【Translation】 Iinari Sensei ~16-ri no Suieibuin no Hakudaku Seishori Sex~

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イイナリ先生 ~16人の水泳部員の白濁性処理セックス~

CV: Tanaka Shoujirou (田中翔二郎), Mitsuhashi Wataru (三橋渡), Yamanaka Masayuki (やまなか正之), ysd., Shindou Daisuke (新堂大輔), Noki Yuusei (乃木悠星), Aine Roku (愛音録)

Track 1: Friday’s Special Menu


Inukai: Sis, good morning.

Inukai: I’m not that early today. It’s the usual morning practice time. Oh, what about you, Sis? You’re not always this early.

Inukai: What, preparing for the cultural festival? That’s still a long way off… So you teachers prepare for the festival this far in advance, huh? It must be hard for you, too, right, SIs?

Inukai: Yes, yes, at school I should be calling you “Teacher” not “Sis.”

Inukai: Huh? My brother?

Inukai: I wouldn’t know, but don’t you think he’d at least show up at his alma mater’s festival? And ask my brother, not me. …You two are dating, after all.


Inukai: Is my brother neglecting you again? He never changes, does he? He always has his hands full with himself. He’s not the type of person who can handle a long-distance relationship. Although you’ve known each other for a long time, don’t you think it’s time to give up on him? ……There are plenty of other guys out there besides him.

Inukai: Eh? Ah… Sorry, I overstepped. I’m going to stop by the convenience store.

Inukai: Uh, Sis… No, Teacher, I wish you the best of luck too.


Uzuki: Oh! Teacher!

Uzuki: What are you doing? Are you heading home already?

Uzuki: Ehh, why don’t you leave that for later and go and have fun with me? I was just about to head to the club, but if you’re willing to have fun with me, I’ll skip my club activities, Teacher.

Uzuki: Tch. Where’s the harm in it?

Uzuki: Accompany me for a bit. I’ve already asked you out several times, but you never say yes, do you, Teacher? ……Hey, do you have a boyfriend, Teacher? Cos I don’t mind that. Even if you have a man, I’m confident that I can get you to choose me over him. Hey, so-

Inukai: Uzuki! Again, you’re forcing- Sis?

Uzuki: “Sis”? Why are you calling her, “Sis”?

Inukai: Shut up. It’s past the meeting time.

What kind of example for the juniors are you if you’re like that!? Hurry up and get changed!

Uzuki: How fucking annoying… Yeah, yeah, I’m heading there now.


Inukai: I’m sorry, a member of my club is here bothering you… Did he do anything weird to you?

Inukai: I see… That’s a relief. But! It’s nothing to laugh about. He… He’s the 2nd-years’ ace, but he’s always getting in trouble with women… Anyway, stay away from that guy!

Inukai: ……Would you like to walk together on the way there?

Inukai: Eh? Ah, oh…club activities? I’m doing what I love, so it’s not tedious or anything like that… I started swimming in junior high school, and I’m not at the level where I can set records and get recommendations, but some of the guys on the team are good enough to make the cut. It’s my last tournament, so maybe I’m just a little extra tense.

Inukai: Don’t say things so easily…


Inukai: What’s with you… What hell do you know, Sis!?

Inukai: Ah… No, sorry for yelling.

Inukai: No…it’s just that, umm…the guys below me lately haven’t been listening to me and it’s giving me a hard time. And that guy earlier is often especially aggressive with me. ……The rest of the guys are honestly all idiots with too much energy.

Inukai: I’m the club president, but I’m not particularly popular, and I’m not the type of person who can shut people up with my skills, so it just feels like I’m being forced into a troublesome role, you know? If I’m a little harsh, or if I add something to the training menu, I’m rebuffed.

On the other hand, if I take a poor shot, even the juniors would look down on me… I’m on the verge of retirement, and I’m only now finally starting to understand how to handle them, it feels like.

Inukai: Oh… And as we were talking, we arrived at the clubroom.


Inukai: Sorry, sorry. Sis, you were supposed to go to the staff room, right

Inukai: ……Again, they’re….! So they still haven’t gone to the pool yet……

Inukai: They’re making another fuss it seems… I have to go give them a little warning. I’ll see you later, Sis.


Uzuki: Hey, aren’t you a little later- Huh? Teacher? …What’s the matter? You didn’t come here to meet me, did you?

Inukai: Sis… No, Teacher! Did something happen?

Inukai: Eh? You just came to see how things are? What, why? …Hey, I told you not to go near Uzuki, did I not?

Ootori: Teacher, if you need any one of the students, I can go get them. All the members of the club are doing basic drills at the swimming pool right now. They’re supposed to come over here in the order in which they finish, but……

Inukai: Ootori! …It’s fine. You can go now, Teacher.

Uzuki: Club President, aren’t you a little too close with the Teacher? You even called her “Sis” yesterday.

Inukai: It’s not like how you put it… It’s just that our houses are close.

Uzuki: Oh, are you two one of those “childhood friends”? And so, she came to cheer you on before the tournament? You two sure are close. But, isn’t that out of line from the teacher’s point of view? Special treatment for the club president, isn’t that a bit of a problem~?


Ootori: Eh? You were consulted by the managers?

Uzuki: Oh~I get it now, it was that. I did think it was about time they came crying to you. So they told on us to the Teacher about “that,” huh?

Uzuki: Hey, please don’t be angry. I mean, we did push a tough task onto them, but… Huh? You didn’t ask for the details? I think the girls had a lot of fun with their job as managers, though? Anyway, if that’s the case, why don’t we stop standing around? ……Let’s go inside and talk, shall we?

Inukai: H-Hey! Uzuki!


Uzuki: What is it, Club President?

Inukai: Having an outsider come join us, isn’t that…umm, bad? All the club members will be gathering soon too!

Uzuki: That’s exactly why. It’d be worse if we stood around and caused a ruckus outside. What if people get together and make a scene?

Ootori: True enough. Let’s head inside for now.

Ootori: Oh, it’s just a precaution. ……Everyone’s a little rough-on-the-edges, so I’m in charge of the keys.

Uzuki: The managers are out shopping right now, right? Teacher, please sit over here and wait.


Tatsukawa: Huh? What’s the matter, Teacher?

Baba: Oh, could it be…that you’re here to help with the special training today?

Tatsukawa: You’re kidding!? The Teacher is?!!

Inukai: Why… Why now of all times…

Baba: Why are you sighing? We’re lucky, super, super lucky!!

Inukai: What? Lucky?

Baba: The Teacher is totally my type. Honestly, I’ve used her as fap material before.

Tatsukawa: Yes, yes! Me too, me too!

Baba: I know, right? Don’t you just find female teachers sexy?

Inukai: Baba! You, that’s enough!

Ootori: ……That face. Looks like you weren’t told anything by the managers.

Uzuki: What a bind. I can’t believe they just pushed the “important job as manager” onto the teacher and left.”

Ootori: I’ll at least compliment them on their choice of person, though…… It would’ve been a mess were it any other teacher.

Inukai: Hey, not you too…!


Ootori: I’m talking about if they had talked to the head teacher or the guidance teacher. If they had found out about this and it caused a big uproar, just forget about joining the tournament.

Inukai: That doesn’t make it…

Ootori: What are you going to do? Inukai, are you going to keep the Teacher in the dark? If you take your sweet time, the other guys will be finished with basic training and come too. They are the kind of guys who endure rigorous practice and look forward to “Friday” more than anything else…… It won’t just be like Baba’s and Tatsukawa’s “If I can’t be the manager, the teacher will do……” There’ll be hell to pay. If that happens, I don’t know if even you and I can stop them, Inukai.

Uzuki: It’s better than having an incident happen outside the club.

Besides… I’m sure that the Teacher works just fine. no matter how many people there are.

Tatsukawa: And she has big tits!

Baba: And she’s pretty cute!

Inukai: Hey, serious, let’s stop this!! There’s a huge difference between the girls who agreed to do this and the Teacher who came in here, not knowing anything, isn’t there!? Do you guys even know what you’re trying to do?!!


Uzuki: Haha! You’re so uptight, Club President! But let’s not be acting so doom and gloom. Teacher, the job the managers said was “hard” was actually the job of providing “sexual relief for club members,” wasn’t it~

Uzuki: Are you surprised? But it’s not like it was forced. At first, it was just with me and it was the girls who insisted, but then the guys all said it wasn’t fair, so I had no choice.

Tatsukawa: I mean, how am I supposed to stand it when you’re straight up fucking in the clubroom like that!

Baba: Yes, yes, and I had been pent up, so it’s just distracting.

Uzuki: Please don’t make that scary face. We’re just getting it off so that everyone can concentrate on practicing properly. Once a week, in the order in which the basic training is completed, the manager would provide sexual relief. ー-And it was Club President Inukai who decided on this “Special Friday Menu,” you know?

Inukai: Isn’t it because even if I tried to stop you, you guys would still do it anyway?!!! None of them wanted it!!! And I never approved of it!!!


Uzuki: Eh? But they were good girls that’d do anything I say. The managers provided us with relief. we all felt refreshed, our times were better, and no one complained, right?

Ootori: Until now, that is……

Uzuki: Even if you say it’s canceled, no one is going to agree to it. Still, the Teacher and the Club President are childhood friends, huh… I don’t care if you make a fuss here and call people over. But, what’s going to happen? You may be safe, but……the long-established swimming club will be abolished, and the head of the club and us, who are athletes, will be expelled as the main culprits, right? Oh dear, that would be a problem, wouldn’t it?

Inukai: Uzuki!! That is enough!!


Inukai: Guh-!

Uzuki: Whoa, whoa, let’s stop this. What if you get injured before the tournament? Wouldn’t that be bad for both of us? If you still want to act up, then…

Inukai: Hey! Stop! …Damn it, let go of me!!

Uzuki: It’s nice using the clothes someone’s wearing to restrain them. Oh, I usually do it with the girls, so this is the first time I’ve tried it with a guy.

Ootori: Uzuki! What are you doing to Inukai!?

Baba: Yeah, you’re going too far.

Uzuki: Eh? But it was the Club President who raised his hand first? “Violence in the clubroom is strictly prohibited!” ……It’s on the sign over there, too, isn’t it?

Uzuki: It’s decided, it’s decided! You know, Club President, I had no choice. Let’s be in the care of the Teacher today. Well? Let us get along, Teacher.

Baba: Seriously? Seriously the Teacher and we are….?

Tatsukawa: Yes! Having the Teacher make me cum, today’s my lucky day!


Uzuki: Don’t worry, we’ll be gentle. So, please don’t resist, alright?

Ootori: Teacher, I’m sorry… I wasn’t able to stop them… It’s just for today… It’s just for today, so, please……


Track 2: Worst Possible Situation


Uzuki: Then, without delay, let’s start with me, the one who finished the basic drills first.

Inukai: Uzuki, stop! This isn’t a joke, don’t you dare get Sis wrapped up in this!!!

Uzuki: Don’t you worry, I’ll get it over with quick. Also, you’re annoying, can I just plug up your mouth?

Uzuki: Teacher, stop looking so worried. I’m just having him bite down on a towel. As long as you cooperate willingly, I won’t do anything worse to the club president, Teacher.

Uzuki: Like I said, it’s up to you to cooperate, Teacher. We just want to enjoy our “Friday” as usual. …Now, let’s get out of that suit, shall we?

Uzuki: I told you not to…resist, did I not? Come on, get over there!!

Uzuki: So you’re resisting? But, it’s futile, it’s not like you can push me back. C’mon, seniors, why are you just watching? If you’re planning to do it, come help me. You there, hold down her hands.


Baba: Okay.

Tatsukawa: Me, too? …Teacher, just stay still. We just want to feel good, and it’s not like you want to get hurt either, right, Teacher?

Uzuki: Now then, where should we start? Should we rip your stocking…? Or take off your top and start with your breasts?

Tatsukawa: Breasts, of course!

Uzuki: Here I go, It’s the Teacher’s breasts that not even the club president has seen, and we’re going to have the honor of seeing them first.

Baba: Whoa, you’re kidding. You were wearing a bra like this, Teacher?

Tatsukawa: Now that your top’s off, man, your tits really are huge. They look soft,

Uzuki: You’re wearing such erotic lingerie. Teacher, you must be a slut, right? Hiding such sexy boobs under your knitwear… Aren’t you enjoying this situation deep down?

Uzuki: It’s fine, stop acting like you hate it, Let’s both enjoy ourselves today, alright?


Uzuki: What’s this? You aren’t going to acknowledge it? I’ll find out right away if you deny it. Now, shall we check? ……Seniors, Tatsukawa, Baba, you can go ahead and touch the Teacher’s breasts. You can stick your hands in from both sides and fondle them,

Tatsukawa: Eh? You sure?

Uzuki: Yeah. But, make sure you touch them in a way that’ll make the Teacher feel good. Though, Teacher, you’re making the face of “I won’t feel anything from it even if I wanted to!”

Baba: Whoa, these are the Teacher’s…

Tatsukawa: They definitely got a different vibe from the managers and our classmates. Ah, her tits are so soft.

Baba: Teacher, your bra’s in the way.

Uzuki: Let’s have them touch you directly, Teacher. You want my seniors to rub your nipples from both sides, right?

Tatsukawa: R-Right… Even if you would prefer that, right, Teacher…


Baba: Hey, you’re being too forceful. Undo the hook properly.

Tatsukawa: I’m not good with these things! And I just want to see the Teacher’s nipples already.

Baba: Well, it is like what you see in porn and it’s pretty erotic…

Uzuki: They have a pretty color like I expected them to have. Ahh, if only I could be the only person to see them. If you had chosen to become mine on your own volition, things might not have ended this way.

Tatsukawa: What is it? …Did it hurt?

Baba: It’s no feeling… Teacher, you’re feeling it from your nipples.

Tatsukawa: Like Uzuki said, you don’t have to hide it. Of course, you’d feel it when your nipples are touched, Teacher. Even I’d let out a moan.

Baba: Idiot, who cares about how sensitive your nipples are. If it feels good, I’ll touch them more.

Uzuki: The teacher really is feeling it from her nipples, huh? How about here? …Haha, you let your guard down, didn’t you? Your legs weren’t tensed up, so I was able to spread them easily. This is wonderful, ain’t it? I love the feeling of the stockings. Though it’s in the way when it’s on, so let’s open up a hole in it.


Tatsukawa: Wow! I’ve only ever seen that in porn!

Uzuki: And…let me give your panties a rub.

Uzuki: Stop? Do you really want me to stop? Look, when I rub you with my fingers, I can tell even with your panties on. Your clit is perky and erect. Like, here. This is your clit, right? Your clitoris, right, Teacher?

Uzuki: Dear oh dear, your breathing is labored already. I’m only stroking it with the tip of my fingers, so it shouldn’t hurt, but… Eh? Are you saying you’re turned on from being touched by students? Look, there’s something seeping out from below.

Baba: Seriously?

Uzuki: Club President, please observe as well. Look at the Teacher who got turned on from getting her boobs and clit touched. The face she’s making now is no different from a high school girl, is it? The face of a sow.

Ootori: Uzuki, that’s enough! There’s no need to provoke Inukai!

Uzuki: Huh? You were there, Vice President? You were like air. Air. I never liked you guys, did I? You weren’t good at what you do, and yet you were overbearing, calling yourselves the club president and the vice president. Don’t you think the seniors, Tasuka and Baba, are more capable? ……Not to mention, I’ve been swimming for longer by far and have more experience. To be honest, I can’t agree with you telling me what to do or not to do.


Uzuki: Do you get it? You two are weak, your pathetic guys who get scoffed at by your juniors, and that’s why you ended up in this situation.

Are you sad that your childhood friend, an older sister-like figure, got taken from you?

Ootori: Uzuki, stop.

Uzuki: Well, I did have my eyes set on the Teacher cos she was cute. And the managers had really good timing on their part. In any case, enjoy seeing the Teacher’s turned on expression from over there.

Uzuki: The stain on your panties is becoming bigger and bigger. Do my fingers feel that good? Rather than flicking it around, it feels better when I rub it softly, right? C’mon.

Tatsukawa: Eh? Isn’t it because I’m touching her boobs? Her nipples have become a lot harder than before. It’s seriously cute when I poke at them.

Baba: I know, right? She shakes and trembles, and it’s obvious that she’s holding back her voice.


Tatsukawa: Hey, I’m kinda at my limit. Touch my dick, Teacher.

Uzuki: Hey, Senior! Don’t cut in line, I’m first!

Tatsukawa: What’s the big deal, I’m just having her touch it a little.

Baba: No, you’re definitely raring to go. I am too.

Uzuki: Tch. Yeah, you have a point. …Then, give them both a handjob, Teacher.

Baba: Teacher, lay down over there.

Tatsukawa: You just have to hold a dick in each hand and stroke them. Easy, right, Teacher?

Uzuki: No point in turning your eyes away.

Uzuki: Hmm? Teacher, just stop with your resistance already. Come on, hold one in each hand. If you can get everyone off with a handjob, it’ll end with just that. Alright?

Uzuki: Really, really. Once we’ve had our relief, I’ll release both you and the club president.


Tatsukawa: So hurry.

Baba: It tickles when you’re just brushing it. Get a proper grip on it or otherwise, there’s no knowing when I’d actually cum.

Uzuki: That’s right. Until they cum, you’ll be there continuously rubbing them off, so be serious with it.

Tatsukawa: You can go harder, Teacher. …Yes, yes, like that.

Baba: Also, doing it dry is a bit… Uzuki, where’s the lotion we always use?

Tatsukawa: Oh, that ran out the other day, didn’t it? I guess everyone thinks someone else is going to restock it.

Uzuki: Then, I apologize, but…Teacher, can you let out a bit of drool?

Uzuki: You understand, right? It doesn’t look like they’d be able to cum from a dry handjob, so I want things to be smoother. So drool. Drool over the dicks.

Baba: Oh, good idea. Give me that drool, your drool.


Uzuki: Stop dilly-dallying. Of course, you can always lick the cocks themselves to get them wet instead of drooling over them.

Baba: Ah… Yes… It’s like it’s coating my entire shaft…

Tatsukawa: It feels nice. My dick’s all wet and it’s a turn-on.

Tatsukawa: It’s making those wet sounds… Damn. Can’t you rub the tip more? ……Yes, yes, there! The head’s my wet spot, I immediately start leaking precum.

Uzuki: You didn’t need the drool, did you, Tatsukawa, my senior? …Teacher, you look great, you’re rubbing dicks off with both hands.


Baba: Teacher… She’s honestly way too sexy.

Tatsukawa: Compared to the manager, her more inexperienced handjob is… When I think about how the Teacher is doing it, it’s hard to control myself.

Uzuki: Are you trying to hold back from cumming?

Tatsukawa: Yeah, obviously. And I don’t want to cum before Baba does. Plus, if I hold on until the end, I’ll be able to cum buckets and it feels good.

Uzuki: Enough of that, just cum already, the seniors behind us are an annoying bunch. …Hey, Teacher, do you not have much experience? Don’t tell me you’re a virgin?

Uzuki: Eh? You have a boyfriend? And then here you are having this done to you by us? Ah, crap, hearing that, I’ve begun to leak precum too.

Tatsukawa: What are you, a pervert?

Uzuki: I don’t want to hear that from seniors who get excited from being stroked off. Doesn’t the hotness of it all increase 3-fold, knowing that she belongs to someone?


Baba: It feels good… More, Teacher…

Tatsuka” What, Baba? You about to cum?

Baba: Shut up, be quiet. …Ah, Teacher, get a little more saliva on me… That’s good… Cumming… Teacher, I’m cumming!

Baba: Shot, I got it on her head.

Tatsukawa: You shot so far! It’s reeking of cum now.

Uzuki: Hmm? Are your hands tired? Do you want to take a short break? …Is what I want to say, but there’s a pile-up in the back.

Baba: Hurry up and cum already, Tatsukawa.

Tatsukawa: Eh? It’s my fault.

Uzuki: At this pace, it’s going to be impossible to relieve everyone. Hmm…if it’s not possible with your hands, then it’s no going around it.


Tatsukawa: Hmm? Ah! Oh, yeah, it can’t be helped.

Uzuki: Teacher, you’re not a virgin, so it’s fine, right? If you’re terrible at handjobs, you can relieve us with your pussy.

Uzuki: No need to be so panicked. The managers let us use their pussies from time to time, anyway. Plus, Teacher, you might be able to get this over with quicker and that’s better for you, right?

Tatsukawa: Yes, yes. Besides, what were you going to do about me and Uzuki?I went to all the trouble of finishing basic training first and second and now I’m supposed to go home with an erection. Isn’t that more like a punishment game?

Uzuki: Right, that’s true. Ahh, how unfortunate, I wanted to cum from a handjob too. I guess you can’t even do a manager’s job satisfactorily if you’re not used to it.

Uzuki: Don’t make that face. It’ll be fine, I’ll probably cum the moment I shove it in.


Uzuki: Then let’s just get on with it! Seniors, please wait just a bit longer.

Tatsukawa: Hah!? What the hell?!! Why are we starting with you, Uzuki?!!

Uzuki: Hey, the rules are that violence is absolutely forbidden… Violence.

Tatsukawa: You’re pissing me off, so that’s a different story.

Baba: That’s right, Uzuki, you’re a second-year, so don’t get on your high horse. I don’t care if you’re the ace, seniors should have their turn first.

Uzuki: I came in first, so it’s my given right! Also, I still haven’t cum yet!

Baba: You were having so much fun, so what’s the problem? Wait in line, just wait in line.

Uzuki: It counts even if I didn’t cum!? Is that how it normally is!?

Tatsukawa: I’m sure you’ll agree that rock-paper-scissors are the way to go here. Let’s see, me, Uzuki and… Baba came once, so he’s done.

Baba: Why!? I can still keep going, so let me join in!

Tatsukawa: Yeah, yeah. ――Oh, now that we’re at this point, will you join in too, Inukai, Ootori? You don’t get many chances to have sex with the Teacher.

Uzuki: Looks like the club president wants to pass. How about you, Vice President?

Ootori: I’ll pass. I’ll watch the door, so get this over already.

Uzuki: Okay, okay, then, let’s decide things before the other guys come.


Mioka: Huh? The door’s locked… Does that mean they’ve started doing it already?

Ushijima: Geh, are we going after the seniors again? I wish I could go first for once!

Tatsukawa: What’s this? You two are done already? We were just getting started.

Ushijima: Eh? Now? Yeah! What great timing! ……Wait, Teacher?

Baba: Yes, today’s special guest! You guys are super lucky to be able to do it with the Teacher.

Ushijima: Are you serious!? I was so determined to be there from the very beginning today! Right, Mioka? I’ve been aroused and hard since the morning!

Mioka: Disgusting…

Uzuki: Teacher, don’t change your complexion on me. Let’s quickly play rock-paper-scissors before any more people come.

Tatsukawa: Yes!!!

Ushijima: That startled me.

Tatsukawa: I’m definitely going to win! Come first spot! Come!

Baba: I’m aiming for second or third.

Mioka: Order? Are we deciding the order?

Uzuki: Here I go. First, rock, paper, scissors, go! …Tie, again! …Again! …Again! …Again! …Again! …Again! …Again!

Ootori: I told them to keep it quiet…

Inukai: Nghhhh.

Ootori: It’s not like I wanted to get the Teacher to get involved in this. You understand, right? I’m not powerful enough to stop it. I’m just going to get beaten and tied up like you. It’s better if at least one of us is free, right?

Ootori: ……What can we do? There’s nothing we can do about it.


Track 3: Lined Up in Order


Uzuki: Yes! I’m still number one!!

Mioka: ……Damn it, I’m third.

Ushijima: Then the order is, Uzuki, Baba, Mioka…Me, then Tatsukawa. Guh, in the end, I’m still going after my seniors.

Uzuki: We’ll try our best to get it over with quick, so you can go over there and wait.

Uzuki: First-in-line, Uzuki Takeru.

Uzuki: Hmm, what is it? Did your heart skip a beat at the sight of my abs? It’s okay to be honest. You must be feeling a little delighted, knowing that I truly am first, right? I have a good face and body.

Tatsukawa: Hey! Are you trying to pick a fight, Uzuki?!

Baba: Exactly, exactly. The Tatsukawa who’s proud of his muscles isn’t going to stay silent.

Uzuki: Shut up. I’m talking to her, so you onlookers should stay quiet. …Teacher, I know you worry about the onlookers, but focus on me.

Uzuki: Hmm? It’s not a joke. I’m serious. Serious. I’m going to insert my cock inside you right now,

Uzuki: Wait… I only have a dirty towel, but this should suffice. I don’t have time for foreplay or slow sex, so I’m going to get my saliva on it and put it in.


Uzuki: No point pulling your hips back. …I’m not going to let you escape. And don’t worry, I’m experienced, so I’ll definitely make you feel good.

Uzuki: Look, it slipped right in. It must’ve felt good when we touched you earlier, right? It wouldn’t feel good for either of us if I shoved it in dry. …Ah, it’s so hot inside. Perhaps you were a little aroused from the handjobs you gave earlier?

Uzuki: Oh, really? Doesn’t it make you wonder whether or not it’s bigger than your boyfriend’s? Mine is better than your boyfriend’s, right?

Uzuki: Is that so? Guess a cock you’re more used to having inside you feels better? But, I’ll quickly make you wet and sloppy inside, ‘kay?

Uzuki: Why are you closing your eyes? Do you just want it to end sooner? But even if I finish, quick, you know how many people are lined up behind me, right? You should enjoy things a little. At the very least the managers who asked for your help were a lot more than happy with my cock?


Uzuki: Ah… Are you angry that as the first swimmer, I didn’t even kiss you and went straight to using your hole? Women sure are troublesome things. Here, I’ll touch your boobs again, so chirp up a little.

Uzuki: Soft. You feel it from your nipples, was it? Do you like it when I rub them?

Uzuki: What “NO”? You tightened up inside when I pinched your nipples. Your pussy is honest at least. …C’mon! C’mon! C’mon!

Uzuki: Haha! You finally let out a sweet moan. …Honestly, I can’t do without it. If I’m fucking you while you simply endure, it makes me look like a vicious rapist, doesn’t it? Look, can you tell? The air around us has changed from before, hasn’t it? After hearing your sounds of pleasure, Teacher, even the guys in the gallery can’t take their eyes off you.

Uzuki: ……Even though just a few minutes ago they were chatting and looking like they didn’t care about us. Now their cocks are pulsating from your lewd moans as they continue to listen on. …Kinda bad, don’t you think? C’mon, let them hear more of your nice voice.


Uzuki: Yes, yes, that voice… that face… I love it, I can’t get enough of it. It was nice when you were biting your lip and holding yourself back, but the face you make when you’re in pleasure is still the best.

Uzuki: Not “no” but “feels good,” right? Just acknowledge that it’s better than your boyfriend’s cock. …Damn, I’m nearing my limit. Teacher, is today a risky day?

Uzuki: I’m asking if today’s a risky day. If it’s not, I’m going to cum. I’m going to let out a shot inside. I’m going to pump it inside you.

Uzuki: Sorry, I can’t, time’s up. Here I go, I’m going to cum.


Uzuki: It felt good, Teacher. I usually last longer, but your pussy is just too good, Teacher. …Huh? Why are you all drained of color? Oh, was that your first time being creampied? Has your boyfriend never done it?

Uzuki: Hey- It’ll be fine. I may look like this but I don’t carry any diseases, besides, when it comes to birth control…

Ootori: I apologize for Uzuki! Umm, I have emergency contraceptive pills ready for you, please take them later,

Tatsukawa: Cumming inside on the first go… Uzuki, you’re being too greedy.

Baba: I don’t want to stir around your fresh cum. ……Make sure you scrape it out of her pussy.

Uzuki: I know. …Please excuse me.


Uzuki: Ahh… Look, like I had told you, it’s slobbering wet now, right? Things look pretty nice inside. …Whoa, there’s so much cum pouring out of your pussy. It must’ve felt good being creampied, right? Your insides were filled with hot semen. If you’d like, I’m willing to-

Baba: Uzuki!

Uzuki: Ow, ow, ow!!! Hey, Baba, violence is forbidden!

Baba: Stop whining, you. You’re done, don’t waste our time, you’re holding up the line.

Uzuki: Isn’t that just you being impatient, Baba? You already came earlier, so it looks like my senior’s the one with too much time. Besides, I got her ready so you seniors could have fun.

Baba: What?

Uzuki: The teacher looked a bit startled earlier, didn’t she? Baba, you may be short, but you’re massive down there. I was planning to get her loosened up so it wouldn’t hurt when you put it in, but… Oh, I’m so worried. Maybe we should get her more warmed up with another person who’s normal in size like me?

Baba: Stop saying unnecessary things, just out of the way already. Shoo, shoo.


Baba: Teacher…… Does this look like it’s too big for you?

Baba: What’s that? Are you saying that you like them big?

Baba: I’m joking. I’m not into causing pain, so please let me know if it’s too much for you to take.


Baba: You okay? You all right? …Please spread your legs more. Yes. It’s in.

Baba: So you’re able to make expressions like that, huh, Teacher. ……It’s super hot.

Baba: You’re pretty cute, but you have a reputation for being pretty harsh, don’t you, Teacher? The guys who chose your class were babbling about how it wasn’t what they expected, Teacher. But during sex, you still make the same expression as any other girl. …Hey, would it be more so if I thrust my cock in?

Baba: Tight… But just like Uzuki said, your insides have gotten pretty soft. I hate to think that I owe it all to him, though. …It feels super good. Are you all sloppy inside because of his cum? Or is that your juices, Teacher?

Baba: You sure are something to feel it while being raped. Ah, don’t hide your face. C’mon, how do you like it? Do you not like being pounded by something big?

Baba: What’s wrong with that? No need to be embarrassed. Everyone here is itching to do it with you, Teacher. We’re hole koalas… No, what was it? Godzilla?


Baba: You really do have a cute face on. Let’s kiss.

Baba: Teacher, you’re pretty good at kissing, that felt really good. …Stick your tongue more, and move it around. …Ah, damn, because everyone’s watching, I don’t want to cum so early, but I’m at my limit. I’m about to cum again. …Can I cum? Can I shoot my semen inside you?

Baba: Let me cum while we kiss. …C-Cumming!


Baba: Damn, it’s the second time, but I still came a bunch.  ――Thank you, Teacher.

Baba: Ah, I’m going to wipe your pussy, so stay still for a bit. …Okay. Who’s next? I remember it was Uzuki, me…

Mioka: Oh, you’re done? The next one up is me.

Baba: So it was Mioka. Haha, make sure you treat her gently.

Mioka: I don’t want to be told that by the owner of that deadly object. Hurry up and switch with me.

Mioka: What foolish talk. Having fun, being gentle… I don’t get it.

Mioka: We’re just relieving our sexual desire, aren’t we? It’s extra work to shake my hips and I would’ve much preferred a handjob, but…I’ll let it out quickly and be done with it, so please cooperate with me, Teacher.


Mioka: …They were right. It’s super slippery inside. ――I’m going to start moving.

Mioka: Hmm? What…? More? Would it be better if I touched you?

Mioka: You want to get this stupid thing over with quickly too, don’t you?

Mioka: Normally you would’ve refused, right? Letting guys use your pussy for sexual relief… You were threatened, you say? You still could’ve ran. Even though you’re an adult, are you an idiot or not?

Mioka: You should’ve just left that useless club president behind. You let Uzuki take advantage of you and now you’re seeing the consequence of your actions.

Mioka: Eh? Me? As for me… I’m just doing it because I have no other choice. I don’t want to deal with seniors saying that I’m faggy, impotent, or dirty because I don’t participate. Because it’s true that my time has improved since I started participating. ーーWell, enough chit-chat. You want to get it over with too, don’t you? And if I don’t cum soon, the seniors are going to start getting annoying too.

Mioka: Little more…


Mioka: Alright, done.

Mioka: Ah, I came inside you, but it’s fine, right? Please make sure to take the pill later.

Ushijima: Mioka, switch, switch.

Mioka: Yeah, yeah…

Ushijima: Nice to meet you! I’m first-year, Ushijima! It’s a pleasure!

Uzuki: Ushijima, I’ll be keeping track of your time today, too.

Baba: Don’t be all over the place with your fastest times! Haha!

Ushijima: I’ve come up with a secret plan for today, so don’t worry!

Baba: Secret plan?

Ushijima: T-Teacher, can you get on all fours, please?

Ushijima: I’m a premature ejaculator, so I always get teased like that….. If I don’t have a girl’s face or boobs in my sights, I think I’d last a little bit longer.

Ushijima: Here I go.


Ushijima: So warm… It’s completely different from when I masturbate. Pussies feel hella good.

Ushijima: Ah! No, please don’t move, Teacher. Who knows what they would say if I accidentally blew a load again. I’ll move at my own pace.

Ushijima: It’s amazing… Teacher, Teacher… I jacked off in the morning so this wouldn’t happen, but…I’m at my limit. I’m doing it from the back, but your pussy is completely enveloping me, Teacher… I’m sorry, I can’t take it anymore. I’m going to cum. I…

Ushijima: I knew it… It was no use…

Ushijima: I’m sorry, Teacher. I still came right away.

Baba: Haha! No, it was a nice fight. You lasted longer than usual, didn’t you? Plus, you only just lost your virginity to the managers the other day. You’re only getting started.

Uzuki: Yes, yes. And you even changed form to improve your premature ejaculation. Clap, clap.

Ushijima: Wait! You don’t have to clap!


Tatsukawa: Now then, the last one up is me, right? I’m in your care, Teacher~ Oh, and, you can face forward with me. Let’s do it on this bench. …Sit on top of me. Yes, yes, turn towards me.

Tatsukawa: Ahh… It was tough waiting there with an erection. Is it embarrassing to have your clothes taken off? …Why not? I’ll block you so no one else can see. I guess you can say I want to do it while staring at your boobs?

Tatsukawa: Leaving you partially clothed might be hotter. …That look is just, damn. I can’t wait any longer, let me enter inside you.

Tatsukawa: Yes, yes, slowly. …Straight down to the base. Teacher, shake your hips on top of me.

Tatsukawa: Feels good. It’s super erotic. I’ve always wanted to do it with a girl on the clubroom bench. I never thought I could do it with you, though, Teacher. I’m so lucky today. …So this is what your pussy’s like, Teacher. It tightens up better than the managers. You’re not clamping down on my dick on purpose, are you?


Tatsukawa: Are you not aware of your excellent pussy? And wow, your tits are jiggling around. …I’ll give it a high score. Ah, they’re so wonderfully soft. And your nipples are super hard too?

Tatsukawa: Just wow, it’s so nice. I’m going to start moving my hips too.

Tatsukawa: Seriously, you’re coiling all up around me. Can you tell? My dick is grinding up against you and hitting your pussy’s deepest spots, Teacher. …You let out a lewd moan every time my dick knocks up against you, though?

Tatsukawa: So this spot feels good? Oh crap, was my endurance this low? Maybe I can’t laugh about Ushijima. …Teacher, my cock is throbbing inside you. It’s gotten super hard. Hey, your boobs, I want to… Your boobs taste delicious. What a dirty voice. It’s dangerous. Hold onto me tight and let me hear it directly in my ear.

Tatsukawa: I’m about to cum… I’m cumming. I’m about to let out thick semen. …Cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming-!


Tatsukawa: That was wonderful. Boobs really are the best.

Tatsukawa: Ah… Your pussy’s a mess. It’s not just my cum, right? How many people’s share, is it?

Tatsukawa: Ah, don’t cover it. I’m going to wipe you, so come here.

Tatsukawa: Put some force into your pussy. …Oh, it’s coming out, it’s coming out. Now then, after…

Uzuki: Hmm? What is it? Does the club president want to join in too?

Inukai: This, this is more than enough, isn’t it!? It’s already time, let’s end this and-

Ootori: Yeah, you’re right. ――Uzuki, you’re satisfied now, right? If it gets too late, the teacher who makes the rounds will come. Since there isn’t much time, wouldn’t it be wise to call it a night?

Mioka: To have it end after only 5 people, the teacher sure is lucky. Usually, it’s twice as many. I wonder if it’s because today’s drills were hard?

Uzuki: There’s still another 10 minutes, right? Can’t we wait until then?

Inukai: Uzuki, isn’t this enough!? Let her go!!


Uzuki: Ah, look, someone here after a rush for the finish line. It’d be such a downer if the prize had left.

Abiko: I’m coming in. I heard that the team was gathered here… Ah.

Uzuki: Oh, Coach Abiko.

Abiko: You… Tch. Did I not tell you guys that if you were gonna do it, you should lock the door properly?

Uzuki: Teacher, you weren’t thinking that the coach was gonna save you just now, did you? Cos sorry to say, but Coach Abiko has officially approved of this.

Abiko: I didn’t approve of it! I simply am in the dark.

Uzuki: Yes, yes, Since we are all able to set good times now, you’re turning a willfully blind eye to our “special training,” isn’t that right?

Ootori: Uzuki, don’t talk to the coach in that…

Abiko: Not locking the door is careless. Isn’t that different from what you guys promised?


Ootori: Ah… I apologize, that was my mistake.

Abiko: Also, who’s she? Didn’t you guys promise not to get outsiders involved?

Ootori: She is a substitute brought by the…managers. They said they had something to do today.

Uzuki: “Just for today,” she’s standing for those girls. …How about it, will you have a go too, Couch?

Abiko: What-

Ootori: Hey, what are you saying, Uzuki?!

Uzuki: I think it’s a good idea. It would be bad if a “coach” brought in from the outside got his hands on the managers, but… She’s just an “outsider,” right? ー-I know the coach. Surely, he’s pent-up because he can’t participate.

Abiko: Don’t make absurd statements.

Uzuki: She’s kind, so she’ll make time for you too, Coach.

Inukai: Uzuki!!

Uzuki: Hey, hey, don’t they say it’s shameful of a man to reject a woman’s invitation?


Abiko: You’re telling the truth, right?

Abiko: Don’t bother telling anyone. If this gets out in the open, we’ll both be screwed. Stand up, turn around…and put your hands on your locker.

Abiko: I’m putting it in.

Abiko: Ah, it went in easily even without foreplay. Is it because the other guys already had their way with you? Then, adding me to the list would make hardly any difference, right? In any case, don’t make any loud sounds.

Abiko: You’re not part of the swimming club, are you? And I guess you aren’t a student, either? …Ah, are you Uzuki’s woman or something? Because you sure got caught up with a bad guy. Or, did you come here on purpose to be fuck by cocks? …Do you enjoy it that much, you whore?!

Tatsukawa: Ah, the coach’s dangerous. He had doubts, but there he is having hardcore sex with the teacher. Wouldn’t he be surprised to learn that she’s one of the teachers here?


Baba: Uzuki, what are you going to do if the coach gets fired? Do you have some kind of plan?

Uzuki: Of course, It’s this.

Baba: H-Hold up! A photo!? Are you-

Uzuki: Haha, it’s fine. All you see is the coach’s back and her legs.

Now I get free ramen every weekend! Paid for by the Coach!

Tatsukawa: Eh? Why weekends, why not every day? Ramen every day! Ramen every day!

Uzuki: Senior… People are scary when cornered. Also, the coach doesn’t have a lot of money either, so once a week is enough.

Baba: You’re such a villain.


Abiko: I guess it would be bad to let it out inside. I’ll shoot it onto your ass, so stick it out more!

Abiko: That was great…

Abiko: Thank you for your hard work.

Uzuki: Huh? You’re leaving already? Didn’t you have business with the people training?

Abiko: Quiet, we can gather and meet again tomorrow. And you, don’t stay up too late. If you’ve got too much energy, then I won’t show you any mercy, even if you’re an athlete in training. ……Especially you Uzuki, remember that.

Uzuki: …Who’s the one who should remember?


Tatsukawa: Ah, I’m starving. If no one is going to come, then let’s leave.

Baba: Jeez, the only second-year finish is Uzuki. And for first-years, it’s only Mioka and Ushijima… Inukai, you might want to change the training menu for the first and second years.

Inukai: I’ll consider it…

Ootori: Now that’s sorted out, let’s not stand around, and just leave. The members of the team will be dismissed here. I will go and tell the club members who are still in the pool. For you, first-years, I’ll need you to clean up the mats, ventilate and deodorize.


Uzuki: Ahh, guess the fun, fun, special training time is over too. Come again, Teacher, we’ll always be waiting with open arms.

Inukai: Uzuki!!

Uzuki: I’m glad you got to see something good before you retired, Club President. It’s all thanks to me that you were able to see the teacher in such a lewd state. You should be grateful.

Inukai: Shut up! I’ll never forgive you for this, remember that well!

Uzuki: You’ve got a big mouth, don’t you?

Ootori: Uh, umm, Inukai? Why don’t we leave? Otherwise…otherwise, things might get kind of bad.

Kujirai: Club President, the basic training was way too hard!!!

Kosaka: But we made it just in time, we’ll get our reward, right?

Kameyama: Of course, we didn’t masturbate for a week.

Hato: Umm, I heard that the managers weren’t here today, but it was for real?

Kosaka: Eh? No way, Teacher!?

Uzuki: Ah, guess luck’s not in your favor, my dear senior.


Track 4: Covered in Semen


Kujirai: Cumming, I’m cumming!

Kujirai: Yes! Man, I came so much. It’s an honor doing it with you, Teacher.

Kosaka: Get out of the way. Next is me, thank you. Teacher, is “pretzel-dip,” okay?

Kosaka: Pretzel-dip position… Do you not know what it is?

Kosaka: You lie down on your back, I lift up one of your legs… I’m putting it in.

Kosaka: I have a leg fetish. I love having sex while holding onto a girl’s thighs. Ahh…these thighs are wonderful. I’m going to start moving.

Kosaka: Your pussy is twisting inside. …You’re so lewd, Teacher. You were creampied by all the seniors, weren’t you? It’s so hot that not even porn can compare. At first, I… At first, I thought, how can I get a boner with other guys looking at me like this? But it’s nothing you get addicted to overtime.


Kosaka: Ahh… Damn. Teacher, can I spurt all over this leg when I cum? I’m so aroused by these torn stockings. With that, there’s no way I wouldn’t let out a large amount. Can I rub my cock against your thighs and ejaculate on them?

Kosaka: I’ll still do it even if you don’t want me to. Let me let out my cum and see you sticky and dirty with my semen. …Shoot, shoot.

Kosaka: Ah, your leg is covered in semen. …Teacher, it has been wonderful. Let me go at it with you again.

Kameyama: You’re as brazen as always. I’ve been kept waiting, so switch with me already. Switch! …Teacher, next up is me.


Kameyama: Ah, no surprise that’s all wet inside. It’s a bit loose, but it feels nice and hot. Place your legs together and tighten up your pussy.

Kameyama: Even though you’re being practically raped, you’re still feeling it, huh? Teacher, you’re a masochist, right? An absolute pervert. I have a girlfriend, but she wouldn’t let me do it with her. …Like hell, I’d be satisfied with just kisses. If I don’t “relieve” myself, things really would get bad. My dick would become rock hard on a whim and I wouldn’t be able to focus on classes or my club activities.

Kameyama: Oh… You feel it when I touch your boobs too? Do you enjoy being pounded while having your breasts fondled? I’ll let it out inside your womb, so rejoice.

Kameyama: I’m going to cum. I’m going to let it all out deep inside your pussy!


Kameyama: Raw creampies are the shit. Once you’ve experienced this, normal sex will never be enough. Come on, careful not to spill any of the cum.

Hato: Are you done? I’m next, please.

Hato: Teacher, I’m going to start.

Hato: How’s my cock? When it comes to sex, I don’t think I’d lose to my seniors on the swim team. Does it feel good? Hey, I’m hitting your sweet spot, aren’t I, Teacher? …Hmm? Hey, stop staring into space and answer me.

Tatsukawa: Don’t they look, kind of exhausted?

Uzuki: Yeah. But well, when you’ve done it with that many people, it’s not a surprise.

Baba: Outside the door, there’s still another 4 people, right? …Waiting in line.

Tatsukawa: You’re having one person do the job of three, so what do you expect? So, what’s the plan? Should we give the guys waiting, the news, and call it a day?

Baba: Yeah, it’d be a pain if we stayed too long too.

Uzuki: Seniors, just because you’re finished, that’s just cruel.

Tatsukawa: Huh? Then what do you want us to do?

Uzuki: It’s simple. Instead of having her take them on, one by one, just have her do all four at once.


Hato: Teacher, I’m cumming. I’m cumming, I’m cumming!

Hato: ……That felt so good.

Uzuki: Alright, get out of the way, get out of the way. There’s a line behind you.

Hato: Eh, wait-

Uzuki: Teacher, lend me your hand.

Uzuki: Yes, yes, good girl. Now then, hold second-year Inokuchi’s dick in your right hand, and in your left hand, first-year Sawatari. And then second-year Torimatsu can go on top.

Toramatsu: Oh, wow… I easily…

Uzuki: Yes, yes, now open up your mouth. “Ahh.” Let’s have you stuff your mouth with my cock.

Uzuki: Yes, yes, that’s good. Careful with your teeth, okay?

Tatsukawa: Hey! Why are you going in and having her suck you!?

Baba: You… That’s against the rules!

Uzuki: Ehehe, why the fuss? Her mouth was free.

Tatsukawa: What do you mean “free”? Arisue, you left out, Arisue. This is what happens when you jump in from the side.

Uzuki: Arisue…? Ahh, how about he fondle the teacher’s tit’s from the back and jack himself off? What do you say, Arisue, the one who reached the reward at the last minute?

Arisue: Y-Yes, Senior…

Baba: No! You already had your turn!


Uzuki: While I was waiting, I ended up wanting to do it again. Come on, this will be the end…so make sure you have a firm grip and stroke properly.

Inoguchi: Why’s it always you?

Sawatari: THat’s right. Why are you always taking the good positions, Uzuki!?

Uzuki: It’s only natural that the stronger members get preferential treatment, isn’t it? If you’re not happy with a handjob then you should improve your time.

Inoguchi: Just watch!

Uzuki: Aren’t you feeling plenty good from her hands already? And you, don’t just move your hands, move your hips too.

Toramatsu: It feels good…

Uzuki: Yes, well done. …Teacher, do you know what kind of state you are in right now? You’re taking on four dicks at once, don’t you think that’s way too lewd of you? …No, wait, five.

Uzuki: Don’t glare at me like that. Just let it pass. It felt like you were at your limit, so I thought I was doing you a favor.

Arisue: The teacher’s boobs are so soft… Even though you’re being made a mess, your nipples are hard.


Inoguchi: Here too, more… The head, rub it… Y-Yes, that feels good.

Sawatari: Teacher, your handjob’s good. It’s incredible. And you’re shaking your hips too. Seriously, you’re a teacher, aren’t you being a little too lewd? You’re grasping a student’s cock in each hand.

Toramatsu: Teacher, I… Your pussy feels too good, I’m going to cum… Can I, can I thrust up from below?

Uzuki: You’re being too rough. We’re going to get shaken off, you idiot. ――Guess it can’t be helped, I should also… I’m going to deep throat you. Make sure you don’t bite my dick, okay?


Uzuki: You’re pretty skilled. You have your mouth pursed properly… How admirable. I’m about to cum too. I’m going to cum inside your mouth, so please drink it. …Huh? You can’t. Haha, it’ll be fine. I’ll let it out deep inside your throat and make it go down before you even taste it.

Uzuki: C’mon, c’mon. Here it comes.

Uzuki: Alright, big gulp. …Ah, you’re choking on it. I guess it’s impossible not to taste it at all.

Toramatsu: I’m also… I’m cumming, I’m cumming!

Arisue: Me too. Seniors, seniors, I’m going to cum!

Inoguchi: Crap, that spot…

Sawatari: Here too. I’m going to cum on your face, so take it, Teacher!


Sawatari: Whoa, I’m sorry, I came a lot.

Inoguchi: Her face’s a complete mess, there’s way too much cum.

Toramatsu: Not just her face, but her entire body. You guys have no aim.

Uzuki: Phew, I’m refreshed, I’m refreshed.

Tatsukawa: Enough bullshit with the “I’m refreshed, I’m refreshed.” You’re there hogging all the fun.

Baba: That’s right, Uzuki.

Uzuki: What’s this? You didn’t have enough? Then, since we’re done with everyone, I’ll hand her to you, Seniors.

Baba: I’m fine.

Uzuki: Eh? No need to be modest.

Baba: No…I just can’t get into the mood with a woman covered in this much semen.

Tatsukawa: Yeah, also, this entire room reeks of semen. The smell is beyond filthy! There’ll be trouble if we don’t ventilate the room.

Uzuki: Ah, well, I can’t deny that.

Baba: Also, I’m hungry. Can we finish up here and go get some ramen?

Tatsukawa: Ramen sounds good.


Uzuki: First you satisfy your sexual desires, now it’s your hunger. You seniors sure are like animals.

Tatsukawa: Shut up! Is it not because you were talking about ramen earlier!

Ushijima: Oh, everyone’s done?

Mioka: Are we going to a ramen shop? If it’s Kankanken, I have a free gyoza ticket.

Tatsukawa: Really!? For how many people?!

Mioka: Erm…

Sawatari: Oh, those free tickets they were giving away last week? When was it that they expire?

Toramatsu: I’m hungry.

Uzuki: Do they take electronic payment here? I forgot my wallet today.

Inoguchi: I’m not going to lend you any money. Plus, I only brought change.


Track 5: My Fetish


Ootori: It’s finally over. Inukai, I’m going to free you now.

Ootori: Ah… It’s gotten so dirty. They seem to have forgotten that this is the club room. Inukai, shouldn’t you have at least told the first-years to clean up properly before leaving?”

Inukai: As if I could hold them back any further. I’m saying it now that it’s over, but, it’s probably better to have them gone. I can do all the cleaning. …But, before that.

Inukai: Sis, are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere? …I’m sorry, because I couldn’t do my job properly, this…

Ootori: Inukai, before you apologize, isn’t it better to first wash her body in the shower? Oh, but I guess there’re only dirty towels here. I think the new, clean towels are in the warehouse…

Inukai: Oh, I see. Yeah.

Ootori: Besides, it’s already late, so I think I’d better go to the teacher’s office and tell them we’re extending our time, just in case. It would be a big problem if someone comes around before we are done cleaning.

Inukai: Got it. I’ll go search for a towel and tell them along the way.

Ootori: Also it’s better to notify the teacher in charge. I’ve had a problem with it being put forward to them before.

Inukai: Oh, okay. ……You’re really well-versed with everything. I’m pretty much useless alone. I’m really glad you’re here. ーーI’m off then.


Ootori: Seriously, all he can see is what’s in front of him. …I have to make sure I don’t forget to lock the door.

Ootori: Ahh… Uzuki and them have done such a horrible thing. You’re sticky all over. They didn’t just cum outside, but they also came a lot inside, right?

Ootori: We can wipe outside with a fresh towel, but…it must be disgusting inside as it is, right? …Oh, I have an idea. How about I scrape out the semen for you?

Ootori: You’ll do it yourself? Oh dare, please don’t be so hesitant. You don’t have a good view of what’s inside. Besides, look, my fingers are longer, so I believe I’ll be able to reach all the way inside.

Ootori: Teacher, slowly spread your legs… Show me everything.

Ootori: Yes… You’re so obedient. You finally understood that resistance is futile, haven’t you?


Ootori: It’s red and a little swollen. Let’s see…how many guys did you take in? If it was going to be like this, we should’ve kept a tally on your thighs.

Ootori: You don’t know about that? It counts how many men you’ve had sex with. …I think it’s practically a staple in porn these days, though. You see, Teacher, I love situations where a girl gets gangbanged by a bunch of men. I wished I could see a girl, be surrounded by men, get sprayed with cum, and become covered in it, upfront and in person. ……It was frustrating to have been like “air” and watch you from a corner of the room, Teacher.

Ootori: Hey, please don’t run away. You want me to get you clean inside, don’t you?

Ootori: You’ve already had multiple cocks thrust inside, so don’t be so startled from just my fingers. …Ah, they were right, it’s slobbering wet inside. Look, if I spread your insides with my fingers, semen leaks out from between the gaps. Who does this all belong to, I wonder?

Ootori: Well? ….Why are your thighs trembling? This… Did you start feeling it from me churning up your pussy with my fingers? …Just what’s with that? Teacher, I knew it, you’re a slut like they said you were, aren’t you?

Ootori: Then, how about here?


Ootori: Found your G-spot! …It’s okay, I’ll rub this place, so enjoy yourself while semen drips out from you.

Ootori: Clinging onto my arm… Teacher, do you know what’s being done to you? It’s not your boyfriend and it’s not Inukai who tried to save you…it’s me, a person who was aroused by your perversity all this time, that you’re holding onto.

Ootori: It’s wonderful. Very wonderful. Look, your insides have started twitching. Aren’t you about to cum soon? …You’ve thrust and thrust into, but you’ve been left ignored, right?

Ootori: Not “I don’t want to cum.” What you should say is “I’m cumming!” …Come on, cum from my fingers. Cum! C’mon! C’mon!


Ootori: You came, right? You’re surprisingly sensitive. ……Were you holding back earlier? Oh, or did you actually cum several times over?

Ootori: Fingers alone aren’t enough to satisfy you, right?

Ootori: Here, look. I’m pressed up against your entrance, Teacher. I’m going to insert it slowly, so watch as you swallow up a cock, okay?

Ootori: …It’s all in. Please don’t be so hard-hearted, let me enjoy this till the end, okay, Teacher?


Ootori: You know this, this ridge here… Did you know that it’s there to scrape out semen from other men? It’s true. And if you think about it that way, it’s pretty lewd, right? My cock is scraping against you inside, and it’s scraping out all the cum that was pumped inside you just moments ago…and you’re crying out with that kind of voice. …I never knew that you had been this lewd.

Ootori: Then I guess that applies to both of us. Guys like Uzuki don’t like me, but I’m popular with teachers. ……But it’s not like I go around proclaiming that I’m a “harmless guy.” Oh, now that I think of it, I still haven’t given you the emergency contraceptive pill, did I?

Ootori: Here… This, a morning-after pill. You want it?

Ootori: Ah, it entered my mouth by mistake. ……Please come and get it before I swallow it.


Ootori: What’s the matter? You want the pill, don’t you? If you take too long, it’s going to dissolve in my mouth. Look, here. Right here. ーーOops! I didn’t mean that. Not with your hands, come and get it directly with your mouth,

Ootori: Yes that. Stick out your tongue…and search the inside of my mouth.

Ootori: Close but no cigar. But, kissing is great. The teacher wants my tongue and is being so aggressive… Do you also kiss your boyfriend this way?

Ootori: That face is wonderful, were you hurt? …It’s so good, I love it.

Ootori: Come on, wrap your legs around me and shake your hips. I won’t give you the pill if you only spread your legs. Come on, more. More! …That’s good. It’s great! I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum.


Ootori: Oh, right, I forgot. …Now everything is going to be alright, Teacher.

Ootori: Please don’t tell Inukai, okay? Though I guess he wouldn’t believe you even if you told him anyway?

Ootori: But still, it’s late. I have prep school after this. Teacher, I think Inukai will be back soon, so can you go ahead and take a shower? Oh, and erm, here are some extra pills to take later. Please don’t forget, okay?

Ootori: You can’t leave looking like that anyway. I’ll go home first. I’ll leave the rest to Inukai. Well then, goodbye, Teacher.


Track 6: The Truth, and True Sex


Inukai: Sis? Sis?

Inukai: Sis, are you taking a shower?

Inukai: I’m sorry for being late. ――Ootori has left too, right? He messaged me earlier.

Inukai: I’ll leave the towels here and you can use them after you finish showering. I’ll be over there cleaning up the room, so don’t rush.


Inukai: Sis……

Inukai: Oh, yeah, I wiped and cleaned everything. …Let’s leave. No, wait just a moment.

Inukai: Uh… I… Your collar was turned up, so I just thought I’d fix it… S-Sorry…

Inukai: Sis… Of course, right? You were scared, right? It’s okay, it’s okay now… I would never do something like that to you, Sis, so please don’t become afraid of me too… Okay? I’ll never let Uzuki and the others have their way with you ever again. I’ll never let them near you again, Sis. …This time, I’ll protect you, Sis.

Inukai: You might quit this place!? No way… Didn’t you say it was the precious job you finally managed to find?! It’ll be okay…I’m here. You have me, Sis.

Inukai: The one who understands you best, isn’t my older brother. …Deep down you recognize that, right?


Inukai: Why-? …So you’re once again rejecting me like that.

Inukai: I love you, I love you. I love you so much… Ever since, ever since I was a child… You’re the only one for me, Sis. That’s why, when I heard that you were dating my brother, I thought I was going to go insane. …The one who should be by your side is me.

Inukai: …Ow! What did you bite my lip for!? You accepted their kisses, but you do that to me?

Inukai: Are you saying it was because I was like a hostage? …Of course, as I thought, you truly are kind, Sis. But since you were so non-combative, I thought you were actually taking pleasure in it.

Inukai: Don’t worry, I know. Sis is not that kind of woman. The first person you’ve ever dated was my brother and you’ve only ever done it with my brother, right? It’s always been that way. You only ever had eyes for my brother. …You’ve never once looked my way, have you?


Inukai: Ah, you’re nice and clean now. It was scary being roughed earlier, right? Worry not, I’ll overwrite all your bad memories.

Inukai: Eh? Don’t lump me with them. I told you, didn’t I? I’m not doing this to relieve my sexual desires…it’s because I love you, Sis. I’m doing this because I love you. It’s not the same. Why would it be the same kind of sex? I’ll make you feel real good, so this time, look only at me…

Inukai: Sorry, my hard dick is touching you, right? It’s been like this the whole time, from the start…the whole time since the moment Uzuki attacked you, Sis.

Inukai: Look, you can tell, right? It’s erect. It was hard hiding my erection, you know? My underwear was soaked in my precum. When you let out a nice sound for the first time….and when you moaned from a thrust from Uzuki… It was the first time where I thought I’d cum even touching myself. After all, it was the same voice I’d hear coming out of my brother’s room.


Inukai: You never noticed? Let me hear the voice you make when you’re really feeling it too. Okay?

Inukai: Here too. …Did you wash this place properly? I remember you liked having these places touched together? …So you like having your nipples sucked.

Inukai: There’s no point holding back your voice, your pussy is already starting to get wet. …So hot. So your place here would become like this, huh, Sis? I’m always imagining it, so it’s like I’m finally getting to touch it. In the neighboring room, while listening to the sounds of you and my brother having sex… It was vexing. I was frustrated, but I couldn’t stop my hands. I jacked off while thinking of you, the person I couldn’t reach, did you know that? Seriously, being able to touch you directly, Sis… I’m going to die from excitement.

Inukai: Hmm? What? Here? Ahh, so it’s this spot, huh? So this spot feels good?


Inukai: Ahh, your body is trembling… Oh, how cute. It’s okay, I’m the only one watching. Focus on my fingers. Feel it, come on, feel it.

Inukai: Wow, that’s incredible, you even squirted. It’s almost like you wet yourself! Look at how much this is!

Inukai: Whoa…! Are you not able to stand anymore? I don’t mind. …Lie down, then.

Inukai: What’s with you? You still got that much energy left in you? …I won’t let you escape! There’s no way I’d let you escape, is there, right? Now it’s my turn to cum.


Inukai: It’s nice and wet… If it’s like this, it shouldn’t hurt even if I put it in, right?

Inukai: Incredible… It’s incredible… It feels too good inside you, Sis! We really are having sex. Sis…

Inukai: It’s like a dream… This… My dick is inside you… Your insides are trembling, is it because you just came? Your pussy is convulsing. How many people were you penetrated by today? Do you remember? This body is no longer just my brother’s now, is it? I always, I always had this belief…that the reason that you were so fixated on my brother is that my brother is all you have ever known. And the fact that there’re plenty of different men out there…I’ve taught that to you.

Inukai: Huh? …That’s right? I told you, didn’t I? “I’m finally starting to understand how to handle them.” Especially him. ーーUzuki was especially easy to read.


Inukai: All he thinks about is rebelling against me. ……A childish problem child. I was annoyed when he set his eyes on you, but, I thought maybe I could use it against him. Ah, he sure made a good pawn. I had the managers pretend they needed someone to consult and sent them over to you, Sis.

Inukai: When I was chosen as the club president… I asked why it was me when I had no talent. And the seniors said, “because you’re good at using people.” …I didn’t understand what that meant at that time, but now, I finally do. Those guys acted exactly how I wanted them to do, to the point it’s almost hilarious.

Inukai: Don’t make that face. I just want to free you, Sis. There’s nothing special about my brother. …He’s merely existed by your side since you were kids.

Inukai: Come on, look, I’m no longer a child. I’m much closer to you than my brother ever is. You will always, always, remain pure no matter who you’re violated by, Sis, and I’ll make you feel good too. I’ll treasure you forever and forever, far more than anymore.


Inukai: Here, the spot I touched with my fingers before… I’ll rub against it a ton with my cock. …Again, are you about to cum again? If you tighten up like that… The way you’re clamping down is just, wow… I too am… I can’t…

Inukai: Amazing, it’s like I’m being wrung dry.

Inukai: Well? Who’s the best?

Inukai: Come on, answer me. I’m asking you who’s cock felt the best. If you’re not going to answer, I’ll have to make sure you fully understand better.


Inukai: Ahh… Your insides are filled with my fresh cum. You hear it, right? “Squelch, squelch, squelch, squelch” ….It’s a dirty sound. My brother would never do this with you, would he? I’m far from losing steam. I’ll keep shaking my hips and churning your insides until you’re satisfied, SIs.

Inukai: I’ll thrust deep inside you and make love to you.

Inukai: I love you, I love you.

Inukai: Say that you love me, that I’m the best, that you want me…and to shake your hips.

Inukai: Yes, that stubbornness of yours, that has never changed. I love you, that and everything else included. …I love you, I love you!

Inukai: I’m about to… Cumming, cumming… Turn this way…


Inukai: Call you tell? Even though it’s the second time, I still came buckets. …Hmm? Sis? Are you crying? …Your tears are mine too. How cute. That face is cuter than anything… A shameful face smeared with tears and drool

Inukai: Ah, my cum got on the floor. At this rate, there’ll be no end to the cleaning. Sis, come on, lick my dick clean.

Inukai: Yes, yes. You’re so good at it. I came a lot, so lick it all up. People call this a “blowjob clean up,” was it? If you lick with each eagerness… I got hard again. Like that, yes, take it into your mouth…down deep.

Inukai: That’s enough, turn around.

Inukai: Yes… Here it goes.


Inukai: The entire shaft went in again, didn’t it?

Inukai: Well? Are you starting to get used to my cock? …It’s okay, I’m not in a rush. I’ll keep going at it, again and again, no matter how many times it takes1 I’m going to make love to you like this. until you no longer care about my brother, until you become mine, Sis!

Inukai: I love you, I love you…!

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  1. Anonymous

    I am looking forward to the extras on this CD and hope that in the future there will also be a translation of the sequel that this CD has


  2. Anonymous

    damn how disturbed, inukai is the most dangerous of them all, before i thought mc would stay with inukai (the good guy) but that uzuki or ootori (“the villains”) could continue to abuse her but with this ending it would be on the contrary, inukai would abuse her regardless of who she chooses to stay with, i see ootori and uzuki in general as great options to break up together because they can develop love and possessive feeling towards mc and not let others touch her but the inukai is too disturbed and goes to extreme lengths to be with mc.


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