【Translation】 Switching?! vol.3 Sakurada You no Baai


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

Switching?! vol.3 桜田悠の場合

CV: Nojima Hirofumi (野島裕史)

Track 1: Cafe Kazemachi


K: Fujimura Kanade’s Magic Hour! As always, today’s a live Umezo FM broadcast straight from Umezo.

K: Good evening, this is Fujimura Kanade.

K: For all those that have returned home from work, it’s been a long day. And for those still working, best of luck to you at your job.

K: From Monday to Friday, from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m, this the Magic Hour stretching across the sunset. The program today…


Aah…what a bad timing, I guess we really can’t use it anymore. I thought it was perfect for the store, but I ought to buy a replacement, don’t I?

Yup, when I decided to remodel an old Japanese-style house and open my shop, I was fussed over each and every one of the decors.

The sound that flows from a traditional radio is nice, no?

But well…as expected, I couldn’t use a retro phone for phone calls, though.


It’s fine, I’ll get it.

Yes, this is Cafe Kazemachi.


Track 2: Store Manager is My Sweetheart


Uh-huh. Yes, on Umezo’s main street. That’s right, it’s close to the university, right?

I see.

Pardon? Oh, new coverage. Of this store?

That’s correct. Err, what kind of magazine?

Aah…I apologize, but I believe that unfortunately, the shop manager has no such intentions.

Yes. Ah no, I’m an employee, the store manager’s out at the moment.

You make a point, then please come by all means first. Yes, I can reserve some seats as well and yes, the business is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Yup, okay. So a week from now at 2 p.m.?

Thank you for the confirmation, I’ll be waiting. Yes, thank you.



Hmm? They wanted to do an interview. I’m happy, but the theme is a bit…..

“A shop with a handsome manager is discovered in the city.”

How’s that good? I’m embarrassed.

Jeez…I wonder who they heard it from. It seems like they called because they had heard that there was a good-looking manager at this store.

Yup, I lied about my livelihood. There’s no way I could tell them that I was the said manager, right?


Was there something you wanted to say?

Oh well, it’s fine. You’ll write up the reservation for this, right?


Come on, come on, you guys, the shop’s closing so go home. I precisely said that today’s an early closing, no?

You’re hungry?

Sheesh, you can eat the food at home to your heart’s content so what are your mouths saying? And there are exams starting tomorrow, no?

Quickly go home and rest.

Yeah yeah, until next time. If everyone’s grades are good this time, I’ll prepare a special cake so do your best.


Haa…good grief, those mischievous fellas.

They’ve been requesting nothing but water for about the past 2 hours, but I’m happy that they visit here every day.

Well, I suppose so. I worked part-time as a lecturer at a cram school, so I’m used to dealing with children. Passing age 30, those in their twenties and the kids in their teenager feel all about the same.

Since we ought to work on calculating the ledgers, I decided to do an early closing, but regardless, if I didn’t do it promptly; there’d be no end.

Now then, let’s hurry up and start closing shop.


You’ve already hung up the sign? Really?

Then why does the sign on the door still say open? Oh, and can you go ahead and turn off the lights at the front as well? And don’t forget to feed the tropical fishes, okay?

You truly are a careless one, just how many months have you been working here?

And also you forgot one more important thing.

Honorifics are forbidden after our store operations ends. Remember?


It’s understandable when we’re in front of other people, but right now there’s no one besides us. But well, I don’t dislike being referred to as Mr. You or Manager by you even now.

Well then, after that’s done, I’ll leave the payments to you and I’ll do calculations.

But before that, there’s 2 chocolate gateau left, 1 chiffon tea left, 0 carrot pound cake and as for pumpkin pie……

Hmm, that’s strange, did not a single one get served today?

I guess I should stop serving it to customers soon. I don’t think it tastes bad, though.


Mmm… Tasty.

I’ll leave it here, so you can go ahead and snack on them as you see fit.

Oh, can you not use your hands?

Okay! Here you go, open up. Say “Aah”.

It’s fine isn’t it? No one’s watching. Come on, say “Aah”.


What do you think…?

It’s tasty?

I know right? I wrote on the menu that it’s delicious, so I wonder why it isn’t ordered more often.

Though it is still a bit far from the ideal taste.


Oh, did I not tell you about it?

The pumpkin pie at the cafe I frequented when I was a student was exquisite. I was attempting to replicate the taste, but it didn’t turn out well.

I’ve always admired the owner there so I thought about owning my own store, however it appears that there’s still long ways for me to go.

Hmm…it is indeed faster to go and ask for the secrets, but that shop’s no longer around.

Nevertheless, that shop has been around in my hometown for nearly 30 years. For a store to have continued on existing for a long period of time, just from that, you can tell that it had reason to be loved.

It’d be nice if this Kazemachi could turn out to be that way as well.


The reason it’s called Kazemachi is quite simple so don’t laugh.

……Kazemachi is my moniker for plum trees.

There’s a line of plum trees along the path in plum orchard, no? When I came to this town for a preliminary inspection prior to opening this establishment, it was precisely plum season and I was already blown away by just that.

Therefore, I gave it the name Kazemachi.


Wow! There are no mistakes in the sales slip, excellent.

Hehe, I suppose so. Sorry, sorry.

Huh? Shoot, you’ve already eaten 3!? Well then, I guess you won’t be having dessert after dinner.


Okay, that’s it for the bills.

Hmm? What’s this…?

See here? Look, you’ve forgotten a love letter directed towards you in a place like this.

Well, I guess it isn’t exactly a love letter. “I’ve taken an interest in you and your constant smiles. If you’d like, please contact me.”

Oh, is it that? Is it from not the male customer that arrived here alone before noon?


I knew it!

He would only come on the days you’re here, and if you pay attention, you could tell that he’s looking at you, that’s why I was wondering whether or not that was the case.

But he ain’t a guy with much courage though, seeing how he’s handed over his contact info in this manner.

Angry? Me? For what reason?

Anyhow, you wouldn’t contact them back, no? Or could it be that you’re intending to do so in secret?

Then there’s no reason for me to be angry.

I guess so. Are you planning to personally turn him down the next time he comes? If you’re unable, I don’t mind saying it as the store manager either.


I see, then I’ll leave it to you.


Hmm…? What’s wrong?

Oh, how could I tell that person was looking at you? That’s because I’m looking at you too, you see.

Why are you making such a happy face? Jeez, I was simply observing you so that you wouldn’t make careless mistakes, okay?

Well…that isn’t the only reason.

You should know. I am referring to those who’re watching you with ulterior motives. It’s fine since I caught on this time, but be careful.

It’s not jealousy, I’m just concerned.

Good grief, come here a bit.


Listen, although I trust you but you should always keep that in mind at the very least. There’s the one in a million chance, you know? …Because you truly are defenseless.

Though, thanks to that, I managed to win you over.

And that’s exactly why I’m worried. Besides, it’s not like I wasn’t jealous at all when I see you lavish other men with your smile.

Is that unexpected?


No, if I do it now……I don’t feel like I could stop.

Let’s continue when we return, I’ll leave the washing to you.


Okay, let’s go.

Come on, your hands. Yeah, the university students that frequent our place might jeer at us if they see us holding hands as we walk home, but I don’t really care though.

Today you’re coming over to my house, right? So, what would you like for dinner?

The same as what we serve in our store? You’re always eating a ridiculous amount of it, no? You really do enjoy that, don’t you?

If I remember correctly, you ordered that exact curry the first time you came to my shop.


Of course I remember.

That day, you came barging in to take shelter from the heavy rain. As you ate the curry while soaking wet, you were deeply moved and came to ask me for the recipe. It was the first time I’ve ever had a customer like that.

And of course I remember what I replied with.

“I can’t tell you the complete recipe, but I can give you pointers. However, the next you come, please make sure to bring an umbrella.”

And I laughed at how you promptly came back the next day.


Thank you.

I only taught you how to make it when you first started working, though.

No, I thought you might continue to visit if I stretch things out one way or another. But I’m glad that you became a regular customer through it.

That’s true, you’re now a splendid employee but you became my girlfriend prior to that.

I didn’t think I would genuinely fall in love with one of my regulars. But you know, that’s how life is.

Still, your neck wouldn’t bulge much no matter what I did.


You know, why would a cafe manager hit on a female employee? The reason I asked you whether or not you could work here before you quit your previous job was… Although, I actually lacked hands, I wouldn’t have said it if the other person wasn’t you.

I guess you’re not wrong to call this the mixing business with personal affairs.

So curry for dinner?

Well then, I’ll make it from what I have at home so we don’t need to buy anything.


Drinks? After this…?

Oh I suppose so, we do have the day off tomorrow but I’m not in much of a mood for alcohol. For you to ask me to drink together, is there something wrong?

Huh? We’ve never drank together?

Is that so? Then well uh…let’s leave it at that.


Track 3: Can’t Resist


Hey, could you do a little taste test?

Is it tasty?

That’s a relief, I wonder if I should serve it in-stores next time? There’s only 1 dressing on top of it right now, but that’s rumored to be delicious as well.

It’s not like I can make everything. Besides, this is easy, you just have to mix all the ingredients together.

Though, I can’t open a restaurant if I can’t cook.

The reason the dessert menu is so vast is because I’ve got a sweet tooth.


I don’t know whether I’m operating the business properly or not. But right now, business is seldomly slow.

The location being right next to a university is a great help, and also, there are times where my experience as a salaryman comes into use.

I wasn’t particularly an elite, the company simply happened to be big, that’s all. Either way, it was my dream to quit and open up my own store; that had always remained unchanged since my student days.

Gathering up my savings, I finally managed to have my own establishment at age 29. I intended it to happen by the time I turn 30, so I barely made it.


Hmm? Yes, you’re right, I’m one happy man. However, my dream isn’t simply to own my store.

Ah, no, this really doesn’t matter I suppose.

Nah, it’s nothing.

…I’ll tell you another day.


Okay! With this, the salad’s complete. Afterwards, I’ll leave the curry on its own and then it’ll be all okay.

I was correct to buy a pressure cooker.

Now then, until it’s finished, will you be eating some of the dessert that was left over from today?

You’re always eating it, so it’s fine, no? Plus, you love eating sweets.


Shall we watch a movie I recorded?

What’s wrong? Oh, there might not be enough battery in that remote. If I remember correctly, there should be a power button on the bottom ridge of the T.V.

Well, what a nice sight. I see it~

What? Are you going to change your clothes? It’s fine as is, though.


Where are you going? You can just change here, no?

Good grief, how long do you plan to be embarrassed by that? We’ve already been dating for half a year, so it shouldn’t be a big deal for you to change in front of me. It’s not like I’ve never seen you naked.

Though, I do think it’s good to have some modesty.


Okay! How about I help you change?

Yes, raise up your arms. Hehe, your hair’s become a mess. Sorry.

Turn this way.

Are you being peevish? Lift your face. Yup.

Well then, shall we remove your skirt next? What about your camisole, shall we remove this as well?

Then lower one knee, and let’s remove from the bottom. That way it’s more erotic.


Come here.

After, all that’s left are your undergarments. The top or bottom, which do you prefer?

Hmm? Are you not changing your undergarment? Even if you’re embarrassed, you’re more than pretty enough.

Shall we move over there?


I love you.


Hmm? It’s okay, curry’s more delicious the longer you leave it. Or should we stop now and have dinner first?

It doesn’t look like I can resist until then though.

I’ll take this off already, okay?


It swelled up in a blink of an eye. And here too, it’s cute.

You truly are cute. So stop turning the other way and hiding your face. Okay?

I love you.

Is it ticklish? You’re weak to the base of your legs right? Then, what about here? I wonder if it’s a bit moist?


It’s fine, let out your voice.

If it feels good, then you mustn’t hold back. It’ll turn into a bad habit of you suppressing your voice whenever you’re feeling it.

I’m against it, I want to hear your voice you know.

That’s right, please let me hear more of it and I’ll rub the most pleasurable place inside.


It wasn’t just a bit damp eh. I’m inserting my fingers, okay?

Incredible, you’re completely soaked.

Look, it easily swallowed them down to their base. So where do you want me to stroke?

Hmm? Here…?

I guessed right. I see, it feels good, right? Go on, I’ll make you feel even better.


It’s best if I lick this place as well, no? It’s not dirty, what are you saying?

Come on, lift your hips so I can take it off.

If it’s embarrassing, it’s fine for you to close your eyes.

Are you not going to close your eyes? Even though you, yourself, said it was embarrassing?

I won’t close mine. Because, I wanted to see that exact face.


You aren’t making a weird face.

It’s no use, whenever I see that expression, I find you so cute that I lose any form of restraint.

Is it fine now? …I love you.


Hmm? Are you going to be the one going for it?

Then, please. Here.

When you’re that red, I’ll be the one who’s ashamed. Haha, no no, it’s not like you shouldn’t. Like I said, modesty’s a good thing.

Besides, I know the expression you have when you want to have sex.


I’m putting it in.

Is it not painful? Are you alright?

I see……


Can you hear the noises? Your insides are overflowing by so much.

You’re aware of the naughty sounds, no?

Don’t suppress your voice, lie bare both your face and that voice to me. It’s nice seeing you try to resist it, but…

Even if you’re unwilling, let’s see if you’ll leak out your voice if I go a bit more intensely…

Yes, that voice. Let me hear more of it.


Does it feel good?

It feels really good for me too. I feel like I’m about to melt inside.

How unbearably cute.

How about I hit a bit deeper? I’ll be lifting your legs okay?


Can you tell where I’m hitting?

Amazing, does it feel good enough for you to squeeze down that hard? Are you about cum?

Go ahead and cum.

Yes, I’m about to too. I love you.


I’m about to cum too.


I love you too. I really love you.


Say, are you already hungry?

Then let’s stay like this for a bit longer, okay?


Track 4: A New Menu Togetherー


I apologize.


Hey, are you okay? It doesn’t look like you’re hurt…

It’s fine, I’ll gather the pieces. Can you bring over the broom and dustpan from the other side?

Mhm, thank you.


Did it slip from your hand? Be careful, it’ll be terrible if you got hurt.

Surprised…? By what?

The table on the opposite? Oh, that couple?

They come here occasionally. It appears that the guy’s a student at the nearby university, he has come before with his male friends, but…is there an issue with those kids?


Relocation of the university campus?

Eh…? Is that so?

If you think about it, it’s a pretty old building. So why are you that disturbed by it?

I see, if the campus relocates then the university students would naturally stop coming here and 70% of our customer base are these students……..

Yeah, that’s pretty bad. Hehe.


Now, now, calm down. Because this might be a good opportunity, you know?

Hmm? No, I was thinking about it earlier.

I’m happy to be of use to the students, but I believe our clientele is too limited. In this era, you can lose your customers all in one go, so I think it’s about time to consider ourselves.

For example, rather than targeting students, we can serve a menu catering to the company employees working nearby.

And in that case, it might be a good idea to extend business hours and be operational during the night as well.



Ah no, umm…I suppose so. The only alcoholic drink on our menu is beer, so we should augment it.

No, it’s nothing.

Then how about we brainstorm a new menu together?


Track 5: Alcohol


Yes, thank you for your hard work. I’ll be in your care tomorrow as well.

Okay, everybody else has left so let’s start.


Hmm…I wonder what we should do.

For the time being, I was thinking that it’d be a good idea to serve special evening meal sets during the night and afterwards, add appetizer pairings to the menu in order to target those that come there to drink.

Ah, what should we do about the crucial alcohol?

Eh? That’s true, I don’t have a drink I particularly prefer. And what about you? What do you prefer?


Oh. Sangria?

Certainly, the sweet ones are better suited for women.

Our main offerings are western foods so there ought to be complimentary wine. Also, for those who came with the aim to drink, we need sake and whiskey.

From there, simple cocktails……

Though in saying that, I have no experience as a bartender so I don’t know if I’m capable of making a professional cocktail.

It looks like I need to study.


Hmm? You’ll make it…? Thank you.

That’s some pretty good execution. Then from now on, you can put your efforts into handling the alcoholic drinks menu.

A gin rickey?

Uh, I’ll refrain from it for now.

Heh!? No, that’s not it. It’s not that I don’t want to drink something you’ve made, just that…….

No, you’re right. There’s no way I could avoid sampling.


Umm…I have one request.

ーーNo matter what happens, please don’t get drawn into it.

You don’t understand the meaning of that, right? Sorry… No, it’s fine. I’m sorry for something strange.

Thank you.


Heh…? I’m not drunk, you can tell by just looking, righhttt? Come on, if you don’t steadily drink, it won’t end with finishing just this.

Of course, you’re the one who said to have drinks for men, no?

Hahh? It was me?

But who careees.

You know, everyone thinks of me as a superhuman or something but there’s no way that’s possible, righhttt? I have had nothing but anxiety since the beginning.

A good store is determined by location.

In that situation, nothing but students would come. But they said they liked this shop. When I see them come day after day after day even though they have no money, it makes me happyyy!!!

I was so happy, I unintentionally lied about having extras and gave them cake. Jeez, of course it wasn’t extra.

I wonder if those kids would never come here again……


That’s how is it, right? They’ll say that “There are heaps more stores that are cheaper, more tastier than that previous shop,” right?

……It makes me lonely.

I’d rather move the store together with them. Our customers are primarily those students, and when you first come here…I thought you were a university student as well.

I realized immediately that that wasn’t the case, though.

Also, that curry that you said you liked too. I realize that I should be original but it just resembles my favorite cafe’s flavor no matter what.

And that’s why I was extremely happy when you told me that you really enjoyed it.


And from then on, you came back to the store like I had instructed, no?

I thought that you were an honest girl. And you would eat the food I serve more deliciously than everyone else.

Your face at that time was so, so cute.

Before I knew it, I had been looking forward to it every day and wondering whether this girl would come today.

And so, to tell you the truth, I was a bit drunk when I was making advances on you that day.

I was merely taste testing desserts containing brandy, you know?

It’s laughable right?


Huh? No, I ain’t drunk right nowww.

I ain’t drunk but…

Sorry, I am drunk. It’s pathetic right? That’s why I didn’t want to drink alcohol in front of you.

I have been hopeless even before, I don’t know if I’m weak with alcohol…but it’s not like I completely stop functioning. I would just become more problematic per se. I knew I was a bother to those I drank together with, but I simply lost control of my tears.

It’s a let-down, no? You don’t have to keep up appearances, I would detest this type of man if I were a woman.


Haa…how uncool.

What’s this? Water…? I see, am I that pitiful?

You’re worried? Thank you, please don’t hate me, okay?

Really? Mhm, I love you too.

I really love you.


I’m fine. Like I said, I’ll be fine so could you let me stay like this a little longer? This might be the first time I’ve used you as a lap pillow.

It’s so soft.

I’m glad that I have you, I’m really glad I brought out the courage to call out to you that day.

You see…when you quit your previous job, I ask you whether you’d work here in response, but I didn’t believe you’d actually come.

I can’t provide you with that good of a wage, and there’s a heavier workload than other part-time jobs.

But you came anyway and it made me happy.


You granted my dream.

I told you earlier that owning my own store was my dream, but in truth, it wasn’t just that.

It’s pointless without you here.

……Running a shop with the person I love was my real dream.

Even the elementary schoolgirls nowadays wouldn’t seriously say such a thing is their dream, so I was so embarrassed about it that I’ve never said it.


That’s right. That’s always been my dream, in our own store, together with you and me

And that’s why it can’t start without you.

Are you even more disillusioned now? Having this, on top of being a miserable fella.

Really? You’re happy to know of my weaknesses?

It’s a bit complicated, rather than alcohol being my weakness. If you asked me which one, I’d say my weakness was you.

But thanks.


Sorry, even though I said we were supposed to be deciding on a menu……I ended up like this.

I should be reprimanded as a manager.

It’s alright, but it looks to be impossible for me to brainstream a menu. I’m really sorry.

No, it’s really alright as long as I rest for a bit. I might become more of a nuisance for you though.


Please let me rest for a bit in the other room.

Sorry, could you lend me your shoulder?


Track 6: Spoil me…?


I really am sorry.

Please wait, can we please stay together for a little longer? …Thank you.

I’m hopeless, I’m lame until the very end.


If you say it’s okay to be spoiled, I really might take advantage of you. Probably.

I’m not that dependable of a man to begin with. I mustn’t be like that, so I simply put on the airs.

You somehow knew!? Sheesh, what’s with that.


Do I not reek of alcohol?

I see. You drank too, right?

Wait, if we go beyond this I’ll turn into an even more unattractive mess so let’s stop.

Hey! W-wait.


Hey, I said stop…

What are you doing all of a sudden…? Heh? Cute? That ain’t a remark you make towards a man you know?

I really won’t be able to hold back, so please stop. It’ll be bad if we go any further.

No, there are no issues with it if this were the usual. But right now, I don’t wish to expose even more of my faults in front of you.

W-Wait, where are you touching!?


It can’t be helped right? By merely kissing you like this, it……

Hey, I’ll seriously end up wanting to do it so please stop.

Eh? I want to do that, but in this type of situation, I can’t perform the way I normally do. That’s why…h-hey! What are you doing!? Oi!!!

Seriously stop.

W-wait, what are you…?!


Hey, even though I haven’t taken a wash in the shower.

It feels good but, if you do this to me then I’ll immediately…

That place’s off-limits, I really will……


I want to touch you as well.

Can you turn your butt this way? I want to do it to you as well.

Yes, a little more this way.

Amazing, what a lewd scent. I see everything, I see all of that naughty place of yours.


I can’t, I’m already about to cum.

W-what are you…!? Eh? W-wait a moment, I don’t have that on right now. Hey! Wait…!!!

I can’t, if you’re that rough then I really will……


I love you. I truly love you.


It’s good, that’s good. It feels good.

Your insides are extremely wet. I can’t anymore, I’m already about to cum.

Can I cum? I can’t, please I’m begging you…let me kiss you.


I’m already-



I love you. I really love you.

I truly do love you.


I’m really sorry.

This isn’t a problem that can be fixed with just an apology, right? I’m sorry, it’s better if I was simply drunk from the alcohol, but to sleep like that deep within the store.

No, if I’m aware of my drunken state to begin with then I should’ve made sure to inform you at the start.

My memories became patchy along the way, but umm…when I did it with you last night, I didn’t exactly have it on, right…?

I’m truly sorry.


Oh, I came outside.

But that doesn’t make it alright, you know? I’m sorry. I have shown you the entirety of my pathetic self since late night, didn’t I?

You were happy…? Why?

It’s not that I don’t let out my unadulterated side in front of you. Right now, this is normalcy. Whether that was me au naturel or whatever else, if possible, those were the true colors I didn’t wish to expose to anyone.

I especially didn’t want you to see it.

That’s why, whenever the topic of drinking would come up……I’d avoid it.


But that’s true. If I plan to be with you forever, then you’d found out at some point.

Please don’t hate me, okay?

Thank you.


Still, even after I was dead drunk, you were still drinking the alcohol like normal. Are you perhaps pretty resistant to alcohol? Your complexion didn’t change at all, right?

I see, so you’re good at holding your liquor.

Then decidedly, it’s all the more important for you to be in charge of the alcoholic drinks. It’s impossible for me.

Also, if from hereafter there arises a scenario where I ought to drink some alcohol no matter what. Then at that moment, once again.

……I’ll be in your care.


Track 7: Switched on cherry blossoms!


Are you finished sweeping the front? Thank you.

There are 2 reservations for today.

The table preparations look to be fine. Nice. Nice.


Oh, that’s right!

There’s that radio show we always put on, no? The personality from that program came to eat here earlier and he’ll be discussing our store in the next radio broadcast.

He’s also been promoting our newly implemented dinner menu for time, and he’s going to introduce the recommended drinks together with it as well. So can you think of anything?

Then it’s about time to bring out the sign.

Dinner time is starting.


Looks like the rain has stopped. I wonder if the number of unannounced guests would increase.

Oh, amazing.

What? You haven’t noticed? Come here and take a look.


Look, it’s a magnificent rainbow

That’s right, it feels like it’s a sign of something good to come.

Say…how about we get married?


Uh, just now I. Ah, umm pretend that didn’t happen just now. Rather than it not happening, err…sorry, I said it in the moment.

No, it’s like I’m casual about it.

I was earnest, but with this type of thingーーI ought to select the right time and place.

And so…

Aah good grief, I’ve been quite pathetic since the other day.

Sorry, please allow me to re-do it another time.


I suppose so.

It’s not far in the future. But before that, I guess living together comes first?

Eh? Nope. Jeez, I won’t drink alcohol carelessly even if you reside with me.

Thank you.

Ah, it’s a customer.



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