【Translation】 Cabaret to Kakuzato -1958- Fuwa Manabu

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キャバレーと角砂糖 -1958- 不破学

CV: Katou Masayuki (加藤将之)

Track 1: -1948- Beginning



Oh, did you get back just now?

You’re home pretty late. Were you made to stay back?

Ah, you got lost in your studies at the library. That’s so typical of you, and it’s even your birthday.

That reminds me…

This, here, is for you. A present.

I’m sorry to give it to you while passing by, but I’m able to give it to you at the celebration.

Yeah, my work has been a bit…

It’s not worth bothering Father, no, the President’s over, but it’s a matter that I must attend to. I know that last year we were finally able to celebrate together, so I’m really sorry.

Please enjoy your private time with your parents tonight.


I’m happy you say that, but I’m an adopted child with no blood relations to the family.

In any case, please open it up and take a look.

I know you want to get into college and become a great scientist, so I figured a fountain pen would be better than a fancy hair ornament or some knickknack.

I see. I’m glad you liked it, too.

I don’t have my lighter. I must have left it at the cabaret.

You’ll be a show dancer too?

Stop it, stop it, being a scientist is much better now that women can attend various universities,

It’s that I don’t understand why you want to dance on the stage of <New York>, your father’s cabaret. Being a show dancer is…


I mean, I guess that see now.

Still, I wished your father stayed with just the beer halls.


Why do you ask that? I’m happy to take a show dancer as my bride, but who knows about other men.

Why are you acting all giddy? Jeez, you.

I guess you’re at that age. Your expression keeps changing.

In the spring, you will be a middle school student. You were still such a tiny little thing when we went off to war, but by the time we came back, you were already…

Days go by so fast.


It’s about time you head in. I’ll take you inside.

Though I say that, it’s right there.


It’s weirdly quiet. Where are the servants?

Oh, maybe because they wanted to spend private time alone as a family, they let the live-in servants take the day off?

Father!? Mother!?

Why, I…

Don’t come here. It’s a crime scene!

Listen, you go to the police station in Yokomachi and tell them our parents are dead from gunshot wounds. I’ll stay here to watch over the scene.

You can do it, right? I’m leaving it to you.


Track 2: -1958- Cabaret and Showgirl



What? They’re asking for me?

Fine by me, let them have what they want.

What’s wrong? Come on in already.

I heard that you kept pestering the manager to let you have a drink with me. You, the “Number one glamor girl in the East.” I heard you moved to this cabaret <New Tokyo>, so I came to see you, but I never thought you would ask for me first.

You want to know why I light up my cigars with matches in cabarets?

I like matches. Lighters simply can’t compare, no matter how expensive they are.


Brandy sounds good, let’s go with that.

Please pour us some glasses.

I don’t know what you want to discuss, but it doesn’t matter right now.


I’m Fuwa. Fuwa Manabu. So, why did you ask for me?

You have good eyes. You saw my face peeking out from the second-floor balcony while you were dancing on stage, and it was love at first sight.

I can’t believe a popular girl like you would say something of that sort.

You’re a high-biller in the cabarets and there were even talks about you making a movie debut. And yet, suddenly, you moved to this <New Tokyo>.

I can only imagine that there is something behind it.


Eh? So you were interested in the mysterious cabaret king?

Sure, New Tokyo is rumored to be backed by him, but he’s not so easy to meet.

No one is willing to talk about who he is.

He lurks in the dark, carefully and discreetly, working a network of people, but still boldly spreading his reach and establishing thriving cabarets and beer halls.

It is said that he used to have a close relationship with the upper echelons of GHQ in connection with the narcotic <Sugar Cube>.

The mysterious cabaret king whose name no one knows.

But it’s all rumors. No one knows if he truly exists or not.


I am him?

Haha! Funny joke there.

Then, what’s your basis?

A woman’s intuition, huh? If you’re coming onto me thinking that I’m the cabaret king, then I’d ask you to stop. Is he not the one you’re truly after?

“I want to know more about you”?

Then, how about I tell you a little bit about myself?


I do not know who my father is.

My mother ran off with some guy when I was 10 or 11 and the boss of the company she worked for took me in and adopted me.

Though we were not connected by blood, when I was 16, my baby sister was born.

She was incredibly cute. She loved windmills and would smile when I would spin her around, no matter how much she cried.

She had always admired show dancers since she was a child, and yet at the same time, she worked extremely hard at her studies. She said that she was going to become a scientist one day.

I wanted to be there for her at all times, but there were circumstances. When she turned 12, I had no choice but to let her get adopted by someone I trust and have her put in boarding school.


I wonder how she’s doing right now?

I wonder if she’s safely in university and studying, or if she found a good match and is now a happy young wife.

What do you think?

Perhaps in the end, her dream of becoming a show dancer came true.

I kept telling her not to, but when your own parents run cabarets, it’s not very convincing. I worked there when I was demobilized too.

“Cabarets are wonderful places. Show dancers have a wonderful job.”

She only thought that because she was only shown the glitz and glamor. But the truth is far from it.

You know that now, don’t you?


Yes. If there’s light, there must be shadows.

Ah… Alcohol just isn’t cutting it.

Anyway, you’re a successful dancer, so if you’ve got time to be playing around with someone like me, you should spend that going after a more young, handsome, rich guy.

The cabaret king is probably some old man anyway.

You’re fine with me even after hearing all that?

What do you want? What is it that you’re truly after?


You’re convinced I’m the cabaret king, are you not?

I’ll admit it, so tell me what your true motive is.

<Sugar Cube> is frighteningly good when you use it. It’s just like sugar. You can even smoke it like tobacco.

I’m a bit relieved to hear that it’s not what you want.

So what you really want is me, huh?

I see…


Track 3: The Time for Revenge


I hope you don’t do this all the time.

Is that so? Well, I guess that’s how things are.

What are you trying to do by getting on top of me?

Haha, so you’re going to give me a strip show?

I’m tired of seeing women’s breasts. Your body’s beautiful, but it’s going to take more than that to get me up.

You’re so egoistic… Instead of smoking, you want me to suck this instead?

Forcing my head against yourself…

I guess it can’t be helped.


Your voice is starting to sound like that, huh?

This spot is specifically meant for such activities, but normally, it’s the hostess who does it for the dancers on the rise. And you’re a top dancer…

What are you trying to do now?

Are you trying to flip things around?

I’m still not erect yet. If you grasp it so tightly and force it inside…

I’m perfectly erect inside you, you say?

Go on and try.


Yeah, that’s correct, your fleshy walls are tightening and loosening. Ah, and yes, it’s sucking me deep inside and spitting me out.

When you squeeze up tightly, the wetness inside you grazes against me…

It looks like you completely managed to get me hard.

I thought I was already going to the pits of hell, but to think that there was a bottom beneath it… Who would’ve thought I would be having sex with the cute, cute baby sister whom I’ve changed the diapers of?


Did you think I wouldn’t notice? You can’t fool my eyes with makeup.

I thought you’d be put off when I started reminiscing about the past, but I guess that didn’t shake your resolve. You came here to take revenge, didn’t you?

Was your plan to seduce me while hiding your identity, become my lover, and then steal everything from me? Or do you plan to keep this quick and clean and just kill me?

No normal woman would ever go near me and you’re at the pinnacle of the business at cabarets outside of my reach.


With you as you are, <New Tokyo> happily welcomed your move. And when you said you wanted to see me, it was made to happen.

And then this…

Have you not considered the possibility of me killing you before you’re able to take your revenge.

It seems like you’ve underestimated me.

Even if that were to be the result, would you still accept it?

Your mannerisms, your voice… Is it all an act?

I really don’t think so. You’re here getting your lewd juices all over mine.

We have fallen so far, both me and you, my adorable sister. And I’ll make you fall even further.


I tarnished the reputation that your father built up and now you, whom I stole everything from, finally gave up your body to me here in this <New Tokyo> cabaret.

Well? You resent me, don’t you?

You think I’m the villain who murdered your family, don’t you?

This is your chance. Go for it.

Come on, do it. Bite off my tongue. Or should I give you my pistol?

You’re about to come, so I guess this isn’t the time for it.

Go on, come. If you don’t it being this brother, then I’ll happily make you come.


Come on, come on. Come.

Wow, for you to turn out like this… You’ve become such a wonderful woman.

Come again for me, I’m feeling like I’m about to blow.


So, what are you going to do?

Are you going to just kill me here?

The one who gained the most from the murder of your parents was me.

After the incident, I had you, who was in the way, adopted by some stranger, and forced into a boarding school. It’s only natural that you’d suspect me.

I assume that you believe the investigation ended, because I, the culprit, was pulling strings behind the scenes. And hearing rumors of me being connected to the GHQ makes it seem all the more likely.

You look like there’s more you want to say.


Huh? My lighter was there at the scene of the crime?

That’s not even in the investigation record. Are you saying I destroyed evidence when I had you go to the police station?

If you had thought of even that, your resentment must’ve been quite deep. Maybe it’s not unreasonable that you ended up coming up with such a revenge plan.

I was completely consumed by your body, just like you wanted. In fact, it would pain me for this to be only a one-time thing.

I was fine with being killed by you during the moment, but I’ve changed my mind.

I don’t want to make you a criminal.


Don’t come near me again.

Wash your hands clean of this. Return to your studies and attend university, or get married.

I won’t allow you to stand on the stage any longer.

I’m going to pull out all the stops to get you back to the normal world. It’s not postwar anymore. Just like the Tokyo Tower being built, you’re going to stand and face the future. Got it?

I’m not going to bend to your will anymore, so leave.

Get dressed quickly, you’ll catch a cold if your stomach’s constantly exposed.

I wanted to see your face without makeup, but…


You, the manager here, she’s fired.

Her reactions leave far more to be desired.

Cut her a check right now to give as a severance package, and then have her driven home.

And get a couple of bodyguards on her.


Track 4: Emotional Scars


I am certain the price will go up sharply there. The department construction is confirmed, and the university also is-

My apologies, I need to attend to the phone.

What is it?

Hah!? My lover? I-

I don’t have one, but it’s fine. Everyone, I apologize for the noise. She is most definitely someone I know, so relax and go back to work.

Also, make sure no one comes inside this room.

If you need me urgently, call me on the extension phone.


Goodness gracious, I know you were calling yourself my lover, but I can’t believe they would allow an outsider to enter so easily.

This establishment has nothing to do with night work, it’s just a real estate company.

As it is, I’m being extremely careless. I’m going to have to increase the number of security guards.

But hats off to you, for locating this company, which is operating under a different name, in just two weeks. You followed the manager of the cabaret, and then you followed the person the manager met, and then you ended up here.

Why don’t you use that severance package I gave me the other day to open up a place? You’re in the right place.


Ah. Yes, yes, and today’s makeup is quite neat. It’s not obvious that you’re the number one glamor girl in the East.

Are you going to kill me this time? It seems that you’ve given up on the contrived plot from last time and burst straight through the front door.

I have a pistol here. I’ll lend it to you.

But you know, you should have done a lot of things before tracking down this company. Like creating the suspicion in cabarets that I, Fuwa Manabu, was responsible for the death of your parents.

And if you had exposed it in a newspaper or a weekly magazine, I would have a lot to lose.

It would have been quicker. Why didn’t you do that? Did you fall in love with me?


I know, that wouldn’t be enough for you. You want to take anything and everything from me.

So you want to stay close to me for that opportunity.

Become my lover…no, my wife.

Haha! I’m joking.

Don’t do it, don’t do it. Have you thought about your own life? You should understand everything by now, so are you going to live the rest of your life fixated on revenge… Huh?

I said no one was allowed to come-


Get down!

It’s just one person, huh. You’re not hurt, right?

Yeah, I got shot in the left shoulder, but it’s just this.

This has brought my employees’ loyalty into question, so I can’t pretend it all didn’t happen.

Call the police.

Yes, the usual suspects…

Soon the cops will come, but what action will you take? I plan to claim self-defense, but you might be able to do me in with a testimony from you.

Take a drink. It’s brandy.


I didn’t want to show you another scene like this.

It’s brought memories of that day, hasn’t it?

Enough, just drink it. It should ease your nerves a little. And if it’s still-

Huh? You’re not able to move your body?

Give it to me, then.


You drank it, right?

Hmm? You’re thanking me for protecting you?

I was afraid you were going to say something along the lines of… “Even if it’s in self-defense, you’re completely calm when shooting and killing others, Therefore, you must’ve killed my parents.”

“Forget about that. Please get to a hospital”?

Before that, we have to talk to the police.

This man who attacked me is a member of an enemy organization that wants to profit from <Sugar Cube>. I recognize him from the documents my informants gave.


The magical drug that everyone wants in the place where the law has become strictly enforced…<Sugar Cube>. It can dull even the pain of a gunshot.

This and I have a deep vicious bond.

Yes, I’m the originator of <Sugar Cube>.

Long before I was known as the cabaret king. When our parents were alive. Since the moment we were demobilized…

Just so you know, the police detectives that are coming are <Sugar Cube> addicts too. They provide me with all sorts of favors in exchange for a dose of the drug.


Before it was the GHQ, now it’s the police and the gangs.

As long as <Sugar Cube> exists, everything will go my way. In other words, I am not afraid of the police. I fear nothing.

It’s impossible to take everything from me.

If you want revenge, the most you can do is kill me.

It’s quite a shame for you when you’ve even offered up your body. Your plan of revenge was not naught. The only option left is for you to kill me.


This is my final warning to you. Go back to your apartment now.
And don’t ever show your face in front of me again.

You’re not going to give up, huh?

Then I’ll gladly play along.

Looks like the police are here. Let’s continue this another time.


Track 5: Sugar Cube and Life


My house is a lot safer than the company building. I won’t be so easily attacked here.

You imagined it to be a bigger house?

It only needs to be big enough for me to live in. I don’t want people in my house. I can’t trust anyone, after all.

Why are you standing here? Come.

No matter how many warnings I gave you, you wouldn’t give up. You want to be by my side, don’t you?

I bought this Western-style house because it has the same atmosphere as Father’s old beer hall. It was built in the Taisho era, so it was in a bit of disrepair, but the vibe is just very calming.


It was a place where everyone enjoyed themselves, wasn’t it? Sometimes I would get the leftovers.

They were good. The twice-baked macaroni, modern egg dishes…

If it hadn’t been for the war, I wouldn’t have gotten involved with the GHQ in Tokyo or been running cabarets. I would’ve been running beer halls in Nagoya and that would’ve been enough.

Alcohol isn’t good for the body?

That’s a stupid thing to say to a man you hate.

Anesthetics and painkillers are ineffective for my body because of <Sugar Cube>. Nothing will change no matter how much I drink.


Still, I can’t help but drink.

If I just wanted to feel good <Sugar Cube> would’ve been far quicker than brandy. It’s an odd habit, you could say.

What? My wound’s fine.

That doctor earlier may be unlicensed but they’re undeniably skilled.

Don’t look so relieved when you hear that the man you want to kill was properly treated. Where did your drive for revenge go?

Look at the pile of <Sugar Cube> in this crystal bowl.

Without this, I wouldn’t have survived until the year Showa 33 (1958). And it’s not just me. There are many people whose lives and psyches were ruined during the war, after, and even now. and whose memories continue to haunt them.

You can’t live on without some kind of drugs.

You’re one of those people. I was relieved to hear that you don’t use <Sugar Cube> but that also means you’re the only one who’s had to live with all those painful memories.


I should never have left you alone.

I wanted to protect you, so I had you adopted. I thought that if I put you on the family register of someone I trusted and sent you off to a boarding school, you wouldn’t get wrapped up in my affairs and would be safe and sound and live a happy life.

I wanted to protect you from the man who had killed your mother and father,

They were killed because of my involvement with <Sugar Cube>!!!

I had already been, then, <Sugar Cube> supplier to members of the GHQ and Father found out.

Father had started a cabaret, <New Tokyo>, in Tokyo for the GHQ and I followed his wishes and built a guest room in New Tokyo where one could enjoy <Sugar Cube> and sex, and made it even more prosperous,


No matter how broken they were, I never told them where the <Sugar Cube> was from.

I only gave Father the amount that was necessary. I didn’t want him to go down any more dangerous paths. I thought that I was the only one whose hands should be dirtied.

Perhaps it was wrong of me to think that.

Father started secretly distributing sugar cubes to the underworld, lying and saying that it was for the cabaret, instead. The group mistook Father to be the supplier of <Sugar Cube> and started blackmailing him to have him give it all up.

I tried to talk to him myself, but Mother and Father were…


The lighter was dropped at the crime scene to frame me for the crime.

I saw the whole thing coming, and while you were at the police station, I retrieved the lighter. Then I had the GHQ put pressure on the police to drop the investigation.

Having known nothing of the truth, I knew it would hurt you. I knew that if I stopped the investigation you’d suspect me, but if I didn’t, you’d…

If it came out that <Sugar Cube> was the motive behind their death, I’d lose all credibility. Who knows what police with connections to the underworld would do to you.


You believed that Father and the cabaret were clean and you admired them.

Your feelings… Your position if it became public knowledge that your parents were murdered in a drug deal…

And if the underworld realizes that you’re the sister of a disgraced member, you…

I was planning to keep it all under wraps and set you up on a path toward a bright future.

With the help of American intelligence, I tracked down the organization that killed your parents and wiped them off the face of the earth. I slaughter each one of them with these hands.

Even still, incidents still happen during the day.

Even if higher-ups in the organization don’t want to go against me, there’s always someone who wants to have a go at me.


This is the truth you’ve always wanted to know.

Where did my life go wrong, I wonder? Did the war make me crazy, or was I crazy to begin with?

Do you believe me?

There are fallen tears in the glass of brandy.

I see.

Is that your answer? I was never crazy? That I’m still your kind older brother, Gaku?


I had no intention of ending my role as a <Sugar Cube> supplier. I won’t stop no matter what happens.

Either I drop dead or until <Sugar Cube> becomes obsolete and is no longer a commodity in demand.

If I quit, there will be blood and bloodshed over the top position. Our precious hometown will now get through it unscathed.

I continue to be a supplier until my death. That’s the duty I have.


I’m not going to divulge any more than that

I didn’t kill your parents, but it’s my fault that they were. Not to mention, there are things I have left out.

You have no relation to <Sugar Cube>.

You want to know the truth as I know it?

That’s… What are you doing!? Are you trying to get me to open my mouth by doing <Sugar Cube> yourself?!

You want to know so bad, I’ll tell you! I’ll take you to the same place I am, and sink you into the darkness.


I’m not letting you go.


Track 6: The Truth


Much safer and much more euphoric-inducing than the ones made right after the war… The newest <Sugar Cube>.

How does it feel? Well?

The combined effects of brandy and <Sugar Cube> feel pretty good, right?


The moment you hear what I’m about to say, I won’t let you experience freedom again. You won’t be able to return to the day world.

When I went off to war, you were sent to a small refugee place, weren’t you?

Crawling my tongue along the chest of you, who used to be so cute back then…

I couldn’t say all this without devouring your body.

War was hell. It was a hell where men were no longer men.

As the war worsened, our supply lines dwindled and our battalion was left abandoned. To escape enemy vision, we traversed through the jungles. There was no knowing when an enemy might appear.

We were starved, beaten down by the heat, and bitten by poisonous insects.


One. Another one.

One by one, I lost my comrades.

We did not lose our desire to live and we talked about our hometown. I talked about you and the beer hall.

And we talked about our favorite music.

Then, a young man named Masao told me this story… He said that he used to work in a field to make <Sugar Cube>. In his hometown of Murakami.

They were making <Sugar Cube> on orders from the Army, it seemed.

We made a promise to each other. If we made it out alive, we’d circumvent the army and become the supplier ourselves. and become filthy rich.

But soon after, we were captured by the US military and imprisoned, and Masao was tortured and killed.


One of our buddies tipped them off about the story, and I was asked by the brass if the story was true.

And so I said this to them, “I will confirm it for you, so please let me return to my home country.”

A deal was struck, and after the war, I was released before the other prisoners of war and allowed to return home. On the return boat, I threw the informant on board into the night ocean.

What Masao said was true. The raw material fields went to Kyushu.

After losing in the war, the villagers lost their military backing and with nothing else to grow on their barren land, they were desperate. I promised the villagers that I would distribute them out to GHQ and so, I became the main supplier of <Sugar Cube>.


One of the officers from the imprisonment camp then came to Tokyo as an executive of GHQ.

As promised, I handed them the <Sugar Cube> and sent money to Masao’s hometown. But, I could not erase the memory of the battlefront, of the jungle…

And so, I started using <Sugar Cube> too.


Well? Even after hearing all this, it only feels good because of the <Sugar Cube>, doesn’t it?

You’re frighteningly wet. Do you want me so badly you can’t control yourself?

Push all your painful memories onto me and I’ll replace them with joy, so right now…

Cry out more just for me.

Melt my frozen heart for me.


Once I’ve made you mine, I have no desire to let you go.

I won’t let go of you anymore.

You’re about to come, right?

Come as many times for me to see. Come on.

Yes, like that. When you came, hot liquid started pouring out from inside you. It’s amazing.


You’re already getting used to me.

These breasts too are incomparable compared to all the other women I’ve had sex with. You’re the best of them all.


Then, come for me again.

Go on, go on, go on.

You’re coming non-stop, aren’t you? This is why people can’t stop using <Sugar Cube>, but, this is the first time I’ve gotten this lost in it.


I see, so you want me to cum already too?

Then this time, come together with me. Alright?



You want more, don’t you?

Your womb wants me to fill it up more, doesn’t it?

Yeah, I’ll give it to you. More than enough to make you, my cute, cute baby sister pregnant.

It’s not just the effect of <Sugar Cube>, it’s the cute you that I’m able to experience a pleasure this intense.

You’re the same too? It’s because it’s with me that you’ve become so disheveled.

Cum… I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum!


No. No, it’s still not enough.

Give yourself up, give up more of yourself to me. Let me get back the time where I wasn’t able to be by your side.

You’ll forever be my woman from this day forth.

I will never… I will never let go of you again.

Let us fall together.


More… I still desire more…


Track 7: The Darkness in Life


Are you awake?

Even though I knew I was hated, I couldn’t help but want to see you.


It’s time to move on.

Hmm? I told you that I’m never letting you go. Even if you refuse, I’m going to make you stay with me for the rest of your life.

When I said that it was time to move on, I was referring to my involvement in cabarets and real estate. I’ll give it all up, concentrate on being a <Sugar Cube> supplier, and lay low.

I’ll be moving around for a while, and of course, you’ll be coming along with me.


I might have robbed you of your dreams again, but you could say you’ve fulfilled your plan of revenge.

All my money will become yours and you can kill me whenever, so I hope you can make do with that.

In the future, we’ll stop making <Sugar Cubes>

I’m currently thinking of other ways for them to make money, such as a precision machinery factory on the site of the <Sugar Cube> farm, but…it’s just that right now, we’re not at that stage yet.

There are still people who want it.


If you become an addict, your body and mind will eventually fall apart, but there are people who will be in a worse state of mind without <Sugar Cube>.

There are people who wish to forget the tragic memories, even if only for a moment, not for the sake of the future, but so that they can live in the present.

Today, tomorrow… There are people who live only day-to-day.

My existence is nothing but evil, but as long as there is someone who can be saved, even if only for a moment, I will protect <Sugar Cube> as its supplier.

I’m gonna take you with me into the darkness that I’m about to live in. You’re fine with that, right? Either way, you’re in love with me.


Hahaha! I won’t hear a word from you, and if you don’t like it, you can kill me.

You plunge that old fountain pen of yours into my carotid artery,

It fell out when I tried to hang your clothes on the clothesline earlier.

You carried it around until it was this worn out… This is proof that you loved me.

You’re so stubborn.

Come on, admit that you’ve been in love with me since you were a kid.


You sure like to have things your way. I’ll force you to confess, then.

I will have your body answer me……

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