【Translation】 Soutaisei Riron


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CV: Kitayama Kyousuke (北山恭祐)

Track 1: Beginnings


Sakumi: That’s such a dirty-looking face.

Sakumi: Do you have no shame? You’re soaking wet from getting your pussy pounded by someone like me whom you couldn’t care less aboutーwith my cock’s thrust deep inside you and grinding up against your womb.

Sakumi: What? Is it so frustrating that you can’t even speak? Or does it feel so good that nothing’s coming out?

Sakumi: Let out your voice. Come on, if it feels good then be honest and say it.

Sakumi: Fuck.

Sakumi: Stop crying and look at me.

Sakumi: C’mon, stop averting your eyes.


Sakumi: If you struggle around too much, marks will be left on your arms.

Sakumi: What? Has my brother not done this to you before?

Sakumi: Well, he probably hasn’t. From what I can tell, both you and my brother seem normal. Why don’t you tell me what you and my brother usually do during sex? I don’t mind having sex with you the same way my brother does.

Sakumi: Hurry up, tell me.

Sakumi: Does he slam your womb vigorously like this? Or does he kiss you sexily while telling you that he loves you?


Sakumi: I don’t really want to imagine the sex you had with my twin older brother.

Sakumi: No, no, you feel far better than anyone. Aren’t we more physically compatible than you are with my brother?

Sakumi: Oh, Brother, you’re back already? It’s earlier than I thought.


Sakumi: Huh?

Sakumi: Yeah, I called him over. “I’m raping your girlfriend, Brother, so come back as soon as you can”, with a photo attached.

Sakumi: Here, this is the photo I sent my brother.

Sakumi: Can you see it? It’s a good picture, don’t you think? Your lewd expression, your erect nipples, and your cock filled pussy are all captured nicely.

Sakumi: So, c’mon, moaning loudly enough so that my brother can hear.


Sakumi: Welcome home, Brother. You were surprisingly fast.

Sakumi: I’m sure it was conveyed in the photo, but I’m currently borrowing her.

Sakumi: Say something.

Sakumi: Oh well, I still haven’t cum yet, ya see.

Shirou: Get away from her.


Sakumi: Damn, your pussy tightened the moment my brother spoke. It was already tight to begin with, now it’s squeezing down on me even more.

Shirou: Tch. SAKUMI!!!

Sakumi: Ya know, can’t you tell by looking? I’m borrowing her right now. Therefore, right now, she’s not your girlfriend, Brother, she’s my onahole.

Sakumi: I thought she’d be loose because she’s your used goods, Brother, but she feels so good that it honestly surprised me.

Shirou: I told you to get away from her!!! Do you not understand human language?!!


Sakumi: So annoying. Shut up and watch from over there, Brother. Oh, and don’t mind us, if you’d like, you can jack off as well.

Shirou: Argh!


Sakumi: That hurts.

Sakumi: What? Are you getting serious for once? What a pain.

Shirou: Another word and I’ll kill you.

Sakumi: Oh? Then go ahead and try.

Sakumi: Weren’t you going to kill me? Why don’t you come at me?


Shirou: You…why are you stopping me?

Sakumi: Eh?

Sakumi: I told you, she’s enjoying it, that’s why she’s stopped you, Brother.

Shirou: As if.

Sakumi: Brother, you should rejoice too. You returned after seeing that image, no? Aren’t you happy that you’ve got more fap material for when you’re not fucking her? Also, I thought I’d give this cunt that you exclusively use some disinfecting.

Sakumi: Do you know what this is?

Sakumi: I shove a hair iron inside her, ya see. And when I did, she was so overjoyed that she pissed herself a little.

Sakumi: Well, it was only to scare her. I haven’t hurt her, otherwise, I wouldn’t be having sex with her like this.


Shirou: You…

Sakumi: That hair iron’s broken now.

Sakumi: Well, though it’s your room, Brother, I was just using whatever happened to be left at the house.

Shirou: Die!


Sakumi: See? She’s stopped you again. Seriously, I can’t tell if she’s being soft on me because we’re childhood friends or she’s just a plain masochist who enjoys suffering. Do you know, Brother?

Shirou: You threatened her then rape her, did you not?

Sakumi: Oh really? But I think she’s into it. Because ya see, even when you snapped so hard earlier, Brother, she’s been clamping down on my cock.

Sakumi: Ya know, now that you’re here, Brother, her pussy’s even tighter than before.


Sakumi: Huh? Is that not so, you massive pervert? I’ve been around you for so long yet I didn’t have the slightest clue.

Shirou: Wait there, I’ll kill him right now and then immediately free you.

Sakumi: If you wanna kill me then kill me. And even if you do kill me, it’s not like events would disappear.

Sakumi: You’re on the same page too, right?

Shirou: Hey, don’t stop me again. I’ll murder this bastard!!!

Sakumi: As expected of a delinquent, throwing around violence is the only thing you’re good at, isn’t it? Also, I may make it sound like I was having sex with her against her will, but that’s not the reality; the sex was consensual.


Shirou: If it’s consensual then why are her hands bound?

Sakumi: Well, she’s stroked you off many times with them, Brother, so I didn’t want to be touched by them. It seems kind of dirty. Honestly, you’re pretty dumb in these types of situations, aren’t you, Brother?

Sakumi: Ah! Please don’t clamp down on me so hard while I’m in the middle of talking.

Sakumi: Oh well.

Shirou: You… Enough of your buffoonery!


Sakumi: C’mon, if you don’t stop him again, I might actually be killed by my brother this time. Would you really want that to happen?

Shirou: You son of bitch…!

Sakumi: And she stopped you.

Shirou: You……

Sakumi: I knew you’d stop him.

Sakumi: Brother, your slutty whore of a girlfriend that’s swallowing up my dick and refusing to let go doesn’t want me to die.


Shirou: Just how far do you plan to defend him?

Sakumi: The fact that she’s defending me means she’s accepted me. Being fucked by my dick feels good… She’s stopping you because she thinks that.

Sakumi: C’mon, you should say it.

Sakumi: “Let’s have a threesome together. Please shove your cock inside me too, Shirou”

Sakumi: Go on, stare my brother in the eyes, show him your pussy, and beg for it cutely.

Shirou: Stop. Don’t listen to Sakumi-

Sakumi: Why not? She’s even saying it. You’ve never had a threesome before, right? Not to mention, one with your actual twin.

Sakumi: Since we’ve come this far, you should enjoy yourself too, Brother.


Shirou: Damn it all…!

Sakumi: Isn’t it great? My brother’s joining in too. But even so, I’ve been jammed in you so long that my dick is at its limit.

Shirou: Both Sakumi, and you who’s sticking with Sakumi, I will not forgive either of you.

Sakumi: Won’t forgive… How scary. If you aren’t going to forgive us then I ought to cum inside right here and now.

Shirou: Move aside.

Sakumi: Why? Oh, you’re putting in.


Sakumi: Whoa, Brother, your dick is huge.

Sakumi: Hey, between me and my brother, whose do you think is bigger?

Sakumi: Alright. Now you can just shove it in the front.

Sakumi: Don’t struggle, it might hurt when you’re taking two in at the same time. Though it’d probably be fine if it’s you.

Sakumi: C’mon, it’ll be fine. Relax. Entrust your body to me.

Shirou: I’m putting it in.


Sakumi: Damn, it’s tight.

Shirou: Damn it. Relax a little more.

Sakumi: Our dicks are cramped into your tight hole.

Shirou: Endure it. You let him do this, did you not?

Sakumi: Wow, just wow, your insides are just so…

Shirou: It’s your fault, so at least last till I cum.


Sakumi: Can you feel it? Mine and my brother’s dick are rubbing right up against each other inside your cunt.

Sakumi: It’s a strange feeling.

Sakumi: But even so, you look to be rather enjoying yourself. You’re eating up these two fat dicks.

Sakumi: Look, they’re swelling up. Isn’t that right, Brother?

Shirou: Shut up. Silence.

Sakumi: You always look so nonchalant with everyone else, but when it comes to her, you become like that, huh.

Sakumi: And when I touch your clit, you squirt an almost amusing amount. Do you normally think of my brother while you rub your clit?

Sakumi: Show me how you do it later.


Shirou: Why the hell are you crying? You wanted this, didn’t you?

Shirou: Too late now.

Sakumi: You’re clamping down so hard. Isn’t your pussy gonna break at this rate?


Shirou: It hurts? Then just stop listening to him. You’re going along with every last thing. Or is that you’re able to defy me but not defy Sakumi?

Shirou: How am I wrong?

Shirou: Don’t forget who had sex with you first.


Sakumi: You may be shaking your head as you cry, but your nipples are hard and erect despite the insults, and not to mention, your cunt’s soaking wet, so you’re convincing no one.

Sakumi: Have you always been this lusty? Did my brother train you to be this way?

Shirou: Tell me, who’s your boyfriend?

Shirou: Well?

Shirou: Hey, say it and I’ll cum inside you.

Shirou: You wouldn’t be against that, right? You belong to me, after all.


Sakumi: Damn… Look, my brother has filled you with his cum. Let me…let me quickly cum too.

Sakumi: Turn this way.

Sakumi: I’m pretty much having an indirect kiss with my brother like this. How disgusting. I’ll be cumming too, so tighten up your pussy and not spill any of my semen.


Shirou: How long do you plan to keep it jammed inside her? Pull out.

Sakumi: Alright. Alright.

Sakumi: Your insides are overflowing with our cum. You’re dripping with our semen.

Sakumi: What a turn-on. If she gets pregnant from this, she might give birth to twins.

Shirou: Go die.

Sakumi: How scary. What did you even like about someone as violent as my brother?


Shirou: Come on, you should leave.

Sakumi: You’re so cold, why don’t you escort her? She is your girlfriend.

Shirou: Just go.

Sakumi: Oh my, you’re still angry. Oh well, it’s an everyday occurrence.

Shirou: Tch.

Sakumi: That reminds me, there are pills too. Do you take them? Here, I’ll feed them to you mouth-to-mouth.

Shirou: Don’t touch her.

Sakumi: You were all pissed yet you’re pretending to be the prince on the white horse.


Shirou: You should hurry up and return home.

Sakumi: Whatever, I’ll see you again tomorrow. You’re a model student, so even if something like this happens, you’ll still attend school regardless, won’t you? Next time, I’ll fuck you at school.

Sakumi: On the rooftop? In the gym?

Shirou: That’s enough.

Shirou: I’ll send you off.

Sakumi: Look, in the end, you still chose to escort her. Oh well, go ahead and have all the comforting sex you want with my brother.

Sakumi: See ya.


Track 2: Sakumi and Shirou


Shirou: Why are you smoking here? Why aren’t you in your own room?

Sakumi: How could I stay in a room reeking with the smell of cum?

Sakumi: So, did you send her off?

Shirou: Yeah.

Sakumi: Did she say anything?

Shirou: You’re asking that?

Sakumi: No particular reason. I just wanted to ask.


Sakumi: Ever since I was young, I thought the three of us would always be together ever since I was young.

Shirou: Since you were young? When exactly?

Sakumi: Since kindergarten.

Sakumi: Brother, do you not remember?

Shirou: I don’t remember things from childhood.

Sakumi: Is that so? …So you don’t know.


Sakumi: When I found out that you and her were dating, I didn’t particularly mind. I thought that you two suited each other.

Shirou: Did you think I stole her from you? If you’re going to be jealous then you should’ve confessed first.

Sakumi: Jealous… Jealousy, huh.

Sakumi: How should I say it? I was lonely. Surely.

Shirou: Then are you saying that we three should’ve happily remained friends? …When you’re the one who destroyed that relationship?

Sakumi: The one who ruined it first was you, was it not, Brother? Don’t act like you don’t know.


Shirou: Wait.

Sakumi: What?

Shirou: What is it that you’re aiming for?

Sakumi: Hardly. It’s probably impossible at this point.

Sakumi: I’ll go take a shower.


Shirou: The three of us, forever, huh.


Track 3: Twins


Sakumi: Welcome.

Sakumi: Hmm? How long do you plan to stand there? C’mon, come inside.


Sakumi: I didn’t think you would actually come. If anything, I thought you would never want to see my face again.

Sakumi: What? Did the threesome feel that good? Did you get addicted?

Sakumi: Sure, let’s head over to my brother’s room.


Sakumi: My brother’s room is clean, isn’t it?

Sakumi: After sending you home, he didn’t do anything to me; he just told me to shut up.

Sakumi: Normally you would beat up and physically assault the man who raped and tried to steal your girlfriend, no? Seriously, I wonder what my brother is thinking.

Sakumi: You should’ve reported it afterward too. Though I guess you couldn’t report it since my brother got involved in it too.

Sakumi: Oh, so you’re covering for my brother.


Sakumi: Hey, so, what is it that you like about my brother?

Sakumi: Oh? His kindness.

Sakumi: Kindness, huh. When it comes to that, even I-

Sakumi: Uh. No, it’s nothing.


Sakumi: Brother, come in.

Shirou: Sit down.

Shirou: Where are you going, Sakumi?

Sakumi: I’m going for a smoke. You can go ahead and start first.

Shirou: Going off again, eh.

Shirou: So, why did you answer the invitation? Why didn’t you just report us? Why do you keep defending him?

Shirou: Sakumi…said the same thing?


Shirou: I guess it’s not time to be laughing. You’re way too good to people, and that’s why, and that’s why he too…

Sakumi: As always, you two get along so well, considering what happened yesterday. But that’s enough of the flirting.

Shirou: Sakumi, don’t go off doing things on your own.

Sakumi: Eh? Why don’t you give your little brother a break? You are the older brother here. Also, do you think I really don’t know?

Shirou: Know what?

Sakumi: She genuinely loves you, doesn’t she, Brother? However, she practically accepted me yesterday.

Shirou: You’re the one who raped her, so what rights do you have to say that?

Sakumi: That’s precisely why. If she truly does love you then you see it during such situations. Even though we’re twins, she loves you more, Brother. She loves you more than me, Brother!!!


Sakumi: Don’t struggle. We’ve already done it once, besides, no matter how many times we do it, your heart belongs to my brother, no?

Sakumi: Let me have my way with you too.

Sakumi: Look at just how much your body trembles when I embrace you from the back.

Sakumi: It does kind of hurt when you hate it that much. Did you get my brother to comfort you afterwards?

Sakumi: You’re so cute when you’re honest. Did you wear these panties knowing that you’ll be having sex with both of us today? Or did you buy them for my brother to see?

Sakumi: I’m so envious.


Sakumi: I’ve only touched your nipples from on top of your clothes and yet you’re already wet.

Sakumi: You’re so lewd. It’s making such loud noises, your panties are completely soaked.

Sakumi: Hey, can you see it too, Brother?

Sakumi: Silent again?

Sakumi: Whatever, you can just stand there and watch. I’ll strip her.


Sakumi: Wet strands are coming from your panties. What a hot sight.

Sakumi: Hey, don’t close your legs.

Sakumi: When you tell me to stop with such an intoxicated-looking expression, I can’t take it seriously. No need to be scary, I’ll simply be making you feel good today.

Sakumi: C’mon, you like it when I play with this place, don’t you? Your clitoris is hard and erect and has swelled so much.

Sakumi: I’ll pull the hood back and apply your juices on it…


Sakumi: Is your pussy aching because I’m rubbing your clitoris vigorously? Your pussy hole is twitching like it’s begging for a cock.

Sakumi: What an indecent expression. Your face is flushed and you’re drooling while you breatheーyou have the expression of a sow.

Sakumi: C’mon, put my fingers into your mouth.

Sakumi: Lick them and make them wet. I’ll tease you again with them once they’re covered in your saliva.


Sakumi: Hmm? Why are you rubbing your legs together?

Sakumi: What? Do you want your pussy pounded so badly that you can’t help yourself? In that case, why don’t we have my brother lick it?

Sakumi: It’s not a bad idea, right?

Sakumi: Are you trying to bite my fingers off? That surprised me.

Sakumi: C’mon, this place wants to be fucked yet no one is, isn’t it pitiful? Why don’t you provide it some comfort?

Sakumi: C’mon, do something.

Shirou: Yeah, I will.


Sakumi: Hey, he said he’ll give you oral, so stop struggling.

Shirou: Sakumi, hold down her legs.

Sakumi: Roger that.


Sakumi: You let out such a lewd moan the moment I pulled out my fingers.

Shirou: It’s overflowing.

Sakumi: Oh really? In that case… I’ll continue teasing your clit while licking your ears, so cum from my brother’s tongue.

Shirou: Does this place really feel that good? You’re leaking more and more.

Shirou: Quiet.


Sakumi: Does it feel good having my brother lick your cunt? You’re emitting such a lewd scent and your clit erect… Does being eaten out really feel that good?

Sakumi: Look, I’ll tease your clit, so go ahead and drool while you cum.


Shirou: Sakumi, what are you doing?

Sakumi: Huh?

Sakumi: I’ll be putting this on while she’s nice and weary.

Sakumi: Ah! Don’t be scared, it’s just an eye mask.

Sakumi: Your heart belongs to my brother, no? So even if you’re blindfolded, you should be able to tell whether it’s the dick that you’ve just tasted yesterday or the dick that you’ve been pounded with many, many times in the past once it’s in, no?

Sakumi: You’ve made to feel real good, so let us fuck you next.


Sakumi: Don’t start a fuss. We’ll stop if you get it right.

Sakumi: You’re fine with that, right, Brother?

Shirou: Sakumi.

Sakumi: Yeah, yeah. Brother, you should give her a kiss, otherwise, she’ll be stuck trembling in fear. At this rate, even if we want to jam it in, we can’t.

Shirou: Are you fine with this?

Sakumi: I already knew. Isn’t that right? You’re kind to me, so I knew you’d accept me.


Sakumi: Brother, she nodded, so it’s fine.

Shirou: She’s not our toy.

Sakumi: That may be true for you, Brother, but to me, she’s just a woman. She’s no different from the women who constantly flock to me. We’re just a little closer, that’s all.


Sakumi: Look, my brother’s simply watching while I’m about to rape you. It’s a shame that we can’t have a threesome.

Sakumi: Don’t look so down. I’ll fuck you way more, far more, vigorously than I did yesterday.

Sakumi: I’ll offer you better sex than my brother.

Sakumi: C’mon, if you get it, then…

Shirou: Move aside.


Sakumi: Isn’t that great? I knew you’d join in for a threesome.

Shirou: Bring out your tongue.


Shirou: Does it feel good?

Shirou: Even your ears are red. How cute. Let us continue to shower you with affection.

Shirou: Adorable. We were usually so close that I never got the chance to say it. Having someone as kind as you know…

Shirou: You’re the cutest person in the world. I love you. I love you so much.

Shirou: I want you to never leave us.


Sakumi: Love…, It would be great if the three of us could always stay together. If only.

Sakumi: Does it feel good?

Sakumi: I’m happy that you’d feel it to this extent.

Sakumi: Entwine your tongue with mine more. Suck on my lips more. Swallow all my saliva.


Shirou: Don’t be so tense. Don’t think of anything else, just let yourself feel good.

Shirou: If you’re a good girl…

Shirou: Then I’ll leave tons of marks showing that you’re mine.


Sakumi: Your breasts are sensitive, huh.

Sakumi: It’s all the more arousing since you can’t see?

Sakumi: You’re drooling so much, and your body is heating up and twitching… It’s both naughty and cute.


Shirou: Do you not notice it yourself?

Shirou: You’re shamefully wet. Juices are trickling down and it’s twitching. And since it’s bright here, I can clearly see your erect clitoris and your cock-stuffed pussy.

Sakumi: Your juices have trickled down this far. And when I lick your breasts…

Sakumi: You pump out even more.


Shirou: Leaking buckets, and emitting the thick scent of a sow… Not to mention, your juices are stringing onto the dick pounding you.

Sakumi: Are you already about to cum?

Sakumi: That’s fast.

Sakumi: Go ahead, cum. I’ll have your entire body melt even after you cum. I’ll make your pussy feel good from sex.


Shirou: Don’t hold back, let it all go. Your embarrassed expression, your sweet voice, your hopelessly indulged body… We’re the only witnesses to it, so don’t refrain.

Shirou: So, come on, cum.


Shirou: Now let me ask you a question.

Shirou: You should be able to answer, right? Whose dick was inside you? Show us the love that you speak of.


Sakumi: You got it right. Congratulations.

Sakumi: Thank you, and I’m sorry.

Sakumi: I’m not my brother, but I won’t touch you ever again, so, so, this one time, this one last time. Please call my name instead of my brother’s.

Sakumi: Thank you. I feel so happy, so happy, so happy that I don’t know what’ll become of me.


Sakumi: I’m cumming…

Sakumi: Call out to me, to “Sakumi.” Call out my name more.

Sakumi: Call it out.


Sakumi: I’m so sorry, and thank you. Thank you. I loved you. I loved you too.


Track 4: Sorry


Shirou: Oh, sorry.

Sakumi: Heh?

Shirou: Look, I’ve already put it out, so don’t get angry.

Sakumi: Hehe. You’re so considerate.

Sakumi: My brother is particularly good to you, isn’t he? It’s completely different from the way he treats me.

Shirou: Well of course.

Sakumi: Yeah. Brother, you’re kind, aren’t you?

Shirou: What are you trying to imply by that?

Sakumi: Under normal circumstances, I’d be killed. Seeing that I’ve raped your girlfriend twice.


Shirou: Is that how it is with you?

Sakumi: Yeah, I’d kill the guy. Even if it were you, Brother, I’d murder you without hesitation.

Shirou: Well, I’m on the receiving end.

Sakumi: And I’m on the dispensing end. You’re oddly stubborn as ever. Haa…what was I even doing? I’m such an idiot.

Shirou: I’m not being stubborn about it. You’ve always had a tendency of not following through.

Sakumi: Eh? Following through?

Shirou: Do you not? Normally, you wouldn’t be relaxing around someone you regularly fight with.

Sakumi: Well it can’t be helped. I am a bro-con, after all. I’ve always wanted the same things that you had ever since I was young, Brother.


Sakumi: Yeah, the same things.

Sakumi: We’re twins, but I felt like my brother had a lot of things that I didn’t. He’s not friendly at all yet he’s liked by others. He’s a delinquent yet his grades are good.

Sakumi: I was jealous of my brother, so I thought that if I had the same things as my brother, we’d be equals.

Sakumi: But while I was fixating on that, you two started dating.

Sakumi: When I heard that you started dating my brother. I thought I was left behind not only by my brother but you as well. No matter how desperately I clung to you, at some point, you and my brother went on without me.


Sakumi: You’re right… Being frightened is the natural response, isn’t it?

Sakumi: I’m sorry.

Sakumi: You don’t have to forgive me, but please let me apologize. I’m not hugging you because of my guilty conscience, I just don’t want you to see my face right now.

Sakumi: I’m sorry for being envious of my brother.

Sakumi: I had always hoped that the three of us could stay together forever, but we had a bunch of fights and my brother, who seemed to have strived in everything… It was frustrating to have you taken away by him.

Sakumi: Not having you look my way hurt.

Sakumi: I loved you yet I did such horrible things to you, and I’m sorry.


Sakumi: I won’t get in-between you and my brother again. I know there’s no room for me to enter between you two.

Sakumi: I’m sorry for taking the easy route even in the end.

Shirou: Wait.

Sakumi: What?

Sakumi: I’m sorry that I’m doing things on my own accord, but could you not leave me alone for a bit.

Shirou: Sakumi, did you think I’d let you escape?


Sakumi: What are you talking about?

Shirou: Is that all your wish is worth? Ending it after raping her, is that really what you want? Did you think things would revert things to the way they were?

Sakumi: Brother…?

Shirou: You want the three of us to remain together, right? Her, me and you, the three of us.

Sakumi: I don’t understand what you’re trying to say. When it comes to, you and her, Brother, I’m already-


Shirou: That’s why I said that you never follow through.

Shirou: Yeah, he’s only fainted, so it’s fine.

Shirou: Let’s head over to my place, my room.


Track 5: Shirou and Sakumi


Sakumi: It hurts…

Sakumi: Brother, what are you doing?

Sakumi: W-What are you doing? That’s enough. I’ve already given up, so what are you doing?!!

Shirou: Oh, you’re already awake. That was fast. But, I haven’t cum yet, so I’ll continue until I do.


Shirou: Being so wet that it looks like you’ve wet yourself… Your womb coiling around me as if it’s trying to suck it out of me… Does this place really feel that good? Or is it because Sakumi’s watching?

Shirou: Hanging your tongue like a bitch in heat,.. How is it? Tell me.


Shirou: Look, now Sakumi can have a clear view of everything.

Shirou: Are you turned on? Your insides are clamping down so hard on me.

Sakumi: What are you trying to achieve…? Is that the type of place you’re going with? Hey.

Shirou: Later…

Shirou: Yes, blow him off.

Sakumi: Hah!?

Shirou: You can do it, right? It’s not your first time performing fellatio.

Sakumi: Brother, are you, are you insane? What are you trying to do?

Shirou: I guess you can’t figure it out unless I tell you, huh. Extend your hands out, remove that idiot’s belt, pull down his underwear, lick it with your tongue, and make him cum from your blowjob.

Shirou: Remember Sakumi’s taste and then learn to ascertain which one of us it is from just taste.


Sakumi: Shirou, you bastard!!!

Sakumi: Stop! Why are you going along with it?!! I said stop! I’ve learned my lesson! Please don’t do it!

Shirou: Take it all the way down into your throat. Take it all in. If you spit it out, I’ll make you do it all over again.

Sakumi: Why are you doing this…?

Sakumi: If it makes you cry, you should stop. Do you not see there’s something wrong with you and my brother?

Shirou: You know, Sakumi was just inside your pussy not too long ago. How does it taste? Is it good?


Sakumi: Stop. Stop…

Shirou: Lick it gently without letting your teeth touch. Stroke the base with your hands and suck on it with your lips.

Shirou: Though for him, it might be better for it to be a little painful.

Shirou: Tell her, Sakumi.

Sakumi: Stop!

Shirou: Tell her exactly how you like your dick sucked. You’ve masturbated to the thought of her many, many times, haven’t you??

Shirou: Say it.


Shirou: I guess it doesn’t matter. Suck him off and cover him in your saliva. It’ll be going inside this hole of yours again later.

Sakumi: N-No, no, I don’t want to cum-

Sakumi: Stop.

Shirou: Does licking him arouse you? Your reactions are even better than before.

Shirou: I have to thank Sakumi for letting me see sides of you I’ve never seen before. And don’t worry, I love you no matter.

Shirou: Come on, here too. Clench your pussy and suck me off with it. Make sure not to just focus on Sakumi.


Sakumi: I, I’m seriously…

Sakumi: Stop!

Sakumi: I…I guess I wasn’t going to be forgiven that easily. I’ll apologize, I’ll apologize, so-

Sakumi: Stop! Stop! Please stop!


Shirou: That was quick.

Shirou: Yes, I’m sure you know, right? Gulp it all down and taste it thoroughly.

Shirou: Open your mouth and show me the inside.

Shirou: Well done.

Sakumi: Why…? Why are you doing something like this?

Shirou: Oh, right, I should pull out for a bit.


Shirou: Get on top of Sakumi.

Shirou: You can do it, right? That’s still erect, so insert it inside you and do whatever you want with it.

Sakumi: No more. Please stop! You can still end it, isn’t that right? There’s no reason to be doing this, right?

Sakumi: Please stop… Stop!!!

Shirou: Too late. No diddling around.


Sakumi: No, please pull it out… Pull out!

Shirou: Both you and Sakumi can move however you two like. Because I’ll be moving however I want.


Shirou: No need to worry, we’ve done it before, no? Your cunt is made so that it can take in both of us.

Shirou: You were born to be loved by both of us.


Shirou: It’s so tight.

Shirou: It may still hurt now, but us two be loosening it up every day from now on, so hang in there until then.

Shirou: Sakumi, you should loosen up too.

Shirou: You can go ahead and kiss Sakumi.


Shirou: It has loosened up nicely. Juices spurt out each time I thrust into you.

Sakumi: No, I don’t want this… Please stop.

Shirou: Your nipples are super erect too. Does it feel good? Wasn’t it supposed to hurt?

Shirou: You’re such a pervert.

Sakumi: N-No, please don’t move…


Shirou: You’ve been cumming non-stop for the past while. But, look, neither I nor Sakumi has cum inside you yet.

Shirou: We’ll continue until we do.

Sakumi: No, no more. I don’t want to cum. Please no more, stop, I don’t want this-

Shirou: You may not want it, but considering when you did before, it’s not like we can pretend it didn’t happen. Right, Sakumi?


Sakumi: I…

Shirou: Cum. And wait for me to cum too.

Sakumi: Stop. Stop…

Shirou: I’m cumming!


Shirou: Don’t pull out, it’ll spill. Plug it up, and keep it in there till she’s pregnant.

Shirou: Even with all this cum, you’re still squeezing me tightly.

Shirou: You can still continue, right? I’ll continue to love you even if you break.

Shirou: Same applies to you too, right, Sakumi?

Sakumi: You won’t stop because it’s my brother’s orders, huh.

Sakumi: I knew, I knew that you had always loved my brother. Whenever we fought, you would often tease me for it. But you would always have that causal expression whenever you obeyed my brother. You were happy.

Sakumi: And I… I loved you. I’ve always loved you.


Shirou: Would be nice if you gave birth to twins. Twins that resemble you and I.


Track 6: End Results


Sakumi: I love, I love it. It feels so good. I love it.

Sakumi: Hey, please pat my head.

Sakumi: I love it, I love it so much. It feels so good my dick feels like it’s about to melt.

Sakumi: Kisses feel so good. Kiss me, kiss me more.


Sakumi: I can’t…it feels too good; I’ll lose my mind.

Sakumi: Hey, please let me cum inside you. Please hug me tighter. Even tighter.

Sakumi: You smell so good. It’s so soothing.

Sakumi: I love you. I love you. I love you so much. Please, please kiss me more.


Sakumi: Eh? What’s wrong?

Sakumi: Wake up…

Sakumi: I-I’m sorry. What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?

Shirou: Step back.

Sakumi: Big brother…?

Shirou: Hey, don’t move all of a sudden. If you suddenly move then you’ll choke her with the chains.


Shirou: See? It looks like she’s in pain. You should apologize.

Sakumi: Eh? But…

Shirou: Sakumi.

Sakumi: I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m sorry…!

Shirou: What? Are you crying?

Sakumi: I’m so sorry…

Shirou: You’re such a handful. So, what happened?


Sakumi: She…she suddenly lost consciousness, and I was scared.

Shirou: Are you alright?

Shirou: You seem to be fine. That’s a relief.

Shirou: It’s because you were too rough, idiot.

Sakumi: I’m sorry.

Shirou: I’ll prop her up, so hold her gently.


Shirou: Your breasts are swollen. It must hurt, right?

Shirou: Hug me so tightly… Does it feel that good to have them licked?

Sakumi: Me too. Me too.

Sakumi: Do your nipples feel good?

Sakumi: I’m happy.


Shirou: He’s almost like a baby, isn’t he? He’s always such a handful.

Sakumi: I love you. I love you so much.

Sakumi: I want to do it again, and again, and again.

Shirou: What am I to do with you? Let’s see… You should be able to take me in too, right?


Shirou: Hey, don’t struggle. I’ve only inserted 2 fingers.

Sakumi: Big brother’s fingers are going in…

Shirou: It feels great to have me stretch you out with my fingers while you’re being penetrated, right? We’ve already done it countless times.

Sakumi: Big brother, this is bad. it’s so hot, I feel like I’m about to melt. I want to cum already.

Shirou: I haven’t put it in yet.

Shirou: Jeez, I guess it can’t be helped.


Shirou: You’re making the dirty face of a shameless sow. How cute.

Shirou: Here. I’ll put it in.

Shirou: Don’t make that face, Relax. At this point, you can’t be satisfied unless there are two inside you, right?


Sakumi: Big brother, you’re pressing against me.

Shirou: Yeah, we’re pressing against each other. It’s tight.

Shirou: There’s so much sweat. Here, I’ll wipe it off.

Sakumi: Your pussy is so hot and tight… It feels good, it feels so good.

Shirou: Turn this way.


Shirou: Your tears are sweet.

Sakumi: Me too. Let me lick them too.

Sakumi: I don’t want that. Please don’t cry. You have me and my big brother, so please don’t cry. We’ll always, we’ll always be together.

Shirou: Yes, that’s right.

Shirou: Sakumi, if you strike against her insides, it’ll stop hurting. So thrust into her.


Shirou: Well? Are you feeling it now?

Shirou: These are quite some sounds.

Shirou: Do you realize it? These are all sounds that you’re making.

Sakumi: It feels so good, it feels so good. I’m wet from your juices and you’re squeezing tightly around me…

Shirou: It’s gotten much easier to move. Not to mention, you’re coiling around me.

Shirou: We’ll play around with you so much that you’ll get wet just from the sight of us, and then fuck you endlessly. And even then, please make sure to take us both in at the same time.

Sakumi: it’s tightening again…


Sakumi: Your pussy feels so good!

Sakumi: I want to cum. Hey, Big brother, am I allowed to cum? Please let me cum. Please let me cum inside of her!

Shirou: You’ve been fucking since the moment I left the house, right?

Shirou: Go ahead, let it all out. Delight her.

Sakumi: I’m cumming, I’m cumming. I’m cumming!


Shirou: I’m about to cum too.

Shirou: Cum so hard that your mind goes completely blank while your body trembles and squirts everywhere.

Shirou: I’ll cum inside you then.


Shirou: Are you okay?

Shirou: I’ve pushed you too far, haven’t I?

Shirou: Sakumi, you should pull out too.

Sakumi: Okay, alright.

Shirou: Would be nice if twins were born after all this.

Sakumi: I love you. I’ve always loved you.


Shirou: Hey, who said you could go up on her?

Sakumi: It hurts. Big brother, it hurts!

Shirou: It would’ve been great if he had turned obedient, but he ended up turning into an idiot.

Shirou: Seriously, what are you two to do without me?

Shirou: I’ll continue to protect you two…

Sakumi: Huh?

Shirou: So let’s stay together forever.


Shirou: Sakumi, I’m glad that you had laid hands on her. I was surprised at the start, but it made me quite happy that you wanted the three of us to remain together.

Shirou: Once you give birth to kids, it’ll become all the more difficult for you two to leave me.

Shirou: I hope things remain this way. Us three can’t live without each other.

Shirou: Don’t you dare think of leaving.


Sakumi: It hurts… It hurts, Big brother. Please stop.

Shirou: If you don’t want to become mind-broken like Sakumi is, that is.

Shirou: Yes, that’s right. You would never run away from me, right?


Shirou: I love you the way you are, but I love you most when you’re smiling beside me and Sakumi.

Shirou: So, I love you. Both you and Sakumi.

Sakumi: Me too. I love you too.

Shirou: Yeah, so let’s stay together, foreverーthe three of us.

Shirou: I love you.

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