【Translation】 KAMIKAKUSHI -Hasshaku-sama-

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CV: Katagiri Ryouichi (片桐良一)

Track 1: Moment of Enchantment


I have…finally found you.


Track 2: What Was Lost


The young lady over there…

Oh, I apologize. I’m sorry to have called out to you so suddenly. I must have startled you, right?

No, it’s fine. I know that you are not a prowler, Miss. But it’s not safe for a young lady to be alone in the middle of the night. You’ve been pacing back and forth in the parking lot for the past few minutes… Is something wrong?

The key to your locker? Is it…this key, perhaps?

That’s good to hear. I was passing by earlier and happened to find this key, and I didn’t know who it belonged to, so I kept it on me.

Here you go, Miss.


Oh, you poor thing, you were in tears searching for it, weren’t you?

I should’ve brought it here sooner. I’m sorry for not realizing.

I’m glad that you were able to accept my apology.

Speaking of which, you don’t seem to be from around here, Miss. You must be a foreigner to this town, right?

To deal with the town hall’s troubles or something? This is a closed town, after all. For those that came from the outside, there’s…how to put it? Some difficult aspects to accept.

And by the looks of it, something has happened.


Alright, I’ll pitch in and help.

I can’t let such a pretty young lady suffer, so it’ll all be okay. The unkindness will soon be gone.

We should get moving.

Now, go home, Miss. Take a bath to warm up your body and have a good night’s sleep.

Good night, little lady. Let us meet again.


Track 3: Nightmare


(Non-human sounds)


Track 4: Price


Good evening, Miss.

Oh, are you returning from a funeral today? If I’m not wrong, there was an accident, and a woman and a man lost their lives.

It’s a small town and it was also in the newspaper.

The two of them were famous in many ways. Both of them were married, but they would often have trysts at the back of the town hall together.

The car accident must have been on their way back after making love at a hotel in the next town, too.

While enjoying the afterglow of it all, they got into the car, dressed obscenely.

I don’t know exactly what happened, but it appeared that they didn’t make it around a curve in the mountain road and ended up falling off a cliff.


Don’t look so sad.

I’m sure that, deep down, you’re actually a little relieved. Now, the people causing you grief are gone.

They got their comeuppance.

They enjoyed picking on you, so they got what they deserve.

Oh my, no need to be so scared. I haven’t done anything. I only stole a little bit of your body’s freedom.

“I want the harassment to go away”… I granted that request, didn’t I? So allow me to take what is due.

Be a good girl, and stay still.


I’ve tasted your lips many times, but they really are delicious. Your face, frozen stiff with fear, is wonderful too.

It’ll be okay, I won’t cause you any pain. I am a gentleman, after all.

I’ll ravage you after I’ve licked your beloved ears and given you pleasure.


Oh, how adorable you are.

Yes, look at me properly. I’ll make you feel really, really good.


Humans are so tiny and cute.

Your holes are so small, so if I just force it in, the tightness of it would undoubtedly feel good.

Do not worry, it will not hurt.

I will make sure to make some adjustments to you so that it won’t, so be at ease and entrust your body to me.


A womanly smell is coming out from under your black stockings.

As I thought, you have good compatibility with me. I haven’t been this inclined in a while, either.

Now then, I think you’re more or less ready, so use this body to entertain me.

Oh, this is in the way, isn’t it?

I can see it clearly. It’s a beautiful, beautiful pink color. A drool-worthy, wonderful internal color.

I will help myself to it, then. It’s a little big, but I’ll make you feel good.


It’s in. But…it’s only in halfway.

This is not going to work unless we stretch your hole.

All I did was put it in and your face is already like that. You’re being violated against your will, even… Is that how much you like my dick?

I can’t let the drool coming down your lips go to waste.


Now, let me enjoy the inside of you.


It’s good.

It’s been a long time since I’ve tasted the hole of those tiny humans, and it’s the absolute best.

It doesn’t hurt, right? It only feels good, right?

Since this is the first time, I’m being gentle. You just have to keep your arms open and feel me while you’re crushed under me.

This is the price… The price of getting rid of those two for you.


If we try a bit harder, I might be able to plunge everything inside.

That expression… You truly are a charmer.

If you have that look of ecstasy, I won’t be able to stop my hips.

I’m just having a taste today… I’m only having a taste… I was planning to only have a taste…

For it… For it to taste this good… I want to, I want to make it all mine. Mine and mine alone.


I’ve made my decision…

I have decided to keep you all to myself. I’m going to monopolize you.

I’m going to cum inside.

After all… After all, I have to mark you with my scent to show that you are mine. It would be terrible if any other apparition were to have a taste.

This belongs to me. This belongs to me alone.

This living sacrifice is mine. …Isn’t that right? Right?


Now, accept my semen! Take it deep inside and savor it.


It was wonderful.

This has been a long time in the making. I knew you’d be great. I’ve been watching you since the start.

Thank you for coming to this town. It was wonderful. It was wonderful. It was so wonderful.

Oh, sorry, I was not able to hold myself back.

It was only supposed to be a taste… How embarrassing.

I want to get along with you better too.

There are things I need you to do. Please completely forget everything that happened just now.


Now, you should have no memory of tonight’s event, Miss. Now allow me to leave before you wake up once more.

Good night, little lady. Let us meet again.


Track 5: Request


Good evening, Miss.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I heard that you collapsed from exhaustion the other day. Is your body okay?

Oh, I apologize. As you may know, this is a small town. Even little things like that make their way around.

And also… I heard you had some issues with work.

I haven’t seen you in a while, but your complexion has gotten better.

Have you resolved your worries?

That’s good to hear.


By the way, you’re able to help with troubles, right, Miss? Will you listen to my request?

Thank you very much.

There’s a talisman on the dilapidated house at the end of that turn.

I think it was put up to create the right atmosphere for some test of courage by young people. But, I’m afraid that if it creates too much of an atmosphere, there will be rumors on the Internet and all kinds of people will come.

I’d appreciate it if you could remove it tomorrow, even in normal daytime.

I hope that it can be quickly removed so that people don’t enter that dilapidated house. It would be a lot of trouble if the people who went in got hurt.

I’m out of town during the day because of my job, so I thought I’d clean up after I got home from work, but it would be dark by then and I wouldn’t be able to see where I was walking.


Thank you. I’m sorry to have to rely on you for this.

Now then. Miss. I’ll leave it to you tomorrow.



Track 6: Adorable You


Oh, sorry. I got excited and tried talking to you in a state where you wouldn’t understand.

Thank you for listening to my request.

My body’s big?

I’ve been like this since we first met, though?

Well, I did twist your perception a little.

Once again, sweetie. This is the real me. The annoying seal is now broken, and this is all thanks to you granting my wish. You can now be completely mine.

You can no longer move of your own accord, for you are now completely in my grasp.

Escaping from me is no longer possible.


Last time, I forced myself onto you so this time, let us have some love-filled mating.

Come on, take off your skirt.

Put your hands against the wall and turn your butt this way.

Oh my, even though I have your body under my control, you still have some sense of reason left in you.

It’s adorable how embarrassed you look.

But, right now, you can let go of your reason.

Let us melt away all that needless reason. It’ll be much better for you that way, too.


Now… I’ll put my tongue inside your ear and lick out the parts that aren’t necessary.


Yes, that’s a good expression.

Your rights as a human are now gone. Gone. But, I’ll be enjoying you until the day you fade.

Please drown in the pleasure.


Now that it looks like I’ve destroyed the parts that aren’t necessary seeing how prepared your body has become.

Let us come one.

Your underwear is in the way, so please remove it.

Yes, yes, good girl. Good girl. You’re very cute when you’re obedient.

Yes, you just have to do as I say. If you do as I say, you’ll always, always be made happy.

Come on, use your fingers to spread your pussy.


You’re such a good girl.

I’ll be putting it in, then. It’s big so make sure you relax.

How nice. I wonder if it’s because I have spread you apart completely? You’re now just the right size for me.

Yes, this is it.

As expected, your hole and I are very compatible.

I’ve had my eyes on you since the moment you arrived. I wanted to make you mine and immediately embrace you like this.

I was watching you the whole, whole time.

So…I’m very happy that we are able to become one like this.


Look, you can feel where my dick is inside you by touching your own stomach, right?

It’s bulging out like you’re a mother.

This is the tip and this is the base.

I’ll slowly pull in and out from here…to here. This is the dick you’ll be swallowing up every day, so please remember its size.

I’m going to start now, so remember to raise your voice and entertain me.


No matter how many times I’ve tasted it, your insides still feel so good.

You’re so cute. So loveable.

You’re so pure and so foolish, and so soft and adorable… You’re the most wonderful living sacrifice.

When I think about the fact that I’ll be able to enjoy you every day, I can’t stop my excitement.


You are a living sacrifice. My living sacrifice.

You’re a living sacrifice prepared for me. They chose you knowing this would happen. Everyone knew that I would make you mine, that’s why they called you here.

They’re such terrible people, aren’t they?

You’re the only one who knew nothing.


If it was the average human, I would eat them and end it there, but I’ve taken a liking to you.

So…I’m going to lick, ravage, stroke, and love you each and every day until you’re gone from this earth.

Let us fully enjoy ourselves.

You’re happy to have fulfilled your role too, right?

That’s right. You don’t have to think, just copulate with me.


Yes, this was your fate from the start, so let go of everything and become mine.

It was your fate to become as such from the very beginning.

For you to make so much noise… You really are adorable.

You’re tiny and cute and feel good. You’re the best living sacrifice I could ask for.


I can’t wait any longer. I’m going to be a bit rougher now, so do your best to take it.

That face… The face filled with both pleasure and despair… It’s so cute. I love it.

You are really, really good at getting me going. I really might forget to hold back.


Your insides are filled to the brim, aren’t they?

It’s okay, I mess around a little inside your head, so there’s no pain, is there? It only gives you pleasure and happiness, no?

Yes, you should just sway happily.

Let go of everything and give yourself to me.


Come on, make your voice louder.

I want to hear your cute voice.

I want to hear the pitiful voice of a tiny person whose life has been destroyed.

Yes, yes, yes.

The loud moans from overwhelming pleasure… That voice of someone that has lost their sanity…

It really is wonderful!

I’m glad you were the sacrifice.

You really do bring me much joy. On top of that, you removed the talisman without knowing anything.

Now, I won’t be bound to this town.


Thank you, you truly are the most wonderful living sacrifice I would ask for.

So as thanks, I’ll give you happiness that no human would’ve been able to experience. After all, I am extremely fond of you.

So fond that I want to impregnate you.


That’s right… Why don’t we test if I can create a child with a human?

I’ll cum tens, thousands, ten of thousands of times.

Let us create proof of our love.

I’m going to cum. I’m going to unleash my seeds.

Release your eggs and get pregnant.

Cumming. I’m cumming!


You really are great. It’s been a while since I’ve had satisfying copulation.


I guess there’s no need to say it.

Your face is a mess from your drool, tears, and snot. You truly are lovable.

Come on, turn this way. I’ll lick it all off.


And now it’s clean.

And now that it’s clean, let’s dirty it again. We can enjoy this again and again.

Now, let us return together to my home.

I love you each and every day.


Track 7: Spirited Away


Cute, so cute. So cute, so cute, so cute. You really are so cute.

It really is great when I press down on your tiny body and treat you like a flesh hole, right?.

If you wrap around me and tighten up like that, my dick will melt.


You’re so cute, my dear sacrifice.

My cute, cute living sacrifice.

You’re happy to just moan and not have to think about anything, right?

Yes, you were chosen by me. You were chosen by me, by god, so you don’t have to worry about the cruel reality anymore.

You possess more value than anyone just by entertaining me.

Isn’t it wonderful? You have always wanted to feel needed, right?

I’ll… I’ll find more need for you than anyone.


I won’t let anyone mistreat you. I’ll make sure to protect you.

I won’t let anyone lay a finger on you.

After all, you are a sacrifice for me. You are mine for eternity. Isn’t that right?


You’re smiling happily… I’m happy when you’re happy too.

Now, I’m going to pound you more and make you experience more pleasure.


I like you. I like you a lot.

I love you.

We’ll always, always, always be together.

I’ll have you to myself forever and ever. I will never tire of you.

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