【Translation】 Inmitsu Dasshutsu Game Vol.2 Hajimete Kareshi Hen


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

淫蜜脱出ゲーム Vol.2 ハジメテ彼氏編

CV: Furukawa Makoto (古川慎)

Track 1: Unforeseen Downpour


That was quite the downpour.

We were under an umbrella, but in the end, both your dress and my shirt got wet. And it was sunny not too long ago.

You can even hear the sound of the rain inside.


Don’t look so dejected. Once it clears up, we can go on our date again. I’m sure it’s just a sudden shower, so in the meantime, let’s take shelter from rain until our clothes dry.

Look, you’re sneezing.

Your body’s cold from being poured on by the rain. At this rate, you’ll catch a cold, so don’t you think it’s best if you were to take a shower?

Ah. I’ll go after you, so go ahead and warm up first.


That said, to have entered a love hotel in the spur of the moment… What was I thinking?

Eh? What is it? I can’t hear you through the sounds of the shower.

No, I’m fine, no need to rush. Take your time.

But even so, it’s the first time I’ve been to a place like this, so I’m a bit nervous so to speak.

No, uh, I didn’t mean it in a weird way. It’s not like we could’ve just entered a store with soaking wet clothes and the station was far away. This hotel just happened to be right in front of us, so I thought it’d be the perfect place to take shelter from the rain.

So…it couldn’t be helped, right?


But even though it’s a weekday, there were barely any open rooms. So umm, I think everyone’s thinking of the same idea and taking shelter from the rain here.

No, no, that was just a slip of the tongue.


How should I say it? It was a precious date, yet to have entered a love hotel without much consideration like this, I’m sorry.

I’ll go ahead and say this, but that wasn’t my intention, so you can rest at ease.


That…I do think about getting to that point with you someday, but it’s the first time for both of us.

For the first time, I want us to do it at someplace proper, you know?

So, uh, I’ll work hard at my part-time job, and once I save up the money, we’ll go on a trip, and then-

That startled me.

Why did you come out in just a towel?!!


Oh, right, your clothes are wet, so you can’t just wear them like that.


I didn’t look, but shouldn’t there be some in that area? We can search for them, so please don’t pace around so restlessly.

T-Then I’ll take this chance to take a shower, and you can search-

Wait, wait, wait!!! No, don’t move any further. Stop! If you move any more, I’ll fallーー



U-Uh, I’m so sorry. I grabbed you without thinking.

Your face is red…

Not only are you embarrassed, but you’re also looking so defenseless.

It’s true that I went in first, but how can you not be conscious of it when you’re in a love hotel? If you show me a sight like that, I…

But even so, you’re soft.


No, uh, this is the first time I’m touching your body directly like this.

Umm, I’m sorry.

I feel an overwhelming desire to kiss you.


Your lips are soft too.

One more.


S-Sorry, for some reason, I just couldn’t stop.

Uh. The bathrobes are over there!

Go and change.

You know, at this rate, you’ll catch a cold, and err, I’ll go take a shower too!!!


Track 2: Lovers’ Missions


So this is what the beds are like in a love hotel? It’s so fluffy.

Would you like to come here and take a seat?

Why are you staring at me? Erm…I did mention this earlier, but I didn’t bring you here because I wanted to ‘do it’.

Uh. When you’re that openly relieved, it does make me feel a little guilty.

Ah, no, in any case…

That was a lie. It wasn’t like I had zero ulterior motives.

I’m sorry I lied.


No need to be embarrassed. I won’t force anything on you, so show me your face.

There’s no guy that wouldn’t react when they’re with the girl they love. And if I were to be frank, I wish I could touch you right now.

But even so, you wouldn’t want your first time to be the result of this kind of development, right?

I’m really looking forward to going on a trip with you one day.

Spending a day in an unfamiliar town and bathing in hot springs. I intend to reserve our first times for that moment.

It’s not like that…

I, uh, you’re my first girlfriend, so I want to go about it the right way. That included.


Dummy, there’s no need for you to thank me.

I love you, and I wish to cherish you.


You’re all shy.

Now then, I think the rain has let up, so let’s head out. You didn’t forget anything, right?

Huh? The door isn’t opening.

That’s odd.

Am I doing it wrong?

Oh, right, we should just take a look at what seems to be the room’s information booklet.

Yes. Yes, that. What’s written on it?

What’s wrong? Why do you look so concerned?

Let me take a look.


Let’s see.

“Welcome to the deluxe suite. Courtesy of the luXuria hotel, this is a special room in which once the room is entered, it cannot be exited until a series of missions have been successfully completed. The prepared missions are all those that can be easily cleared for those that truly love each other. Please do your best as you confirm each other’s love.”


You’re kidding me, right?

Wait a sec, had there always been a door there further inside the room? Is that the exit, perhaps?


It opened, but it’s not linked to the outside?

It’s an extra room within the suite.

In any case, the light, the light…

Oh. There’s a bed in this room too.

Wait, our smartphones are there on that table. Let me go grab them.


Hmm? There’s a piece of paper that had fallen underneath the table.


“First mission: Embrace each other for 30 seconds.”

Mission? Like the ones mentioned in the booklet?

Was that not a joke?

Since it is the first then there isn’t just one mission.


Wait, uh, something fell over there.


What’s that? A tablet and some box?

!? It booted up on its own.

“Congratulations on clearing the first mission. Please open that box and proceed to the next mission.”

“Second mission: Slippery lube sex”……

No, no, no, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, what is this even? Also, “Congratulations on clearing the first mission”? I didn’t even do anything-

Uh. Oh, right.

When we got out of the bath, we did indeed hug for more than 30 seconds.


What do we do…?

W-Wh-Why, why did you suddenly kiss me?

Eh? What did you just say?

You don’t mind doing it? Are you serious?

No, uh, when it comes to that, I’m the same, I’m always thinking of you. And, err…I do want to have sex. But, girls, you know, yearn for a romantic setting, don’t they?

I want your first time to be a good experience…




I can’t. It almost feels like I was the one who was all fussy about it. For me, as long as I’m with you, I’ll, without a doubt, be happy no matter the time or place.

I love you.

I fall for you more each day. …I love you so much.


Sorry, I was so absorbed into it that I pushed you down without realizing. That said, I’m at my limit.

I want to have sex.

Is it alright if I touch you? Naturally, I’ll be gentle.

Let’s continue kissing…


So you enjoy having your ears licked.

If you say that, I’ll be the one feeling embarrassed.

Let me remove your clothes.


Of course I’m nervous.

Hey, don’t hide your boobs. Show me them.


So soft. They feel so nice that I wish I could touch them forever.

Does it feel good when I massage them?

Your eyes are moist.

Ah. Your nipples are hard.


I’ll touch these places too.


Whoa, they’re sticking up even more.

Rubbing against them or rolling them around, which feels better?

But I don’t know. I wouldn’t want to do something you dislike either, so I have no choice but to ask you, right?

Oh, you trembled just now.

I see. So both feel good.

I want to hear more of your sweet voice.

And not just my fingers. I wish to kiss them gently too…


What an incredible lewd voice. So it feels good being licked.

If so, more…


Your body’s quivering.

Other side…

I’m really happy that you’re feeling good from the things I do.


I want to touch you and kiss you even more.



You’re right. I’m sorry, I was desperately trying to force it out of my mind. So umm, what was it again?

Slippery with lube……


Nevermind, not now, let’s save that for later.


Since it’s our first time having sex, I don’t want it to feel like we’re just doing what was asked. If we’re going to be locked up and unable to leave either way, I’d rather we take our time and enjoy ourselves fully.


That said, I’ll be removing everything.


Track 3: Sex for the First Time



You’re wet. So you were feeling it quite a lot.

Open up your legs.

Nope, I want to touch you. Also, your look of embarrassment turns me on.

But when I see that appearance, I won’t be able to hide my true thoughts.

I’ll be touching you then.


Incredible. It’s becoming even wetter.

It’s almost like it’s overflowing.

Can I touch the tip too?


S-Sorry, did that hurt? Was I not supposed to do that?

Could it be…that it felt too good?

I see.

So this place feels good.

I understand, I’ll only touch the outside. If it’s this amount of pressure then it’s fine, right?

I feel like it’s slowly swelling up.

And…it’s better than before.


Is it alright if I try inserting my fingers?

I’ll take it slow.


It’s so hot.

The entrance is slippery and the place where I entered is wrapping around me. Even though all I’ve inserted is my finger, it feels almost too much for me to take.

I want to kiss you.

Look at my face.


As we kept doing it, my finger slipped in…further.

Would another finger be able to fit?

There. It’s a bit tight, but it went in.

It doesn’t hurt, right? Would it be alright if I moved my fingers a little more?


Cute. I want to hear more of that voice.

More. More.

I want to make you feel even more pleasure.

Is it alright if I licked your nipples again?


Wow, you’re tightening around my fingers.

So it feels really good when I tease them both at the same time.


Is it alright for me to put it in? I can’t wait any longer.

I want to enter inside you.

It’s my first time too, so umm, I don’t know if it’ll go in properly.


Are you frightened?

Eh. No, uh, I don’t know if mine’s big or not compared to other men, but I guess that would scare you…

I’ll take it slow and make it hurt as little as possible.

Wrap your arms around my neck.

Please tell me if it ever gets too much for you, alright?

Then, I’ll be putting in…


This is amazing. Your entrance is slippery, and…darn.

It’s not going in.

Is there actually a place for it to go in?



I knew it, it was tight even with my fingers. It’s so cramped.

Please relax a little more.

I got an idea. Why don’t we go about it as we kiss? That way, you might be able to take your mind off of it.


You’re wetter than before.

Just a bit more.

Can you tell…that I’m slowly entering inside you?

I think it’ll only take a bit longer.



I love you. I really love you.

I want your everything.


Is it in all the way?

Wow. It’s tight and narrow, and hot, and is squeezing down on me.

I apologize if I’m unable to control myself well.

Does it hurt? Are you alright?


We’ve become one.

It feels so good that I feel like I’m about to melt and go insane. So good that I wished we could stay like this forever.


I’ll start moving slowly and gradually, so please tell me if it hurts.


This place feels good, right?

When I rub this place together with the tip, your insides tighten.

How is it? It doesn’t hurt, right?

Thank god.


It’s wetter than before and I feel like I could move smoothly.

Let’s feel more, even more pleasure together.

Let’s hold hands. Entwine your fingers with mine.

I, my entire being, I want to become more in union with you.


It feels too good. I’m sorry, I…can’t hold on any longer.

Is it alright if I go a little rougher?

Please let me feel more of your insides.


I’m about to cum…

I’m cumming!


My mind’s all hazy.

What about you? Are you alright? You’re not in pain, right?

That’s a relief. I’m happy.

I love you, I love you so much.


Track 4: Naughty Love Lube


Why are you grinning?

You’re happy about the arm pillow? So, what’s your review of it?

It feels nice?


My hand’s gone numb.

Dummy, it’s fine. I didn’t say it was a bad thing. Continue sleeping for a bit longer.


This does feel embarrassing for some reason. So this is how it feels after you’ve done it for the first time, type of thing.

I feel like I’m far closer to you than I was before.

In any case, it’s a happy feeling.

What about you?

!? You, please don’t say such cute things.

Like I said, if you say such things, I’ll end up wanting to do it again.


If it’s with you, I can do it time and time again.


That reminds me, those missions mentioned in the booklet…

If what’s written really is true, we can’t just leave this place.

So, you know, let’s head to the bathroom, take a shower together, and then, umm, give it a try.

The uh, “slippery lube sex”.



Then without delay, let’s open up the lube.

It has ‘honey-flavored’ written on it. It’s one of those that are safe to ingest.


Hmm, it certainly is sweet. It tastes of honey.

Would you like a taste?

Hey! Don’t lick it from my fingers. It tickles.

It’s, k-kind of, too much, so stop. What you were licking were my fingers, but it somehow felt good.

It makes me feel strange.

This might be dangerous.


Err…where? Would it be alright if I smeared it on your boobs?


I don’t know if it’s because it’s slippery, but I can feel the softness so much.

Does it feel good?

Your face is red and you’re panting.

How about we both get in the bathtub?


Come here.

Face towards me and wrap your arms around my neck. By doing this, we can kiss and we can adhere to each other closely.

Your slippery boobs are touching me, and it feels really good.


You’re trembling.

You seem to be feeling so good from the rubbing.


Is it alright if I smear it below too?

The lube makes it well lubricated and when I apply it all over……

You can clearly feel the shape of my fingers, and it’s like I could sense you’re aroused.

Look, my fingers slipped in so easily.


I want to view your look of pleasure for longer. And that voice…

Let me hear it more.


It’s overflowing again.

Your juices inside are mixing with the lube and it’s making some rather indecent, wet-sounding noises.

I’m not trying to tease you.

More. Feel it more.


Damn. I want to stick it in already, but…we just did it for the first time.

Don’t touch me all of a sudden-

That’s right, I’m turned on.

If you…

Could you please not touch it so timidly?

That’s not it. It feels so good that I’ll cum if you just squeeze it even a little.


It’s even worse when we’re kissing.

Both our bodies are slipperily rubbing against each other, and it feels good.


I can’t, at this rate, I really will cum.


Place your hand on the wall.

That’s not what I meant.

From the back. Hold it between your thighs.


This feels too good.

Can you tell that it’s twitching?

Then let me tease this place with my fingers.


It’s slippery, and it feels good.

This place is really being grinded up against and it looks like it feels really good.

Damn, I’m about to…


Are you about to cum?

Go ahead. Let’s cum together.



Amazing. It’s all a mess.

Oh, your legs are trembling. I’m sorry for pushing you too far.

Did you cum?

I see.

That frustrates me, but if I were to work hard a little harder…

Is that so? I’m glad you felt good.

Next time, I’ll work even harder.


Let’s both learn step-by-step.


Track 5: Tickling Each Other


Haa…I’m back to life.

We were in the bath for quite a long time, weren’t we?

Come on, you should drink some too.


Hmm? Wait, this plastic bottle has a weird piece of paper wrapped around it.

“Congratulations on completing the second mission.”

Well, there we go.

But why was it on a plastic bottle? What’s the mechanism behind this? …It’s almost as if they’re reading all our movements.

Oh, I’ll continue reading.

“The third mission: She is to tickle him.”


This doesn’t spell well for me…

To tell you the truth, I can’t handle being tickled.

Tch. Why are you smirking?

S-Stop! I’m not mentally prepared-

Haha! Hey, hey, wait, wait, hahahahaha!!! You were so weary earlier, yet why are you suddenly so energetic..!!!

Ah, no, no, not there!!! It tickles-

Not my sides!



You’ve really gone and done it.

I’m going to tickle you back, so prepare yourself.

Nope. I’m definitely going for it.


Well, how’s that? Are you laughing? It tickles, doesn’t it?

Taste my pain.

Dummy, don’t just suddenly let out such an odd voice.

Seriously, why are you so cute?

I have no tolerance, so I just can’t. My mind is filled with nothing but thoughts about you. So much so that I feel like I’ll lose my mind.

Because you really, really, were the first for everything. Touching, kissing, you were the first.

I’m glad you gave your first to me. It made me really happy.


Let’s take a break from the tickling for now.

It’s not unfair. I was tickled to tears.

Right now, umm…I want to kiss you lots.

If we do it repeatedly and continue to touch each other then even if I’m tickled, I might not feel ticklish over it.

Or something like that.

In the end, it sounds like an excuse, doesn’t it?


Now I feel like doing things beyond kissing.

I can’t be helped, right? Whenever I touch you, I quickly lose my self-control.

!? What?

The underside of the headboard is lighting up.

It says that the third mission is cleared and that next up is the fourth mission.

The fourth mission, “he is to make her cum with his mouth.”


It’s like a back and forth.

I’ve been the one feeling good, so you haven’t cum yet. So this time…

Why are you shifting away from me?

That cute restraint is pointless, a mission’s a mission.

Eh? Locked?

Whether it’s actually locked? Why are you asking that now?


It can’t be helped. Let’s check it again then.

Promise me that if it’s still locked when I check, you’ll listen to what I say.

Yup. Promise.

See? It’s still locked. Too bad.


How could I be in cohorts? And who am I in cohorts with?

But even so, this really is a strange room.


In any case…


Track 6: Tons of Love


Well then, I’ll slowly kiss you from the top.

Once you’re mentally prepared, spread your legs.

Nope. Plus, I want to see more of you too.


Come on, open up your legs.


It’s super wet.


I like these juices more than that honey-flavored lube.

Are you embarrassed?

But it’s true.

It’s really twitching.



I lick and lick, but it keeps on flowing.

Your voice is almost sweet too.

Hey, don’t close your legs. Spread it nice and wide. I want to continue licking it.


Does it really feel that good?

Your hips are swaying, and it’s almost like you’re wiggling them around.


Let me hear more of that voice, and feel it more.

Does it feel good?

Shall I insert my fingers as well?


How’s that? Does it feel good?

The place I’m licking has swelled up a lot and it’s super arousing.

Go ahead, continue feeling it.

I’ll use both my fingers and tongue on you.


It’s twitching and squeezing down on my fingers.


Are you about to cum?

Go ahead, cum.


It’s twitching so much.

Are you alright?

Could it be that you came just now?

Thank god, you actually felt good.

Of course I’m happy.


You were super cute when you came.


Track 7: Unstoppable Movements


Is it my phone?

It was out-of-range earlier, but did it finally connect?

Message notification…

No way, it’s from the hotel.

Why my phone? Seriously, how are they setting this up?


Well, it’s too late now.

Okay, let’s read it.


“Congratulations on completing the fourth mission. Next up is the final mission. Are you ready for it? Tap to indicate yes.”

Damn, I’m weirdly nervous now.

We came this far without really understanding any of it, but in any case, this is the last one, right?

At this point, it feels like we can complete whatever mission comes our way.


The final mission is…


“Kiss for 30 seconds.”

Umm…how should I say this? This is quite an anticlimax.

No, uh, I just thought something more extreme would come, so I was bracing myself for it. Your heart was racing too, no? …Over what kind of mission it was going to be.

I mean, I…

Just a little.

I might’ve had my hopes up even though something extreme might’ve popped up.



Alright, let’s kiss then.


When we actually face each other for the kiss like this…it still gets my heart racing.

I can hear your heart pounding too.


It feels good just to touch your soft lips.

Stick out your tongue.

Wrap it around mine.


I wish we could do this forever.


Huh? Did you hear a click just now? Could it be that the door has unlocked?

The last bit feels almost a bit overly rushed.

You’re right, we can finally leave, but sorry, I don’t want to leave just yet. With the way things are now, I can’t suppress it.

I want to do it one more time.

When I saw you cum earlier, I wanted for us to cum together.

Besides, umm, because of the kiss, I’m already this…

Can you tell that I’m really hard right now?


I want to continue kissing, and I want to enter inside of you.

Can I?

I’m so glad you feel the same way as me.

It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, right? For a couple to want to have sex, I’m sure it’s only natural.


Come here.

It’s been wet since before.

I’m putting it in.


The tip is sliding around and it’s not quite going in.

Even though it was our first time today, we went quite far, didn’t we?


It’s in.

Because it’s so wet, it easily went all the way in. Every time I slowly pull in and out, it wraps around me, and it feels so hot.

It’s swallowing me up thoroughly almost as if it remembers my shape.

I feel really good too. I can’t get enough of it.


Can I go rougher? I want to feel your insides fully.

Thank you. Please tell me if it ever hurts.


It feels so good……

The part deep inside you is throbbing. Does that mean you’re about to cum?

That gives me the shivers. If I hear you say that then…I’ll be at my limit.

You tightened-

It’s not like I’m trying to blow it out proportions.

Yes, while we’re bound to each other, let’s cum together.


I love you too. I love you!


It feels so good.

I’m about to cum…



Did you cum?

I see, so we managed to cum together.


As expected, I’m a bit worn out.

You’re at your limit too, aren’t you?

Sorry, in the end, I think I might’ve pushed you a little too far.

I feel like sleeping in each other’s embrace right now.

I know. We’ve successfully completed the missions, so the door’s open. So once we take another shower, let’s actually head out this time.

That said, please let me hug you like this for a little bit longer.


In one way or another, we suddenly got ourselves hands-on experience.

But I’m glad that I got to see the different sides of you.

Umm…it’s like as we were dating, we were still holding back in some regards. It’s almost as if we haven’t quite got dating down right.

That said, because of today, I sense that we’ve become a lot closer.


I love you.

Let’s both continue to deepen our relationship as lovers.

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