【Translation】 Inmitsu Dasshutsu Game Vol.3 Onii-chan Kareshi Hen


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

淫蜜脱出ゲーム Vol.3 お兄ちゃん彼氏編

CV: Ooshita Kouta (大下孝太)

Track 1: The Pair’s Secret Mission


You seem kind of restless. Are you perhaps nervous?


How could I not be nervous? It’s the first time the two of us have been on a trip.

It’s only 3 days and 2 nights in length, but I’m happy that we’ll be able to be together the whole time.

You’re making an odd expression again.

Haha! It’s true, it’s true.

I’ve been busy because of work and we haven’t been able to interact much, so I’m happy about this.

In any case, please leave your large bags over there. And you can leave your handbags on the sofa…



Eh? Wait a second. I thought this was a business hotel, but…

I messed up.

Since it was a sudden decision, you know how we weren’t able to book two consecutive nights at the place we wanted, right?

So, I found this open room on a booking site. The interiors looked beautiful and I thought it would make you happy, so I immediately booked it.

But umm, I never imagined that it would be a love hotel.

I’m sorry, shall we quickly search for someplace different? I think there should be some business hotel vacancies.


Are you sure about it?

It’s my fault for not looking properly, so don’t just compromise. This is our first trip together.

No, uh, I’m fine with any place as long as I can quietly spend time with you too, but even so, this place, umm…

It brings a lot of things to the forefront.

Hey, don’t start wandering around right as I warned you!

Good grief.

Well, it is a lovely room, so I guess it’s fine if you don’t mind it.


Oh, that reminds me, I’m pretty sure it was written that there’s room service for tomorrow’s breakfast.

Can you grab that booklet?

Let’s see.

What is this?

“Welcome to the deluxe suite. This room is a special room courtesy of the luXuria hotel. Once the room is entered, leaving is impossible until missions are cleared. Lovers, please work together and enjoy this escape game.”


Is this a joke? I don’t think this system was in the description when I booked it.

Huh? There a slip of paper slipped in there.


“First mission: Massage her breasts.”

No way, this must be a prank. Besides, how would they even determine if it’s been cleared or not?

It seems fun? You, you’re so happy-go-lucky.

Well, in any case, we have no choice but to stay the night here.

Woah there.

Why are you grabbing me all of a sudden? We’ll fall off the sofa, you know? …No matter much time has passed, you’re still a spoiled child when it comes to that.


Naturally, I don’t dislike it.


The sound of your beating heart’s really loud.

Are you still nervous?

I’m happy that we’re able to hug each other like this. We were on the move the whole time, so I never got a chance to take a close look at your face.

Umm…it’s just for try, just for try. I-Is it alright if I touched your boobs?

I’m curious whether the rules of this deluxe suite are true and just I can’t calm myself down.

Well, if nothing happens, that’s fine as well.

Uh-huh. I’ll touch you gently on top of your clothes.



Oh, sorry, did that tickle?

I’ll apply a little bit more force.


Your face is red.

Letting out such sweet sounds… Are you feeling good from the massage?

I’m at a loss.

I intended for it to be quick, but I don’t think I can stop.

Lift your face.

Offer me your lips.


Your lips are sweet too.

During it over your clothes isn’t enough. I wish to touch you more.

It’s like it’s sucking in the palms of my hands.

They’re soft, and it feels good.


Hmm? Have they gotten a bit bigger than before?

It has been a long time, hasn’t it? …In terms of uh, this kind of thing.

How should I say it? I can’t help but be cautious. I’ve known you for over 20 years, so the image of you being almost like a little sister is strong.

I have this sense that I can’t be touching you that easily.

……Because when we did it the first time, it was a painful experience. And I felt like I was being too rash with you.

Even being the way that I am, it’s been on my mind.


No, even on regular days, I still have the desire to touch you.

It’s true, it’s true.

So, like we are now…

Hmm? The tips of your breasts are hard.

How should I touch you in order to give you the most pleasure?

I’m not teasing you. I don’t want to do something you hate, so I want to know. So, please, tell me.


Everything feels good? You’re such a greedy one, aren’t you?

Hmm? I’m not disillusioned. It’s cute.

What’s wrong? Your hips are fidgeting around.

You’re panting.

For some reason, you just seem incredibly…lewd. I’m happy that you desire me. I’ll give you plenty of attention during this trip.



You need not worry about the room. Those missions are obviously meant as a joke.

More importantly, right now, I wish to touch you.


Track 2: First Lesson on Love


Are you about to cum?


Even though I’m only licking this place, it’s so sensitive. When we first did it, I wasn’t able to make you cum, so I want you to cum tonight.


Continue concentrating on the movements of my tongue.


I’ll squeeze your hand. If you’re ever uneasy, just call my name.

That voice, that look of pleasure… It’s all incredibly cute.


Did you feel good?

I’m glad. It’s really wet.

I’m happy too, you were really cute when you came.

Huh? What’s with that light? When did the light on the adult-goods vending machine start flashing?

!? It opened?!!

Is this one of the aforementioned missions?

There’s something written on it.

“Second mission: Play with her using toys.”


This is incredible, I wonder how this all works? Perhaps there was a timer set for it to open after a specified time?

H-Hey, hey, why did you grab it?

That, umm…isn’t used for massage. No, I mean, I think you could also use it for massage, but-

Wait! Don’t just pull them out one after another.

Eh? That’s, erm, modeled about a man’s you-know-what.

Wait. Don’t make me explain it when you already know!!!


Huh? What is that? An egg vibrator?


It feels like they’re planned so far ahead. And there are the extreme ones that you see in porn.

No, I’m shocked. The love hotels these days are awe-inspiring.

Could it be that you’re interested in these types of things?

No, uh, I just wanted to ask to make sure.


Since it’s me, I don’t wish to do anything you dislike.

Wait. Idiot, why are you passing them over to me?!! That’s enough, put them down…!!!


Eh? Really?

It’s alright for me to use them on you?

I understand. If that’s what you say.


Err, you just came, are you sure you’re fine?

I see. Then sit on the bed.


Which is the power button? Is it this?

Woah, it’s surprisingly strong. What do you think about me placing this rounded part on the tips of your breasts?


It’s a strange, ticklish feeling?

I see. But you don’t hate it, right? You’re leaking a sweet voice.

I’ll add one more in then.


How does this slender vibrator sound?

Let’s try pressing this against the spot you like below.


Since you’re all wet from earlier, it can slip in easily.


How is it? Do your breasts and lower-half feel good?

I wonder what’ll happen if I were to move them around with my hands?


Woah, your entrance is spasming open and shut.

It must feel good. You’re already panting.

Yes? What is it?

You want me to kiss you?

Sure. I’d kiss you, any time.


Your lewd nectar’s been dripping down from below and has trickled all the way down to your thighs.

That look…

I feel like I’m going to start being jealous of the vibrator.

D-Don’t laugh. I’m being serious.

If you laugh like that, I’ll go even harder.


Your hips are moving. Do you love the toys that much?

You’re laughing again.

Did I say something strange?

Oh, dear. It’s not that you love those toys, rather, it’s me doing those things t-that make you happy?


I feel like I’m going to lose my mind. I’m at my limit.

Let me pull it out.


Although I called you greedy when we were on the sofa earlier, I guess I’m just as greedy.

I want to see more and more of your naughty side.

Instead of the toys, do it with me instead.


Your eyes are moist, and it’s cute.

If you look at me with those eyes, I…I don’t think I’ll be able to control myself. I’ll be as greedy as a beast. Are you okay with it despite that?

Just kidding. That was an unfair question, right?

I’ll put it in slowly.

Here I go.


Wait, that’s a vibrator sound…

No, I didn’t turn it on. I made sure to turn it off when I pulled it out.

Oh, I figured it out. It’s the smartphone on the table. Even though we’re out-of-range, do alarms still trigger?

Oh well, let’s ignore it.

More importantly, right now…


How persistent. It’s bugging me too much.

It can’t be helped, please wait just a moment.


Track 3: Don’t Treat Me Like a Child


Sorry to keep you waiting.

In terms of what happened, the third mission was sent to my phone.

I’m surprised. This room is the real thing.

The next mission is…

“Sex in the face-to-face sitting position.”


Haa…somehow it feels like someone’s thrown cold water at me. How about we take a short break?

Not at all. After going that far, there’s no I’d refuse to do now, right?

That’s not the problem.

As your big brother figure, I can’t keep up with the rapid developments. Though that part is kind of gone when I’m aroused, but…

I’ve always been pushing you too far, so I want to let your body rest for a bit.


Does your body not ache?

I’m sorry for getting all excited and just doing whatever I please.

That reminds me…

This does change the topic, but we often took naps together like this when you were young, right?

That’s right.

You were always noisily playing and would never settle down, but whenever you had me as your arm pillow, you would immediately fall asleep.


The nostalgia…

Here, I’ll be your arm pillow like I used to back them.

You don’t want to? Do you not like arm pillows anymore?



I-Is something the matter? It’s rare for you to initiate the kiss.

Also, you’re sulking a lot-

Wait! That tickles. Please, not the back of my neck!!!

Seriously, what’s with you all of a sudden?

How am I treating you like a child? I was just reminiscing about the old days.


Why are you-

Wait, time out.

Hey, don’t act all flirty.

W-Wait, don’t remove my belt!!! Hey! Time out, time out…!!!

How’s it unfair? Don’t turn it into a competition.



Idiot, don’t…grab it.

If you kiss me so intensely, how could I not be erect?

I did indeed gaze over at the part of you, but this and that are different-

It’s not a matter of strength. If you rub it with your hands like that, I really…I can’t, I’m at my limit. Please stop with the mischief.


Don’t stare at it so much. It’s embarrassing.


Don’t tell me you were going for payback?

Good grief, don’t you think that side of you is childish?

I wanted to be a cool big brother in front of you, but I messed up with the lodging, and since it’s lame to act all greedy, I tried to suppress it in order to not display that to you.

This is the state of things, so…

Yes, that’s right. I have no self-control and I’m more perverted of a man than you think I am.


The tip is wet because…

It happened while you were touching me-

You understand now, right? It’s great that you’re brimming with curiosity, but this is the end of the lesson.

I told you, don’t grasp it so hard all of a sudden-

If you go any further, I’ll cum.

Wait. I said wait…!!!

No, at this rate, I’ll cum!


This is bad.

Sorry, please stop. That’s enough…


You’ve communicated it to me fully. Your feelings, that is.

Thank you.

Even if you weren’t so desperate about it, I won’t treat you like a child anymore.

Let’s perform the sex for the mission together.


Track 4: Most Important in the World


Grab onto my shoulders.

Can you tell that I’m right against your entrance?

Slowly lower your hips just like that and hold onto me.

That’s right.


Even though it’s just the tip, your insides are so hot that the heat’s slowly spreading through me.

I feel like I’m about to melt.


Say, umm…it doesn’t hurt, right? No need to rush.

Let’s do it while kissing.


It’s all in.

It’s swallowing me all the way down to the base, and it’s twitching really hard.

We’ve only done it in the regular positions, but “face-to-face sitting” ain’t bad. We’re adhered to each other and we have a clear view of the other’s face.

Plus, it’s easy to kiss like this.


Do you like doing it while kissing?

I see.

In that case, I’ll kiss you more…


Your insides are tightening up again and again, and it feels really good.

Do you think you can move?

Try lifting your hips a little.

Yes. Bob up and down as if you’re rubbing up against it.

That’s right. It’s okay to take it slow.


Does it feel good?

Uh-huh. I feel really good too.

Your skin’s soft and silky, and it feels nice.


Wow, you’re gradually moving more intensely.


You’re a little teary.

Is it hard on you?

I see. Thank you.

I would like to tell you not to push yourself, but because you said something so cute, I got a bit…excited again.

You’re always there destroying my reason.

I wanted to cherish you as much as I can, not be rough, and dote on you the entire time, yet…

You’re so lovely and cute.

So cute that I can no longer see you as like a little sister.


Yes, it’s true. I think of you as my girlfriend.

You’re my cute lover whom I treasure more than anything else in the world.

If anything, I thought you wanted me to act more like a big brother. Although we were a couple, I went and thought that I had a duty to simultaneously be your big brother figure.

Perhaps, it might’ve been an excuse for my cowardice.

But, you had fully seen me as a man.

You must’ve really wanted to couple-like things like this, didn’t you? Also, you’ve been sulking since you came here.


You’re such a cute bugger.

I can’t endure it any longer, I want to feel good with you.


It feels so good. I wish I could do this forever.

Are you about to cum? You’re moving your hips really fast.

Go ahead, cum.

Come on. Show me your face.

I’ll pleasure your insides lots and lots.


Feels good…



Are you alright?

I knew it, I made you go too far, didn’t I?

Sure. Lean on me.

Wow, your heart’s beating so fast.


The bed’s a mess, isn’t it?

The face you make when you feel so good that it brings you to tears is cute. You’re the cutest person in the worldーmy girlfriend.

You’re laughing again.

Good grief, how rude.


I felt the sudden urge to say it.


Did you hear a noise just now?

Do the escape game missions end here? But I think…it’s kind of too late for that.

Hmm? Eh? What’s this? This time, the light at the base of our feet is shining.

They’re dotted around to form almost an arrow. I wonder if it’s telling us to go past that door? I think the escape game might be ongoing.

Let’s go take a look.


Track 5: Big Brother’s Request


Oh? There was another room in this suite.

So we’re greeted with a new bedroom, huh.

What a huge closet.

Woah. Maid uniforms, nurse uniforms… And there are various other themed clothes cramped in here. I wonder if this is for role-play?

Well, they even have school uniforms.


Ah. No, no, sorry, it was unusual, so I couldn’t help it.

The next mission is surely located somewhere here.


Look, see? There it is.

There’s a memo on top of the bed.


“Congratulations on completing the third mission. The fourth mission is for him to beg her for the act he most desires.”

…Is the gist of it.

If we follow the pattern, it’s referring to something sexual, isn’t it? Like of course.

I think you’ve done a lot for me earlier, but the thing I want you to do most, huh.

Uh. No, but…

Then is it alright if I make this type of request?


No. Uh, for some reason, it’s hard for me to say…

Can I say it?

Your umm, I want you to sandwich my ‘thing’ between your breasts. Or more precisely, it’s the uh, “titty fuck” as most would call it.

I knew it, you don’t want to, right?

I’m sorry. Forget it, forget it, it’s fine, it was a joke.

Even if it’s for a mission, I don’t want to coerce you into doing something you don’t want to.



Eh? Are you serious?

I’m really at a loss here. I’m not the one to say this, but are you sure you should be acting so recklessly?

If you spoil me, I’ll grow impudent and become more and more of a selfish boyfriend.

Good grief, you’re stubborn in weird places.

Either way, you wouldn’t have listened to me, right?


I get it. Take off your gown then.

Okay, now stand on your knees. And then place my ‘that’ between your cleavage.

Is it embarrassing? Because I’m pretty embarrassed.

Fidgeting around, how cute.

Where did your fervor from before go?


It’s warm and soft, and it feels good.

Can you tell that’s throbbing so much that the veins are popping out?


Damn. At this rate, I’ll end up ejaculating on your face.

As expected that’s…

No, like I said.


Thank you. That’s enough now, this is more than enough for me.

It’s slowly becoming bigger?

About that. You did your best, so I ended up hopelessly aroused.

Turn here.

Thank you.



You’re right. It doesn’t seem like anything’s happened.

Perhaps this is the end?


Huh? That’s the sound of a lock shifting.

Why can’t I open the door?

We cleared the mission and were conversely locked up? How is that a thing?

What do we do? Did we mess up somewhere? Don’t tell me it’s because that wasn’t the thing I desired most.


No, uh, that was indeed something I wanted you to do and it felt really good earlier, but…

I’m sorry, I’ll confess.

To tell you to the truth, that wasn’t what I wanted most from you.


Track 6: With You From Those Days


Yes, I know, I’ll say it properly. I won’t hide it.

What I desire most is for you to, umm…

I want you to put on a school uniform. I want to have sex with you in a school uniform.


Oh my god, I’ve actually said it.

There’s no escaping this. This is terrible.

I-If you don’t want to then just say you don’t want to. I think deep down you were taken back earlier, but still, this time around, you really, actually are turned off by it, aren’t you?

Eh? Why did I never tell you?


How could I say it? I didn’t want you to end up thinking of me as a mere pervert and start hating me.


Seriously, what am I saying?

It doesn’t matter anymore. I’ve already confessed to this much, so I might as well tell you all my actual feelings.

I’ve said this before, but originally, I had thought of you as like a little sister.

You were so, so cute, and I wanted to cherish you from the bottom of my heart. However, when you entered high school, I began seeing you not as a little sister, but as a woman.

Even now, I still dream of those days.

I would have sex with you in a school uniform countless times in my head almost every day.


But I thought that in your eyes, I would ultimately be nothing than a big brother figure and that we could never become lovers. And that it was something shouldn’t ever happen.

And that’s why I was extremely happy when you confessed to me.

Dummy, what are you saying? Why are you jealous of your past self?


You’ll wear the uniform?


No, no, I’m happy. Really happy

The role-play school uniform inside the closest is obviously different from the real thing, but the texture of the blazer, the color, and the feeling of the ribbon tie are really closely resemblant of that of my actual high school’s.

Frankly, when I entered the room and found this, I was pretty excited.

Are you sure?


I understand. I’ll wait on the bed for you to change.


Have you finished changing?

Wow, amazing! It still suits you. Somehow, it’s really bringing back the memories from those days.

Come here.

Come closer and show me.


So you changed your underwear too.

The knee-high socks are nice as well.

How should I say it? Thank you for putting it on.

It’s cute. It’s you from those days.

Of course, I love the way you are now the most though.


This is bad, I don’t think I can stop myself anymore.

I know you went through all the trouble of putting it on, but can I slowly remove it piece by piece?


To think unbuttoning a uniform would be this nerve-wracking……

And it’s super hot being able to see your bare skin through gaps in the shirt.


It smells so nice.


Can we keep the skirt on?

Seriously, what do I do? It’s like I’m an actual pervert. I can’t stop my hands.


It’s wet beneath your underwear.

Are you turned on as well?

You’re naughty and cute. You’re my absolutely wonderful girlfriend.

You’re squeezing down tightly on my fingers, you’re soaking wet, and you’re moaning non-stop with that cute voice.


I don’t know what you think of me, but deep down, I’m very possessive and easily jealous. A part of me wants to make you mine alone and make it so that you can’t think of anyone else but me.

Those were the thoughts I had.

How’s that? Are you finally going to back down now?

That said, as my wants grew, they were mixed in with my desire to cherish you, so in any case, I suppressed it.

In the end, I was just a clumsy mess though.


Are you feeling shy?

You really are adorable.

I can’t wait any longer. Can I put it in?

Thank you.


I’m putting it in.


Incredible! It’s so wet that it easily slipped in.

It’s wrapping around me snuggly, and I feel like I’ll cum right away.

D-Don’t call me with such a pained voice.

Could it be that you’re remembering the past too? …Then let’s fulfill the unfulfilled love from back then.


Cute. There’s no girl as cute as you.

I’m telling the truth.

I can’t hold back any longer. Let me go rough.


It feels so good…

Are you feeling good too?

Let me pull out for a bit.


Say, can you get on all fours?

Woah, this is sexy.

I’ll insert it from the back this time.


It’s not painful doing it from the back, right?

Feels good.

This way I can feel you all the way throughout. Every part of your body’s soft, and it feels good.

Wow, your hips are moving.

You’ll feel plenty of pleasure too, so continue shaking your hips.


Darn, I’m at my limit too-

Cumming, I’m cumming!


Sorry, I got so worked up that I don’t think I was able to restrain myself. Are you alright?

Your insides are twisting so much.

Were you able to feel good?

I’m glad.

You truly were wonderfully cute. Thank you for granting my selfish request.


Track 7: A Million Kisses


Eh? Something’s up with the T.V. display.

The final mission, huh.


“Final mission: He shall communicate his love for her 100 times.”

Uh. How should I put it? This is the most embarrassing one yet. Which reminds me, I haven’t said it much, have I?

When I try to actually say it, I get all shy.

That said, tonight, I’ll convey it to you properly.


I love you.

I love you, I love you.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

Hmm? What is it?

Are you sure about me stopping? This is a rare opportunity, you know?

Then this time I’ll whisper it to this ear.

I love you. I love you.


I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I lllllooove you.

Hehe. You can join in as well, you know?

Good grief, you’re such a cute little bugger.

And I love the way you are.


I feel like I’ve said a whole lifetime’s worth. My face’s so hot. So hot-

Huh? What’s with expression?

No, I never said that I won’t ever say it again after this.

I’m not lying. I may not have said it much before now, but now I feel like I’ll be naturally saying it and it’ll be more of a challenge not to.


Oh. Did we clear it perhaps?

There was a lock sound coming from the entrance.

Haa…it felt long, but once it was over, you kind of wanted to do more.

Well, that’s one thing off our mind.

Yeah. The missions seem to be over, but it’s your turn to be selfish. Ask whatever you want of me.


You have the nice scent of shampoo on you.

Your breasts are nice, but this time, let me lick your most sensitive place.

Yes, this place smells nice too.

Do you like having this place licked?

Alright. I’ll give it lots and lots of love.


It’s overflowing. Just licking it doesn’t seem to suffice.

As expected, I lack self-control. I quickly lose my patience.

Please let me enter inside.


It’s so soft. It’s so hot I feel like I’m about to melt.

It’s tightening around me, and just won’t let me go. You were always clinging on to me like this even in the past, weren’t you?

I love clinging closely to each other too.


Let’s kiss time and time again. So many times that you can’t think of anything besides me.


Amazing, it’s spilling out from inside.

Do you enjoy being penetrated deep?


I feel good too.

I can’t think of anything else but you. I want to go more intense and give you more, even more love.


I’m at my limit.

I love you, I love you. Let’s cum together.

I’m cumming…



We came together, didn’t we?

Since we had some intense love-making, have you gotten a real sense of it?

That’s great.

Uh-huh, me too. I felt really loved too.

Thanks to you, I’m a happy man.


Without taking mind of the world… Although it may take a long time, please allow me to say “I love you” to you a million times over.

I’ll never let you go.

I’ll treasure you for your whole life.

I love you.

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