【Translation】 SEX DRIVE (2) Watashi no Yudan naranai Kouhai CD

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

SEX DRIVE(2) 私の油断ならない後輩 シチュエーションCD付限定版

CV: Kumagai Kentarou (熊谷健太郎)

Track 1: Extra ~Signs of Falling in Love~


Try to close your legs up nice and tight, I think it’ll feel better for both of us that way.

It feels good… You’re tightening…

Hey, this feels good, right? Your vagina has tightened and the way I’m rubbing against you has changed.

I really feel the tip gouging at you. Let’s cum once like this.

You’re tightening up…



Are you okay? You came while having your face buried in the pillow.

I’m asking, are you able to breathe like that?

Eh? Your voice is hoarse.

I mean, we did keep going overboard with it. I’ll go bring some water. Please wait just a moment.

Glasses… There they are.

Here you go. Should I give it to you mouth-to-mouth?



It’s so lewd. You’re drinking water while my cum trickles down bright and early in the morning.

Ran out of tissues, sorry.

Since it’s like this, stay like this for now.

Pass the water over to me.

Don’t be so worked up, we’re going to continue after this, right? Let’s get along during the break intervals too.


Miss, do you like prone bone?

I had a feeling. Your voice was coming out more in that position than any other, so I was wondering if that’s what you liked.

Hmm, it’s easier, huh?

Because you can’t see the other person’s face and the person can’t see your face during prone boning?

I see. Alright, let’s go on to the next round.


Let’s do missionary next.

Hmm? I just do. I feel like doing it while seeing your face.

Not being able to see someone’s face is easier… Don’t say something sad like that. I want to see all your different faces.

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