【Translation】 Kingyo no Shigai wa Numa no Soko


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CV: Mizushima Takahiro (水島大宙)

Track 1: Overprotective Younger Brother


Good morning, Sis, you’re awake earlier than usual today.

Mhm, today’s an off-day.

Oh, err…it’s not a normal weekday, it’s a public holiday; that’s why I have the day off too.

You drink café au lait in the mornings, right?

So rather than having that, I’ll brew one for you from scratch instead.


We’re almost out of milk and there’s only 1 egg.

I’m going shopping later, is there anything you want, Sis?

It’s fine. You can stay home and slowly drink the café au lait, Sis. Oh, and there’s french toast I cooked for breakfast over there.

It’s sweet and full of eggy and sugary goodness.

On that note, I’ll take care of all the transportation, bills, and bags myself.

Listen, just stay where you are, Sis. If you’re a good girl, I’ll prepare a meal you’ll love tonight.


Sugar…hmm, this sugar was more expensive and better-tasting so I guess I’ll use this.

It’s fine, you just have to sit there, Sis.

Sulking is useless, I won’t make the same mistake twice. Every time I let you do something, Sis, it breeds trouble.

Last time you couldn’t distinguish flour, and before that, you dropped a carton of eggs.

It’s a pain to tidy that all up so stay still, Sis.

Okay, this should be it. Here you go, Sis.


How is it? Is it good?

That’s a relief.

In that case, I’ll bring your breakfast over to you so please return to your room while making sure not to drop the mug.


Well then, I’ll go shopping now so wait for me like a good girl, Sis.

Oh, right, I sometimes forget that we’re the same age.

I’m heading off then.


I’m home.

Meat was on sale today so I bought a lot of it. We’ll be having restructured beef patty.

Eh. Sis, did you wash the dishes?

You’ve grown, in the past, you only rinsed them with water.

You cleaned and aired the futon…?


Good grief, Sis, I’m happy that you took the initiative, but did you look at today’s weather report? It may be clear now but it was raining earlier in the day.

Not only that, you didn’t change the filter on the vacuum, did you?

You know, I’ll do the house chores so you don’t have to do anything, Sis. Your body is fragile, therefore there really isn’t a need for you to do anything. Understood?

No “but”s, just listen to what I say. I told mom and dad that I would be looking after your care.

I know, I know, please sit down.


So that you’re capable…?

Is there even a need for that? I’m caring for your daily necessities, is that not enough? I believe this should be preferable for you, Sis.

You know Sis, I can’t help but worry about you. Not only do you have a weak constitution, you’re so feeble that you can’t survive without relying on another person.

Please rely on me like you’ve always had, we’re the only siblings we have. Got it?

I’m happy you understood.

I live for the sake of Sis’ happiness. Sis, if anything happens please tell me right away, okay?


Oh that reminds me. Look, I don’t know if you’ll like it but I bought books again.

It’s a new book by the author of the mystery novel you read earlier.

I’m glad you’re delighted.

Go read that and relax since I’ll be doing the cleaning and laundry.

After that, I’ll bake Sis some cookies since you did your best to do all sorts of things on your own. Plus, I bought a bunch of nuts.

There’s no need to thank me, I’m only doing what’s expected.



Track 2: The Younger Brother’s True Nature


Sis, I’m coming in.

Oh sorry, you were changing; however, you didn’t have to yell.

I’m the one who’s always washing your underwear and I was the one who ordered them online in the first place.

Oh, but, your bra size looks to be a little small.

Should I buy you a new one? How about a floral design this time?

White…no, would pink be better?


Sis, if you don’t tell me that it’s too tight…

Absolutely not. You have no sense, Sis. And when it comes to clothes, the one you took a liking to on the online shopping site last time didn’t seem like it suited you at all.

Jeans or casual t-shirts will never befit you, Sis.

As I please…?

I’m the one who pays for the online shopping; and first of all, who was the one who took a nap in front of the screen without locking the PC?

The fact that you have no sense hasn’t changed from before. Though…it’s a bit awkward to say that I have a sense of taste.

That said, my sense is better than yours, Sis; I was the one who chose that pajama, after all.

It’s cute is it not?

It’s soft and fluffy and is reputed to be very comfortable.


My business? Oh, I came to take out the trash, tomorrow’s burnable rubbish collection day.

You were clearly flustered just now. Are you hiding something?

You’re averting your eyes again.

It’s cute that you’re terrible at concealing things but I’d rather you not keep secrets from your adorable brother.

Now then, what did Sis hide in the garbage bin, I wonder?


A resume? Why do you have this-


There’s no need for that. It’s not like our family is short on money, on top of that, I work at a large company so I receive a lot of bonuses.

I personally enjoy being thrifty so it’s not because we don’t have the money.

Then why?

You want to give it a try?

That’s impossible, Sis, you have a frail body so obviously working is ridiculous. Not only that, you had several seizures while you were job hunting.

Most importantly, you’re not capable of moving about for several hours on end in a single day.

I won’t allow it, I don’t want you to collapse, Sis.

You don’t have to do anything, Sis, I’ll do everything for you.

Like I said-


You might be forced to stand on your feet and walk for hours and hours on end. There’s no way I could leave you in such an environment, Sis.

I’ll discard this as is.

Sis, I taught you that you mustn’t be selfish, right? Do you understand now?

Jeez, you do that every time something doesn’t go your way. You’re almost like a child with your escapism.

But well…I guess this is fine. I’ll go take out the trash then.


Huh? Where are you going, Sis?

Convenience store…?

If there’s something you want you can just tell me and then I’ll go buy it for you. Plus, we have tea at home.

Also, could it be that you’re searching for your shoes?

Oh, about that. I threw them away together with the trash yesterday.

I’m sorry, they were dirty. I’ll buy you new ones next time so bear with being not able to go outside today.


It’s worrying?

But why? You don’t have any business being outside, if there’s something you want, you can simply ask me to buy it online for you and I can also go to the convenience store in your stead.

Job interview……

What’s with that? I didn’t hear of this.

Part-time job? Yesterday, I told you countless times that I will not allow it. And also, I taught you that you mustn’t lie did I not?

Let’s return to your room and talkーーa sibling meeting.

Come on, follow me.


Sis, I told you this yesterday but it’s impossible for you to work and that’s why I’d like you to reconsider it.

Why are you so fixated on it?

I don’t think of you as an inconvenience. It is my duty to take care of you, Sis, and that’s enough for me.

What I do with my life is something I decide and taking care of Sis is something I’ve chosen; that’s why you don’t have to worry about it, I’m not being restricted.

I will protect Sis for as long as I live.

No, it is my duty to do so. From the moment I was born, it was my obligation to protect and live alongside you.

I’ve belonged to Sis since your birth and Sis has belonged to me since my birth.


Why, why would you say that…?

I belong to you, Sis.

Despite living solely for your sake, you don’t belong to me?

Why have you been like this, Sis? Even in the past, you were never willing to become mine.

Why won’t you depend on me?

I can’t live without you, Sis, you’re my reason for living.

Sis, you see, I love you.


Thank you, but you’re mistaken. Sis’ love is the familial love between family, whereas my love is romantic.

You’re right, we’re siblings after all.

However, I’ve always, always, always seen Sis as a romantic interest.

I’ve loved you for as long as I can remember.


I ended up giving a kiss…I ended up kissing Sis.

Sis. Sis, I love you.

I’ll protect you for all of eternity and I’ll love you for all of eternity, so you don’t have to become independent.

Depend on me, cling to me, and rely on me; you just live within the confines of the box I’ve created.


Life…? Sis’?

It’s too late now, your path in life is already set. You’ll live happily without a worry in the world under my asylum.


Your skin’s lovely, Sis, it’s smooth and glossy.

I’ve always wanted to stroke it like this, but if I were to do that, you’d feel unpleasant so I held back.

There’s no need for that anymore, right?

Or rather, there was never a need for me to hold back, Sis’ mine after all; and this body belongs to me.

Let’s leave a kiss mark on your beautiful slender neck.


It’s blooming wonderfully.

It’s fine for me to remove your clothes, right?

Resistance is futile, I’m a man, and with your physical strength, Sis, you won’t even be able to win against a boy in middle school. Because, on top of having a weak physique, I never allowed you to exercise.

Do you remember me desperately stopping you from joining sports clubs both in middle school and in high school?

Yes, it would be troubling if you got stronger from exercise because for the most part, if a person has the strength and willpower, they’ll end up doing things on their own.

And if that were to happen, you would no longer rely on me.


This pair of underwear is cute, don’t you think?

Sis, my heart raced every time I saw your underwear, even when I was washing them. You see, I masturbated to your underwear countless times yesterday.

Masturbating to the person you love is something everybody does.

It’s the fap material. When I imagine the thought of Sis wearing that underwear, I would check what Sis is actually wearing and masturbate to the real thing. And there’s a bit more to that…

I would always masturbate to the image of me pinning Sis down like this and having sex with you.

Though I mean…that’s not all.


Are you tired of resisting already?

Of course you are, you have no stamina, Sis. Oh, and it would be exhausting to do it in a place like this so let’s head over to the bed.


Why are you rejecting me? I love you this, this much, and yet-

This just my ego you say?

Sis, why, why do you know of such a complex word? You were practically never able to, or rather, I never allowed you to do much studying.

I guess it was a bad idea to let you read books to kill time, you have a good head on your shoulders after all.


I’ve failed. I’ll stop giving you difficult books from now on because Sis has no need for useless knowledge.

Mhm, I know, my mind’s messed up.

Sis is so, so, so cute that I went mad from the desire of not wanting you to be taken from me.

Siblings can never marry so Sis will one day leave for another man, and I could not allow that to happen. And that’s why I tried raising you to be a useless human being that wasn’t able to do anything.

But I guess that was the wrong type of upbringing. I should’ve crushed Sis’ self-esteem and sense of independence, because that way, Sis would surely be dependent on me.

However…it’s still not too late, right? I’ll rob you of everything, Sis.


Track 3: This is My Love and Affection


Sis, Sis…I love you, Sis.

Your body is truly beautiful, Sis. You don’t need your bra either, right?


What beautiful breasts, these too belong solely to me.

So soft. I’ve always wanted to touch them.

I wanted to try caressing them, massaging them, and then lick and suck on your nipples.


I’m sorry, did that hurt?

Of course it did, it’s Sis’ first time after all. I ought to be gentle.

This much is enough, right? This nipple over here is looking lonely too so I’ll use my fingers.


Finger or tongue, which one’s better?

“Stop”? Even though they’re this erect?

Look, you trembled. To say “stop” despite feeling it to this extent, it’ll only have the opposite effect.

That expression of yours is so cute, Sis.

It truly is adorable, but I wish I could hear your voice time too. Will you let out a nice moan if I were to touch this place?


It’s a bit wet.

But if I don’t get you wet by touching it, I won’t be able to go in. I don’t mind if you want me inside right away but it will hurt.

I want you to hurry up and stop being so willful. Sis is a good girl so you’ll listen to what I say, right?

You won’t?

I see, so that’s the extent of your refusal.

Well then, I suppose I have no choice but to tie you up. I didn’t want to leave injuries or mark on you, Sis, but sometimes, it just can’t be avoided.

If you don’t wish to be tied up then stop struggling.


The color of your panties has changed.

What’s this? Despite constantly saying “no”, Sis ends up feeling pleasure.

I’m glad.

You don’t need this anymore, right?

I’ll take it off for you so please lift up your hips.

Sis, listen to what to say.


Good girl. I’ll remove it then.


Aah…so beautiful. It’s truly beautiful how it hasn’t been tainted by anyone.

This flower is tightly shut, will I really be able to fit in here?

Oh, as expected, even a finger hurts. In that case, I’ll pleasure this place instead.

This place feels good, doesn’t it? Your body will relax once you start feeling plenty of pleasure, so let’s loosen up the inside.


I knew it, your clit feels good doesn’t it? Your voice is slowly leaking out.

Let me hear more of that cute voice.

Feel it more, feel more from me touching you.

Sis, you really are cute. Let’s kiss.


I love you. Sis, I love you.

It feels really good to kiss you, Sis. After yearning for it for so long, it’s almost like a dream to be able to kiss you anytime I want.

I feel happy touching your body, but as expected, I feel happier kissing you like this.

Are you still trying to resist?

If so-


You feel strange…? Oh, could it be that you’re about to cum?

Don’t resist, if it feels that good then entrust your body to me.

Look, I’ll do it more intensely so cum.


You came, didn’t you?

It’s super arousing to have Sis cum from my fingers.

Sis, although this is the first time you’ve ever cum, how was it?

You’re all weary but we’re done yet. It’s about time I inserted my fingers so how about I try sticking them inside?


It’s tight but it’s in.

I think there’s probably only a sense of discomfort at first but I’ll make you feel good soon enough so bear with it a little.


Ah, it has loosened up a little, but I ought to loosen it more otherwise it won’t be able to fit.

Is it okay if I increased the number of fingers?

Sorry, rather than is it okay if I increased them, “I will be increasing them” would be more accurate.



It’s all tight again, Sis’ place here is seriously tight.

Oh, does this place feel good? Your reaction was a little different just now so I’ll tease this place plenty.


It’s gotten a lot easier, it’s now enough room for me to move my fingers freely.

I ought to spread it wider, don’t I?

It’s turning out quite nicely, it might be fine for me to put in now.

I won’t stop, I have no intention of stopping. Sis, you and I can no longer turn back so fall together with me.


So tight.

That expression…it hurts, right?

I’m sorry, but, I’ll make you feel good soon enough.

Half of it is in, there’s only a bit more left so let’s keep at it.

It’s in.

I’m joined with Sis, and I’ve taken your virginity.

Right now I…I’m extremely happy, Sis. Hey, Sis, look, I’m inside you, Sis. I’m violating the insides of the Sis I’ve always yearned for with my thing.


Averting your eyes is pointless. Come on, just accept reality, Sis, you just had your virginity taken by your own brother.

Please don’t cry so hard. I got excited without telling you, sorry.

It hurts, right? …I’m sorry.

I’ll make you feel good right away.


It’s so tight it feels like it’s trying to bite it off.

Jeez, that’s so cute. You’re really cute, Sis, that expression you make as you endure it is really adorable.

Look, this is the spot that felt good earlier isn’t it? And if I grind against it…

How nice, you clenched down. Has it started feeling a little better?

I’ll strike this place lots and lots, okay?


Are you now feeling more pleasure than pain? Your expression has slightly changed.

You’re now making the cute face you made when I teased your clit.

Sis, let me see it more clearly.

I love you, Sis. You love me too don’t you, Sis?


Sis, why aren’t you answering? I don’t remember raising you to be a disobedient child that ignores questions.

You hate me…?

I see, so I’m hated. But you know what, since I love you, Sis, I don’t mind if you hate me, because I’ll make sure that, in the end, you love me.

You’ll become even less capable of living without me than you were before.

And finally, you’ll become so dependent on me that, without me, you’ll be unable to breathe, and suffocate to death.

I’m so looking forward to it.


Sis, Sis…I want to touch you so much more, Sis.

You like it when I pat your head, right? Because I love patting Sis’ head.

Besides, Sis, earlier you said that you enjoyed hearing my voice didn’t you? So I’ll let you hear more of it.

Huh? You tightened just now.

You have a preference for your ears, huh.

I don’t mind, I’ll give plenty of love to this place too.


You’re squeezing me and it feels so good.

I’ll pleasure your left ear too.


Do you like your left side better? You’re tighter than before.

I’m coming close to cumming.

I want to cum heaps into this womb.


Whoa, struggling is dangerous, is it not?

Sorry to say this, Sis, but that didn’t hurt at all. Regardless of how hard you fight back, you’re unable to do anything once I apply a little bit of strength. Isn’t that right, Sis?

Ah, I’m hitting your depths.

This is Sis’ deepest spot and it’s where your womb is, right?


Eh, why are you crying? Does it still hurt? Or, is it painful to have me penetrate you fully?

“Forgive me”…?

I have no idea what you’re talking about. Are you that against a creampie?

I see. I get what you’re trying to say, Sis, I won’t do it inside.

I’ll start moving then.


You’re clenching down despite saying you hate it, and if you do that, I won’t be able to endure it.

Sis, I want to kiss you.

More, I want it many more times.

I love you, I love you. I love you, Sis. Let’s cum while we kiss.


I’m about to cum…


Did it feel good?

Oh, sorry, I came inside.

I actually intended to cum outside, I was planning to do things your way at least in the beginning.

Starting now, I’ll be cumming inside.

I’ve held back for 20 years so once is obviously not enough. Besides, there’s no turning back now so I won’t bother.

From now on, Sis belongs to me. I won’t let you leave for the rest of your life and I’ll love you forever.


You’re still trying to resist like that? You’re a stubborn child.

But oh well, I’ll break that spirit before long.

Of course I’m not ending things just yet. Today, I’ll fuck you until you faint, Sis.


Track 4: Training


Sis, good morning, I brought you breakfast.

Today I made ogura toast and consommé​ soup.

Are you still sulking?

You really are like a child and I like that part of you…but look, I won’t be able to go to work until I made sure you’ve eaten, Sis, so eat.

In the end, you never ate dinner yesterday.

At this rate, you’ll die of starvation, won’t you Sis? And I won’t let that happen.

Since it can’t be helped, I’ll feed you-



These are in fact chains but what does it have to do with your meal?

I can’t do that. You’ll escape if it’s not there, Sis, that’s why those chains are non-removable, so they can’t be taken off.

It’s long enough for you to reach the toilet so it’s not an issue.

If you understand then eat your food.

You’re the one who caused me to go insane, Sis. If you had simply depended on me then there wouldn’t be a need for me to take such harsh measures.

Forget it, I’ll feed you.

I’ll feed you one mouthful at a time like this.


Oh, is that so? It’s a bit of shame but I guess it’s fine since you’re eating.

Then, here you go.

I was a little sleepy today so I was only able to make something simple but I’ll cook proper dinner.

The supermarket in front of the station is selling eggs for cheap today so I was thinking of making omelets and Salisbury steak. Sis, you love both right?

Hey, don’t ignore me.

Why won’t you give me a reply?


Sis, please don’t take that stance, I’ll lose my meaning in life if I’m rejected by you, Sis.

Sis, please don’t reject me.

Going back to the way we were is impossible; there is no turning back so accept me the way I am.

Sis, please love me, Sis.

Sis belongs to me so love me.



Oh right, if I don’t go to work, I won’t be able to provide for you, Sis.

But nope, I’m not in the mood, I want to stay with Sis for the entire day today and I want to adhere to our bodies together like this all day long.

It’s true that we did it all day yesterday, however, that wasn’t enough. I want to do it with Sis many more times.

Either way, it’s flexible, I’ll tell them I’m taking the day off later.

Let’s have you undress too, Sis.


Wow, Sis’ body is completely covered in kiss marks.

I’ll leave more marks to show that you’re mine……

If only they never faded.

You’re rather quiet today, you finally understood. Yes, that’s right, resistance is futile. However, that isn’t the full story, is it?

You’re anticipating the pleasure.


Did I hit the mark?

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying things that feel good because I enjoy it. Sex with Sis feels better than anything and I wish I could continue on forever.

Sis, you feel the same, don’t you?

Look, my fingers are in already. Your insides are saying that it wants me.

It’s saying that it wants it shoved inside all the way forcefully, have all the pleasurable spot thrust against, and be made to cum time and time again.

You clenched down just now. You love being teased like this, don’t you?

How lewd.

I’ll penetrate Sis’ body more while I lick your ears.


Look, a second one’s in now.

You were constantly complaining about the pain until a few days ago but now you tremble the moment I insert a finger.

You love the ears, don’t you? Your insides were thrilled just now.

Sis, you love it when I press down on this spot, right?

I’ll make you feel even better.

Your clit feels good too, doesn’t it? It’s fine to feel it all and drown yourself in it.


You came just now, didn’t you? Your insides were twitching.

I’ve never seen such an indecent body that cums this easily, no one would take you as their bride would they?

Poor sister…

But fret not, I’ll care for you for the rest of your life.

You’re starting to want this too, right?

I want it now, I want to be inside of you, Sis.

So Sis, if you want it then pull it out of my pants. If Sis doesn’t do anything, I’ll handle it myself instead, I’m content once I take care of my sexual desires.


Hey, are you fine with that? You wish for more pleasure, don’t you? You want me so badly that it’s unbearable, no?

Well done.

Then, could you lie face down?

Yes, yes, now lift your hips.

You’re good for listening to what I say, let’s do it in this position today, I’m sure it’ll feel good as well.

Though it is a bit unfortunate that I can’t see your face, Sis.

I’m entering then.


It’s squeezing me, did you want it that so badly that it tightened?

I’ll start moving so let’s feel good together.


This feels good too. I can see the sweat dripping from Sis’ pale back and the hair that’s clinging onto you is nice and erotic.

You trembled just now. Did you feel it from your nape?

Kissing it, licking it, and also…

Your insides tightened most from being bitten. I’ve always had this thought but you’re a masochist aren’t you, Sis?

See? You tightened again from being called a masochist.


Hey, what expression are you making right now, Sis? Is it melted from all that pleasure? Or are you making a face that’s even cuter than that?

I’m about to cum just imagining it.

I can’t live without your body anymore, Sis.

Sis, you’re no different, are you? Despite all that resistance, in reality, you can’t go on without my body. That’s what your insides are saying.



You squeezed down just now.

Look, there’s no purpose in that lie if you cum so easily. Sis needs me and I ought to take care of this aspect as well.

Sis would be frustrated if I didn’t satisfy you. Since that would be pitiful, I’ll embrace you like this every day.

Just now you tighten because you’re happy, right?

I’m glad.

In that case, I’ll thrust even faster.


I love you, I love you, the only one who loves you this much in the world is me.

I am the only one who loves you and I am the only one who is able to make you happy, Sis. So please love me too, Sis, that way, we’ll live happily ever after.


I’m about to cum.

I’ll cum inside you, I’ll fill your insides with me.

I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


Amazing, I came so much.

As expected, I’m wanting to kiss you now.

Wow, I have to clean up later.

Come on Sis, let me see your face.

That’s incredible, if you show me such a lewd expression, I’ll get erect again. It’s like one’s now a complete prisoner to pleasure.


It’s adorable, Sis.

After this, I’ll train you even more so that, just like before, you become the cute and innocent sister I want you to be.


Track 5: Descending into Blissful Pleasure


I’m home. What have you been doing today?

I see, that’s a relief.

Well then, I’ll cook dinner right away so please wait. You see, chicken was cheap at the big supermarket in front of the station so I was thinking of making fried chicken with vinegar and tartar sauce-

What’s wrong? Were you lonely?

Oh, you couldn’t hold on any longer? Then you kept your promise, didn’t you?

You actually kept the vibrator inside you the entire day. I’m proud of you, Sis.

In that case, I’ll remove it before I cook dinner.

Take a seat on the sofa and spread your legs.


What an indecent sight, you’re spreading your legs nice and wide in such a bright place. I have a clear view of Sis’ precious place.

I’ll take it out then.

Wow, such a grotesque thing has been violating Sis’ insides all day long, your hole is gaping open while it twitches.

Say, how many times did you cum?

So you came so many times that I couldn’t keep count.

Now then, since I’ve taken that out, I’ll start cooking dinner.


What is it? I’m quite busy.

I’m cooking meals and heating the bathes for you, Sis, and I also need to clean the sofa and floors that you dirtied.

So say it.

I told you not to be selfish, and if you have something to say, I won’t know unless you convey it to me properly.


You want it inside you, huh.

You just had the vibrator inside you, and yet, you still want it despite holding in such a thick and grotesque thing all day?

You’ve become rather lusty.

The way you’re asking for it is wrong, so come on, beg me the way I taught you to. And once you do, I’ll give it to you like you wanted.

Huh? You won’t say it?

Oh, should I have you recite it instead?

I guess it can’t be helped. Well then, make sure to repeat after me.

“I’m a slutty Sister that can’t do anything without Sumiyuki, so please love me despite me being so useless.”


Yup, good girl. I’ll stick it in, then.

It’s gotten a bit loose because you had something so big inside of you. Come on, do your best to tighten up.

Yes, yes, tighten more because you want me.

Sis, you’re making quite the expression, it’s already a mess. So you wanted it that badly, huh.

I was constantly thinking of you during work, Sis, and wondering how many times you came.


You clenched down just now, did you recollect all the time you came?

Is that too lewd?

My poor sister, no one but me would accept such a body.


It feels so good, you squeeze around me so tightly each time I hit this spot. Does it really feel that good?

Ah, you tightened again. I won’t be able to last if you do that.


Kiss..? You initiate it, Sis, particularly the indecent one that I always do.

More, I want to kiss you more.

You’re such a good girl, Sis, you’re so, so cute and lovable.

I love you, Sis. I love you. You’ll stay with me forever, right? You’ll always be mine, right?

Thank god, you’re fond of me too aren’t you, Sis? You love me too, don’t you? You don’t need anything besides me, right?


I’m so happy, I’m so happy, Sis.

I’m close to cumming.

Sis, I want to join our bodies for far longer but since you’re squeezing so tightly, I can’t endure it anymore.

I’m…I’m cumming. I’ll cum loads inside you today.



That felt good today too.

I came so much.

Huh? You’re in a daze aren’t you, Sis?

Ah, I made you expend a lot of your energy today, didn’t I? Are you sleepy now perhaps?

Wait just a moment, I’ll bring you a blanket.


Will this work?

Go ahead and sleep while I cook dinner.

We’ll eat together, take a bath together, and then, let’s do it one more time before we sleep. And so, you can rest for a bit.

Mhm, goodnight to the cute person who’s mine and mine alone.

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  1. Yukihara Yuki

    I thought they were step-sibling (I didn’t read the sypnosis), then cue the “since I was born”.
    That was intense, I do feel bad for the heroine since she really have no choice except gone mad and reciprocate Sumiyuki’s love. Yay to caring yandere and incest I guess.


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