【Translation】 Akuma Shoukan shitara Onakura DTDK ga Zetsurin Ikemen Inma ni Natta kudan


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CV: Ooshita Kouta (大下孝太), Hideki Ogihara (荻原秀樹)

Track 1: That One Particular Day


Student-A: If we don’t hurry, the cream bread will be sold out!

Student-B: No, it would be the beef curry bread.

Student-B: Ugh-


Student-B: Yo, be careful you four-eyes.

Student-A: They had so little presence, I would barely notice they were there.

Student-A & B: Hahaha!

Student-A: Eh? What’s the matter? We’re not bullying them, little angel.

Student-B: Yes, yes, we’re at the age where this is all fun and games.

Student-A: But worrying about a nerdy four-glasses… You’re kind to everyone, aren’t you, little angel?

Student-B: Forget about Akuma and spend lunch with us.


Student-B: W-We’ll invite you another time.

Student-A: Uh, let’s go, let’s go…


Y: You’re welcome.

Y: What are you, a flawless beauty? You don’t need to do something as bothersome as concerning yourself with me. It’s shameful being saved by a girl.

Y: What a meddlesome woman.


Track 2: Blood Pact


Y: The wind’s so strong.

Y: Huh? What? Is this…the school rooftop?

Y: Ehh, but I was on my way home?


Y: What? What’s with this mantle?

Y: Eh!? Why am I wearing some visual-kei outfit?!!

Y: You… You’re the girl from class from earlier.

Y: I didn’t catch your name. Anything besides what’s relevant for the entrance exam is a waste of my brain space. So, did you interfere with my study time and put me in this cosplay?

Y: Demonology?

Y: We’re nearing our entrance exams, so what are you saying?

Y: Demons being handsome men… No, I mean, that’s what people often say, but I’m not a demon. It’s just that my last name is Akuma.


Y: H-Hey, don’t come near me. Don’t ogle me.

Y: Don’t pay mind to me slouching.

Y: Even if I hate this, for some reason my lower half’s reacting…

Y: Ah! More importantly, what is the book you’re holding glowing?

Y: It is glowing, and it has “Grimoire” written on the cover.


Y: I can read it just fine, though? I have my glasses on.

Y: My glasses aren’t on??? Where did I drop them?

Y: Huh? The grimoire is a catalyst for demon summoning? I told you, I’m not a demon. I-

Y: Wait, teleporting me in an instant, and putting me in these clothes……

Y: Don’t tell me…!

Y: Hey, where did you get that book?

Y: The deepest corner in the library? Speaking of which, that would be the philosophy and religion section.

Y: Pass it to me. Let me have a read-


Y: Ow, was that static electricity?

Y: But even so… Argh!!!

Y: That hurts, I thought my hand was going to explode.

Y: A demon couldn’t possibly touch a grimoire? What the heck are you saying?

Y: The book is flipping on its own, is this my doing? Just the thought of wanting to read is making the pages turn.

Y: I’m reading, I can read. This grimoire is a genuine book of sorcery!


Y: By obtaining the grimoire belonging to the ancient Israeli sorcerer-king, Solomon, one can supposedly gain control of the entire demon world and even enslave demons.

Y: Based on the magic square you drew, we’re surely meant to enter a blood pact but you summoned not a demon, but instead, me.

Y: So I got mistaken as a demon, huh.

Y: Haha, hahaha!!! Yes, I’m your classmate, Akuma Yukai. I was once human, but now, I’m now a true, full-fledged demon. I’m an incubus who tempts humans and steals their energy, and I’ve now been summoned by you for the incubus that I am.

Y: Since I was deeply invested in my studies, I’m still a virgin, but…

Y: Blood is flowing from the grimoire, ah! Agh, nghh, ahhh!!!


Y: That grimoire nearly made me lose consciousness. This book is seriously bad news.

Y: But even so, you smell almost intoxicatingly good.

Y: Untouched by other men, the scent of a virgin.

Y: Look at my crotch, it’s been throbbing for the past while. It’s saying that it wants to destroy your hymen and wreck havoc inside you.


Y: No matter where you escape to, it’s pointless.


Track 3: Ecstacy of Sexual Depravity


Y: Hahaha!!! I told you, it’s pointless.

Y: See? Right now, I’m an incubus. I can fly anywhere in an instant with these wings, and I can easily pass back and forth through walls.

Y: Regardless of where you run to, I can sniff you out by that sweet scent.

Y-1/Y-2: And I can do this too!


Y-1: Just give up, you’ll be my fleshlight for the rest of your life.

Y-2: Why am I doing this?

Y-1: What a foolish question. It’s because I’m an incubus.

Y-2: …It’s because I love you.

Y-1: Yes, I-

Y-1: Huh? What did I just say?

Y-2: I love you, my little angel.

Y-1: Wait, wait! Also, what’s this “little angel” thing about? I’m not that type of guy.

Y-2: Well, you did subconsciously suppress your love for her.

Y-1: Stop talking about love. Don’t confess to things I’m not even aware of. I’m an incubus, and that’s what the pact is.

Y-2: We have a pact, but even before that you had the red-


Y-1: Enough. I’m just going to straight-up fuck her.

Y-2: Rape play, huh. Okay, okay, let’s make it flashy.

Y-1: I’m not playing! Damn it, you’re driving me insane. Ahem, ahem, let me recompose myself.

Y-1: An incubus’ body fluids have an immediate hypnotic effect. An aphrodisiac per se. Shall we test it out?


Y-1: Don’t turn your face away. Swallow more of my saliva.

Y-2: It’s so electrifying that your shoulders jump when he sucks your tongue, right? I’ll pleasure this side as well…

Y-1: You enjoy being play-bitten, eh.

Y-1: ……And you’re slowly resisting less.


Y-2: I pushed you away, my little angel. But nevertheless, my little angel, you would still show me a smile despite your worry, and each time it happened, I…my chest, it ached painfullyーー

Y-1: Hey!

Y-2: What?

Y-1: Stop with the embarrassing talk.

Y-2: You’re such a cherry boy, cherry boy.

Y-1: You’re a cherry too.

Y-2: To taint the body of our pure-hearted, impartial little angel who cared for such a gloomy person…

Y-2: Hehe. Hehehe.


Y-1: Yo!

Y-2: What?

Y-1: That, give me more of that.

Y-2: Okay, okay.


Y-1: Don’t slack now, the real fun is yet to come.

Y-1: Speaking of being an incubus, we’ve got tentacles. There’re sucklers on the surface of it as you can. I’ll have these to suck on your body.

Y-2: I can remove your uniform with the tentacle mucus too. Being able to see your skin through the clear tentacles… Mmm, it would be hot.

Y-1: This fellow is a part of my body, so I can move it as easily as my arms and legs. Having the slug-like slimy tentacles creeping across you sends shivers down your spine, doesn’t it?


Y-2: Huh?

Y-2: There’s no point in struggling, the tentacles are stronger than they look.

Y-1: It’s better not to melt all of it.

Y-2: But her reactions are such a turn-on.

Y-1: Just a bit more and I’ll be able to see your nipples.

Y-1: You don’t want that? In that case, I’ll hide your breasts with my hands.


Y-2: Stop?

Y-2: When I slowly trace around it, your nipples stick out admirably. How cute. Let me hear more of your voice.

Y-1: Cruel? Perhaps so. For someone who cared so much about me, this is a terrible betrayal. You’re such a pitiful little angel.

Y-2: Then shall we have you experience an even crueler fate?

Y-2: Let’s have the tentacles spread your leg.


Y-2: Who would’ve thought that your cunt would something worthy of reverence, my little angel. And not to mention, it’s soaking wet.

Y-2: Just how cute are you?

Y-1: You seem like a pure angel, but your virgin cunt is flooding with juices. Are you tempting me, perhaps?

Y-2: Just by pressing down on this place more comes spraying out. And your tiny clitoris is trembling like it’s begging to be touched.


Y-1: It’s already aching, isn’t it? You want me to hurry up and ravage you, don’t you?

Y-2: If you’re going to struggle then I’ll make the tentacles coil around the base of your legs.

Y-1: Oh, your little clit can’t wait and has perked up. In that case, I’ll have the tentacles tickle the base of your foot while rubbing your clit.


Y-1: Oh? You’re so wet that it looks as if you’ve wet yourself, but…

Y-1: You hate it yet you’re still feeling it nonetheless, huh.

Y-2: You’re feeling it from the base of your foot too, aren’t you? And you want me to apply the aphrodisiac onto your little clit, right?

Y-2: Ahh, I’ll give you some more affection.


Y-1: Someone is attempting to open the door. Are you fine with them hearing your lewd moans?

Y-2: Having your nipples and clit sucked by tentacles… Shall show everyone in the class the sight of your twitching pussy?

Y-1: If you can’t suppress your voice then you must really want others to see you cum from being raped.


Y-2: But, I wouldn’t want others to hear your lewd moans, my little angel. A barrier’s set up around the classroom so that no one can approach us. And it’s my doing, by the way.

Y-1: It was a great set-up, so don’t just reveal it.


Y-1: No more? You’re at your limit?

Y-1: Then I’ll make you cum. Is that what you thought I’d say?

Y-2: Crying because you weren’t allowed to cum, that messy drooling…none of it is becoming of an angel. How adorable.

Y-1: How about I give you something nice?

Y-1: The tentacle’s fine feelers are slowly winding its way in, are they not? Just looking at it makes your hips tremble. So, what kind of indecent things were you imagining?

Y-2: Look, I’ll have the feelers gently brush your nipples and clit, my little angel.

Y-2: By changing the way I’m brushing, I can even adjust the level of strength.


Y-2: Aah. Letting out a moan like that, how cute.

Y-2: No matter how many times you cum…

Y-1/Y-2: We won’t stop.

Y-1: Resisting is pointless. In the face of me alone, you cease to be an angel.


Y-2: To think you’d even squirt. You came, didn’t you?

Y-1: There’s a place that you want us to pay more attention to, is there not?

Y-1: Here, I’ll shove this extra-thick tentacle I have inside you.

Y-2: The unseemly tentacle went straight inside your cunt. Even your vagina is being smeared with aphrodisiac, isn’t that great?

Y-2: It suits you quite well. Then let’s include this too…


Y-1: While having both your pussy and ass stuffed with tentacles, you’re cumming from your nipples and clit.

Y-1: Did you cum from your pussy and ass?

Y-1: What a greedy angel you are.

Y-2: Getting lost within your endless orgasming. How cute.

Y-2: There’s still more to come.


Y-1: You can’t think of anything but me making you cum, can you? You want me to play around with you more dirtily, don’t you?

Y-1: Well?

Y-2: Let me hear the voice you make when you cum even more.


Y-2: You’re telling me to stop yet your entire body’s enjoying it. You’re so cute, my little angel.

Y-1: You’re so indecent that it’s the last thing I need to see.

Y-1: Corrupting even an incubus like me, what a bad angel you are.


Y-2: Rather than an angel, it’d be more correct to call her a fallen angel. I’ll puck her white feathers, her symbol of purity, and have her fall to earth.

Y-1: You’re cumming so easily now. Who would’ve imagined that you had this lustful of a side to you?

Y-2: I knew. I violated our little angel here more than any other else.

Y-1: Hey, wait-

Y-2: I thought of staining our pure, innocent angel’s beautiful eyes with depravity and despair. Even if I knew I shouldn’t be imagining that our little angel here would tempt me.

Y-1: Hey you, just shut up already-!


Y-1: Shit! It’s time for cram school. I’m not done with today’s lesson preparations.

Y-2: Huh? Cram school? …Even though I’ve become an incubus?

Y-1: If I don’t hurry, I’ll be late.

Y-1: Hurry up and return me back to normal. Turn me back into a human. That way, I’ll return to where I was and be in front of the cram school.

Y-2: Hah!? Are you serious?

Y-1: How would I return…?

Y-1: Right! Page 50 of the grimoire, the incantation to repel demons.

Y-1: We’ll be continuing this tomorrow.


Y-2: Haa, it looks like the mood is ruined. Well, I’ll see you tomorrow then, little angel.

Y-1: Don’t you dare run away tomorrow. Also, be careful on your way home. Don’t fall midway and tumble down the stairs.

Y-1: Until next time!


Track 4: Pleasure and Indulgence


Y: Yesterday, umm…

Y: Oh, I found my glasses by the door when I returned to the cram school. It appears that they had dropped when I was summoned.

Y: So, why were you attempting to summon a demon?

Y: Also, I haven’t been able to focus on my studies at all since then. That’s why I was against it, yet…

Y: Huh? Your ears are bright red.

Y: Did you get turned on by my voice?


Y: That face… It’s way too lewd.

Y: Summon me again as an incubus. Because if you doーー


Y-1: Hahaha! The almighty incubus, Akuma Yukai, has arrived!!!

Y-2: Public sex on the rooftop is not a bad idea. So, what’s your plan? Shall we start things from the beginning?

Y-1: Hey, hey, I’m an incubus, aren’t I? Let’s go straight to the sex.


Y-2: You see, he may be needlessly excited but he was so turned on by you last night that he couldn’t even look you in the eye, so he’s just trying to act tough.

Y-1: D-Don’t reveal that!

Y-1: Damn it. I’m fine with just doing it with you.

Y-2: Hehe, guess we’re being flashy again today. Don’t worry with the potent aphrodisiac inside my pre-cum, you’ll feel so good when your hymen gets outright destroyed that it makes your mind fly right off.

Y-1: For your information, I did not use magic to make it appear as though I have a big dick.

Y-1: Anyhow, think of it as a service. I’ll grind right up against you with this cock.


Y-1: Look, gone with your hymen.


Y-1: To think you’d cum from that something like that…

Y-1: Feel it more. Here, I’ll offer you plenty of my saliva.

Y-2: Then I shall take her other first time. For this hole, that is.

Y-2: Look, your insides are twitching. I’ll soak you so much aphrodisiac that your indecent body becomes one that it can’t survive without my dick.

Y-1: This angrily throbbing dick is dragging against your insides. I’ll pound your fully stretched pussy again and again.


Y-1: Wow, it’s incredible. I never thought it’d feel this good.

Y-2: Whoa. I’m actually having sex with our little angel. Every time I thrust deep into her, she lets out her moans, and it’s cute.

Y-2: You can cum as many times as you’d like, and I’ll help make it happen.

Y-1: Why don’t we display the sight of you cumming with your crotch wide open to the entire school body on a giant screen?


Y-1: You’re squeezing so…

Y-1: Did you cum from imagining it?

Y-1: You may pretend that you don’t want it, but the moment I stop pounding you, you start shaking your own hips.

Y-1: Seeing your orgasm face making my dick throb. It’s irresistible. I’m already about to-

Y-1: You’re going to suck me dry.

Y-1: I’m cumming. I’ll unload my aphrodisiac semen deep inside you.

Y-1: Cum so hard that it makes your womb tremble.

Y-1: Cumming!


Y-1: What is this? I came, but it’s not subsiding at all. I can have endless sex.

Y-2: To cum many times from your cunt, how naughty.

Y-2: Hmm? I’m rubbing against your lewd hole, so I can immediately tell. Your insides are hot and are tightening around me, my little angel.

Y-2: That dazed expression is cute. It’s very arousing.

Y-2: I’m…that voice is going to make me cum.


Y-2: I came so much yet it’s still super energetic. I’ll be able to fuck you constantly.

Y-2: Yeah, being an incubus is wonderful.

Y-1: Both your pussy and ass are swallowing my dick and your mouths below are clamping down like they’re begging for more.


Y-1: You’re an angel, but for you to be led astray by me…

Y-1: I’m cumming again!


Y-1: There’s no stopping, it has hardly exhausted me.

Y-2: The more I grind against your holes with my dick, the hotter it gets. I think I’ll be the one who ends being unable to survive without your pussy.

Y-2: I wish I could have sex with you all day and all night.

Y-2: I’m cumming, I’m cumming. I’m about to…

Y-2: Cumming, I’m cumming!


Y-2: Damn, it feels way too good. I think I’ll become an addict.

Y-1: Your clit is nice and erect, you want something here too, don’t you? In that case, I’ll have the tentacles suck on it while tightly gripping the base. I’ll even add little spikes like sea anemones do.

Y-1: I’ll pump so much semen inside you that makes you go crazy and fuck you till the point that you break.

Y-1: I’ll cum inside both holes. So, come on, accept all of it.


Y-1: I keep cumming and cumming, but I still haven’t cum enough. It feels like I’m the one who’s going to go crazy.

Y-2: Had I not become an incubus, I would’ve never been capable of this. Nor would that little angel be taking in my cock and even cumming from tentacles.

Y-2: I’m deeply grateful to God.


Y-2: I’m cumming again…

Y-1: What God? To have misled me, she’s a succubus, much less a fallen angel.

Y-1: I’m cumming again. I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


Y-2: Let’s enjoy the sex that melts both your body and mind and even your soul until we can’t go on.

Y-2: Don’t worry, even if you die, even if you’re dead, I’ll continue to offer you affection.

Y-2: I’m cumming!

Y-2: Hahaha. Ahahaha!!!

Y-1: Today, you had a chance to escape, but the one who desired me was you.


Y-1: Huh? You thought that if you ran away by yourself, I would attack other girls? And you’d rather be the victim instead?

Y-1: There is a limit to how good-natured you can be.

Y-1: It’s because you’re like that, I-

Y-1: Damn it all!

Y-1: Again. It feels so good…


Y-1: I…

Y-2: Appearances? That’s not it, little angel. Had I not had such thoughts, I would’ve never gone through with it.

Y-2: For my family, entering the top educational institutions in Japan is taken as a granted, and failure on an entrance exam is not permitted in any circumstances. But since I’m an average person, all I could do was study without even sparing time to sleep.

Y-2: Romance and friendships were considered hindrances, so I was purposely alone. As long as I was asocial, no one would bother me.

Y-2: But you, little angel, you’re always there calling out to me and would smile carelessly.

Y-2: And each time it happened, I had to silence the emotions bottled up inside me. Because otherwise, I would not be able to focus on my studies.


Y-2: But deep down, I’ve alwaysーー

Y-2: Again?

Y-2: I’m cumming. I’m cumming!


Y-2: Little angel, I’ve always-

Y-1: Stop, the rest is something you should be saying while you’re not an incubus.

Y-2: Really? You’re still intent on reverting back to a human? University doesn’t matter to an incubus. We can just spend our time having fun sex with our little angel.

Y-1: I…! I’m human. I’m not an incubus nor a demon. I’m Akuma Yukai!!!

Y-1: I want to apologize to you for acting cold and assaulting you as an incubus. This time around, I want to do things the right way.


Y-2: You must be joking, right? I no longer have any intentions of reverting back to a human.

Y-1: You bastard…!

Y-2: So, why don’t we have that version of me disappear?

Y-1: Oh really? That’s what you plan to do thenーー


Y-1: Wait, what are you doing? Don’t tell me-

Y-2: No, little angel, you’re going to summon an actual demon!!!

Y-1: Are you stupid!? Stop, stop…!!!

Y-2: If you do that then you’ll-


Track 5: Demon, Summoned


Demon: The one who summoned from the deepest depth of the demon world is… Well, well, a lustful young lady.

Y-1: She seriously did it. She summoned an actual demon.

Demon: I am grateful and honored to be called upon.

Demon: I have grasped the situation. In error, you had summoned your classmate as an incubus and you wish to put an end to his reckless rampage, Master.

Demon: First, let us tear off these tentacles, clean your body, and fix up your appearance.


Y-2: Hey old man, don’t think you can just jump in right after-

Demon: Human, was it fun pretending to be a demon?

Y-1: He took out my other self with his arm.

Y-2: This is bad, he’s seriously dangerous. Please run away with our little angel!!!

Y-1: H-Hey, let’s run…!


Y: Aghh!!!

Demon: Hmph, what a worthless small-fry.

Demon: Us demons are strictly monitored by God, so we cannot carelessly lay hands on a human. But right now, you’re a low-class demon, so I can crush your skull…

Y: Ahughh!!!

Demon: Let us kill you before you bring shame upon the demon race.


Demon: Huh? That’s…enough?

Demon: He raped you, Master. Are fine with him not receiving punishment?

Y: No, forget about me. Just hurry up and escape.

Demon: To spare his life. So that is my master’s wish.

Y: No, don’t nod…!

Demon: Understand. Let us release him then.

Y: Stop! If you form a contract with a demon and your wish is granted, they’ll take your soul. That’s the first thing you see in fantasy settings!!!

Demon: Hahahahaha!!!!! By employing a demon and having them grant your wish through the formation of a pact via the grimoire, you must pay the price. And that price is your life.


Y: Let go! Don’t touch her.

Demon: Oh dear. You poor thing, your legs are shaking. But worry not, when having your soul taken, there is no pain involved.

Y: Hurry up and run!!!

Y: Why? Just forget about me…!

Demon: She’s sacrificing her life in order to save you. Don’t you think she’s the owner of such a beautiful and pure soul? You rarely see something of this caliber.


Y: Right, you’re not the type to abandon me and escape. Then I have no choice but to defeat this guy…!!!

Demon: Coming at me with the exact same trick, what a fool. Ultimately, there is no way a human could be victorious over a demon-

Y: Got you.

Demon: Argh, you used…the grimoire directly as a shield.

Y: Due to Solomon, not even the high-ranking demons can touch the sorcerer’s grimoire.

Y: Trying to erase me with your hands, I wonder what kind of punishment will befall you.

Demon: How could this be?!!


Y: Tell me how it’s like, Demon.

Demon: Argh!!! I’m being engulfed by the light…!!! Grghhh! Ahh! AHHHH!!!!!


Y: Have I managed to exterminate the demon?

Y: The grimoire…?

Y: There’s not even a single mark on it.

Y: Forget about me. As long as you’re safe, that’s all that matters.

Y: Don’t cry, there are still things you’ve got to do. Listen, even if I die, please fulfill the initial wish you had.


Track 6: Your Wish


Student-A: Huh? Little angel? Are you submitting something midday?

Student-A: Akuma…?

Student-A: I haven’t seen him since morning so I think he’s taken the day off.

Student-B: Skipping school, I guess not. He’s never late and has perfect attendance. Speaking of which, this entire situation is fishy. Did you two go off somewhere, perhaps?


Student-A: We poked fun at her, but the little angel looked like she was about to cry, didn’t she?

Student-B: She’s always worried about Akuma. Maybe she likes him.

Student-A: When he took off his glasses and glared at us, you could see that he’s got a really good face. And he’s tall too. Maybe he’s actually a model.

Student-B: He’s never honest with the little angel so them dating is out of the question.

Student-A: But to make the little angel make that type of face. I wonder where Akuma went?


Y: Listen, even if I die, please fulfill your wish!


Y: My my, so you’ve finally called on me. Considering you’re the only one capable of summoning me.

Y: The one erased by the grimoire was the incubus Yukai and not me. It’s against the rules for a demon to tell a human of a wish that’s in their favor. I couldn’t tell you to summon the human version of incubus Yukai.

Y: But you’re the only one capable of summoning me. I believed that I’d return as long as you wish for it.


Y: Why that is?

Y: Well,  a mistake was made while you were trying to form the blood pact and it was instead a crimson pact. It wasn’t a contract bound by blood but instead, by red. Thus, I was summoned.

Y: What I mean is, umm…our contract was bound by the red string, by the red string of fate.


Y: You couldn’t hear me?

Y: Then it’s fine. I’ll tell you after we finish our entrance exams.

Y: I’m not in a position where I can be dating.

Y: Romance?

Y: That’s not what I meant!

Y: No, I mean, you’re not wrong but… Ah! Quiet, shut up! I have to work on a lot of things so I can succeed. If you’re so keen then be sure to remember that!


Track 7: Spinning Destiny


Y: Oh, it’s almost time…

Y: Even if you rush the results won’t change. Also, what’s with that birthday-looking hair ornament?

Y: It’s still not results-posting time yet, no?

Y: This is the first time I ever came to your room, but there’s no sexiness or whatever else to it at all.

Y: Why are you turning red? It’ll make me conscious of it too, no?


Y: Being conscious of it… It’s not like, no, I mean, it is true but…

Y: Right! There’s one thing I’d like to ask you.

Y: That time, what was the wish that you wanted granted so badly that you’d summon a demon?

Y: You wanted to meet the person whom your red string of fate is tied to? But if it’s fated, wouldn’t you get together with them eventually?

Y: You were certain that the person was me but since I was cold to you, you wanted to check?

Y: Oh, uh, sorry for mockingly calling you a “flawless beauty” earlier. But when you concern yourself with someone as gloomy as me, people will say you’re trying to flirt.

Y: Also, why me?


Y: You were drawn by the fact that I was brazenly alone?

Y: Is…is that so?

Y: No, that’s enough. I’m embarrassed.

Y: Yes, I enjoy studying. And now that I have a goal thanks to you, I poured my heart and soul into my studies. I have no regrets over my high school life.


Y: So, are the results out?

Y: How are they? Naturally, my exam number is on there, right?

Y: Hehe. Thank god, I’ve passed.

Y: Now that the entrance exams are truly over, so I’ll go ahead and fulfill your wish.

Y: What am I referring to?

Y: Your red string of fate is bound to me.


Y: I…umm, can’t use aphrodisiacs or tentacles like an incubus. Frankly, I’m not confident in myself.

Y: Thus, I prepared toys.

Y: I don’t want you to think that things were more risque when I was an incubus.

Y: It’s fine, no? You’re rewarding me for my hard work and success.


Y: Come on, you came from the electric massager, didn’t you?

Y: Your insides tighten when I press down on your clit, and it’s making even my cock tremble. Your desperate look when I inserted the anal beads is incredibly cute too.

Y: I’ve…always wanted to do this.

Y: Whenever I thought of this coming moment, it made me study desperately hard. Therefore, I passed thanks to you.


Y: Your insides are twisting, and you’re cumming again.

Y: I had played with you thoroughly when I was an incubus, so now your body cums so easily, huh? Or have you perhaps been masturbating to thoughts of me since then?

Y: Remembering the things I did to you as an incubus, and then…

Y: Tightening out of embarrassment, you’re so easy to read.


Y: Hmm? Mean? …I am?

Y: What are you saying? This is only the beginning.

Y: You insides tighten each time I press the electric massager up against you clit, huh. When I pull in and out slightly then ram it deep inside you after some tease, your insides would start twitching during your surprise.


Y: You’re adorable, and I’ve always wanted to say that.

Y: You’re so hopelessly cute. I love you. I want to have sex with you. Those were the thoughts I constantly had.

Y: For you to love me back and to feel good even when you were being attacked, the thought of it makes me love you uncontrollably.

Y: I can’t hold back any longer. I want more of you.


Y: I love you. I love you so much that I…


Y: I’m cumming, I’m cumming.


Y: I went about it yesterday in preparation for today, but I let out so much.

Y: Had I not become an incubus, I probably wouldn’t have been able to even talk with you.

Y: Us being together like us probably would’ve occurred a lot later.

Y: Do you not like me referring to you that way?

Y: I’ve known your name ever since we were put in the same class, ever since the school entrance ceremony. I was charmed by your bright smile, and I had a feeling that you were the person I was destined to be with too.

Y: That’s why I threw myself into my studies and coldly rejected you. And I’m sorry.


Y: This time, I’ll embrace you while whispering your name into your ears.

Y: Now let’s make this flashy.


Y: Oh, just now was the fellow who governs my true feelings.

Y: Yup, that’s right, they haven’t disappeared. My love and desires aren’t always evident, but no matter how much surges forth there’s no end to it.

Y: Hehehe.

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