was actually good, even now.


It’s not like I wanted to die. Just that……I was happy at that time.

In the beginning, I was so against it that it was unbearable. In a situation where I was bound and blindfold, I was forced into having sex. The only information I could gather was that woman’s taste.

But it’s strange is it not? I slowly grew to enjoy that bitter taste. From there, I ultimately thought of that woman as my savior. Prob.

Most likely my senses became distorted from the abnormal situation. By deluding myself into believing that I was in love with my kidnapper, I could forget the painful reality.

However, it wasn’t just an illusion. A part of it was probably real.


Amidst being tyrannized by the father who viewed me as a defective product since the moment I was born, the woman that kidnapped me was the only person who wanted me.

She was the only one who saw the real me.

Frankly speaking, I was enjoying myself from the bottom of my heart just the moment before I was rescued.

Being forced, being humiliated was part of the play.

I conducted myself that way because it pleases women. That’s why when I was extracted, I remembered being dejected.


Hmm? Haha, it’s showing on your face again. You’re making the face of “Why did I reveal so much to you?”

What do you think you are to me? I’ll be gentle tonight if you answer it correctly.


What a shame, but tonight I’ll be teasing you with a special course.


See you later tonight then.


Excellent, excellent, you properly stayed awake and waited for me, didn’t you? Were you unable to sleep fearing what I might do?

Or have you perhaps come to enjoy being tormented by me?

Hmm…your reactions have been poor lately.

No, on the contrary, it’s the opposite. You don’t look angry, instead, you look happy.


It’s not a lie, I don’t mind taking proof if you so insist.

Come on, don’t avert your eyes, and look at the photo. Somehow you seem happy, no?

It’s frightening how you’re accustomed to it. Even though you trembled that much at the start, if I were to touch you now, you’d have the expression of a lustful woman.

How boring. Resist, else you’d waste away, wouldn’t you?


Haa…making that teary face, do you even understand the situation you’re in right now? You’re being forced into doing sexual acts with me y’know?

It can’t be helped, I guess tonight I’ll do something you’re even more against.

Oi, move your body that way. Yes, look into that camera. I’ll be giving you some harsh punishments if you turn in this direction instead.

Haha! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen your surprised face. That’s good, that’s good.


No, don’t look away. Tonight I’ll be capturing your lewd face with that camera.

Hah? Of course I wouldn’t show it to anyone else. It’s something meant for my own pleasure……for when you’re gone.

I told you not to turn this way, did I not? As a penalty, I’ll be spreading your insides. I haven’t inserted beyond 2 fingers until now, so let’s attempt 3 tonight.

It’s fine, it’s fine. This part of a woman is made so it can accept something even thicker, y’know?

Oh, that anxious expression is so enticing.


Oi, get on all fours and bring your face closer to the camera.

What a wonderful feel, I can see the entirety of this wet place of yours. And a ripened smell and taste, it’s the best.

This place of yours here has become quite sensitive, hasn’t it? The entrance would squeeze down tightly whenever I insert my tongue.


You’re wetter than usual tonight, it’s already a complete mess. And the insides are twitching like it wants to be licked by me.

No? Oh, you hate it unless I touch someplace deeper?

I can’t hear you~

Now then, let’s start with my index finger. Next up is my middle finger.

How lewd, the two fingers entered so smoothly despite you being a virgin. Is it because you’ve been repeatedly forced into by me?


Say, you like this spot, don’t you? You’d get soaked each time I tease this place, right?

Aah…it’s overflowing, it’s overflowing.

It looks tasty. I’ll tease your insides as I stroke this swollen part.


I guess I’ll be able to insert 3 soon?

Oh, it’s been stretched. It’s drenched and inviting men. Hey, are you fine with this? If you give such a naughty response, you’ll be fucked by me.

If you’re against it, turn this way and petition for me to stop. I’ll consider it depending on your attitude.

Yes, I’ll allow you to turn around this one time.


Hahaha! I see, I see, so you’re that against it.

However, even if you beg me like that-dammit, don’t look so happy. I’ll make you understand once more that I’m tormenting you.

Because you’re this wet, the tip’s about to enter. It’s so slippery that it feels extremely good. Come on, be frightened, and resist. At this rate, you’ll actually be ravaged by me.

Huh? Why are you silent? Do you seriously want me to put it in?

Haha! No way. There’s no way that’s…

Hey, deny it. There’s no way your first time is that trivial, right?


Hah? You won’t deny it precisely because it isn’t trivial?

So that’s how it is, then I’ll jam it in and make you regret it.


Despite putting on such a brave front earlier, you’re already shaking. That’s why I told you that was the one thing you should oppose.

You poor thing, it’s saddening to have your first time stolen by something like me, no?

Anyhow, this time, show me that expression painted in despai-

You…why are you making that face?

There’s only that, why are you that……ah it’s annoying, it’s not going the way I planned at all. I can’t accept it even if you were to become teary now.


Say no more, you idiotic cat. Stay silent and let yourself be violated by me.


Heh? You’re feeling it already? Hasn’t your body come messed up from being teased by me too much?

I’ve teased you thoroughly over the period of a month, haven’t I?

How pitiful. To feel pleasure from being ravaged by someone like me, you really are the most pitiful woman in the world.


Turn towards the camera and say it. Say that you’re happy to be fucked.

That much? Does this feel that good?

What an amazing look. Look, the camera’s reflecting everything. It’s unsightly but it’s also the most riveting expression.


C-cumming, I’m cumming!


This is seriously unsalvageable.

I’m not referring to you.

Wait a moment, it’ll drip down so stay as-is. I’ll go grab something to wipe with.

Hmm…I guess this will work.


Wow, it’s quite the sight if I say so myself. There’s a whole month’s worth.

Oh, it’s nothing, pay no mind to it.


Okay, I’ve wiped it all off.

Huh? Why are you making such a peculiar face? Haa…in face of the possibility of you becoming the slave of another man, there’s no way I’d cum inside is there?

Though on an occasion without contraceptives, there isn’t a huge difference between inside and outside.


Hey, why are you crying now?

Oh, about that? That’s just reality, no? In arriving here, there’s always the chance of you being purchased. And if that happens, the one impregnating you ain’t me.

Your eyes will get swollen if you cry that much, y’know?


Hmm? Did you come to like me?


I don’t like you.

ーーIt’s not ‘like’ anymore.


Speaking of which, how are you planning to spend your free time tomorrow?

Huh? Why am I asking? For the sake of ambushing you of course, after this type of attack, there’s no way I could wait until night.

……I’ll come to meet you even during the day.

And so, which places are you visiting?

Library, eh. You really like books don’t you? You were reading a massive book earlier weren’t you?


Hmm? So you enjoy picture books?

That’s…I guess it’s not unexpected. I sense that a person as good-natured as you would read out loud to kids.

Heh? You read it to your younger brother? That’s strange, it wasn’t written in the document that you had a brother.

A boy from a branch family whom you treasured like a younger brother? Say, did he become an adopted child after you were gone?

I see. Then it’s better that you don’t know.


In any case, I’ll meet you tomorrow at the library. I’ll come out the shadows of the bookshelves and play pranks on you.

Haha. Give up, you’re my favorite toy, after all.

See ya, until next time.


Track 3: Point of Branching Fate


Oh it’s leisure time soon. Now then, I wonder what I should I do today~

Huh? What is it, Yousuke? You got business here too?

Uh, I’m…think about reading a book. I-idiot, that’s not it. Or rather, how could it be a date or whatever else when we’re in a prison like this.

What’s with those eyes……

I know, I already intend to be clear with her. Even someone like me can’t associate with a plaything.


So you were awake? Why didn’t you come to the library during your spare time today?

I’m discontented from not being able to mess with you for the entire day together. Atone for this with your body…

I’ve tormented you in various ways until now, but this is the first time you’ve brushed away my hand.

Don’t apologize, this is the proper response you should have.

The present you would jump at this talk wouldn’t you? A man who would like to buy you has appeared. He coincidentally saw you resting inside the courtyard a while ago and it appears that he fell in love with you at first sight at that moment.


Good grief, it’s unpleasant. My taste has overlapped with that guy’s even in the past.

Yes, I know this man. His name is Fujiki and my partner in crime during my university days. Although he isn’t a terrible guy, he’s a dumbass who reduces stress by surrounding himself with women.

But even so, Fujiki’s kind. You’d probably be happy if you went over to him.


Are you crying tears of joy? Then, do you not want to be separated from me so much that you’d cry?

Don’t nod so readily, idiot.

Hey, if I were to say that I’d buy you…what would you do?

Jeez, think about it a bit more. This is a decision that will affect your whole life.


Hmm? Something you’d like to ask? What is it?

……My feelings, huh.

You should do as you like, I won’t stop you either way.


Happy End: A Place to Return to


Hmm…? You wish to remain by my side even as a plaything eh. Is that really your hope?

I see. I understand.

However, it’s a shame but I no longer need a toy. Yes, I don’t need one because you’re nowーーa woman I cherish.

Then let’s go through the formality at once. To tell you the truth, I’ve already gathered all the documents.

Don’t cry anymore, that gives you a peace of mind, no?


I see, so you’re crying tears of joy.

Then it can’t be helped. I’ll take the whole night to lick up those tears.


Ah. What wonderful weather.

Undoubtedly, there’s a sense that we’ve set out on a new life. Say, do you have aspirations as for what you’d like to do or where you’d like to go after you’re out?

Hahaha, you want to remain by my side? There’s something wrong with you ain’t there?


Look, we’ve already arrived. Pass this line and you’ll be publicly a free woman.

Though on paper it’s under the guise of being my slave.


Congratulations, with this, you’re no longer a prisoner here.

I guess so, I’m deeply emotional as well.

I never could’ve imagined that I wouldーpart from you like this.


You can’t, you can never again come over to this side.

Don’t worry, the place you’re going to afterwards is a villa I own. I’ve arranged servants for you so you’ll be able to live a life without inconvenience.

Go ahead and use that place however you wish.


Those feelings you have for me aren’t love, your emotions are simply disordered from this abnormal situation.

ーーJust like how I was in the past.

Believe? I’ll say it once but, I trust in your feelings at this very moment. I licked you and confirmed it each day so there should be no mistake.

Having fallen into the illusion of love, the taste of your body was the most delicious in the world.


If you came to love me having been deflowered like that, then all the men in the world would go off raping women.

Don’t ever be caught by a pervert like me again, okay?


Sheesh that Kyouji, he’s working me to the ground just because he lent me some money. I was simply borrowing the portion I lacked dammit.

Haa…she’s not around and the stress’ building up.

!? Do you realize that this condominium belongs to the Hikami family? Then, what about the fact that that’s the door to my flat?


I wonder at what point did this condominium’s security become this useless.

Hah!? Yousuke let you in.

Tch. What was that guy thinking……

And so what did you come here for? Hmm? Despite finally becoming free, you’re going to throw that freedom away, eh.

If you want me to take you in then say “Please take me in, meow~”


Hahahaha! You actually said it. What are you? An idiot?

Since when did I say that I wouldn’t take you in. Of course, I’m going to take you in. If I wasn’t there to adopt such a cute abandoned cat then who knows what kind of bum you’d be following around.


I can’t endure it anymore, please let me lick you right now.

It’s the taste of you that haven’t had in a long time. I missed this taste so much that I felt like I was going to go mad without it.

It’s really delicious. I’m about to cum by merely licking you like this.


Huh? Oh, my bad, this place is painful for your back, right?

This is the worst, whenever I’m with you, I steadily lose my composure. Unable to resist and pushing you down in the corridor, if my self from 2 months ago saw this, they’d undoubtedly laugh.

In any case, let’s change spots. Or rather, I ought to take a shower. Since I was made to work like a horse by my brother, I’m pretty sweaty…

You…it’s unfair for you to lick me at this point, y’know?


You’re the one who stirred me up so prepare yourself.

Hey, don’t close your legs. I ain’t gonna be able to lick it dammit.

You’re planning to become my bride, no? You love me, don’t you? Then you no longer need this prude underwear right?

Starting from today, you’re gonna be panty-less 24/7. So if I tell you to spread your legs, spread them.

Nope, I’m unfortunately serious.

So serious in fact, I’m always thinking about having sex with you.


And the smell here is increasingly to my liking as well.

Hey, c’mon let me lick it some more. Oh? You’re so you’re that far past your limit? Then, in case that, try putting this in yourself.

What’s your decision? If you don’t need it then let’s stop here today…

Hahaha! You’re gonna violate me today, that ain’t a bad consideration. Then without delay, ravage me. Straddle yourself on top for me, and cum with an openly lewd face while shaking your hips.


As always, your insides are tight. Did you not do it with any other guy?

Don’t be angry, even with this, I’m deeply moved.

I’m happy that you only belong to me.

Anyhow, this isn’t the end of it, is it? Unless you move, it won’t end-no, that’s not quite it, you won’t be able to cum, right? Since we’ve already gone this far, move however you like.


How half-hearted, your favorite spot is deeper, no?

Aah…you’re pushing down, I’ve hit that spot but the intensity is lacking. In order to make you cum properly, I ought to grind against it this strongly.

Hmm? Could it be that you came just now?

It’s not convincing when you say it with such a melted expression, y’know? Oh, if you say I’m mistaken then that means I can thrust you some more, right?

Haha, it’s like you’re continuously orgasming. How cute.


You like it when I lick you while grinding up against this place, don’t you? And if I were to gently bite you, your insides would clench down.

What is it? Say it more clearly. What is it that you like about me? Don’t just mumble it, okay?

You love everything about me……?

You really are good at rousing me. You’re doing it on purpose knowing that I’m obsessed about you no?

Say that I’m right, if you don’t, it’ll seem like I’m the only one who’s going crazy over this.


Like I said, don’t go off saying such cute things.

I’ll come to like you even more, and I’ll end up loving you so much that I can no longer tell left from right.


Huh? What is it? You like it when I rub this place, no? So why are you pouting?

Oh…that reminds me, that was how it was, wasn’t it? Is this the first time our feelings have reached each other?

Yeah yeah, my bad. This is the first time I came to love a woman in this sort of way, so I was scared.

Why are you looking surprised? There are things that I’m fearful of as well. If I were to lose you after I finally obtained you, I might just kill you and then commit suicide.

……That’s just how much I love you.


I really want to just eat you. That way, you’ll always be mine.

I guess so. If I ate you then I wouldn’t be able to embrace you like this. That would be lonely, wouldn’t it? Since it can’t be helped, I’ll make do with just licking you.


Crap, I’m already about to cum.

I’ll be cumming inside tonight, okay? Hehe, squeezing down on me like that after I said I’m about to cum. Was it on purpose?

I see, if it was involuntary then I’m even happier.

I also want to let it out deep inside you and fill you up with me.


Turn this way, and let me kiss you.

I want to cum while experiencing the flavors of your tongue.


Wait a little longer, I’m still cumming.

I’ll ask this now, but is your body okay? I went too rough even though it’s been so long.

Don’t say you’re happy, idiot. I’ll want to do it again.

Hmm? So it’s fine? I’ll seriously do it, y’know? But before that, let’s take a short break.


Haha. Ah…I guess so. It’s not going down all, I feel like I can go a second round as is.

Break? We just had one, didn’t we?

We did. Probably for around 10 seconds. You were the one who said you were fine earlier, no? And you said you were happy too.

I’ll please you some more so keep me company for the rest of tonight. I’ll pour inside so much to the point it overflows.

And so, please remain as my bride for the rest of your life.


Bad End: Crazy Sense of Taste


I see, understood.


I told you that I wouldn’t stop you, did I not? If that will make you happy then go ahead and do it.

Oh? You have one last question?

I’ve told you countless times but I don’t like you.

……Yes, it’s true.


See ya, please find happiness by his side.


Oh? What a nice room. You’re probably the only slave who’s living in such extravagance.

Yo! You seem well, it’s been about a year, hasn’t it?

It’s not anything to be surprised about. I’ve been associating with this household since long ago. If I were to just press them, I can visit at any time.

However, the security here is rigorous so it’s impossible for me to take you.


And so, what’s wrong? Even though you’re receiving such good treatment, you don’t look happy at all.

Hmm? You can’t be happy unless you’re with me?

If that’s what you believe, then why didn’t you choose me at that time.

Haha, so you were testing my feelings for you. Despite being a dumb cat, you’re cheeky. But well…I was testing you as well so we’re even.


After a year has passed, you’d be able to tell whether it was real or whether it was an illusion, no?

Have your feelings changed after being embraced by another man?

Don’t pout, if you resist I’ll want to have sex with you.

Say, will you be willing to make one last decision? If you drink the contents of this vial, you’ll die peacefully in about 10 minutes.


How about we drink this together?

Hahaha! Ain’t it a bit too late to say that? I’ve been a cowardly scumbag since the day we first meant. If I were to point out the one thing that’s changed since meeting you…it would be the fact that somewhere along the way, I began to think that it wouldn’t be too bad to give in.

Even though I give up under the belief that no one would love someone like me, before I knew it, I started to yearn for your love.

And because of that, I wasn’t able to ascertain your feelings unless I drove you into a corner like this.

Contemptuous, is it not? Right now you still have the chance to curse at me and escape. You’ll be happier that way.


You really are a pitiful woman. Being caught by a bastard like me, and throwing away your lifeーーthis is the worst ending you could have.

Heh? This is the best ending? You’ve been completely poisoned by me, haven’t you?

If that wasn’t the case, you wouldn’t be unhappy regardless of whatever other men you cling to.

Give up and die together with me.


Don’t look so happy. You really are a strange woman, aren’t you?

Now then, I drank it. So what do you plan on doing?

……I’ll feed it to you mouth-to-mouth then.

That’s odd, it didn’t feel this sweet earlier. It looks like my sense of taste has been distorted by you.


Right now it feels sweet no matter which part of you I lick.

There’s still time before we die, so let’s do it until then.

Do I seem like a guy who’d quietly wait for their final moments? If so, then you should alter your perception of me one more time. The man who had fallen deeply in love with you is a man who’d react like this even right before their own death.

To tell you the truth, I wanted to embrace you so much the instant we reunited that I couldn’t help myself.


Sorry, but we don’t have time so I’ll use some lubricant​.

See? The preparations are complete. If I were to say that in truth, I had planned to fuck you from the very beginning, would you be angry?

Why’s it no good even though you aren’t angry?

Oh? Then show me just how wet you are?


For you to be this wet right before you die, you’re just as perverse as I am, aren’t you?

Well then, I won’t refrain from tasting you.

Shit, I nearly came the moment I put it in. It’s the insides of yours that I’ve seen in my dreams, I’m really embracing you once more, aren’t I?

This feels the best out of all the time so far.

Why does it feel this good, I wonder?


Do you feel good as well?

I see. I’m glad.


Your insides are really twisting, it’s almost as if it’s begging for it. Since when have you become this lewd?

Huh? Who said that was a bad thing? I’m saying that it’s cute.

Hehe, are you weak to being called cute? Because your insiders have gotten even tighter.

I’m not poking fun at you, these are my real thoughts.

You are the cutest person in the world to me.


I’m about to cum soon.

Say, where do you want me to cum?

I got it, I’ll release it into the deepest parts inside you.


I’m sleepy. At this point, it’s a pain to take it out so can I continue holding you like this?

An exchange? Why are you saying that now?

Yeah yeah, I get it, I get it. So what is it that you wanted to ask me?

Hah? Did you think I’d say that I liked you? That’s way too sweet ain’t it? Yes, I’ve told you countless times, but what I feel towards you isn’t ‘like’.


Because I…love you.

Good night.

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  1. Anonymous

    I-i swear it’s kinda cute? And i nearly cry for the story but i know it’s toxic at aswell so my mind just messed up………… But it’s kinda cute toxic one and i like it


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