【Translation】 Shinshoku Renai ~case03 Kajiwara Keigo~


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

侵食レンアイ ~case03 梶原圭吾~

CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke (立花慎之介)

Track 1: Impatience


What an annoying woman you are. I don’t need those kinds of things.

If that’s what you say then let’s break up right now. Hurry up and run off to some other man.

Tch. What are you-!?


!? Sister…?

So you were listening in, huh.


Hardly. We merely got into a bit of an argument. But well, as you can see, we just broke up.

Oh, but it’s a bit of a shame, we were quite physically compatible.

I’m the worst, huh.

It’s been a long time since we talked and that’s what I hear. How I go about my relationship is my problem, no? It’s not like I’m affecting you.

I am affecting you…? How so?

Oh, that reminds me, you were called out and harassed by one of my ex-girlfriends, right? Sorry about that.


My poor sister, because of your little brother’s bitches, you’re ostracized in university and you can’t get yourself a proper boyfriend nor friends.

In your case, I guess I was wrong to think that you didn’t have a boyfriend, it’s just that you couldn’t get yourself one. Hahaha!!!

To hate men like that, you really are pitiful.

But well, I am the cause of all that.

If a girl has to look at such a loose man every day, of course they’d become a man-hater.

So, are you scared of me too?

You hate being touched, huh.

Continue to scorn me and then grow to hate men even more.


Huh? What did you just say? You have a guy you like?

Don’t say something so haphazard. A man-hater like you could never-

Are you serious?

Who is it? Is it someone from university? Or are they your high schoolーー

Since you won’t say it, I guess it’s a lie.

An upperclassman in your seminar​…? Their name?

Enough, just tell me.


So it’s him, huh.

Well, no matter how much you like him, you can’t do anything if they don’t feel the same way as you. With your fear of men, a one-side love like the ones you’d have in elementary school befits you.

Who the hell would listen to you?

Besides, what would I gain from stopping my player ways?

Oh, right, one of your few friends… Uh, what was their name? I got their contact information when I reached out to them the other day. It seems like that girl likes me.

I don’t mind making her my next partner. They seem like a nice and honest girl.


Why? Whether we go out is a matter between me and her, so what does it have to do with you?

But well, as long as they let me release my lust, any woman is fine.

Why are you so angry this past while? Oh, are you saying that you’re willing to become your friend’s replacement?

A joke? But I’m serious though.

To be frank, I’m tired of trying to curry favor with the girls. They’re always acting selfish and they suddenly get angry over who knows what, and it’s bothersome.

By the way, if you become their replacement, I’ll stop sleeping around with girls.


There’re no problems with it, right? It’s not like we’re actual siblings.

So, what do you plan to do? I’m fine with it either way.

Come on, hurry up and decide.

Haha! My poor sister, you can’t help but comply when you’re threatened by your little brother, can you?  You must think it’s much easier to have your brother bully you than it is to have your friend treated poorly, right?

You really are irritating, the way you’re ignorant to it all is horrible.

On that note, since you’re substituting for the role of my girlfriend, you’ll have to be doing that, though.

Do you think you’ll be able to endure it?

You’ll endure it, right? It’s for the sake of your precious friend, after all.


Come here for a bit.

What’s this? You’re quieter than expected. Or are you so scared that you can’t move? Because our body’s shaking.

Open your mouth, I won’t be able to kiss you properly like this.

How stubborn.

Oh well, I’ll just open it slowly then.


Is this the first time you’ve had this kind of kiss?

I thought so since you were clumsy, but it’s more exciting this way.

Don’t close your mouth, entwine your tongue more with mine.

Yes, more strongly.


You gave a jolt just now.

So you’re weak to your ears. How cute.

Come on, don’t tense up, relax.

Yes, that’s good.


You’re surprisingly good. I’ve taken a liking to you.

As long as you obediently listen to what I say, I promise I won’t lay hands on any other woman. But if you show any signs of defiance…

You know what’ll happen, right?

Then let’s head over to my room.


Track 2: Replacement


Since you’ve come this far, you won’t be saying no, right? I told you beforehand that this is what it means to be their replacement and you agreed to it, didn’t you?

As if such a childish excuse could pass.

Don’t tell me you actually thought it’d end with just a kiss?

Come on, hurry up and strip.

You can’t?

You know what’ll happen if you disobey me, right?


I guess it can’t be helped, I’ll head over to your friend’s place at once then. I’m sure she’ll happily do it with me.

Here, look, if it’s with me,  they’re willing to do it at any time.

They say some rather cute things, don’t they?

So, what do you plan to do?


Yes, yes, as long as you do as you’re asked, I’ll be gentle with you as I would with an actual girlfriend.

Huh? You’re finished? But you still have your underwear on, though.

Ah, you’re cute when you’re blushing.

I guess this is your limit.

Fine, I’ll take over the rest. Come here.


You’re wearing some rather cute underwear.

Don’t hide it, show it to me properly.

It really suits you.


You’ve been shaking since earlier. You’re actually scared, aren’t you?

No need to put up a brave front, since you hadn’t had a deep kiss before, this must surely be your first time.

Be honest. That way, I can pleasure you properly.

Or are you going to surrender already?

I see. Good girl.

I’ll take off your bra then.


You have such cute breasts. Am I the first to touch them?

Oh? Is that so?

They’re soft and very sensitive. Even though I’ve only touched them slightly, the tips are already hard.

Are you holding back your voice by any chance?

If it feels good then let out your voice.


Even though your body’s reacting this much?

Hey, don’t bite your lips, you’ll injury them. It’s cute when you’re holding back like that, but I won’t be able to fully tell whether I’m making you feel good or not.

Come on, let out your voice.

Show me your undignified side.


I finally get to hear your voice.

That voice is really nice.


Do you think you can lift your hips a little? Because I’ll be removing your panties too.

Oh, so you were indeed feeling it. It’s already wet.

Does this place feel good?

It seems like it’s good, more’s spilling out.

Your insides are tight, they’re clamping down hard on my fingers. I’ll stroke it slowly to ease it up a bit more.


How admirable.

Even though the man you hate is doing such things, you’re desperately putting up with it. Since it’s you, I thought you’d start a fuss in the middle of it, but I guess we’ll be continuing.

You’re super cute. I’ll tease it even more.

You’ve loosened up a lot more. I guess we’ll be able to do it soon.


Relax. I’ll make sure to make it hurt as little as possible.

I’ve always wanted to do this, so there’s no way I’d stop now, is there?

I’m putting it in.


So tight. As expected, it’s narrow.

It hurts, right?

Don’t hold your breath, breath out slowly.

That’s right. It’s in and it’s squeezing me tightly. It’s a bit cramped but it feels good.


Is it hard on you? Your eyes are wet with tears.

It’ll be alright, I won’t move until you’ve settled down.

Can you tell that I’m all the way inside you?

Your insides are hot.

Your insides tightened just now. How cute.


Huh? Why am I being gentle?

Enough, be quiet.


It feels good.


Ah, you really are pitiful. Although we’re step-siblings, you’ve had your first time stolen by your little brother and have been turned into this mess by them.

You’re slowly feeling good, aren’t you?

Enough, don’t think about anything else.

This might be the first time I’ve gotten this into sex. To tell you the truth, I’ve always wanted to do this.

For you to become someone’s replacement is…


I’m about to cum soon.


Hey, are you okay?

She lost consciousness…? I guess I pushed her too hard all at once.

I’ve finally obtained you.

By threatening you and forcing this upon you against your will, I’ll probably be disdained even more than I was before.

Even I believe that I’m a terrible human being. But when I think about how your first time has been taken by me, it feels wonderful.


Sister, I’ll never let you escape.


Track 3: Whim


Are you awake?

What are you being all vigilant for? There’s no way I’d attack you in the morning.

Just kidding. That’s not convincing considering all the risque things we did yesterday.

I’m glad that Mom went with Dad to his solo assignment. Otherwise, we would’ve had to make more effort in concealing it.


Hmm? Why’s your face bright red? Are you remembering the events of yesterday by any chance?

It’s troubling having such a lewd sister. Even though you were more or less threaten into it, you seemed over the moon with pleasure.

Oh, was that too stimulating for a virgin?

Haha! Cute.

I don’t mind pleasuring you right now, but I’ve already decided on an outing, so get ready.


Huh? You’ll know once you’re there. I’ll be waiting below, so be quick.


Hmm? What are you surprised for? Was an amusement park that unexpected?

“Why”? Because I wanted to go, of course.

This type of thing is nice on occasions, no?

Let’s go.


In the past, we often came here as a family, didn’t we? Both you and I loved coming here.

Hey! What do you think you’re doing?

Are you okay?

It can’t be helped. Come on, give me your hand.

Why are you perplexed? Nobody’s looking.

Since you’re acting as my girlfriend, it’s fine for us to hold hands, no? It’ll be a problem for me if you get lost here.

Oh, take a look at that! It looks fun.

Since we came all this way, we ought to enjoy ourselves, don’t we?


It was a small roller coaster, I thought it was child’s play, but it was surprisingly fun. It felt good when you started grabbing onto my arm with tears in your eyes.

Don’t be angry.

As expected, you hate being dragged around like this, right?

That’s possible, you know? I can tell by looking at your face. You look like you’ve been wanting to ask me why exactly I brought you here since morning.

So, what do you plan to do if I tell you that it wasn’t for my desires, but rather, it was to spend time with you like this?


Heh. Just kidding.

Of course not, I’m just your loose, scumbag of a brother.

Now then, where shall we go next?

Oh, it’s getting dark.

For our final ride, let’s ride the Ferris wheel.


Umm…thank you for today, it was honestly fun. It’s been a long time since I was last able to play with you like this.

Did you at least have a bit of fun?

I see.

To tell you the truth, I regret forcing you to obey me and doing such horrid things. That said, I have no intention of letting you go.

As long as you accept me somewhat, I won’t stop.

As long as you’re willing to substitute for them, I don’t intend to hamper any other person and I’ll never get myself another girlfriend for as long as I live.

So, umm, please continue to follow my demands.


Is it okay if I sit next to you?

It’s pretty when the place is all lit-up, isn’t it?

……If only this moment could last forever.

It’s a joke, everything I said today was a joke. I’m just saying everything on a whim. Now does that satisfy you?

No, uh. Please, please don’t make that face.


Track 4: Hopeless Brother


Sorry to keep you waiting. My bad for being late.

Say, the person you were talking to was the upperclassmen you said you liked the other day, right? So, what were you two talking about?

No, nevermind, don’t say it.

That said, just anyone but him.


You’re the only one I’m telling this to, but he’s pretty famous. On the outside, he looks eloquent and earnest, but deep down he’s quite the womanizer.

Though, I mean, I guess I don’t have the right to say that.

In any case, that type of man is too much for you, who’s hardly used to being with men, to handle. Even if you two start dating, you’ll only be played around with and then discarded.

Like I said, they’re nasty precisely because they don’t seem that way!!!

I’m begging you, please anybody but him.


No, uh, m-my bad. Umm…I was being careless, does your shoulder hurt?

No, it’s my fault.

So, erm, there’s a bit of a bet within his group of friends over who can sleep with the most girls. They would reach out to naive-looking girls, get them into the mood and end it after doing it once.

Earlier they invited me because they thought I was one of them. Although I confront women in the worst ways, it upsets me to be thought of as one of them.

I hate guys who play these scummy games and view women as mere objects.

And so, don’t you dare get caught up in that.


Huh? What? You saw…?!!

Oh, uh, the reason I was late was because of my ex-girlfriend-no, they weren’t exactly my girlfriend, but they called me out.

I mean, the point was that they wanted to talk about getting back together.

They said that now that I’ve become more serious, they don’t mind dating me for real.

Of course, I refused. I told them clearly that it’s over.


There’s no way I’d head over to some other woman’s place when I have you.

What’s this? Were you feeling jealous over it?

I’m not playing around and I’m earnestly studying. As promised, I’m behaving like a good little brother.

I haven’t been doing anything you dislike……aside from sex.


You’re blushing. What were you imagining?

Don’t hit me all of sudden.

Sorry, sorry, I won’t poke fun at you anymore.

I’ve changed because of you, you’ve changed me.

Why are you making that expression? …That cute feverish expression.


Hey, let’s hurry up and go home.

Calm the heat of this hopeless little brother. I want to mess you up.


You’ve gotten much better at kissing.

Let me kiss you all over.


What do you want me to do next? Well?

Your breasts?

You sound like you’re feeling really good. You want me to touch this place too, right? Because you’re shaking your hips.

You’re naughty and cute.

I’ll stroke it lots.


Wow, you’re already this wet. Were you hoping for me to do this while I teased your breasts?

You look like you’re feeling good.

I’m putting it now.


As always, it’s tight…even though we’ve done it countless times.

It feels good inside.

Sorry, I can’t wait, I’ll start moving.


Your insides are really sucking me in. Your insides feel so good that I’m about to cum right away.

I wish we could remain joined like this forever.


It’s still not enough. More, I want more of you.

Turn this way, I want to kiss you.


This is hardly enough.


Track 5: True Feelings



Yes, it’s Kajiwara. Thank you for all your hard work.

Yes, for the aforementioned matter…

Of course, I’m more or less done with the preparations. Yes, I will, of course, put in all my effect. Being able to participate in actual research overseas is a valuable experience, after all.

Yes, yes, I understand. I’ll be in your care.

Yes, now please excuse me.


Hmm? Why…are you here?

Don’t tell me you heard the phone call just now?

You look like you want me to explain it.


Starting next month, I’ll be studying abroad. The research I was doing was more fun than expected and when I consulted my professors in regards to doing it for real, they recommended me for a short-term oversea program.

Thanks to the fulfillment of our promise, I’ve become an honest student.

My marks were never bad to begin with, so with a little push, the decision was readily made.


How could I possibly confide in you about it? Because…this is also so that I could be away from you.

“Why”? I would like to ask you why you’re asking that.

Are you not happy that you’re freed of me?!!


I uh, liked you ever since I was a child. Ever since I first met you, always. It was love at first sight.

However, I knew that you didn’t see me as a man, because more than anything, we were siblings. And if we can never be together, it’s easier to be hated for the rest of my life and give up that way. And with that in mind, I did a whole load of things you hated.

Of course, it was quite painful being genuinely hated.


Soon you stopped talking to me. Although I regretted it, it was too late. Before I realized, it quickly escalated and there was no turning back.

I really was the worst, wasn’t I?

And so, I threatened you and did all the things I’ve always wanted to do with you. Spoil you, mess you up, and have you lose yourself over me.

But at some point, I was the one who was hopelessly in love with you.

I can’t let myself become any closer to you.

Do you realize what I’ve been thinking about lately? I didn’t want you to leave me and I didn’t want you to be exposed to the gaze of other men.

I wanted you to look at me, I wanted you to fall in love with me.

At this rate, I don’t know what I might do to you. And with that in mind, I decided to leave.


No, I probably won’t return here ever again. At the very least, I don’t intend on seeing you until these feelings disappear.

We won’t be married, but this way, we’ll always be family, and I’ve come to accept that.

Sorry for doing those terrible things. I wanted to remain that awful brother, but once I touched you, I couldn’t stop.

If this was the result, I should’ve cherished you from the start.

If I had pushed through the possibility of being rejected and had confessed……

But well, I guess it’s too late to say that now.


Sorry for being a selfish self-centered brother till the very end.

Well then, I’ll be getting myself ready.

What is this? Don’t tell me that you’re trying to stop me?

Stop that. Even though I finally have the resolve, at this rate, I’ll waver. Besides, if you’re with me, you’ll have more unpleasant experiences.

For both our sakes, it’s best if I leave!


Huh? Your feelings? …But you hate me, don’t you?

Even if you don’t repeat it, I know-


Why…did you kiss me? What is the meaning of this?

This is how you feel?

What are you trying to do? What kind of face was I making? Was it that obvious that I liked you?

Dammit, what’s with that? That’s way too uncool.

And so, you were moved by my actions?


I can’t believe it. This isn’t a dream, right?

I felt like I was about to go insane from the feeling of having to let you go and the desire to keep you with me forever.

Can you please say that you like me one more time?


I thought I’d never obtain your heart, but…

I love you.

At this rate, I won’t be able to let you go, are you fine with that?


I see. In that case, I won’t let go.


Track 6: Erosion


I never thought this day would come.

I gave up because I thought it was absolutely impossible, so I’m so happy that I think I might die right now.

In reality, I didn’t want to treat you poorly, I wanted to be more gentle.

I’m an idiot, aren’t I?

So, today, I want to make you feel real good. I won’t let you go even if you cry, and it’s too late to say no now.


Your ears are weak spots, aren’t they? Your moans become real sweat when I tease this place.

How cute.


Sticking your chest out like that…are you wanting more?

You’re cute when you’re honest.

Today, I’ll make love to your whole body.


This place’s a mess too.

Don’t hide it. You’re feeling it, so I’m happy.

Spread your legs. Let me have a clearer look.


That’s quite the reaction. Is it that arousing to have this place licked?

I’ll lick it more.


Don’t cum just yet.

Can you get on top of my lap this time around?

You’re so tiny. You fit snugly in my arms, and it’s cute.

I’ll tease your insides like this.


Your insides are hot and it’s wrapping gently around my fingers.

When I stroke it slowly like this, more starts pouring from inside you. Do you want it so badly that you can’t help yourself?

It feels good, doesn’t it? Because this place tightened just now.

Damn, I don’t think I can hold on any longer, I’m close to my limit. Can I stick it in now?


Turn this way. I want to do it while looking at your face.

Get on your knees and slowly lower your hips.

Don’t worry, I’ll support you properly.

Yes, that’s good.

It’s all in.

It’s amazing, I’m connected this deeply with you. Are you happy?


Can I hold you for a bit like this? Somehow it feels like a waste to finish it immediately.

You really are inside my arms right now, huh.

I love you.

I love you so much that I don’t know what to do with myself.


Don’t tighten your insides, I won’t be able to hold back.

I’ll start moving then.


It’s warm and soft, your insides feel deadly good.

Sorry, as expected, it’s frustrating, so I can’t.

You’re the only person whose heart I desire. Until now, I never once felt this satisfied no matter who I had sex with because you already existed inside of me.

You’re at your limit, right?

I’m about to cum too. Let’s cum together.


I love you. I love you…


You came too, right?


Is your body alright? You’re still worn-out, right?


You really are mine, huh.

Oh, but nevertheless, I’ll be studying abroad. I genuinely want to perform the research, so I don’t want to pull out midway.

Don’t worry, I’ll return right away once I’m done. I promise.

So until then, do you think you can wait for me?


Rest assured, you’re the only one in my eyes.

I’m sure you know best that I’m different than before.


Hmm? You still look sleepy.

I’ll be with you until morning, so rest a bit more.

Good night.




She’s asleep, huh. Looking so relieved…she really is cute.

But even so, I didn’t think it’d go this well. By acting so loose, you couldn’t avoid recognizing the fact that I’m a man. I then threatened you and taught your body pleasure.

It was worth making all this preparation.


Sorry for making you sad, but had we remained siblings, you would’ve never become cognizant of me, would you?

Seriously, you’ve been kind to me ever since we were young.

Although you say that I’m the worst, you were hopelessly cute as you continue to worry about me.

Oh, I wonder how you’d react if you knew that it was all my fault that you could get yourself a proper boyfriend. I removed any man who approached you mercilessly. Also, everything I said about your upperclassman was a lie.


That upperclassmen, as his appearance would imply, is a good, earnest, and faithful man.

But there’s no way I’d allow you to like a man besides me is there?

Though, I don’t intend on telling you that in this lifetime.

That said, with this, you’re finally mine. No matter what happens, I’ll never ever let you go.

I love you.

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  1. mikucchan

    The plot twist at the end though. I did wonder why the story’s become less yandere until that u-turn haha Thanks for the translation! I’ll be checking out the other two as well, but my earphones ran out of juice right now.


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