【Translation】 Kare ni wa Kimyou na Seiheki ga aru. Case 1 Kimochi ga Afurechau Danna-san


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

彼には奇妙な性癖がある。 Case1 気持ちが溢れちゃう旦那さん

CV: Tamaru Atsushi (田丸篤志)

Track 1: Kaito’s Feelings


Haa… Augh… Why again? She refused sex again. Hasn’t she been refusing too much these days? I want to do it so badly that it hurts.

I guess it’s been almost 2 years since we’ve been married?

We were super lovey-dovey when we first got married and were pretty much doing it multiples times every day, and now it’s practically a drought. We even got up to 8 times in one day when I was at peak condition.

The company I work for is an “adult toys” production company and they make vibrators and such. There’s a long story behind why I’m working there, but the short version is that I want to make toys that make her cum non-stop.

I haven’t created the perfect toy yet, but I get to monitor the prototypes at my workplace, so I’m glad that I work where I am.

……Sometimes I bring home like 5 vibrators from home and she ends up making a run for it, though.


I don’t understand why she’s against it. When I insert them into her, she would climax and say that it feels good.

Does she get embarrassed when she cums too much?

Or like, I’m the only one who wants to do it multiple times but like, it’s too physically demanding for her?

Now that I think of it, we did fight about that once.

She told me that at most, no more than three times a day, max. And I made sure to stop after 3 times so that I don’t overburden her body.

I mean, for me, isn’t that amazing? I’ve gone down more than half.

But even then, she says that once a week is more than enough and that her hips hurt.

But only once a week? There’s no way I could do it. I don’t want to jack off to porn. Does she think I would get turned on by other women, especially actresses?

Personally, when I see kinks I can’t engage with her on video, I see a massive picture with her in my head, and she wouldn’t believe me.


There was one time when I left for 2 weeks on a business trip, and I don’t know if it was because my body hadn’t had a dose in so long, but the moment I got home and saw her face…I pushed her down at the front door.

I was letting loose every day prior to the business yet I had sex with her like some starved beast.

I got excited after getting into her panties and even went for 3 whole rounds. And even after the third time, what was coming out of me was still, super thick, aren’t I amazing?

I mean, her orgasm face is super cute!

And like, the way she clings to the sheets while saying no…

For real, that expression definitely gets me going. Ahh…I get hard from just remembering it.


What do I do?

Urgh, I can’t do this! I want to have sex! I want to get inside her right now! …But she’ll refuse if I ask her directly, so first, I’ll hug her from the back.

And when I do that, my hard member will press up against her, right? And then she’ll get embarrassed and her face will turn red.

That innocent reaction of her that has remained for years is just too cute.

Then I’ll kiss her a bunch on the back of her neck while her face is beet red and she’s a little turned on and embarrassed. I love touching her from the back, so while holding her, I’ll slip my hands under her clothes and fondle her breasts and play with her nipples.

If I only touch her upper half, she’ll start fidgeting as though she really wants to be touched below.

And once I do that, everything will go at my pace.

And while holding her, I’ll slip my hand into her underwear, and then when I trace around that sensitive little bit slowly and prod it with my finger, she’ll get wet, so I’ll get that on my fingers and insert them inside her,


She can cum from just fingering, but if I only get her loosened up and not let her cum, I can slowly insert my hard member from the back.

With a position like that, I can reach her weak spots. There are times when it seems like it hurts, but when she’s feeling it, she cums right away.

That reaction is just so cute, and when I keep focusing on those spots, she’ll have multiple orgasms in a row!

And when that happens, she ends up crying because it feels too good, but I’d kiss her with all my feelings of love. She loves being kissed, so she’d clamp up really hard inside.

Gone is your reason. There’s no keeping it, there’s no keeping your reason.

That cute teary look, and plea…should be illegal.

When I see her body tremble as I kiss her, I can’t stop my hips. I wouldn’t be able to withstand her clamping down and would cum too, but if I cum a lot, she would react to that feeling, and start trembling again.

Not to mention, it’s super erotic when her face turns red and she cries, and when I see that, my thing here would get excited again, kinda like, let’s go at it again!

It feels so good inside the second time around.


Ah, I should stop having delusions inside my head and return back to reality.

If I have sex with her here, I’ll only get turned on and get a wet dream in reality.

Today I’ll shower her with affection starting first thing in the morning. It’s a day off, so I’ll have her let me do a bunch of lewd things.

And make sure she doesn’t hate me for it today.

Track 2: A Couple Acting Their Usual


No, not yet.

Where’s the issue? We should take it easy on our days off.

A little longer. Work’s been busy, so I want to relax.


Hmm, can’t we wait till later? You should take it easy too. I’ll make breakfast after. You’re always waking up early, so let me at least spoil you for today.

Yup, it’s decided.

Yes, yes, what should I make?


Say, what would you like to eat?

If possible, I’d like you to request something that I’ll likely be able to make.

Anything’s fine?

But don’t you get angry when I say the same thing?

Don’t just go “oh, really?” You would get angry every time and say “‘anything’s fine’ is the worst answer to get.”

It’s fine.

Me? You’re asking about me even though I’m the one cooking?

Let’s see… Hmm… What am I good at making? …What might that be?


I’ve never made any before. Isn’t it hard?

Yes, it’s hard. Oh, but if it’s uh, stirred up eggs… Yes, scrambled eggs. That I can make.


But that’s a dish too, right? Then that counts as cooking.

It’s settled, I’ll make it after.

Yup, look forward to it.

Now before we have breakfast…

Hmm? What, you ask? Pre-meal exercise, of course.

Well? Can’t you feel my morning wood pressing against your backside? I hope you can help resolve this.

After eating?

You won’t be in the mood when your stomach’s full, so, no.

Please. I really want to feel good with you right now, so get yourself in the mood,

Here, over top of your clothes, I’ll…


Huh? You’re not wearing anything today?

Yeah. You’re always wearing a bra when you sleep.

Huh? I took it off when we went to bed last night? And you never put it back on?

If I had known, I would’ve touched you in your sleep.

It’s soft when you don’t have a bra on. I love touching your chest over top of your clothes.

Yes, it feels really good. It reminds me of how soft you are.

Enough with calling me an “idiot,” all men become idiots in front of the woman they love. When I touch you like this with your pajamas on…


Look, I can easily tell that you’re reacting.

What’s this? Your nipples are already sticking out?

They’re slowly becoming stiffer. Does this place feel good?

I see. Does it also feel good when I kiss your neck? Your voice is coming out.

How about here?

Oh, it’s wet.

If I circle around this place, the stain gets bigger and bigger.

Hmm? You want to take it off?

Guess it feels uncomfortable when it’s wet. I’ll lower it a little, then.

Oh, there are threads coming off of here. It’s soaked through and through, isn’t it? I’ll take it off, so pass your legs through.


Okay, I’ll put your underwear down there.

And now then, let’s see what’s become of this place.

It’s so wet that sounds are audible. If I do it like this, you can hear it, can’t you? Just by moving my fingers, you can hear the “squelch.”

Don’t say “no,” look at how loud the sounds are. And aren’t my fingers going to slip right in?



Can you tell? If I move like this, I can reach the spot you like.

You’re always weak to this spot, aren’t you? You’re also weak to the spot above, but I can’t reach it.

Let me pull out my fingers… And then insert myself from behind.

Can you feel how hard I am? It’s so hard that, even without having been touched, it can enter you easily.

And, look… If I do this, I can reach beyond the spot I touched with my fingers.

You’re weak to this spot, right? If I poke it with the tip…


You really are weak to it.

Oh, wait just a moment.

Let’s try using this. It’s the company’s newest product, and inside is…

The packaging is simple and innocuous, but look, it’s cute, right? It’s a bear-shaped vibrator.

Well? It looks cute, right? But! This little bear isn’t just cute! The vibrations are strong, and if you press the bear’s nose on a sensitive bit, even people who find it hard to cum would cum immediately!

Huh? Oh, yeah, that’s what I heard from Chief Nozeki. That guy’s a sadist, from what I heard, he tried it on his wife and made her cry again.


It’ll be fine. If you don’t want to, I’ll stop. Also, I wouldn’t want that…

Eh? Uh, erm, how should I say it? I feel left out when you’re feeling good on your own. I want you to cum not because of a toy but because of me.

Oh, but, I do like it while I’m inside you like I am now.

Hmm? You tightened up all of a sudden.

So this feels that good?

What’ll happen if I press this against you when I thrust deep inside, I wonder?

You’re going to cum? …You’re going to cum already?

“Hips”? “Not there”? So you can’t control yourself anymore, being attacked both inside and out?


Ah, you came.

Hmm? I can’t tell with just a nod.

So your voice has left you.

Hang in there for a bit longer, I’m going to start moving.

Here, I’ll pull out for a moment.

Spread your legs. I’m going to put it in.


Don’t tighten up, I’m going to cum right away like that.

Wow… I’m not even using the vibrator and you’re still cum.


It’s okay, cum from me.

You came. You’re tightening up inside.

Aren’t you a bit quick today? Did the little bear feel just that good?

Huh? It wasn’t the bear? Then, I ought to get Chief Nozeki to improve upon it. “My wife isn’t able to cum without something also inside, you see.”


You sure you’re able to say that isn’t true?

I still haven’t cum yet, and here you are already cumming twice.

I’m reaching my limit soon too. I’m about to cum.

I’m going to be a little bit rougher.

It feels good… I’m cumming…

You too? Let’s cum, together.



Today it was fast for me too.

Oh right, I forgot about one more thing.

Track 3: New Souvenir


Take a look at this. Isn’t it amazing? It’s a vibrator in my shape.

Haha! I knew you’d react like that! I’m sure you’re confused by it, right?

My older brother was the one who told me about it, but… It’s a product where you place it in a container, take a mold of it, and pour silicone, but the company I work for is starting to carry it now too. And so, prototype!

Wait, don’t pull away! My brother, he…

Don’t think about it too deeply, he’s always a little off, it’s normal. But you know, it was surprisingly hard to get a mold with this kit.

Obviously, doing it while looking at you would be…embarrassing, so I take the mold by myself.


This? Submit this?

As a prototype?

Of course not! I was just reporting on the method and how it works. Having the chief see my thing, what kind of punishment game is that? And I mean for both of us.

That’s right. I just wanted to test it out on you.

Hey, wait, don’t run away!

Why? Just try it, I worked hard to make it! If this feels good, you’ll be able to feel me any time of the day.

Please, just try it. Come on, lie down on your back. And, your legs…

Don’t tense up so much!

Please, open your legs. I’ll throw it away if you don’t feel good from it. I’m begging you!


Thank you.

Ah, you’re still wet from everything earlier. If I rub all this on the vibrator…

Please tell me if it hurts, I’m going to put it in slowly.

It’s going in… How erotic. It’s all going in.

It’s in. How does it feel inside?

Eh? Painful? Does that mean it’s bigger than me?

The silicone is too hard…? Oh, that’s why it’s painful.

Eh? This? …What about this?

Oh, functions? The functions on this are, well, what I made is vibration only. It’s this switch.

Haha. Sorry, I pressed the switch.


I can stop it, but just wait, isn’t this place leaking more than before? And if I move it slowly…

Does it feel good?

Looks like it feels really good. Here?

I knew it, this is the spot. When I made this, I realized I’m not able to hit it unless I’m doing it from the back. So this is the reaction you made, huh? It’s my first time seeing it.

Eh? No, let me keep seeing your cute face.

Your face is bright red. So it feels that good.

It’s a bit of a complicated feeling for me, but…aren’t you really feeling it? I mean, it is in my shape, so it’s not like it’s not me, and I’m happy that you’re feeling good, but it’s making me jealous.


And that’s how it is, so I’m going to pull it out and insert myself in you.

Wow, I slipped right in.

Huh? Did you cum from that just now?

Cute. So it felt like I was edging you with the vibrator. I should’ve let you cum at least once.

Eh? You prefer me?

You want it to be me when you cum?

I see. Then, now that I’m inside you, which feels better?


I’m happy.


Hmm? You noticed?

It looks like I reacted inside you. Is it more obvious when I move? I think I’ve gotten bigger than the vibrator.

Why, you ask?

When I took the mold, I was alone. There’s no way I’d be able to keep an erection up forever without you there. I was watching our homemade sex tapes and such and desperately trying to keep it up.

I’m willing to go that far.

I wanted to make it so that you can’t feel good from anything but me when you’re alone, and if you had that, you’d be able to feel me even when I’m away, that’s why I made it.


You won’t do it alone. …Really?

When I’m off on a business trip and you want this weak spot of yours here touched, what are you going to do?

Even though you make that kind of voice when I rub against it?

So you won’t have the urge?

Really? You were so wet earlier too.

That was me? Because I came?

Is that so? So this, and this too? What’s coming out isn’t yours? In that case, I ought to make you feel more pleasure.


Deep feels good…

This isn’t good, it’s hotter than before…

Eh? You’re about to cum?

Go ahead.

Yes, I should really make you feel it.

This, the vibrator from earlier. I’m going to press it against your chest.

Don’t clench up so much.

Don’t press the vibrator against you?

Then, if I continue moving…

Wow… Should I try pressing it against this place too?


Wait- You’re clamping up way too much inside.

I, I’m… This is bad, it’s so tight… If you clamp up like that, I’ll…

I’m cumming!


Let me turn it off.

Yeah, don’t move. I’m still cumming.

Huh? What’s the matter?

You can feel it…? That I’m cumming?

So you knew. Seriously, you’re… Don’t say such cute things, do you want to get jumped again?

I’m kidding.


I’ve finally settled down.

I’m going to pull out.

It’s cute how you’re worn out. It felt really good, thank you.

How about you? Did it feel good?

I see. I’m glad.

Are you tired? You look tired. After all that, you must be tired.


There, there. Good night.

Track 4: Your Backside


So warm.

Stay, stay facing that way.

It’s nothing. I’m just fawning on you. I’m cuddled up against your back, so you mustn’t turn this way.

Does it tickle? You can feel my breath on you, right?

Where? Like here?

Here? Like this? Or this?

So it tickles when I do that. Then, here, how about I speak right up against your ear?


That voice just now was pretty erotic. Did you feel from it again?

Your ears are red. Are you holding back your voice?

Are you holding back because it tickles, or because you’re feeling it from my breath?

Really? It just tickles?

Oh? So that’s how it’s like for you? I’m probably able to go at it one more time still.

Say, are you in a good place now? I want to do it again.

We did do it earlier, but when I cuddle you, I end up wanting to do it.


Eh? It never ends…? What doesn’t?

The foreplay and sex?

Really? But isn’t it normal? The foreplay is because I wouldn’t want it to hurt for you. Plus, it feels better for me when you’re wet.

Sex is long too? Is it that bad?

Is that so… I wasn’t aware…

Eh? Holding back? Like, when I stopped in the middle?

Oh, uh, that wasn’t… I wasn’t holding myself back. That was umm…I just wanted to watch you while you’re feeling good.

You’re just so cute when you’re feeling it when I move, so I think I might’ve stopped to take a peek at your face. So that wasn’t me holding back and stopping at the height of things.

Ah, so that was noticed by you. It makes me a little embarrassed.


Why are you turning red?

What do you mean by “but”? I’m super embarrassed right now, you know!

Ugh, I’m so embarrassed.

Don’t laugh.

I am, how to put it…it’s not that I’m in a bad mood. I’m just embarrassed that you found out.

Uh-huh, I’m shy about it.

Cute…? Me?


It’s unlike me? And that makes me cute?

I can’t get a grasp.

You, while you’re laughing, are obviously cuter than me.

Jeez, I’m calling you cute every day, but my dear wife still won’t acknowledge it.

You’ll never get used to it?

Is that so? Then, I have to make it clearer to you.

I love you.


It’s not sudden. I simply didn’t say it before.

What? Are you feeling shy?

You aren’t? Then I can say it many times over with no problem, right?

I love you. I love you so much.


Are you embarrassed?

So you are…

Say it back.

Jeez, you’re so damn cute.

I love you. I love you a lot.


I’m going to keep working hard, throughout and throughout. I’m going to work hard for the child that we might one day have!

So…I want you to keep loving me.

Oh right, also, I’m going to work hard in terms of sex as well.

I’m going to develop more products so that you can feel really good

I’ll make sure that one day we’ll have the best ever sex ever, so good that you’ll pass out from it.


No, don’t be satisfied with just this.

I’ll learn more about your body, and while I’m at it, build stamina.

It’ll be fine, you can’t die from sex.

To put it another way, it’ll feel so good that you feel like you’re going to die.

And, if your body can’t take it, we can work on your body. If we both work out, we’ll be able to have tons of sex!

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