【Translation】 Fllanket vol.6 Corn Snake


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

Fllanket vol.6 コーンスネーク

CV: Sagisawa Shu (鷺沢萩)

Track 1: Spoiling You


So what happened with that senior coworker you don’t get along with? Did you, for all your good-naturedness, just smile and put it behind you again?

No, I know it’s not a pleasant story and I’ll feel bad if I’m constantly reminding you of it.

You seem very scattered, but you must be pretty tired. I think you should be a little more aware of your own body’s condition and the way you feel. When you’re so defenseless, it’s unsettling to watch. I’m afraid that someone would take advantage of you, deceive you, and make you go under.

Well, if you say you’re fine then I won’t say anymore.


I spoke over you, didn’t I? Sorry. You speak first, what I was going to say wasn’t anything important.


No, it really isn’t important.

I don’t know who that coworker you were talking about was, but in any case, I didn’t mean to fault you for your attitude towards them. And I was worried you might have misunderstood.

Let me be frank. You’re sweet to everyone, you’re good-natured, and you don’t pay any mind to things that might bother you. I think that’s one of the good things about you, but watching from the side, it makes me a bit worried.

And you look like you don’t understand anything I’m saying, and don’t have any retort for it, either.


You’re getting more and more tired, and your mind isn’t working, right?

You’re really defenseless and vulnerable, I guess I really can’t take my eyes off you.

You should rest for a bit. Lie down and close your eyes. Closing your eyes can be quite a comfort, even if it’s only for a brief moment.

Your hands have a lot of warmth and they’re pleasant. It’s like that of a child’s.

I’m not trying to make fun of you. Come on, don’t be angry. Take deep steady breaths.

Breathe deeply through your nose and breathe out slowly.


So, have you settled down now?

Do you not like how you’re almost being treated like a little child? I apologize if you don’t.

My body temperature is low, so when I’m next to you like this, it’s like your warmth is being passed on to me. Does it feel like your heat is gradually melting away?

Stay there, don’t move. Close your eyes and follow my words.

Don’t think about anything else, just be in a daze.


Do you hear the ticking of the clock?

Tik-tok, tik-tok. That faint sound

When we’re in a quiet room like it, it almost feels like I can feel the beat of your heart. Ba-bump, ba-bump.

Will you be able to relax further?

Pull your shoulders back, expand your chest, and slow your breathing. Go at your own rhythm.

Breathe in slowly, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.

Continue breathing naturally.


You know, until you return, I’m not able to do anything. When you’re home, I can take care of you like this and listen to your complaint, but until then, all I can do is wait. So, I want you to not worry me so much.

Just because you’re kind, it doesn’t mean you have to deal with all the hard stuff. If you can get away from something difficult, I’d rather that.

I just rather you not have to face pain.

Well, if you ever find it too much and can’t handle it anymore, why don’t you just go to me?

Throw it all away, discard it all

Though when I say it… Well, you have a strong sense of responsibility, so you’re not one to betray someone. Anyway, I was just trying to say something cool and it doesn’t invalidate when I just said, okay?

……Or something like that.


Why are you acting so weird? Are you feeling ticklish somewhere?

It’s unusual for me to care about you…?

I’m not trying to speak any differently from usual, though. Was my tone somewhat gentle?

I can’t tell myself, but if that’s what you say, let’s just assume that’s the case. But, well, I’m glad. Smiling and laughing is more important than anything. Since you’re able to do that, you must feel a little better, right?

But even if you feel better, I think you should turn in for the night. The wise thing to do is to have a good night’s sleep, slowly recover your strength, and get ready for tomorrow.


Why are you pouting like a child who hasn’t played enough? Is there still something you want to do?

We haven’t talked enough…?

Kicking up a fuss… Alright, alright, I’ll be by your side until you fall asleep, so let’s agree to that, my troublesome Princess.

I want to play around more too, but you look dazed and sleepy.

Treating you like a child? No, I’m fawning on you. You’re cute when you’re so eager, so I was planning to spoil you?

Now you’re suddenly quiet. Or are you tired now?

Oh, you’re really sleepy?

So you’re going to sleep? Go on ahead, it’s okay, have a good night’s sleep. Sweet dreams. I’m sure, tomorrow, there are good things to come.

Track 2: Together in Bed



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