【Translation】 Dekiai Weekend Suga Nozomu Ep.2 Necktie de Itsumo Ijou ni


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

溺愛ウィークエンド 須賀望 2話 ネクタイでいつも以上に

CV: Satou Takuya (佐藤拓也)

Track 1: More Extra Than Usual with the Necktie


I’m home.

Hmm…I’ll probably be working on the weekend, either Saturday or Sunday, for most of the month.

There’s a big time difference between us and the new business partner, so being brought in on weekends to deal with situations was inevitable. But I’m relieved that things wrapped up early together.

But, returning to my own home and being able to say “I’m home” and hearing “Welcome home” back is such a happy thing.

No, it’s fine, it’s fine. This place is far from both your home and your workplace. Why don’t we move when the lease is up?

Well, yeah. I’m thinking about moving to someplace bigger.


Ah, because it’s not like I’ll be living alone……

No, it’s nothing.

What were you doing before I arrived home today?

I see. You said in your message that you were making gratin, so I was looking forward to it. You just have to bake, right?

How are you bad at it?

The hamburg steak you made me last time was really delicious. Having it be tasty and not be a burden on you is what’s most important.

No, that’s what I really think.

Hmm, I think it’s still okay. I want to stay like this with you for a bit longer.


Come on, come here. Let me recharge.

Not there. My lap.

I’m gratified… Just by squeezing you like this, my tiredness disappears. It really brings out my energy.

Say, have you lost weight recently?

No, uh, it just feels like this area here has gotten more slender.

Ah! Hey, don’t run away.

Even though I’m always looking at and touching more amazing places than your belly?

Eh? Why?

Then, I’ll go for an actual show of force.


Hmm? What, you ask? …As you can see, I’m tying your wrists. I want to have a good look, but you just won’t stay still. Though it’s just a necktie, so if you put a little bit of force into it, it’ll come loose.

However, as your boyfriend, I’d like to examine every detail, so I’d appreciate it if you’d stay still.

Good girl.

It’s not dirty.

But, you were home the whole day, weren’t you? Look, you’re clean.

You smell nice… I don’t know about the scent of sweat, but let me see your legs too.


Hmm, I think they too have gotten more slender.

What a lewd voice. I wasn’t touching you with that intention in mind…but, if that’s what you’re expecting then I ought to respond in kind.

You’d be found out right away, so you should just be honest. Or, do you want me to expose it?

You’re more sensitive than usual because you’re tied up…

You like the area around the base of your thighs, right? Look. Even if you try to deceive me, you’re reacting faster than usual.

Your nipples are erect after being put in this state, right? Not being able to move freely as I have my way with you, do you like that?


You’re teary-eyed…

I’m sorry.

Well, I mean, I certainly don’t want to see the girl I like cry. Oh, but, I wasn’t trying to make you sad, but when I see you lose weight like this, it makes me really worried.

You haven’t gotten on a scale, right?

I see. I think you’ve lost a little weight.

Mhm, you feel different. Especially around the belly. Is there something worrying you? You should lose this much weight in such a short time span because you were busy with work.

So, it’s not something you’re willing to even tell me.

You’re really bad at lying.

Don’t make that face. I won’t force you to say it, at least for today.


I don’t know what happened, but let’s do something that feels good enough to make you forget the bad things.

What “no”? You wanting to do dirty things with me is written on your face.

It’s not a bad thing. It’s really cute how all your thoughts show on your face.

It’s a tease when you have your underwear on? Then, why don’t you tell me what you want me to do?

Yes, I know without asking, but, you know what? I’ve said it earlier, haven’t I? …Even still, I want you to ask for it directly with your mouth.

Listen, if you say it properly, I’ll make you feel good in response, so do your best and show me your cute side.

Good girl.

I’m going to remove your underwear, then, so lift your hips.


Your clit is standing up already. …I’m going to lick it.

It’s starting to overflow. Should I touch inside as well? You like it, right? Whenever I stimulate both inside and out, you’d squirt when you cum.

Then I’ll make you feel so good that you lose your sense of embarrassment.

I did that so you can’t escape. Especially today, since your wrists aren’t free, it’s hard to move, right? Come on. Maybe I should tie you up every time from now on.

I’m joking. Play like this is fun because you don’t do it every time.

But, when you look at me with such anticipation, it makes me want to respond.

Really? Then I’ll pretend that’s the case.


Your insides are quivering and tightening up… My tongue feels good too.

Did you cum? You’re still squirting.

Your eyes say it’s still not enough. Is that on purpose?

I can’t get enough. Say, can I feel good too? I want to enter inside your wet, wet pussy.


You’re wet even inside and I went in deep in one go.

It’s so soft inside, but your entrance is clamping down so hard…damn. Did you cum again?

If you don’t know, then I’ll tell you.

When you start feeling it here, you won’t be able to stop cumming.

Look, you’re clamping down again, wanting more.

You’re tearing up… Did it hurt?

Then, why?

When you feel too good, you start tearing up with that expression? How erotic.


Aren’t you cumming non-stop here? It keeps clamping down and it feels really good.

Can I cum now too?

You want to see me naked too? Heh, you’re being honest.

Is this okay? Then, I’ll start moving.

I don’t think I’m controlling myself… Is it hard on you?

I’m happy that you’re feeling it so much that you can’t think.

Why are you tightening now? …Wow.


I’m cumming too… It feels good…

I’m cumming, I’m cumming-


That felt good. Thank you for keeping pace with me.

I see, that’s a relief.

Are you hungry now?

You don’t have to apologize. You’re cute, after all. Also, I should apologize. I wasn’t able to control myself and came onto you before dinner.

Oh, I have to untie the necktie.

There, it’s off.

Then, let’s go take a shower. Let’s eat after we shower. You’re mostly done with the preparations, but I’ll be helping out.

No, I’m not tired anymore. I’m super recharged, so I’ll have energy till morning.

So…let’s go at it again after we eat.


Do you not want to?

Your look of anticipation is cute.

Afterward, I’ll use more time to make you cum. I’ll make you feel so good that you’d tear up again.

Sorry. After something this intense, it makes me want to do it again.

Why don’t we go shower?

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