Status [OPEN]

Base Rates (USD):

  • $0.45 per minute of audio
  • $0.05 – 0.20 per 10 characters of text (manga, short stories, visual novels, games etc.)

*These rates are an estimation of cost, actual rates may vary depending on the type and nature of the content.

Payment Method

  • Paypal – Minimum 50% Deposit Required

*If you had commissioned prior translations, I’m open wavering the deposit. I’m quite flexible, but as always it’s about trust.

Delivery Time

4-5 Days Average (Varies)

I reserve the right to post the completed translation as well as to decline a commission for both specified or unspecified reasons.

Tell me what you wish to be credited as or if you wish to remain anonymous.

I don’t really have anything off-limit in terms of topic/themes so no matter how weird or messy it may be, I have no issues with translating it.

Note: Please Provide the Files You Wish to have Translated

Please use the Contact Form below or DM me on either Twitter@CriyTL or Discord@Criy#2748 for More Details. (・∀・)