【Translation】 Adventure ~Kindan no Ichiya~ vol.2 Kyoushi to Seito


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アバンチュール ~禁断の一夜~ vol.2 教師と生徒

CV: Oosaka Ryouta (逢坂良太)

Track 1: School Nurse


Huh…? What is it?

Is it already past school? Nghh. Whoa, ugh. Wait, Teacher, stop.

But I’m still sleepy……

Eh? I wanna sleep here rather than at home. Can I…?

What’s with that? An immediate reply? I’ve had weak bronchial tubes since I was young so I feel like I’d get better if I were to sleep a little, though.


Even though it’s true… How cold.

Help me up.

Nope, I can’t get up. If Teacher doesn’t help me up I might fall asleep again like this. Are you fine with that?

Oh, you’re seriously gonna pull me up? Try.

Wow! Teacher, you’re unexpectedly strong. However……I’ve caught you.


Say, how about we sleep together, Teacher? It’ll feel nice.

Nope, I ain’t gonna let you go.

Just take a nap as is, together with me. By this time, nobody else would come here anyway. Well?

AAH! It hurts…!!!

What the hell are you doing!? I’m opposed to violence!

Teacher, stop struggling. A little bit is fine, right?


Such slender wrists.

Say, it’s been on my mind for the past while…but, you’re constantly wearing this friendship bracelet aren’t you?

That said, it’s square knotted, so you can’t exactly remove it.

It’s all tattered now. You aren’t gonna throw it away?


Eh? It’s precious? This…?

Heh? Is that so?

Who did you receive it from? For example, a man you like?

No? I see, then who?


Hmm? A boy you met when you were hospitalized? Teacher, you’ve been hospitalized before?

And so, you treasure it because he made it so that Teacher could quickly be discharged?

But y’know, ain’t that a lie?

Like I said, with wanting you to be quickly discharged as a pretense, in reality, they might’ve liked you, Teacher, and was trying to close the distance with you whatnot.

No way? How can you tell?

Since they looked to be in elementary school, there’s no way that’s possible because they were a kid?


That doesn’t matter.

Even a brat, properly understands the feelings of loving someone.

U-ugh! What’s with you all of sudden?

What’s with that? Jeez, we were in a nice spot until now. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ll leave. I just have to leave right?


Aah…I don’t wanna leave.

Oh, that’s right! I’ll be returning home for today, however, we’ll have a continuation of that tomorrow.

Haha! Your angry face’s cute too, Teacher.

Well then, see you tomorrow.


Track 2: Future Questionnaire


Teacher~ Hey, let’s play.

Hurry up and leave? Teacher, that’s all you’ve been saying since earlier. I still wanna stay here though.

Well…it’s true that it’s gotten dark outside. But I ain’t a kid so it’s fine.

Concerned? My parents?

He won’t be, I’m doubtful that he even knows I’m at school.


Hah!? Parent-teacher interview. Why that all of a sudden?

That reminds me, there was one next time.

I heard it from the homeroom teacher at some point, but I ignored it so I wasn’t well aware. It doesn’t particularly matter if I participate or not, that sort of thing is just a waste of time.


What’s this…?

Time and date preference form for the parent-teacher interview? Did my homeroom teacher ask you to hand this over to me?

Haa…do they not realize? I have no interest in these types of things.

In case you’re worried about my progress, I’m taking my classes seriously now.

Most of the time, if I simply ignore them a little, they’d leave these kinds of matters to you, Teacher. At that point, it’s pretty clear that my homeroom teacher ain’t interested in me.

Isn’t it stupid for me, my homeroom teacher, and my parents to make time for something that none of us is keen on?

They don’t fucking care at all about what I’m doing on a normal basis, or whether I’m dead or not.


Aah, I spewed some dull shit.

It’s your fault for bringing up something like this, Teacher.

There’s nothing particularly going on.

Like I said, THERE AIN’T ANYTHING!? Stop pretending to be a good person, it’s not like you care about me either.


Shut up. It’s fine, leave me be.

See you.



What!? Let me go! I’ll go ahead and say it, but I won’t apologize for what happened yesterday.

Eh? Teacher, why are you apologizing?


Jeez, no matter how you think about it, I should be the one apologizing no? You truly are too good of a person.


……I’m sorry about yesterday.

I got angry at you for something you weren’t connected to, Teacher.


Umm, err, can I go there now? To the infirmary?

Thank you.

Let’s go then.


Oh, thanks.

It’s gotten dark outside, hasn’t it? You aren’t gonna tell me to hurry and leave today?

What are you doing patting my head? Stop, being treated like a child is really irritating. But Teacher’s special so I’ll allow it. Go ahead and do it some more.

Don’t laugh.


Umm, what about I’m to say is just a monologue to myself, so please pretend to not hear any of it.

I have no place where I belong. Neither at home nor at school.

My parents are career-centric people. My dad’s a university professor and my mother’s a politician. They work from day to night and never come home.

It appears that they’ve donated an absurd amount of money to the school, but it’s laughable how they believe that accomplishes the duty of parenting, right?

Still…I may not know whether that’s good or bad, but I’m forgiven no matter what I do here and my homeroom teacher’s always inquiring about my complexion. And the guys around me, since they only view me from a distance, think of me as nothing but someone with money.

To be frank, I’m just fed up with it.

I am me, however, no one sees me as such.


I know this is childish, but this is the first time I’ve talked about this.

Teacher, did you make sure to properly cover your ear?

I guess I’ll quit school.

There’s no meaning in coming. Oh, but, I won’t be able to meet up with you anymore Teacher. Just kiddinーー

Eh? You’ll be lonely? Really? You’ll be lonely if I quit…?

Teacher, you see, what I said earlier was like a joke but it’s true. The reason I won’t quit school is that you’re here, Teacher. I’m here because I want to see you, Teacher.


What’s with that iffy face? You, yourself, said that you’d be lonely without me.

This is a public stance?

Yuck yuck, adults are filthy.

It’s a joke. Why are you trying so desperately to deny it? Hehehehe.

That’s fine to me, even if it is a public stance. As long as I can be with you Teacher, that’s enough.


But Teacher, y’know, you mustn’t say something along the lines of what you said earlier to people besides me.

Like I said, I’m referring to the part about being lonely not seeing me.

If Teacher were to say it, there are definitely guys who’d take it seriously.

What are you saying? Those types of things exist. Don’t you know, there’s plenty of guys targeting after you, Teacher?


Speaking of which, has no one confessed to you?

It has happened, right? Not just other students, but other teachers?

In any case, if you say something strange to someone other than me, tell me immediately. Understood?

Like I said, I’m saying it because it isn’t alright!!! You really don’t understand do you, Teacher? If you are so inclined, how about I list all the names of the guys who like you?

Like my class’ Saito. Yamada, Iwamoto, Takahashi and there’s the neighboring class’s Anzai and…huh? What was that guy’s name again? Sakai? Sakamoto?


Anyhow, that Saka-something guy also has a crush on you, Teacher.


Track 3: Worry


Yoho, Teacher! Haven’t you seen since the day before yesterday~

I’m so tired already, the guidance counselor has been on a constant lookout for me since yesterday. Even though there wasn’t any need for them to get that angry just because I didn’t hand in the parent-teacher interview form.

And thanks to that, I didn’t have time to come here yesterday. Plus it’s already this late today.


Wait. Huh?

Teacher, aren’t you looking a little pale? What’s wrong? A cold? If you’re feeling unwell then you should quickly go home.

It’s nothing? Really?

Don’t force yourself. Shall I escort you?

I see, what’s with that? You’re making people worry. I’ll be leaving for today, as long as I’m here, you can’t leave, Teacher.

And so, hurry up and go home.

If you look that unwell, even people that aren’t me will become concerned.

So then, bye-bye.


Oh, you’re finally back.

You’re slow.

Why am I aware of Teacher’s condo? Hehe, who do you think I am? If I take the time, there’s no information regarding school I don’t know.

You said there was nothing earlier, but it stayed on my mind all the same.

Wait, what’s wrong!? Your face’s completely pale!!!


There’s someone following you? Don’t tell me…a stalker?!!

No no.

Teacher, has this perhaps happened before? It has, hasn’t it? It’s not normal to be this scared.

I’ve decided. From now on, Teacher I’ll escort you home every day.

But it’s dangerous. Very few people pass by this area, and there aren’t many street lights either.

I’ll go ahead say it but, I won’t yield even if you’re against it.


Teacher, I don’t want you to end up in a risky situation.

I’ll protect you, Teacher.

In any case, hurry up and get inside. I’ll escort you up the door of your flat, so c’mon let’s go.


What floor is your flat on, Teacher?

During times like these, it’s best not to use the elevator. It’s locked from the inside no? If something were to happen, you won’t be able to call for help.

And then, before you go to unlock the door, confirm that there’s no one around you.



Track 4: Distance


It’s been a week since I began walking home together with you, Teacher. When we’re going home together like this, it’s as if we’re actually dating.

Just kidding~

Huh? What’s wrong, Teacher? Your house’s a slight distance that way.

Enough already? What exactly? You’re fine returning home without me?

Being seen and misunderstood by someone versus ending up in a dangerous situation. If you think about it, you can tell which one I think is worse, right?


During times like these, there’s no need to be concerned about me.

Jeez. Y’know I’ve told you before, no? I won’t yield even if you’re against it.

I won’t be bothered regardless if there’s a misunderstanding after being seen leaving together with you, Teacher. And even if something dangerous happens, I’ll be fine since I’m a guy.

I mean if something like that were to truly happen, I’d hate to not be by your side at that moment, Teacher. I’ll definitely regret leaving you on your own Teacher.

Say, why won’t you allow me to be concerned about you?


Teacher, you’re trembling. Are you frightened?

That said, it’s obvious I suppose. …Since a stalker’s following you all the way to your house.

Hey Teacher, come to my house.

Or rather come here, I can’t let Teacher go home alone like this. Or perhaps, do hate being with me that much?


I’m worried about you, Teacher!!!

That’s why, please don’t tell me to stop. I’m begging you, please come over to my house.


My house is surprisingly close to here.

C’mon, hurry up.


Come on in.

The living room’s this way. There’s no need to be cautious, there’s nobody else here.

Huh? Did I not tell you? I live alone.

So go ahead and relax.


What’s wrong? Why are you standing still at that particular spot?

Come here.

Are you still concerned about the fact you came over to my house? Or do you think it’s risky being alone together with me?

Haa…I won’t do the strange things that Teacher’s imagining.

I won’t approach any closer than this then, would it be fine as long as I do that?


…….Or rather, I’m hurt that you’re that vigilant, though.


Oh? What? My parents’ home? It’s not that far away, but why?

Oh. You’re referring to that.

I’m living alone not because my parents’ home is distant. How should I say it, to me it’s sort of like getting rid of a nuisance.

I told you earlier, didn’t I? My parents have no interest in me.

They never come home, and yet I had no chance to be alone in such a house.

And it’s not I that believe the other side is to blame, but the fact that they’ve never contacted me since leaving the house is pretty good proof.


Though, I’ve ended up chattering non-stop. Let’s end this talk.

That’s enough about me, let me hear your story, Teacher.

I guess so. Then, what made you decide to pursue your current job? Pretend that this is a guidance counseling session with this Saijo who hasn’t decided on a future path even now.

So Teacher, what made you decide to become a school nurse?


Because of the friendship bracelet? The one Teacher’s constantly wearing?

Did something happen between you and the person who gave you the friendship bracelet?

You were encouraged by that person and so you became a school nurse?

So that’s how it was……this is the first time I’ve realized.

Oh I see, that’s right I suppose, this is the first time I’ve heard it so it’s only obvious. Hehe…


Say, do you ever want to meet the person who gave you that once more?

I see.

I believe they’d like to see you again, Teacher. Surely.


Ah, I’ve been exposed.

If I followed this flow, I thought we’d naturally get closer, though.

Haha, sorry sorry. Somehow it’s refreshing and it makes me happy. Because this is the first time that there’s someone beside me in this room.

And I’m happy that…that someone is you, Teacher.


If only we could stay like this forever.

If only you could stay by my side forever, Teacher.


Track 5: Student and Teacher


Teacher, I’ve arrived.

Teacher, are you still working? Let’s hurry up and go home.

Ah! W-what are you doing, Teacher?

Did something happen?

Don’t come anymore? What’s with that all of sudden? If you say it so suddenly, I won’t understand the meaning behind it though.

Did I do something to anger you?


The thing earlier? The fact that you’ve stayed over at my house, don’t tell me it’s been discovered?

So someone witnessed that.

Who? You don’t just make shit up dammit.


And so you’re under house arrest? Hah!? Why’s Teacher the one being punished?!!

Dragging me into this? Ain’t it messed up for you to be confined at your own home over something like that!?

But Teacher, you’ve done nothing wrong!!!

You were facing a frightening situation and you were simply trying to escape that.

I’ll go tell them right now, that Teacher’s the victim! If I go tell them now, I might still be able to abolish your punishment.


Hey! Why are you stopping me?!!

It has nothing to do with me…?

What’s with that? Why are you saying such things? It does have something to do with me, because it was all MY fault..!!!

At that time, Teacher, you told me to stop. But then, I forcibly dragged you over to my house so I’m the one to blame am I not!?

If so, it’s messed up that Teacher’s the only one being penalized…!!! At the very least, I should also be…


Teacher, don’t tell me… You were protecting me?


W-Wait! Don’t just get up and leave, I’m still not done talking with you yet.

I begging you Teacher, I hate that you’re the one only being treated like a bad person. I can’t stand it, so please allow me to also…


Teacher, open up, open up dammit!

Teacher, teacher…!!!


Track 6: Confession


Teacher, you’re in there, aren’t you?

Please open the door. There’s nobody else, it’s just me.

I’m begging you, please open the door.


Teacher, it’s been a long time, hasn’t it?

I got injured and treated it myself. Just kidding. Don’t worry about it.

Today, I’ve come to tell Teacher something.

Umm…there’s nothing for you to worry about anymore. I don’t think those stalkers you had up until now would come after you any longer and your ban should be over soon.


You’re curious, right? …About why I know of this.

Now then, I wonder why. If you wish to know, I’ll tell you.


That troubled face……

Teacher, you always have that expression whenever you’re talking with me. Say, am I troubling you? Is it bothersome for me to do this?

If I’m nothing more than a nuisance, I’ll give up.

But if that isn’t the case, please don’t make that face. I simply wish to see your smile Teacher.

Visiting the infirmary every day, protecting you whenever something happens, and wanting to see your smile, Teacher, is because…

……I’ve always loved you Teacher.


Like I said, I love you, Teacher.

Mustn’t? What do you mean?  The fact I said I love you or the feelings of loving you itself?

What’s so wrong about it? Why’s it no good?

Teacher, where are you going…?


I won’t let you escape.


Ouch. Please don’t struggle, you cut my lips just now.

Why are you so against it? Do you hate me? Did you not have any intention of accepting me in the first place?

Then, why did you open the door earlier?

Even though you were fine leaving me as-is. If you give me such expectations, I…


The friendship bracelet broke, hasn’t it?

Hey, Teacher what would you do if I were to say that the one who gave this to you was me?

It’s not a lie. The one who gave you this friendship bracelet was me.

In the past, my body was feeble and I was hospitalized inside the same hospital as you, Teacher.

Teacher, you may not remember this but…when I entered school, I immediately knew that you were the person I gave the friendship bracelet to the very moment I first laid eyes on you, Teacher.

Teacher, you said it earlier, right? That you wanted to meet the person who gave you this again.

So it’s fine, right?


Don’t reject me, please.


You’ve finally opened your mouth.


That reminds me, the door’s still unlocked. Shall I lock it?

Well, Teacher?


Track 7: Adventure ~At Your House~


Please don’t run.

Teacher, please don’t look at me with those eyes. It’s not like I want to make you show such expressions.


Teacher, please relax.

It’s tight. Wait, please don’t squeeze down on me that hard. If it’s difficult, it’s okay for you to just grab onto me

No…I guess this is only natural.

There’s no way you’d want to cling onto a man who’s violating you against your will.

Do you disdain me?

Even though you’re aware that not saying anything is the most painful to me……


Then I won’t hesitate any longer.

If I’m gonna be despised either way then…


Amazing, Teacher your insides are hot and it feels good.

Gradually sounds are coming out, aren’t there? Despite hating me, you’re feeling pleasure. How lewd.

If you leak such a voice, the people outside will hear it.

Are you fine with that? I don’t mind it, though. I want to hear more of your voice, Teacher. Please let me hear it.


I know. I know I’m committing the worst kind of act.

I’m taking advantage of your kindness, and doing nothing besides hurting you. As I spew unreasonable things, Teacher you’d make a troubled face, but even so, you’d accept me.

I’m in love with that side of you, Teacher.

I love you, Teacher.

Even though I love you this much……


Track 8: After the Adventure


Oh, you’re awake?

Teacher, you lost consciousness, that’s why I carried you all the way here.

……Sorry, for doing such horrible things.

To be frank, I have no right to be here but I believe I ought to properly convey what I said prior.

The one who’s been harassing you is the physics teacher, Tagao. The one trailing behind you every day, and the reason why the school had discovered that you’ve stayed over at my house, it was all because of Tagao.


Today, I happened to be passing by the infirmary when I saw him enter inside.

Wondering what he was doing, I peeked and in doing I witnessed him fishing through your desk, Teacher. When I attempted to stop him, he resisted, and then we began punching each other.

But in any case, they understand that it’s all his fault and I was able to prove that Teacher had done nothing wrong.

When I brought Teacher over to my house, they were unusually angry, but taking account of the extenuating circumstances​…your ban should be lifted soon as well.


Isn’t that great, Teacher? With this, things will return back to normal again.

And starting tomorrow, you won’t ever meet me again.

You see…I’ll be studying abroad. The matters regarding you, Teacher, have been forgiven, but since I viciously beat that guy, it doesn’t look good for me.

So before various problems arise, I’ll be flying overseas and allow the heat to cool down.

The one who decided this was…my mother, after all.


It’s been determined by someone who cares about appearance more than anyone else, so it can no longer be overturned.

And the school’s relieved that this issue wouldn’t propagate any further.

In other words, I’m saying farewell to you today, Teacher.


The truth is, I planned to immediately leave after telling you this, but when I saw Teacher’s face……it was no use.

Just kidding. I don’t think I’d be forgiven by merely saying this, though.

What? Are you worried about me? Despite me doing something so horrible that you lost consciousness?


Teacher, you’re kind.

That aspect of you has remained the same since before. Teacher, because you’re like that I…

No, it’s nothing.


Huh? Teacher, what are you holding in your hand?

That reminds me, you were constantly clutching something inside your hand earlier.

You were holding onto the friendship bracelet…? It broke, hasn’t it? Though it’s a miracle that it has lasted all the way until now.

I’ll say this now, but when I was making this friendship bracelet, I secretly made a wish.

ーーThat when this naturally breaks, the person would come to like me.

But I guess it’s pointless since I broke it.

Or rather, after doing something like this… There’s no way that Teacher would love me.


Now then, I’ll be leaving already.

The truth is, I want you to come with me. But there’s no peace of mind for you if I’m around, right?

See ya.



Sorry, please don’t say anything further. Despite properly making my resolve, it’ll all go to waste.

I’m sorry for troubling you so much. I loved you, Teacher. I always have.



Track 9: 5 Years Later


It’s been a long time Teacher. It’s been about 5 years?

Do you know who I am?

Yes, it’s Saijo.


Teacher, you haven’t changed at all. Your appearance and your voice have remained the same as they were in those days.

Sorry for disturbing you so suddenly. I startled you, right?

Or rather, in keeping my profile low, I actually arrived back here yesterday.

Feeling nostalgic, I went around various places. I had just visited the school a while ago and on hearing that Teacher had quit right after I left to study abroad, somehow I couldn’t help it.

And before I knew it, I was here.


I thought that you no longer lived here, but you were indeed still here Teacher.

I called the intercom without thinking.

Umm…Teacher? Could you please say something? It’s a bit embarrassing for me to be the only one talking.

Or perhaps is it better if I leave? I’m sure you don’t want to see my face anymore.

I’m really sorry for coming here out of the blue.

Well then……


Huh? Something fell…?

This is, is this the friendship bracelet that I gave you? But it broke at the time didn’t it? Don’t tell me you…fixed it?

……And then you wore it until today.

W-what that’s…it broke at a place where a knot isn’t visible. Then that means, this time it broke naturally.


Teacher, do you remember what I wished upon this friendship bracelet? …That if this were to break naturally, then you, Teacher, would come to like me.

My feelings haven’t changed since then.

Teacher, I still love you even now.

I’m ashamed if it sounds pretentious, but while you were wearing the friendship bracelet…were you thinking of me at least little? Were you wishing to meet me again?


Then, liking me. Did you come to like me?

Teacher. Teacher, I’m so happy right now that I don’t know what to do.

Huh? AH! Sorry, I left the door wide open!!!

Err…I’m sorry, I had intended to return immediately after seeing your face Teacher. As expected, I might not wanna return.


I can’t, I have zero composure. But I’ll hug you, Teacher.

W-what are you saying, Teacher!? “It’s fine”? If you say that right now, I’ll misconstrue your words to my convenience.

It’s not a misunderstanding…? Really? Then, is it okay for me to kiss you?



I’m useless, at this rate, I feel like I’ll end up kissing you forever. Jeez…if you make such a cute expression, I won’t be able to hold back.

I don’t have to hold back?

Then, let’s go over to the bed.


Track 10: 5 Years Later, and thenーー


Teacher, your bed’s cute.

During that first time, I left a bunch of painful memories, so this time please allow me to be gentle.

Your body’s beautiful Teacher. Your clavicles, your chest, everything.

Let me have a closer look.



Don’t suppress your voice, it’ll feel better if you let it out.

What is it? Are you going to pat my head? Are you perhaps praising me for being skilled?

Sorry, it’s a joke.

But I’m really, genuinely trying hard to make you feel even better, Teacher. And so continue patting me just like that, I enjoy having my head patted by you, Teacher.


It stiffened. How cute.

Say, can I lick other places as well?


Please lift your legs.

You don’t want to? Why? If you don’t raise your legs, I won’t be able to lick this place.

Teacher you’re the one who said that it was okay for me to lick other places. C’mon, hold up your legs properly.

Yup, that’s good.


Huh? What’s wrong? This place is already wet and I haven’t even licked it yet. Look, you can hear it right? The sounds are wonderful.

You’re feeling pleasure, aren’t you? …I’m happy.

Is it okay if I insert my fingers?


Amazing, it’s all sticky. Since when did you become this way?

It’s no use, if you show me this then I.

It’s fine? But it’s better if I get it a bit more accustomed, right? Teacher, you’re being unfair, if you touch me so suddenly…

I’ve got no idea, it fell over there after all.


Wait, condom.

Y-you’re mistaken, I’m not getting ready. Err…it’s a bad habit I had since high school.

You don’t know about the guy who puts condoms inside his wallet to deliberately save money? No, saving money is kinda like an excuse. That’s why umm…it happens, right? As a student, it was sorta like a thing I wanted to carry with me.

I’m serious, it’s not that I’m trying to be prepared. Please believe me.

Thank god.


Haa…the mood’s been destroyed. That said, it was my fault, though.

Somehow I’ve shown you the various incompetent sides of me, but with this, it’s over. Starting now, I’ll give you plenty of pleasure.

I’m putting it in, okay?


Can you tell that I’m inside?

Is it okay if I move?

I’ll go slow at the start, okay?


Hey Teacher, please tell me where your pleasurable places are.

I’m not being a tease, is together fine? Since I’m finally able to do this together with you, Teacher, I want us to feel good together.

Here? It’s here, right?

I can tell, it’s completely different from before. Teacher’s reactions and the sensations that come along with it are extremely wonderful.


What should I do? I can’t suppress my voice. How lame of me.

Hey, let me hear your voice Teacher. I don’t want it to be just me.

…I’m glad.

Then, c’mon.

It’s no use, if you say that again…I’ve been resisting and resisting, we can hold back to the point that it’s almost painful afterwards. That’s how it was for us, no?

Constantly wanting and wanting to touch one another, but being unable to and suffering.

And so finally being able to be connected like this… That’s why it feels this good.


Enduring it is painful, but no, not yet. Not yet. Show me a more heartrending expression.

You wanted me a lot, didn’t you?

And to make up the portion until now……


Is deeper better? Go on.

Let me hear more of your voice, please tell me what you want me to do.

I won’t go anywhere, I’m right here. I am right here.


Teacher, I’m already about to…

Let’s both-

Teacher, Teacher!


Hey, this isn’t a dream, right?

Teacher, I’m actually embracing you right now, right?


I love you.

Please remain here within my arms forever.


Side Story Before Adventure: Masataka’s High School 1st Year


If there’s another guy that wants to be punched then come. WELL!?

Tch. Don’t pick a fight despite being weak dammit. Fuck.


Geh, oh shit!

Teacher, you’ve misread the situation. I’ve done nothing wrong…!!!

Huh? Have I met you somewhere?

But you weren’t there during the school entrance ceremony, right? Then again, I was more or less asleep.


Oh, so you’re the school nurse. Make way.

But, I definitely met you somewhere.

Whoa there! Don’t get and run, where are you going!? Don’t you dare try and reach my homeroom teacher! Those guys picked a fight with me one-sidedly so I was merely defending myself earlier.

Eh? Treat? Me?


Oh, that is true, there’s nobody else but me. And I’m the one who’s hurt.

Are you perhaps worried about me?

I see. Hehe…


Huh? Teacher, are you wearing a friendship bracelet? That’s quite unusual these days.

……Not to mention, it’s that color.

Ah! Oh, s-sorry, I guess you could say I was surprised.


I see. So that’s what it was. Like I thought, it wasn’t my imagination.

Eh? No, no, I just somewhat understand Teacher’s reason for being kind.

It’s nothing.

Hehe, more importantly, we’re going to the infirmary, right? Let’s go, let’s go!


I might inauspiciously pass by every day from now on. Is that okay?

What’s with that? How cruel!

An injured student can’t go over the infirmary? You’re the one who told me to visit the infirmary in the first place no?

Until my wounds are healed, make sure to look at me properly okay, Teacher?


Bonus Track


Yawn. Teacher, what time is it now?

Wait, huh? Why’s it this dark? Don’t tell me she returned home and left me here. No way!

Teacher, did you really leave!? Teacher…


Teacher, did you fall asleep? You mustn’t do that whilst you’re working. Though I guess it’s no different from me skipping class and sleeping.


What a cute sleeping face.


I didn’t begin visiting the infirmary every day until I entered high school. By you simply being here, Teacher, this place is special to me. I wonder if you’ve realized that?

Oh, you’re awake.

Good morning, Teacher. You’re drooling.

Just kidding, it was a lie! Were you surprised? Hehe. We’re even. It was a shock to wake to a completely dark room, y’know?


Shall I turn on the lights? Ah! Or perhaps we could do some naughty things, Teacher~

Sheesh, don’t get so angry.

Look, my blazer fell.

Well then, I’m leaving. And Teacher, you should quickly finish up with your job and go home.

See you later. I’ll look forward to seeing you again, Teacher.

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  1. Berri

    Glad to see someone else has the same taste in CD’s that I do!
    Thank you so much for your work on this one, this CD is one I’ve kept coming back to and I’m happy others can now enjoy it just as much!


      1. Kborenai

        Hahaha, same here. Back in the day everything was on soundcloud and tumblr – wow, ear pron has come a long way lmfao.


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