【Translation】 Neko no iru Seikatsu ~Onii-san Shironeko・Yuki no Baai~ Official Tokuten


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: A Pet’s Change When Master’s Not Around


Master… Master, Master…


Eh? Ah, uh, uh, why-?

Umm, umm, err, this is, umm, it’s not what it looks like.

Ehehe… Master, didn’t you say you were going to come back late? Otherwise, I wouldn’t be doing this out in the open. I don’t have a fetish of being found doing it.

Oh, here. I’ll return you your shirt, Master.

What’s with that expression?


Huh? But I have the real thing right in front of me.

I wouldn’t need a substitute, now would I?



Like I thought, your lingering scent wasn’t enough. The scent of you, in the flesh, is more arousing than anything, Master.

Yes, it’s sweet, and it gets me excited.

…It’s a scent that belongs only to you.

Do you not notice it yourself? Even though it smells this good?

It hurts to just leave it, Master.

Can you touch this place?

Yes, I was partway through, after all.



Master, your hand feels so good. It feels so much better than when I do it myself.


I’m sorry, I dirtied your hands, didn’t I?

But it’s sliding more nicely, and it feels good.

Eh? Your saliva?

W-Wait, wait! If you make it super wet and then stroke it…


Making it wet with your saliva… Where did you learn of something this indecent, Master?

That feels…good.

If you, if you look at me with those eyes and press me like that, I’ll…

Please wait!

I don’t want to cum into your hand, I want to cum inside you.


Master, Master!

No, Master, I can’t wait any longer.

Here I go.



Does it hurt?

You’re fine?

Yes, it went all in. I haven’t even loosened it, yet it went all the way in so easily.

Can I start moving?

How cute.


That cute voice…

Whenever I’m alone I would think of that voice, that scent, and it would turn me on.

So whenever I’m alone, I would try to relieve that heat, but…

When you seek me out, for the first time, I feel satisfied.

Turn this way.


Yes, lift your legs.

Is this the spot?


I can tell. How many times do you think we’ve had sex like this?

Tens. Hundreds. So many times that I can’t even count, but it’s never enough.


Are you about to cum?

No, no, not yet.

Let’s cum together, alright?



I’ll cum inside, Master! I’ll pour all my seeds inside you!

I’m… I’m cumming…

Master, Master… Master, I love you!



We came together, didn’t we?

Wow, the place where we’re connected is such a mess. It’s like we’ve melted and mixed into one.


Hey, Master, that tickles.

You’ll get cold, so please cover yourself with the blanket.

That’s right. You’re covered in sweat, so you’ll easily get cold.

This will put me at ease.


Hmm? My previous owner?

What’s the matter? Why now? That’s so abrupt.

Who knows? I have no idea.

I’m not playing dumb. Lately, I’ve been having a hard time remembering events of the past.

Perhaps I’m growing senile?

I’m already getting to that age.

Although it should’ve been a very painful and sad memory, now, I don’t know anymore.

It was like a brief bitter dream.


But is it not so?

It is only because I got separated and became a stray that I was able to meet you, Master.

Being with you now, Master, is probably the reason I exist.

Perhaps that was a bit of an exaggeration.

But it’s not a lie. I couldn’t care less about my previous owner or any other female now.

The only one I love is you, Master.

We only need the two of us in this house.


Well, isn’t that right?

Those are all unnecessary worries.

Anxiety? Loneliness? I’ll fill your head to be so full of thoughts of me that you don’t have time to have those needless thoughts.

I love you.

I’ll always be here, Master.

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