【Translation】 Inwaku Datenshi ~Midara na Datenshi ni Torawarete~


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淫惑堕天使 ~淫らな堕天使に捕らわれて~

CV: Riku Tomoki (陸智希)

Track 1: I Hunt Angels


Are you awake?

You just weren’t waking up, so I thought I might as well strip you.

Isn’t that great? You woke up right before being assaulted.


Hey, why don’t you tone down your voice a little? It’s annoying and it’s making my head hurt.

So, err, where is this place you ask?

No need to be so panicked, things are fine.

This is my mansion.


I guess you could say that we’re of the same kind.

Yes, yes, originally I was one of you, You’re an angel, aren’t you?

There’s no point in trying to fool me like that. Your plan may have been to live casually as a human and not to be discovered, but you have to do a better job at it.

You’re…easily ousted by this scent.


What’s that? You still think you can deceive me?

Oh? You want me to detail your exact background?

Sure, I will.

You’re an angel dispatched to Earth from the heavens and while blending in with the humans, you secretly fulfill your duties as an angel.

And since I was able to tell you all this, you should know that you won’t be able to fool me.


Haa… You finally acknowledge it.

There’s no particular reason as to why I know. I told you, didn’t I? …That we’re of the same kind.

I’m sure you understand after seeing these wings.

That I’m an angel too.

Though, the color’s different from yours. And quite so.

Yes, yes, I’m a fallen angel. Me being an angel is a story from my way distant past, after all.

What? You don’t want to make eye contact with a fallen angel like me?

Well, I guess that’s not a surprise. To an angel like you, interacting with a guy who’s been kicked out of heaven is thinkable, isn’t it?


Well? Weren’t you wanting to know about me earlier?

I tell you the name I went by when I was in heaven… Though, I guess it doesn’t really matter now.

Right now, I go by Liam.

And I function as a demon who governs over lust.

Why a demon…?

I guess I had the aptitude for it.

The demons saw me screwing around on Earth after I got kicked out of heaven and reached out to me.

……And asked me to do some hunting.


That look…

I guess it still hasn’t struck home yet.

Don’t you think you should have a greater sense of impending danger? What I hunt is you angels, you know?

Have you finally understood the situation you’re in?

Oh, and I may be a demon, but I’m no underling. I don’t particularly intend to join the flock either.

I’m simply going along with my contract right now.

Basically, I can get my hands on as much alcohol, women, or whatever else I want as long as I hand angels like you who come down to Earth disguised as humans over to the demons.


I’m tired of listening to that kind of preaching. It’s not like I want to return to heaven.


I may have a contract, but it’s not like I have to do things I don’t want to do. I’m free to do whatever I want with the angels I capture before I hand them over.

So my hobby is to have fun with them until then.

So, why don’t you have fun with me?

I’ll teach you a bunch of things you don’t know.


I only touched your ear a little and you’re already making some rather nice sounds.

You smell delicious…

Hey, if you scoot back any further, you’ll fall off the bed.

Just quietly come over.

Oh? You aren’t going to turn around?

I don’t particularly care. In many ways, it’s a lot easier to touch you from the back.  And there’s a delicious smell emanating from the back of your neck…

This scent was scattered all over the place when I found you on the streets.

And I immediately knew that you were an angel. But even so, it’s great being able to enjoy this scent up close.

It’s quite a turn-on.


You make some rather nice sounds, huh.

It makes me want to try out all sorts of things.


Good grief.

So, you think you can open the door?

Escape is futile.

Hey, I told you it’s futile. You may not have noticed amidst the panic, but there’s a barrier erected around this room, do you realize that?

And it’s a strong one that you can’t hope to dispel with your powers.

Besides, I’m the only one who can exercise their powers in this space.

If you want to try then go ahead and try, but it’ll only be a waste of time and effort.

It does make my heart ache a little when you sound so heartbroken, but did you think I’d let the prey I went through the great trouble of capturing escape from right under my nose?


Turn around. Come on, turn around.

Do you hate making eye contact with me that much?

But your defenseless ears are right out in the open, so I guess you want me to lick them.

Emitting this nice of a scent…

One could only suspect that you’re trying to entice you.


You gave a bit of a jolt just now, but did my teeth hit you?

I’m not trying to hurt you, so don’t worry. If anything, I plan to be gentle with you.

I’ll teach you about pleasure bit by bit.

You do react like this when I simply kiss your ears, after all. Looks like you’re particularly innocent even amongst the angels.

I’ll continue then.


You’re too tense.

I’ll do the same to the other side, so loosen up.

Place my teeth on the edge of your ear and then… The sound of me gobbling up your ear is resounding all the way through, isn’t it?

Your ears are bright red.

I’ll make you feel even better.


My, my, and this time you relaxed too much.

Well, I guess it can’t be helped.

I’ll carry you over to the bed, so stay still.

Calling for help…? Help from whom? Since there’s a powerful barrier erected, not even messages from heaven can reach. And you’re trying to call for help in that type of situation?

Looks like you finally understand the situation you’re in.

In any case, let’s just have some fun together. Besides, heaven’s blind to this, so the only one who’s watching is me.

In other words, you should stop worrying unnecessarily, and just let yourself go.


Track 2: Entertain Me Further


Hey, please stop making me waste time.

You wouldn’t want me to be violent, right? I don’t plan to hurt you, but that’s still dependent on you.

You were twisting your body a lot even though I was only kissing your ears earlier, but you’ve never had sex with a man, have you?

On that note, is this the first time you’ve been kissed like this?

You’re a pure one, huh.

But it’s not something you mustn’t do just because you’re an angel.

Open your mouth.



Everything’s a first for you, no? So I’ll teach you.

Don’t be so tense, I told you that I was a demon who governs over lust, no? So even if you’re a virgin, I’ll make you feel good regardless.

And that’s why you should just entrust your body to me.

Look, you tensed up again.



Where are you trying to go? You should know this isn’t a situation you can escape from, right?

Get yourself prepared. I’ll be taking this off.

Oh? Although this is your first time, you’re rather sensitive.

Well? Do you feel the sensations of me touching you?

Come on, don’t resist.

You’ve never had the tips of your breasts licked, have you?

Take a look…


Yes, yes, that’s the voice I want to hear.

Let me hear it some more.

The tips have gotten hard.

I’ll wrap my tongue around this place…

Do you want me to lick the other side?

Looks like that felt good too. This immediately turned hard.

Even though you’re an angel, you’re quite lewd, huh. Despite having such a nice body, it’s a shame that you didn’t make use of it until now.

Though the thought of teaching you everything is irresistible.


Lick my finger for a bit.

No matter how inexperienced you are, you should know what this means, right?

……I’ll be inserting it inside you later.

If you lick it properly, it’ll make it easier for you after.

Come on, wrap your tongue around it.

I’ll continue what I was doing.


Looks about right.

You can let it out of your mouth now.

You’re making such a nice expression. I’ll touch you with this wet finger.


You’re wet.

For a virgin angel like you to react to this extent… Have you been wanting a man to do this to you all this time?


Considering how pure you are, it doesn’t seem like you would voice it out loud.

But your body is indeed reacting.

You hear these sounds, don’t you?

However, you ought to enjoy my finger and lips more so that you get even wetter


Do you know where my finger is touching?

How’s this place up top?

So it feels good?

You feel it from your clitoris, don’t you?

Come on, take a look at this finger. It’s wet from what’s flowing out of you.

How lewd.

Was it too much for someone as inexperienced as you?

This finger will be going inside you.


I only inserted them slightly. You should be fine with this, no?

I’ll wait until you get used to it.

I’ll move the tip of my finger a little.

This time, I’ll insert it a bit further.


It definitely is tight. You are a virgin, after all.

I’ll start moving them, so please tell me if it ever hurts.


Your insides are twitching and trying to get used to my finger.

You can’t tell?

Then let’s make you aware of it too.

You’re so naughty, aren’t you? But it still hasn’t started feeling good yet, right?

I’ll slowly pull them in and out.

If I don’t loosen it up properly, I won’t be able to fit inside such a tight place.


Of course I’ll be putting it in after. It is the reason why I’m doing this.

I’ll insert my finger fully.


Did that end up hurting?

But warping your back, and having your body tremble… Aren’t you feeling it even just a little?

Look, when I tease your insides and rub against your good spots, it feels so good that your mind goes all fuzzy, doesn’t it?

That’s what it means to “feel” it.

Just fill your head with thoughts of me.


Is the spot you like here?

I knew it.

Your reaction’s different when I rub against this place, after all. Also, there’s so much flowing out of you. My finger’s soaked.

If the archangels were to find out that you, an angel, had a relationship with a man on Earth, moreover, with a demon like me… I wonder what kind of punishment you’ll receive?

And considering how disheveled you are, if you’re unlucky, you’ll probably be thrown out of heaven.


I just wanted to try saying it.

No need to be so scared, things will be fine. I told you that no one can see what occurs here, didn’t I?

So throw away your worries and just feel it.

Look, my finger’s in this deep and yet it doesn’t hurt, right?

If anything, it looks like it feels good.

Your insides are slowly loosening up. And even so, you still tighten up properly.

You’re not a bad catch.

Entertain me further.


Track 3: You’re an Angel, and Yet You’re Feeling it


I’ll start licking you.

How could I lick you if you close your legs that tightly?

Spread your legs.

By any chance, are you embarrassed to have me do it? But it’ll feel better if I were to lick it and loosen it up.

Come on.

Good. I can see that wet place of yours fully.


So you also feel it when I kiss your inner thighs, huh.

I’ll slowly go from there to the middle.


I’ll lick it.

Don’t try to run away. Can you tell that my tongue’s touching your good spots?


That’s a nice sound. Let me hear more of it.

I told you not to close your legs.

This place is twitching… Even though you’re an angel, you’re still reacting, huh?

I’ll suck it next.


There’s so much pouring out of you.

If you’d like, I can continue.

Well? How does it feel to be licked by a demon man?

Does my tongue feel good?

You really are an honest one. So everything I’m doing is a first to you, huh. Naturally, you’ve never touched this before, right?

Don’t take your hand off.

No need to be scared, this will be going inside you later. So why don’t you do the honor of getting it up?


Stroke it with a little more force.


Let’s have you touch it directly.

Come on, touch it directly this time.

Grasp it like you did earlier. Now stroke up and down.

You can feel it getting hotter and hotter, right? This gets big and hard when I’m turned on and in the mood for sex.

Though in this case, you’re the one touching it and making it swell.

Even though you’re so innocent when it comes to this, you’re quickly becoming interested in it, aren’t you?

Do you want to see it up close?


It’s your first time seeing one, no?

No need to be modest. Go ahead and take a look.

Come on, get up.

Don’t avert your eyes. I want you to have a good look at it.

And now you’re unable to take your eyes off it?

Even though you’re a virgin, you’re quite the naughty one, aren’t you? Would you like to try licking this?

You’re staring at it so intently, so you must be curious, right?

So use your mouth to get it up.

Come on.


Don’t just hold it in your mouth. Use your tongue and move properly. Even if you have no experience, can’t you do a better job of licking it?

I’m saying you suck at it.

At this rate, you’ll never be able to get it up.

No need to make that expression, I’ll tell you how I like it, so learn it step by step.

Let’s see…

First, stick out your tongue.

Place it on the base and lick upwards.

Yes, now try licking it that way. And the same applies to the tip. Lick it and suck on it too.


It’s still not great, but it’s better than before.

That aside, since you’re licking so desperately, it’s pretty cute. I’ll pat your head for you.

This time, why don’t you try taking it further into your mouth?

And don’t hit it with your teeth.

Why are you surprised? It feels good, then of course it’ll get bigger.


I can’t understand what you’re saying if you talk like that.

What? Were you worrying about that?

Well, I am big. I think it’ll be a hard time getting it to fit, but I’ll make sure it doesn’t hurt.

If you’re still anxious then why don’t I loosen you up some more?

I’ll lie down here, so continue licking.

Now shift your butt this way.

I’ll make you feel good too.


Look, that wet place of yours is in full view.

Are you wiggling your hips out of embarrassment? It looks like you, an angel, are asking for it, so it’s even lewder.

Come on, come close this way.


You’re even wetter than before.

With the way it is, it should be safe to insert another finger.

See? It went in.

Can you feel that there are two fingers inside you?

It’s super tight. You’re quite nice.

Come on, put it back in your mouth. Make me feel good too.


Even though this is your first time getting intimate with a man, you’re giving a blowjob while being fingered.

I wonder what the archangels will do when they find out?

I’m joking.

I told you it’s fine because the guys from heaven will never know, didn’t I?


But you… Your insides tightened the moment I mentioned the archangels.

Deep down, you enjoy being touched by me while feeling that sense of guilty pleasure, don’t you? Pleasure is essentially a forbidden fruit, after all.

No matter how pure the angel, the moment they taste it, there’s no turning back for them.


Come on, get up. It’s your turn to lie down here.

What am I going to do?

Enter inside you.


Breathe in. And breathe out…!

Did it startle you a little because it was so sudden?

Because even if I keep explaining that it won’t hurt, it’ll only make you more nervous. So it’ll be less scary if you were to experience it first-hand from the get-go, no?

Besides, it doesn’t hurt, right?

Though if it were to hurt, I wouldn’t be able to enter all the way.


Yes, that’s right. It’s only the tip, so I’ll insert it a bit further in.

Take a deep breath in.


Like I thought, your insides are tight. It is your first time, after all. So, how does it feel to be joined with a man for the first time?


I feel good too. Your insides are hot and tight…

I’ll let you get used to it, so breathe slowly.

Your insides are making a bit of movement.

It’s proof that you’re slowly accepting it.

It’s fine, we can stay like this. You like having your head patted, don’t you? You start blushing, and you look happy during it.

I’ll pat your head even more.


You like being treated gently, huh. Why, aren’t you a cute one?

It might not be all that bad to have some sweet, loving sex ever so often. Look, your insides loosened up the moment I kissed you.

If it’s like this, I’ll probably be able to fit it in entirely.

I’ll insert it deeper.


Is it a bit painful?

But now it’s all in. I’m all the way inside you.

It’s still a bit tight.

It feels a bit better when I rub your stomach, doesn’t it? You’ve gotten hotter and wetter than before.

You’re feeling it, huh?

Your insides are reacting, and also, you’re making such a wonderful expression right now.


Does it feel good?

I’ll start moving then.


I’m only moving slightly, aren’t I? Does it really feel that good?

I’ll hit your all good spots, so show me your reactions.


Do you like this shallow spot here?

Or do you like it deep?

Whoa! Looks like that was too much for a virgin like this.

Does it feel good when I rub against this spot gently? Your insides are twitching.

You’re about to cum, aren’t you?


For an angel, to cum from penetration even though it’s your first time, you’re rather lewd, aren’t you?

Go ahead, cum.

You’re not bad. I’ll move even faster.

Feel free.

Your insides tightened again…



Are you alright?

You really are adorable.


Track 4: Now You’re No Longer a Virgin


I’ll pull out for now.


Now you’re no longer a virgin.

I’ll spread your legs.

Don’t close your legs, I like licking this place after a girl cums.

It’s super wet. Plus, it’s still twitching even though it was gobbling me up not too long ago.

Do you think you can keep going?

Get up and turn around.


I’ll continue from the back.

You’re the only one who came earlier, so I still haven’t. So make me cum.

You’re a bit more loosened up than before, but it’s still tight.

When I’m going in from the back, I’m hitting different spots, aren’t I?

Incredible, even though you just had your first time, it’s lusting after me and moving again.

Do you like doing it with me? Well?


You don’t know?

You’re quite the honest one, aren’t you?

I’ll make you figure it out then. I’ll thrust deep into you.


That’s a nice voice. Let me hear more of it.

How does it feel to be penetrated from the back?

It feels good, doesn’t it? Because it seems like I can go rougher than before without an issue since you’re reacting so well.

I’ll make you feel even better, so lift up your hips.


You’re being pounded from the back by a demon, yet you’re still feeling it to this extent?

You really are lewd.

These sounds are reaching your ears, no? You can hear them each time I move.

You get turned on just hearing from these sounds, don’t you?


Feels good.

You’re tightening up so nicely, and it feels so good.

Turn this way.

I can’t get enough of that indecent look of yours.

It feels good… I’m about to cum. But you’re about to cum even sooner than me, aren’t you?

I’ll go even further, so cum.


Aren’t you feeling it too much for an angel?

Let me see you drown in pleasure.

Go ahead. Cum.


I guess you have no more strength left in you.

You’re exhausted, right?

But turn this way.

Keep with me for a bit longer.


You’re amazing.

Even though I shoved it in all at once, you still took it all in.

I told you, I still haven’t cum yet.

Your expression immediately relaxes the moment I kiss you. So, do you enjoy my kisses?

Damn, I’m already about to cum.


I’m about to cum…

I’ll let it all out inside you.



Come closer this way, I’ll let you use my arm as a pillow.

Turn this way.

At some point, you started reciprocating the kisses, huh.

Though, you’re still bad at it.

I’ll teach you, so don’t worry about it. So, how was your first time?

It didn’t hurt, right?


Hah? I was gentle?

Well, it was your first time. On that note, to say that I was gentle after I kidnapped you and suddenly pushed this upon you… Do you think that’s normal?

We went for another round right after we finished, so I’m aware that I was pretty rough.

You’re a weird fellow, aren’t you?

You’re really odd. I don’t know whether you’re overly purely or just an idiot, or maybe you’re too good-natured.

Because of that, I lost all ill will.


It’s not a bad thing. Not at all.

If anything, I’m rather fond of you.


Track 5: Are You Flushed Because of the Alcohol?


I’m so drunk…

Huh? You’re still awake?

No need to hold back. Come here.

I’m back.


Hmm? I reek of alcohol?

I was drinking earlier, after all.

What? You know that I’m always drinking.

Come on, come take a seat over here too. Unlike me, you followed heaven’s orders and have never placed any alcohol near your mouth, have you?

Although it’s forbidden, you’re the only one who follows it to the letter.

Oh! Why don’t you try having a sip too?

It just so happens that I have high-end alcohol with me.


This one, this is the one. Now I need to grab a glass.

This is your share.

You won’t drink?

Come on, have a sip?

It doesn’t matter if you get drunk. If anything, I’m curious about what’ll happen when you do get drunk.

Show me.

If you hate breaking the rules that much then you can pretend that I forced you to drink it.

Here, open your mouth.


Would you like some more?

It’d be a waste to let it spill, wouldn’t it? It is expensive.

I want to have a taste of you too, so bring out your tongue.

So, how was your first taste of alcohol?


Since you find it tasty then it was all worth it, no? You might even have a high tolerance.


I mean, if you drink this much, of course you’ll gain tolerance. In the past, I used to have drinking competitions with the archangels every night.

Oh right, you’re completely oblivious to it, aren’t you? …To the other side of the archangels.

The archangels in heaven drink and have sex with women every night.

They push the lower-ranking angels around, while they go around being lazy and living a life of luxury.

So they weren’t exactly obeying any rules.

Though amongst them, I was particularly indulgent, so I was exiled.


What I said about the archangels?

It’s true.

I don’t expect you to believe it though. However, it’s the undeniable truth. It’s unfortunate for someone like you who trusts the archangels, but it’s that’s how heaven is.

I told you that I got thrown out for my bad behavior, didn’t I?

Though frankly speaking, I made it happen. I asked to be let out of such a stuffy place.

Rather than living under constraints, I find this to be more fitting for me.

I have freedom, plus, I can have the fun of corrupting pure angels like you through pleasure.


On that note, are you starting to feel the effects of the alcohol? You’re starting to have that lewd look.

Intoxicated by alcohol and display such a sexy look in front of a demon… You can no longer be called a pure angel anymore, can you?

Why don’t you fall as low as me?

If you do, I’ll shower you with affection every single night.


You like being touched by me, don’t you?

You immediately make that nice expression, after all.

Pass me the alcohol.

I’ll give it to you via mouth-to-mouth again.


Does it taste good?

You’re drunk, aren’t you? Your breaths are hot.

You smell even better than usual. Did your body start to burn up because of the alcohol?

I can feel the heat even when I touch you with your clothes on.

Look, here too.

Can you tell they’re erect?

Seems like you’re more sensitive than usual. Because these little tips here…


All I did was nudge it with my finger and yet you’re shaking and trembling.

You’re feeling it to this extent even when I’m not touching you directly, huh.

Is it because of the wonderful things we’ve been doing every night?

Well? Your body feels unbearably hot, doesn’t it?

I’ll take your clothes off for you-


I have to forbid you from drinking in front of anyone but me.



Do you not realize it yourself? You wouldn’t want to show that kind of expression to other men, now would you?

Though, you probably wouldn’t drink with anyone but me.

That aside, let me undress you.


Your chest is red and flushed… It’s rather suggestive.

You look more enticing than usual, and I just want to touch you.

You’re quite the nasty one, aren’t you? You’re seducing men without even realizing it.

For some reason, I feel like I’m drunk today.

But, in that sense, we can have fun and blame it on the alcohol, right?

I’ll lick the tips of your breasts.


Am I really not allowed?

You’re drunk too, so let yourself go.

I’ll lick the other side too.

This side’s erect too…

You’re more sensitive than usual. I’ll use my fingers too.

You enjoy being touched, don’t you?


Your skin’s hot. Is there some other place you want me to touch?

I see.

How about here?

You’ve already soaked through your panties.

I’ll touch this place too, so take it off.

Spread your legs open so that it’s easier for me to touch you.


You’re so wet.

No need to be embarrassed, you can blame it on the alcohol, can’t you?

I’m the same. See?

Am I pressing against you?

Well, I am pressing it against you on purpose.

Will you be touching me too?

Before that, let me undress. I feel super hot.

Come on, help me take it off.

Naturally, I mean everything. Underwear included.


Hey, come on top of my lap.

I’ll touch you, so touch me back.

Since you’re this wet, I can go right ahead, right?

I’ll insert my fingers.

Oh, it slipped right in.


Did it hit a good spot?

I’ll tease this place even more.

Don’t forget to keep stroking me, alright?

Is alcohol really the only reason your face flushed? Because it looks really sexy.


Even my hands are soaked because of everything that’s pouring out of you.

Does it feel good?

Looks like I can increase the number of fingers without an issue.

Not to mention, you immediately took two in.


Wow! Before I knew it, you’re already able to fit this many inside you.

It’s still super tight, but you feel good, don’t you?

Come on, don’t neglect to touch me.

Shall I lend you a hand?

I’ll place my hand on top of yours…

Move like this and make me feel good too.


Yes, that’s good.

Huh? Kiss?



You were a virgin not too long ago, but now you’ve become so naughty.

I don’t mind making you cum like this, but fingers aren’t really enough for you anymore, are they?

What you want most right now is this, isn’t it?

You’re so honest.

Of course. I want to enter you already too.


Track 6: Let Us Fall Together……


You’ll be on top today.

Oh, right, you’ve never had a chance to be on top.

I’ll help you, so come here.

Hold it straight with your own hands.

Yes, now press it right against yourself.

Now lower your hips.


You can feel it slowly going inside you, right?

Go ahead. Slowly insert the entire thing.

Well done, it went all the way in.

Now try moving.

Move your hips up and down like this.

That’s good. Try hitting all your good spots. You’ll feel even better that way.

Oh? You like having that back part rubbed against?

You can’t stop shaking your hips, can you?


Go on, continue.

Oh, wait. Sorry.

What? I haven’t drunk enough of this alcohol.

You want some too?


Hmm? What’s the matter?

Did you drink too much?

If it’s too difficult for you to move on your own, I’ll help you.

I’ll thrust up from below.


The sensations are too strong?

But your insides are delighted by it. You feel good when I rub against this place, don’t you?

You immediately let go of your strength there, didn’t you?

Lean against me. I’ll move for you.

I’m hitting your deepest spots…

It feels good.


If this place feels good, then I’ll grind against it as much as you want.

Go ahead. Go crazy. Show me the spectacle of me driving a pure angel like you crazy.

Do you feel me deep inside you?

Taking me in all the way, moaning with such an indecent expression… It’s wonderful.

I don’t think I’ll be able to let go of you.

It’s fine if you lose your mind. Just show me everything.


Huh? You’re at your limit?

Is it because you’re about to cum?

I won’t stop. I told you to show me everything, didn’t you?

What’s that? You want to cum together with me?

You’re way too adorable.

Then wrap your arms around my neck, and hold on tight.


Your back’s not in pain, right?

Sorry that it had to be the top of such a hard table. But, I don’t have the patience to carry you over to the bed, so I’ll go at it immediately.

Don’t cum just yet.

It feels good.

Your insides are squeezing around me so tightly. Do you not want to let go of me either?


It feels so good…

I want to stay like this inside you, but I’m close to…cumming.

Are you about to cum too?

Let’s cum together.



You came too, right?

Of course I can tell.

Do you intend to never let me go?

I don’t mind staying like this for as long as you want. Oh, but please adhere closer to me.


What am I to do?


Oh, did you forget the reason you’re here?

The demons are telling me to offer more angels to them, and I have to do something about that.

I wonder if I got too attached to you?

Also, why are you making that face?

Hah? What are you saying? Why would I offer you up now?

That was my initial intention when I first kidnapped you, but I might’ve developed some affection after spending time with someone as foolishly naive as you.


I plan to end my contract with the demons and lay low for the time being.

I’ll let you slip by, so you can go ahead and return to heaven if you want.

You want to stay with me?

Are you serious?

Once you get kicked out of heaven, there’ll be no one protecting you. You’ll be in the same position as me, and be pursued by demons as well.

And there’s a lot of things you’ll have to abandon.

Are you still going to make the choice of staying with me despite that? Or is it that you want me to forcibly drag you along?


I’ll go ahead and say this, but if you don’t create some distance between us now, you’ll be walking the path to becoming a fallen angel.

So are you sure about that?

I’ll never let you go for the rest of your life.

You really are a strange fellow.

For you to make the conscious choice of staying with a demon like me, it’s unthinkable.

I guess I’m the only one who can look after someone like you.


By all means.

Let’s fall together. Both you and I.

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