【Translation】 Ore-sama Residence —Arisugawa VS Saionji — Arisugawa Futaba


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俺様レジデンス ―有栖川 VS 西園寺― 有栖川二巴

CV: Maeno Tomoaki (前野智昭)

Track 1: Seven years ago


Come on, Miori, stop adopting a sloppy posture. Our brother, Ichiya, is going to take the stage.

Our father should’ve informed you as well. Today, the eldest sons of the Arisugawa family and the Saionji family are going to perform. It’s an important event that determines the status of both families. At least have some awareness of-

What are you calling a hassle?

Hey! Don’t sit on the floor! It’s unsightly!

R: Oh, why isn’t it dear Arisugawa’s little brother? Yoho, have you been doing well?

You’re Saionji’s……

R: It’s me, Ran! Thank you for remembering!

Miori, head over that way.

Enough, do as I say.


Could someone from the Saionji family not talk to me so casually?

R: Haha! I’m super hated. But, what’s the big deal? There’s nothing to do at this party. Come, chat with me.

I refuse. Could you not keep your jokes to that jester-like face?

R: How cruel of you to call my face jester-like. I always get praised for my face.

Then let me change the way I worded it.

I don’t want to have anything to do with low-brow people whose only merit is their face.

R: Whose only merit is their face?

I’m referring to you, the person before me. And that fake smile makes me want to vomit just looking at it.

R: Fake smile, eh?

What? Is it not the truth? For all your flippant and cheap smiles, there’s no knowing what you’re thinking deep down. People like you are the least trustworthy.


R: Oh? This is the first time someone’s ever said that to me. I guess I don’t have to hide it anymore, then. You’re quite observant of people, aren’t you?

Quite the opposite. I can’t comprehend why no one else has noticed.

R: Look at you talk. Are you not your brother, Ichiya’s mindless drone? You’re always following closely behind him. Rather than being a younger brother, you’re more like a butler. It must be a constant struggle for you with such an unfiltered and stupid brother.

Think what you want. I understand best how wonderful that person is.

I remain by my brother, Ichiya’s side to protect him.

R: Protect, you say? I don’t get it.

You don’t have to understand.

R: Well, it doesn’t matter to me either way. But frankly, it’s painful to watch.

Painful to see…?

R: You and I are birds of a feather. Always no.2. I get how you feel. The second-born son of a conglomerate is only treated as an insurance policy for the first-born son, right? The youngest is spoiled, so they end up as a special case. As the second-born son, no one is interested in you, but at the same time, you still have to be talented. But, it’s always our older brothers who see the light of day. No one will praise you even if you do your best, and it’s like you barely exist in the first place. It just makes you sick, doesn’t it?


What is it that you want to say?

R: We can’t escape this position no matter how much we struggle. If they’re the light, we’re the shadow. Is that not the duty of the second-born son? That’s why I feel sorry for you when I see you chasing your older brother’s rear end so desperately.

I’m not chasing him.

R: What? If you want to argue, go ahead.

I understand my position better than anyone else. As long as my brother, Ichiya can bathe in the light, that’s enough for me. I will continue to support that person in his rise to the top. Because he is Arisugawa Ichiya, he is the most spectacular person out there. That person is the world’s most-

R: Ahh, no more, no more, it’s boring, you have nothing but pretty words. You… Do you perhaps not notice? All I can hear is “I have a major complex.”

Complex? Me?

R: Oh, I see, you really don’t know. Ran will tell you, then. You know that you don’t have anything, that’s why you feel at ease projecting yourself onto your brother, Ichiya. You’re afraid that, if you don’t obsess over your brother, you will lose the value of your existence. The more your brother shines, the more you save yourself. Am I wrong?


R: Looks like I’m right.

Even if that were true, what are you meaning to say?

R: Hmm?

That’s right. I don’t have the unparalleled charisma of my older brother, Ichiya nor the genius brain of my younger brother, Miori. I don’t have a unique talent like those two, so it’s right for me to live like this.

R: I think differently though.


R: My brother, Fuji, has been called a child prodigy all his life and is a massive genius, and my younger brother, Gen, was innately the type to be loved from the moment he was born. Those two possess a lot of things that I want. But at the end of the day, I am me, and I cannot become them, so there’s no point in obsessing over it. Also, isn’t it in vain? It’s smarter to create your own territory and live in it.

I’m different from you. I do not have the ability to flatter every person around. Not that I want to, anyway.


R: Pfft. Still, it’s better than being someone with no selling trait. Do you intend to live this way forever? It’s quite a lot of work.

I had a vague sense of it, but now it’s confirmed ー I hate you to death.

R: You’re welcome. …But well, I hate you too.

If we talk any further, I’m going to leave a scar on that face.

R: Wow, that’s pretty crude.

Now excuse me-

R: Wait.

What else do you want?

R: Ran has one last piece of advice for you!


R: There will definitely come a day where you grow to despise your older brother, Ichiya. Love and hatred are two sides of the same coin, after all. But well, when that time comes, it’ll be time to finally change.

What do you mean?

R: Who knows. Why don’t you think about that yourself when the time comes? Now, see ya.

Track 2: Exclusive Instructor


Please excuse me.

Oh? You’re awake already? Knowing you, I thought you’d still be asleep.

So you knew I’d come to wake you, huh? You’re slowly learning, it seems. Breakfast is ready. If you have nothing left to do, then quickly come. We’re leaving.

There is something I must convey to you.

Starting today, my brother, Ichiya, will be on a 2-week business trip to America. Also, Miori will be at a gaming event in Kansai, so he will not be back until the weekend.

In other words, there’s only me and you at the Arisugawa household. Do you understand what this means?


Dimwitted as always.

It’s the perfect chance to teach you some manners.

Yes. You haven’t forgotten why you’re at the Arisugawa household, have you? My brother, Ichiya, plans to marry you. That means you are the woman who will become the wife of my brother, the head of the Arisugawa Group.

What a terribly stubborn person you are. You still haven’t given up yet? Just accept reality already. I don’t know what’s so good about a woman like you, but my brother, Ichiya, has made the decision to marry you.

Miori is also taking part in the groom battle, but there’s no need to concern yourself with that. Our older brother, Ichiya, is ultimately going to win either way.



I guess I’m technically part of it too. It appears that my brother, Ichiya, had made the incorrect assumption that I liked you.

When you react that way, it does make me feel sorry.

Rest assured I have not the slightest interest in you. I still can’t believe that a common woman like you would arrive at the Arisugawa household.

That, too, is something my brother, Ichiya, decided. I’m simply abiding by that.

Anyhow, starting today, I, as your exclusive instructor, will begin lessons to turn you into a woman worthy of the Arisugawa family.

That’s right. Language, culture, manners… I will drill them all in you.

Let me warn you at the outset that you will be in for a world of pain if you go in with a half-hearted attitude.

I will turn you into the perfect lady.

Everything is for the sake of my brother, Ichiya.


I told you it’s wrong.

You really have a hard time remembering things, don’t you? From your posture to the way you hold your knife and fork, it’s as terrible as it can get. How many times do I have to tell you before you remember?

How did you manage to stay at the Saionji house for a month as a housekeeper? It’s unbelievable.

Or did the Saionji family never teach you these manners?

It’s appalling to hear that a conglomerate family like the Saionji can’t even train their own servants properly. If you become my brother, Ichiya’s wife, you will be attending countless dinner parties. You’ll bring down the Arisugawa family’s reputation if you do not display proper manners. Please be serious.

I’m not asking for your opinion.

By the way, everything I taught you today is written here. You should at least be able to learn that much in a day. Make sure you get it into your head.


Now then, next-

What are you saying? Is that not a given? If you think this is the end of it, you are greatly mistaken.

Also, I don’t expect much, but I’ll ask to confirm.

Have you played any instruments?

Figured as much. Understood. In that case, we’ll move on to a piano lesson.

You haven’t played it before, that’s why I’m giving you lessons so you can.

Come on, stop standing around, let’s hurry up and go. We have 2 weeks, but with you, that’s hardly enough time. Please don’t make me go through all this unnecessary hassle.

What’s that lukewarm reply?

Whatever, follow me, we’re changing locations.


I’ve just explained how to play it and where to place your fingers. Now please play this song.

What do you mean “eh”?

It’s a stupidly easy song, so it’s fine. Even a beginner like you can play it. …As long as you do it the way I taught you, that is.

Your finger placement is wrong.

That’s wrong, that’s not what you’re supposed to do.

I told you that your right thumb should be on this key.

Come on, like this.


Hmm? What’s the matter?

I apologize. I got a little too into it.

Still, it’s not something I should carelessly approach a woman for. It was rude of me.

Come on, try to play it one more in the way I just taught you.


You’re finally able to play it. I didn’t think it’d take 3 hours.

Well, as far as I can see, you’ve got the basics. I think you’ll get better if you practice.

Huh? Why do you look surprised?

Not really. I’d give praise if you do things properly. It’s not like I’m trying to be ill-willed here.

That’s right. The reason I’m so strict with you is so that you can become a woman who befits my brother, Ichiya. That’s all there is to it.

Why are you laughing?

That’s hardly a question. I exist for the sake of my brother, Ichiya.


Yes. I exist as insurance should anything happen to my brother, Ichiya, after all. And on the same token, I stay by and support my brother, Ichiya, so that nothing does happen to him.

There is no other meaning to my existence.

What? Is there something you want to say?

You aren’t exactly mistaken in what you say. To the Arisugawa family, I’m no different from a machine

No, that’s how it is. It’s how it goes.

Why are you making a sad expression?

You… Just how good-natured can you be? There’s no need for you to feel sympathy for me.

Stop it with that face. I won’t know what to do.


It’s fine. I’m satisfied with this way of living.

It’s the truth. What else do you expect?

Enough, stop with that face. If my brother, Ichiya finds out that I’ve made a woman sad, he’ll get angry at me.

There’s no reason for you to apologize. I’m largely to blame for this. I don’t know if this will serve as an apology, but…


How’s that? Do you feel a little better now?

“It’s wonderful”? …No, it’s average at best. You’re going too far in saying I’m like a pro.

You’re over-complimenting me.

I’ve played the piano ever since I was young, so this much is expected.

I looked like I was enjoying myself…? You must’ve seen wrong.

I had a gentle expression?

Well, it’s only when I play the piano. When I’m not thinking about anything else… It’s the only time when my heart is at ease.


I said some useless things.

Now, it’s time we clean up, the sun’s setting. It’s almost time for dinner.

Yes, what is it?

What? You want me to play again?

Why do I have to play for you? Why do you want to hear my performance?

What a strange person you are.

I told you, you’re over-complimenting me. I didn’t tell you? This much is normal.

I never said I wouldn’t.

Okay, I’ll play for you when I get a chance.

My goodness, you make me crazy when you talk. Being all happy like that… You really are a weird person.


Come on, we’re going.

And by the way, just so you know, we’ll be continuing our lessons tomorrow, so be prepared.

Track 3: At the Party Venue


You’ve finally arrived.

Showing up 20 minutes behind the scheduled time is a definite sign of being late to the party at this point. Are you trying to make me angry?

I’d be concerned if you didn’t at least get used to wearing dresses like that. Once you become my brother, Ichiya’s wife, parties will be a daily occurrence. Do you plan to be tardy like you are today each time?

I was right to make today’s lecture to be about party behavior. I now understand that you are already full of problems from the moment you join a party!

Hmm? What is it? What’s wrong with the color of the dress?


It’s okay if you stand out. Red is my brother, Ichiya’s trademark.

It’s fine. Neither your hair nor your makeup today loses to the dress. Also, don’t you think you should dress up more normally? You’re good material to work with, I find it a shame.

No, I… Just now that-

Please forget about it. Come on, let’s go.

……What on earth was I saying, damn it.


Listen, we are attending this party today on behalf of my brother, Ichiya. Please do not behave in a disgraceful manner.

It’s also taboo to get too nervous and freeze up. You’re acting as the face of the Arisugawa family, so please be more bold. If anything happens, I’ll follow up on it.

You should first get used to the atmosphere of the party.

Man #1: Well, well, why isn’t it a son of the Arisugawa family?

Man #2: My, in the short time we haven’t seen each other, you’ve grown up wonderfully.

It’s been a while.

Man #1: Come to think of it, I haven’t seen the eldest son.

My older brother is currently away on a business trip overseas, so I’ve come to attend in his stead.

Man #1: Even though it is a given, it’s wonderful to see you assisting your brother in this way.

Man #2: I must say, the second-born son serves quite well as backup.

Man #1: Hey that way of speaking…

Man #2: Is it not the truth? I have two sons at home, but I put all my attention on raising my oldest son. Whether you like it or not, the second-born son is always going to be insurance for the eldest son. The order in which you’re born can’t be changed, after all.


Man #1: Oh right, the Arisugawa family has 3 sons. Isn’t it comforting knowing that even if you can’t make the cut, someone else can take your place?

Yes, it is as you said.

Man #1: No, I mean… Mr. Futaba, please don’t be offended.

Man #2: Did I misspeak?

Man #1: Then, we’ll excuse ourselves now. Come on, let’s go.


What’s the matter?

Why are you angry? It happens all the time, I’m fine. What that person said is the truth. Didn’t I tell you yesterday? I’m no more than an extra for my brother.

Please don’t raise your voice. People are staring at us.

People like you are… You really are a hopeless woman. Getting genuinely angry like that for my sake… I’ve never seen someone as good-natured as you.

I didn’t mind what that person said initially, but seeing your face now, it matters even less to me.

It might be because you got angry. Thank you.


Oh? Is something the matter? Your face looks red.

I’m human, so naturally, I’d laugh at times.

Happy? Why does me laughing make you happy?

What a strange person. There are times when I cannot understand the words you say.

Please wait a moment, I’ll get us some drinks.

Please relax, right now you’re not in need of guidance.

Man #3: Excuse me. Wow, you’re beautiful even up close. Which conglomerate are you the young lady of? I’ve been looking at you for a while now, and I think you’re beautiful. Say, why don’t we enjoy this party together?

Man #3: Come this way, young lady, I’ll make this a special night.

Man #3: Why are you resisting? You do not have ears, woman? I’m telling you to get over here. Who do you think I am? I said, come!


Excuse me.

Man #3: Who the hell are you?

Do you need her for something, perhaps? If that’s the case, please allow me to take her place.

Man #3: Hah? It’s her that I have business with.

I apologize, but I cannot hand her over. She is someone that I must protect. I cannot let you lay a single finger on her.

If you intend to do anything to her, I will not allow it. And from the looks of it, you’re pretty drunk. Why don’t you drink this water and cool your head?

Man #3: How dare you make a fool of me?!!

Barbarism in a place like this… Do you plan to ruin this entire party?

Man #3: Shut up! How dare a youngster from god knows where run their mouth at me!!

Man #3: Let go of me!


Step back, things are getting dangerous.


Man #3: You… This strength…

If you stop here, I’m willing to overlook it, but, if you continue to act violently, I will not show you any mercy.

Man #4: Hey, what are you doing!?

Man #4: Are you Arisugawa’s… I apologize for being late, are you hurt in any way?

No, I’m fine.

Man #3: Arisugawa…?

Yes. Sorry for being late with my introduction, I’m Arisugawa Futaba.

Man #3: The same Arisugawa as the Arisugawa conglomerate group?

Yes, that’s correct.

Man #3: P-P-P-Please forgive my rudeness!!!

Good grief, they’re sure quick to run.

Man #4: I apologize for this happening, Mr. Arisugawa.

No, pay it no heed.

Man #4: I will give that man a strict warning.

Please do.


You’re not hurt anywhere, right?

That’s good to hear.

Hmm? Blood?

Maybe It might’ve gotten cut when he swiped my hand away earlier. It’s nothing major, please do not worry.

Track 4: The Face Behind the Iron Mask


I told you I was fine. You really are a stubborn girl.

You don’t have to worry about me.

I’m really glad that nothing happened to you. If something had happened to you while my brother, Ichiya was away, I wouldn’t be able to face him.

Isn’t it obvious? You’re going to become my brother, Ichiya’s…wife.

Yes, thank you. You didn’t have to be this polite. You didn’t have to take care of my body like-

Eh? “Stop”?

Even if you tell me to cherish myself, I don’t know how. Until now, I’ve only ever lived for the sake of my brother, Ichiya. I prioritize my brother, Ichiya, over myself.

Even if I were to live for my own sake, what am I even supposed to do instead?

Things I’d like to do?

I’ve never thought about that. I’ve only ever thought about my brother, Ichiya.

Things I’d like to do… Hmm… I did have a dream once. Though it’s from a long time ago.


I think it must have been around the time I was old enough to remember. My dream was to become a pianist.

Yes, I’ve loved piano ever since I was a child. I dreamed of growing up and playing the piano and living the life I wanted.

I didn’t give up on it. It was taken from me one day.

My father didn’t take too kindly to my obsession with the piano. Ultimately, I’m a person who existed for the sake of my brother, Ichiya. They were probably wary that if I had my own will, I’d do necessary things.

One day when I returned home from school, it disappeared. My piano and all of my cherished sheet music were gone.


At that time I was shocked.

I knew it was my father who did it, but back then, I was too scared to ask. I was scared that I angered my father.

He never said anything directly, but it felt like he sent the message that I should not get carried away.

And at that moment, I understood. My father was going to continue to take away the things that I love. So from then on, I stopped having likes and hobbies.

When I think about how everything would one day be taken from me and lost, I stopped taking interest in things. And I think that’s probably why I wanted my brother, Ichiya, to shine.

That person has lived a life completely opposite to mine. He’s free, always confident, strong, and glistening.

I’m satisfied just by seeing that. As long as my brother, Ichiya, shines, that’s enough for me.


Besides, even if I disappear one day, my family still has Miori. He’s a little childish, but his wits are infinitely better than mine. Even without me, I’m sure he’d be able to save our brother, Ichiya.

And for that reason, I feel I must be tougher on Miori than most people.

Yes, that’s right, I’m harsh on Miori for the sake of the future Arisugawa group. Or to put it another way, it’s for the sake of my brother, Ichiya.

My replacement must be trained to be many times better than I am for when I’m no longer useful. Miori’s the type to grow better when dealt with extremely strictly.


I wonder why I’m talking about this to you? I’ve never talked about this to anyone. But, for whatever reason, the longer we are together, the more I want you to hear it.

It’s strange, right?

You’re a curious person.

Hmm? What is it?

You want to go out? With me?

Where to?

We’ll grant my dream…? You’re saying things I don’t understand again. What are you scheming?

What, secret?

Well, it’s not like I can’t play along.

I get it. Since you’re so insistent, I’ll keep my expectations up a little. Just a little.

Track 5: A Concert for Two People


What are you trying to do by dragging me out here?

I don’t need you to tell me that it is a concert hall, I can tell by looking. And it doesn’t seem to be used anymore, either.

You got special permission to borrow it…? From whom?

Oh? You’re acquaintances with the owner? And? So why did you bring me here?

Who? To have a piano concert?

Who’s the performer-


Just you and me, a concert with just us?

I see. So this is what you meant when you said we’ll grant my dream… Because I said I wanted to become a pianist, that’s why you are trying to make my former dream a reality in the here and now.

I’ve never heard anyone say they like my piano that much.

Goodness, people like you are…


If you’re going to watch then watch from the best seats in the house.

Now then, I’ll begin.

Smiling happily like that… The more I know you, the weirder of a woman I find you to be. Dummy.


That moment felt almost like an eternity. Me who was enraptured by the act of playing the keyboard and her who was staring straight at me… I wished that time could stop at that instant.

I wanted the two of us to go far to a distant foreign land.

……Those were the thoughts I had as the sounds of my playing entered my ears.


Thank you so much. It felt very wonderful.

You’re exaggerating. But, it really did feel like I was performing as an actual pianist.

You’re the only attendee, but that’s fine, because…I was playing only for you.

Thank you for what you’ve done for me. I didn’t think you’d grant my dream. I’m truly grateful.

No, I was happy. This experience today was more memorable than any expensive gift I have ever been given. I’ll never forget it, so thank you.


You’re right. I’m talking almost like we’ll never see each other again. But, that’s not exactly wrong, is it?

Once my brother, Ichiya, returns…I have to give you back to my brother.

It’s evening already, isn’t it?

It’s strange. Whenever I’m with you, time passes in the blink of an eye.

That’s a gloomy expression. It’s not like you.

I don’t know why I’m doing this, but when you look sad, it makes me want to comfort you.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I thought I hated you. I thought I wanted to drive you out of the house.

The time I’m spending with you now is terribly comforting. If my brother, Ichiya, knew I touched you like this, would he be angry?


Please close your eyes. I want to try touching these lips of yours.

R: Alright, that’s enough.


R: Hello, Futaba. It’s been a while.

Why are you here?!

R: I’ve finally found you, Miss Housekeeper. Because of that piece of work of a brother and his constant interference, I had a tough time searching for you. I had to finally search for you for real. But, I’ve finally found you. Though I never imagined that you were with the Arisugawas.

R: Sorry for making you wait, Miss Housekeeper, I’ve come to pick you up.

R: Come on, let’s return home, I won’t do anything you don’t want. Fuji. Gen and I are waiting for you to come home, so let’s head home.

R: Miss Housekeeper, what’s wrong?

R: Hmm, I won’t know if you stay silent. Don’t tell me you’re being threatened?

R: Then why? Why aren’t you taking my hand?


Please stop right here. I cannot hand her over.

R: Hah? What are you saying? You’re the ones who kidnapped her in the first place. Miss Housekeeper originally belonged to us. It wouldn’t sit well with us if you don’t return her.

I cannot do it. It’s been decided that she will marry my brother, Ichiya.

R: Futaba, are you still acting as your older brother’s mindless drone?

Yes, what about it?

R: Oh, looks like you haven’t changed. But well, it does sound about right. Being straightlaced is part of your personality.

Go ahead, say whatever you want, it doesn’t affect me.

R: Well it doesn’t matter. It’s all good as long you return Miss Housekeeper.

I will not return her.


R: That again? You should do as I say while I’m still being nice.

No, I will not hand her over.

R: ……You really aren’t listening, huh. Well, if that’s what you intend to do, then I’ll have to return in kind. Seize them both!

Men: Yes!

There are a lot of them. Are you able to run? We’re going to get caught at this rate, so let’s escape through the back entrance. Got it?

Don’t ever let go of my hand.

Track 6: Escape Drama


I’m sorry for bringing you this far into the mountains.

The Saionji family has already taken over the city, and I have been informed by someone from our family that there was no place else to escape to. I figured this was the only opinion we have.

If we’re here, we likely won’t be found.

It’s one of Arisugawa’s currently unoccupied villas. It is well maintained, but it hasn’t been used in 2 years, so food is definitely a concern. Right now it’s winter and the temperature is low.

I told those from our family to deliver food just in case, but it’ll take till tomorrow morning. I worry about your well-being.


Are you okay? You’re shaking.

Please wait while I light the fireplace.

Come here.

You’re still shaking. Does it help a little when I embrace you from the back like this?

They say that a person’s abdomen is surprisingly warm. If this makes you feel even the slightest bit warmer, then let’s stay like this.

I’m sorry that things turned out this way.

No, I feel responsible. I brought you all the way here without asking for your opinion. Had returning to the Saionji family been what you truly wanted, then effectively, I’ve brought you here against your will.

But, I wonder why?

The thought of you being taken away by Saionji Ran earlier made me angry for some reason. It was odd even to myself.


I wonder what’s wrong with me? I didn’t want you to be taken from me. It wasn’t because you are the woman who is to become my brother, Ichiya’s wife,

Quite simply, I didn’t want to give you away.

I feel that I know why the Saionji siblings want you. You’re a person with a very beautiful heart.

You’re more simplistic, more straightforward, and more beautiful than any person I’ve ever met.

I’ve supported my brother, Ichiya with such fervor, but now, I’m afraid that I’m going to do something that will go against that person’s will.

I was never supposed to bare fangs against my brother, Ichiya…

Right now, I don’t care even if that person were to strike me. I want to make you mine and take you away.


Are you staring at me like that on purpose? …It’s unfair.

Just this brief moment… Just for tonight, could you please be mine? Once tomorrow morning comes, I’ll return to being the regular same-old Arisugawa Futuba.

But tonight, I just want to be an individual man. So, right now, can you think only of me? I want to fill your mind and make it so that you can’t think about anyone else.

Please close your eyes. I want you to just feel me.

Morning will come soon, so just a bit more…

Track 7: I Don’t Want to Part From You


Good morning, have you slept well?

Arisugawa’s house staff will be arriving here in a few minutes. When the food arrives, we’ll have breakfast.

And about last night…

It’s nothing, please forget it. Now, please come downstairs.

There was only coffee, but I think it’s better than having nothing. Please help yourself.

Oh, and I’ve thought about our next course of action. Frankly, there is a limit to how long we can reside here. Having to move to a place with better facilities is inevitable.

I’ve also considered the possibility of escaping overseas, but…


They’ve arrived.

Man: Master Futaba, I apologize for being late.

Thank you for delivering the food. It must’ve been difficult.

Man: Master Futaba, please escape.

Escape? Why?

Man: The Saionji family knows that you’re here, Master Futaba.


Man: Mostly likely, there’s a Saionji spy within the Arisugawa family. It’s well known to them that you’re at this villa, Master Futaba, and they’re heading this way.

They’ve got sharp eyes, it seems.

Man: Please do not worry, Master Futaba. I have received instructions directly from Master Ichiya regarding the young lady here.

From my brother, Ichiya?

Man: Master Ichiya informed me that his overseas business trip is going to be greatly extended, and he wishes to fly the lady to America, where he is located.

In other words, my brother, Ichiya, is going to live over there with her?

Man: Yes, and Master Ichiya stated that it would be safer that way.

That’s certainly true. If she goes to where my brother, Ichiya, is… She’s far safer being with my brother, Ichiya, than here.


Man: Yes, and we’re rushing to arrange a helicopter. Once it arrives, please head directly to the helipad at the Arisugawa Group headquarters tower. A private jet is already waiting.


You’ve heard our conversation, right?

You’ll be traveling to where my brother, Ichiya, is. It’s where it’s safe.

You don’t want to?? Do you know what you’re saying? Wanting to be with me… You know that you are to be my brother, Ichiya’s wife.

No, please marry my brother. You’ll surely be happy that way.

I support it from the bottom of my heart…

Man: Master Futaba, the helicopter arrived.


Come on, let’s go.


Once you get on here, you’ll be safe. Rest assured, my brother, Ichiya, is waiting on the other side.

Why are you dilly-dallying? Please get on.

I’m tired of hearing your refusal.

I told you to forget that kiss. Even if it’s impossible, you have to forget it!!!

To be with me…

I have nothing. It’ll only bring you misery. It’s best that you go to where my brother, Ichiya, is.

So… Please stay well.


Please don’t cry. I finally made my resolve and now you’re going to shake my will.

I won’t be able to let you go…

Why? This is the last time, so please let me put on an appearance. I want to look at least a little better when I am in front of you.

Hugging me on your own……

Do you understand that if you do this, I-


R: Found you.

R: I almost didn’t make it, that was close.

Why are you here?

R: You shouldn’t look down on me so much. I know the whole spiel about how your brother, Ichiya, wants her to escape to America. I can’t have you do that.

R: Hey, why don’t we stop playing around. Return our housekeeper.

Didn’t I tell you? I cannot do that.

R: Setting the stage for your brother again? You seriously irritate me. I love Miss Housekeeper. I don’t have time to deal with your disgusting brother complex. Also, does your brother even love Miss Housekeeper? He doesn’t, does he? He probably thought that if he obtained Miss Housekeeper, he would’ve outwitted Fuji, right?

R: I really wish you’d stop with the half-assed, half-hearted farce. A guy that doesn’t love Miss Housekeeper cannot make her happy.


R: I love her for real. She changed me. She taught me that there exists something far more precious than money. Because of her, I was able to change.

R: What’ve you got in comparison, Futaba? Did anything change? You’re still only ever thinking about your older brother, projecting yourself, finding comfort, and rejoicing. Is that fun? Are you happy? In the end, you’re scared of changing yourself, that’s why you’re stubbornly putting up walls. You haven’t changed from when you were younger. And in that case, just stay like that forever. I have no intention of handing Miss Housekeeper to someone dull like that.

R: To you, Miss Housekeeper is probably no different from an object, right? Or perhaps a tool to make your brother, Ichiya, happy? Or maybe it’s better to call her a toy.

She’s not!!! She’s not an object to me.

She’s a truly wonderful girl.

In the beginning, I hated her. I couldn’t understand why such an ordinary woman was around.


But, I realized that I liked myself when you were around. For the first time in my life, I like myself.

Until now, I thought I had nothing, but you taught me that I was wrong.

I was happy. You told me that I was my own person.

I, who was constantly referred to as insurance… I, who was seen as nothing more than a shadow… You accepted me as if it were natural. You brought me out into the light.

The time I spent with you was fun.

You got angry for me, you cried for me… I was afraid but found myself loving you. Before I knew it, you had become a large part of me.

I wished that my time with you could last forever.

I wanted to protect you, so…


My brother, Ichiya…?


Yes, it’s me.


I apologize, my dear brother, Ichiya. For the first time, I’m going to defy your will, my dear brother, Ichiya.

I fell in love with her. My dear brother, Ichiya, I shall declare war against you. I wish to have this person. I wish to make this person my wife.

So from now on…

Since we’re going to be rivals from now on, I guess there’s no need for me to speak formally anymore.

Brother, I’m going to get serious too. Be prepared.

Hmph, I don’t like the idea of thanking you, but I’ve finally awakened to those words you said. There’s no need to hold back. I’ll do things my way. My days of following you end today too.

I’ll be taking her. I will not give her to you.


R: Oh? You’re finally able to say it now?

R: Stop there.

What else do you want?

R: I just thought that this was the most human you’ve ever been. I much prefer you that way. However, you’re greatly mistaken if you think your only adversary is your brother. Miss Housekeeper belongs to us, don’t think we’ll give her up that easily. You understand that, right? This is where the real battle starts.

You want to get her back? Just try.


Get us out.

The destination?

Anywhere’s fine. Preferably somewhere far away.

Ah, sorry for the sudden turn of events. I’m happy that I’m able to be together with you like this too.

Not as the second-born son of the Arisugawa conglomerate group nor an extra nor insurance… But as a person, as Arisugawa Futaba.

And, as a man, I love you.


I can be surprisingly jealous. And deeply so. I think that even if you say no, I won’t let you escape.

Even with that, do you still mean to say yes?

I see. If that’s what you say, so be it.

Track 8: As a Person


What? I’m still sleepy. Let me sleep.

I gave you all that attention earlier, why can’t you wait? I don’t remember you being such a naughty girl.

Don’t pout.

You really are adorable.

Guess there’s no getting around it. I’ll get up.

Here, come.

You smell nicely of shampoo. Did you take a shower earlier? It’s a smell I like.

Still, you smell sweet everywhere I sniff.


And because it’s a sweet smell, it makes me want to eat you up.

It’s because we’re outside that I want to do it. It’s like breaking a taboo.

Rather than cry, my brother, Ichiya, will laugh. That man loves breaking taboos.

Now that I think of it, it’s almost been a month since we came to this island.

Why don’t we contact them to see what’s been happening in Japan later? I’m pretty sure Miori is being done in pretty badly by our older brother, Ichiya.


Glad…? About what?

How many times do you plan to ask that? You’ll get the same answer no matter how many times you ask.

My answer is yes.

I don’t have the slightest regret in leaving the Arisugawa Group.


But I never thought that I would be asked to leave the Arisugawa Group in exchange for allowing me to marry you. I was shocked by my brother, Ichiya.

But that person, he’s cute.

In leaving, he started to worry about this and that. Where do you plan to go? Are you going to be able to eat? He had the face of a child whose mother was about to leave.

When I was asked to leave the group, I felt like I was being told “You can be free now” by my brother.

That person is like a bundle of love, so I’m sure he’s thinking of our happiness.

Isn’t it obvious? My brother, Ichiya, is the best man in the world.


Yeah, it’ll never change.

That person will always be my light. Though I’ve found a light even brighter than my brother.

It’s you.

Don’t be embarrassed. Let me see you.

I want to see through those eyes the way in which I love you. You like this type of kiss, right?

Don’t be embarrassed, tell me. “I’m weak to this.”

How cute.

I’ll make you feel even better.

I want to stay like this with you forever.

I love you. Thank you for choosing.


My plans from now on…?

I’ve thought about it. There’s no end to the things I want to do, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to start my own business.

Though I feel like as long as you’re by my side, I’ll be fine no matter what happens. …You’re my goddess, after all.

I feel like I’m losing my patience spending this sweet time with you.

Why not?

I can’t wait any longer.

The real me is actually surprisingly selfish. You know that too, right? That I’ll take what I want.


Yeah, I’m certainly a lot like my brother. Guess blood is indeed thicker than water.

But you’re the one who chose such a self-serving man. Take responsibility, and accept me.

I love your kindness.

Now, my princess, how do you want to be loved? Today, I’ll make an exception and let you choose.


Are you sure you want to leave it to me?

Then, I’ll do as I like. I’ll shower you with affection from morning to night.

I love you.

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