【Translation】 Haigo kara Gyu~tto Oshitsubu sarete Pakopako Dopyudopyu sarechau Yatsu Bitter

Thank You to Anon for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

背後からぎゅ~っと押し潰されてパコパコ どぴゅどぴゅ されちゃうやつ Bitter

CV: Ono Tomohiro (大野智敬)

Track 1


She’s not waking up at all… How cute.

And now she’s awake.


Shhh, don’t struggle. I don’t want to tie you up and leave marks on you, so… please? It’s not like you can escape, so stay still, will you?

Good girl.

If you have a 180cm man on top of you, you should know it’s futile to resist.

You don’t remember me, do you?

It’s okay, I don’t really care about that. As long as you know that I love you, the rest we can slowly get through later.

My end goal is…


It’s so hot inside you…and it feels so good.

You didn’t notice that you had your panties off?

I took your panties. Worry not, I’ll get you a new pair.

You’re so cute. You’re like a baby throwing a tantrum.

It’ll all be okay. I had you swallow some drugs earlier. …Ones that will make you feel real good. So, even if you feel good being raped by me, it’s not your fault.


This pussy of yours that I loosened up with my licking earlier is so wet, so warm, and so soft… The flesh of your pussy is just swallowing me up.

You’re quite good at making me feel good.

When your legs start shaking, you tighten up inside, and it feels extremely good. And also, it’s my first time knowing that you are able to glare at a person like that.

You’re so adorable.

When I use my stature against you, the only thing you’re able to move is your feet. Not that I mind you flailing around, but I’m not stopping.


It’s okay, I won’t do anything terrible to you.

Crying like that… You poor thing.

I’ll give you plenty of pleasure, so relax.


You know, I love you. I’ve been watching you ever since that day.

I love you.

I’m so happy. This is like a dream.

Your pussy clamped up just now… So your ears make you feel good, huh? I’m so happy to learn another thing about you.


Both your ears and your pussy… I’ll fill them both with me. Let’s make a mess out of them.


Hey, what do you like more?

Do you like when I keep it shallow? Or do you prefer it when I ram it in deep?

You’re so cute when you keep saying, “no’?

I wonder if you’re nervous?

It’s okay, it’ll be all right. I’ve already seen how you like things… You love rubbing your clit while you have a vibrator shoved inside you, right?

I may not have a vibrator here, but I’ll be thrusting a real-life cock inside you, instead.


This is feeling too good…

When I tease your clit, your pussy squeezes up tightly.

How are you faring? Does it feel good?

If there’s anything, please tell me. I want to match all your preferences.


Your pussy flesh is twitching. Are you about to cum?

I’m so happy. Sex with me feels good, doesn’t it?

What’s wrong? It’s okay if you cum. If it feels good then cum lots and lots.

Enough with the “no”s. Just cum.

C’mon. C’mon. C’mon, cum! You can cum!


You’re tightening up…

Your O-face is very lewd.

You’re just so cute, aren’t you? As expected, the real thing is completely different. You’re infinitely cuter than I had imagined.

Make me feel good too.


I used to always watch from afar… And now your cute ears are right before my eyes… I’m so happy.

Cumming. I’m about to cum…

My semen is welling up. I’m going to creampie you.

You’ll end up with a baby, won’t you? Isn’t that right? You are going to give birth to my baby.

Going “I don’t want to have a baby”……

I see. You don’t want a baby? That’s so cute.


I’m cumming… I’m cumming… I’m cumming…

I’m cumming.


I came a whole lot.

What’s wrong? What’s with your “no”s?

There’s nothing to worry about, there’s nothing wrong with this. You are a girl, after all. You have a huge cock shoved inside you, so it’s okay to lose yourself to pleasure.


You’re so cute, you’re so cute… You’re a girl who belongs only to me.

I love you.

So you like it when I slam into that soft spot deepest inside you, huh? Your pussy’s clamping up.

Are you cumming again? Are you about to cum?

Climax with your pussy and beg me for more cum.

C’mon, ovulate!


Cumming a bunch like that… You’re so good at asking to be impregnated.

You know when I said that I gave you a drug to make you feel good earlier? …That was a lie.

What’s this? The sheets are wet.

You squirted from being told that you’re a girl that feels good from being raped? That’s wonderful!!!


You’re really good at riling me up.

I’ll definitely… definitely, definitely, definitely get you pregnant.

Don’t cry, you’re not a bad girl who feels good from being raped. It’s my fault for not being able to just watch you and wanting to rape you.

It’s okay, it’s okay, alright?

My dick is trembling. I’m about to cum again.

This time, let’s cum together.


I’m going to let it out… I’m going to let it all out inside you.

Get pregnant. Get pregnant, get pregnant, get pregnant, get pregnant, get pregnant, get pregnant!

Gulp it all up with your womb.

Gulp it up!


Let’s force it all inside your womb.

I love you…

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