【Translation】 After Princess Stories ~Kaguya-hime Hen~


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After Princess Stories ~輝夜姫編~

CV: Mitsuhashi Wataru (三橋渡)

Track 1: Beloved Fiancée


It must’ve been rather unpleasant to be on this filthy earth, right?

Now, your-

Are you done with your goodbyes?

Now, this feathered robe…

I’ve come for you, my beloved.


Oh, you’re awake?

I was worried that you were never going to wake up.

Hmm? You’re wondering who I am, right? I couldn’t explain it because you fell asleep as soon as the carriage left.

Let’s see… You don’t seem to have a fever, and your complexion isn’t bad either. I guess it’s just fatigue.

No, maybe you are getting a fever.

I’m joking.

Once again, I’m Yomi, your…former fiance. You were sent to Earth and our engagement was broken, so former fiance.


You look like you don’t remember.

It’s showing on your face. Though, it’s not strange that you don’t remember. You had your memories of everyone erased when you were sent to earth. It’s natural that you don’t remember living on this planet or about me, so there’s no need for you to look sad.

You were the imperial princess of this planet’s moon, but acted too freely, and were banished from the moon when you were accused of a crime. You lost your status and you’re now basically a criminal. If you return to the imperial capital now, you’ll probably be treated like a slave.

Black hair…

Your black hair is the mark of a sinner. A sign of being tainted.

Originally, it was the color of the moon like mine, but I don’t mind your current appearance. It’s cute.


Finally… Finally, I’m able to embrace you. I’ve been waiting for this day, to see you again, to hold you in these arms…

It’s not a dream.

I’m really happy.

Hmm? You’re a fiancee, so this much is to be expected, right? Or did you not like it?

I see, so you don’t dislike it. Now, let’s continue.


That’s a nice expression. It says you want more.

Am I wrong? Then, we aren’t continuing.

Say it with your mouth, “I want to continue.”

It looks like I got a little too ahead of myself. Sorry. Now that I’m at ease, I’m feeling hungry. What about you? Do you think you have an appetite?

Alright, I’ll prepare it right away. And while we eat, why don’t you tell me about how you lived on that planet and about things I don’t know about you?

Good answer. Then, please wait a moment.

Track 2: Let’s Fall in Love Again


Hello there, what should we do for fun today?

You want to play house? Then, I’ll be the father and you’ll be…


I loveーー


You’ve gotten dressed?

Why are you acting so modest? This is your mansion, so you can laze around if you want.

If there’s something you want, just tell me. If you want to go outside, I can take you for a long ride. This area is far from the capital and there aren’t many people, so we aren’t going to be discovered as long as we don’t overdo it.

Why did I kidnap you?

Why, you ask? I’ve been making preparations all this whole time so that I could see you.

I aimed for the very day you would return from Earth. Though I didn’t think it’d go this well.

The imperial palace is in a huge uproar because you’re not there. But now, I’m a criminal just like you. Let’s get along as fellow criminals.


Yes, yes, talk. A talk.

I was thinking that we should sleep together tonight.

Ah… I guess you really don’t remember. We were living together in the past, so we were always sleeping together……

Yeah, of course.

No, no need to apologize.

I love you, and even when you disappeared, this feeling hadn’t changed. What about you?

You don’t know? Then, you just have to like me again.


Fall in love with me once more. Even if you don’t have memories, both your heart and body should still remember.

I’ll teach you everything one by one.

Come here.


Your scent is nice. It’s arousing.

Hmm? What’s the matter?

I won’t be able to understand unless you say it clearly.

Jeez, I’ll do exactly what you want.

What? You’ve had enough? You’ve got to be kidding, right? I still haven’t had enough.


That’s a good expression. Now, let’s go below…

What’s wrong?

You’re embarrassed…? Now of all times?

You know, remember what I said earlier? We used to do this in the past, so it’s not your first time either. Though I guess you have a point. I want to say that I’ll be gentle, but I might not be able to control myself.

Lift your face.

More? Alright.


Don’t hide it.

You dummy, if you tell me not to look, it’ll make me want to look more.

Don’t turn your face away, look at me.

Alright, we’ll continue like this.

Like I thought, you’re weak to your ears.

Why? Because they’ve always been weak. Whenever I offered to clean your ears, you would desperately try to escape.

Did you forget your own weak spots?

Come on.

Did you, with someone good over there… I’m getting irritated even though I was the one who said it.


You’ve never done it with anyone?

I see, then it’s fine.

I’m not overjoyed or anything-

No, as you said, I’m overjoyed…because that means I’m the only one who knows.

Let me learn more about you.


Has your neck always been this slender? It looks like it’ll break easily.

I won’t, I won’t.

Isn’t your heart rate a little high?

It’s okay, mine’s the same.

How rude. I’m nervous despite my looks.

Enough, be quiet.


Looks like your breasts are weak spots too. Your legs are tense.

You can cum if you want. It’s hard holding it in, right?

You don’t want to?

Your face, when you try to hold back, is just way too erotic. I’ve decided. I’m going to make you cum.

You’re moaning so much. How much longer are you going to last? Your nipples are hard and tasty.

Don’t worry about it. More… Yes, wrap your arms around my back. I’m willing to accept any and all marks from you.


It’s okay, cum.

You’ve gone teary-eyed… I’m glad you’re happy, but this is just the beginning.

Hmm? Does your stomach tickle?


Your voice’s gotten higher. There’s a spot on your sides that feels good, so your moans are a good sign to me.


This place’s soaked too, huh?

Can you feel my fingers? And the sounds too?

It doesn’t my fault that my fingers feel cold, it’s just that your body is hot. And this place is hard. All this that is spilling out is…a shame.

Not “no,” I keep sucking and sucking, but it still keeps overflowing. You’re about to cum again, aren’t you?

Go on, I’ll watch you cum.


Sorry, but, I’ve decided to embrace you tonight.

Huh? Don’t avert your eyes. It’s your fault that it’s become like this.

It’d be weirder if I wasn’t erect from hearing the cute voice of the woman I love.

Can I?

It’s tight inside… You can feel me, right?

I guess it can’t be helped. I’ll go more slowly.


Can you feel yourself being spread inside?

Your body remembers…and it’s coiling around me.

A little more…

It’s all in.

Yes, I feel it too. You’re enveloped around me.

We’re finally one. I’ve been waiting for this day forever.


Hey, don’t suddenly tighten.

Your body sure is honest. Feel me more.

It doesn’t appear that it hurts. You looked pained when I was putting it in, you see.

Letting out those sweet moans… Also, your insides seem to really like it.

Sorry, I’ll speed up a little.


This isn’t good. I wanted to be gentle, but it feels too good. I can’t stop my hips.

Are you about to cum too?

I can tell. We’re connected, after all.

I also… Let’s both…

I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum…


You’re the only one who can mess me up like this.

Did you like the kisses?

Your insides are a sloppy mess with my semen mixed in. And it feels even better when you tighten. I can’t get enough of it.

I want to let you rest, but it’s impossible right now.

You can feel that I’ve gotten big again, right? You feel too good inside.


You idiot, don’t tighten up.

If you want to rest then keep pace with me for a bit longer…

What do you mean it’s bad? It feels so good that my mind’s going blank. Let me see more of your cute appearance.


Looks like you still have more fight in you…

It feels good when I go deep, right? You’re tightening up so much it feels like you’ll bite me off.

Huh? Mouth?

I just have to plug it.



I… Squeeze my hand.


Stop tightening… While kissing, we’ll…


Hey, hey…

Did I pull her too far? …It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Ever since that day, I’ve only ever been thinking of this day. Let me enjoy it more.

Track 3: I’ll Warm Up Every Inch of You


It’s unusual for you to not be sleeping. Did something happen?

So they said that there was something off with me?

But… It’s true. No matter what anyone says, our relationship won’t change.

Don’t worry, I…

Now close your eyes, I’m by your side, relax.

Good night.


So, should I fold your kimono?

Still, I didn’t think there’d been a downpour in the middle of the long ride.

Oh, how’s the bath? I was thinking that I’d warm up every inch of you. And…


If I catch a cold, I won’t be able to see you until it gets better. If we bathe together, we’ll both be warmed, so it’s more effective.


This is the best! So, here, existed a paradise.

Ah, don’t run away.

Do you not like being with me?

That’s just unfair. To be willing to do anything as long as you’re here was what I had chosen.

If I can be with you, I don’t mind bending the rules.


Let’s warm up every inch of each other.

All I did was massage you, but as always, you’re quick to feel it. When you’re this sensitive, it’s a wonder how nothing was done to you on the other side.

Look, the tips are hard too.

You really like the nipples, huh? In that case, I’ll go further…


Did you cum a little?

Let’s get out before we overheat. You still haven’t washed your body, right? I’ll wash it, then.

Come on, sit, sit.

It doesn’t hurt, right?

Well, it’s good that it’s just right. I have to be gentle from time to time, I’m always making you cry. Even last night, I had put you in a difficult position.

What’s wrong with that? It’s not like anyone heard. I do put in the effort just so you know.

Though the moment I touch your body, my reason is gone before long.


The mark I left last night is still there.

This lighter one is from before that. I guess I should renew it.

One more.

Hmm? “Please,” what? What do you want me to do?

Oh, I get it, I just have to touch you, right?


With how wet you are, you did well to last this long. Even though it’s just the entrance, it’s overflowing, and this place too is nice and stiff.

If I take this nectar and rub against you…

Does it feel good? Your hips are moving. But, just touching, right?

“More”? More what? What do you want and where?

Wait, you don’t have to touch my-

You idiot-

I’ll put it in, so stop stroking me.


Where did you learn to rile someone up like this?


That was close. Jeez, a girl who doesn’t listen needs to be punished.

There, put your hands on the edge of the bath.

Yes, and turn your butt this way.

It’s a nice sight.

Don’t look over, this is your punishment.


You’re really hot inside.

It’s not?

Your body’s starting to remember. If it’s like this, my fingers would be more than enough.

You’re nice and soft inside, and you’ve swallowed up two of my fingers. …Looks pleasurable.

Here, you like this spot up top, right?

I’ll make you cum once like this.

Look, you’ve swallowed up three fingers.


Your insides are so tight…

It’s okay, you can cum as many times as you’d like.

You’re starting to twitch. Are you about to cum?

Go on, I’ll go faster.

Look, my hands are soaked. Did it feel that good?

Don’t glare at me like that. I’m going to reward-


Hey, hey, isn’t this now the opposite of…

Wait, are you serious? You’re putting it in yourself?

Wait, calm down.

Did you want me that badly?

Hey, are you okay? You just put it in, are you not going to move?

I guess this is taking all you have. You did cum a little when you put it in.

I can tell that much, we’re joined, after all. So, what are you going to do?

Are you going to call it quits?



To be honest, at this rate, it’s going to take a toll on me.

Alright, I’ll go with you a bit longer.

Well, of course. I wanted to be inside you. I’m not going to hold back.

What do you mean, “no”? It feels good.

Hey, kiss me.

My hands are occupied, so I want you to.


Me too. Hang on tight, I’m going to thrust in deep.

You like this spot, right? Until it’s molded to my shape, I’ll…

Cumming… I… I’m going to cum inside you.


I wonder why? I just can’t control my desire for you.

I guess you have no strength after cumming so many times.

There’s no helping it.

What, you ask? I’m planning to carry you to our room.

Rest before we get to our room. I don’t intend to let you sleep tonight.

Track 4: You Saw Nothing


Hey, it’s time for dinner.

Give me that!

Why do you… Someone left it?

Who would…

This doesn’t work. You and I are siblings?

Haha! What stupid talk! As if I’d care.

And you, don’t read these things without permission! I’ll grant you everything you need. You don’t have to read necessary things, you don’t have to do necessary things, so forget what you’ve read here.

Listen, you saw nothing, you know nothing. You simply reside within the house.


Why don’t you understand?

If you pretend to know nothing, this happiness could continue on forever. This is for your own sake as well!

Did you…wish for change?

I understand. I’ll explain everything.

I’ll bring us something to drink, so go inside.

That old hag, doing these unnecessary things…

Track 5: I Don’t Mind Being Killed By You


Where should I start explaining?

As written in the letter, you and I are siblings. But, we have different mothers. Our father is the King of the Moon Capital. My mother is the first queen, and yours is the second. There also appears to be a third, but I’m not too clear on that.

The fiance part was a lie too.

No matter how much I liked you, or how much I wanted to, I couldn’t. We’re bound together by blood.

It’s a bond that will last until death but never entwine.

It was all I’ve been thinking since the day you left. How exactly do I imprint my existence onto you?


After losing your memories, you’ve changed. It’s honestly like you’re a different person.

With the way you grew up, perhaps it’s not unexpected. Have you considered why you were exiled?

Our father was the one who decided to exile you. He says it’s due to the influence on his position, but…it’s up to you. I can tell you what it is that I know.

But, I don’t want you to know the past. It’s better to know less.



Neither, I, nor the family, nor you, had a bad relationship. You were my cute little sister and I thought of you as my real family.

However, one day, you left both me and the family.

Apparently, that old hag had told you that you should have nothing more to do with the family. And nothing that old hag, she probably had said that cursingly.

Then, it was said that, instead of returning home, you were playing around with random men every day.

I tried to get through to you, but I longer existed to you.

Even if I called out to you, and tried to see you, I was never reflected in your eyes. I was beyond sad and frustrated.

……Because I wasn’t able to protect you from my own parents.


The rumors reached the palace, and your mother began being targeted by those around her and fell ill.

But even then, you failed to change.

If nothing was done, it would’ve been a disaster. And so, it was decided that you would be exiled.

It all started when the guy you played with stabbed his lover. The lover he stabbed was the daughter of a prominent member of a rival group, and it was a big affair. And to minimize any harm to his position, he chose to exile his daughter.


I thought fate was on my side. I didn’t think you’d destroy yourself.


Serves you right.

Yes, yes those imprudent eyes. It makes me remember your past self, back when they didn’t reflect me.

How do I make those eyes reflect me? How do I steal your heart? …I kept thinking about it long and hard.

You don’t have to love me.

As long as it’s a strong everlasting emotion, I don’t care what it is. Joy, anger, sorrow, anything. You’ll think of only me, you’ll be the only one I love.


No, I won’t let you escape.

If you don’t want this, then kill me, I don’t mind being killed by you. If that happens, you’ll probably always think of me.

You’re resisting, but you’re properly wet, aren’t you?

There’s no point shaking your head, your body’s still reacting.

It’s very hot inside. Also, don’t you think you like my fingers a little too much?

How am I wrong when the sounds are this loud?


This shallow spot, right? You tightened.

You always get wet from it, so it feels good, right?

Why…? How many times do you think I’ve had sex with you since we arrived here?

But, if you’re this wet, I can put it in, right?

You say “no,” but your body says differently. I’m just stroking the entrance, but again you’re…


It’s in.

Huh? We’re siblings, and…?

Isn’t it too late now?

How wonderful, you’re clinging onto me tightly… Are you finally used to my shape?

Trying to pull me in… What? Do you want it in deep?


You were against it, so stop letting out sounds like that…

Hate me. Despise me. Bind me with those eyes. Make it so that I can’t think of anything but you.

You like it deep, right? When I strike there, you…tighten up inside.

You’re about to cum, right?

Of course, I know that much.

Enjoying yourself when someone’s forcing themselves onto you…

Cum, I’ll be watching.

No, don’t avert your eyes. Yes, look at me.

Come on, cum.

Come on. Come on!


What’s with that look? Is it to say that you’re angry at me?

Don’t act like you know how I feel!!!

Why should I let you rest? I still haven’t cum yet.

Wet from your juices… It’s really great and your insides are twitching too. If I drop my guard, I won’t last.


You’re all I have now. Even with everything I have, I can’t tie you down.

So that you can’t think of anything else, so that you can’t think of anything but me…

Please give birth to my child.

You tightened up so much inside. Can I take that as a positive answer?

It’s fine, right?


I love you. I really love you.

You’ll never truly be mine, so… Even if we never again…


It’s too early to be worn out.

What are you saying?

I’m not going to stop until you’re pregnant with my child.

I’ll mix my cum and your juices and churn it…

Haha, it’s almost too much. Look, you can tell, right? It feels so good that I’m back up again.

What’s wrong with you losing your mind? I already have.

…It’s nothing.

You seem calm, so…


It feels so good. I can’t stop my hips.

I know. I’ll pour it deep inside you.

This is hardly enough times.


I know, we’re going to take a short break.

I want to go another round, but I don’t have a hobby of having sex with you when you’re not fully there. Besides, I don’t think you’d be pregnant from just this.

But well, everything’s been found out, so don’t think things will go like they always have.

Going easy on you…?

Of course, I’ll be going at it harder than before.


Enough, rest. It’s still raining, it’ll serve as a lullaby.

I’ll be by your side so relax and rest.

Track 6: Live Like a Drunk, Die Like a Dream


I’ve finally found her…

Hey, how long are you going to keep doing this?

I’ve begun living alone, this is the address. If you ever have a hard time finding a place to sleep, you can come here. If it’s my house, people won’t care, so…

Hey, where are you going?

I’ll always be waiting! I’ll always be waiting for you!


I’ve brought water.

I’ll feed you.

You want more?



It seems like soldiers from the royal palace had come to a nearby village.

It got me nervous. it didn’t look like they were searching for us, but we have to be cautious.

It wasn’t my plan to make you anxious. …It’s just that no matter what happens, you should be the one to escape. Alright?

You don’t have to worry about me, as long as you’re safe, I-

Why are you…


There’s something odd with you.

I have some ideas, but really, what’s going on?

No, no, that’s got to be a joke, right? You’ve always loved me, you say…? That’s not something you should say now. Because then, why would you avoid-

……Because I’m important?

Then you shouldn’t have ignored what I said. Do you know how worried I was?

Don’t apologize now.

But…I see. I’m so glad.



Looks like that major figure you knew really was a good person. In that case, you should go to Earth.

Once you’re on Earth, there’ll be limited ways to get to you.

I’ll get rid of the evidence over here, so…


Do you like being with me that much?

Are you lonely without me?

Then, do you like me?

“I love you,” you say? What deadly words. Alright, let’s find a way for us to both go to Earth. As long as I’m with you, I’m sure that anywhere would be fun.

I love you. Let’s be together, forevermore.

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