【Translation】 Omelas no Shintei ~Ichi no Hanashi, Ruhaku~


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オメラスの神庭 ~壱ノ噺、榴白~

CV: Fukusato Tatsunori (福里達典)

Track 1: Garden of God


I’ve been expecting you, I’ve been waiting for you for a long, long time.

In terms of what this place is…

The Garden of God, it is a place referred to as a utopia. And as for you, you are God’s proxy, an incarnation of God; you are the sole master of this vast land.


I apologize, that was rather impolite of me. My name is Ruhaku, it is a pleasure to meet you.

We are beings referred to as the messengers of Godーa familiar. For you are a God, I am here to assist you.


Yes, that is correct. I said “we” because there are a great number of familiars lying in wait for you here.

Everyone has gathered here to aid you.


Are you intrigued by my current form?

Do you…find me frightening?

The bodies of us familiars are conceived from animals. As to not interfere with work, we do not take on the complete form of a beast; however, we are unable to look completely human and retain some animal vestiges.

Haha, I’m not a woman. My voice is low, is it not?

There are no females in this utopia, there are only males…men.


Eh? Why that is?

There is no need for one for you are a goddess. It would be uncomfortable for both you and us if there were another woman around.

It is not a matter of concern, as it is trivial, you will pay no heed to it before long.


You seem a little tired.

Due to the abruptness of it all, it is not unexpected. I apologize for conversing with you here, please go ahead and take a rest inside.

Please come this way.


Track 2: To Live in this Place


Your complexion appears pale so please feel free to lie down on the futon here.

Oh, you must be thirsty right?

How thoughtless of me, wait just a moment.


Here you go.

Please drink what is inside this bowl. I added a bit of fragrance and sweetness so that it is easier to drink.

It is white and a bit thick.

This drink?

What do you think it is?

Well, that is not millet wine. And what is this gelatin dessert you speak of?

Both are incorrect, it is milk wrung first thing in the morning fromーーthe males.


Careful, please do not drop the bowel.

To you who have spent years in the transient world, this might seem repulsive, but here, it’s extremely precious.

That milk is very thick and white, is it not? We have long since been preparing for your welcome.

Us familiars have very strong sexual desires, though it is not a surprise since we have animalistic instincts. For ages, we’ve endured and endured and now we were finally able to release it today.

As it is something that will enter your mouth, it’s only natural to offer it up in its best state.

Now then, please drink it entirely, there is still half of it left.


Are you angry?

I suppose so. I fully understand that this is unavoidable, that said, I cannot allow you to refuse; this is absolutely vital for your life here.


Regrettably, you no longer have the ability to leave.

To you, this might be a harsh reality but please lend me your ears.

The semen of the divine messengers is something you must intake in order to survive, otherwise, you will die.

If you do not continue drinking the semen, neither food nor drinks will pass through your throat; that body that does not conform to this world will reject it.

I am sure that things will taste so awful that you will spit it out.

And then the body that is unable to ingest anything will break down and you will gradually head towards death.


Semen is made up of sperm. In other words, it has the power of life, and in ingesting that, your body will grow accustomed to this world.

Everyone has been waiting for your arrival upon this world under my instructions so I do not wish for the long-awaited God that has finally arrived today to vanish.

You are our raison d’être, this world cannot carry on without you because this world is sustained by you, God.

So, please.


Oh, it must be hard to drink.

In that case, I will feed it to you mouth-to-mouth.


Thank you. Having drunk this much, you should be alright for the time being.

From now on, please drink it directly from me or the other familiars, it will be more efficient that way.

Imagining thick white dick milk constantly spilling out from this cute mouth of yours…

What an indecent sight that would be.

It’s nothing.

You must be reluctant right? I believe that it is only natural that you are unable to immediately comprehend this situation.

However, there is one more aspect of reality that you must accept.

This world is completely different from the one you are from. Values, reason, morals, all of it, so once again, I apologize.


You have become a god, and this is your world and your world alone.

You are the ruler and everything within this utopia is yours.

All the men that answer to you are your property. You can do as you wish, you can have the males service you, you can have sex with countless males, and you can watch as males intermingle with each other.

Regardless of what you do, it will be forgiven because it is you. There is not a single person that would oppose you after all.

Or something like that.


Now then, how are you feeling?

How so? …You just drank our semen earlier, did you not? Is your body not growing hotter?

Yes, that is right, as animals, our blood and semen are nourishment and also aphrodisiacs. And having drunk our semen, we will console your hot body as gratitude; that is the arrangement.

Now lay down and I will remove that heat from your body.


Track 3: To Sustain the Familiar


Relax and entrust your body to me.

I guess so, it is a good idea to think of this as having a massage. It will feel good.

First I will loosen up your body. I will give you tons of kisses, okay?


Such sweet saliva, I wish I could lick it forever.

Please don’t show such a cute expression, I’ll immediately want to mess you up with my erect penis.

Your body has gotten much hotter, let us remove your clothing as well.


You truly have a beautiful body. Plenty of crimson flowers will bloom upon this fair skin would it not?

Your breasts are soft and tasty-looking, would it be alright if I lick them?

And what adorns your chest is lovable too.


I apologize…

My complexion? Is it that bad?

God, I am sorry, I wanted to slow and gradually ease you in but could you allow me to place a little toil on you?

At this rate I won’t be able to satisfy you, God, how pathetic of me.

Are you concerned about me?

Thank you, you are so kind. You have always been kind to you.

Now then, I will take you at your word so please excuse my behavior for a bit.


Thank god, you are wet. There was so much nectar surrounding my fingers even though I merely touched it lightly.

It has an incredibly wonderful scent.

So this is the scent of a human woman…I am sure that will have the fragrance of a sweet flower.


Delicious, I will come back to it again.

For your face to become that flushed, what’s the matter?

Where I am licking…?

Just as you can see, I am sucking up the nectar spilling out from your pussy.

How long I have waited for this moment, all that agony disappeared in a flash. This is your power isn’t it, God?

I am truly thankful.


I guess…so? Then please allow me to give you a proper explanation, after all, you drank our semen earlier did you not?

The thing about it being necessary for you to live…

Yes, with it you are conversely more stable. In other words, the thing that is crucial to us familiars is your nectar, God.

We have to sip on your nectar in order to live.


What is this “nectar”?

I am sure you already know, it is the love juices flowing out of your pussy. We are your properties, in other words, whether we live or die depends on you.

An exaggeration…?

Not at all, because is it not so? If you so wish to kill us then all you have to do is not grant us your juices.

Do you have no words for this situation?

That is true. You are forced to shamefully spread your legs for the sake of keeping us alive, and you are forced to drink from men for your own survival.

But God, you do not need to think so hard. Certainly, you might hate it at the start but you will come to enjoy it in time.


You just have to become so dirty to the point that you are unable to think of such things. You will become addicted to the taste of men once you have tasted it once.

But is it not so? Just think about it. A large number of young males serve you, and you will be able to receive plenty of pleasure from said males.

Every day, every night, and every hour. With that, you will surely develop a body that cannot be satisfied without us.

For the sake of surviving in this world, let’s have you gain a lustful body.


Now now, you never know unless you try, and if it is still too hard on you then let us end this world. We will destroy every last thing, okay?

So please entrust your body to me for now.

Now then, let me melt every hole into mush.

First I will start with your ears.

…And inside them too.


Your body is trembling. How adorable.

Now next up is your mouth.

Yup, stick out your tongue more.

God, your saliva tastes so good. What a wonderful scent.


Hmm? Is something is the matter? You are shaking your hips…do you find it frustrating?


What is it I wonder, you are my master so order me.

Lick your drench pussy, huh.

As you wish, God.


It is delicious no matter how many times I have licked it, in fact, it makes me desire it more and more. I have become an addict.

Seriously, I want more…


What a relief, you are feeling it aren’t you?

Your lewd nectar, look, it is bubbling here and you can hear the wet noises can’t you? However, the simulation is still not enough, right?

In that case, please allow me to service your clitoris.


What a cute little clit. Although it has puffed up, it is still tiny.

Everyone will be taking care of this cute little clit from now on, you know? So that it will swell larger.

And once that happens I am sure it will be easier to place in our mouths.

I wonder how big it can get. I hope it can get so big that I can call it a clit-penis. I am really looking forward to it.


I have helped myself to so much of it and yet it is overflowing. What a waste.

I wonder how much can come out, but preferably, I would like to gather your pussy juices and place something inside.

Yes, almost akin to high-class alcohol. Don’t you think that is a great idea?

Naturally, I would not drink it directly but it would be a waste to have you soil yourself in it, because to us, this is the water of life.


It’s embarrassing…?

It is not something to be embarrassing about, you feeling good is what saves us.

Now then, let us prepare you further, I will not give my males parts to you just yet. Like I have said earlier, I have to make a mess out of every hole.

Do not worry, that will surely be a very pleasurable thing.

I will be lifting your legs up a little okay? Please tell me immediately if it becomes too difficult for you.

I believe they called it the piledriver position.

Although I may possess this appearance, I am fully knowledgeable about the transient world. I did tons of study because I wanted to know more about you and be closer to you.


When we do this, I can clearly see your tasty-looking pussy. And not just your pussy, I can see your anus too.

Your butthole is completely shut, isn’t it? I will make sure to lick it plenty.

It is not dirty because you are a god. Please abandon your notions as a human as you are no longer human.

Please allow me to loosen it up with my tongue.


It is slowly opening up.

It loosens up as I suck up my saliva and your nectar…and then pour it inside this hole.

I should be able to insert my pinky finger soon.


It’s tight and trying to squeeze it out. I will start moving it, okay?

I won’t hurry up and shove my dick inside.

It’s clenching down on my pinky finger.

The pleasure that you can obtain from anal is unique you see. If I insert it like this I can churn up your insides, and with that, you might develop a body, an obscene body, that cannot go on without a dick plugging up each one of your holes.

Now then, let me spread your hole wider with my tongue and fingers; otherwise, my dick won’t fit.


Your hole has become much looser.


Track 4: Mating with a Snake


The orifice has more or less opened up. Is your body aching? You want to feel better, don’t you?

In that case, please ask for it. You belong to all us familiars, however, right now, for just this one moment, you belong to me alone.

Hey, please yearn for me. I will pleasure you, I make you feel good in whichever way you desire…so please seek only me.

Thank you. I am so happy, so overwhelmingly happy.

God, us familiars are animals at the beckoning call of gods; do you understand the implications of that?


That is true, seeing is believing.

Well then, I will remove my kimono as well.


Please do not be so surprised, our sex organs differ from humans.

I am a snake-mix so this body carries physical aspects of snakes. So look, although the appearance of my sex organs is close to that of a human’s, there are two of them.

They are called hemipenis and there is one on the right and one on the left, and they will enter your front and your back hole.

That’s right, I licked your butt earlier in preparation for this, because such a long penis will not fit I force it in. Also, look, it has tiny little tightly-packed projections on it.

You see…my dick will swell up inside you; these projections will prevent it from being pulled out so that none of the sperm I release will spill.

You would not be hurt if you removed it forcibly but the pleasure of being penetrated with this is rather special.


First, let’s start with one. Let’s insert in the front, pussy hole.

I will have you lie down, okay?

Now then, with my right penis…


It’s so tight, yet it feels so good. Is this what an excellent vagina is like?

Not all of it is in yet.


With this, it’s done.

I am a little longer than the other males. Look, it has reached all the way till the end has it not?

It will be a bit cramped but let us make so that you can take in both at the same time.

Next up, I will insert my left penis into your anus.

It might be a bit painful but please endure it.


Even though I loosened it, it is not quite…

I feel like it will tear off. That said, this is the first time this hole is being used isn’t it?

That makes me happy.

Now then, the two penises are now inside you. So how is it? Is it painful?

It is good that you are swallowing up both my dicks, please remember my shape. Please vividly remember my shape and my taste even after you have had the penises of many other males inside you.

I will start moving now.


It feels so good.

Your insides are filled with me, aren’t they?


The inside of your vagina feels strange?

I guess so. Can you tell that my spines have expanded and are stimulating both your ass and vagina?


I can’t stop my moans nor my hips.

Does it feel good?

I see, that’s great. I’m satisfying you, aren’t I?

It’s no use, I’m about to cum. Are you about to cum too?

Then let’s reach climax together, I’ll thrust even faster.


I’m cumming, I’m cumming.

Cumming, I’m cumming, I’m releasing my rich dick milk so make sure to drink it all up.


I came lots.

What a pleasurable act, and not just my body, my heart is fulfilled too. It is a very happy and comfortable feeling.

Please do not move just yet, I advise against it because my dick is still swollen; you will not be able to pull it out like this. Besides, you still haven’t had enough, right?

You are now this much of a mess, you have drool and tears on you too.


You have become a god but you are still incomplete. So in order to become a complete god, we must make preparations for your body to be reconstructed.

What kind of preparations…?

It is nothing complicated, you just have to take our genitals into your mouth, indulge it in, and drink our semen.

Not just your vagina and womb, but also your ass and mouth. You have to fill everything with it.

You will drink the sperm milk with your entire body as the males take turns violating you.

There are some somewhat rough familiars so you might experience some forceful acts. As the males embrace you against your will, your body will be transformed.


Us familiars are beings that defy the transient world, we are removed from the logic that governs the transient world, and in ingesting our sperm you will become an existence that is incongruent with the transient world.


There is no need to be concerned, what you will birth is not children but rather eggs.

Your womb will produce tiny eggs, and we will take each one of those eggs and incubate them by carefully heating them inside us.

You will eventually learn the full details of it.

You will learn of the change in your body and the true nature of us familiars, us males.


Relax your body for now and let your body give in to pleasure; that is all you need to do.

Here lewd acts are not immoral, rather, they are virtuous. And in time, you might end up begging for these deeds yourself.


Don’t worry, it’s not scary, there is not a single thing for you to be afraid of here. Besides, we will remain by your side for all of eternity.


Track 5: Preparation to become a God


Now then, let us continue. Let me remove my penis for now.


Look, it’s so wet that it’s making quite the amazing sounds. It’s saying that it wants to drink more of my sperm.

And so, I’ll thrust this lustful female lots with my two penises.

Oh my, why are you closing your legs together?

Eh? You wish to go to the toilet?


Your entire pussy’s drenched and when I caress it, plenty of the juices that I love coats my fingers.

Your urethral opening is here, isn’t it?


Okay, go ahead.

Eh? Why am I placing my mouth onto your groin?

Please release it into my mouth, I wish to indulge in everything that spills out of you.

Sweat, tears, blood, saliva, urine, menstrual blood, all of it, everything.

It’s odd?

No, not at all, you are an incarnation of God and there is nothing filthy about what a god bestows upon me.

Are you nervous?

In that case, I’ll tease this erect clit and force you to let it out.


What an adorable little bump. Rub, rub.

Each time I stroke it with my fingers, more nectar steadily flows out of you. But to stimulate your urethral opening…as expected, it’s better to go lower.


Look, I’ll give it to both the inside and outside so that you can pee properly.

You don’t want to?

Crying is futile, I won’t stop. Come on, come on, let it out your piss into my mouth.

Don’t hold back and just do it. Please allow me to drink it.

It’s here!


You finally let it out. Your pee tastes very good you know?

It’s lukewarm and still has a human flavor to it. This way, you can go to the toilet anytime and anywhere because you can pee into the mouth or ass of any male near you.

Everyone will gladly drink it.


God, you are incredibly beautiful when you cry.

And it’s quite lewd how you’re soaked from head to toe.

Your pussy’s all drenched, isn’t it? Your juices, your urine, and the semen I released are mixed together; and since when did all this liquid come out?

It’s so wet that it has become a rather indecent pussy.

That’s fine, I’ll slowly melt your body.

Let us become more of a mess and melt together. After seeing your lewd appearance, I’ve already become like this.

Now then, please allow me to insert my erect penis.

Naturally, it will go into both holes, after all, you can no longer be satisfied unless it is in both.


Here I go.


It feels so good. It’s so warm as you wrap around me, it’s almost like a hug.

I’m happy, for this one moment, you and I are one. This may be a common phrase but I’m truly…to the point that it brings me to tears.

I apologize, your body is aching so much that it can’t be helped right?

Then I’ll thrust you intensely with my dick.


It feels so good, can you tell that each time I slightly pull my hips back, the spines on my dick grind against and stir up your vagina?


Does it feel good?

I can tell because you just came, didn’t you? There was a strong stimulus that made you clench down on my meat rod.

Come on, please cum many more times.

I’ll make you cum continuously.


Now then, it’s about time you gave me a command, God. Ask me to let you drink my very rich dick milk, I won’t give it to you unless you say it.

Order me.

Hahaha! How nice, I love that expression of yours the most. It’s indecent and that figure of you swallowing up a man’s thing is extremely beautiful. And more than anything, I love that almost intoxicated look.

Now, let’s cum together once more. I ought to pour tons of my sperm juice into these female holes.


I’ll penetrate you vigorously okay? Feel it in its entirety.

Are you about to cum?

I love you. I love you so together let’s…

Cumming, I’m cumming. I’m cumming. I’m cumming, I’ll cum plenty inside you so please drink it up; please swallow all my semen.


I’m still cumming.

Can you tell that it’s jumping around inside you? I’ve poured tons into your pussy and ass.

That felt so good, this is probably the only time my body will ever experience such pleasure.

Is it okay if I kiss you?


As expected, you’re exhausted, right?

That is true, please feel free to sleep as is and I will deal with the rest.

Am I still not pulling out yet?

I’ll pull out once you’ve fallen asleep. Please let me remain inside you just a little longer, just for a moment longer.

Thank you.

Yes. Good night then, please sleep soundly.


Track 6: The Continuation of a Happy Dream


Have you fallen asleep?

I am sorry, I have told you one singular lie. ーーYou and I were once acquainted.

Though, it was far into the past.

When I was still human, I met you in my dream. It was a sweet gentle dream, and only within that dream was I incredibly happy.

It tightens my chest even now when I think back onto that dream. And every time I would wake up from that dream I would cry.


I pray countless times hoping that I could remain in that dream forever and stay by your side in that pleasant dream. Time and time again, but it never happened.

I wonder why, in meeting you inside that dream, I gave up on that unattainable love.

After all, it was a fleeting dream. I thought of it as an illusion that my mind created in order to escape from the harsh reality.

And now, I’m able to touch you like this and have sex with you.

I guess it is impossible for you to become mine and for me to marry you.

Not once, but twice. To me, it’s rather cruel.


After I came here and became no longer human, I began having dreams again.

It was a dream where love blossomed between us.

Surely, it is the future that I continue to wish for. No matter how many times we’ve met, I still continue to love you; from way before and well into the future.

Even though these emotions will never be rewarded, I am still deeply in love with you.

I’m a fool, aren’t I?

So right now, at least for this one moment, please allow me to touch you as though we were a couple, as though we were husband and wife.


I truly love you. I love you so much that it brings me…extreme agony.

I can’t stop my tears.

I love you.

I wanted to be loved, I wanted to become your significant other. I guess there is still a part of me that remains human.

I yearned for your heart, I wanted you to look at me, I wanted you to look at only me. I wanted to become that one and only person to you.


Please allow me to rest for a bit as well.

I pray that you will still be in my arms when I wake up.

Good night.

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