【Translation】 SEX DRIVE (1) Watashi no Kedarui Kyouikukakari CD

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

SEX DRIVE(1) 私の気だるい教育係 シチュエーションCD付限定版

CV: Satou Takuya (佐藤拓也)

Track 1: Extra ~He Couldn’t Control Himself~


Good morning.

Oh, are you surprised?

Sorry, I couldn’t control myself and inserted myself while you were asleep.

Ah, you tighten-

“Why,” you ask?

It’s your fault, you’re super cute. Even though you were asleep, when I approached you, you hugged me tightly. And when I asked if you liked me, you responded with “Mhm.”

You were half-asleep, you know?

You were grinning from ear to ear saying how you loved me so much.


Don’t get embarrassed now, you idiot. I told you, it’s cute.

You’re holding back your voice.

Oh, I see, the window was open.

You want me to stop moving?

I don’t think that’s going to happen. Look, when you’re clamping down on me with such love, I ought to thrust deeper and make you feel good.

It’s okay to let loose. Let the neighbors hear.

“I’m being railed by my boyfriend first thing in the morning, I’m feeling good from having a penis inside me!”

Hmm? “No,” what? Your voice when saying “no” is already filled with joy. And your insides are soft like this. And your nipples are sticking out naughtily like they’re begging to be touched.


You’re still holding back?

Do your best. It really turns me on when you bite down on your lips as you cum.

But, let’s stop that. If you keep biting down, you’ll cut your lip.


I won’t tease you anymore.

Lift your face.

Can we end it off while kissing? I’ll cover your mouth.


It feels good…

Are you about to cum?

Me too. I’m about to cum. Let’s cum, let’s cum, let’s cum together.


Did you cum?

I see.

Huh? Me? …It felt really good, thank you.

You’re so adorable.

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