【Translation】 Iinari Sensei After School


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CV: Tanaka Shoujirou (田中翔二郎), Mitsuhashi Wataru (三橋渡), Yamanaka Masayuki (やまなか正之), ysd., Shindou Daisuke (新堂大輔), Noki Yuusei (乃木悠星), Aine Roku (愛音録)

Track 1: Uzuki Takeru


Uzuki: Huh? Is that you, Teacher?

Uzuki: It really is you, Teacher. What are you doing carrying so many things?

Uzuki: Whoa, that’s why it’s dangerous. You have too many thick books. You’re lucky that none of them fell on your foot.

Uzuki: Hmm? Me? I was just slacking off there. This book section is off-limits to people, but it’s easy to get in, and it’s strangely comfortable. It’s the perfect place to take a nap.

Uzuki: What? Did you think I was waiting in ambush?


Uzuki: Why would I do that? It would waste too much time and I’m not the type to obsess over a girl I’ve done it once with and chase her around. But, I might hold a slight interest for women like you that never try to flirt with me, Teacher.

Uzuki: I mean, women like that aren’t common. Even if the start is a little aggressive, once you do it, people change quite a bit. They would blush from the briefest of eye contact or they would wag their tails and come up to me. Without exception, they would have the look of “I am Uzuki Takeru’s woman” written all over their face.

Uzuki: And that’s why I don’t quite comprehend a woman like you who rejects me 100%.

Uzuki: What goes on inside your head? After having me ravage you in front of everyone and force you into a bunch of embarrassing acts, do I not fill your mind?

Uzuki: Don’t deny it with such energy and fervor.


Uzuki: I see… But you know what? If you make such an uncute face, you know you might tempt me into teaching you more about me and make you nod your head, even if it’s by force.

Uzuki: Hey, hey, if you resist half-heartedly like that, I’ll catch you immediately. Like this…

Uzuki: Huh? Whether I’m serious?

Uzuki: How would I be serious when I’m doing it in a place like this? It’s just for fun, a joke, a time-killer. I’m going to have sex with you right now for simple enjoyment, Teacher. Understood?

Uzuki: Come on, turn this way. Open your mouth.

Uzuki: I said turn this way.

Uzuki: Stick out your tongue.

Uzuki: More, more.


Uzuki: There’s drool coming down the edges of your mouth.

Uzuki: Your expression’s become quite nice. I want to see more of that face, Teacher.

Uzuki: Come on, show me the face that says that you’re feeling it from being violated and that you’re only able to think about me.

Uzuki: What’s wrong with that? It’s just for a bit.

Uzuki: Where was it that you liked, Teacher? …Well, I guess you wouldn’t tell me so easily.

Uzuki: Wait, I’m going to try to remember right now. Let’s see…


Uzuki: Oh, I remembered.

Uzuki: Wait, I’m going to take off your bra.

Uzuki: It’s this place…

Uzuki: I was absolutely right. Yes, yes, it’s here, right? You were letting out lewd moans when my seniors, Baba and Tatsukawa, were teasing your nipples.

Uzuki: Look, they immediately got hard.

Uzuki: I’m wrong?

Uzuki: Eh, Teacher, don’t you think it’s bad to lie in front of a student? I was watching from a front row seat that time, you know? When the two of them fondled your boobs and pinched and rubbed your nipples, your breathing gradually got heavier.

Uzuki: There’s no point trying to pretend that you hate it. And I was right there watching your panties get wet.

Uzuki: That day, because you were in front of everyone, you might not have been able to be honest due to your position, but who cares about that anymore? Right now, I’m the only one watching.

Uzuki: Don’t be stubborn and just start feeling it from these lewd nipples.


Uzuki: What lewd breasts. Who would’ve thought that you had a weakness like this with that serious face of yours? Isn’t that just unfair?

Uzuki: Do you like it when I suck hard then nibble on your puffed-up nipples?

Uzuki: You can’t deny it, can you?

Uzuki: It’s okay, I’ll tease you even more.

Uzuki: Here too. And here.

Uzuki: Both feel good, don’t they?

Uzuki: Holding back your voice while trembling is such a turn-on. Hey, Teacher. Because you’re reacting so nicely, Teacher, I’m already this…

Uzuki: See? It’s already like this.


Uzuki: Don’t be afraid. You’re familiar with this, are you not? You did have a good taste of it with that mouth up top and that mouth down bottom, after all.

Uzuki: Say, which mouth do you want me to shove this into?

Uzuki: Even if people don’t come here, you should know that it’s still dangerous to let out a loud sound. Or do I have to plug up that mouth?

Uzuki: Come on, sit, sit. Here, it’s a reunion with my cock that you haven’t seen in a long time.

Uzuki: Don’t turn your face away from it. …But well, even though I did take a shower in the morning, it’s already the afternoon, so it might be a little musty.

Uzuki: Come on, have a closer look. It’s become like this because of you, Teacher. Maybe if you have this dealt with, I’ll feel better and be able to go to class this afternoon.


Uzuki: Teacher, how long do you plan to keep sitting in front of my dick? I’m a guy that never listens, you understand that best, right, Teacher?

Uzuki: Yes, yes, it’s best to get this over with quick. Before I go any further, please behave yourself and not bite, okay? Now, how about we do it the way I describe? It’s better than having to do a spontaneous blowjob, right?

Uzuki: First… How about you start off by kissing my dick? It’s easy, right? You’re just taking your lips and giving it a peck.

Uzuki: Yes, yes, that’s the spirit.

Uzuki: From the base up to the crevasse. Yes, and the head and the very tip too.

Uzuki: Sorry, did my dick touch your face, Teacher?

Uzuki: It’s because the way you’re touching it tickles.


Uzuki: Next, stick your tongue straight out, and lick it.

Uzuki: Yes, yes, that feels good. You’re beginning to become less and less resistant.

Uzuki: Teacher, turn this way.

Uzuki: That’s good. As expected, just being licked is not enough, but it does honestly turn me on being able to see you lick my dick like that. Is my precum starting to leak out?

Uzuki: I can’t help it. If you show me a sight like that… Do you even know what kind of sexy appearance you have right now? You’re glaring at me with your tits out in the open while licking my erect cock.

Uzuki: Come on, suck it. Get that precum that’s leaking out from the tip onto your lips and suck it directly.


Uzuki: Harder, even harder.

Uzuki: Damn… You’re good at this, Teacher. Seriously, I thought you were even going to suck my semen out. If you do that, I’ll want to actually cum.

Uzuki: Open your mouth wide.

Uzuki: It’s so warm. It’s the second time you’re being face fucked, so you’ll be able to do better than last time, right?

Uzuki: I’ll start moving.

Uzuki: Yes. Yes. Suck it lightly. And move your tongue inside, Teacher.

Uzuki: How nice. You’re good at licking the spot right under the head.

Uzuki: Damn, my semen’s about to come out.

Uzuki: So, Teacher, where do you want me to cum? On your face? Or do you want me to pour it deep into your throat again?

Uzuki: Boobs work too. How about I taint them and press the tip of cock against your nipples and cover them in semen?


Uzuki: Come on, choose. Choose, Teacher.

Uzuki: Sure. I’ll cum a bunch for you, then. The first shot of the day, a thick one. I’m going to pour it directly down your throat, so take it in deep.

Uzuki: Cumming, cumming!


Uzuki: Looks like you swallowed it properly this time, you’re not coughing like you were last time.

Uzuki: Was it tasty?

Uzuki: That face… I don’t mind an honest review, you know? You’re the one who said you wanted to drink it, Teacher. Though you were probably thinking that it was better than having your clothes dirtied.

Uzuki: Telling me to just cum… That was way too dirty of you.

Uzuki: Ah, hey! Tch. I’m not in the mood for this.

Uzuki: So, Teacher, was my cum tasty? Was it thick? Was it smooth and easy to drink?

Uzuki: Hey, how did it taste?

Uzuki: Ah, I guess since I poured it deep into your throat, you don’t taste it that much. Then, as a special service, I’ll give you another shot.


Uzuki: I’m telling you, stop resisting, there’s no way you can win against me in terms of strength.

Uzuki: Eh? I did ask you to choose between the mouth up top and the mouth down bottom, but I never said it’ll after a shot in one of them.

Uzuki: I thought I would be done after one shot, but it’s not happening. You could say that face fucking you flipped a switch in me. I’ll be done fast, so let me use your pussy, Teacher.

Uzuki: Look, if I lift your legs and lock your hips, you can’t move a muscle, right? I’ll pull down your panties, stick my dick in and start pounding you.


Uzuki: Oh, what’s this? I thought it’d be dry, but the entrance is actually a bit wet. Did being attacked by a student at work turn you on?

Uzuki: Like I thought, you’re a huge masochist, aren’t you, Teacher?

Uzuki: My dick is going inside this little masochist’s hole.

Uzuki: Have you ever done it while standing, Teacher? Is this your first time?

Uzuki: Tight…

Uzuki: Eh? Don’t make that expression. I’m not that bad at it, am I? Or did you tear up when you were being face fucked? …I thought it sounded like play you’d enjoy.

Uzuki: Well, you should start being honest soon. Look, I’m deep inside you all the way…


Uzuki: Really? It’s only the second time, so I’m still plenty hard, right? Do you like having something hard thrust deep inside?

Uzuki: Even if you don’t answer, what you’re doing is the same as saying that you do. …You’re clinging onto me tightly.

Uzuki: Come on, say it. Say that being railed by me in the middle of class time is making you feel it so incredibly much. Say that your pussy feels good.


Uzuki: Damn, you’re completely drenched inside and you’re no longer able to control your voice. What are you going to do if someone else hears, you pervert?

Uzuki: I’m not wrong. Pervert. You pervert. Enjoying yourself and moaning as someone violates you and rubs your nipples, how are you not a pervert?

Uzuki: Those moans are nice. I can’t get enough of them. I’m also about to…

Uzuki: Damn it, it’s coming. I’m going to cum inside.


Uzuki: This is bad, we had some pretty serious sex.

Uzuki: Teacher, your legs are like noodles. Are you okay? Come on, stand up properly, and put on your panties.

Uzuki: A teacher who has their student put on their panties is absurd… Since I came deep inside you, fluids aren’t leaking out.

Uzuki: Alright, we’re done.

Uzuki: No one comes here, so how about you take a short rest?

Uzuki: But, it doesn’t look like you can walk properly. And this place and the back of your neck are covered in sweat.

Uzuki: See? If you make that face, you’re pretty much saying, I just had sex!


Uzuki: After cumming two, I’ve gotten sleepy again too.

Uzuki: Oh, Teacher, if it’s lonely to be by yourself, then how about you sleep beside me-

Uzuki: Hey! Don’t suddenly whack me with a binder!

Uzuki: I get it. I’ll be attending my afternoon classes, then.

Uzuki: Then, I’ll see you around, Teacher.

Uzuki: You let your guard down just now, didn’t you? Your surprised face was the cutest thing I’ve seen all day, Teacher. Bye, bye.

Track 2: Ootori Takahiro


Ootori: No, I’m fine. Don’t worry about it.

Ootori: Huh? Teacher. What a coincidence that we are together at this time.

Ootori: Don’t glare at me like that. It’s not like I’m on this packed train because I want to. It’s before a competition, so it’s not like I had any other choice-

Ootori: Damn it, what’s it now?

Conductor: Due to a trespasser on track level, this train will be making an emergency stop and will resume operation as soon as safety is confirmed. Passengers that…

Ootori: You’ve got to be kidding. And at this hour at that?

Ootori: So, can you stop making that face? It’s not like I’m the one who stopped the train.

Ootori: We sure are unlucky to experience an emergency stop in this cramped situation.

Ootori: Ah, I guess you’re not in a foul mood because the train’s stopped. You don’t like how it looks like you’re clinging to me, right? Did you recall the event of that day and the sort?


Ootori: Don’t squirm around, it’ll be an inconvenience to other people.

Ootori: Was I on the mark?

Ootori: I was, wasn’t I? There’s no way you’d be fine after having that happen to you, right?

Ootori: That face… A look of hurt and frustration, but also the sense that you’ll never give in. If I had a camera on me, I would’ve photographed it without a second thought.

Ootori: Let me have a closer look at it.

Ootori: Come on, if you come a little closer this way, it’ll be easier on you too. You can lean on my chest. We’ll stand out if you cause a fuss, so shhh, be quiet.


Ootori: Is that shampoo? It smells nice.

Ootori: Teacher, have you encountered a molester before?

Ootori: Don’t be silent, tell me. Did you ever have your ass groped or your boobs fondled like this on the train?

Ootori: Just give up already. Teacher, neither you nor I can move until the train starts moving again. There’s not even space to play around on a phone. The only thing my hands can reach is your body, Teacher. Can’t you go along with my slight mischief? I won’t do anything bad.

Ootori: It’s been on my mind, but the curves of your waist and hips are beautiful. …Curves that I don’t have.


Ootori: What is it? If you keep moving around, we’ll catch other people’s attention. …And they’ll realize that there’s a teacher having a student molest them. Is it not embarrassing for you as a teacher to have that be public?

Ootori: Even if that’s what your intentions were, Teacher, there’s no knowing what others will think. For example, if I said that I was being coerced by you, Teacher, and I had no other choice…

Ootori: Yes, yes, keep staying still. And bear with it properly, okay?

Ootori: Your body’s warm. Does the area around your waist tickle? All I did was touch it slightly… What a sensitive body you have. In that case, I’ll stop touching your waist.

Ootori: How about I lift your skirt and stick my hand under there?

Ootori: No? But, doesn’t your waist tickle? Or should I have touched this place instead?


Ootori: It’s okay. If I touch you under your coat, those around us won’t know. Even if my hands are moving under your jacket…as long as you don’t make any strange movements, Teacher, we’ll be fine.

Ootori: Your breasts are soft. I’m going to move aside your bra and touch everything.

Ootori: Hey, you have to endure it. You’re not holding back at all right now. Do you enjoy having your two nipples rubbed with the tips of my fingers that much?

Ootori: Don’t make such a sad face, you don’t have to blame yourself. You can’t help it, can’t you? You have such a lewd, sensitive body, after all. Getting hard and erect even though they’re being touched by a man you hate… Are they not lewd nipples?

Ootori: So, does it feel good when I tease your nipples? It feels good when I pinch and rub them both, right?

Ootori: If it feels good and you want more… You don’t have to say a word, just nod.


Ootori: That’s not true, is it? Well, whatever. Do you realize that kind of attitude just turns me on more?

Ootori: Here, look, you may deny it, but over here, your underwear looks like it’s already moist.

Ootori: There’s no point. Do your best to cover things with that bag, so no one around us notices.

Ootori: Wow, your juices are overflowing. It’s leaking through your underwear and stocking and is making even my finger wet. Should I make a hole in your stockings and stick my fingers in? …The same fingers of mine that scraped out the semen inside you the other day, Teacher.

Ootori: Did you recall the sensation?

Ootori: Here I go.


Ootori: Ah, it’s a bit tight since your legs are closed. But, you’re fully wet inside, Teacher.

Ootori: Stop constantly looking down. Turn this way, let me see your face.

Ootori: Teacher. Teacher. What face are you making as I shove my fingers into your pussy?

Ootori: Isn’t this a better expression than what you had before? Your face is bright red. Have you lost your composure?

Ootori: Not yet. I’m going to rub your G-spot, so keep yourself standing.

Ootori: It’s here, right? Your body’s slowly getting hotter.

Ootori: A student is having their way with you on the train and your pussy’s feeling it, Teacher. Are you not able to stop the pleasure? Do you know what kind of face you’re making as you cling to my arm?

Ootori: You’re so indecent, Teacher. If you react like that, I’ll…want to shove my much bigger, raw cock inside.


Ootori: Teacher, do you want to keep being teased by my fingers?

Ootori: The train has stopped for a while, hasn’t it? But it’s okay. Even if it stops for another 30 minutes or an hour, I’ll keep teasing you like this, Teacher. I’ll keep rubbing your G-spot. How many times will you cum in that period, I wonder? Why don’t we count?

Ootori: We haven’t even started. Ah, what a shame. I guess I can’t be doing bad things.

Ootori: No, maybe this is godsent. I’m near my limit too.

Ootori: Don’t just stand there, fix up your clothes. We’re getting off at the next station. After coming this far, don’t think I’ll let you escape, Teacher.


Ootori: This way. It’s this way.

Ootori: It’s fine, this bathroom is empty in the mornings.

Ootori: It’s true. I heard Uzuki and Tatsukawa and the others talk about it. And I’m not one to take an obvious risk where I would get caught. Let’s get this over with quickly and go to school, Teacher.

Ootori: It’s only half-erect, it seems.

Ootori: Touch it. Like this. Harder and grip onto it.

Ootori: What do you think, Teacher? Have I gotten hard? You have to know. Have a good look at my dick. It’s taken on a new form after your handjob, hasn’t it?

Ootori: Come on, move your finger around the tip and stroke it properly. You’ve done it before, haven’t you?


Ootori: That day, both your hands were occupied, right?

Ootori: One in your right hand and one in your left hand as Toramatsu thrust into you from below with his big thing while you blew Uzuki.

Ootori: Today, you just have my one dick, so maybe it’s not enough for you.

Ootori: My precum is leaking out, isn’t it? Stroke my slippery dick harder…

Ootori: If it’s like this, it’ll probably slip inside you too.

Ootori: Turn around and place your hands on the wall.


Ootori: Guess I have to make the hole in your stocking bigger.

Ootori: I’ve made a hole to put my dick through. Now then, I’m putting in.

Ootori: That’s good, spread your legs more and stick your butt out.

Ootori: Yes, yes. Yes, yes.

Ootori: Can you tell that my dick has reached way deep into the back, a place that my fingers can’t reach?

Ootori: I’ll grind against you inside more. I didn’t have the time to jack off in the morning, so I bet I’ll splurt out tons of semen. …Tons of thick semen.

Ootori: How does it feel? You took a shower in the morning, but here you are being fucked by me in the toilet stall of a dirty train station bathroom.

Ootori: It’s a great look, Teacher.


Ootori: Your ears are bright red. Don’t tell me that you’re getting turned on by the fact that you’re being violated in a place like this?

Ootori: I don’t mind. Feel good together with me.

Ootori: That’s good. Here, I’ll suck your nipples too.


Ootori: You’re feeling it way too much.

Ootori: Your pussy keeps twitching, you can cum. Cum, go and cum.

Ootori: You really came.

Ootori: Oh, I apologize, you were clamping down on my dick while you were cumming, so I was thinking about how honest and cute this hole is. The way it’s almost like you wanted my cum excites me.

Ootori: Turn this way. Sit on top of me.

Ootori: Here, this. Put my dick to your entrance and lower your hips.

Ootori: Yes, slowly.


Ootori: It’s going in smoothly.

Ootori: It’s deeper than before. Can you tell that the tip of pressing right up against the entrance to your womb?

Ootori: Look, this.

Ootori: A pussy that has just cum is the best. You really have such a lewd body. I wish I could go on forever, but that wouldn’t be good for either of us, right? Let me cum soon, in a bit.


Ootori: That’s good. That’s good. Move your hips too, Teacher. Shake your hips indecently on top of me.

Ootori: I’m cumming…

Ootori: Oh, sorry. You’re sticky all over. Why don’t you wipe down too, Teacher? If you don’t do a thorough clean-up, I think you’re going to have a hard time in class.


Ootori: You’re surprisingly tough, huh?

Ootori: I’m talking about you, Teacher. I thought you’d be in a greater state of shock and stop working at the school. You were there even at the beginning of the week. You were even spirited enough to glare at me with that look today.

Ootori: Well, isn’t a toy that doesn’t break better?

Ootori: Oh, I got a message from Inukai. I really gotta go soon.

Ootori: Teacher, this is a special present from me. There are after-morning pills inside here, so please take them.

Ootori: You want these, right? You’ll be the one in greater trouble without these, isn’t that right, Teacher?

Ootori: Here. They’re here.


Ootori: This is nice. …This side. Make sure to swallow my saliva.

Ootori: I decided to cum a bunch inside you, but with this, you can be at ease, right? Now then, why don’t we have fun together another sometime, Teacher?

Track 3: Inukai Yuuji


Inukai: Oh? You actually came.

Inukai: No, I wasn’t sure whether you’d come since I was the one who called you here. But I didn’t think you’d come all by yourself to a place where something like that had happened.

Inukai: You didn’t forget by any chance, right? In front of everyone, Sis, you-

Inukai: Ahaha! Yeah. Yeah, that’s right. You can’t just set up something so big and then have it be forgotten.

Inukai: I was surprised. Instead of taking time away from the school, you continued on as usual, Sis. I thought you were going to avoid me, but Sis, you pretended like none of that ever happened. And the thought of that made me feel kind of empty.

Inukai: I want to have a proper talk with you one more time.


Inukai: Stop…?

Inukai: Why are you acting so scared? You came here because you wanted to see me, right, Sis?

Inukai: Haha! I’m kidding, I know. Sis, you simply came here to get this back, isn’t that right? I know you dropped it when you were getting changed that day, but why bother keeping a dingy keychain like this?

Inukai: It brings back memories. I remember this too, you see, At the summer festival the three of us went to, you had my brother win this for you, right?

Inukai: You came all the way down here to get this garbage back… But, is that really the case? Is that really all it is?

Inukai: There’s no way you wouldn’t remember the event of that day after being called to the clubroom, right? …Being raped by Uzuki and the others and having sex with me.

Inukai: Weren’t you somewhat expectant deep down today? …Like, wanting a bunch of terrible things done to you


Inukai: Really? Then give me proof.

Inukai: Yes, proof that you didn’t have any indecent thoughts when you came to this room. Proof that you didn’t come here for something dirty.

Inukai: Come on, lift up your skirt and let me check. Once I recognize that the only person in your heart, Sis, is my brother, I’ll give up.

Inukai: Come on, hurry.

Inukai: Make it quick, or…are you already wet?

Inukai: That’s a nice look. Now, without hesitation…


Inukai: It smells of you, Sis. This place really was expecting something.

Inukai: I’m just checking. It’s Sis’s untouched scent.

Inukai: What’s this, I wonder? From inside your panties, there’s this…wonderful sweet and slightly sour scent.

Inukai: Don’t struggle. Let me have a better sniff of it.

Inukai: It’s not the scent of your pussy juice, is it?

Inukai: This absolutely exquisite scent… I wonder how it’ll taste?


Inukai: Don’t run away, let me properly check. It’s not a problem if it’s over your panties, right?

Inukai: Hey.

Inukai: There’s a stain on it from my saliva.

Inukai: No? But you see, your scent has gradually gotten thicker, Sis.

Inukai: Can you tell? This sweet and sour scent is slowly turning into a scent that arouses men…the scent of a bitch in heat. It’s lewd. If you get this leak out, I won’t be able to hold back either.

Inukai: Come on, it’s obvious that your clit is erect under your saliva-soaked panties. Guess it feels good when I give oral with your panties still on.


Inukai: Your thighs are shaking and trembling… It’s so cute. Are you feeling it from my tongue?

Inukai: No need to be so embarrassed, I’m the only one here today.

Inukai: Let me see more of your cute face.

Inukai: Don’t hide your face.

Inukai: Well, this is kind of frustrating. I’ll lick you directly.


Inukai: It’s on full display…

Inukai: Sis, your pussy’s delicious.

Inukai: Look this way. Come on. I’ll rub your clit a ton with my wet tongue, so look at me.

Inukai: It’s overflowing… Wow. You’re way too wet, no excuse will be able to get you out of this one. Your place here is full of anticipation, Sis.

Inukai: It wants me to lick it more and make it feel even more good.

Inukai: It’s okay, you can cum. You’re leaking juices all over the place…

Inukai: Cum with your pussy.


Inukai: Wow, my entire face is covered. You came again, right?

Inukai: What do you mean by “no more”? This is how good you’re feeling from my tongue, Sis. The thought that it has to be my brother is entirely an illusion. A foolish fantasy.

Inukai: Hey, you understand that well now, right?

Inukai: Jeez, you’re so stubborn. You say that when you cum for all to see and your pussy keeps twitching relentlessly.

Inukai: Seriously, Sis, you’ve always been…

Inukai: Sis, come this way. Hurry!

Uzuki: Man, you’re working me to bone here.

Inukai: It’s him.

Uzuki: Yeah, yeah, I know, so…

Inukai: No, we don’t have club activities today. Did they forget something? Sis, don’t make any sound and don’t move. You don’t want to be found by those guys while looking like this either, right, Sis?

Inukai: Yes, yes, so, stay like that.


Inukai: No, you mustn’t move.

Inukai: How adorable.

Inukai: Does it feel good? Is your body going to move?

Inukai: No, no.

Inukai: Here, I’m going to lick deep inside of your ears with the tongue that licked your clit earlier, Sis.

Inukai: Maybe we should let Uzuki find us. You never had an expression this good when you were being fucked by him.

Inukai: I’m joking. There’s no way I’d show him. I don’t want anyone else to see this face of yours.

Inukai: Your cute face, your cute voice…it’s all mine.


Inukai: Your body’s burning up, isn’t it? Has this place gotten hot too?

Inukai: Here, I’m talking about here. It’s hot and wet.

Inukai: Two fingers have slipped deep inside.

Inukai: I know where your sweet spots are, Sis. Be patient, I’m going to start rubbing it now.


Inukai: It’s here, right? This place.

Inukai: It’s easy to tell. Your insides are quivering, it must feel good. Does it feel good? Are you going to cum with your pussy again?

Inukai: Right. Obviously, if you cum, we’ll be discovered. Then, hold on for a bit longer, Sis.

Inukai: Hold it in, hold it in.

Uzuki: Is there someone here?


Inukai: We were cutting it close, but you actually managed to hold it in.

Inukai: You were so cute trying desperately not to cum, Sis. I also wanted to stick my cock into this pleasurable-looking increasingly wet hole so, so badly that I felt like I was going insane too. I don’t have to hold back anymore, right?

Inukai: No, stop, don’t you want it too, Sis? You’re swallowing up my finger whole right now. This isn’t enough for you, right? I’ll fill you up.

Inukai: Here, I’m putting it in, Sis.


Inukai: It’s so hot…

Inukai: It slid in all at once. Though I guess it’s to be expected when I churned it so much with my fingers.

Inukai: It’s tightening up around my dick.

Inukai: I love you, Sis. I’m going to make lots and lots of love with you.

Inukai: It feels good…

Inukai: As I thought, it feels extremely good to have sex with you, Sis. I’m excited like I’m in a dream again.

Inukai: Can you tell that my cock is as erect as can be inside you? Make sure to feel real good from it.


Inukai: Sis, hey, is your pussy about to cum?

Inukai: No, I won’t let you escape. I’m going to make you cum with my cock.

Inukai: Damn… Your insides are convulsing, and you’re soaking wet. Did you squirt?

Inukai: Hahaha! You were tightening so much when you came that I was about to cum together with you.

Inukai: Cute.

Inukai: Don’t you think it’s better than it was last time? I wonder if it’s because your body is getting more used to my cock in it?

Inukai: Must be. Don’t you think our bodies are incredibly compatible too? Doing it with you feels better every time, Sis.

Inukai: If we have sex more and more, time and time again, you’ll feel even better, right, Sis?

Inukai: Hey, why don’t we test that out?


Inukai: Squelch, squelch… The sounds are amazing. You’re so lewd.

Inukai: Let’s kiss. Come on.

Inukai: Feels good. Doing it from the back is nice, but doing it from the front really is wonderful.

Inukai: I want to keep going, but…I’m about to cum. I’m about to fill your pussy with my cum, Sis.

Inukai: Is it okay? It’s okay, right?

Inukai: I love you, Sis.

Inukai: Cumming, I’m cumming-!


Inukai: You’re now filled up deep inside by me…

Inukai: Did you feel good too, Sis?

Inukai: What are you doing? That hurt. Why do you still don’t understand?

Inukai: Hey, Sis, listen, I’m willing to say it as many times as it times. The one who’s always, truly always, thought of you is me, Sis. I’ve been by your side and I only ever had eyes for you, Sis. The one who can make you happy isn’t my brother, it’s me. Only me.

Inukai: So…

Inukai: You don’t need this anymore, right?

Inukai: Listen, you don’t need to worry about anything. Let’s make far more precious memories together. Alright?

Inukai: I love you, Sis.

Track 4: Swimming Club Members


Baba: What do you mean you forgot to make the reservation?

Tatsukawa: I said, I’m sorry.

Tatsukawa: I just remembered last night and rushed over to the site, but it was all full this afternoon. It was completely booked up.

Baba: I told you a week ago that a reservation’s required and you said you’d do it. It’s been so long and now my precious bouldering plans are…

Tatsukawa: Huh? Isn’t that…

Baba: What now? Don’t try to distract me by changing the subject. It’s your mistake, so tonight’s dinner is on you.

Tatsukawa: Not that. Look.

Baba: Huh? …Oh.

Tatsukawa: We’ve discovered a rare character!

Baba: Teacher.

Tatsukawa: It’s been a while, what are you up to?

Baba: Hmm? Us?

Tatsukawa: Well, we have today off from club activities.

Baba: That’s a lot of stuff to carry. Is that for the prep room?

Tatsukawa: Huh? Infirmary? Isn’t that at the far end of the school? All those print-outs must be heavy, right? I got an idea! How about we carry them for you?


Baba: Eh? You don’t have to be modest, Teacher. We’ve experienced that top-secret training together, haven’t we?

Tatsukawa: Yes, yes, we’re thanking you for your care. Plus, we’re free. Come on, let’s go, let’s go.

Baba: Listen, Teacher, this guy said to leave it to him but he then forgot to do the actual reserving. I was looking forward to it so much.

Tatsukawa: Argh! Just accept that someone made a mistake! Also, the only thing big about you is your dick.

Baba: You… At least be a little sorry!


Tatsukawa: Pardon the intrusion!

Baba: What’s this? There’s no one here. Teacher, can I leave the stuff here?

Baba: Oh? New physical measurements and physical fitness test printouts for the new semester?

Tatsukawa: I forgot about the physical fitness test. I want to just slack off, but year after year after year, the coaches are so picky about the records. What a pain.

Baba: Ahh, I wonder how many centimeters I grew this year.

Tatsukawa: Pfft. Haha! You’re still caught up about that? You’re not a girl skipping breakfast because you’re worried about your weight. Speaking of girls… Are you not going to take part too, Teacher?

Tatsukawa: Eh? I think you should have your body measured, Teacher.

Baba: Huh? But hasn’t she already stopped growing? What’s the point?

Tatsukawa: Idiot, something other than height might’ve grown. Right, Teacher?

Baba: Hey, Tatsukawa…

Tatsukawa: The long-awaited… Teacher’s boobs.

Baba: Eh?

Tatsukawa: I’m not playing around. I’m always super serious. …Hey, we carried your print-outs for you, so why not reward us a little?

Tatsukawa: Ain’t that right, Baba?


Baba: Eh? You… Don’t tell me you plan to do it here.

Tatsukawa: The school nurse isn’t here and there’s a bed. I’ve always wanted to try doing it at least once in the infirmary!

Baba: You want too much porn. But, I can’t deny that I like those kinds of tropes too. Hehe. Teacher, just play with us a little.

Tatsukawa: Well, we don’t have time to waste, so let’s head straight to the bed!

Tatsukawa: Look, princess carry. …Ah! Hey! It’s dangerous if you squirm around! You’ll get hurt if I drop you.

Tatsukawa: Yes, yes, don’t move.

Baba: Teacher, if you flail around and kick up too big of a fuss, people outside will hear. It’ll be bad if it turns into an outroar, right?

Tatsukawa: Besides, it’s 2 on 1, so you have no chances of escaping. Why don’t we have fun like we did last time?


Tatsukawa: Breasts, breasts… Hehe, you’ve got a cute bra on. The lace embroidery gets me excited.

Baba: You sure like that type of thing. Personally, I prefer smooth satin or skimpy erotic lingerie.

Tatsukawa: Bras are nice, but, bare breasts are the real banger.

Tatsukawa: Baba, undo the hook on the back.

Baba: Okay, okay! …Huh? Oh, it’s off.

Tatsukawa: Teacher, even if you don’t squirm around, I’ll touch them. Look, I’m going to slip my hands under.

Tatsukawa: Haha! They’re so soft. Ah, they feel so nice to fondle.

Baba: That’s unfair. I want in too!


Baba: Wow…

Tatsukawa: Teacher, your breasts are being grabbed from the front and the back. It’s super lewd. But, where you feel it most is…here, isn’t it?

Tatsukawa: Adorable.

Baba: Ah! Hey, I was trying to tease her, don’t just go off touching her nipples.

Tatsukawa: But Teacher’s been looking at me with greedy eyes.

Tatsukawa: Eh? Then…it doesn’t feel good? Here, this, this. So you don’t feel anything when I rub both your nipples?

Baba: Look, Tatsukawa, she says all it does is hurt.

Tatsukawa: It doesn’t! Look, look, they get harder the more I tease them. The way her nipples are plump with blood is sexy. If you react like that, it’s going to rile me up.

Baba: I’m feeling good just fondling her here too. Your skin is tinged with sweat and it’s pulling my hands in.


Baba: Even if you keep saying no, this situation is a turn-on. Look, this…

Tatsukawa: Hey! Don’t press that big thing against her from behind! If you’re going to do that, I’m going to strip too.

Baba: Then, me too.

Tatsukawa: Hey, Teacher, your hands are free, right? Grab my member.

Baba: Bring your right arm behind you… Here, here.

Tatsukawa: Nice, nice. Grab my cock harder and stroke it like that time. Okay?

Baba: Yes, yes. Move this other hand here too.

Tatsukawa: Come on, give us a handjob, Teacher.


Tatsukawa: Ahh… Feels great. Have you gotten used to dealing with cocks?

Tatsukawa: I’m kidding, I’m kidding, don’t stop your hand. But, you’re better than last time. Look, precum’s starting to leak from the tip already.

Tatsukawa: Take that and spread it across. Make the inside of your hands sticky with it and stroke me off.

Baba: You’re talented at this, Teacher.

Baba: Turn this way, let’s kiss. …I said, this way.

Tatsukawa: Ahhh!

Baba: More. Stick your tongue out more. Yes.

Baba: That’s good. It feels good, Teacher.

Tatsukawa: Teacher, you’re drooling from the corners of your mouth. …Here, towards me.


Baba: Ah! Hey! Don’t grab her!

Tatsukawa: Kissing and having my dick stroked feels so good. Teacher, please mess with the tip more.

Tatsukawa: Yes! That!

Baba: Teacher, your nipples are rock hard. Are you feeling it? Hey. More your hands more. Yes. More around the head.

Tatsukawa: A wet handjob’s the best!

Baba: Hey, I’m almost at my limit.

Tatsukawa: Eh? You’re about to cum already?

Baba: Shut up! You look like you’re about to explode.

Tatsukawa: Also, doesn’t it feel like a waste to cum from a handjob? You could say that I’ve come up with a good idea. …There’s this one thing I’ve wanted to try.

Baba: One thing you’ve wanted to try?

Tatsukawa: Wait just a moment, Teacher.


Tatsukawa: Let’s see, I’m sure some guys are still here…

Baba: Hey, what are you doing? Tell me.

Tatsukawa: You’ll see, you’ll see.

Ushijima: So, are we the only ones who’ve been called?

Mioka: Ah, I just remembered I have something I need to attend, so I’ll be leaving.

Tatsukawa: Wait, Mioka!

Baba: Yeah, yeah, please, stay with us here for a bit. It’s an order from your seniors.

Mioka: Aren’t there other people you can call when you need someone?

Tatsukawa: Uzuki, still hasn’t read my message and I’ve more or less told him the place…

Baba: See? And while you guys are waiting, the Teacher’s pretty much done and ready to go.

Ushijima: Eh?

Baba: Hehe.

Tatsukawa: I and Baba have teased the heck out of her nipples, so if I just touch her slightly, she starts trembling and breathing heavily. Like, we’ve teased her so much that her sensitivity is at max. It’s cute.

Baba: So, let’s begin…that.

Ushijima: T-That?

Tatsukawa: That’s right, blindfolded cock guessing game.

Ushijima: Cock guessing game…?

Tatsukawa: Oh? Ushijima’s interested. You must adore these types of classic porn situations, right? Come on, you two should hurry up and take off your pants too.

Baba: Then, let’s start off by putting a blindfold on the Teacher.


Tatsukawa: Being blindfolded with a necktie… That’s hot.

Ushijima: You’re going to join in, Mioka?

Mioka: Well, even if I say no, these two won’t listen.

Ushijima: I guess…

Mioka: And you should get more used to this type of thing.

Ushijima: Even you, Mioka?

Tatsukawa: Alright, preparations complete! Come here, Mioka, Ushijima.

Mioka: Okay, okay.

Baba: Teacher, can you tell that you’re surrounded by cocks right now?

Ushijima: Whoa, what a sight.

Tatsukawa: Teacher, reach out and have a touch. And you guys, the Teacher is going to be guessing whose cock is whose, so don’t you dare let out a sound when you’re touched.

Mioka: That’s what he said, Ushijima.

Ushijima: I’ll do my best!

Baba: Hmm? What’s wrong, Teacher? Are you still being stubborn?

Tatsukawa: Everyone’s waiting with their stiff cocks, so hurry up. You can leave once this is over.

Mioka: That’s the type of game it is, it seems, Teacher.

Ushijima: Ahh… I’m so nervous.

Tatsukawa: Hey, it doesn’t matter who it is, just touch someone already. If not, we’re going to be the ones coming onto you.


Tatsukawa: Pfft! Hehe!

Mioka: His voice came out right off the bat.

Baba: Hey. we won’t be able to have a game like this.

Ushijima: But…the Teacher’s hand is cold and it feels completely different from when I touch myself.

Baba: Teacher, next, next. Touch someone else.

Tatsukawa: Oh, you’re able to hold it in. No hints with this one. Teacher, if you want to get it right, you have to stroke their cock more and make them moan.

Mioka: Hah? What are you saying? That…

Tatsukawa: Keh. You look like you’re feeling hella good. Teacher, use this other hand too.

Mioka: Hey!

Tatsukawa: Yes, yes, that’s it. It’s super erotic when you stroke a dick with both hands, Teacher.


Ushijima: Tatsukawa, this isn’t a game. Aren’t you just having the usual fun?

Baba: In that case, I’m joining in! Your hands are occupied, so… Oh, yeah, open your mouth. Come, “ahh.”

Baba: My dick feels so warm. Remember to be careful.

Tatsukawa: Ah! That’s cheating!

Baba: You’re the one who started breaking the rules first.

Mioka: Also, she doesn’t even have it in her mouth properly and her hands have stopped.

Tatsukawa: We can’t have that, Teacher. Use your hands and mouth properly. Like this…

Ushijima: Do me too! …Wow, amazing. Teacher, please lick me more.

Tatsukawa: Both hands and two in your mouth, damn.

Baba: Teacher, here too. Extend your tongue here too.


Mioka: Forget tongue. Teacher, you’ve got cocks pressed straight up against your face.

Ushijima: Our senior, Baba, is way too big. If she takes it all in, her jaw will break.

Baba: Shut up, if that’s what you think, you shouldn’t be shoving a second one in!

Tatsukawa: You’ve got experience giving double handjobs, but I guess this is the first time you’re blowing two cocks at once.

Mioka: Still, you’re skilled, Teacher.

Ushijima: I’m about to…blow.

Tatsukawa: Man, I’ve been telling you, you’re quick to finish.

Mioka: I’m close too…

Tatsukawa: Then, Teacher, stroke me harder.

Ushijima: I’m cumming…

Mioka: My precum is leaking…

Ushijima: I’m cumming… Your face is a wet mess and it’s just too lewd. It’s not just saliva, right? It’s also me and my senior, Baba’s precum, right?

Baba: I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m going to cum. I’m going to release my thick cum right onto your tongue.


Ushijima: Teacher, open your mouth up more. Don’t spill anything, take it all in. I’m cumming, I’m cumming… I’m cumming!

Mioka: Your face is such a sight. It’s covered in two people’s cum.

Tatsukawa: I’m cumming…

Mioka: I’m about to cum soon, so don’t stop your hands by the end. Yes, until I go empty.

Mioka: Cumming-!

Tatsukawa: Yes! I’m the last one standing! Teacher, rub the tip more and keep stroking.

Tatsukawa: Good. That’s good, Teacher, my cock feels good. Days worth of semen is about to come. …Cumming! I’m coming, I’m cumming!

Tatsukawa: Alright! The winner of the blowjob handjob endurance contest is Tatsukawa Souta!


Baba: No, the game’s changed.

Mioka: What kind of retarded contest is that?

Ushijima: Eh? Then, I wasn’t dead last…? The big long-awaited news?

Baba: Like I said-

Uzuki: Tatsukawa, what did you mean by emergency meeting- Geh, it reeks.

Tatsukawa: Oh, Uzuki.

Baba: We just finished up here.

Tatsukawa: Yes, yeah. Though midway it stopped being a cock guessing game.

Uzuki: Cock guessing game? What’s that? ……Teacher, why are you-?


Uzuki: Aren’t you all too quick to cum? If we’re playing a game, it can’t start until I’m here.

Ushijima: Uzuki!?

Uzuki: I’m saying to restart the game and continue.

Mioka: You can say what you want, but we just came.

Uzuki: Annoying. Shut up and get in line. Teacher, you go here. Yes, and then lift your hips a little.

Uzuki: Yes, yes, then shift aside your panties and position your hips over me.

Tatsukawa: H-hey!

Uzuki: Teacher, your raw pussy’s hot. Were you touched here a bunch too? It felt really good when I plunged the whole thing in.

Mioka: We didn’t do anything.

Baba: It was only handjobs and blowjobs. Why are you grabbing the tasty treat at the end?

Uzuki: Eh? But seniors, haven’t you already cum? You can’t play with the Teacher with limp dicks that just let out a load.

Baba: So what!?

Uzuki: She’s not going to be satisfied by servicing you all. We have to make the Teacher feel good. Isn’t that right, Teacher?


Uzuki: I see, I’m first again. I put it in half-erect, but it’s getting stiff by the second, isn’t it, Teacher?

Ushijima: If you show me that, I’ll again…

Uzuki: You sure seem to be free just watching me do it. Why don’t we clean up and get revenge for the cock guessing game with the Teacher? Come on, Teacher, stick your tongue out. Lick everyone’s cocks and clean up the fresh semen.

Mioka: W-Wait…

Ushijima: Me too. Lick me too, Teacher!

Baba: Me too, Teacher.

Tatsukawa: I’ve recovered too! Teacher, the cum that trickled on the base… Stick your head in and lick it all up.

Baba: The Teacher’s like a dog. It’s cute, seriously.


Uzuki: I’m going to have some fun here too.

Uzuki: Teacher, you’re pretty wet inside. It’s a big welcome for my cock.  Were you wanting and aching for this the whole time? …So you got turned on from handling four at once like you are now, huh?

Uzuki: It’s not convincing when you look like that. You eat up cocks happily when they’re lined up in front of you. …You slut of a teacher. Whose cock are you grabbing with your left hand and licking?

Mioka: Not “I don’t know,” answer properly.

Uzuki: Why would it be him? Baba’s thicker. …It’s the one grinding up against your cheek.

Baba: Yeah, indeed. I’m the one here. …I’m rock hard.

Uzuki: The correct answer is Mioka. Since you got it wrong, you’re getting a penalty. I’m going to gear change from a slow piston to a deep-thrusting piston.


Uzuki: Oh, wow, I’m hitting the deepest part of your pussy, Teacher.

Uzuki: So this is good? This. It’s this, the one where I grind up deep as I can against you. I feel good too.

Ushijima: Whoa-

Tatsukawa: Hey, Uzuki! If you go so hard, we won’t be able to do it on this side. You can do it, but do it quietly.

Mioka: Yeah. Also, if the Teacher’s voice is that loud, people outside will hear.

Uzuki: My apologies. Okay, Teacher, let’s keep our voices down and get to the second question. Whose cock are you holding in your right hand? If you answer it, I won’t mind ending this sooner.


Uzuki: I’m serious, I’m serious. It’s not like we can keep doing it in a place like this.

Baba: Well, that is true.

Uzuki: See? So, let’s get it right and end this quick. So Teacher, the cock that’s twitching in your right hand, who does it belong to?

Ushijima: Ah, she got it right-

Uzuki: Buu-buu.

Ushijima: Eh?

Uzuki: Sorry, wrong answer.

Uzuki: You’re so cold-hearted, Teacher. Even though all four are cocks you’ve done it once with, you can’t seem to get it right. As punishment, you got to keep going until you satisfy all four…no, I guess, all five people’s cocks, okay? Here, I’ll take off your blindfold too.

Uzuki: Get ravaged while knowing you’re being gangbanged by 5 people.


Uzuki: I guess even when you act like you hate it, your pussy’s still drenched and honest. It’s clamping down on my cock like it never wants to let go.

Tatsukawa: The blindfold was sexy, but seeing your face is such a turn-on too. Teacher, you’re feeling it, aren’t you?

Mioka: Isn’t she getting more used to it? She’s using her tongue while Uzuki thrusts up from below.

Ushijima: It’s too erotic! Even though she’s a teacher, she’s wringing us dry in the infirmary and shaking her hips.

Baba: The teacher is a mess from our cum and her drool. My dick slides nicely and it feels amazingly good.

Uzuki: Your nipples really are sensitive. I’ll tease them, so let’s cum together, Teacher.


Uzuki: I’m cumming, I’m cumming… I’m cumming!

Uzuki: You’re tightening so much inside. Did you cum, Teacher?

Ushijima: Cumming, I’m going to cum-!

Mioka: Again, I’m…

Baba: Teacher, I’ll be there soon, so suck the tip and stroke harder.

Tatsukawa: Here too. Rub the tip of my cock.

Baba: Swallow it, Teacher. Swallow. …Cumming!


Mioka: Two times might be a bit…

Ushijima: It’s rough.

Uzuki: Seniors, you’re real devils for dragging the Teacher to the infirmary pretending to be thankful just because you don’t have club activities.

Baba/Tatsukawa: I don’t want to be told that by you!!!

Mioka: I’d agree.

Ushijima: Ahaha…

Uzuki: I came a bunch.

Mioka: Oh, right, Tatsukawa, the coach was searching for you earlier. Something about arranging an interview?

Tatsukawa: Ahh!!! That’s right, I was supposed to go to the clubroom after school!!!

Baba: Eh? Your interview was today?

Tatsukawa: They said it’ll only take 10 minutes after school, so I thought, whatever.

Uzuki: You should hurry, the coach was pretty annoyed.

Tatsukawa: You… You should’ve told me that earlier! Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap…

Baba: Hey, wait for-


Uzuki: Go, we’ll clean up here.

Baba: Really? Sorry about this. Tatsukawa, wait!

Ushijima: Uzuki, here.

Uzuki: Thank you. You two can go too, I’ll do the cleanup and air out the place.

Mioka: We’ll also-

Uzuki: Enough, leave.

Ushijima: Please excuse us! L-Let’s go, Mioka.

Mioka: Yeah, yeah.


Uzuki: Your face is a disaster. What kind of person gets bukkake-ed with this large of an amount?

Uzuki: Hey, I’m wiping it off, so stay still.

Uzuki: Being dragged to a place like this…as usual, you’re too careless.

Uzuki: Oh? So this is the result of you being careful? Ah, were you hoping to get jumped-

Uzuki: That hurts… Jeez, so you’ve still got energy.


Uzuki: Teacher, you’ve forgotten my turn. You made everyone else cum twice, right? So, isn’t it unequal that I only came once?

Uzuki: No, it’s definitely unequal. I haven’t even gone down in the slightest, even.

Uzuki: Well then, it’s my turn, so let’s have fun when no one’s watching, Teacher.

Uzuki: Please don’t struggle so much. I finally managed to shoo away everyone else. Come on, come on, it’s not like your legs can stand anymore, right?

Uzuki: You’ve already got my cum dripping out of your pussy, you really don’t know when to give up. Come on, spread your legs wider.

Uzuki: Wider, Teacher.

EX Track: Eardrum-bursting☆Exciting☆Rap Live!!!


Inukai: It’s pitch dark…

Mioka: What is this place!?

Tatsukawa: Hey, is anybody here?

Ushijima: Excuse me! Is anyone around? It’s pitch black, so I can’t see anything.

Uzuki: Excuse me. Whoa-

Baba: Ugh, it’s blinding.

Inukai: What is this… I’m on top of a stage!? Uzuki! What is the meaning of this?!

Uzuki: I, I don’t know! I was suddenly brought here and have no clue what’s going on.

Ootori: ……The guys from the swim club are all here?

Mioka: W-What is happening?

Ushijima: Umm, I don’t quite understand, but the attendees are getting really excited.


Tatsukawa: Eh? Eh!? What is this? Is this the type of thing where we have to start singing and dancing over here?

Mioka: Even if I’m straight-up told that, I’m not mentally prepared…

Baba: You idiot, there’s no way we’re able to just suddenly start acting like an idol!

Uzuki: No, this stage is…

Ootori: Ahh. A rap live, huh?

Inukai/Tatsukawa/Baba/Ushijima/Mioka: R-Rap!?!?

MC: Yes! I’m going to challenge you guys to a rap live on this stage!

Mioka: No, no, no, no, I can’t do it!

Tatsukawa/Baba: This is going too far!

Ushijima: Uh… I don’t really have any experience with rap…

Ootori: Yeah. ……And you can’t have a rap battle without knowing your opponent, can you? No, wait, if it’s against Uzuki……

Uzuki: Hey! How are you so calm!? Why do I have to have a rap battle against you, my senior, Ootori!?


MC: Hahaha! Today, you don’t have to diss the other guy. Now, let’s have an eardrum-bursting☆exciting☆fXXkin Party with some self-introduction style rap!!

Mioka: Eh? You’re kidding, it’s begun?”

Tatsukawa: No, I can’t. I can’t do it.

Ushijima: Eh, eeh, eh?

Uzuki: In times like this… Let’s start with the club president and have him show us how it’s done, right?

Inukai: Hey! Uzuki!

Baba: Break a leg!

Tatsukawa: Let’s go!

Inukai: Ehhhh.

Ootori: Do your best, Inukai! Fight!

Inukai: Even you, Ootori… Kughh.


Inukai: Ah, ah… Erm, the mic is okay like this, right? Alright!

Inukai: Here we go everyone, it’s Inukai! Newcomers? Just LOL! High school 3rd year, born in Tokyo, introducing in rap, my whole life! Swimming club president, blood type-A, father, mother, brother, the members of my family. Club’s full of troublemakers, I resent them, it’s a leader’s fate. Chasing after my brother’s back every day. I known weather ok, life I believe. Inner ambition, hidden ambition, the name’s Yuuji, and I’m aiming for Number One!

Baba: Oooh! I don’t understand, but they’re getting riled up!

Ushijima: That was amazing, Club President!

Inukai: I, I did it, Uzuki.

Uzuki: Hahahaha! The club president, rapping!

Ootori: Good job, good job, that was good, Inukai.

Mioka: Looks like you’ve got the skills, Club President.

Tatsukawa: It was super cool!

Ootori: This kind of thing won’t end until everyone’s done it, right?


Ushijima: Eh, everyone!?

Baba: Ugh… That is the atmosphere, isn’t it?

Ootori: Yup. Then, I guess I’ll go next. It’s easier to just get these types of things over with.

Uzuki: Eh? The person up is you, Ootori? It’s rap, you know? Do you understand that?

Ootori: Err, I’ll get into the rhythm… Mic test, one two, one two- Ah, no… Okay.

Ootori: My name is Ootori, Mr. Phoenix! Don’t get burned by my lyrics, ‘kay? My camera shows you, a muse in the distance, suddenly glamorous. But the loved one, the leopard gecko, he’s like a manly Arab sergeant. Club activities, prep school, a hard life, and internal mockery, i.e. sexual misconduct? The real me I’ve always been searching for… Is it a necessary base instinct? Hiding in my glasses, my feelings, downgrading to a wuss, and howl goes my self-esteem!

Inukai: Ootori, he’s so good at rapping…

Tatsukawa: Hey! Hey, hey, hey! Isn’t this different from your usual character!?

Ootori: What do you think, Uzuki? Did I do it properly?

Uzuki: Kuh… You really piss me off.

Baba: H-Hey, Ushijima, don’t tell me this is going to get harder the longer it goes on…

Ushijima: Right… Ah, then, next-

Mioka: I’ll go up next.

Baba: Ah, hey! It’s supposed to be my turn next!!

Ushijima: This is unfair, Mioka.

Mioka: Ah, ah, ah… Stop talking and just listen to my rap over there.


Mioka: They all scared and ducking, let Mioka teach you the basics. New to you, new proposals, naked guys clamoring in the background. Still only 1st year, a long time to grow ahead, we’re gonna change that lame history. Reckless rapping and unsociable FLOW, no need for two aces in a club. A part of the group, who cares, annoying, disgusting sermons from that low-level low-life, better have headphones. Those seniors are sickening, it’s impossible to start a club war. It’s a lost cause, a triumph of total victory.

Tatsukawa: Oh, that’s good, that’s good.

Baba: Mioka… He said he’s been listening to hip-hop lately. I guess he’s enjoying this stage more than I thought.

Ushijima: Alright, I’ve thought of it! This time, it’s me!

Baba: Ah, shoot! I was listening to Mioka’s rap.

Tatsukawa: Go, go!

Uzuki: Go for it.


Ushijima: Cheers… Don’t get so nervous, me. I can do it! I can do it!

Ushijima: All ready? Take your marks. The art of Speed star, FxxkYou! 1st year, class B, Ushijima Masaya, rhyme encyclopedia. …..Overstatement? Speaker Masaya. All club seniors are handsome men, I aim to be the most handsome man! The courtesies and manners your parents instilled in you, the cherries and bananas the club taught to you. I dream to have a cute girlfriend. A gentle-mannered, girly girlfriend. Target, fast, ejaculation control! Premature ejaculation! Supersonic speed!

Inukai: Haha! You were stiff as a board earlier, but you’re looking good now.

Ootori: It’s improvised, and it’s unique.

Uzuki: Those of you who have finished your turn can just take it easy.

Tatsukawa: Alright, I’m pumped now! It’s about time for the big man, Tatsukawa, to go on.

Mioka: Who’s the big man, who is?

Tatsukawa: What did you say, Mioka?

Mioka: Enough, just go already.

Ushijima: That’s right.


Tatsukawa: Ah! Hey! Don’t push me!

Tatsukawa: Jeez, I have my own pace! Here I go!

Tatsukawa: Tatsukawa GO LIVE! Souta’s Show time! Scattered positives, dreaming Olympics! A show-off, a lover of winner-takes-all, a dream-eating anteater? Guys have abs, girls have big tits, rap has rhythms, and tonight’s the night! Chasing fads and chasing women is lame oh, NO! The motto is Action☆ Don’t know the complicated stuff, but it’s all good if it ends well.

Tatsukawa: Dreaming Olympics first event! Boobs bouldering. Japan’s representative, Tatsukawa, is ready!

Tatsukawa: Phew, that felt good!

Baba: Huh? He’s 100% enjoying himself. I guess you are a big deal.

Tatsukawa: Haha, I was thinking, look at me more, and I got hard.


Baba: I’m not going to lose!

Tatsukawa: Oh! The next person is Baba?

Baba: I can’t wait to get it over with and watch from a high place!

Baba: H-Here I go.

Baba: My name is Kouichi! My timing’s perfect, it’s my territory, a flipped-on Switch! I look like a Bambino, my disposition’s giant, I have a shining heart, and I’m a diehard. Men are communicators, women’s got ass. Bass’s sharp, let’s have a great night! When the crazy binge is over, it’s all ramen noodles and convenience store food. No more big dick teasing! Operator, broadcast’s forbidden! Calling me a middle-schooler with no height? Watch, one day, I’ll be a skyscraper.

Baba: Ah, damn… I’m even more out of breath than I am at the club.

Ushijima: But it felt kind of good, right? To get so many cheers.

Ootori: Everyone’s sure skilled.

Inukai: Ootori… Don’t tell me you’ve been filming videos of everyone on stage…

Mioka: ……What terrible taste.

Uzuki: Hah!? What do you think you’re doing?

Ootori: But, I don’t get many opportunities like this. I’ll make sure to keep a perfect record of Uzuki’s majestic figure, too.

Uzuki: Kuh… Then don’t forget to send that video to me later!


Uzuki: Damn it, that guy that never bends…!

Uzuki: Enjoy Ootori. I’m the only one who can do this. Alright!

Uzuki: The name’s Uzuki, an adventurer of the sex world. That thing aches, and I’m godly levels of groovy. One for the Pussy, Two for the Pussy, my dick makes the world go around. Wild, Comical, I’m NOT in love. Pulling out the charisma, pulling out the rhythms. I lose to no one. Swim team ace, face-sitting, seed-planting, and raping the princess. Ramen noodles with friends after club activities. Unadulterated extreme nudity and semen. Friday after school, a tense summon, and you have an objection, my dear sub.

Uzuki: How’s that!!!

Tatsukawa: Hahaha! Looks like you got into it!

Baba: The cheers are huge.

Uzuki: Did you manage to film it properly, Ootori, my senior?

Ootori: Oh, sorry, I was running out of batteries, so I didn’t tape it.

Uzuki: I knew it, you’re begging for a fight against me, aren’t you?!!

MC: Haha! All 7 members have finished their time on stage, so that’s it for today’s live!

Tatsukawa: Oh!?

Baba: What?


MC: Okay. Did you all enjoy your hot time here!? Keep your rapping skills sharp until the day we come back to this stage! See you next fXXkin stage!!

Ootori: And with that, it’s over?

Tatsukawa: It was my first time rapping, but it was fun!

Ushijima: I might be a little more interested in rap and hip-hop now too.

Baba: It was super hard to come up with the words and rap them though!?

Mioka: Baba, you’re just too timid.

Uzuki: Think of it as a fun occasion.

Tatsukawa: After all that talking, I’m starving!

Baba: Ah, then, why don’t we have ramen on the way home?

Ushijima: I agree.

Tatsukawa: Gyoza! Gyoza!

Baba: You’re getting too excited.

Mioka: That’s great. Let’s see, I have a discount coupon for Kankanken.

Ushijima: Ah, I might have one too.

Mioka: Is that still valid? It should still be valid, right?

Inukai: Why don’t we go too? I’m kind of tired.

Uzuki: I feel the same.

Ootori: Yeah. It’s been a long time since I’ve been up and about like that.

Inukai: Still, what was this supposed to be? Is everything a dream? If so, whose is it…


Uzuki: …………

Ootori: …………

Uzuki: I bet it’s you, this feeling of dragging everyone else in and having the most fun yourself.

Ootori: And this laidback feeling… It’s probably Inukai.

Inukai: Who’s this person having this happy-go-lucky dream? And why was I at a rap live?

Inukai: ……Crap, it really is my dream. I’m so embarrassed!

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