【Translation】 Sore wa Sasayaka na Koi no Hajimari Natsui Seigo


Thank You to Berri for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

それはささやかな恋のはじまり 夏井誠吾

CV: Furukawa Makoto (古川慎)

Track 1: Modest Incident


Thank you for your hard work.

I ran this original system installation agreement past them, so once you hand it over to the chief, they’ll know.


Oh, class reunion? I intend to show my face there once though.

As one would expect, to abstain from it 3 times in a row would give me a poor image no? Is it that unexpected?

Well, that is true.

Even I’m annoyed with myself. I had skipped even the New Year’s Party after all.

In any case, I’ll go on Friday.  You’re the one people I’m able to speak honestly with so make sure to come.

So then, best regards to the contract. Now, please excuse me.


Huh? You smoke cigarettes?

You wanted to feel the wind? Then this place is inadequate no? You’re out for a smoke because you’re a smoker aren’t you?

Then what are you doing?

Cool…? That’s quite unusual when smokers generally feel ashamed in this day and age.


Oh, are you perhaps drunk?

That cocktail in your hand is easy to drink, but it’s alcohol content is high. But well…although you’re all frivolous, it seems fun.

It more or less doesn’t matter if you get drunk during a company drinking party and there are no strangers there either.

My bad, the smoke went that way.

You don’t smoke right? Then come here, that you won’t inhale the smoke.


You’re completely forbidden from smoking inside this store’s interior. I’m grateful that because of it I could experience the outdoors, but I guess it’s still a bit cold.

No, I’m fine but it’s hard on a woman no?

Please wait a moment. Come on, I’ll put my shoulders around you.

Even so, it’s a bit self-important of me.


Are you fine with staying here? I personally don’t mind.

Just because they’re classmates doesn’t mean we’ll get along and I’m incapable of having interesting conversations.

As long as I am in fact participating, I must maintain my expression.

In the past, I never exactly attended these kinds of gatherings. Either way, I was the type that was feared by my classmates.

I’m not particularly friendly, plus I looked old for my age.

That’s right, whenever I paid the middle school student rate for fares back then, I was undoubtedly looked upon with suspicion.

Since that’s how it was, I appreciate being forcibly approached like in this case. You’d end up socializing with the same year class for the rest of your life no?


I wonder if it’s because you’re there?

I would’ve never become this accustomed if I had been on my own. That said, I’m not used to it at all though.

But I believe I probably wouldn’t have gone as far as to take part. After all, you aren’t scared of me.


Resembles…? Whom?

Your high school teacher? How old was he? I’ll say it but, we are in every sense of the wordーーsame age peers.

Don’t call me Teacher, and stop calling me geezer.

Stop bullshitting me.

Shut up. Shh…


Would a middle-aged teacher do this sort of thing?

Serves you right.

I’ll go back before you then.


Track 2: Meaning of a Kiss


Thank you, much appreciated.

Ah yes, it’s fine. It’ll be on time. Thank you.


Thank you for your hard work.

Hmm? Oh me?

You passed on the written contracted from the other day as well didn’t you? Thanks. No, you were of great help this time.

Please also relay the news to the higher-ups.

Your face’s red. Are you feeling unwell? …Then it’s okay.


Aah…are you alright?

Can you forward it to all ranks? It’s there outside the floor’s exit, are you aware? I’ll go immediately so wait.

Then, I’ll leave it to you.


Thank you as always.

As expected, there’s no one. You see, there was an abrupt smoking ban on my floor.

But oh well, it’s not like I came to smoke. I’m not trying to quit, I’ll probably never quit for the rest of my life.

I won’t voluntary stop, and I’m not the type to listen to the words of others.

But right now, rather than for the sake of a smoking a cigarette, I came here in order to speak with you.


I apologize for the other day. I was pretty drunk at that time.

Sorry, I don’t want to use my drunkenness as an excuse. Did you hate it? If you hated it then I’ll apologize.

I see, then I won’t apologize.

But even if you didn’t hate it, there’s a weird feeling about it.

Since then, whenever I had spare time, I would think about you. And once I’m aware I become unable to talk like earlier.


I appeared normal?

Nope, not at all. I was desperately trying to remain calm, and I’m incredibly embarrassed to speak on this matter.

That’s just my nature no? I’ve been bad with communicating as long as I remember and it’s not like I wanted to converse with a bunch of people in the first place.

I’ve never had many friends since my student days.

With an engineering job, technological skill is what’s demanded rather than interpersonal skills, so my communication ability isn’t of high importance. That’s why, after becoming a member of society I was prepared to slowly make more friends.

Being together with you during rookie training and somehow becoming able to talk with you. Following that flow, I started communicating with other peers.

Having more friendly relations as a working adult than as a student was beyond my imagination.


But, it’s probably all because you’re here.

And so I’m grateful. Even amongst the peers, I’m always wanting to get along better with you.

Such a trivial…no, it’s not trivial, but I don’t want it to become awkward over it.

Don’t say I’m like a teacher, I’ll end up remembering it no?

Do I resemble your high school homeroom teacher? I’m just asking to be certain, but how old was that teacher?

In his thirties?

No, early thirties is enough of a shock so don’t forget, I’m the same age as you.


I guess it’s about time to return.

In the meantime, there’s the basis for overtime. How about you?

Drinking party? For work?

Oh…who’s the person in charge originally? Eh? They quit? I wasn’t aware.

So what time is it?

Hmm…are you going to the 2nd meeting as well? You’re not that good holding your liquor so don’t overdo yourself.

See ya.


…She’s there.


I was searching for you because you weren’t there at the restaurant. I was extremely worried whether some strange guy had called out to you or that you were feeling sick from drinking too much.

That’s right, I was working overtime.

I intend to return to the company and continue my work after this. To be frank, I don’t even know if I’d be able to leave today.

But right now, I wanted to see you no matter what.


Do you not understand the meaning behind it?

I know right. I don’t understand it either. After all, we’d meet at the company, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and also next week.

This is…that right?

In other words, I’m in love you right?


I’m incredibly slow with these of things.

I was under the impression that I had begun thinking about you non-stop following that kiss, but thinking about it carefully, I always had thoughts about you even before I kissed you.

I’m in……love with you.

Similar to your high school teacher, to you I might not be an object of romantic interest though.


Are you drunk?

I suppose so. Even if you’re drunk, you wouldn’t let just anyone do this to you right?

Me too.

That’s right, I did it only because it was you.


What is this…?

My heart’s beating so fast that I feel like I’m about to stop breathing though. And that expression’s unfair too.

I like you, please go out with me.

…That’s a relief.


I ought to return back to my job.

Give me your cellphone, we’ve never exchanged our LINE right? I’ll enter my number, so call me when you arrive home. I’ll pick up even if I’m in the middle of work.

I can’t take a long call, but I’m happy just to hear your voice, plus it gives me a peace of mind.

Please be careful on your way home.


Track 3: Will you stay over?


Sorry, I made you wait didn’t I?

The portion for today’s complete and it seems like we’ll somehow make the appointed day of delivery.

It’s a relief.

And my bad for being late.


Oh, did you not eat any food? No, although I haven’t eaten either, since it’s already this late, you can go ahead and eat first.

Damn, the Izakaya’s taking it’s last orders. What should I do?

Eh? Ramen? I enjoy it so it’s fine, but is that okay with you? Because we’re dating, it’s a date together no?

I guess so. It isn’t necessary per say.


I thought you were cute, so I fell in love.

Let’s go.

Come on, give me your hand.


Haa…maybe it’s a regular closing day, probably not right?

There’s a family restaurant if we follow the main road, but instead of going there, my house’s closer I guess.

What time are you off tomorrow? I could leave by 1 p.m.

In the afternoon? We’re the same then. So then, would you like to stay over at my house? I’m able to at least make Chinese fried rice and it’ll probably be delicious.

It’s decided, then let’s go.

Would you like to visit a convenience store?

Go ahead, I’ll buy you ice cream and whatever else.


I’m home.

It’s not that clean but take a seat. Sit down right here.

Oh, will you be changing first? It’ll be bad if your clothes get wrinkled right? Here, a hanger.

Are you fine taking it off? …I wonder what would be good for the bottom.

Here, take this.


It’s almost like a one-piece.

There’s quite the surprising height difference between us eh. This might also be too big, but they’re more or less shorts.

Then, go take a wash in the shower first and I’ll prepare the fried rice.

Do you know what to use?

Yeah, towel-wise, use the ones piled up next to the washing machine.


Thank you for cleaning up the dishes.

To me, making it isn’t that big of a deal. I’m at the very least good at cooking fried rice and fried udon.

I’ll make it for you next time then.

Would you like to drink some tea? Is it fine if it’s chilled?


That suits you. Mhm, I’ll be taking mine off as well.

Are you not cold? …I’m relieved.

Eh? What? Putting it on display? It’s been like that the whole time since earlier, why are you getting embarrassed now?

It’s alright. I like you regardless of whether you have make-up on.

Mhm…you’re cute. I love you.


Say, how about we go?

Where? The bed of course. I’ll be carrying you, so let’s go.


Track 4: stay night


We’ve arrived.

Sorry, I might not have much room to spare.


Your breasts are soft.

Is it ticklish? Please bear with it a little.

You’re quivering again. Is it still ticklish? I guess not, you’re weak to your nipples aren’t you? …I can tell.

Is this no good?

Liar, you want me to do it to the other side as well. Look, it’s already hard.


Cute. Now I want to kiss you.

It’ll probably feel even better.

Please open your legs and stay just like that.


Hey, you mustn’t move.

Does this place feel good? Then, allow me to lick it some more.

I’ll insert my fingers okay?


It’s in.

Here…does it feel good?

I see then, it’ll be even better if I licked you as well. Did you perhaps cum? Your insides had tightened.

Let’s fill this place with me.


So erotic.




Sorry for the wait.

Your insides are hot.

It’s in isn’t it? Your insides are filled with me.


It’s extremely warm and it feels good.

Is it okay for me to move?


Is it not hard on you? …Thank god.

Let’s kiss.

Spread your legs further. I want to enter even deeper inside.


Your insides have gotten tighter.

It feels good, it’s squeezing down more than before.


That face is lewd.

So it feels good when I rub against you deep.

I can’t endure it anymore……


It feels extremely good.

Sorry, I’ll cum once. I can’t, I’m cumming.


Sorry, I wasn’t able to resist it.

I was suddenly rough, wasn’t I? Are you alright?

That’s a relief, then I’ll change the condom. Ah…sorry, I was planning to do it normally but it’s impossible.

Then, let’s do it.


Shall we do it from behind?

You’re wet all the way down to your butt, my fingers entered inside so easily.

What a cute voice, do you feel it that much with just fingers?

Do you want me? Because……


It’s in.

Doing it from the back is nice as well. I can see the place where I’ve entered, it’s erotic.

And it’s nice adhering our bodies together.


You feel it too easily.

What feels good?

What a cute response. Sorry, I can’t stop myself anymore.


I can’t, you squeezed down so suddenly.


You came?

Sorry, it’ll take a bit more for me.


Cumming, I’m cumming. I’m cumming!


Are you alright?

I love you. I really love you.


Good morning.

You can continue sleeping, you’re still tired right?

I’ll go take a smoke and while I’m at it, I’ll brew some coffee. So go ahead and continue sleeping.

I don’t smoke in the bedroom. And since it’s troublesome to leave ashtray everywhere across the house, I’ve made my mind up to only smoke inside the living room.

Even then, there’s still the smell of it no?

Sorry, to you who isn’t a smoker…it’s not a scent you like right?


I’m fine with tobacco so what’s with that preferential treatment?

But thanks.


You know what, I don’t need a cigarette.

Mhm, I want to stay like this for a little longer.

Next time, is it okay if we go to your flat? Mhm, I want to visit. I don’t mind if it’s small, that’s just how it is when you’re living alone.

The bathroom’s spacious? Don’t you mean your house’s way too small?

Since I came here, I never had the spare time to take a bath.


Then let’s take one at the end.

How about we enter together? Embarrassing? I feel the same but together’s better.

…It’s a promise.


Track 5: Unrequited Love


Thank you, oh…much appreciated. Which floor? Okay, there you go.

It’s normal to mean at the office, but even though it’s normal, I feel shy about it. Is it the same with you?

I suppose so.

Oh this? Right now, we’re trying to reach a decision through a document circulated to all employees. Once approval has been made, I’m bringing it over your way.

Mhm, and then we’ll see each other again.

Don’t laugh if we meet eyes. I don’t have the confident either, I feel like I’ll just start grinning.


I feel like I’ll be late again today.

Maybe I’ll stop by and eat at some point. Afterwards, let’s go over to your house.

It’s decided. Then, contact me when you’re finished.


Thank you for your hard work.


Pardon the intrusion.

Where’s the refrigerator? Oh here? I wonder if you’ve got ice cream?


Bath? I can’t handle it well when it’s too hot. Did you not forget about our promise of taking one together?

Ah, I’ve brought a change of clothes.

To no surprise, I can’t exactly borrow yours.


Oh…is this photo from high school?

No wait, I’ll search it myself. Err, ah it’s this. Your hair was longer back then.

Mhm, even if your hairstyle’s change, your atmosphere’s still the same. It hasn’t changed, either one is cute. And is this by any chance the homeroom teacher you mentioned before?

You said I resembled him.

Hmm…is there really any resemblance? Aren’t we completely different?


Our faces aren’t alike? Then in what sense are we similar?

The aspect regarding cigarettes? …That means I resemble any and all smokers.

You know, I was flustered at that time. Being told I held a resemblance to your teacher, I felt that I was being told that I wasn’t an object of romantic interest and so I did that.

But that’s how we ended up dating so being told I was similar might’ve been a good thing.

Even though, we weren’t alike at all in the end.


Requited love? Towards this teacher?

Towards me?

Oh I see. So we were similar in the sense that you had an unrequited love towards us. Is that really a resemblance?

But I guess so, there wasn’t a need for me to be panicked.

So you had liked me right? I liked you as well though.


Looks like the bath’s ready.

Shall we enter? Then let’s enter.


Track 6: stay night again


As expected, soaking in a nice hot bath is healing.

Think about it more closely, as expected, I would want to enter a bath normally.

I guess so. Take one whenever I please like I do at home? Are you sure about that? If you say such a thing, I won’t hesitate to come here every day for a bath.

It’s fine, it’s kind of you.


This week was a long one.

I felt like I was about to die yesterday, but we’ll be able to spend time together once it’s the weekends so I’ll try my best.

Although not long has passed since we started dating, I can’t remember a period where we weren’t together.

Mhm, you being there has become only natural.

That type of thing is kinda nice, becoming a greater part of my daily life that is.

……Because I need you.

I love you.


Your nipples are already sticking up simply from being touched a little.

I like them sensitive spots.


Place your hands on the wall.

Looks like you’re wet all the time down to your thighs. Rub against me right here and now. Pleasure me.

Stick out your butt some more.

That’s right, clench up your thigh and stay still.


Uh huh…it feels good.

If I do this to this place and hit it……


Does it feel good when I grind up against you?

You’re cute when you’re feeling it.

It’s gotten wet again. It’s all slippery and it’s nice for me as well.


I feel like it’s a waste to left it out here, but it feels better than I had imagined.

I’m about to cum.

Please let me cum as is.




Mhm, I came. Turn this way.


You gotten dirtied by my cum right?

It’s lewd.

Despite cumming so much, I’m erect again. How about we take a shower and go over to the bed?

Yup, next time I’d like to cum inside.


Lick it. Although I’m already erect, I want to put it in once it’s more hard.

It’ll feel better that way.


Do you know what you should do?

You don’t have to stuff it inside your mouth all of a sudden. Lick it slowly.

It’s fine, you’re doing good.

Put your mouth around it just like that. Gradually make it through all the way.

Ah..it feels good.


Wrapping your tongue around it is sly.

It feels good.

I want to do it for longer, but let’s save that for next time. Come here, let’s have sex.

You tried your best didn’t you? It felt really great.


I’ll put that on so wait just a moment.


It’s fine, I’ll put it in like this.

I’ll support you so lower your hips slowly onto it.

The tip’s in.

Even though I said it’s fine to take your time……you’re cute when you’re greedy as well.


I’ll start moving.


It feels nice……

Stick closer to me. When we adhere our bodies together like this, it’s pleasant.


I’m reaching all the way, aren’t I?

The most pleasurable spot is here right?


You really are cute when you orgasm.

Me too? What are you referring to? You find me cute when I cum?

Go ahead, look at my appearance as I cum then.


Being that arouse, can you actually afford to be watching me?

I guess so. You can’t afford either, same as me. Your insides feel way too good.


Cumming, I’m already about to…cumming, I’m cumming!


I came so much despite it being the second time.

You see, I really do love you. No matter how many times I have sex with you, I’d still want to continue. Almost like a middle schooler.

Can you tell that I love you by just that?


What about you? What are your thoughts on me?

Thank you.


Track 7: Getting Together


Have you dried your hair?

Come next to me.

This? It’s the magazine that was placed over there. It’s yours no? You forgot you bought it? I guess that happens sometimes.

Hmm? Cigarettes?

To be frank, I was thinking of quitting. I’ve abstained for 3 days. Despite saying that I’ll never quit, it’s daunting to simply feel at home and if I consider the fact I ought to stop at some point when we someday get married and have kids.

……I thought it’d be best if I stop now.


Marriage and kids, even though I’ve never thought about that kind of future……having a girlfriend is quite an amazing thing ain’t it?

Say, do you like these types of things? Between silver or gold, which do you prefer?

Aah…me too.

I’m glad, looks like our preferences match.


No, I just thought it’d be nice to have a pair of matching accessories. Are you not interested? Perhaps a necklace or a ring?

If an accessory’s no good, then would a keychain work? Would you prefer that?

Or rather, let’s go take a look tomorrow then.

Were you surprised that I said something like this so suddenly? I had been pondering this earlier you know?

In saying something effeminate, I’m embarrassed though.


No, as expected I’ll stop.

Then I’ll say it, but don’t you dare listen.

I want to be able to sense you, both during times that we’re together like this and during times that we’re apart.

Even if we see each other at the company like we did today, although it’s obvious, it feels different when we’re alone together like this no? But somehow, if there’s something akin to an amulet for us……it gives me a peace of mind I guess.


Like I thought, I’ve said something embarrassing didn’t I?

In other words, what I want to say is…whenever we’re apart, I want to be able to remember the times that we were together as well.

I’m saying that I want to have a pair of matching accessories as a sort of charm. Well?



Let’s make sure to choose it together properly, it’s best if it’s something we both take a liking to.

Hmm…how about this? Do you like it?

ーーMe too.

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